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conflicted deck2 cover 219x300 Conflicted TuesdayWe have worked out an exclusive deal with the publishers of the survival card game “Conflicted” where we will be posting one question per week from the deck for open discussion here on You can buy your own Conflicted Deck here and play it with your friends and family… Okay here we go…

You work in a large hospital, and the world has been thrown into utter chaos. Unable to receive supplies in the foreseeable future, the hospitals current stock will only last for days. Would you steal the remaining supplies for personal use and be prepared, or leave the supplies to be depleted by the public? Why?

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. No, I would not steal the supplies. Reasons why:
    1. Stealing is wrong.
    2. The supplies belong to the public in need of them.
    3. It is my job to have adequate supplies in my home preps. If I did not prepare, then that is my problem.
    4. Even in a disaster the rule of thumb is not reduced to the lowest level of morality. Otherwise, society as we know it, will perish. I do not need to add to the breakdown or harm someone else that needs the supplies more than I do.

    • Docj has the correct answer.

    • Black Rose says:

      Docj is right. Can’t say I would not be tempted.

    • axelsteve says:

      Actually the supplies belong to the hospital not the public.

      • Yep. And as a member of the hospital staff you could certainly recommend locking away the supplies and triaging the usage of it for the general public. You could also reach out to the local greenhouses, herbalists, gardeners, quilters, hobby supply stores, etc, for help getting alternate supplies locally.
        Some things will only exist for as long the outside supplies come in. Some things will have a finite shelf life. Lack of these things will kill some people. Just like the lack of them killed people before these things were invented.
        As long as the hospital is running in any capacity there is no cause to loot or salvage it. If it is NOT running Salvage of supplies that would otherwise be lost or destroyed could be argued for, But hospitals are a COMMUNITY wide investment where I live, and community members should share all the supplies and services of the hospital.
        (IE lock the supplies up so they aren’t wasted, but have some minimal amounts available for any reasonable usage.)

        • Curley Bull says:

          I seem to remember an article or comment a couple of years ago (I think by Chris) describing what would happen in such an event. Basically, the staff that is on duty at the time of the SHTF will be stuck there because the relief staff will most probably stay home to care for their families. How long before the staff on duty gives up and tries to go home to be with their families?

          I’m sure this article is in the archives somewhere on this blog.

    • The prepper that works in a hospital that is lacking medical prep supplies sounds as believable as the overloaded airplane that took off card. I have actually picked up some old metal and glass medical supplies that were going to be thrown in dumpsters because they looked old fashioned, they threw out old outdated medical books as well but they already where in the dumpster.
      Looting while you work there is wrong, and if a WROL situation you wouldn’t want to compete with the drug seekers looking for pain meds.

    • Plus 100 on Docj answer.

    • I would steal them because the public would probably waste the supplies. If you don’t know what you are doing you can waste antibiotics by using them wrong. If I worked at a hospital and I was a doctor I would know how to use the supplies better than most people. Those that were not prepared most likely don’t have the knowledge to use most supplies in a hospital. The best most people can do is put some ointment and a band aide on it. If I was a Doctor before a disaster I would still be a Doctor after a disaster. I would use the supplies to help those I could.

  2. Thomas The Tinker says:

    ….. DocJ has the correct answer. My DD’s go to location is the Largest Hospital in Lee County Florida. She is taking her Hubby and the Dogs. The Hospital has made plans for staff and families. She is a wound care specialist and wouldn’t be anywhere else when needed. I’m going to forward this question to her and see what she says about ‘supply and demand’.. staff.. what she sees happening if or when the shelves are bare. I’ve always read that a Hospital is one of the last places to be after a SHTF event. Bugs me on a different plane of thought now.

    • In hospital disaster drills every patient is assessed and treated in under a min. I have seen them do just barley more than saying what you would do. Supplies majikly never need replacing, and you can use pretend staff that would have been called in on a disaster plan. The worse part is when they put off real patients care because fake patiens have worse fake injuries for triage.

  3. No, the supplies should be rationed to make them last as long as possible. They should be used to treat the ill. DocJ is right.

