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Okay here we go…

You didn’t listen and didn’t prepare. All hell broke loose and you don’t have enough ammo, food or water. There is chaos on the streets and open looting is going on. No one who you turned to as far as friends and family could take you and your family in. Would you become a criminal to provide for your family and join the looters or not? If the answer is no, how would you survive?

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. This is the decision the unprepared will face as soon as the SHTF…

    I’d go camping and live off the land, for as long as I could.

  2. Nemoseto says:

    Totally not something appropriate for a prepper game, duh

  3. If my family won’t help me, there must be a problem with my family, and I may be that problem.

    Since in this scenario “I” am not a prepper, and have even rejected the possibility of being a prepper, of course “I” will become a criminal. “I” really don’t have any other option except suicide, and “I” am not interested in that option.

    Lemme find a big rock, or a wrench, or a tire iron, and start cracking heads of the equally unprepared, because it would be way too dangerous to try that with those who did prepare. They’re armed.

    When the going gets tough, the tough get murderous. “My” nuclear family comes first. Of course the extended family members who didn’t convince me to prep are the real criminals, so once “I” am armed, “I” may just pay their well prepared selfish selves a visit. The scum.

  4. tommy2rs says:

    If I was stupid enough to not be prepared then I’d probably be stupid enough and feel entitled enough to try to steal, loot and take anything I could from anyone I could. Probably from the ones that denied me help to begin with since I know they have what I need. If I hadn’t prepared I probably wouldn’t have trained so my (and my family’s) existence would probably be laughably short.

  5. Bam Bam says:

    A better scenario would be that all your preps have been compromised and you have nothing. Would you resort to crime to provide for you family? But I think we’ve already had that scenario.

    Sorry, but this is a dumb question.

    • This game was made to be played by preppers and also non preppers. How would this be a dumb question for a non prepper?

      • Backwoods Prepper says:

        Well it’s a dumb question for members of this blog. But I do say it needs to be posted. Some people don’t understand that there are everyday people including preppers out there that will kill you for your preps.

        • Backwoods Prepper,

          You would probably be surprised at how many unprepared folks read this blog… Many people daydream, play around and never actually do anything and would be totally unprepared WTSHTF.

          • The ultimate goal is survival for you and your family. I’ll lie, steal, cheat, kill, murder… whatever it takes to survive. It might not start out that way but when enough pressure is on and your family is going to die due to starvation, winter temperatures, lack of clean water, lack of clothing… everyone will change. Back a never bitten anyone, friendly dog into a no win situation/corner and you will most likely get bit..

            99% of those who say they wouldn’t probably haven’t placed themselves into the situation as they should have, as the game designers intended. No place to go, nobody will help, your families survival is on the line.

            • Backwoods Prepper says:

              Max the bible say’s to pray not to prey. all I can say is speak for your self. I have prepped for many years and in fact may lose it all to someone with your attitude. But I will not lie cheat steal or kill to get anything. I will do my best to defend what I have and my family. But when the time comes that I have nothing I will pray. I will pray that someone will help me. I will pray for a hand up.

              • Marivene says:

                I agree. I find it interesting that in the Old Testament when there was a famine in Israel, the prophet was sent to a widow woman in Zaraphath, to be sustained. She had very little preps, & was about to make her last cake for her son & herself, when the prophet told her to first make one for him. She did, & the barrel of meal & cruse of oil fed “her household” and many others thru the famine. We need to prep, but we also need to remember the lessons from scripture – including the 5 loaves & 2 fishes – and remember that the Lord can do more that we ourselves with what we have, if we are willing to share. Having said that, the widow did not share with everyone. She shared with those the Lord sent to her. Big difference. Putting myself in the scenario, I would try to be like the widow, exercising all the faith I have, with what little preps the scenario gives me.

                • Encourager says:

                  +100, Marivene.

                  Our faith needs to be bigger than our problems. We do what we can honorably do, and leave the rest up to God. He is the same today as He was yesterday and as He will be tomorrow.

                • Bwhntr59 says:


                  Very well and eloquently put. I agree 100%. God Bless you and yours in the hard times sure to come.

              • Nsaneprepper says:

                AMEN!!!!! Some things are worse than a mortal death and losing our place in the Lords BOL for eternity is not something I will jeopardize for anything.

              • Agreed

            • Honesty, devil’s advocate, or bravado – it doesn’t matter. Thanks for the public service announcement Max.

