Discovery Channel Watchmen Militia Rising

Discovery Channel feature of Watchmen Of America

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  1. Tomthetinker says:

    Not what I would call a group of “Grey Men”. Camo, hanging weaponry on all body parts, barking and rank, standing out like a salt lick on a coffee table. Why do people tend to take on the rank of Major or higher when appointing themselves ‘commander’ of such groups? Who am I to evaluate anybody … Ya gotta give em credit for getting up and organizing. Gotta be a more subtle way.

    • Oh, I like that – standing out like a salt lick on a coffee table.

      • Pappa "J" says:

        Good saying, kind of like “Ugly is on Whoopi”. These men & women are at least there as American’s for American’s and aren’t there to suppress their freedoms like our gov’t.

      • Bewildered says:

        Me too – never heard it but certainly makes the point. What part of the country did that come from?

    • Militias are not supposed to hide when they are called up , they are freedom fighters . They will need all that gear if the time ever came .

  2. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I think it is good that there are people preparing for overt action if needed.

    I hope that there are those who will be willing to join a covert resistance much like what happened in France in WWII.

    I am not advocating vigilante law unless there is no law.

    • A lot of SF’s will train these groups …..have talked to some of them on their opinions on constitution and government , fortunately , all I talked to are on our side , good for us , because training guerillas is what they do .

  3. Occam's Disposable Razor says:

    Who are these alpha hotels who volunteer to appear on television?

    Words fail me.

    • NWGhostRider says:

      They are people who stuck there ass out to let others know they had some where to turn. Citizen militia are just everyday people trying to help their community, sorry we are not all Rambo’s.

      • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

        Where do you get the black hoods? I’m all in with most of this stuff, but I don’t own a black hood.

        When buy them, do you have to tell them what you’re buying them for? Doesn’t that more or less make people want to arrest you? Do they come in different sizes?

        Do you have more than one? When you get pulled over, do you explain to the cop that despite the guns, this isn’t a kidnapping?

        Dying to know here.

        • He doesn’t have any.

        • That’s my DH you’re talking to.

          Just like all preppers are not like the idiots on Doomsday Preppers, not all members of the Watchmen are out in camos drilling. Some are just people who care about our rights (YES, YOURS TOO). I know there are many others on this site, whether or not they belong to an organized militia, who would defend their families, and this country with force if need be.

          I am done with this blog. I will say my polite goodbyes on Saturday and I’m done.

          • Hiplains says:

            Oh Michele…please don’t let the negative things get to you…..there is so much good to be found here with a majority of the pack.
            Remember, “whatever is good and worthy, think on these things….” (my paraphrase). Simply let the rest go in one proverbial ear and out the other with no stops in between. It’s only a symptom of the times we are in. You are so valued here….do reconsider!

            • I agree with Hiplains, Michelle. People will alway make inappropriate comments! It is the urge of the natural man.

              I am sure you know that most here don’t agree with them. Please try to let it roll off your back!

          • I agree please do not leave. I have learned alot from what you say, so like I said please, please do not leave.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              If you need to leave to concentrate on your business, that’s one thing but please don’t leave because of this.

              Also, I own a black balaclava. I also have all black clothing and gear for night time scenarios. My blonde hair glows at night. My black suit is not leather or vinyl so nobody get the wrong idea.

              • JP in MT says:

                Here I was getting a “good” mind picture, then you blow it with your clarification. What’s the world coming to ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

            Did you have to try out the hood for him?

            • NWGhostRider says:

              It’s pretty bad when you have to get an alias for you alias to insult people. Your ignorance is beyond belief. Any time you want to come out from behind your computer and insult my wife I would enjoy the opportunity to beat some manners into you.

              • Rider of Rohan says:

                And since you obviously wouldn’t need any help, NWGhostRider, I’d like to observe a douche getting the manners beat back in them. Now that would be a prepping tool everyone needs.

                • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

                  Let’s meet behind the school after 7th period, okay? No fair telling the teachers.

                  • You know the teachers always found out about the meeting long before 7th period. Hee Hee

                    Retired teacher, LOLOLOL

          • Michele,
            Did you ever consider using the report comment link? It takes 3 reports by three different readers to send a comment to moderation so that I can take a look at it. That is what it is there for.

          • I hope I’m not too late on this. I’ve read the follow on comments too. Please don’t leave. Like others, I get a lot insight from what you say. I hope you reconsider.

          • Michelle, I think you responded very well to ODR and his humorous comment on black hoods. However, I did not see his comment as a personal attack against anyone so much as a satirical comment on the whole overblown militia garb. I have been reading this blog for a long time and many of your comments still stand out as insightful, informative and most of all, written as a intelligent female. Now before all the libber’s jump me I am merely referring to the fact that it is always helpful to hear a woman’s point of view, particularly when it provides a dimension that needed to be introduced in a testosterone heavy discussion. However, if you feel strongly enough about it that you feel you have to withdraw from participation, I must salute your strength of convictions. Just know that you will be sorely missed, and the blog will be a lesser tool for lack of your contributions. Thanks for all you have helped me see and learn. Good luck and God Bless!