  4. I guess morality and what is right wins out here. Ditto to DocJ.

  5. Being an EMT, and working around the hospital, I guess I may have a different opinion. Yea, I keep a large number of preps both medical, and defensive. But if SHTF, I can promise you one of the first groups to go will be your emergency services. They’ll collapse. Don’t believe me? Then why does the National Guard always show up on scenes of disaster. They aren’t there to guard the banks….

    Honestly, I’m not a thief. But if it was my family or yours… Sorry bud. I love my family a lot more than I love yours. It’s reality and anyone who thins otherwise will be mistaken.

    Would I leave it for the public? Yea, a vast majority of it. But if I had a family member needing an IV fluid or antibiotic, and things were getting nuts, you better bet I’ll be coming home with a few things. Most of your nurses doctors and anyone else in the hospital would too. Not because they are being bad, but it’s human nature to put your’s before their’s so to speak.

    • I was composing my comment and didn’t see yours, but this is exactly what would happen. I appreciate your honesty, and as preppers we should all plan accordingly. And most likely hospital staff will be given medical supplies before others anyway, as they are now with vaccines, etc. That’s only common sense as without them the system is gone anyway.

    • I tend to agree w/ Ralph. The sick & injured are not the only people who’ll be going to the hospital. Drug & prescription addicts know that powerful meds are stored there, & they will show up with lethal weapons to take & steal whatever they can. Would it not be more ethical to take some of the supplies to share w/ ur honest, hard-working friends & neighbors?

  6. MorePooperThanPrepper says:

    In these hypotheticals I am not always with the taking is *always* stealing and wrong crowd. If after nuke or massive die off, leaving needed resources to sit seems to be a poor strategy and a Pharasee (sp?) Morality. Squatters rights in our legal system, gleaning in biblical traditionn are both examples where even the system recognizes it is better for the needy to make use of sitting resources. Even hunting and gathering is taking what is not strictly yours, but we find systems where it is ok.

    This is not one of those cases. Those supplies are in desperate need. andyohave no rightful claim. Hands off.

  7. Pretty easy answer this week. No, I wouldn’t steal the supplies. But, if they are not secured or guarded in some way, someone will. I’m sure supplies are being stolen from hospitals all over the country by some of their employees as we speak, whether that be drugs or more likely all kinds of medical supplies.

    Working in a hospital in a large metropolitan area after a SHTF event would be challenging to say the least, and many support employees wouldn’t show up for work, couldn’t show up for work. We see that very thing happening in real time as doctors, nurses, and support personnel are abandoning clinics and hospitals in the ebola breakout zones of W. Africa, and now the Congo(formerly Zaire). The probable breakdown of the medical infrastructure in a SHTF event is truly concerning. And difficult to prep for given the expertise, facilities, equipment, etc., one would need to be adequately prepared.

    • Thanks for the reply to my comment and I totally agree with yours.

    • Forget Africa they are can’t staff clinics in dangerous Baltimore.

    • Wolfman, think of the VA scandal and how some staff were stealing drugs and selling them on the VA grounds. The worst part of that was the guy who normally does the investigating was told not to go any further than writing a preliminary report. That is only one example. If that happens at the VA and blatantly out in the open, what happens at other hospitals?

      • Yep, idiots are stealing supplies now, and the gov’t agency in charge looks the other way while the people they are supposed to help die. It almost surpasses belief, but then so does half the mess that’s going on now. The people who put their lives on the line, gave all they had, are abused; while the criminal element such as border jumpers are rewarded with huge sums of money. I’m about to puke, so I better quit now.

  8. Nebraska Woman says:

    Depends on what you mean by supplies. Drug addicts and dealers would rush to steal any narcotics they could get their hands on, and it wouldn’t be pretty.
    All in all, Doc J is right.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Neb. Women, Your comment- stealing seems more likely to happen. I would rather some of the staff, or responsible persons, ‘safeguard’ or remove the crucial supplies, instead of leaving them to be stolen by addicts or drug dealers. So, as needed, some people can be saved or treated. I doubt there is much protection at the hospitals and they will be raided first thing. At some point, even a band aide will be very important. I suspect, one’s behavior or morals about stealing, to save a family member can not be predicted. Our nation has not been in these dire straits, like those we watch on TV, saving your loved one’s life becomes the only motive.

  9. I sure do want to believe that i would behave like Docj will,but,,,,,, In a situation where my family may suffer if I don’t do something that doesnt directly harm others, I just might give in to that innate desire to take care of ones own.