              • GoneWithTheWind says:

                It is most likely honesty just as those who say they wouldn’t are being dishonest. Three days after TSHTF we will all do whatever it takes to survive anyone who thinks they won’t is just naive.

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  You are wrong. There are those who live by honor and will kill their family and themselves before resorting to that.
                  I’m not sure how I will act and I am not a saint but throughout history there have been those who have held fast to their beliefs even when it meant death. And not just Christians or Jews but Shinto, Buddhists, Hindi, and more.

                • The whole idea is to place yourself in the scenario. It doesn’t mean that’s what I or anyone would do in a different scenario/situation, but in that specific situation I’m going to do whatever it takes, by any means necessary, to survive.

                  Many of us have been around and seen what people will do in hard circumstances (2 dozen young children beating the crap out of each other for the 1 MRE you tossed to them), let alone dire (if you don’t wear this suicide vest and blow up that checkpoint we will kill your family).
                  You tend to change your outlook a little after that, just like 99.9% will end up doing whatever it takes.

                  That’s the reason those who actually do more than armchair prep have to be willing to do whatever it takes to protect and defend.

                  Some would apparently give everything away based on faith and religion, and not protect and defend. That’s ok as well.
                  Hopefully we will all die before it’s ever needed and our children/whomever goes through our stuff will just think we were crazy.

                • Encourager says:

                  Wrong, wrong, wrong GWTW. YOU may do whatever…many of us won’t cross that line. And we don’t care whether you believe that or not.

                  • Tactical G-Ma says:

                    Thank you!

                    • Encourager says:

                      You are welcome!

                    • Encourager says:

                      Frankly, I am getting tired of ‘some’ people who post here calling my/our/your integrity into question. I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

                      Just because they cannot comprehend/accept that many think it is WRONG to kill, murder, steal, harm or leave someone they have overpowered to starve to death while they feed themselves and/or their families does not make them the majority or right.

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      Nor are we naive. We know what evil man can do.

                    • Encourager says:

                      Exactly so, TGM.

                    • GoneWithTheWind says:

                      I know, the honor just drips off you and for anyone to suggest that humans act like humans offends you deeply and you truely believe that you have been slighted and are angry. I get it. So much for your honor…

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      I get what you are saying and yes, many, maybe most will be like you. And I will die but so will you. And until you die and I believe after, you have to live with what you’ve done, same as me. Maybe it’s nature, maybe nurture, but there are different kinds of people. That doesn’t make you better than me or vice versa. It just makes us different.

                  • GoneWithTheWind says:

                    Tactical: I don’t know “exactly” what I will do and I certainly don’t know “exactly” what anyone else will do. Make no mistake I agree with and approve of honesty and personal honor. It is human nature to want to survive. This is what makes people eat bugs and rotten food to survive. But today sitting in the best country on earth with food in the fridge, the cupboard, in 5 gallon bucket in the closet and supermarkets full of the best food on earth it is soooooo easy to say “I would rather starve to death then steal an apple”. Really? I was simply stating that human nature is what it is and when you make a decision in comfort you may find it very difficult to stick to when TSHTF. I am perfectly OK with it if you can stick to your guns. It is after all your choice to make. But don’t assume when the chips are down you won’t dip your high hat just a little teensy weensy bit. The value in this kind of role playing game is to make you think. What would I do? The answer is NOT “I will act like I do when everything is hunky dory”. That is my opinion, just as it is my opinion that denying you will do what you must to survive is “naive”. “Naive” is not a insult it is merely an observation. It reflects a hope or desire on the part of someone who perhaps doesn’t have the actual experience to know what the truth is. I have been naive, you have been naive and so has everyone else in the world. Usually we grow out of beliefs and opinions that are naive. Sometimes it takes an epiphany. No insult was intended, it was just my opinion and I still believe that after TSHTF we will act differently then we do now and differently from what we believe now.

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      I see where your coming from and agree that there will be some who get a whole new perspective.
                      I had to chuckle cause I was reminded of that joke where he asks if she will take a million dollars. And when she says yes, he says now that we’ve determined what you are, we got to quibble over the price.

