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conflicted deck2 cover 219x300 Conflicted TuesdayWe have worked out an exclusive deal with the publishers of the survival card game “Conflicted” where we will be posting one question per week from the deck for open discussion here on You can buy your own Conflicted Deck here and play it with your friends and family… Okay here we go…

If you could change one thing about the government today what would it be? How would this change benefit your country and benefit it’s people?

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. That they must abide by all rules and laws. I know sounds crazy, but we have a very good form of Government already laid out, it the cheating with the Constitution, not sticking to a budget, making laws that apply to the people but not the lawmakers or their friends.

    • I agree. The laws are there; the foundation is unmatched. The problem is law-less-ness, and an eagerly active nest of vultures more than happy to aid and abet.
      You know, Nazi Germany did not happen in a vacuum. The government was appreciated and protected by a willing populace who were more than happy to ignore the laws they felt stood in the way of their “progress”.

    • well, since the foxes are taking care of the chicken coop, they wouldn’t close the gates, keeps the dogs around or keep the farmer alert…

  2. Term limits!

    • Adrianna,

      They would have term limits if people would stop voting them back in every time… or could it be that the whole thing is rigged and no matter who you vote for they “elect” who they want?

      • OldSoldat says:

        Between dead folks voting, entire districts in “swing” states voting blue last “election”, and low information voters I’m quite happy the executive branch has term limits though…at least for the current nightmare.

        • axelsteve says:

          I would remove tyranny and replace it with freedom. Won`t work though way too many tyrants these days.

      • mountaingypsy says:

        I think it is all rigged, and politicians are bought/paid for by the lobbyists, the elite, corporations, so they will vote ‘properly’ for their agenda. Our votes are to make us think we have a vote. How else would all the politicians, become millionaires, in office, want a political career, and get re-voted over and over? The ancient ones still in office own too many favors. And when is the last time, after any of them are in office, even locally or state, not just federal, do for the people and not their career and paycheck. Have any of us voted for their raises or to go to war for example?

        • 2000 presidential election of the people’s vote vs. electoral college. End of discussion.

          • J,
            Then perhaps we should get rid of the Electoral College. It would make it easier for most of us, because unless you live in one of the 8-10 most populous states, most of which are blue,, you could forgo the burden of voting for president, since is basically wouldn’t count for anything.

  3. Occam's Disposable Razor says:

    I can’t make fun of this.

    See you next week.

    • I don’t see this as an attempt at humor. If you are unwilling to even discuss constructive change, then it’s like not voting – you get no say in the subject.

      • i love how you and ppl like you want more, last time i checked this is america and ppl including 5 generations of my family have fought in wars and died for this country so we can choose to vote ,or say as much or as little as a person wants to ,just like you and your bloated opinionated and a..hat thinking,you seem like a prick

        • Canyonman says:

          Not sure who’s being called a prick here – Occam’s Disposable Razor, or JP in MT? Can we call each other “prick” on this blog? Is there a list of approved slurs, besides “prick”? Or is that in the context of “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”? I’m a descendant of Adam, and of David (who slew Goliath), and I’ve had relatives in every war. I also have a Purple Heart; so does that entitle me to call others even STRONGER names than “prick”? ‘Cause I have an entire arsenal of really good names I can pull out here …

          • WYO Ryder says:


            You forgot to write :
            /sarc = (‘sarc off’)

            Regardless – I at least, appreciated this form of humor 🙂

            And THANK YOU for your service to this country!!!

            • Canyonman says:

              The pleasure was all mine.

              Still laughing about “genious” (see post below).

              • Lol too funny how wound up u all r I was referring to a few not all ,but I guess your intellect is too broad too see such a narrow view

                • NSAPoofter says:

                  You must have been too busy scouring texts of kids looking for nude selfies, to read the memo on commenting here. You are making us look bad.

            • worrisome says:

              Canyonman, it is hard to do I know, but this “Cheezy” person has never been here before……can you say Fed Tool, or Troll, or hmmmm OFA Informant? 🙂 there seems to be many on here these days.

              • Canyonman says:

                Amen, sister woman.

                Interesting, isn’t it, that someone could wander into a forum where the bulk of the members are seniors, and a healthy percentage are female, and in his first(?) post would say of a beloved regular (yes, JP, that’s you), “you seem like a prick” – ?

                Maybe I’m old-fashioned, and just another old worn out prepping geezer veteran, but I wasn’t raised that way, and it seems downright rude. Maybe good manners skip the 6th generation, I don’t know.

                I’m adding one more to the original question: Mandatory grammar tests must be passed before one can obtain a driver’s license. Supposedly, English courses must be passed to graduate high school, but graduation isn’t as important as it once was. But getting one’s driver’s license – now THAT’s a big deal.

                At least one can never say this place ain’t entertaining. 🙂

                • I am all for the test idea, but I fear it would change little, there are a lot of people on the roads that seem to have no need for a license.

                  A better change would be perhaps to make a short test that needs to be passed in order to vote. Just a quick 10 MCQ test on election issues or current events that must be passed to get a ballot. How long would informed voters allow so many life-time politicians to get away with their bull.

                  That or a Robert Heinlein-esque two tier system.

                  • CS:

                    One of my “pet peeves” about drivers is the ones who make a left turn into the right lane. Then I say a “Student Driver” car do that with the instructor sitting in there. I would have at least been an little animated about it.

          • no genious ,what i was saying to the slow ones here is: i have a right no more or less than you to say or do what i like in america, and as for prick its not that bad just a label to quickly identify the type of person his comment made him seem

            • Gone West says:

              You know what Cheezy – there are actually quite a few geniuses here – I don’t think any of us are “slow” – and this blog does allow that you mostly say what you like (as America used to) but there is NEVER a reason to be rude. This blog has a purpose – it enables those of us that understand the shitstorm that’s coming to communicate, share and learn from each other. Your mindset has very little purpose here.

              • Actually the purpose of this website is why I’m here ,and the way some of you talk down to new ppl here is actually why this got to where it has bud….I’m here because I value md . Creed mores site and find most post informative,and entertaining,but I talk the way I do to some of you because you don’t seem to follow or seem to be so concede it’s actually blocking intelligent thought,and as for being insults I didn’t start throwing them.maybe you can in lighten me what my mindset seems to be

                • Speaking as a man who tends to philosophically and politically disagree with some of the people who post often to this site, dissent if you want but being a prick yourself doesn’t help you make your point. If you can’t make your point civilly, you don’t have a point (or at least one that is fully developed).

                  Also as an educator the following caused me physical pain:

                  “I’m here because I value md . Creed mores site and find most post informative,and entertaining,but I talk the way I do to some of you because you don’t seem to follow or seem to be so concede it’s actually blocking intelligent thought”

                  Please just learn some basic punctuation. Please.

        • cheezy:

          Not sure if you are referring to me or what. I’m a 3rd generation veteran, one of 2 career, so, although I appreciate your family’s service, I stand by my statement, that those who choose to remove themselves from participating in the solution, then have no voice in the outcome. They have abdicated their responsibility. I don’t care which side of the issue you are on, as long as you have the courage to take one.

          I’m also unsure of where you get the idea that I “want more”. I just want to keep what I’ve earned. If charity is needed, I want to determine what gets funded and what does not.

          Yes, I have very strong opinions, and some THAT KNOW ME may call me a “prick”. I have no problems with the opinions of others, it’s just what it is, an opinion, and like all my free advise, worth everything you pay for it.

          Call me names if you wish. If that is what you feel will make things better, by all means, continue. But it does not help you be taken seriously.

          • thank you for your service,but i was just saying i and everyone in this country can say or not say or vote or whatever they choose to do because of our protected freedoms, and for you to say i or anyone elses opinions or say doesnt count because i didnt go into enough detail for your liking just seem like a dick is all i was saying and i stand by that sir.. opinions are perfectly fine but dismiss because you selfishly didnt get what you would expect is something special to say the least,and you do your own form of condiscending insults without outright saying it doesnt make you any better

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          ??? Who the H – ll are you talking to Cheesy?

          • Sweet mother of God!!! Yesterday it was some loony tune named mountain nut job, today is some little freak name cheezy. What has attracted the social miscreants to this blog all of a sudden?

            • well i was originally talking to jp in mt, because i assumed he was commentining on my post,but unfortunately i tried to make a point as to what he had to say , maybe im way off base or didnt go about trying to make my point in an intelligent enough way, but i thought i was in good company on this sight but im starting to wonder if i fit in ,not that it really matters but ,either your a bunch of old timers or im just crazy lol

              • Have no fear little man. You won’t be here long enough for it to be a concern for you. Enjoy your time here while it lasts.

