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Okay here we go…

Out of all the “Conspiracies” in the world today, name 2 conspiracy theories that you believe in, that other people may think are crazy. Briefly explain why you believe them to be true.

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. 9-11,,, I used to find it to be insulting when anyone would even hint at the tragedy of 8-11-01, was anything other than an open and shut case of terrorism. Now 13 years later and with an unimaginable amount of time researching the subject,I find that there are far to many convenient coincidences and even more unanswered questions that have lead me to believe that the high jackets were helped,aided and abbetted by the dark forces that are at play in the world and especially our own government.
    Conspiracy number 2: the dark lord has had all our nuclear powered aircraft carriers dock at the same place at the same time. This. Is the first time since Pearl Harbor that our most valuable military assets are in the same place,since Pearl Harbor. Couple that with the fact that this current abomination of government is and has been doubt all it can to reduce our troop level,discourage career enlist yes by ever reducing pensions and makeing medical benifit a harder and harder for vets (myself included) to access. I think this is a well thought out and planned effort to weaken our ability to defend our country from attack.
    3: I hate cops
    Ilove bacon
    Your states suck
    Have a nice day

    • Bctruck,

      Research is the key to understanding anything – I don’t know exactly what happened on 9-11-01 but I do know that the whole truth has not been told by the federal government (and never will be), I also know that they have used the unfortunate act as an excuse to pass unconstitutional laws and to put the entire U.S. population under a form of what I call “soft-martial law”.

      • Several years ago, I dismissed the 9/11 tragedy as crazy talk. Today, through a series of personal events and an enormous amount of research, I have no doubt that it was a planned attack that was allowed and orchestrated by people on the inside of our own government. Alex Jones did a documentary that is pretty good several years ago. It is on youtube for free. He may hard to listen to but if you want a good summary to start the research. It is a start. This event, by itself, does not make sense. The 9/11/01 event is one of many, many that are just as bad, if not worse events that were used to further the restoration of Babylon (The New World Order).

        9/11/1991 That is the date that George H. Bush announced to the public the New World Order. The dark side loves that date. I have read a couple of perspectives that have pointed to 9/11/-3 (BC) as being the true birth date of Jesus. If it is, that would make sense as for their fascination with that date other than the numbers that they love to use (3’s and 11’s and multiples thereof). Sounds crazy but it is their way of giving God and Jesus the middle finger.

        I have not been paying attention to the nuke carriers at same place and same time. If you have a reference, please share. Based on my research, the dark side is planning, instigating WWIII. Except, this time, America does not win. They keep kicking the Russian, Chinese anthills in Ukraine, Japan, Syria, and North Korea. Congregating the Naval forces is an open invite that says “Insert Missile Here!”.

        WWIII and a simultaneous financial collapse is the mechanism by which they can cause the max amount of strife so that we beg for a new form of government to save us from the chaos. Kinda like 9/11/01 – it marked the date that we started begging for our rights to be taken from us. The New World Order is a trap. It represents the restoration of Babylon to the dark side.

        Btw, Last week, I commented a lot here and the next day I woke up to a running computer. I thought to myself, isn’t technology great! Among other things…

        I don’t know if this counts as a comment or my entry for today.

        • My email has been coming to me already read,starting about two weeks ago.

        • Buckwheat,
          Until and unless they can completely disarm us (and they are desperately trying), once pushed to the line we will not beg for a new government, but take the old one back. Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must from time to time be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. TPTB understand that well, and as the grassroots groups like the tea party (once upon a time called the silent majority) gain more people to their ranks, something is going to happen one way or another. I just hope it is peaceful, and that if we win, we remember that eternal vigilance is the true cost of freedom.

          • Hi OP, yes, I completely agree. It doesn’t mean that they are always successful. They failed their objective at SHook and the Syrian chemical warfare excuse to invade Syria. Even though they fail, they keep at it. We may not beg for a new government, but our fellow countrymen that are not prepared will. It is another reason that they keep blurring the line of a democracy and representative republic. As Ben Franklin once stated, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

            They are very crafty but typically follow the same patterns. They use something called the Hegelian Dialect (or Principle) to get their way. Recently, we have only seen the feminine side of the argument (ie., Its for the kids).

            Here are a couple of things that they really need before they can implement the New World Order:
            1) Gun Control (expect a Tea Party revolt/false flag like SH but bigger)
            2) Immigration reform (millions of new, uneducated “progressive” aka Communist voters to secure “Democracy”)
            3) Trans Pacific Partnership (compete framework integration of world trade, courts and government)
            4) Financial Collapse and Famine (control the food/control the people)
            5) Absolute terror (a loss of the navy plus a couple cities wiped off the map and/or an emp would do that). We cannot project any power without a navy.

            They intend on using the masses of people against us to get their way. With an EMP, we’ll do the job for them.

            I am not comfortable exposing myself here. I hope that it does not come off that I am some type of know it all. I am here to learn about preparing and help everyone here to see the bigger picture (I am really skilled with research). Because, if we know the enemy (Eph 5:11) we can defeat him (and them). I am trying to put a spot light on this so that when this stuff is happening all around us, we know what is happening in the big picture.

            Many of us are here because we have been called to be here. We know there is something that is not right and, yet, we cannot put our finger on it. Even so, we still prepare. The craziest part is, we were told a long time ago about this.

            There are a lot of people that poo poo the conspiracy theories. Conspiracies sound crazy as individual events. But, when you tie many of them together it is overwhelming. Such as the French Revolution, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, JFK, MLK, 9/11, SH, WWIII and many others are well connected. It is the biggest single conspiracy of all time (everything else is a subplot).

            We are fools (myself very much included). I for one, should have seen it earlier. There is almost nothing that they have not touched. I only hope that the current state of vigilance is sufficient to hold this back. Because if the wolves have their way, we know what is on the menu. Sometimes, I feel that I am racing the menu’s printing press as it is really starting to move fast now.

            • Buckwheat,
              I’ve used the sheep and wolfs story many times; but, did not realize it was Ben Franklin. Interesting.
              I will disagree however on Vietnam being part of a larger conspiracy. It was simply French greed and arrogance. When the Japanese took French Indochina from the French in WW II, we (the US) teamed up with guerilla insurgents in the country, operated by a man named Ho Chi Min. He was our guy and worked with us right until the end of the war. We provided him with support and logistics as he was trying to set up a republic similar to the US. The French then decided that they wanted their colony back, and gave us an ultimatum. You help us or the Soviets will. Not wanting France to become part of the communist sphere, we supported them, double crossed Min, who got help from the communists and then came Dien Bien Phu where the French got their proverbial butts kicked, and the rest as they say is history, sad as it may be.

              • Yes all of that I do not disagree with but how we got there and what the objective was is an entirely different story. The Gulf of Tonkin attack was a complete fabrication. It was orchestrated by Johnson and the NWO operatives and executed 9 months after being sworn into office. The reason it took so long was that Kennedy would not play ball with them in Cuba or China – so he had to be eliminated so that they could get their way. Oswald was a pawn. And we were the patsies.

            • Oldalaskan says:

              An EMP around April or early May just before the planting means anything that would have been grown this summer will not be and the next possible harvest would be fall 2016 and that would be limited and localized. How much do you have stored and how large is your garden?

        • Well, that scares the crap outta me! I am referring to all our nuke subs in one place. What are they thinking?! Is it that Hawaii is far enough out in the Pacific to hopefully contain fallout? Wipe Hawaii off the face of the earth? God help us.

          • patientmomma says:

            No Navy CAPT would bring his carrier in with all other carriers unless CNO via the President ordered it. These are very smart and experienced people and they know they are sitting ducks. IF all the carriers or subs or both are in one location and IF this is a true statement, only the president would give such a stupid order.

      • Maybe we hate you too

        • If your a cop, your very doctrine is to hate those you propose to serve, You violate the rights you swear to uphold.You terrorize those you swore to kill innocents. you mame the confiscate property unjustly and without distort the very meaning of protecting and serving, to protecting your own interests and serving your evil masters. By you not hating me,I would question my own character, so i certainly hope you (if you are a cop) hate me.