                  • There is a saying “Never trust anyone who has not been punched in the face”. People are capable of entertaining lots of noble & egalitarian ideas until they come into hard contact with objective reality.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            I agree with you 100%. I would say there are a few people on here that stretch the truth about their preps tremendously. It’s kinda like when I was growing up there was members of our saddle club that didn’t have a horse. They always wanted a say of what goes on. How crazy is that. They would show up at trail ride weekends and hope to get a ride on someone’s wagon or even ride a spare horse. I wonder how many fake preppers who will show up at someone’s retreat/house/BOL and swear their preps got stolen.

          • riverrider says:

            and many people think they are prepared, but are not. i have buds that think a small cabinet of canned food is prepared for long term.

    • Bwhntr59 says:


      I agree. This is dumb for a game that most who would be playing are some type of prepper/survivalist. It is almost impossible to answer since desperation lends itself all sorts of unpredictable behavior. you may not want to do anything bad, but your spouse may urge you to do so for the kids or her/himself.

  6. Happy Camper says:

    Get out of town fast before we become a target.
    I’d go out to an island on our boat (I know the perfect uninhibited island that already has a house on it) or if that’s not possible (the boat or marina had been compromised) then I would head bush.
    Either option is totally easy for me, we live in a sub tropical climate with loads of bush and agriculture / farming around.
    In fact failing SHTF, this is what I do for fun.

  7. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I can’t imagine looting or stealing. I would scavenge, eat weeds, and beg. If I ever stole it would be for my babies.

  8. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Ok, it says I don’t have ‘enough’ preps and ammo. Depending on exactly what’s happened, if possible I’d take what preps/ammo I have and head to my boat. I’m on navigable water and I could move up and down the rivers/coast line while fishing and gathering. If I couldn’t reach the boat, I’d head to my land and camp (no cabin).

  9. mom of three says:

    I would take what I had and go to my parents, depending on what time of year it was start a garden, or start eating very little. I know we would be sick of blackberries for sure. I would not want to loot, and steal. But remember the game, is not just for those who prepare either it’s for both.

  10. JP in MT says:

    This is really the core question on people prepping or not. Most that I know, don’t think they have to. “Someone” will save them. After all they are good __________ .

    I think most will turn to stealing and killing very soon. They will still be in disbelief that no one wants to take care of them. They will blame others for their plight. They will in turn use their disbelief to justify their actions. This will happen at all levels, from individual to national government.

    These are they people that I guard against. These are the reason for our (my family’s) OPSEC, warning letters, and comments. I know not what path others may take, mine is already laid.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      JP in MT
      The looting, killing, and stealing is a given. We have seen it over and over again. People without electricity will be stealing TVs and stereos. There will be no regard shown by the hoardes for the well being of others. And there will be millions of people scavenging, looting, and stealing in an attempt to survive. I will bet that within two weeks there will not be a wild rabbit, deer, goose, dog, or any unchallenged animal, vegetable or fruit, left east of the Mississppi River. Talking about zombies! We will see the walking dead. It may take months for those unprepared to die off or change their status. And disease and mental illness will run rampant.
      Everything along the Interstate Highways will be decimated for miles around as the plague of locusts make their way across the country.
      I still believe that hunkering down in an isolated location with as many like minded and like prepared people will be the only way to survive. No one in and no one out.

  11. I know none of us plan on being in this situation (that’s why we’re here, right?) but it is worth considering if all of our plans fall apart. What if our retreat (and all of our back-up locations) are overrun or uninhabitable? If we found ourselves on the run with nothing but our EDC on us how would we react? I think this is a good thought exercise.

  12. RJArena says:

    There are variations of this scenario that can apply to all of us, just because you prep, you may not have enough, “All hell broke loose and you don’t have enough ammo, food or water.”, who believes they have enough? What if your preps were damage/contaminated, you were on a trip and can not get back home, you are prevented from reaching your BOL, the list goes on and on. The point is, what are you willing to do to support your family?
    The answer should be anything.

  13. patientmomma says:

    To answer the scenario question; People become savages when there is no food available for whatever reason. I would first start scavenging for anything I could collect water and food with. I would collect things to protect myself, clubs, garden tools, bats, kitchen knives, whatever. I would go to the nearby woods and harvest what I could find. Before I got too weak, I would steal/loot from any large business or entity whatever I could use for my family or for bartering. To survive you either have to strike out to the woods on your own with some sort of plan to get to a specific place or join a group of some kind. Being unprepared will be true hell on earth.

  14. k. fields says:

    Yes, if I had a family to support and for whatever reason had no preps, I would definitely scavenge (loot, steal) – I believe that would become a normal way of life for everyone – even preppers.