                • By truck….O I’m not afraid ,this is starting to become fun little man I’d love to hear your basis for me being a little man ,anyways.thats the second time you refered to me as little ,sounds to me like you may be projecting views of yourself and your phalocies onto others,are you done with the insults yet,I’d love to have a adult conversation with you maam

                  • Hi Cheesy, “phalocies”

                    I’ve noticed that some people getting the worst of a debate suddenly get interested in the other side’s reproductive organs. Can you explain why?

                    This is particularly true of gun controllers who constantly liken handguns to phallic substitutes, but fail to then answer the question “If that is so, why are 2 inch snubbies so popular?”

                    Any thoughts?

              • OldSoldat says:

                cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic.
                “a big cheesy grin”
                synonyms: tacky, cheap, tawdry; trite; informalcorny, cornball

                • Canyonman says:

                  I have a sticky note on both the left and right side of my monitor. On the right note are the user names of those whom I would seriously consider having as BOL buddies, neighbors, etc. Just gotta win that lottery and buy more land, then I’ll get M.D. to send out the invites.

                  On the other note, which interestingly enough is on the left, I annotate the names of those whose posts I won’t waste my time reading. Added a few this week, that’s fer sure! 🙂

                  So long, cheesy, I swear I can actually feel M.D’s hand on the toilet handle from thousands of miles away. Pretty soon you’ll be ridin’ the whirlpool…

                  And remember, bc, we made a pact not to argue with the willfully ignorant.

                  • Of course you are right. My apologies for forgetting our pact. I’ll leave the jeanyus alone with his fphalasee.

                    • bc:

                      Be careful, I like small guns. It has nothing to do with my inability to see it, and grab a hair instead. (That’s probably why she makes me mop the bathroom floor.) Or that my short sleeve shirt sleeve’s fit so much looser now.

                      I did mention to a neighbor that I was starting to wear fewer T-shirts around the house (I meant types). That must be why 4 sets of curtains and 5 x 3 packages of T’s showed up this weekend.

                    • Canyonman says:

                      LOL! All is forgiven, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment when faced with monumental piles of mountaincheeziness. 🙂

                    • Worrisome says:

                      This has now become downright funny! Love you guys…but not Cheezy..hope I am on the right hand side of your puter….and just so ya know some of us women folk like snub nose hand guns too….but not Cheezies.

                  • Couldn’t care any less where you think I stand paranoid man,or,where you rank me ,and you seriously think me could block me from seeing his site,maybe block me from posting ,yet all it would take is to change info and I’m posting again ,,and that’s just to point that out to you ….and for someone you hate or as you say ,refuse to read ,I enjoy reading your concede attempts at trying to bother me in some way..and if you really keep post it’s along your computer to remind yourself of such frivolous things I feel sorry for you ,but yet I’ll miss you if we don’t get to talk ,maybe I could join you at your Bol ?

                    • “maybe I could join you at your Bol ?”

                      Now THAT is an event I would enjoy watching.

                      Possibly with fried green tomatoes on the side.

                      You are welcome to reply, but this is too tiresome to keep giving you attention.

                      PS: You were the first one to call someone else a ‘prick’, and a ‘dick’. I think that qualifies as first to insult.

                    • Everyone vote up if I should give share some booze with Cheezy if he showed up at my BOL, and vote down if I shouldn’t.

                    • Worrisome says:

                      Wonder whatever happened to spell check on his computer…

                  • mountaingypsy says:

                    CMan, I think you are the writer awhile back on the essay section, that had such a terrific article? Sorry I do not have that name or date. I just remember your name here and was impressed with your writing… But you have now been rude to me, just because you did not like what I wrote previously. Rude is not called for. Gentlemen and scholars do not do that…..You also do not know my background, preps, skills, or how I would be in a bad situation. There are vets in my family too. You have inferred that I am on the left list, very judgmental without facts in evidence. I hope several of you will come to terms that we all have a right here for expression. If we were all clones and said the same thing, no one would think and learn, and this site would be worthless. Maybe I was ‘sent’ here to wake up the conversation? ha….I also think that many think this is their personal site, and have seniority here, and are anti-any new outsiders. I am sorry, I can learn from you as well, as you might just learn from me, one never knows! How do you know that I am not a senior, hate that term…. If you already know it all, why do you write here? just saying….let’s put the crap behind, getting too deep…you and the other’s….. preppers are not one look/creed are they??

                    • well i must say to you sir and others that are polite and friendly that i absolutely appreciate old timers ,thats not the issue and i guess i was being rude in lumping good ppl in with a soory few,and to you and the polite intelligent one i appoligise,because your mature reasoning and adult conversation is what i was trying to have,and yes im a prepper as well and wasnt going to comment on the nonsense others keep trying to bait me into ,or id be here forever ,although. i do respect elders whom act like elders ,thats no slight ..with age hopefully come wisdom and maturaty as you have shown i hope i will be as gracious as you when i am your age ,if i make it as who knows whats around the next corner. so thank you for showing what this site is supposed to be about!

                • Ill mannered in the presence of polite company. Was not brought up in the gutter.

              • cheesy:

                I’ll bring up 2 points.

                1. I am having a hard time following your assumptions. I certainly was not complaining about “not getting my way”. Stated or implied.

                2. You might want to thicken up your skin a little. Since this is a written communication, any messages that might come through in tonal inflection or body language is lost. That’s why it is important to spell correctly, punctuate, Use capitals when needed (smart phone aren’t conducive to that, so I understand this point), and grammatically correct. Some times in the heat of a reply the fingers can’t keep up with the brain and that’s understandable, but you could try a little harder.

                • Wow how long did it take to come up with that ..all your proper pronunciations and such must really make you feel superior ,,funny how your thick skin got baited into responding but anyways you started this with your not respecting a persons individuality on how they choose to respond to a post ,must have really upset u to respond on my post vs what the host post was actually about

                  • Cheesy:

                    You misunderstand. I’m not trying to be “superior”. I’m just saying that you should use every opportunity to make your communications clear and concise. Good word use, oral or written, shows a prospective employer, that you have a personal will to achieve. You find you get more opportunities to advance.

                    Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation, coupled with a small/crass vocabulary is not a road to future achievement. Not an accusation, just something I’ve observed in my several trips around the Sun.

                    As for how long it has taken….a lifetime.

                    • Well sir I do understand the many things including the ones you specifically listed as things that it take for an employer to view one as desirable but I’m not going for employment ,but once again you have to be condesending..I see your point about the non body language and such thank you ..but seeing as though so many here are actual geniuses I shouldn’t need to be so precise in every little grammar,wouldn’t you think ,anyways it’s been fun and enlightning to see some of the ppl whom read this site at least and some seem very territorial,it’s really not that serious to get so wound up as some see ,my wife is telling me to stop antagonizing the old guys but maybe work on not being so into how you feel others are supposed to respond and just live and let live

                    • Rocketmama says:

                      I rarely comment here. I very much enjoy reading, learning, and filling my mind with new ideas. I have followed this blog for three years now and appreciate everyone’s willingness to share ideas, information and support. It seems to me there is just a simple misunderstaning here. JP in MT wasn’t out to offend anyone IMHO, but appears to want people to make informed decisions and use their voice. Cheesy, it looks like he truly was trying to give you advice to help you get your voice heard. A lot of people might not have great grammer skills (my husband is terrible in the dept), but in all honesty it does help when trying to get your point across. I think JP was just trying to help, not offend. That’s how I read it. I have read his posts for a long time and he is a good guy. I’m greatful for what he contributes. I’d like to be able to see what you have to offer as well, Cheezy. It is great that MD gives us a platform to learn, share, and grow. So let’s all just move on from the negative and continue on with our mutual purpose of helping each other prepare for whatever comes our way. Any maybe leave offensive names off of our posts… and thank you to those who have fought and continue to fight for our right to be able to enjoy our freedom of speech in our country!

                  • Proper English is superior now?

              • TR from CA says:

                I normally don’t get involved in a pissing match, but for you to come on this blog and start insulting these people is anything but intelligent. I am not an “old timer” myself. But we do have some older people “elders”, who have a wealth of information to share. Did you ever hear the phrase respect your elders? You should try it. To answer your question, I do not think you fit in here.

            • worrisome says:

              BC perhaps they are the same nut job with a new name? Although this one’s spelling and grammar is a little better and has some sentence structure.

