Deer hunting after the Obama gun ban

deer hunting

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  1. riverrider says:


  2. georgeislearning says:

    where do you find deer that small?


  3. I think that baiting is illegal in Montana.

  4. hilarious!

  5. redprepper says:

    we will find a way!

  6. Texanadian says:

    Too funny. Thanks

  7. Encourager says:

    We can bait deer in MIchigan, but I don’t think that is what the DNR had in mind….

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that!!

  8. want2racer says:

    now where can we get one like that for politicans ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Wiley Coyote is shaking his scraggly head (been there – done THAT!)

    If the tree huggers and prarie fairies had their way, we’d be running them down while naked and killing them with our bare teeth, just like the wolves . . .

  10. I figure the deer will be government owned soon and have rights too. Or they’ll find a way to tax you for every deer you shoot! I want one of those traps!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      They do tax you…it’s called a hunting license….

    • NotAHusker says:

      Deer are controlled by the government as a resource for the citizens where I live. (Can’t find the link to the specific DER website again, to many rules and regulations to go through)

      A game warden once told me the deer are owned by the government. He is/was wrong but guess what will happen if you shoot a deer without a license.

      MD should sell plans for the trap, for educational purposes of course. Be a great drinking with the guys weekend project.

      • NotAHusker,

        Snares work great, and are lighter and easier to carry…

      • Why am I getting an absolutely hilarious mental image of a bunch of guys downing the beers and building a full-size version? Oh my, that could maybe turn out not so good. Let me hold the image for a few minutes, though.

  11. This reminds me … My sister is single and asked us if the shtf, who will do her hunting. My DH bought her a rat trap. Although it was a joke, she kept it, as it would be a good small game trap.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      We have 6 of those in out preps, just for that purpose. Tell your sister to use a 3-4 foot piece of wire to tie and stake the trap down or it may be carried away.

      • Yeah Hunker, we thought of that. We’re gonna drill a hole thru the corner for that purpose. We also just purchased a dozen yo-yo auto-fishers to hang from trees and use as small game snares.

      • When I lived in South Georgia I actually tried the “Rat Trap” method to stop a couple of squirrels that were eating all the bird food from the feeder. Attached a 3 foot chain on the trap, secured it to the deck with a screw, baited the trap with some of the bird seed and waited. That same afternoon I caught one of them and I’m pretty sure she didn’t know what had hit her. Got her “friend” the next day and he might have ran away with the trap had it not been tied down. Didn’t catch anymore, but didn’t have any more problems with squirrels raiding the bird feeder. Now that I’m in east TN the squirrels seem to be smarter, or don’t like what I’m using for bait. I like squirrels but don’t like them climbing up on the front porch. If I were home more I’d get a dog to keep them away.

        • Glad to know it works so well. I’ll have to pass that news along to my sister. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t been able to try it. Afraid it may hurt one of my dogs or cats.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          I, too, like squirrels. They are excellent fried, or even baked with a gravy!

  12. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I think it is funny but a little too close to reality.

  13. M.D. I got a BIG LOL on the pic i showed it to some at work, they liked it . I even showed it to tdl supporters and they liked it too . Semper fi Cowboy

  14. Lol…all I can hear is Tom Waits rasping out “There’s always free cheddar in the mousetrap, baby. It’s a deal. It’s a deal”.

  15. MountainSurvivor says:

    I know what that “deer” is “hunting”. It’s Obama. I also know why. Because it wants to jab him repeatedly with it’s antlers because he is full of crap.

  16. necwarrior says:

    Now, if we could find a trap that would work on politicians. BTW what kind of bait? Maybe a payoff envelope?

  17. It was a few years ago that the “City Fathers” in my town decided to solve the problem of ducks & geese pooping in the city park & golf course that borders a nice lake at the edge of town. It was going to be a 4 day hunt to be attended only by the “Select Few” that had ties to the local corrupt Gubmint. Good friend of mine spent an hour or two of the first 3 days (at about 3-4 in the morning) running around the lake banging a couple of garbage can lids together to scare away all the ducks & geese. To say the least, the hunt did not go too well. For the 4th and last day I bought a 50 pound bag of corn from a farmer’s supply (still have the receipt for the $5.00 plus tax) for the corn that got spread around the killing zone. Friend later used a pay phone to call the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife to identify himself as a city employee who was under orders from his boss to spread around the “BAIT” corn. To say the least, the KY F&W officers shut down the bird kill. The F&W officers found the piles of bait corn exactly where they were told it had been placed. That day was September 11, 2001 and events later that day kept the local incident off the news.
    This article brought back a really funny memory.


  19. too funny

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