    So what is the difference in this situation between looting, stealing and scavenging? If you encounter resistance would it be looting or stealing but if you entered a store that had already been looted, are you then simply scavenging?
    Let’s say you know of a warehouse distribution center. You head there to maybe trade for supplies and you find others carrying out crates of food and water but things are otherwise comparatively orderly – do you join them or do you try to find the owner and offer to pay? What if you can’t find an owner? After all, a corporation actually owns everything, not an individual. Do you simply leave with nothing?
    You decide it’s best for your family to get out of town but your vehicle has been destroyed. Around you are vehicles that seem abandoned but still operational – do you take one or do you walk? And gasoline for the vehicle – do you find a siphon hose and “salvage” what you can from other vehicles along the way or would that be “stealing”?
    You are on the road and come across a farm that you enter looking for water and a place to hide the car for the night. Would you enter the house if it seemed abandoned to see if you could find anything useful? If you find a root cellar still holding stores, would you take them? It could be the owners are trying to make their way back to that location and will be depending on those stores being intact when they arrive. Do you simply pass them by while your children are hungry? How’s about the fruit in the orchard? The crops in the field? That hundred acres of ripe grain no doubt belongs to somebody (or did), but it could save your family from starvation for years. Do you pass it by because taking it would be stealing?

    I believe after a major SHTF event, the majority of people will return to a hunter/gatherer existence but in a modern since – gathering whatever they can find that would help them survive, but respecting ownership when ownership is clear. I know that’s a fine line easily crossed but will say a lot about the society that emerges.

    • CountryVet says:

      k. fields
      I agree 100% – that is what I was referring to also.

    • I don’t disagree that what you describe will happen K., or even that some people’s motives might be more pure than
      others when it comes to stealing. In fact, call it foraging, scavenging, looting, stealing, or whatever you wish – I’m just thinking it might all look the same through the rightful owner’s rifle scope.

      Maybe a better way to start the discussion isn’t with trying to decide when or where we’re allowed to take what isn’t ours, but with asking ourselves what we’d allow others to take from us without our permission? And to those that might think “I’m a prepper, so I know how to scavenge without being detected”, then consider the other prepper that thinks “I’m a prepper, so I know how to hide my existence and take care of looters around my BOL, even in the dark of night”.

      Just don’t think we, as folks that prepare, should fool ourselves into thinking we’re somehow more justified in looting/stealing on week 53 than the non-preppers are that do it on day 3. It’s the same, and the penalty might be as well.

      • Justin,
        Through the rifle scope, indeed!!!
        Someone dragging their family including children to steal what you have saved, and hoping you’ll let them pass because of the children. I’m not saying that anyone should shoot children; however, when the scenario includes someone stealing and using the children as justification, then we get into a really grey area.

  15. Michael says:

    In most cases in a STHF scenario, the initial plan went to hell when the first SHTF, better develop a new plan B, get a goal for the now time. My first goal is to get away enough to develop plan to deal with critical issues. Water, shelter, food, etc. Once you realize that STHF you better get it in your mind to then get violent enough, quick enough! That is not a license to kill but understand escalation of force and application to environment.

  16. Since the game assumes that I would not be prepared (not in this or any other lifetime), I would accept the fact that I screwed the pooch big time by not preparing & cut my losses. The game does not assume I am w/o knowledge, except being too lazy or complacent to not have prepared, so I would take my vast treasure trove of knowledge, inventory what I actually have available & what I can readily lay my hands on w/o violating my personal code of morals, integrity, honor & independence & continue to march. “Life is tough, but it is tougher if you are stupid…”

  17. Donna in MN says:

    The senario didn’t say where I lived, so I assume it is where I live and it is too dangerous to stay at my home. I’d get my tent out, get my tomahawk, throwing knife, and bow for weapons, my regular camping/fishing gear and bug out to the forest near a pristine lake and live off my knowledge and experience of wilderness survival. I would set traps, fish, hunt, dig for duck potatoes, cattail stems, and wild parsnip roots, gather wild grains, berries, wild rice, etc. and use the 3 day supply (of the average family) of groceries I had left to eat.

    I could manage if my family helped to keep them all fed. I would never steal from people who need their supplies when I can find what I need in the wilderness. Stealing is too risky given the attitude of this group! Even the frozen winter here does supply food.