            • mountaingypsy says:

              BC, Name calling or foul talk of any sort on this site, degrades this site. I do not appreciate your name calling, of me today or someone before, just because you did not like my opinion! (or Worrisome) You do not know me. That also lowers ya’ll to a level, I had thought higher of. I thought the veterans here (thank you) fought for the freedoms sited in our constitution? That is supposed to include everyone in this nation, regardless of race, religion, creed, ‘opinions’? I suppose I stepped on some toes, but perhaps some of you did the same to me? “To thy own self be try”, means not compromising to insults or at least listening to others. I have a right to anything I feel, or write, just as ya’ll do. As I mentioned before, this site does not have in fine print, ‘who’ may communicate here. If MD does that, this will become a rather narrow minded-tunnel vision, boring place!
              I appreciate todays discussion, as the focus of so much in the US and abroad revolves around what the governments/elite/corporate owners do to the rest of us! So, IMHO, term limits, no lobbyists, fair voting for all, limit on funding that is public knowledge, govnt. back to for the people/by the people, not us vs them, revised tax system, revised help for poor/homeless (many are veterans, deplorable), revise education/training, change imports/exports of US companies that are killing our jobs and economy and paying no tax, revise the militarization of police, stop starting conflicts/wars for oil/power and killing our military for that agenda…..and one last thing, freedoms, laws, penalties, rules, the Same for everyone, regardless of money, status, race, religion, political persons, gender……..
              I am not trying to inflame any narrative. I know no one that is beyond sin or is not raciest or is pure. Just because I honestly spoke that Christians, or atheists, or whom ever, are ‘also’ war mongers or bloody in treatment of others, for centuries and in my lifetime, (Vietnam, Middle East) as well as the horrible ISIS or any radical killing machine, or the insane killers here of kids in school or in malls or Oklahoma bombing, (all I assume ‘see’ themselves as Christian, not other?), was No reason to get on my case! I think we are Americans here. I did not attack you personally, or call names, just had a right to my feelings. I suppose if I speak about the Missouri mess, I will be criticized?? I happen to try to be an objective person, try to get along, see both sides before jumping to judgment, am not fanatically confrontational . I try to read, research and think also, not dream up some opinion, or hang on what my granddad said or believed as some do. I also see, IF anyone new comes here and talks, they get ridiculed. Rather ‘judgmental’….. I agree opinions are hot and debates are not for everyone. And they provoke anger. But this site is for intelligent, not the same as opinions, (sorry, I have a degree, and use my brain) people sharing/prepping. I really enjoyed ALL of your very well spoken writings, for months, until…. I thought prepping was for survival or against the crap that is dished out by the congress/govt. for years now, against us? And this site is to learn many things and think? I think many here have prepped long before Obama, so assume from that, that other Congresses/Presidents have had a hand in ruining this great country, themselves as well as back to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other agenda people controlling politics and all the money. And too many corporations have taken away jobs, go overseas, pay no tax, Monsanto, big pharma, is poisoning us. It is a huge agenda, we are not part of. I despise what they do to veterans when they get home, or to homeless or certain races. So perhaps, focus on the issues and not on opposing opinions here, makes sense? thank you, PACK……

              • sweet heart, calling you a nut job is not name calling if you are a nut job,,,,,,,and you are a nut job. Now if I called you a dwarf, and you were not a dwarf, that would be name calling. Now Im going to call you a long winded nut job. But I mean that in the most kind and loving fashion. Have a nice day.

                • mountaingypsy says:

                  😉 So, Mr. BC you ARE calling me one…Thank you, I think, kind and loving! Thanks for addressing me. But I am not sure what you mean by a nut job?? Sorry I am long winded…..that is passion to something, and I do try to say something here, in my way. I never did good as a clone with no opinion. Just thumbing up/down does not make good conversation and is lame. Many on here are windy! That is what makes this a favorite site! Sorry people, my mind rambles and I can not write short. I do not admire one liners….Have a great week, BC, not just one day! Did you notice, right above the comment section, MD says “speak your mind”, just saying!

            • axelsteve says:

              Probably government stooges.

        • Swearing is not needed or wanted in a family oriented website. Using such foul language only shows an ignorance of English and an inability to form a coherent, persuasive argument.
          Unfortunately, it is all too common with people who think left.

        • axelsteve says:

          No one ever won a war by dying for there country.They won the war by making some other person die for there country.

        • Cheesy,
          First of all, thanks for the service of you rfamily. I also agree that you may vote or not as yousee fit; however, if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch at the outcome.

  4. Change the president!!!!and limit every public office to one “term”

  5. No lobbyists! Decisions made based on the desires of constituents.

    • worrisome says:

      I was just thinking about saying we need to get rid of at least 90% of all alphabet agencies at the Fed Level.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Getting rid of lobbyists was one of TDL’s first term campaign promises. He almost had my vote on that one. But subsequent promises seemed to contradict earlier promises.
      But he has elevated himself above that; its just decrees now.

  6. OldSoldat says:

    Eliminate or down size two or six monolithic, three letter federal departments, e.g. IRS, DOE. Simplifying tax collection would be a fantastic start. Decentralize education, etc.

  7. Canyonman says:

    Q, part A: If you could change one thing about the government today what would it be?

    Sorry, but I have sixteen so far.

    1. Term limits, absolutely.
    2. No pensions for any elected office.
    3. Institute a citizenship exam that must be passed before citizens can vote, and enforce voter I.D. I can’t believe this is actually an issue in America.
    4. Military service required for presidential eligibility. You can’t go from community organizer to commander-in-chief.
    5. Remove all big money special interests from the election process. No more ‘bought’ elections.
    6. Abolish the IRS. Flat tax percentage for everyone, no matter what your income is.
    7. Abolish welfare. Institute the Canyonman National Jobs Act. Anyone currently on the welfare rolls will be picking up trash, painting over graffiti, cutting grass, etc. Only seniors and the disabled will be eligible for any type of government assistance.
    8. Abolish social security. When you turn 65 and have been working all your life, Uncle Sam hands you a check for a million dollars inside a big ‘Thank You’ card.
    9. No more aid to countries that aren’t our staunch allies, and/or vote against us in the UN.
    10. Limit federal power to federal issues. Stop spending taxpayer money on Senate committee hearings for light bulbs, steroid use in baseball, etc.
    11. I like the Montana example. Congress and the Senate shall be in session two out of six months, or something similar. The rest of the time, they’ll be home actually having to listen to their constituents.
    12. Any crime against the person, safety, or well-being of another human shall become a capital crime. This includes murder, assault, rape, child molestation, arson, and home invasion. Those found guilty of such crimes will be executed the following morning by volunteer firing squads. No appeals, and no more public defenders, because every criminal attorney in the nation will be in the rotation.
    13. Institute the ‘Ask What You Can Do For Your Country’ program. Between high school graduation and age 30, all citizens will be required to serve their country for two years in either a civil or military capacity.
    14. Close the borders and enforce all immigration laws. Immediately deport all illegal aliens.
    15. Drill, baby, drill. Gasoline should be cheaper here than it is in third world countries.
    16. Bring jobs back to America. Still working on this plan, but there has to be an incentive.

    Q, part B: How would this change benefit your country and benefit it’s people?
    It would eliminate much of the fraud, waste, and corruption, and restore lost pride and dignity to this nation. It would get people off the teat and give them purpose.

    • Very much “HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD” Canyonman except the Social Security #8. That is not welfare. We pay into it all our working life or acquire if we are disabled and can no longer work. I added to it from age 13 to 74 each and every pay check.
      Now I expect it to be given back to me. It is my money after all.
      Perhaps you have socked away enough to live on in your old age but many of us have not. We would starve, be homeless,
      etc. without this benefit.
      The rest you have outlined is spot on.


      • Canyonman says:

        Sorry for the poorly written #8 – my point is that when folks have contributed to this country all their lives, they deserve MORE than what most get for “Social Security”. That’s why I suggested the ‘Thank You’ card with $1 million. Heck, make it $5 million. Most seniors would know what to do with it. And with #9 in force, we could easily afford it.

    • Edit “No more aid to countries that aren’t our staunch allies, and/or vote against us in the UN.”
      To “No more aid to countries.”

    • I agree, unfortunately our current system of handouts deprives people of their dignity. There are a lot of jobs like they said that would reduce taxpayer cost and give people back a sense of dignity!! Good answer!

    • Patriot Farmer says:

      This is awesome. You hit the nail on the head on all of these. Do you ever think about running for office?

    • I had to zoom in to make sure I hit the “thumbs up” button. Excellent list canyon man! You would have my vote bud.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Yes, Mr. Canyonman, Your writings are excellent, liked the list, as I said somewhere above. You also can not write a short response, like me, that is being passionate and teaching others. One line-ers are never enough. Please forgive, my opinions I do have one after, all these years….I deserve that. My life experiences, education, family and environment shaped that, just as others thoughts and knowledge here have been. I guess that is why blogs are so popular! The same opinions are clones and let nothing new in. This site is getting more interesting lately. ha. Live and let live….preppers should know. One never knows ‘who’ might step up and save them, be nice. (admonition to the others here that were snarky)

  8. Remove every law that has been passed since the signing of the constitution and make them start over! That should keep them busy for a while, and maybe we can keep congress and the senate from stealing power from the people this time.