  10. No I would not steal stuff from the hospital. I don’t have to because I have my own stuff. I believe stealing is wrong. That said my grand baby gets sick and needs medicine and the ONLY way to get it is to steal, then I will become a thief. It is my job as the elder in the family to plan so that it never comes to that.

  11. OldSoldat says:

    This is likely the real correct answer. Total chaos I’ve not experienced so I’m thinking in a chaotic survival mode where it’s each person for his- or herself I can’t objectively tell you what I would do. I would like to think that I would not take it and believe so but I’m saying this sitting here having coffee listening to classical music (Canon in D currently) in the comfort of my home as opposed to being in total collapse. 🙂

  12. I totally agree with DocJ. His answer is as good as anything I would put together. My only issue would be how long I would stay at work.

    I have heard of something that working in a hospital and being a prepper might be of an advantage. Periodically, supplies are “thrown out” because they have reached a date put on the package by the manufacturer. Some of these items it does not make sense to date. Gauze? 4×4 Pads? Roll bandages?

    I understand about medications, maybe even IV fluids, but how does a bag of sealed saline solution “go bad”. I would try to work something out with the supply people and take these off their hands before they were trash. Maybe volunteer to help sort and rotate their supplies on my off duty time?

    There has got to be an answer to this that works out for all involved.

    • I have saved old medical books, glass and metal equipment from the dumpster, during attempts to look more modern.

    • JP, Thank you for the comment. For anyone wanting to know, docj is a name by late DH gave me when I finished my doctorate in special education. I was given the gift of being a teacher and with a little help upstairs I will be a teacher until my time is up. The older I get (do not use the word old) the more I see the reason to believe in traditional values and morality. It is what makes for a cohesive society.

      I am glad I do not need to work anymore. I plan to stay put when things go south. Now for my family members, we have discussed getting out of town without going through town immediately before the shock hits. If I did work in the hospital in any aspect other than doctor or nurse, I would be out of there and out of town ASAP.

  13. mom of three says:

    Just look at what happened in Ferguson, if you would have polled people a week before you may have received answers saying no to looting/ stealing but we all saw the craziness. Common sense, tells me nothing will be off limits in bad times.

  14. Guys….I am a RN with years of experience in the ER and Surgery. Before that I was an EMT/Firefighter and way before that I was in the USMC during Vietnam. What it boils down to is you take care of your own FIRST. In my time in the Corps and as a EMT/RN/Firefighter, I looked out for my buddies, had their back, and they did the same for me. After I ensured my family, friends and any others in my “group” were taken care of, then others could have what is left if anything is left. If you all think it will be any other way if the SHIF for real….. you will be in for a very rude surprise! Just like you can’t shoot everybody, (be a rat, hide and fight only if forced), you can’t take care of everybody. If you don’t provide for you and yours, nobody else will.

    • mountaingypsy says:

      Gary, Well said, just what I think, but you communicated it better for us. I suppose humanity has survived thus far, by family and then friends protecting/saving each other, in any way possible. I doubt anyone would really just sit back and not steal, lie or kill, to protect or save a loved one, that is just being a decent human. Doing those things, just because, are the criminals.

  15. So YES, I will beg, borrow, steal, kill… a last resort…. to take care of my family and friends. If the readers and members of this group feel different, then you are fooling yourself on what it will mean to survive in a truly real SHTF situation.

  16. Canyonman says:

    Fortunately neither my wife nor I take any prescription meds. When SHTF, a hospital is possibly the last place on earth I would go voluntarily. I would venture to guess that the odds of getting shot or stabbed would be much higher inside the walls of a hospital, than outside.

    When SHTF, I’d put ‘Hospital’ on the same list as liquor stores and shoe stores, with a bunch of unbridled diseases thrown in. With the world in chaos, containment is probably not possible.

  17. Read the scenario again. It simply says supplies. And some jump right into taking it without thinking about it. Would you steal insulin if you are not diabetic? Drugs to induce labor? Anti-clotting meds? Would you steal it even if you don’t know what it is? Makes no sense to me. I could not just raid a place because of what I saw on TV of how people were acting in Ferguson. That was media blown anyway. Those were thieves and opportunists, not the majority of the public. The peaceful public is not news worthy. It was not a war. To tell you the truth, if it were a true SHTF situation I doubt anyone out of sight of the hospital would even think about it in the first few days. Based on my experiences and perception of today I can honestly say I would not steal from the hospital. Someone would have to tell me what I was stealing anyway. Some may, but I predict most would not.