    I used to go primitive camping/hunting for a hobby most of my life and enjoyed it, not to prepare for disaster. Unfortunately most people have no idea how to do anything but steal and beg being caught unprepared. However, there are those without experience who think they know how to survive, and they will be the first to die eating a poisionous mushroom or the root of a water hemlock because it smells and tastes like a carrot.

  18. CountryVet says:

    MD- just wanted to let you know that this did not come thru in my email today and from the small number of comments, I suspect that I am not the only one. I just checked in on the website to make sure that everything was OK.

  19. CountryVet says:

    This sceanrio is tough for me since I cannot even begin to place myself in the midset where I would not have prepped. I have always had “situational awareness” and looked at scenarios since my earliest childhood memories. That being said, I do not think that I could steal another’s preps. I would not be adverse to scavenging abandoned homes, trucks, farmsteads, etc. I would hope that I had the necessary skills to forage and hunt to provide enough for my family to survive but given this scenario that is extremely unlikely.

    • “That being said, I do not think that I could steal another’s preps. I would not be adverse to scavenging abandoned homes, trucks, farmsteads, etc.”

      Who declared it abandoned, a court? The owner or his heirs? You, when you found it and nobody else was around? Scavenging is going through a dumpster, or someone’s garbage left at the curb, not going through their cupboards when no one is home. “Scavenging” is defined as taking things others have discarded, if they haven’t thrown it away then it’s called theft.

      • I agree Justin.

        I would probably do the same. I do not think it is right to take from other people but if there are abandoned homes stores etc. I would probably see what I could have.

  20. Nancy V. says:

    What would I do? If all I had were the clothes on my back, I would resort to scavenging and dumpster-diving. Some may call it looting, but I see it as survival foraging – take what you can carry, bury or hide your cache, and stay mobile.

  21. I’d offer to work for someone who had prepared. Rec food for hauling water, pulling weeds, running errands (perhaps dangerously), gathering/splitting firewood. Chances are, there’s some prepared disabled or elderly person who will need those things done.

    • Foraging for food is a good option, &’m familiar w/ some eatable weeds in our neck of the woods. & could teach my family how to forage.

  22. A version of this scenario may very well be my case right now… We don’t have the ability to prepare and in fact don’t have enough water, food, and ammo (although after losing the guns in the car fire, we have nothing to use the ammo with so have been giving it to friends as gifts)… After what little we do have is gone, well, who knows… I will do what it takes to protect my daughter and give her any chance at survival.

  23. Rider of Rohan says:

    This question is really a reminder that the vast majority of people, including many preppers, aren’t prepared, and this will be their attitude. They will lie, cheat, torture, steal, murder, kidnap…anything they have to in order to get what they want and you have. I think we established these facts a couple of weeks ago. So yes, most people will do these things.

    I’m like Tac G-Ma, I believe one will have to be in a small community with LMIs well away from lines of egress to be able to survive a situation as envisioned by this question. Do I think this will happen this way? No. Am I prepared if it does? No. But I’m getting closer and closer by the day. And if I should lose everything, I still have my caches to depend on. Beans and rice will fill your stomach. You can hunt with a .22lr, and I have plenty of fishing equipment cached.

    To play along with the scenario, if this happened to me, I would try my best to ally with someone, but in the end, I’m not turning over to the dark side. I made that decision a long time ago, it was the same decision that started me on this path I’m on.

  24. Thought about this ? All day. The truth is none of us know for sure what we would do only what we hope we would do. Some will lie cheat , steal any kill to survive . Others will give up and just sit down waiting for someone to help them and die. A third group will try to live of the land . Regardless of which path you opt for the mortally rate will be high. I would fully expect for those that have put their faith in their preps to go with option 1 or 2. Those with a strong faith in God to go with option 3 . Not all who talk the talk walk the walk in doing preps or in having their faith in God.

  25. Morning Glory says:

    This a scernio that’s scares most of us. Any of us could lose out preps but not our knowledge. My take on this is the family represented here who no one they knew would take them on was known as someone who wouldn’t pull their weight in work. My goal in life is to be the person people would want on their team because they know I will not only pull my share but someone else’s. I know I have a mentel list of the people I know and who I would take on and those I will turn away! I pray regular that it won’t be me without a way to care for my family. Shalom

  26. No matter how prepared we are with supplies, they can all be gone in a flash. That’s why it is important to prep our brains and skills. So that we know what to do and how to do it, make a plan, get to work. If we couldn’t stay in our home then the only choice is head to the ‘woods’ away from the zombies. I would try to find work, trade skills and labor for supplies, but at some point we all become ‘looters’. Whether its the land that we’re squatting on or gathering tools, camping gear, food, meds, from trashed stores. I would not steal outright if at all possible, nor would I rob or assault someone.
    Now, I know that’s easy to say right now, but if someone in my family was sick or starving I hope we can keep to our principles.