  9. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Desolve and return Government to the structure and authority of the the 1864 Constitution.

    No ‘Fed reserve’, No Social safety nets, Tax structures and Law according to the citizens of the Several States. Doing this…. knowing what we know of Government as it IS … when the riots and die off are over we’ll see what we have and if we can keep it half as long as it took to screw it up this time.

    Tri-States Philosophy is what could work… but then you’d have to accept the writing of an aged Fiction writer like Johnstone. Read the first book “Out of the Ashes” and skip the action and rants. His Philosophy of Government is a simple one.

  10. They could start by passing the “29TH Amendment”: “Congress shall pass no law from which they are exempt.” One of the first rules on leadership, if you want permissional leadership, you must abide by ALL the rules you expect your subordinates to live under. I learned this by watching ineffective leaders act as it they we special and some of the rules didn’t apply to them. Once my people say that I worked as long as they did, wouldn’t ask them to do something I was not willing to do, getting them to do other things – and do them well – was no longer a problem.

  11. grandma bear says:

    I am writing this knowing it will be unpopular. I think to vote you have to have skin in the game. IE: Job,(at lease one in the family) land owner, retired but had job for x number of years. What I am getting at is over 50% vote for who ever will pad their welfare checks or provide a new hand out. The reality is this has to be paid for by you! My thought is if you have to pay for the entitlement you may think twice about making this the reason for your vote.

    Take care and remember we are all in this together!

    • Canyonman says:

      Unpopular?!? Ma’am, you’re RIGHT ON!

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Some are saying persons needing/wanting help should contribute some work before getting checks. I sort of feel the ones voting are not the ones getting ‘handouts’ necessarily. I doubt they even bother to vote. People that stand/vote in long lines, may be ones that want a voice or choice, not welfare. But like I wrote above, I don’t think our votes count much these days. The lobbyists, corporations, elite run the show and demand what the politicians do. They are bought and paid for, not so much voted for. They obviously do not ‘work’ for us. They only care about their career and paycheck, not ours. I do not know how we can vote out the bad ones. Term limits, and no income increases, pensions, may sift out the honest politicians from the rotten ones. Once they are in office, it seems we are forgotten. The border immigrant situation is sad, we were all one at one time. That issue is part of the agenda, above and beyond Obama and voting rights. I do not know all the nasty details. But citizenship and voting as an American, working and contributing, and not being scum and a drain on society, has several colors and faces. Corporate welfare is the major drain, to me and worse, over people. The welfare issue was started by congress and has gotten way out of line, along with the alphabet agencies! Billion dollar profit companies, and too many agencies do not need our tax support. Deserving or homeless may need a boost.

  12. 1st: Immediately cut the federal government to match existing revenues (i.e., balance the federal budget through cuts, not taxes). This would include elimination of the Department of Education, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Homeland Security, the DEA, the FBI, the CIA, etc. It would also include cuts to our military budget, which could easily be made by closing all our foreign military bases and operating our military as a NATIONAL DEFENSE, rather than INTERNATIONAL OFFENSE and INTERNATIONAL POLICE.

    2nd: Start the necessary process of phasing out (over a long time and in a fair way) socialistic programs like social security, medicare, food stamps, unemployment. These (1) are unconstitutional federal programs, (2) are not the role of the government, and (3) cannot be done effectively/efficiently/sustainably by the government. These tasks should be left to individuals, families, communities of faith, and other charitable organizations. This country existed for many years without these programs and people weren’t dying in the streets. Folks relied on one another and were accountable to one another. The state was not seen as our nanny and savior when this country was founded and should not be seen as our nanny and savior now.

    3rd: Repeal Obamacare. Goes with my 2nd point about socialistic programs.

    4th: Cut and restructure taxes. Average total taxes should be less than 10% and should be based on use, wherever possible. For example, government funding for roads should only come from fuel taxes and/or tolls paid by persons who actually use the roads. Only persons educated in public schools or with kids in public schools should have to pay taxes for public schools. If I want to opt out of fire protection, I should be able to opt out of paying taxes that go to the fire department. These use-based type of taxes would lead to more private competition for roads, education, fire protection, security, etc. Liberty-based solutions are always better that force-based solutions. All government solutions are based on force (i.e., taking peoples money under the threat of going to jail).

    5th: Return to a gold standard. Keeps governments in check by forcing them to raise taxes (noticed by the public) to get more money, rather than just “printing” more money (not really noticed by the public).

    6th: Eliminate the Federal Reserve or at least limit its role to being a “lender of last resort” for troubled banks. The Fed should not be trying to manage the country’s economy by manipulating interest rates and money supply – this only leads to bigger problems.

    How’s that for a start?

    • Don’t touch my SS!!!!

      • To be fair, if someone has paid into SS, they should get back what they paid, with interest (wish I could get that deal right now). But, I would eliminate SS for young folks just joining the workforce. They would know that it is their responsibility to take care of themselves and their loved one’s when they are older. In a free country, you should not be forced to “save” for your retirement via a government-run Ponzi scheme.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          ReadyK…. I believe to be fair would be to have had the total amount contributed, employee/employer, to my SS account subject to quarterly compounded market average interest. Tax deferred until retirement then taxed as income from then on. Keep the check for a Mil …. I’d have my own already.

        • grandma bear says:

          The majority of people get more back than they ever pay in to SS. There lays the problem. That and the Feds using it as their own personal piggy bank. That and the illegals that never pay in getting a check just like the rest of us.

        • Ready2K,
          When you state, “a government-run Ponzi scheme.” I would make a small correction, since it is a “a racist,/b> government-run Ponzi scheme”
          Choosing the retirement age of 65 back in the 1930’s was done based on actuarial tables, which show that in general black males and females and white males died prior to that age, and white women lived to be only 66-67. So everyone pays in for life, and only white widows get anything out, and for only a short time. In addition, the money was invested in “special” T Bills and the money was then sent to the general fund and spent like always.

      • RB in Alabama says:

        Sorry, Texican, but don’t you realize it’s not your SS, its the government’s? They change the rules all the time, without consulting you, or anyone else. They decide when you get it, if you get it. If someone else has that power, it never really is “yours”. At best, it’s a national xanax given to keep us relatively calm and relatively compliant.

    • I agree in principal with a more Libretarian view but simply said, a drastic reduction of and moving away from a central government and power put bacik in the hands of the states. The central government is no more than a place to take good men and tempt them to trade power for money.

    • One point about eliminating all these social welfare programs – true people survived before they existed but now most could not. Eliminating these programs rapidly (in anything less than a generation) would likely bring about the poopy fan we all are concerned about. People just don’t have the skills and common sense needed to survive by eighteenth and nineteenth century lifestyles. The modern urban lifestyle just can’t be sustained without being propped up.

      I always say that I wish ignorance were painful because we’d all be brilliant. Unfortunately if ignorance became fatal, we’d all have a big mess to deal with before social Darwinism worked itself out.

  13. UrbanCityGirl says:

    If I could only pick 1 thing- it would be term limits. Perhaps then more care would be made to follow laws and campaign promises.

    And my wish list for my government consists of: lower taxes, or a flat tax. Less regulation. Smaller government. And Government officials follow the same laws as everyone else. Dramatically reduce food stamps to encourage people to find jobs (May also reduce crimes as now they are working instead of looting/raping/shoplifting/killing).

    I could go on, but I think most here have a similar wish list.

    • Canyonman says:

      “(May also reduce crimes as now they are working instead of looting/raping/shoplifting/killing).”

      Or voting.

  14. Change the way the Senate is elected back to the way it used to be.

  15. Nebraska Woman says:

    This would work in all states except New York, California, and Illinois where stupidity and corruption reign.
    Do away with fund-raising financing for all politicians. Have the public in each state/district pay a set amount of money for each campaign. Then, the people of each state would truly decide for themselves whom they wanted with no outside money used to finance huge campaigns. Real people could be elected instead of millionaires who finance their own campaigns. Elected officials would then be responsible only to the people.
    Next after election, the state would finance living quarters for each congress critter; if they had a family it’s a 3 bedroom apartment. If no family, then a 2 BR. Family must live there on a budget, like the rest of us.
    Then, when the term is over, the politician must go back to his/her state to find a job like the rest of us. The only perk would be social security and a pension of maybe $1,000 a month.
    This would eliminate lobbyists, big money, political money, foreign money, etc.
    Sigh. All too simple. Like the rest of us…

    • mom of three says:

      You hit the nail, this is exactly what both me and hubby, says all the time. We got rid of cable because of all the ad’s on T.V.approving their message’s.

    • While I agree in principle, who would want the job under those conditions? Certainly would not be attracting the brightest and best. Of course that’s not the case now either …..

