Conflicted Tuesday


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Okay here we go…

The airplane you stole is too heavy and it’s about to crash. You and your six buddies have five minutes to decide who to dump out, fuel and supplies have been dumped already. Two of you need to go in order to make the airplane stable but there are no parachutes. The two who need to leave the plane will suffer an excruciating fall to their deaths. How would you handle this situation and why?

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    This scenario really disturbs me. I flash back to the helicopter evacuation of the Saigon embassy. All those people left behind. The chopper couldn’t hold everyone. If the pilot had tried, no one would have survived. In crisis hard decisions must be made. No matter what we think we might do, there really is no telling until faced with that decision.

  2. Easy. Of the 6, only three and I are like minded. So we throw Obama, Biden and Holder out with extreme pleasure.

  3. patientmomma says:

    I would keep all hands on board, no body jumps or gets shoved. If I’m smart enough to steal a plane, take off and fly it, I’m gonna keep it airborne as long as possible. I would keep flying and look for a place to set that puppy down .

  4. plain is going down, it dose not matter how light it is. it is going to crash no mater what. ride it out.

  5. otterridge says:

    you have already dump the food and fuel and you are going to crash I would go ahead and jump who knows I just may make it

  6. Most likely if u stole a plane u are bad guys.that means that bad dudes will choose the weakest ones and throw them off
    If u stole it for escape,survival then buckle down land the plane.

  7. Beans-N-Bullets says:

    I’m throwing out the first person that starts deciding who is going to be thrown out and from the nit-picking I’ve seen come up from this question I’m jumping next, assuming the spread eagle position and riding that wave into bliss.
    I stole the plane because I wanted out of work, just didn’t want to go in today : )
    Think outside the box or jump out of the box : )
    I crack me up. lol : )

  8. Jersey Drifter says:

    Let’s hope that the idea of crashing makes 2 people so nervous that they crap in their pants and vomit. You convince the rest that the 2 are really, really, sick with some kind of deadly infectious disease, and the rest push the 2 out.

    But really….know one goes….we all ride it out and take our chances.

  9. If you know anything about flying, getting into this situation is absurd. An aircraft that is still too heavy after dumping out everything except the passengers, would have never gotten off the ground, or would have crashed and killed everyone as soon as the craft was high enough to clear ground effect. All of you are already dead, long before this situation occurred.

    • What happens if a small aircraft malfunctions and looses enough power that making it lighter would enable it to continue on to its destination?

      And besides that, you completely missed the point of the scenario. Its asking if you had to sacrifice 2 people in your team so that the rest may live, how would you go about deciding it.

  10. Sorry,but I ain’t jumping out of any perfectly good airplane,even with a parachute!

  11. Patriot Dave says:

    The problem with these ‘lifeboat’ scenarios is they feed on people’s fear of death. We all die eventually. The death rate is 1 per person. The real questions are: Where is your eternal destiny? and Are you afraid to die? Do you have assurance that you will be welcomed into the arms of God the Father because you trusted in the sacrifice of God the Son. If so, then it is a matter of living AND dying honorably. We walk THROUGH the valley of the SHADOW of death. We don’t stay. And, it is only death’s shadow, not the second death. “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” as Paul wrote in Philippians 1:21. I would not throw anyone out. If we “leave no one behind”. We especially don’t push them out.
    Besides, after you throw out the two to their deaths, the plane still runs out of fuel and the rest die as well. Even if you manage to survive the crash landing, you will die of your injuries. Even if you are mobile, you threw out all of your supplies. Can you survive this terrain without your techie toys, your tacticool gear? Most can’t.
    One last note. The two sacrificed will fight like their lives depend upon it. and it will take more than 5 minutes to wrestle them to the door. or your have to shoot them and then throw them.

  12. Rock paper scissors tournament.

  13. I pick the two I find the most useless aside, away from the others, one at a time of course and kill them. If this left up to a vote, I would rather not leave my name to be in the lot. I would rather pick the least valued members and move on.