  27. expose_the_devils says:

    Naw……river water, fish, birds and dandelion greens…….

    Oh by the way, you’re already a criminal…………lol.

  28. draq wraith says:

    Some of bus cannot plan even with preps for pennies because all our pennies are being sucked out of us by TDL.
    I refused to steal I will find a way with he skills I have to provide for myself somehow. You can bet in that event too that the government will take your preps and leave you nothing in border to feed it self.

  29. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    This is a very difficult choice to make, but I think most people will choose to become the looter rather than watch their family and themselves starve. I think that only the extremely well prepared or lucky groups will be the only one’s spared from making the choice.

  30. Rider of Rohan says:

    If we as preppers have in our mind to do the very things that the sheeple will do, then why even prep at all? Your strategy should be to do nothing, spend every dime you have on one indulgence or another, and then depend on the gov’t or your fellow Americans to bail you out one way or another, whether that be within the ROL or outside it. These series of questions truly highlight the moral depravity we exist in these days.

    • Donna in MN says:

      “These series of questions truly highlight the moral depravity we exist in these days.”

      Rider, you have special insight. I think these questions and how we answer them tell a lot about us as practice for the real thing. We need these mental exercises to be part of preparedness, and possibly see the other side of nonpreppers.

      I hope people will reach out like they did at Joplin, Mo. when shtf. With real events like these, most people help others. I don’t read much of that here in these virtual senarios. Whether it be man made or natural, offering help to strangers is what makes us human and not animals.

  31. Northernwolf says:

    I would be at least half way prepped my worry would be those who I tried to warn would come looking for me.and being out of town I more than likely would stay in place for awhile planning to get out of dodge.and figuring out how to get to my adult handicapped those who take care of him won’t get ready.they think the Red Cross or whoever will help.question anyone have ideas ?
    Plan to get that horse and head out when things get bad,the people from town start coming out to the country.

  32. Big Bear says:

    I would like to think that I’d try to provide for my family without having to resort to criminal (as the word means at this time) activities. Having said that, I would do just as I’ve done all of my life: evaluate the immediate situation and try to develop a plan that would put me and my DW in a better position to survive. I think that I would first try to find some provisions in abandoned buildings (enough to allow us to either survive where we were or bug out for a safer location). Then we would go ahead and move out for a better place. For the first days or weeks scavenging would be a way of life for us. But, the reality of this scenario is that I would be forced into criminal acts if that what it takes to survive.

  33. Survivor says:

    I would use my fish trapping, gigging and O2 deprivation knowledge and skill to secure protein. I would use my knowledge and skill as a forager to aquire carbs and vitamins.

  34. I noticed a lot of people would live off the land. Ya right . Any animal from land sea and air will graduate into food for us. Any animal still alive will go into hiding. This assumes you no how to hunt or fish also how to preserve meat to prevent waste. Eating wild plants wont last forever. Every plant near people that we can eat will be mowed to the ground and some that wont hurt us but won’t help either. Here is the greatest problem with eating wild plants you will either eat something poisonous or it will take years for the area to recover is ever.

  35. In the book Patriots the author did not distinguish a difference between looting and scavenging they were both bad and you should be shot for doing it. It is stupid not to salvage what you need especially if is obvious the person left for some place better. If you are really set on doing nothing ” illegal ” get a notebook and write down what you took and where and who. If things ever become better you can try to find whoever owns the property and return it. In another book I read a son asked his father this same question about taking stuff. His father asked him would he use it to help his family and friends. and if a time ever came where you could give it back would you. In this book homes were being burned down by looters so if they did or did not find the gun in this instance it would be used to harm someone or be destroyed and a resource would be lost.

  36. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Didn’t we have the discussion about posers a couple weeks ago? Does it matter? Don’t you think that some of these prepper businesses that are around are more about taking your money and less about getting us ready? And some of us are prepping with different resources and for different reasons. I would love to own Ft. Knox. I own very little commercially prepared dehydrated foods. I make my own but then I don’t need 30years of shelf life because I use what I prep. And even if you only have 3 days of water and power bars snd know how to build a fire, your a prepper!