    • mountaingypsy says:

      N. Well said. I related much the same in my rambling. An overhaul of congress and all government entities might weed out the career politicians, and much of the issues. A fresh start with new people, wow. Washington is too cushy, too many perks and pensions. Too enticing and guaranteed life time income. They are bought and sold, sickening. They should have no more than the average person. People ‘complain’ about “those” welfare people, which I do not approve either, but we should add up the cost of corporate welfare, political welfare, how do many become millionaires?, (I also mean pensions, bribes, illegal perks), billion dollar co’s not paying tax, while WE support them all. We vote for a “body” in a suit of a certain party, with campaign promises, and never really get to vote again about the stuff that affects us, like SS, war, insurance, income, nothing…..etc.

  16. No fibby’s can be armed.

  17. MorePooperThanPrepper says:

    Ratify an Amendment to clarify the commerce clause. Make it clear that the federal government can provide transportation and tariff control between the states and THAT IS IT.

    So what does that mean? All of the alphabet soup agencies invented in the last 80 years would loose their justification and be seen as the unconstitutional overreaching of the federal government that they are. Environmental protection, welfare, SS, medicaid, education, agriculture, etc. etc. etc. would be handled by each of these united states as they see fit. If you didn’t like the way your state was doing the job you could lobby and vote – or importantly move and remain a US citizen in the US.

    What are my options right now when the government says I have to pay a private entity for health insurance? Why not make me join a health club, or buy organic produce? If some states want to continue this absurd nonsense so be it, but their citizens could move to saner more free and productive places.

  18. I would repeal the 17th Amendment, which provides for direct election of US Senators. Repeal would send us back to the original system in which the state legislatures decided who would be Senator, and Senators represented the state governments, not the people.

    US Representatives represent the people within a portion of the their state, while Senators were intended to represent the state government, not “The People.”

    If we went back to the original system in which Senators were chosen by the legislatures, and represented the state governments, we would have no more unfunded mandates imposed on the states, we would end the federal government bossing the states around, we would end the federal government telling states to behave as the feds demand or lose funding for program X (which is likely money for which there is no constitutional authorization in the first place).

    So, if we went back to the original system, we would have more control over the federal government: The People would elect their US Reps directly, as we do now, as well as their state legislators and governors, also as we do now. The state legislators and governors would select their reps (US Senators) to the Congress.

    This would make the feds subservient to the states, that was the way it was until 1913 and that is the way it should be. Just ask yourself: Is the federal government bigger or smaller than it was in 1913? Is it better or worse than it was in 1913? has a page on this, including the arguments for ratifying the 17th in the first place. If interested, check out “Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution”.

    Move power from the feds back to the states: not perfect, but a big improvement.

    i won’t hold my breath.

    • I totally agree with your assessment. I also think it had a trickle down effect. State elections where much more important when it was the state legislature who chose the Senators from their state. There was more participation in state politics. Back then states rights where very important to the people of each state. Supposedly they enacted that amendment because some state house would deadlock over their selection. Well that was the states problem. Instead they all turned over their power to the federal political machines.

      • Hi Dan, I agree: deadlocks which prevented selecting a Senator were a problem, but mostly for the state which had such antagonistic legislatures. It is hard to see how the solution improved things, and seems to me easy to see how it made exponentially worse problems.

        Unless one wants ever bigger government, of course. For those folks it was a big winner. Imagine if Senators were beholden to state legislatures.

  19. If only 1 thing . I have a list but here goes one i didn’t see above .All federal agencies police powers are on federal lands only which are as defined as 10 miles square known as D.C. and those lands need for national defense. Ok so that is 2 things and yes i would do away with our national parks system. this also defeats EPA,OSHA,dept of ed. DEA,ATF and all those others .

    • Canyonman says:

      Love it. Just read that 70% of Utah land is owned by the Fed gubmint.

      • Canyonman:

        I was thinking it was a little less, and Nevada was at 70%. But it really doesn’t matter, it’s a bunch. Here, the tracts of land are huge!

        • Hi JP “But it really doesn’t matter, it’s a bunch.”

          I think a reasonable solution to that problem –and I am satisfied that it is a problem– would be to require the feds to sell off 2% of all current non-National Parks, non-military, lands per year until they were all privatized.

          • Penrod:

            If they haven’t made it a National Park or a military reservation, I agree that it should be turned over to the State. They are closer and if it is generating revenue, providing infrastructure that is generally used by all, I’m all for it.

            States could sell those area’s they don’t have the resources to manage, generating income. It would be a one-time income, but could be used to square away some of the deficits that they generated.

            • Hi JP, While I rather the feds sold off the land and used the money to retire the national debt, turning it over to the states would be an improvement over leaving it in fed hands forever.

              • Penrod:

                I am note a good prognosticator, but based upon past performance I doubt that the Feds would do the right thing if you gave them a bunch of money.

                • mountaingypsy says:

                  JP, It is always about the money, and they have too much now! It seems our whole government is bought and sold now to the highest bidder with the worst agenda, every election, no matter the party and promises…. The whole place in DC needs a makeover, by “we the people” as they have forgotten who pays the salary, who they are supposed to be working for. Both parties need to be revised, and remember they are Americans first, before the label. Old ways, need to mesh with the new and be resilient and accommodating to the voters and citizens. We are going down the drain, WE need to be back in charge.

                  • mountaingypsy:

                    I agree that our “government employees” at all levels seem to forget who pays their salary. That’s why my voting policy has been for the last 4 years “I’m giving someone else a chance to do your job right.” I figure if we fire enough of them, often enough, impeach a few more, the rest just might get the message.

                    But “Hope Springs Eternal”.

              • You do know that the secret to Warren Buffet’s wealth is buying vastly underpriced property from corrupt government workers right? Even before Harry Reid and Biden’s sons got into it.

      • patientmomma says:

        Clinton and every pres after him have taken the mineral rich land of Utah for themselves.

  20. Should it be strict term limits for any elected government position from president to the lowest elected official? Once your term is finished you’re out of politics for life. No more professional politicians. Same deal for judges, especially the Supremes. And there should be a season for hunting lobbyists, just like any other vermin.

    Or should it be the establishment of a Constitutional police force for the sole purpose of investigating and apprehending violators of the supreme law of the land. Violators would be tried in a FISA like court with no exceptions, no appeals and no lawyers other than constitutional specialists.

  21. recoveringidiot says:

    Dump the federal reserve and get banksters out of .gov. Maybe that’s two but they go together so well.

  22. Most important change. Bring GOD back into the pubic arena by getting conservative judges back on the Supreme Court. This is not an Islamic country. It is a land founded on the covenants of GOD. We have the right not to be politically correct and speak of him and pray to him in public or in groups in private homes. Sorry for the soapbox but I resent being told where and when I can talk to my GOD.

    • Excellent!
      Add to that speak English. When my grandfather immigrated
      to this country he had to prove he could speak English, he could still speak Italian and German in private but to conduct business he had to speak English. If I go to any other country in the world I have to speak their language. So bring back our
      language and God our country was founded on both.

      • BeBe, my ancestors on my dad’s side were all from Germany and one from Ireland. They all did commerce in this country as skilled craftsmen. They did speak English as soon as they arrived here.

  23. Alwaysright Rooikat says:

    Follow the law!
    They should all have to follow the law! I’d put a new rule in place; if you violate the Constitution, or willingly break laws as a elected politician, you are required to publicly commit suicide, assisted or otherwise.
    Since no politician ever breaks the law, or violates their oath of office, or bypasses the Constitution, there should be absolutely no problem with everyone agreeing with my rule.

  24. 1. Campaign Finance Reform
    2. Term Limits
    3. Congress and the President shall be paid no more than a first year officer in the Air Force.
    4. Congress shall create no law from which they are exempt–e.g., the Affordable Healthcare Act and Social Security.

  25. Now, what would bringing GOD back into the public arena? A church on town has a message board that says, “It may be legal, but that does not make it right. Our children need a moral path to follow. Just because it feels good does not make it right. Our children of all ages are floating in a space with rules or beliefs to hang on to. I am 74 so anyone younger than me is a kid! Our government at all levels needs to return to the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights as written by the founding fathers and based on the Judeo-Christian vision of GOD and given to us as GOD-given rights is the Law of the land.

  26. mastertrooper says:

    I would bind the federal government to the original powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

  27. Turn off the A/C to all buildings used by the Federal government. We had limited government until the buildings were A/Ced in 1947.

  28. jacksonmom says:

    Poli means many and tics are blood sucking insects…. therefore we should send the Orkin man to D.C.

    In reality, we need to completely eliminate the federal government and all the laws that go (and came) with it giving power back to the states with the agreement that each law passed must not contain pork and must have a maximum time limit until it must be renewed.