          • MentalMatt says:

            Oh I forgot you know so much about me, inbreeding at it’s finest…….

          • MentalMatt says:

            Oh yeah when my evil master enter’s the room the music theme that played when Darth Vader arrives is played… and we all say “How shall I do thy bidding my master”, and he says go after some clown called bctruck without cause and terrorize him… and we all carry N.W.O. membership cards… we all belong to a secret society… You and Alex Jones, got us figured out, damn no door to door gun confiscations….. Ah enough, sounds like somebody who got into a little mess and needs to blame everyone else for it… Maybe transporting something in that truck we weren’t supposed to bc????

            • I don’t think you are smart enough to see understand what your comments say about you. I also don’t think you realize that you are unworthy of my time and any more replies.

            • MentalMatt,
              Your job is hard enough without being unfairly attacked here. There are good cops and bad cops, even you have to agree with that.

              From everything you have posted in the past, I do not think that you are a bad cop. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for what you do. Isn’t retirement coming up soon? If so, and you are still planning on moving, I know of a township that needs a police chief, rural area, about 2 hours from the big D.

              M.D., if MentalMatt asks, please give him my email address, okay?

              BC, not EVERY cop is rotten. There are some good ones out there, too.

              • Encoyrager,it’s you that needs to get a grip. Mental Matt attacked me,told me they (cops) hated me too. Then he called me inbred for some reason. I think it’s ok if you wish to believe there are good cops,I respect your right to think that. You on the other hand aren’t giving me the same respect for my own personal opinions. My opinions are based on a lifetime of being in an industry that is one of the primary focuse by law enforcement for fast easy revenue generation. My experiences with cops are real and that is what I base my opinions if cops in,my experiences. If your experiences with cops have lead you to have a differing opinion than mine,I’m perfectly ok with that.

                • MentalMatt says:

                  BC for the record, I have never written a ticket to a truck driver in 24 and a half years, and wouldn’t know where to begin. When I came in it was the war on drug’s, and we lost. I now handle shootings, and armed robberies for the most violent area of Detroit. I once years ago assisted with the bust of a semi truck driver who was hauling hundred’s of pounds of marijuana. Does that mean all of them do? When you lump everyone from one profession into one category of hate, you tend to make yourself look poorly… I’ll apologize for all of my name calling….

                  • MentalMatt,
                    I’ve actually been thinking of you recently, knowing that you were a long time Detroit officer, and seeing the mess the city is in. How is your retirment, especially your pension looking at this point? Hope things work out.

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  I agree with much of what BC is saying about LE- especially Feds, Staties, and large city Police. Integrity: doing the right thing when nobody is looking, when you know you won’t be caught, is becoming more and more scarce in society. Across the board, professionals are crossing the lines of ethics, legality, and morality. When you add a highly potientially dangerous job with hi adrenaline, the danger is equal in both directions.
                  If only 1 in 100 people break the rules or misuse their authority, that gives us pause. And it goes all the way back to childhood and behaving when mom and dad aren’t around, no looking at others papers during a test, or plagiarizing a document.
                  Misconduct is in noway confined to law enforcement, but it is there and in high numbers.

                  • Tactical G-Ma,
                    While I have friends who are LEO’s and I don’t denigrate all LEOs, you do have a valid point. If any agency wants credibility, then they have to clean out the bad apples. We’ve seen too many (and one is too many) rogue officers who get a slap on the hand and perhaps end up working for another agency. This unfortunately tars all officers with that broad brush. Recently the IRS’s Lois Lerner who claimed to have done nothing wrong, claimed the 5th, and then retired with pay demonstrated a great example. Prosecuting her and potentially sending her to prison would have gone a long way to restore at least some faith in government and the IRS itself. Until the agencies stop ignoring their own inspectors general and cleaning out the chaff, there will continue to be growing trust issues.

          • BC,
            Wow. The gun club I belong to has many LEOs from city officers to county sheriff deputies and they are all fine good hearted folks, some of whom I call friends. Sounds like you’ve run into a few on power trips or something, which is too bad. Unfortunately, the problem I see is with some agencies. If you are sent out on a raid against a normal family; but, the intelligence and information you’re given ahead of time tells you that they are armed hardened criminals, then bad things can happen, and quite often the officers get caught in the middle.

    • BC, lining up the all the Atlantic based air craft carriers at Norfolk because of the sequester was absolutely insane. Even tho I live on the West Coast, I am not sure that all the Pacific Coast carriers got the same treatment, do you know for sure on that one? I kept asking and never got an answer.

    • Oldalaskan says:

      In order to get us to willing walk into FEMA camps is through food. An EMP event that happens around April or early May just before the planting of the crops will mean most of the grain grown in the U.S. will not be planted until spring 2015 and harvested in the fall of 2015. BUT this will be limited due to what farm equipment that can be gotten to operate and since most are run these days by computers well?? So just how much food do you have stored for you, your family and livestock?? How large is your garden?? Can you and your neighbors survive without aid for 2 to 4 years. Can you mount an army large enough to protect.what you have???

  2. Nebraska Woman says:

    Only 2? Here goes:
    1. That our earth was populated by outer space aliens
    2. Sandy Hook…I believe something happened there but not exactly what the msm/government told us.

    I debated on the second; global warming is right up there. Sneaky to put in a 3rd, but oh, well. I am over 60.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Misread the question…lost my glasses.
      1. Sandy Hook. Something happened there but not what our office of propaganda known as the main stream media told us.
      2. I honestly believe that TDL is a citizen of a foreign country and therefore not eligible to be president. Too many cover-ups on all of his records including birth certificate, college records, etc. I also think he is gay, which wouldn’t bother me if he had only admitted it. I do not believe, however, that the FL is a wookie.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        “I do not believe, however, that the FL is a wookie.”

        LMAO! Wiping the OJ off my screen. Will you at least “consider” my theory that she is extraterrestrial?

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          Rider, OK. I will consider it, but as she really does resemble a wookie, maybe she is secretly married to Chewbaca which would then make him eligible for citizenship. If we can let everyone else in, why not Chewie?

      • I believe TDL is a wookie.

      • I don’t think he is foreign born -tho I do think that Hawaii should be thrown out of the Union- but that Dear Leader went to multiple colleges on scholarships for foreign students, and got into those schools based on being a foreign student and hence had to meet lower academic standards.

        I think the guy is as crooked as any politician comes, and is dedicated to destroying the power of the major capitalist country in the world.

        And he’s doing a pretty good job of it, with plenty of help over the decades from the Republican and Democratic parties.

        • Penrod,

          Did you know he claims in his own book to have been born in Kenya?

          Also, isn’t it strange that the woman who could authenticate his birth certificate was the ONLY casualty in a plane crash? That my friends, is a ‘disappearance’ worthy of the Clintons!

          He is a US citizen, by virtue of his mother, but I do not believe a natural born citizen.

          • All these “suicides” and untimely plane crashes remind me of that poor Vince foster who was so distraught,heshot himself in the head then dragged himself out in the woods to hide his own body. Ahhhhhh,,,the clintonistas,, now that was Camelot.

          • “Did you know he claims in his own book to have been born in Kenya?”

            Hi Michelle: Are you saying that you believe something our Dear Leader says???? 🙂

            I saw a picture of the sales brochure for the book, which does indeed say he was born in Kenya. My guess is that that was a marketing scam, just like claiming to be foreign so he could get college acceptances with lower grade standards applied, and scholarships restricted to foreigners.

            I don’t think the scandal is that he was born somewhere else -so was John McCain, in the Panama Canal Zone- because even if true he could qualify as ‘natural born’ for purposes of being president, just as McCain did.

            I think the plausible scandal is more likely the false claims back then to being a foreigner. Possibly even subjecting him to criminal fraud prosecution for taking scholarship money by misrepresenting himself.