  18. cmon ppl you know if you neede em youd steal em, just like if i neede em for an underlying medical issue that required meds , i wouldnt think twice is a SURVIVAL situation .duh,but maybe youd survive on morals in the end ,at least youd feel moral while dying of infection or what have you !

  19. Family Prepper says:

    This question really hits home in that my wife does work in a hospital. I have told her several times that as soon as things look like they are going to get bad you get the hell out of there! It is better to leave 4 hours early than one second late… She doesn’t work in the ER or have a critical role with emergency patients so she has no reason to stick around. As of right now we do not have any need for medical supplies nor would I want her to take the time to find something we don’t need. Just get out and get home as quickly and safely as possible. We try and keep a good stock of medical supplies on hand and have a connection if we ever needed emergency medications. Although if in the future we do have some kind of medical issue with our family that would require medical supplies from the hospital I would say take only what we need. Some may say it is wrong but you have to look at this from several perspectives. First, as many people have already said, take care of you and your family first. Second, if I can treat my family member at home then I don’t have to risk the safety of my family having to go to an already clogged and crazy hospital. That and it will be one less patient for the already overwhelmed hospital staff to attempt to treat. It a true SHTF scenario they will only be taking severely injured patients anyway. I look forward to reading others options. Happy prepping and remember to always “Be Prepared.”

  20. Hmmm – I can look at this from many different angles… Been just the regular person, the first aid person at an accident scene, worked in health clinics for a year in West Africa, EMT in a North American city, regular nurse in an emergency department, nurse in fly-in arctic community and nurse at home for severely special needs child that required tube feeds, oxygen and daily injections for more than nine years.

    If I were cleaning staff at a hospital, things like IV’s, suture kits and the like would likely be too “technical” for me to be of much use. Most of the bandages and wound cleaning supplies and equipment could be duplicated at home using household supplies. Other than using the specialty stuff for bartering, I think it might be quite unnecessary to steal.

    But…If I were someone with the knowledge and ability to actually use the supplies effectively, then I may think differently. It has been over 20 years since I started an IV but if my child were at home dying of dehydration from Ebola – I would think nothing of snagging what I would need to keep him/her alive. But being the prepper that I am, I would hope that I am prepared with all the supplies I need prior to even a hint of trouble brewing.

    Thinking along these lines, veterinary clinics would be a better place to find supplies without getting stuck in among hordes of sick/crazed people. Years ago, after bringing my adopted daughter home from Haiti, four of my other children were infected with blastocystosis hominis. Five kids under 6 years old with diarrhea for a full six months was pretty “intense”. The medical system wasn’t at all helpful so I obtained Flagyl from a vet office and fixed the problem myself. I’ve since discovered and stocked fish antibiotics. If I were worried about a collapse that might involve the need to have extensive medical supplies, I might find myself a job at a veterinary hospital – just in case.


    • Family Prepper says:

      Shhhhhh…. You are giving away trade secrets… That being said, make good friends with the local vet. This “connection” will save you and your family’s life! Not only do they have medications on hand they are also set up to perform emergency surgeries if necessary. The only difference between “animal” and “human” medications is dosage.

      • This is no secret, Family Prepper. We all knew and loved the veterinarian Hershel on The Walking Dead, and we saw him use his surgical abilities to save Carl’s life. I’m still mad about Hershel getting killed off, especially after his heroic efforts saving all those folks from the swine flu. And he lost part of his leg to boot.

        • Family Prepper says:

          I forgot about Hershel. I was speaking more out of personal experiences. Growing up in a very rural area I made more trips to the local vet than hospital to get stitched up or to get x-rays. Years ago on Christmas Day my kid had a temp of 105, so after a very generous family friend, who was a MD, check them out and wrote a script I got it filled at the vet. Since there were no pharmacies open on Christmas or anywhere close to us we didn’t have any other options. This is probably very illegal now but when the SHTF and I have a family member in need of medical care I know where I am going…

        • mountaingypsy says:

          WM, I think years ago, small communities or where ever, were thrilled to have anyone medical to fix cuts or broken bones and such. A dentist, vet, nurse, or anyone with some medical knowledge were treasured. People just wanted a chance to survive. Soooo different these days, medical malpractice, rules, insurance companies, big bucks to pay, or die….Pet supplies, antibiotics, or any med stuff will be gold in a breakdown of society. One just needs the correct dose, and some of the antibiotics are penicillin types so deadly to people like me. Part of prepping is to learn a tad about these resources too. The stretchy ‘vet wrap’ would be excellent too, to have on hand.