    This will force each state to play well with one another without infringing on the rights of the people. Don’t like the laws in your state? Go to a different one! Oh we’re being attacked by another country? Gee, I guess we should have been nice to our neighboring state when they had a food crisis…. now they won’t send back up militia to help us.

  29. I know, the question said one thing, but one would not change enough at this juncture.
    1. Repeal the 17th Amendment.(Lots of folks here are right on about this one)-This one thing would give the states back their representation in Congress.
    2. Repeal the 14th Amendment. Actually, it never really passed because NJ rescinded its support, and the only way southern states were allowed back in the Union was to pass it. So, a war was fought to keep the South in the Union, but then the southern states were kicked out of the Union, and they were only allowed back in under certain conditions, one of them being the passage of the 14 Amendment. Since the 13th Amendment had passed and outlawed slavery, then there must have been more to the war than just slavery.
    3. No voting by anyone who takes benefits from the government that aren’t earned. No one should be able to vote themselves benefits from the public treasury. Every democracy fails when this is allowed to happen, and we see it happening right now in real time before our very eyes.

    These 3 things would help bring back constitutional governance to the United States. There are hundreds of judges who would need to be removed for illegal lawmaking, laws requiring judges to be lawyers would need to be changed, and dozens of federal agencies eliminated. Federal lands other than National Parks need to be turned back to the states for their benefit.

    With states back in control, there would be much less power in DC, and much less of an ability to be the policeman of the world. That one thing would end a lot of our headaches.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      W. Regarding bringing government back to the states, away from DC. I have always felt that IF this is the United States, heavy on the United part, that our states should be united on basic rules, rights, laws etc. for all citizens. I know this is not popular, but some rules/laws should be universal in this country! One should not have to shop states, so to speak, for the best laws or fairness, for a particular issue or laws to be biased depending on where you live. It is ridiculous. For instance gun rights/laws differ per state, divorce, income tax, sales tax, too many to list. If you are traveling across this land, as you know, and you want to carry, you gotta have a list of what states not to enter or be arrested! Also, lawyers, courts, medical doctors, many others must be licensed per state, police laws/courts vary, highway rules….. Federal or state laws should be more lined up. This IS the United States! The feds and all the agencies are a cost more than a help. Federal alphabet agencies do not make me feel safe. Too much land in their control is bad. I am at a loss for words on how corrupt, stupid and rotten our United States have become. Corporate Money is buying or selling us out.

      • The Constitution enumerates certain rights in the first 10 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights that are universal. Other universal rights such as women getting the vote were added later as the country progressed. Yet we see state after state, and the federal gov’t itself, push the limit in an attempt to de-legitimize these rights. For example, we have a 4th Amendment right to be secure in our homes and papers, to have a warrant issued by a court of law specifying the objective of a search. That has now turned into something of a farce, with no-knock police raids, etc., turning this right on its head. Corrupt judges have upheld these types of raids. I used this one issue as an example, one can think of many more that are an erosion of basic rights.

        So far as states are concerned, the Constitution itself guarantees a Republican form of government, with representatives elected by the people. Each state has always had some leeway on laws so long as it stays within the parameters of representative gov’t and obeyed the precepts of the US Constitution, which is given supremacy over all state laws. Kansas is not New York, nor is Delaware very much related to Texas. The people themselves are entirely different, and they can’t be governed exactly the same way. To me that’s the beauty of our Union.

        As for the corruption and cronyism of the super-rich, banksters, corporate raiders, hedge fund mis-managers, etc., it’s much easier for them to succeed and take over the process when there aren’t very many people who they have to control. A concentration of power in a national gov’t has always been their dream. It has now reached fruition, and they have more control and influence than ever before.

  30. Family Prepper says:

    We only get one…! Wow this is not going to be easy. Term limits, removing earmarks, eliminating lobbyists would all greatly improve our government. I think that you have to hit the pocket book to make any difference. A balance budget, not increasing and eventually paying off the national debt and not spend more than we make is the key. Crazy concept know… This would mean making cuts across the board which would have a trickle down affect that would in time take care of the above mentioned issues. Cut salaries of government officials so we start getting people in office who really want to make a difference and not just fatten their wallets. They will really want to be there or only for a short time because it wouldn’t be worth the money to make a career out of it. Living within our means would mean no extra money for earmarks or the lobbyists’ agendas. My guess is that we wouldn’t be able to pay for 51% of Americans to live on Uncle Sam’s dollar any more so they might just have to get off their asses and get a job. I am not say thing that there are not people out there that legitimately need help, but there are a lot that just want to suckle at America’s teat. Not sure about you all, but if I decide to go buy a new toy and in turn can’t pay my bills, the bank doesn’t just put money in my account and tell me not to worry about the debt. They don’t just let me run up a tab at the bar with no intention to paying it back… Why should our government get away with it!

  31. Their spending. Need I say more?

  32. This is what I would change. Limit all politicians to a set amount for running for office. End the days where millions are spent to get an office that technically pay thousands. It is a great lie we tell our children that they can be, for example President of our great country. If everyone that wanted to run for office of some kind hand the same amount of money to spend on their campaign then it would take skill and competence that would get you elected. It should NOT be because you had more money.

    • That would level the playing field and make it possible for anyone to run for any office they wanted. Or at least have a chance.

  33. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to politics. But I would end 100% of the perks. If you want to represent the people, you will live like the people.
    Your children will attend the same schools, you will have a similar income, etc No perks, no pensions, not even a lunch paid for by lobbyist.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Very well said! Live like the people, same laws, taxes, average income, small pension. In my jobs, I never got perks, never got to vote myself a raise, go to the most expensive schools, have the designer clothes, no expensive lunches….and I will never have a pension! They have elected themselves, with the help of lobbyists, pacs, corporate donations, a special place, above us, at their whims, bribes, favors….it is no longer ‘by’ the regular people. Again it is all about the $$$$

  34. Heads Up: Ebola

    I am hearing a lot of chatter on the reliability of the Ebola test currently in use. The talk is that since we are not dealing with the Zaire Strain, the tests are not accurate and appear to be giving a lot of false negatives. The new strain has been sequenced and is only 97 percent identical to the Zaire Strain. The new strain is less deadly but more contagious. And I’ll go with the statement from Canada’s version of the CDC–it is very likely airborne. The U.S. CDC is still denying it is airborne in their public addresses but caution medical personnel and airline crews to take precautions against droplet and aerosol transmission.

    • Thanks for update

    • worrisome says:

      Thanks as usual for all you do for us Bam Bam.

    • Bam Bam and the Wolfpack:

      One needs to read the full article I’ve linked to see how much worse the ebola outbreak is than what we are commonly seeing in the news. Much of the bad news is buried deep in the article, but the most chilling to me is that doctors, nurses, etc., have abandoned hospitals, and that people are dying of other treatable conditions for lack of care, such as in childbirth, for instance. The large numbers of health care workers catching this new strain of ebola is frightening. I sincerely believe that the US health care system will collapse as well if ebola breaks out in significant numbers. Here’s the link:

      • This article is accurate. And it could state the conditions even more forcefully. There will be even more deaths due to preventable causes because people who would have sought medical help are afraid to go to hospitals. Nigeria just fired 16,000 doctors because they went on strike. Aid organizations are pulling volunteers from the affected countries. Doctors and nurses are dying despite the fact that they are wearing goggles, masks, suits and gloves (the stuff the CDC says is sufficient to protect medical personnel from the disease).

    • Black Rose says:

      I just heard on the news they have a suspected ebola case in a Kaiser facility in Sacramento Ca. Way to close to home for me

      • There’s a suspected case in New Mexico as well. It only takes 48 hours (max) to test for Ebola. I don’t know what is taking so long to release her results.

        • Bam Bam, the outbreak in W. Africa is much, much more serious than what we are being told. I’m linking to another article that gives one a small snapshot of the challenges being faced. The arrogance of the US medical hierarchy is quite upsetting, though I have been reading that some hospitals are quietly gearing up for an outbreak.

          • It’s spread by shaking someone’s hand! I did not put two and two together until I went back and reread the CDC report. The U.S. media is purposely misinforming the public. The woman in New Mexico was admitted to the hospital two days ago. That is plenty long to test for Ebola. I came across an article last night that scared me. I’ll search for it and post the link.

            • Given the current state of our national leadership, I have little doubt this nightmare scenario is possible, Bam Bam. Again, it’s the arrogance of those in charge of the medical community that is the most frustrating to me. Resources are already spread thin due to the Obamacare fiasco, and new diseases and parasites have recently entered the country through the southern border. Time for me to get off my behind, and do some more prepping. I wish you would write an article on your specific preps for this thing. I now have a dedicated plastic tote for flu/ebola supplies, and it is filling up fast. Thanks for all your help, BB.