            That ultimately may be why he refuses to release any transcripts: They may show that he was falsely registered as a foreign student.

            Or, he might be a rogue Wookie.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          I totally agree, hence, all his college records are sealed somehow. As for his destruction of America, all proceeds as according to plan. He is a Soros puppet, an internationalist, an Islamic sympathizer at best, and an Anglophobe.

        • I so agree! I am hearing lately that at least some of the conservativesw are trying to stop the “pen and phone” power.

      • SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all of you calling the FL a wookie!

        That is a terrible insult to Chewbacca and good wookies fighting the evil Galactic Empire everywhere.

        She does however, bear a remarkable resemblance to one of those gremlins who got wet or were fed after midnight….

        • And…BTW, have you all noticed how our own government is remarkably like the Galactic Empire?

          First a democracy, now an evil dictatorship.

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          Michele, the FL does resemble a wookie, and she is better looking than Chewbaca, although he was a good wookie and she’s a…well, I am a lady so I won’t say it.
          A witchy wookie? Substitute a letter, please.

        • I’ll bet that wookies everywhere are offended. It is time post an apology to all of those poor wookies that feel oppressed by the stereotype and stigma now attributed to wookies worldwide. This discrimination based upon what intergalactic species a being may or not be is disheartening. Now gremlins, on the other hand, are fair game…

          • This will be a wonderful topic to laugh and share at Camp FEMA. You know right after we sing Kumbaya but before we roast marshmallows for smores. If we forget, I am sure that our wonderful camp counselors will remind us.

        • mom of three says:

          Oh my gosh that is so funny. I forgot about the gremlin movie. Way to funny.

  3. 1. TDL is not what he says he is. He’s for “open Government” but his has been more closed than any I remember. In his attempt to “fundamentally change the country” is working, but not the way WE would have envisioned it. Our country is weaker, financially and militarily. There is too much evidence that he does not possess the basic requirements to be President.

    2. The media is bought and paid for by those who want to destroy what this country was and build it up to be ruled by an elite class. Just too many things have been said, proven wrong, then dropped. Acts by our government that in the past would have brought outcry from both sides of the government are just accepted. Nixon got forced from office for a single offense to the sensibilities of the American people. Yet the media stands by and lets TDL “rule by decree”.

    • Ironically this goes back to the 1850’s when the first waves of immigrants started over but got serious in the 1880’s the european nations had enough of the rhetoric of the Socialist movements and Commy idealist’s and the ruling classes but a serious clamp down on those ideas well those extremist types found a fresh new world to preach to and all it took was a corrupt political system such as Tammany Hall, and the AFL to give it cash and legitamacy and since then (historically around 1915) the liberties started to deterioate it hit top speed during the dirty thirties, and the Camalot years of the early sixties apathy has been liberties death not war, not weapon’s, not even greed (although political greed is the catalyst) apathy a nation of I don’t give a damn for a hundred years has led us to this path of stupidity. We as a nation have let people buy votes with our money, our god, our soverinty, and our integrity so here we sit on the verge of what I don’t know but htis path is unsustainable. Barry Goldwater was a brilliant man he saw this coming and wrote about in the “Conscience of a Conservative” forty years before it began happening simply because he knew the depth’s man sinks to retain his percieved power.

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    1. The U.S. government is propagating and capitalizing on Americans fear of terrorists, crazy shooters, wmd’s, etc. to enslave the people, stripping us of constitutional rights and makin us depend on the government to provide for us.

    2. That Christian conservatives are hate filled and a danger to Americans. Case in point – that survey of most livable states you recently posted, deducted points from Alabama for being so conservative.

    • TGM, the question was ‘ones you believe in’…You seriously believe your #2??

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        What I meant to say that there is a conspiracy against being a conservative Christian. Many believe If I am not accepting of my muslim or gay neighbors or agree with abortion, then I must hate them. Just because I don’t believe their lifestyles are the way to heaven means I pray for them, not harm them.

        • Encourager says:


        • Tactical G-Ma,
          I guess it depends on what your definition of “accepting” means. Some would assert that “not accepting” means ill intent toward someone. As Ronald Reagan said, my 80% friend, is not my 20% enemy; although the progressives don’t seem to see it that way.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:


          • I have always wondered why are they the progressive’s progressive insinuates progress towards a goal most lib’s tend to spin their wheels very little progress.

            • hvaczach,
              Fir more than 100 years the progressives have been progressing toward a more just and fair society, run by the educated few for the supposed benefit of all. We just need to remember that some animals are more equal than others, and they of course deserve a little extra for having the thoughtfullness and doing the hard work to take care of all of us.

    • patientmomma says:

      Everyone here has good comments, thoughts and humor. Years ago, I never thought of conspiracy theories. Now after living thorough so many problems, political setups, failed wars, economic disasters, murders, lies, cover ups, and nearly a total failure of the American way, I think all of these “theories” have been planned events over a long period of time. The dark lord is Satan, the devil. He is a real entity and he controls the controllers, the Illuminati, the rulers of the nations, the bankers, and the gangs of the dark side.

      Little by little, one inch at a time, the followers have taken baby steps to destroy our society. We have been unaware of these things because we were living the American dream. Now we awaken to the nightmare of what is. Look around you; everywhere is destruction of basic moral values. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact and it is happening.

  5. Not only do I think, I feel like it’s too obvious to igore the dark forces at work in Hollywood, government, and corporations. I believe in Bohemian grove. Why wouldn’t the leaders of this country dip to cali every summer and have mock rituals under a giant owl? Google the cremation of care.
    I am no longer a voter. The parties were designed to divide the public. My crazy in a nutshell. I catch a lot of flack for it.
    Look at Ukraine. Syria. Lybia. Iraq. Iran. 9/11.

  6. 1. Destruction of the US Constitution and enslavement of the population.

    2. Outlawing Christianity.

  7. Rob in Ontario says:

    1.– I think Obama is not an American citizen – way to many hidden records , false records . I believe he is a Muslim not Christian and his whole agenda is to set the western world up for a fall.
    2.– Bengazhi- I think the gov’t had more to do with what was going on there- with “all the inquires” according to the Democrats yet we know nothing about who said what and where people were

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Benghazi would be right up there on my list. The MSM is trying to protect Hillary and her treason, and Obama who was with a “friend” that night.
      Anyone else here tired of Sebelius and her lies?

  8. I do not think that Oswald killed Kennedy.I do not think that he had the skills to do it and one of the worst rifles made in ww2 was used to do it. It does not make sense to me. The southern border being wide open to me shows that the difference between democrats and replicans is about the same difference between feeces and excrietment.

  9. 1) kennedy- killed be rumsfeld and chaney because he was about to pull out of nam,costing them billions. follow the money.
    2) i’m with nw on this one, we were planted here by aliens. i think they will be returning to harvest us soon. we’ll probly find out we came here as refugees from the harvest of mars.

  10. #1, To quote the comic Steve Martin, “I believe that robots are stealing my luggage”.
    #2 This one from Mrs. Ghost, “I believe that Santa is most likely a pedophile, because he is the only adult living with a bunch of crazy little elves”.