  21. Doc Holliday says:

    Is the billing system still working? Is inventory control? Is accounting? Are people still showing up to work? Will I need the supplies to provide services at the hospital? What is the catastrophe? Pandemic?

    Under some circumstances, I won’t be showing up at the hospital at all. If it’s overrun by gangs and looters, it’s not worth anyone’s life to join them in looting the hospital. …nor in defending the goods from being looted, if the facility’s not functioning.

    On the other hand, if I had a sick patient; family, friend or otherwise, and I knew where to obtain the materials to treat them, you can bet I’d put a good effort into it. Unfortunately, after the 1st several days, almost everything will be gone anyway.

    How you decide, speaks to who you are. If I didn’t have little kids at home, I might stay to keep the hospital open while I could, in order to do some good; but putting my kids at risk isn’t included in the deal. If I’m the only thing that stands between my kids survival or not, that choice is out of my hands.

    The hospital is part of a community. I am part of the community. If the community ceases to exist as a community, then I am no longer part of it. Decisions change, as situations change.

    You can’t force a community to stay together. You can force people to live in the same place, but there’ll be no community. Look at Iraq. The French and British forced Kurds, Sunnis and Shia’s into one country that didn’t exist before. It took an ironfisted dictator simply to keep it together. It’s not a community, nor ever has been. It should’ve never been a country.

    If you live in a place that isn’t a community, get out now! If you think you can build a life there for you and your kids, you’re kidding yourself.

    When the SHTF, the only thing that will keep such a place together is an ironfisted dictator. And there are always plenty of applicants for the position.

  22. Let’s see here….

    1. I work in a hospital. Check
    2. The whole world is in chaos. Check
    3. Hospital supplies are not able to be replaced. Check
    4. Supplies will only last for days at the rate they are being dispensed. Check.

    The hospital would be full of people injured, sick and dying. When the supplies run out they will be dead anyway. How to get the best use of what supplies there are? Set up strict triage rules to make supplies last until FEMA goons show up with troops and NDAA warrants to take what supplies there are or snatch all the supplies and run for cover to be able to heal another day.

    Seems simple to me.

  23. country vet says:

    No need for us to to steal. Supplies are already on site at our BIL.
    DocJ is correct.
    Hospital supplies belong to the hospital.
    A person that position should already have put up what they need.

  24. Family Prepper says:

    This question really hits home in that my wife does work in a hospital. I have told her several times that as soon as things look like they are going to get bad you get the hell out of there! It is better to leave 4 hours early than one second late… She doesn’t work in the ER or have a critical role with emergency patients so she has no reason to stick around. As of right now we do not have any need for medical supplies nor would I want her to take the time to find something we don’t need. Just get out and get home as quickly and safely as possible. We try and keep a good stock of medical supplies on hand and have a connection if we ever needed emergency medications. Although if in the future we do have some kind of medical issue with our family that would require medical supplies from the hospital I would say take only what we need. Some may say it is wrong but you have to look at this from several perspectives. First, as many people have already said, take care of you and your family first. Second, if I can treat my family member at home then I don’t have to risk the safety of my family having to go to an already clogged and crazy hospital. That and it will be one less patient for the already overwhelmed hospital staff to attempt to treat. In a true SHTF scenario they will only be taking severely injured patients anyway. I look forward to reading others options. Happy prepping and remember to always “Be Prepared.”

  25. Exactly, on all points country vet.

    Nothing in the card leads me to believe these “remaining supplies” are of life or death importance to you, just that they make you better “prepared”. Stealing medical supplies from the sick and injured is about as evil as it gets imo. Some of these cards need followup questions based on how the person answers, like “what would you do if you witnessed someone stealing supplies from a still functioning/operating hospital?”.