  37. Come on, folks…..get real. This is what we have discussed so many times in the past. You have people that are prepared to whatever extent they can be for when things go bad and people who are not. Regardless of being ready or not, when it gets to the point of killing, stealing, looting……whatever you want to call it, each and everyone will do what is needed to survive. Or they will die.

  38. I agree with Fixit and Gary-we will do what we have to do or die.
    Bottom line that is what we will do, the will to live is strong.
    What if you are prepped but when the time comes your no where near where your preps are? I know you will have your Bug Out Bag. Maybe you will and maybe you will not. Maybe your out of town and you can’t take all that stuff on a plane and what you need for the trip too. If there is an EMP you will have one heck of a time getting to those preps. So do I starve because of my principals-I think not. You will do what you have to do.

    Speaking of the bible when Noah shut the door to the Ark he let
    the unprepared die. He did what God told him to do. They had time to prepare and did not. Let’s think on that one.

    • Encourager says:

      Actually, in the Bible, Noah did NOT shut the door to the Ark. God did. Genesis 7:16. And that makes a world of difference.

  39. Let’s see,

    First thing I would do is pry up my bathroom tiles, get some duct tape and roofing tar and make some body armor. Then I’d get my wildly brilliant friend to shoot me in the chest to test it…

    Ouch! I just bit that tongue in my cheek. Is anyone else experiencing deja vu?


    I’ve thought of this before, and it made me realize how little we interact with our neighbors. My solution to this was a proactive one, since thinking of this situation in the past I have actively engaged the neighbors closest to me. Across the street, two houses to the right, and two houses to the left. Enough to where we are on a first name basis and it’s not a surprise when I check in.
    Creating this familiarity gives me a CHANCE to maybe, in a SHTF situation, to co-op them into teaming up with me to increase our survival in town.
    Whether that means looting and stealing from others, is a matter of what they’re comfortable with joining me in. But ultimately, it gives me a better chance to organize and possibly create a situation where our homes, property, and supplies (though maybe not shared) can at least be protected better as a small group.
    I have not shared any information about “prepping” with them, since I don’t want anyone getting any funny ideas about kicking in my door.

  41. Curious Visitor says:

    Hi, I read about the cardgame and found this site by chance in a search for more info. If I may add my .02, I would suggest you look up Ferfal and Selco, both of whom have survived tough times in grid-down and/or economic collapse situations. Both of them make the point that you never know how anyone is going to react. The biggest wimp before the crisis might turn out to be a monstrous warlord, while the toughest guy on the block turns out to be a total pushover.

    While high-minded sentiments are great, and I hope you can maintain your code and your self respect, I have no expectation that anyone is going to cling to morals when their stomachs are empty. Ferfal pointed out that it took about 3 months for his country to catch up to the fact they were suddenly in 3rd world poverty. After that, all hell broke loose. You could be attacked by anyone at any time. Selco, on the other hand, said noone, including himself, had any idea what was going on or where society stood until he saw cops leave a victim and just loot a newspaper stand. Selco described people, even his closest neighbors, descending into animal-like behavior. You couldn’t trust anyone.

    So in our country, with it’s decaying social structure and morals, I doubt people will act very civilized when they realize starvation is a real thing.

    There’s a guy online (I would have to do some searching to rediscover him) who wrote about his experience hosting a friend and his family after Katrina. First, his “friend” showed up with 2 campers full of uninvited guests he had told to tag along. They were insanely unprepared. He described incredible stories of just how folks behaved in the disaster. For one, anyone who was suspected to be a prepper was absolutely hated by everyone else. They truly resented them, as if they had stolen their preps from everyone else. He said folks stopping their cars at reststops to eat were attacked. No place was safe.

    Selco described how people did terrible things to survive the war and now just deal with the scars they earned. If we’re anything like the people who came before us and dealt with terrible situations, we’ll probably all do awful things to survive, just bury them down as deep as possible, try to avoid unpleasant memories, and drink a lot of alcohol to try and make it better. (Don’t believe me? Read Achilles in Vietnam. I’ve known a couple vets who saw too much. One needed Ambien to sleep, the other needed a bottle of whiskey daily to function.)

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