  11. the walmart and phizer conspiracy to control our minds with flu shots to induce a recless shopping spree mentality in November and December

    President Obama is secretly a member of the NRA who introduced gun control to stimulate gun sales and NRA membership applications

    seriously most conspiracies can be validated or discredited easily, what is the goal (mysterious, complex or incomprehensible goals don’t count), for the most part its to gain power (political), or make money, or enforce an extremist agenda. and the methods used have to make sense. I got a friend who thinks that jet plane vapor trails are part of a conspiracy to turn snow into plastic for some unknown goal, easily discredited because the guy is 40 and only has an 8th grade education, no understanding of chemistry, and such a conspiracy doesn’t have any plausible benefits to anyone. while a politician and ceo working legislation behind closed doors can have identifiable outcomes, campaign support for the politician through secret accounts and choice contracts to make massive profits for the ceo’s company at the tax payers expense. the 9-11 theories don’t really make much sense, beyond the standard inefficiencies of a bloated government and some creative determined nutcases, the moon landing is a plausable one to boost the nations faith in American power and technological superiority over the soviets (do what they can’t, even if we can’t either). and JFK ordered dozens of assassination attempts on castro and other communists, things the government didn’t want getting out to the public so a lot of things were covered up leading the public to speculate at what they were and why.

    the flu shot one was from a cartoon sitcom and I forgot where the Obama one was from

  12. one, it centers around George Soros, it is basically to diminish the United States(or collapse) and install a one world government, that is all about control. Individuals are diminished, only the common good of the state is important.
    two, Islamic fanatics want to take over the world, in essence their philosophy is convert or die, they pan to control Europe within the next 5 years, and have communities all over the states ready to attack, they will attack the electrical power grid, the water systems and chemical/manufacturing plants to cause large scale environmental disaster, we will be too crippled to respond effectively.

    • rjarena,
      You state in part, “we will be too crippled to respond effectively” and I disagree.
      Locally we will have armed citizens and that could get ugly very fast.
      Globally we have the boomers (nuclear attack submarines) and that could get uglier even faster.

  13. Rider of Rohan says:

    1. SH
    a. Why did the police not respond properly to an active shooter?
    b. Why was no one wounded?
    c. Why weren’t first responders immediately allowed on scene?
    d. Why were no emergency helicopters dispatched to the scene?
    e. Who declared the children dead?
    f. Why were there no wounded?
    g. Why was the building demolished(didn’t happen at Columbine)?
    h. Why was the info on the case deemed protected by National Security?
    i. And why was a school security expert from Florida investigating the case threatened with a felony for seeking answers to some of these questions?

    2. Benghazi
    a. What was the ambassador doing there?
    b. Why was he not given additional security?
    c. What kind of operations were ongoing there?
    d. Who gave the order for the US military to stand down?
    e. Why did Obama, Hillary and Rice all make up a story about some internet film? And why did the media collude with them?
    f. Was the MB responsible for the attack?

    • I often wonder those things about SH & Benghazi.

    • riverrider says:

      did you see the video after sh of the “grieving father” yucking it up when he thought the camera was off? and still no pictures of the weapons used. one of the “parents” won the lottery several days later, another has won three times and he is married to the lotto official in conn… payoffs? i won’t get started on benghazi.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Yes, I did see that video, riverrider, and it was very disturbing. What I do know is that the wounds described at SH were in no way compatible with the caliber they alleged the guy used. I’ve hunted with the .223 all my life, and in every instance I’ve used a FMJ bullet it makes a tiny entry and exit wound. What they described was not done with the caliber they claim IMO, but would be more consistent with a large handgun caliber like the .40 S&W. Why no one intervened in the carnage and let the guy have all the time he wanted is the question that keeps coming to my mind. And why there were no wounded.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      My beliefs on Sandy Hook also.
      On Benghazi, see above. It’s called protection of incompetence.

    • ROR:

      You hit one for me. Sandy Hook…no wounded. There is something that has always bothered my about that shooting. You hit it. Never, to my knowledge, has there been a mass shooting where EVERYONE was killed. Even the SS, when shooting Eastern Europeans and dropping the bodies into open, mass graves managed to kill everybody.

  14. I also believe that Angelina Jolie “wants” me and the Chicago Cubs will go all the way this year! GO CUBBIES!!!!!!

  15. Hunker-Down says:

    Benghazi was run by a male ambassador keenly attracted to other men. Ship him to a country where boys who like boys are killed by the local government. If our secret gun running program gets discovered, lets just pull all his security in a way that the locals know it and command backup resources to stand down.

    TDL is ramping up federal and local agencies to enact martial law.

    • Hunker-Down,

      I didn’t know that the fact that TDL was ramping up federal and local agencies to enact marshall law was a conspiracy theory, I thought it was indisputable FACT.

  16. Patriot Farmer says:

    1. I believe that the Federal government is stock piling ammo, firearms, body bags, and armored vehicle to use against the American populous. Along with several FEMA detention camps to imprison those they deem as threats.

    2. I believe the federal government is developing plans, laws, and regulation to silence any decent against the criminal liberal agenda.

  17. Donna in MN says:

    I don’t believe in any conspiracies, just the facts, ma’m.

    tdl is promoting his agenda of destroying our way of life, installing a socialist oppressive government with dictator powers. The ways it is done doesn’t matter, it justifies the means.

    There are people infiltrating this blog to report to factions of tdl. Warning has been leaked out to any website who disagrees with the creature.

    • I agree with you. Unfortunately.

    • I believe that Donna from MN is secretly from Michigan!

      I believe that the Rider of Rohan has never even been to Rohan!

      I believe that JP from MT is really from Mississippi!

      I believe that BC Truck really drives a Corolla!

      I believe that Bam Bam needs a new shade of makeup, as the one in her picture is very yellow.

      I believe that TDL has secretly placed the whole Wolf Pack on “Double Secret Probation” ! OH NO!

  18. With a tip of the hat to Bam Bam:

    You know you’re a Prepper when your list of conspiracy theories is so long you have trouble figuring out which two to use for your answer to this weeks conflicted question!

  19. The federal reserve and NWO.

  20. I have one from the past, the Feminist movement. “equal pay for women” was used to pay us all less, when I was a kid, it was common place for mom to stay home with the kids, now for the most part she can not afford to.

    • Mother Earth says:

      Rjarena, that is exactly my thought. Women’s lib movement began the breakdown in families. Divided we fall, what better way than to break up families.

      I think everything was set in motion in the 60’s.

      • Undoubtedly. I was born late 50’s. I remember the summer of love…. I told DH in the late 80’s that the college students who were protesting the war were coming into dominance in politics and academia. The hippies and their peace, drugs and rock n roll…. That only works when everybody else is stoned most of the time. I also remember Manson and his cronies…. I remember. I think. And I have no time to worry about conspiracy theories. I got chores, critters, a hubby with an acute gout flare up who overdosed.on colcrys with the endorsement of the pa at the doctors office. If my daddy ever thought he would raise a Republican child, I would have never have been born…. Being a yella dawg Democrat from TEXAS just wasn’t happening… Not with the banking scandals, killer b’s, and the defection of many other dens from here to Oklahoma to avoid voting on a serious issue. We’re coming up on elections for senators and new governorship. Political ads make my stomach hurt. Expect a change in everything. Only true thing that you can count on is change. Look at how different things are from y2k?? That didn’t bother me. Its how people THINK now that scares me. The entire world thinks Americans are just like what’s in the movies and on tv. Oh, and lets not forget that everything on the internet is true! The tellyvision told us! God help us…

  21. I never really thought of myself as a conspiracy theorist. But I believe just about everything on this list. TDL wants to destroy Christianity. I don’t think he was born in America. I do think he is a Muslim. I think H-D is right about Benghazi–the feds got caught storing surface-to-air missiles at the consulate and that’s why it got attacked.

    • DB Prepper says:

      please forgive my ignorance, but what does TDL stand for?

      Obviously we are referring to our “great” President, but I have seen the acronym before and can’t seem to decipher what it means.
      The Dumb Liberal?

      • The Dumb Liberal! LOL I like that! It actually stands for the dear leader.

        • DB Prepper says:

          oh! I should have been able to figure that out! Thank you very much Brenda!

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Actually, the original use of the symbol TDL here was “The Dark Lord” inspired by the LOTR. A commenter named Lynn gets the credit. Others quickly attributed The Dark Lord to the Harry Potter series. I was a lurker back in those days, but this blog has been hilarious since its inception, for some reason preppers have a great sense of humor, and are very witty.

          Other connotations were The Dear Leader and The Damned Liar, with Hunker-Down getting the credit for one of those, I don’t remember which.

          You get the credit for The Dumb Liberal, DB. I’ve never heard that one used before when talking about the Pres on this forum. That’s not to say I haven’t used the term to describe some of my relatives, however.