  26. If I work in a hospital, I should have already set aside my own supplies (I have and I don’t work in a hospital).

    Unless I had a diabetic child or some other need I could not have legally prepared for myself, I would not consider appropriating supplies of any kind. I would already have them.

  27. If the supplies were of a nature to save the life of me or my immediate family; and, I was capable of administering them in the proper manner, I would make a list of whatever I appropriated and attach it to my Obamacare id card requesting them that they bill my account at their earliest convenience.

  28. I’ve often thought about when does looting turn into scavenging? I’ve asked that question of other preppers and received answers that are all over the place. However most agree that scavenging figures into their long range survival plans.

    If after a TEOTWAWKI event I happened across an abandoned hospital that by some miracle hadn’t been looted, yes I would help myself. I would do the same to a Wal Mart, Home Depot, Auto Zone, etc. The key word is abandoned. Presently I’m not willing to kill anyone for what they may have and I hope I keep that principle following a total collapse. I’m also not willing to do battle for supplies.

    If I came across a hospital that was operating at any level, I would avoid it like the plague.

    I realize that I’m ignoring the scenario as posed but I would never work in a hospital under any circumstances.

    • I’ve thought the same thing, don’t forget any distribution centers, for instance, grocery store chains, including Wallyworld, tractor supply, cabelas, bass pro, convenience store chains, etc. I’m fairly sure no doctors office have real amounts of anything useful, as an invoice from my doctors office had a printout of what they had just ordered from their supplier and it was more coffee supplies and paper towels, which I might add were horrendously overpriced compared to sending someone to Sam’s. The PA and I had to dig around for a bandaid the other day. They don’t buy lab supplies anymore because they contract the lab stuff out to a contractor with their own tech on site. And complaints about his overhead just made me give him the raised eyebrow are you serious look from me. Now to actually see the doc, you have to pay a $1500. a year to see him. Thank you, Obamacare.

    • I read a book where a son asked his father this very question. The father said concerning a rifle if when everything is back to normal and you could find the owner or the family member of the owner would you give it back to them. In the book homes were being burnt down by looters.
      I agree with the father in the story. I wish I could remember the name of the book. Why leave a gun or supplies of some kind behind to be destroyed or used by people that will kill you for your stuff.
      In the book Patriots the author considers looters and scavengers the same thing. I believe how you determine the difference between these two kind of people is their intentions. One will kill you for your stuff. The other only takes from places that are totally abandoned for their family or community.

  29. texanadian says:

    I would not steal them. As a janitor I have enough cleaning supplies at home.

  30. MD
    Your new site is fantastic. They are afraid of you. Its a selfish (self centered) thing. If other sites are interested in the people and not the focus on them and their site, they would have no problem hooking up with you. You are doing a super job MD.

  31. Canyonman says:

    I got it.

    Let someone else steal the medical supplies. Trade beans and bullets for what you need, NQA, without risking your life fighting Ransacking Medical Looters at the hospital.

    • A possible good outcome is that they will likely OD on the purer than they can buy on the street narcotics, and wont be able to hurt anyone after.

  32. This may be a little off subject, I wonder if Hospitals have protocol on getting rid of the radioisotopes WTSHTF. I just had a nuclear stress test with tech-99. The amounts they have in their inventory I have no clue. This may be an issue in a looted hospital. These materials may not be a threat to large populations but if inhaled or ingested could cause local poisoning of a person.

    • There are only a few hospitals in each state that use isotopes that last long enough to worry about and they usually have proper storage for it to cool off. Many hospitals get deliveries daily, because of the relatively short 1/2 lifes. I would like to think Darwin would take care of anyone stupid enough to steal from a well marked nucmed hot lab.

  33. If the world was in “utter chaos”, why would I be going to work to steal supplies? I would be at home protecting my own supplies and hunkering down. A hospital would be one of the first places to be hit by armed druggies and gang members.

  34. patientmomma says:

    In my area, the only thing people would steal would be medicine for a loved one. Most probable would be for children with asthma or diabetics needing insulin. They wouldn’t steal to sell meds or to barter for something. The people doing the stealing will be the gangs, looters, drug addicts – the usual bunch of rift-raft which plagues humanity.

