The defendable 200 yards of road-frontage

In last weeks “What do you do to prep this week” I posted that I own 200 yards of road-frontage and was quickly flooded with emails telling me that there was no way I could secure 200 yards of road-frontage.

Well to be honest 200 yards isn’t all that much, and as you can see from the pics it is a very defendable position, and I hope these photos will help others choose the right type of location and terrain when relocating.

View from my property of the surrounding hills that are about one mile away.

My view of the one lane road that passes by my property.

View of my property from the one lane road. Note the steep embankment that runs the full length of the property line.

The view approaching my property.

View of the road that goes by my property.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. I am new to this site and have a few questions. First, let me say that I am very pleased that the posts on this site are not “over the top” nutso statements. I read rational statements made by forward thinking, concerned folks.
    To my question. I live on 80 acres of prairie with the house and out buildings on the corner of the property with section lines (rural roads) running on two sides. The house is no more than 100 ft from either road. To compound things, although my property is rural it is only 6 miles from the north side of town. My fear is that when TSHTF my property is is going to be a target for gangs and individuals heading out of town or foraging for survival. Moving is not an option as I will have all my supplies stored in and around there, AND I have elderly inlaws in poor health that cannot BO and need attention.
    1) What are some ideas for defending this property?
    2) What is the number one thing you would do? (please don’t say “move” lol)

    “Chance favors the prepared mind” Steven Segal Movie

    • charlie (NC) says:

      PSSUPT, There are a few details that influence-control thoughtful answer. Without asking for the name of the town unless you wanted to say and I wouldn’t, we need to know how big a town, how far from a major city, what city if you don’t mid saying, what the demographics of the city are and/or what state if you feel comfortable saying. You are obviously in an area with basically flat land so being back off the road would not be a trememdous advantage but it is some. Is your 80 acres a strip along the side of a section or is it the corner of a section? If
      you have the corner of a section and your 80 acres is basically in a square and not a long rectangle then your back corner should be about 1800 feet from either road. You might want to think about building something that looks like an equipment or livestock shed back there that is actually a hardened hide. It doesn’t have to be that big. For that matter a couple of over the road shipping rail boxes, connex boxes, ISBU containers or whatever you call them would be more than sufficient.

      You could put to 40′ long containers side by side, cut a hole connecting them and have someone with an excavator dig a big, deep, wide ditch around them with a removable walkway or driveway across the ditch. IF you put the excess dirt along the side of the ditch you would be somewhat concealed and have a protective “moat”. After a year of letting stuff grow up on the mound of dirt you’d be pretty well hidden back there.

    • Dang, your property is pretty good… The best you could wish for is some trees and rough terrain.

      Do you have a basement? Or perhaps something that is closer to crawlspace? Actually, anything installed in the name of tornado paranoia would probably be good in a thug siege.

      Part of my advice would be to install a hidden tornado shelter on the far edge of your property, and then hide some sort of cache under that. In deference to your elders, they are now part of the house. Your life is a hair more than them and possessions combined. The bolt-hole may fuel any strategic decision; whether it be to run, wait, or fight.

      Another thing you could do is to cultivate edible weeds, assuming that your land is fallow. It’s not really defense, but food plants that don’t look like food are a good standby.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Do you have any outbuildings? How close to the house?
      Could you and your family spend a week in one of those?
      If yes, stock water, supplies and ammo there.

      Do you have any fences? How close to the house? Move vehicles in spots between buildings and fences to build a kill zone. Mark the yardage. Shoot the yardage signs for target practice.

      Plant thorny berry bushes as a living fence the gangs will want to avoid.
      Set fishing line trip lines with cans containing rocks as an alarm system.
      Get big dogs.
      Put up a sign, “beware of mean bull”.

      Go to town and act irrational so you develop a reputation of someone to stay away from. Answer the door with a pistol in your hand (pointed at the gfround) to enhance your reputation, but remember to be nice to the Wolf Pack.

  2. charlie (NC) says:

    I forgot to ask, is either of the roads past your house a main route to or from your town to a larger town or city or is it just a rural section road. If it’s just section roads how far off of the main roads are you? Also how well do you know your neighbors and how many neighbors do you have?

  3. Good Suggestions All!
    To answer (vaguely) some of the logistics questions. As you might imagine after reading the advise on this blog, I am leery of providing too much info online. I live in the center of the country 6 six miles from a city (?) of 35,000. My roads are not main roads but section lines. My nearest nieghbor is 1 mile away catty-corner on my section. My land is a half of a quarter or 1/4 mile by 1/2 mile. No fences as of yet, and all out buildings are 100 to 150 feet from the house.

    I like the suggestion about the hardened area deeper into my land, but would hate to give up the home in the case of an attack. I do have a basement and due to the previous house being destroyed by weather it is basically a hardened “bunker”.

    Even before I read this blog, my wife and I have discussed how in a time of emergency our place would be the “go-to” are for our families to try and reach. Although this means that I have to plan for extra demands on supplies, I also will have “many hands to make light work” in the gardening and defense department. This is an excellent blog and I really appreciate your suggestions. BTW, if you COULD figure out where I am (it may be possible based on the info), just bare in mind that I ‘ll have a nice suprise waiting for anyone who happens to “drop by”. LOL