        • Encourager says:

          or the dang leader or the dark lord. DB, I like yours – the dumb liberal, lol. Perfect.

        • I used to figure it meant The Dear Leader until I read a while back that it was ‘The Dark Lord.’ I’m not comfortable with that one tho, as it makes libruls’ job of calling his critics racists too easy. So I plan on just writing out The Dear Leader. And if I slip and use the acronym, Dear Leader is what I meant.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            Well, Penrod, I understand what you mean, but the words were used in conjunction with a discussion on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so people here understood there was nothing racial that could be attributed to it. Liberals will accuse you of being racist no matter what you do. In fact, that word has now lost its meaning it has been so ill-used. As Gimli said to Saruman: “The words of this wizard stand on their heads. In the language of Orthanc(liberals) help means ruin, and saving means slaying, that is plain. But we did not come here to beg.”

            • Hi Rider, “people here understood there was nothing racial that could be attributed to it.” I understand. I just hate to make it plausible for those who don’t.

              As for those who bleat “You’re RAYYYYSIST!!!!!” at me, I now just laugh in their faces and thank them for admitting have nothing with which to refute whatever I said to provoke them. I still hate to make it easy for them tho.

  22. Okay… I am north of the border and I have a few tin foil hats for up here…
    1. With global warming, that you all are going to be coming north for the wheat, the oil, the water and the soon to be ice free Arctic ports (apologies but the polar bears will be gone). Trains north to Yellowknife and the Mackenzie River will rival the Mississippi as a transport corridor.
    2. If Quebec decides to separate (the never ending debate) that you all will seize control of the St. Lawrence River in order not to allow blockage of shipping through the Great Lakes.

    The only one I believe without question is that if the elephant next door rolls over with four economic feet in the air, the mouse to the north will get squished too.

    • Texanadian says:

      I would applaud Quebec finally leaving. The day they do all federal checks get cut off, government workers either move to Ontario or they lose their jobs, all payments to the indians in Quebec stop. Borders go up and if you don’t get into Canada without a passport. We print government stuff in one language, English and tell the stupid ****ers to pound sand.

      My conspiracy is the girl in DADD t-shirt on the side wants me.

      • They only get what they came in with – the original boundaries of New France. If they can cede so can the Native peoples in the north (they can keep James Bay Hydro Project as a consolation prize). BUt Quebec does not leave without their share of the debt.

  23. DB Prepper says:

    1. Islamic/Muslim takeovers in Europe and America. Look at the most popular baby name for 2013 in England, I believe I read it was Muhammed. In America we are trying so hard to accept the radical Islamic BS, making excuses for the horrible atrocities these people have committed. How often do you hear about the Crucifixions that occurred in Egypt and Iran in 2012/2013? What about the US backing the Syrian rebels who are aligned with Al Qaeda, or the Muslim Brotherhood backed by our government?

    2. Socialism in America and the loathing of our founding fathers. This is being pushed on our young developing minds as young as 5th grade. They are taught that the US government needs to take care of everyone (I am 28 and I cannot tell you how many times I heard this in college “in this day and age we should be supporting everyone, there is no reason anyone should go hungry in America or the world”). The fact is our government was not designed to support everyone, it was designed to allow us the ability to make our own destiny, if you work hard you and make good decisions (working hard isn’t enough if you make bad decisions with capital or well being) will be rewarded. It was NOT designed to support a single mom with 3 kids by 3 different dads, not designed to support welfare checks for 10% of the population, not designed to force health care on every citizen, the list goes on and on.

    Our young citizens are being poisoned with these thoughts and ideals at an age where they havent been exposed to enough of the real world to know what is correct and what is total bs. I am ok with these topics being discussion points but there is not other side to the discussion.

    • Well said and right on target as far as I’m concerned!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      You are one of the most intelligent 28 yr. olds I’ve ever met, well, virtually speaking that is. You sound much like my oldest son, who will be 28 in July. He gets it as well.

      • My 9 year old grandson is such an on the ball kid, a patriot and conservative, and very vocal about it all – I am truly amazed. There is hope all!

    • Here is something to think about DB Prepper their is a commercial for a cartoon that use puppet figures of the cartoon and they are singing a song about burning rich peoples homes down and putting their heads on a pike in the center of town. They are programming our young to hate the rich and to harm them. the commercial is still on TV. The cartoon is actually ” Bob’s Burgers”.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      When I taught in my ghetto high school, the hispanics did not feel they had to learn history or civics, so courses were modified for them. My black students saw racism on every page. How can we come together as a nation when our founding principles are so bastardized by liberals in charge?

    • And the Fort Hood shooting was simple workplace violence, not terrorism.
      And the Boston Marathon bombing was just an act of a crazy person (Muslim IIRC) and also not terrorism.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Didn’t you get the memo? This administration abolished terrorism when they took our Bin Laden. 🙂

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Now that’s another one…Osama wasn’t the guy terminated but just a way to make TDL look better. Or maybe nobody died and it was filmed on location in Nevada!

  24. Only 2? Wow now I am really thinking.
    The best advice a teacher once said to me was “Look at the news, the big stories that are heartbreaking and around the clock reporting, what else is happening that they aren’t reporting? What is being hidden when the big stories happen?” Made a 17 yr old kid look at the media in a whole new light.

    1) 9/11. I watched it like everyone else and started asking questions. It still does not make sense to me. Why only 4 planes? Why limited damage to the pentagon? Why was surveillance footage scooped but never shown to the public? If a plane didn’t hit the pentagon, where did it go? How come we rarely hear about the casualties from that flight? I could go on but, I will stop there.

    2) The Boston Bombings. I find it hard to believe these 2 young men put that together on their own. I had friends who were there when it happened, they were lucky to walk away just shaken but even they say, it was amateur. So many things just do not make sense and then the photos came out of the kid being pulled out of the boat, he had no blood on his chest and let’s face it, if you were shot in the neck or face, there would be blood soaked through the shirt onto the chest to some degree. I just have a gut feeling that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is taking the fall for someone else and I don’t think it is just his older brother. The authorities are running him into the ground. He will never have a fair trial, he will always be guilty and it is a long mental health leap from being a quiet and isolated person, to becoming a bomber or bomber’s accomplice.
    I also believe his parent’s know more than they are letting on.
    (Just to clarify, I am not condoning the attacks in any way. I just feel it is much bigger than 2 brothers and some pressure cookers)

    • patientmomma says:

      The pentagon was hit by an airplane and many people did die. I know two people who barely got out and they saw it with their own eyes and still have nightmares of it.

    • Lack of wreckage at the Pentagon? It isn’t one building, it’s 5 concentric rings of separately constructed buildings with the connections being the corridors and space for a driveway around the 3rd ring. The plane hit at an angle, with one wing up, not straight on. The plane was loaded with so much fuel, it burned hot and fast, and reached nearly to the center courtyard. The interior of one entire side, to the left and the right of the entry point was completely destroyed by fire for all five stories. I worked there, was at a meeting in Alexandria that morning, but was close enough to feel the impact when the plane hit. Say what you want to about anything else, but don’t doubt that evil really hit the Pentagon (be more concerned about the inclusion of the radical Muslims in the memorials afterwards). Two of my dearest friends were right at ground level and must have looked up to see that plane headed for them. It took a long time to find any part of their bodies. More people would have died, but that section had just been modernized, with fire doors and directional lighting at floor level. People crawled out, I will never forget that day.

  25. I am with Bam Bam I agree with just about everything listed above.

    The only one that I have really looked at is the Sandy Hook incident. Rider listed the ? marks above very well. The main goal of this one of course is to disarm us.