              • Woflman,

                Prepping for Ebola is not really all that different from prepping for pandemic flu. You need the same basic stuff (minus the elderberry). Here’s a link to an article I did a while back.


                To this I would add more bleach. Lots more bleach. And I would add antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections. Basically I’m prepping with the consideration that I won’t be able to go to the hospital. We have a friend who is an old country doctor just up the road. So if we’ve got the supplies he’s got the expertise.

                • Bam Bam, I’ve been reading reports that bleach is not nearly as effective against this strain. Have you heard those same reports? Would vinegar work I wonder? Or peroxide?

                  • I’ve read that you’ve got to use 10 percent bleach solution. I’ll look into it a bit.

                  • Here’s the standard protocol. Many people are questioning whether standard protocol is sufficient given the number of health care personnel who’ve been infected. Personally, I don’t think it’s the protocol, I think folks aren’t taking into account that bleach degrades quickly at high temperatures. I also think medical personnel are so exhausted (14 hour days in 90 degree plus temperatures in suits) that they are getting sloppy. It’s easy to do.


        • Any news about the 7 patients in NYC? It seemed to totally disappear.

          • The media has been compromised. It is abundantly clear that they are not asking the difficult questions. It is also clear that they are not reporting on the CDC guidelines (handshakes, etc.). I think it is no coincidence that the Peace Corps pulled it’s volunteers from affected countries two weeks ago and we are now starting to hear about suspected cases. It takes 48 hours max to do an BOWL-A test. Yet the mainstream media reports we won’t hear back from the CDC about the New Mexico case until the end of the week. If we don’t have news today (48 hours later), we have evidence the media and government are withholding information in order to prevent a run on stores.

            I say folks, get your preps in order now.

    • Encourager says:

      Thanks, Bam Bam, for keeping us up to date.

  35. I would get rid of the fiat money system, that way the government would NEVER grow bit enough to threaten its own citizens.

  36. Chuck Findlay says:

    No executive orders at all, from George Washington on every president has abused them. If you can’t get a law passed by due process it should not be able to be written into law by one person. It’s abuse of power and the present guy is taking it to a whole new level of abuse.

    Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 terror attacks or the next crises it doesn’t make a difference, there should always be a process for writing a law that requires more then one guy with a pen. There is never a good reason to have these evil things available for a president to abuse.

  37. Chuck Findlay says:

    There should be term-limits.

    Every president should get two-terms.

    First term in the White House.

    The second term in the Big House.

    By the end of the first term they are crooks.

  38. You must pay at least $1,000 more in taxes than you receive in benefits to be eligible to vote. In other words you must contribute at least $1,000 per year more to the treasury than you take out.

    This would stop people from voting in politicians that keep spending tax (and borrowed) money buying votes. If you only take money from the government then you have no say in how the government is run.

    I am not anti-poor people but I am against politicians that want to redistribute my hard earned money to people that don’t want to work. If a person is down on their luck right now they may not be able to vote in this year’s election but as soon as they get back on their feet they will be eligible.

    • You would have to count SS as earnings because anyone would have gotten a better return from what was taken out of checks.

  39. riverrider says:

    back to the old days…male landowners vote only. well okay female landowners too. landowners paid the taxes. there was no income tax.

  40. k. fields says:

    1. Change the tax code to be more equitable.
    2. Change campaign financing rules placing a cap on spending that cannot be gotten around through the use of Super Pacs, etc.
    3. Eliminate irrelevant addendum to Congressional legislation. Each bill voted on should be specific to the subject at hand.

    • K. fields:

      Would you define equitable? Usually when I hear that term they are referring to a graduated scale where those that produce more pay a higher percentage.

      My personal idea of equitable is a flat consumption tax. You pay for based upon what you consume, not what you produce.

      • k. fields says:

        JP, I was thinking of an income tax rather than a sales or consumption tax. I feel that sales taxes simply promote black markets once they are high enough to eliminate income tax and at that point they put the greatest burden on those who can least afford it.
        I would like to see a single income tax bracket that everyone above a certain level of income would fall into. All income would be taxed, no matter the source, and there would be no loop holes, tax shelters, deductions or exceptions except the low income cut off. Basically, if you make over a certain amount of money, you pay X percent of it to the government. If you make under that cut-off, you don’t pay anything but you don’t get any sort of rebates either.
        And I would go a step further and eliminate corporate income taxes completely. I feel corporations simply raise the cost of their goods to consumers to cover their income taxes anyway, so there is actually no net gain to the American public and there may actually be an overall loss if tax rates cause corporations to move out of the country.

        • I see your point, it could be a workable solution. Determining that “bottom level” could be difficult and used politically. Not mention adjusted almost arbitrarily. Look at the mess we have now.

          I agree with the corporate tax rate, it does just “get passed on”. I also vigorously oppose estate taxes. Just because you are no longer around does not give the government the right to any portion of it.

          If we were to go to a flat-tax, we should be able to put it on a post card, simple math. I believe we would end up with more “usable” money, because we wouldn’t “loose” so much in our bureaucracy. Penalties for incorrectly reporting your income should be swift and painful, however. Yep, we all make mistakes, but if it is deliberate…..

        • Hi k. fields: I agree with eliminating the corporate tax. It doesn’t raise all that much money, and as the highest corporate tax in the world it both drives companies out and discourages foreigners from investing here. We are in a highly competitive world, and our corporate taxes are handicapping us. A lot.

          If we went to a zero corporate tax policy we would have trillions of dollars coming into the country. Whether it was new investments or repatriation of foreign profits (which are currently sitting overseas to legally avoid those taxes) we would all benefit.

          Tax the dividends people receive, not the profits. Make America the tax haven for the world to invest in, not the tax hell people work to avoid.

        • MorePooperThanPrepper says:

          K. You’ve told all of us a number of times that we are silly when we all jump to the conclusion that you are an old lefty nut. I finally believe you.

          “K. Fields for head of IRS”

  41. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    Flat usage tax………if you drive , you pat tax on your gas……..if you buy anything, you pay a tax…..if you use it, you pay a tax, …..if you don’t use it, no tax………

    strict term limits……one term……..period……….

    no lobbyists…..period………

    use the government for what it is supposed to be used for……..protecting us instead of policing us…….

    stay out of other country’s politics and business…..

    bring our jobs back here………

    get rid of the alphabet soup jobs

  42. Eliminate anchor babies as a means of immigration.

  43. OwlCreekObserver says:

    Return control of most everything but national defense to the states and abolish the existing tax code, replacing it with a flat tax for all individuals, corporations and non-profits. No deductions, no exemptions, no exceptions.

  44. ChristineM says:

    Many good answers.
    Every state be responsible for securing its land or sea border, with assistance from interior states and federal government backup.
    No more anchor babies.

  45. You must show proof of citizenship to be able to vote. No more dead people voting, no more multiple votes, no more illegal immigrants voting. One citizen=one vote.

    • kua:

      I do laugh when they say it is a hardship to show identification to vote. Yet, it’s not a problem to show ID to drive, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, even enter a Federal building.

      Strange thought process, very strange.

  46. ChristineM says:

    Someone mentioned earmarks and I hadn’t checked on that in awhile so I went to (the pig book). Earmarks in 2008 totaled $29B. Earmarks for 2014 is $2.7B. Earmarks were actually prohibited and there were none in 2011 and 2013. I guess the government is getting more creative getting them through the process. It’s still $2.7B too much.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Good reminder! I think earmarks are THE reason, congress votes for apparent stupid things. If there are 20 items in there you approve, but 55 you don’t, or the reverse, how do you vote?? The extra ‘toppings’ should not ever be included in a major vote. And never mix the federal with the whims of their own states wants, so they retain their voters. Creative is a good word, they are all usually lawyers, and have a staff of them to help scam us. Also every vote should be transparent to the people, publicly, so we know with no trouble, what they have voted for. With all the supposed intelligent (hate that word when it pertains to DC people) members of our government, none can make or keep a budget, add or do simple math (subtraction is good, from our taxes)!! But we are supposed to keep our homes running, pay bills and have a budget, and a life….ha

  47. Break up the CONUS into Red States & Blue States or a total

  48. All federal laws/bills must be no longer then two pages double spaced and cover a single item/issue. All regulations written by bureacrats must conform and be voted on and passed by both houses and signed by the president. All laws must be reviewed by an independent legal commission for constitutionality and if found to be unconstitutional they must be ruled on by the Supreme Court. All laws/regulations must sunset every five years and be renewed/passed by both houses and signed by the president. Any law not renewed at the end of it’s five year life is no longer in effect.

  49. Hi sweetpea “All laws/regulations must sunset every five years and be renewed/passed by both houses and signed by the president. Any law not renewed at the end of it’s five year life is no longer in effect.”