    A couple of my neighbors are medical professionals, and they all carry weapons 24/7. One guy I know has a small 38 special in his scrubs and a knife strapped to his leg. They tell me they see the worst of humanity, especially poor people, in the ER and trauma units.

    If I needed medical supplies, I would obtain them NOW. Most items can be bought cheaply on the internet. There are lots of liquidators, which sell all kinds of things for next to nothing; some even give things away free.

  35. Stealing won’t get you very far and by now most of us have our medical supplies well in hand. On the flip side, where is the hospital located? I ask this as I wouldn’t go near one in DC, NY, LA, large metro areas. I’m giving in and assuming they are all toast when TSHTF. If its a smaller rural community, the hospital actually has a chance to remain open and working. When there is community pride, patriotism and a sense of community identity, you have a greater chance of banding together to help everyone in your community. The hospital staff are more often than not local, the patients are local, someone would have already gotten an emergency plan together (either county or town – depending) to help keep the hospital open and running. They may have confiscated the entire stash from whatever local pharmacy/drug store exists within a reasonable distance.

    On a lighter note, when you go see your local medical practitioner ask about what kind of samples they have on hand. You know, sometimes instead of a prescription you get handed a bunch of little samples and are told to “see how these work”. My thought for this card – rural community hospitals always need volunteers, even if its to sit and talk to someone. If you have the time, they have the need. Actually, all hospitals need volunteers these days. Hmmm……a good way to find out how your local hospital works or doesn’t.

  36. Encourager says:

    And WHY would I have waited until the last minute to get medical supplies?!

    I would never steal supplies. It is different if after TSHTF and months later we go see what we can find and there is no one at the doctor’s office/hospital. But to take supplies when patients may need them? That is just plain immoral. Won’t sink that low.

  37. No one actually knows what they would do, Normally I would not think about stealing, Then again I would not normally think about shooting some one for stealing some food from my home.
    Then again if the SHTF and my child or wife needs those supplies……Who knows
    Then again if truth be told we can only answer that question about what we would like to think we would do NOT what we MAY do.

  38. I have my EMT-B, and was in school to be a Physician’s Assistant until my `07-08 OIF tour, after that it just lost its appeal. But IF I was working at the hospital, I would follow these steps.

    1.) Got to my vehicle and retrieve my ED kit and sidearm.
    2.) out a few items I know I don’t have in my kit, antibiotics and some pain killers, plus in scrips need at BoL..
    3.) Aid in discharging any patients capable and sending them hoe with supplies.
    4.) Gut check here… do we offer Kevorkian methods to the terminally ill and those we can’t save with our supplies…
    5.) Aid/advise/etc those at the hospital in my limited time as to how the world has changed. Maybe hand a few extra from my BoB out. Possibly offer to take a few people with me. Doctors, nurses, etc.
    6.) Go to the cafeteria and have a damn good meal.
    7.) Get out before the late afternoon.

  39. If the hospital is operational at all, and is out of danger then leave the drugs, if however things are going downhill quick, then save what you can. At some point stealing becomes salvaging. Don’t take from those that need it, and don’t be greedy.

  40. late2theParty says:

    I’m guessing the intent is “If you saw boxes marked ‘Medical Equipment’ AND you either don’t or can’t evaluate what’s in it, would you grab it?” I think it would depend on the event. Natural event, outside of CME, it wouldn’t even be on my radar. Epidemic, not on radar. ‘Untreatable Zombie Apocalypse’* – it’d be in my mind in a heartbeat. If and only if those supplies will not help the population at large, would I consider theft. I.E. my next door neighbor might need what’s in the boxes and she is not likely to get any help or supplies handed or used on them by the hospital, THEN I would think about it.

    As long as they are likely to be used to help ‘innocents’ then I would not think about it. If it’s ‘marauders’ vs me and mine; bye marauders. I would certainly be willing to share anything I received with others in need. So, no, I would not steal them.

    * I know ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ like Walking Dead etc are almost impossible, they make an easy extreme to point to.

  41. Crazy Stevo says:

    I work at a hospital, it is a rural hospital. I have looked at the building, how to get stuff, where stuff is, who needs this stuff. Part of my criminal mind at work. Leave the meds, think more long term. People will riot if your caught. Blankets, tools, a surprising thing bio suits, fuel, and stay away from the assisted living side. You will never get away from there if you have a soul.

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