  26. NWGhostRider says:

    9/11 has conspiracy written all over it. 1) Both of the towers collapsed into their own foot print, highly unlikely unless by controlled demolition. 2) Both buildings collapsed with in 3 hrs of being struck, blamed on the fire, Many buildings with steel frames all around the world will be gutted by flames and not collapse. 3) Samples of debris had trace amounts of explosives that are used in building demolition in them. 4) I beams sticking out of the debris had straight cuts across them, not likely. 5) The building owners took out terrorism insurance on the buildings 3 weeks before the attack. 6) The fighters that protect the Washington D.C. area were sent out over the atlantic ocean which allowed the attack on the pentagon.

    The New World Order. 1) Pres. Kennedy was killed , (which is a conspiracy in it self), for a few reasons, he was going to do away with the federal reserve and put America back on the gold standard, was one of them. George Bush senior was the director or the CIA at the time. 2) George Bush senior stated that there was a New World Order when he was in office. 3) After 9/11 the patriot act came about which strips you of your constitutional rights. 4) All the free trade ageements that allows industry to move of shore but pay no tarriffs when selling it back in the country. 5) The Bilderberg group meets every 4 years in the U.S. just before the presidential elections. 5) All the media outlets are owned by 6 people, we know how that is working out. Thers is more but got to go.

    • DB Prepper says:

      NWGhostRider – NWO is one I was thinking about putting on my list but we were limited to just 2. The bilderberg group meeting just before elections has always been a WTF event to me, and Kennedy looking to put us back on the gold standard is the HUGE one. CIA and NSA are not/have never been to be trusted.

      • DB Prepper,
        You stated in part, “Kennedy looking to put us back on the gold standard is the HUGE one” which is interesting since we were still on the gold standard during the Kennedy administration. It was Richard Nixon who took us off the gold standard in 1971.

        • My apologies OhioPrepper but we have been off the Gold Standard since 1934. Nixon took us off the Bretton Woods system, named for the conference held in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in July 1944 I think. It was they who created the International Money Fund as well. If history serves correctly the conference contained allied countries only and the chief features of the Bretton Woods system were an obligation for each country to adopt a monetary policy that maintained the exchange rate by tying its currency to the U.S. dollar and the ability of the IMF to bridge imbalances of payments.

          • DB Prepper,
            No apologies required, as you are correct. What Nixon did was the final nail in the coffin by no longer honoring exchange of paper currency and credit for physical metal. My point I guess was that I don’t think Kennedy was killed due to an attempt to reinstall the gold standard. If however, anyone is looking for a reason, there are many from Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and the mafia to the Bay of Pigs and its aftermath.

    • Popular Mechanics did an interesting investigation into the various theories around 9-11, including the structural and demolition issues.

      Rather than get into it here, you can see the article if interested:

      I’m satisfied that, federal government incompetence aside, things went pretty much as presented. A government conspiracy big enough to have done what the various theories suspect would have been way too big to prevent leaks.

      • Pineslayer says:

        Penrod, I have that book, ” Bebunking the 9-11 Myths”, by Popular Mechanics, foreword by John McCain. I have not read it all as I had to walk away when it seemed to be a regurgitation of the official government story. For my own internal debate I will have to revisit it. Have you seen the pictures of the Pentagon after the 757 hit it? A picture is worth a thousand words

        • Hi Pineslayer,

          “Have you seen the pictures of the Pentagon after the 757 hit it?” No, not since shortly after the attacks.

          IIRC, Popular Mechanics put together a team of engineers and others with professional expertise, looked at the various assertions about why 9-11 had to be an inside job, like how the buildings could not have come down vertically without demolition charges, and decided that none of the assertions held up.

          They decided that the official version of the physical events was essentially correct. If the official accounts had been wildly out of whack, hundreds, if not thousands, of engineers around the world with personal expertise in designing big buildings would have noticed, and there is no way the government could shut them up.

          I don’t think they addressed the intelligence failures which allowed the events to happen, because their expertise was in engineering aspects, not intelligence aspects.

          • There are plenty of Engineers out there calling it Shenanigans. Lots of video’s, you just have to look and watch with an open mind. The video of building 7 coming down is, well mind blowing. How a person can watch that and not think it was planned…

          • Penrod,
            I agree. As an engineer myself with a good understanding of Physics I can see how and why the buildings fell as they did. For the intelligence portion there was denial and cover up of sorts. Jamie Gorelick was Deputy Attorney General under bill Clinton and promulgated the rules keeping the foreign and domestic intelligence agencies from sharing data. After the fact, instead of being forced to testify, she was on the 9/11 commission and actually said that there was an intelligence failure between the foreign and domestic intelligence agencies. Liberals always force you to do things, but when they crash and burn, never take responsibility.

  27. Pineslayer says:

    1) 9-11, just look at building 7 and lack of wreckage at the Pentagon. Two things that can’t be explained away by the authorities.

    2) 1913, the establishment of the Fed and the IRS, ’nuff said on that.

    2.5) Lots of talk about POTUS being “whatever”, he is just another puppet for the greedy bastards behind the curtain, just like the one before him.

    • Pineslayer,
      1. I think the only conspiracy on 9/11 was the after the fact cover-up of all of the incompetents.
      2. The Fed & the IRS were not conspiracies; they were done in the open with the 16th amendment to the constitution. The conspiracy was the 17th amendment in my opinion.
      2.5 I don’t think he’s a puppet. He’s a believer, and that is much worse. If I were POTUS some might call me a puppet of the NRA, but there would be no need for that, since in the arena of the 2nd amendment I am also a believer.

  28. 1. I believe conspiracy theories are spun out by the PTB as a misdirection so the people won’t pay attention to the real dangers – like reality tv and the Kardashians

    2. I believe all government figures and the elites are shape shifting aliens whose true form we could see if only we could find the right kind of glasses.

    Nope sorry, got not respect or time for conspiracy theories. I already know the .gov is corrupt, deceitful and capable of using anything, anyone or any incident to keep it’s boot on our necks. What I’m looking for is an active plan to remove it. Permanently.

    • My thinking is so similar, especially considering that all the ‘conspiracy theories’ I’ve had over the years have proven to be reality today.
      Remove it permanently- with Extreme Prejudice.

  29. Concerning 9-11 even if the government did not know it was going to happen they used the disaster to their advantage. After all their is a saying I have heard of ” Never let a disaster go to waste”. Since that day laws have been passed that would of Never had a chance of passing otherwise.

    First I really don’t care what color or gender our president may be. I just want a good president,but I fear the one we have now may have been elected in part because of his color.

    Also what doesTDL mean exactly I know it references the president, but what does it mean.

    To lessan the powers that be influence lets all work together and defy them in a peaceful manner. Reduce your debt and be ready for whatever is most likely to actually happen.

  30. Rider of Rohan says:

    Regardless of all the theories, etc., most of us here understand that the world is about to have a reset, and it won’t be pretty. That’s why we prep. As things now stand, I don’t believe there is any possibility that we can avoid what’s coming, short of an intervention from God. I don’t see that happening, either, though I pray for it every day.

    Russia and China, even Iran are waxing strong, while the US under Obama is waning. What will happen to our friends in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and even our own state of Alaska when our country disarms itself unilaterally?

    Will the US risk war in the Pacific when China sends its new carrier task forces to Australian waters and demands concessions? China is now planning a short, quick war with Japan. Will the US intervene in either place when China has hypersonic missiles capable of multiple EMP strikes with MIRVed warheads given to them by Bill Clinton? With no missile defense capable of intercepting the new hypersonic missiles? Not likely.

    National security plans notwithstanding, is the welfare-state, open-border plan now in effect sustainable? We are running $1 trillion dollar per year deficits now, how long can such a thing last? It already has lasted longer than I thought it would, but the question stands. Not that much longer is the honest answer.

    This all sounds like a conspiracy, I guess, but the truth is malevolence, greed, and jealousy take us a long way toward self-destruction. Add laziness and entitlement to the mix and there you have it. The fall will be long because of the great heights we attained, the only thing I see comparable is the fall of the Roman Empire. It took the Western World 1400 years to recover.