    I think that is a wonderful idea, and a lot more likely to get enacted than a repeal of the 17th Amendment, much as I would like to see that. That sunset clause saved us from the assault weapons ban.

    • Penrod:

      Another concept we have discussed here. We still have laws on the books that restrict buggy’s from using Main street at certain times and days.

  50. I would make an amendment that voids all regulations after 1 year and restrict agencies to only 10 new regulations per month.
    Then fire all the regulation makers.
    I know: “It’s for your own good that we get to regulate you!”

    • Wally
      how about doing away with most of the agencies, if they don’t exist they won’t need money or armed security. Keep only ones that are truly needed with severe restrictions on their authority.

      • This is a big one. Right on. Those “agencies” write their own regulations from their interpretation of the law! Each batch of regulations take away more freedoms in our best interest. Worked for years with the regulations for special education. After the newest renewal was voted on, we had to wait a year or so to find out how our “paperwork” was going to change. The the State had to develop a form to match the changes made. Then we had to spend a few days doing inservice to learn the new forms so we had every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. The paperwork became so combersome that I had to spend more time on it than work with my students. The Federal Government needs to get out of the education business including CommonCore.

  51. worrisome says:

    With the exception of Cheezy’s playing through here, there are so many good and thoughtful responses I am proud of you! Everyone has been thinking! This is good, may come in handy and bless you!

  52. 1) taxes no more than 10% total yearly, sales, income, death, corporate gets flat taxed benefits all and encourages new start ups
    2) everyone obey constitution and laws or they get tossed out of the country
    3) no perks for politicians or law or lawyers or lobbyist
    4) all laws have to be voted on every 20 years, this will keep congress busy so silly and special interest laws don’t get passed
    5) get back on the gold or palladium or thorium or whatever is worth more
    6) guns and armor similar to Switzerland and Israel

    pretty please

  53. What to change? Get rid of “revenue sharing” programs
    How does it help? 1) Money is the source of great corruption…clean up the temptation and remove some small part of the corruption. 2) Return to representative taxation…as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am not (or should not be) responsible for enhanced welfare programs in California or supporting education in Mississippi. If those citizens which to have those programs they should self fund or give me a vote. Otherwise, we have taxation without representation. 3. By reducing the number of programs “managed” by Washington, we automatically can cut the size of the federal government and make the use of funds more efficient by eliminating those layers of “management”. The states can raise taxes to make up for the shortfall and still reduce the OVERALL tax burden, and can manage programs without federal oversight and “help”. So, benefits include smaller government, probably a smaller tax burden for most of us, and programs that are more responsive to and focused on local issues.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      BQ, Money and votes entices the politicians to start the programs and then gripe about what it costs. The public does not start them. I think most of the funds that could actually get to anyone in need, especially the VA, get lost on all the extra govt. employees, then all the extra committees to find who is cheating. Too many agencies, too much fraud, too much drain on the tax we pay. We never get to vote for what is needed, for the citizens, once ‘they’ get entrenched in office. War/conflicts are a great profit maker. It is dumb to appoint more political committees to oversee their peers, instead of some independent outside group. Who of them is really going to go against another unless they are from the other party? As we are all saying here, the whole place needs a cleansing, thorough makeover, get new but better people, (not fanatics)get rid of the ones too established, to actually represent us, not their agendas, and actually follow the Constitution, and change the Supreme Court.

  54. Simple but oh so radical…follow the constitution! Put the emphasis on freedom and liberty not control and tax money.
    Provide a safety net to give a hand up for those that truly need it, not lazy dirtbags that abuse the system. No back room deals everything on video for the country to see. Bills written in plain language, all bills to be considered for at least a year. Elected officials must follow the same laws and rules that they pass/like everyone else. Elected officials will be paid an average salary with the average benefits as the people of the US. Decentralize the government make the elected ones live among and hear face to face what the people that elected them think and how they are living.
    not just words but a way of life!

  55. Heads Up: Ebola can be spread by shaking an infected person’s hand.

    From the CDC:

    1 Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., healthcare personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations); or b) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations). At this time, brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute casual contact.

    • This information was in a footnote to a CDC Report.

      • Black Rose says:

        So if the person standing in line bihind me sneezes, I must admit I will be thinking “Eeks! ebola?”

        I don’t like this one bit. 🙁

    • Bam Bam, I’m still puzzled by all the health care workers who are coming down with the disease when they are following the protocol of the CDC, WHO, etc. when they are treating patients. Did the Zaire strain spread to health care workers in the percentages this strain appears to be spreading?

      • Let me enlighten you. If an unfireable affirmative action worker takes a blood pressure machine from an isolation room and checks the blood pressure on everyone on the floor with it, you could get in more trouble for correcting the affirmative action then they would be for spreading disease.

        • That, and labor unions, is the problem we have in the VA in a nutshell. Workers who refuse, or half-way do their jobs, can’t be replaced. Not so critical when it comes to the mail, but is costing thousands of lives in gov’t-run health care.

  56. Patriot Farmer says:

    That the income tax rate for any and all levels of government shall be no more than 2% of ones income.

  57. This article reports a death in London due to Ebola and says similar cases have been found in the U.S., Germany and other European countries. I will keep searching for more information.

  58. cheesy:

    I couldn’t go any farther on that thread so, “A wise man has many counselors”. I count my wife as one of mine. She knows me best.

  59. Hunker-Down says:

    This is just like potato chips: you cant stop with just one.

    Abolish the federal reserve.
    Term Limits.
    Tort reform.
    Congress shall pass no law from which they are exempt.”
    English only.
    VA fair and proper treatment of vets.
    Food stamps require civil service work. Field work for the able, office work for the disabled.
    Border enforcement.
    Impeach Eric Holder and his boss.
    Insurance reform.
    Elected judges with term limits; no appointed judges.
    Flat tax.
    Immigration reform, devoid of political influence.
    Prosecute companies hiring illegals.
    Prosecute federal/state workers who will not execute the laws their agencies are in existence to enforce.
    Disarm all government agencies not tasked with enforcing the law.
    Eliminate teacher tenure.

  60. Liability,
    I would introduce criminal AND civil liability to all government employees, elected, appointed, contracted or hired.
    Nothing evens the playing field so much as when all parties have at least some “skin in the game”.
    P.S. I would reserve a special place in liability/penalty hell or administrators, turnabout being fair play and all that….

    • BOB, Agree! If they had liability, a few decisions/votes might be more thought out. I also think this pertains to police, and the ‘rich’, and Wall Street. As we know, if they are rich, or a cop, they seem to pay a fine or go to rehab or it just quietly vanish awhile. If you are anyone else, you go to prison or loose everything to pay lawyers, loose jobs, your house and family sometimes. Prison eliminates many voters, and is now for profit industry as we know.

  61. Curley Bull says:

    What can I say? The first time in a week that I’ve felt like even sitting in front of the computer and the first thing I look at is another “Pissing Match” on my favorite site. You know one of the things most of us served for was the right to express one’s thoughts, but once you’ve done that, pass the mike to the next fella. I was really disappointed with some of my “Fellow Pricks” at not just letting it drop and die out. The more you feed it, the longer it lives.

    Canyonman, Odds are that I’m not on the “Right-hand” list, but please tell me I’m not on the “Left-hand” list. That would mean no snugge.

    As for the original question, I’d vote for Bob Barker and what he stated about 20 to 25 years ago. “Fire the entire damn congress and start over. Do not let any lawyers or professional politicians even run for office.”

    Oh, and Fellas, I’d like to share my letter head with you;

    We stood tall together under the Red, White and Blue,
    Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard too.
    We answered when our Country gave the call,
    We all gave some, while some gave all!

    Now do you remember? We have to love them all, but we don’t have to associate with them.

    With a brother’s love,

  62. Term limits for Congress.

  63. Reduce the size of the US govt, until the govt tax revenues produce a surplus that can begin repaying the mountain of debt, which will restore worldwide confidence in the US dollar. If this means reducing the sacred cows of Soc Sec & medicare, etc, do it despite how much it’ll make ppl hate those (you) who are responsible. It’s in the best long-term interest of the nation.

  64. Curley Bull says:

    Hey Fellas, I’d like to share a couple of quotes with you.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

    — H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

    “The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” ― Adolf Hitler

    Well, what does that do for your blood pressure along with thinking about the current situation? Just some food for thought.

  65. If I would change one thing, it doesn’t do much to help our country since it is multiple changes to make any effect, but it basicly starts with the kind of voters who put these idiots in office.

    I would change these people if I could, but no amount of truth, resourses, education, moral values offered them would work since this is a basic free society and they chose not to be so free and let lawlessness and immoral conduct rule. God gave man a choice to chose the paths they take.Unfortunately, people suffer the consequences.

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