    • DB Prepper says:

      I just got into a heated debate with some co-workers about those topics, and the only response I got was (regarding open border policy) “but Mexico is so screwed up, if people are refugees from drug violence we shouldn’t try and stop them”

      and regarding China, “well China hasn’t done anything to lead us to believe they will attempt an offensive”

      Basically they repeated the same nonsensical rhetoric that is put forth by the liberal media. We MUST close our borders soon or American citizens will be minorities in own own country. China, well their the big dog on the block right now and we don’t have a leader with enough balls to do anything about it. Our government is trying so hard to be friendly with Iran which I still don’t understand, and it seems like Russia does the opposite of what we want (or what we say we want) simply because they do not fear us. It will be an interesting next 10 years or so. I cannot see us continuning down this path for much longer without a major conflict. The day China finally bypasses the need for US Currency we will be in for it.

  31. seeuncourt says:

    1. The economic collapse will be engineered by big banking and a complicit congress and us president. The resulting chaos will be used as a reason to declare martial law and the TDL will “put off” the 2016 presidential elections and remain in power.
    2. JFK was an inside job.

    BEST read yet!

  32. 1. Flight 800. Too many witnesses were “mistaken”.

    2. Oklahoma City, for several reasons…Janet Reno’s sudden about-face in who the suspects were & then releasing them, bomb squad in the area beforehand and other evidence of prior knowledge, Terence Yeakey’s ‘suicide’, discovery that gov’t hid evidence at trial, suspect’s family member suggesting MKULTRA, to name just a few.

    • riverrider says:

      okc, you bet. what happened to john doe number 2? why did the fbi threaten a witness when she wouldn’t drop her jd2 story? how did a mcveigh build a bomb that experts say would have had to be set off with nuclear microswitches? why did the govt fire it’s own explosives expert when he said the alleged bomb could not have been fertilizer? i could go on for days. mcveigh was a patsy.

    • NANN,
      I’m not big on conspiracies; but, these two have always given me pause.
      Were is John Doe #2?

      • I believe John Doe #2 was allowed to leave the country…with assistance. And I absolutely believe McVeigh was a patsy. I still wonder about the microchip he said was planted in his butt-cheek. As for the quick execution, it was said that McVeigh wanted it to be done right away. I call bullshit.

        I don’t know if it’s still available, but the OKC fire and police scanner recordings were online for a long time afterward, with them saying there were other bombs inside the building, and also pictures.

        • the govt engineer investigator was relieved after he said there had to be a second explosion in the underground parking area near a key support structure. he said the design of the building was such that a bomb on the street could not have dropped it like that. john doe2 was a fed. it was a setup from the go. why aren’t they looking for the 4 dark skinned males seen helping mv build the bomb in the state park, seen by multiple witnesses? why were all the atf agents in denver instead? how did they magically find mv so fast? why did they threaten a federal worker witness, that was injured in the blast and her son for refusing to drop the jd2 report? how did mv know exactly to the foot the proper place to park the van to do the most damage? hint, it wasn’t in the center, it was off to one side to reflect the blast off an adjacent building. every explosive expert i know says that bomb wouldn’t work as described by the fbi. it would be a small explosion and a bunch dust, unless it had dozens of detonators to go off in the same instant, which can only be done by microswitches used in nuclear bombs. why did mv remain silent? he knew he’d been had, and preferred to go down in silence rather than humiliation. it was also about that time that the govt was looking into consolidating the alphabet agencies into the fbi because of so many duplicate investigations and such. the atf had to show their worth in spectacular fashion or lose their little kingdom. after okc, this effort to consolidate ceased. as always, follow the money…….

  33. 1. Moon landing. Watched a documentary that was pretty convincing.
    2. 9/11…watched loose change.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Rob, when I was in college our freshman geology class had a discussion on whether man had actually landed on the moon or not. My cousin happened to be in that class, and after a bit of back and forth declared he had definitive proof that man had landed on the moon. A black student jumped up and demanded to know the nature of the proof. My cousin, cool as a cucumber, looked him straight in the eye, and in a deadpan voice asked: “Where do you think moon pies came from”? The entire room erupted, including the professor. I’ve not questioned the moon landings since. That was in 1973.

    • Rob,
      1. With a high powered telescope you can see the landing sites and the equipment. Also, the laser corner reflector is tested at least monthly. We were there.
      2. Loose change was put together by a high school kid with no math or physics background. It is nonconvincing to anyone with a little knowledge.

  34. Taught US Government to Seniors at large TX high school this week. There is no hope as they have been dumbed down so low, with such great apathy, that there is little potential, if any, for their (our) futures. I’ve known smarter stumps than this crew. So VERY sad !

    • I came to that conclusion today after a conversation with a high school student. (see my post below)

    • I get these grads as employees. They have no grasp of political structure, government, or geography for that matter. It makes me crazy…and sad.

    • I get these students when they get to the college level. They lack a basic understanding of the American political system. They don’t know American history. It’s really pretty sad.

  35. Can’t imagine any other “intelligent beings” would bother to harvest this bunch of rotten potatoes.

  36. #1 I believe that the indoctrination of our youth into a socialistic mindset has been achieved to a big extent…

    Had a conversation with a high school student today that really bugged me… I graduated from high school just at 18 years ago (man time flies). We had more knowledge over a variety of topics than I am seeing students leaving school with today (yes, I am aware I went to a parochial school and these are public school kids). In essence, we left school “smarter” and more ready for the outside world than these kids, although we still had a lot to learn. This kid is ok with that since his entire generation is all learning the same thing and they aren’t or won’t be aware of their deficits in knowledge because their entire generation is that way and only earlier generations will know that they are “dumber” and they’re all gonna be dead. Are you kidding me? He’s ok with not knowing as much and being willfully ignorant since his entire generation will be that way?!?!?!?!?! Just….wow…. I was really struck speechless and had to seriously (yes, literally) bite my tongue to not ask him “So, you’re ok with being stupid so long as your whole generation is at the same level of ignorance?” I seriously do NOT need to go back into teaching and stick with subbing…I don’t think I can handle that attitude. The sad thing is… I heard his thoughts on the matter echoed several times throughout the day from other students.

    #2 The war on Christianity by TDL and his ilk… yes, I know, you’re sitting there scratching your head since I have outted myself as a Witch… but seriously, when one religion/belief system is attacked it is only a matter of time before we are all under fire and only specific beliefs are allowed.

  37. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I don’t believe flight 800 blew itself up.

    I don’t believe Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy and in fact may not have been the shooter at all.

  38. There are a lot of people that poo poo the conspiracy theories.
    This is true and I am one of them.

    Conspiracies sound crazy as individual events. But, when you tie many of them together it is overwhelming.
    Exactly! You have to believe (emphasis on believe) on all the supporting ideas or misinterpret the facts that tie them together to give credence to such ideas,
    For example… Burning Jet fuel does not produce enough heat to melt steel. This is true. However, to collapse a building built on steel beams it has only to be hot enough to soften the steel beams. The buildings weight takes care of the rest.

    I also refuse to believe in a nameless group of people, who over several generations, have been so much brighter then the rest of the world. Indeed, they would require supernatural abilities.

    I also do not believe in boogie men under the bed, volcano gods, alien abductions, or chem trails. All of these things explain things we do not have rational explanations for. We as humans have this need for “answers”. We humans also seem to have a need to be “scared”. We pay big bucks to be scared.

    Yes there are conspiracies but they are not all that some people give them credit for.

  39. Sandy Hook what happned to the second gunman? something truly sinister happned there I won’t speculate what but why did the police-chief change his story three times in three days about the event’s, the weapon’s etc. I also question things like why there was a tie in with the shootings in Aroura CO. as I recall both of these kid’s fathers were set to testify in a international banking scandel. All this is hear-say and relying on my terrible memory.
    My number two is a one world monetary system. I think the artificial inflation of the Chinese monetary system as the Euro and dollar devalue is a planned effort to control the masses by elimination of free trade. No gold standard, no silver standard, eventually we will be told what our value is, in comparison to the rest of the world.

  40. 1. Kennedy was killed by Lindon B Johnson because Kennedy wanted to end the Federal Reserve. That will show you how far they are willing to go to keep the money printing machine going.

    2. There is a worldwide movement in the “western world” to destroy the family unit. It is in the educational system, music, drugs, laws, and other means in South and North America and Europe, Australia. This is what scares me most of all.

  41. Just got through reading this and I must say I am amassed – and maybe I should stop right there.
    But it did make me think of that 1787 letter Ohio Prepper referenced.

    Jefferson wrote,
    “The people cannot be all, & always well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.
    … what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost … The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”

    So revel in misconceptions – Jefferson would have expected nothing less.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I can’t remember where I read it, but this statement rings true with me, “It’s not a conspiracy when it turns out to be true”.

      Some things have happened in this country over the past few years I would have never believed, and I gave few of them any credence in the past. Yet:

      The POTUS, UN Ambassador, and Secretary of State all get up publically and say the attack at Benghazi was caused by some obscure internet film. When they knew the night of the attack that it was terrorism. Yet they lied…outright lied, to the American people, and worse yet to the families of these men……at their funerals. And Rice now says she has no regrets for “spreading disinformation”. Because, frankly, she doesn’t give a damn. It was all about protecting BHO. And during a debate to decide who was most qualified to be our next President, we had the moderator of the debate interrupt and correct one of the participants. Turned out the correction was a lie. Did she know it to be a lie? Does it matter since her instinct was to protect Obama? Her job was to be an objective moderator, not take sides.

      The NSA has been spying on the American people in a massive way. Massive. Including reading people’s private e-mails, listening in on private phone conversations, and who knows what else? This is wrong and illegal. That the head of the agency could get up in Congress and outright lie to them about spying on Americans, and then later admit he misspoke(DC speak for lying), and then have nothing happen for his lying and spying is outrageous. And that courts would approve of the spying is even worse. 4th Amendment? Who needs it? Trash it by just ignoring it.

      Myself, I asked some legitimate questions on the SH incident, questions that should be answered. I made some observations based on my personal knowledge and use of firearms for hunting and shooting over a lifetime. Facts in this case are now a matter of….National Security? Huh?

      Not to leave out the opposition, the run-up to the Iraq War was filled with disinformation, faulty intelligence, and outright lies. There was no good reason I could see for this invasion, as a matter of fact a lot of bad reasons came to mind, including the impetus it gave for Iran to move into the power vacuum left by the destruction of Iraq.

      I could go on, but suffice it to say that some things I would never have believed have turned out to be true. Here’s another one I saw this morning. I always suspected it, and even said it a time or two, but it’s better to know for sure. It’s no longer a pet conspiracy theory, but factual.

      “So revel in misconceptions”, you say. I don’t revel in these things, they disturb me mightily. For many of them tell me corruption is now endemic in just about every apparatus of government. And that is bad for the future of America. Very bad. Another reason to prep, though the future looks bleak, and a way out of this mess even more unlikely.

  42. 1.Sandy Hook: there has been other shootings in schools. but this one really bothered me. the information (or lack of it!) just did not add up. then one night I thought, how hard would it be to take a mental unstable person, with a “doctor” helping this poor person, to convince him/her to kill for one reason or the other. “this school is full of alien children (like that one old movie). this gives the NWO help to convince the sheep for more gun control. I have always hated that bit “BUT IT’S ALL FOR THE CHILDERN.”
    2. The bank failures: All that tax payer monies given to the banks/companys to keep them from going under. TDL told “our” law givers to give them the money, or else, TDL would use executive order 11051. even though I think it was too early in the NWO game plan, we still have the 2nd amendment.
    as for the rest of the conspiracies, every one is never explain in detail by our government, to protect us. as for 9/11, I belive it was a attack, our government did not do it, but, they knew it was going to happen.

    • up until sh, these nutcases left manifestos detailing their distorted thinking. why did this “kid” destroy his computers and his writings? he had no friends. how hard would it be for a provocatuer to befriend him online and talk him into it? the first pic of the alleged gun i saw online was of a 22lr version of the m4, not a .223. two of the parents have won the lottery, one of them twice. it goes on, but rider’s point about no wounded hits me most. that is statistically impossible.

  43. Rider of Rohan says:

    I have one more conspiracy theory that has turned out to be factual. Many people had speculated, including myself, that the EPA was involved in a scheme whereby so-called environmental groups would sue the government, and rather than defend past practices the EPA would agree to a settlement in those lawsuits that favored the plaintiff, including large cash awards to the group bringing the suit. It looks like the EPA and these groups colluded with each other to get the regulations they wanted. Secret e-mail accounts at EPA have been discovered, and other evidence is now shedding light on this scam.

    Basically what happened here is that the groups got the policy change they wanted, and were then paid by the government(the US taxpayer) for filing the lawsuit. Since the suits were never contested by the EPA, they became law by virtue of a settlement, not a trial. No Congressional action, nothing was required for the EPA to start enforcing new regulations. Here’s a better description of the program, but it just proves how truly corrupt the federal government has become.

    • RoR,
      When you state, “Basically what happened here is that the groups got the policy change they wanted, and were then paid by the government (the US taxpayer) for filing the lawsuit.” I do not contest that this may have happened; however, it isn’t really necessary, since the EPA can promulgate rules with no congressional oversight, because congress keeps writing laws that give great discretion to the agencies. This could have been however, a way to help fund their cronies. ACA, for instance has many things that may be “determined by the Secretary of HHS”. Once you hand over the power, it becomes very hard to get it back.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Ohio Prepper,
        The changes were much more radical than policy and practices that were in place.The Congress still has the right to review proposed changes in policy except when they are ordered as part of a consent decree in a lawsuit. There is no expenditure of political capital in these cases, the Leftists get what they want, and their cronies reap the rewards in taxpayer dollars, many times funding more of the same suits with more and more money changing hands.

        The outright corruption at play here is more likely to destroy a gov’t and people than any other practice, including regulations made by the agency. Of course, the politicized corruption makes it even worse. These things in days past were called a conspiracy, and people were prosecuted for this kind of collusion. Now, it’s just a perk of a gov’t employment and a reward for the politically connected. The Left gets what it wants, and gets rich in the process.

  44. 3rdgen4wars says:

    I beleive the jfk assasination was by the illuminatti (world bankers, power ppl). They didnt like him wwanting to end the fed.. I think 9/11 was concocted to allow us to go after terrorismm and eventually use terrorism as an excuse to go after our 2nd ammendment.

    • I agree 100% with you 3rd.

    • nah, you give them too much credit. 9/11 was incompetence in action with arrogance to boot. rumsfeld had chaney kill kennedy to make billions on the war via halliburton. how else did a low rank page(chaney) rise to power while rummy screwed up every time he was secdef but kept getting reinstated every new prez that came along? follow the money!

  45. Sandy Hook – Too many open ended questions and no explanations that make sense. As an exercise I wish someone would do a mock up of the site and a timed run of the events.
    Benghazi – Everyone knows whatever was happening there was illegal and was covered up by the deaths of the staff.
    The depravity and outright deception of this administration and current congress is beyond shocking.

    • cav, there is a theory that it was supposed to be a kidnapping of stevens, so they could trade the blind sheik for him. obozo/ clinton thought they could pay off the muslim brotherhood by giving up the sheik but got caught by a whistleblower. they contrived the kidnap as a way of turning him over. they didn’t plan on the heros fighting back….that said, it is known stevens was there meeting with the turkish foreign minister just minutes before the attack. most beleive we were funneling arms to the alq in syria from storehouses of captured arms in benghazi, illegal under u.s. and international law. and just the other day, obozo met with muslim brotherhood in the oval office, international terrorists. time for another veteran’s march.

  46. I beleive all the recent shootings to be a part of a conspiracy to deprive us of our second ammendment rights. Even my daughter thinks I am crazy.

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