        • ODR,

          Leave Michele and her family alone.

          What made you such a jackass? Dying to know here.

          • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

            I was abused by my algebra teacher. He made me do word problems.

            Seriously, I have no idea who this lady is or who her family is. I’m sure she’s very nice. However, I watched five minutes of the video (above) and was appalled by at least ten things. I chose the one which was clearly the funniest and most outrageous to poke fun at.

            The fringe element of the prepper movement is what will be our undoing. Every group, for good or ill, gets to be judged by its fringe members – Trailer dwellers in the South, Mafioso in Little Italy, Welfare mothers in the ghetto.

            When the media wants to focus their cameras on us, they’re not interested in the Ham operator with six months of food, ample ammo for his deer rifle and a cabin in the woods. They’re going to focus on these people, these Holnists, these militiamen who flirt with sedition.

            The reality is that 99% of us don’t own tactical gear, black rifles and, yes, black hoods. We quietly go about our business, buy up canned soup when it goes on sale, make sure we have enough salt for both our driveway and our larder and keep quiet about our activities. We melt lead into bullets, we buy up .22 at gun shows and we smile politely and walk away from the guy handing out the militia pamphlets at the show (yes, I’ve seen them, they exist, and I live in a deep blue state).

            We really have to stop giving the media ammunition to use against us. Being on television is a choice. If you go on television, don’t expect to get a fair shake. And don’t expect the rest of us to march in lockstep with you.

            If approached by the media, how about this response: “Well, I try to live my life prudently and to make choices for the future now instead of when my choices have been limited by circumstances. I am a person of faith, and as for the rest, it’s none of your business. Thanks for asking.”

            Ban me for trolling if you will. That’s a choice, too.
            [email protected]

            • ODR,
              I wish this had been your original comment. Fruitful discussions can come from polite discourse. Attacks are usually defended. Take care.

              • Tomthetinker says:

                Occam’s … That response was respectful and objective. Thank You.

              • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

                Gotta go for the gag. It’s who I am. The world is my straight man.

                • Mote/GodsEye says:

                  ODR – you got to fly your freak flag, man. I, for one, found you black mask discourse humorous and to the point, and your response to critics well written, well organized and very persuasive. As Einstein said, and as I live by: ‘GREAT SPIRITS HAVE ALWAYS ENCOUNTERED VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM MEIDOCRE MINDS .” Persevere!

                  • JeffintheWest says:

                    Then too, mediocre minds usually find something to attack GREAT SPIRITS over — like attacking someone who is a genuine contributor to this blog and costing the rest of us the benefit of her great experience and knowledge. Oh yeah. You should definitely be “proud” of that….

                    • Occam's Disposable Razor says:

                      I’m still looking for my attack. Can’t find it. That said, it would appear that MD has addressed the issue of the thinskinned prepper in a recent post.


        • Occam’s Disposable Razor,

          Your comments are bordering on trolling, please refrain from this type of comments or I will be forced to blacklist you from making further comments here.

          • Thank you, sir.

          • Tomthetinker says:

            Occam’s Razor would apply to this issue. The simple answer is that ODR is likely a troll that, by example, demonstrates a lack of simple respect and a rather thin objectivity.

            Michele NWGhostRider … Don’t let this troll make you two leave .. or ‘IT’ has robbed us all………

            I get put out and comment poorly .. and get called out .. and eat my crow and enjoy this site. Occam’s has given an opinion I can’t respect .. ergo .. I have no respect for Occam’s.

            Ma-am, Sir .. stay put please.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          The only Apha Hotel I’m seeing here goes by the name Occam’s Disposable Razor. Now dispose of yourself.

  4. axelsteve says:

    That picture looks like backlash from tdl to me.

  5. axelsteve says:

    Some of those militia guys need to work on a few basics. Such as physical conditioning. Hard to be gi joe when your ass is big enough to serve lunch on.

  6. My question would have to be “Why advertise what you are doing?” “What do you gain?” Perhaps the answer will come as I actually watch the video.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      You know as well as I that arrogance is part of this show. Why would anyone who preps for survival purposes advertise anywhere. The good part is that the feds should target these guys first!

      • NWGhostRider says:

        The Watchmen grew by 10 fold, that is what was to gain.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I didn’t realize til now how invested you are with a fraternal group. If I have offended you, I do apologize. I was trying to be funny at someone else’s expense. Never a good thing.
          I meant what I said about citizens being proactive. I just wonder why the need to expose themselves to the public?
          And do all the Watchmen have the same ideology like knights of columbus, masons, or citizens watch?
          My thoughts are that NatGeo has aired so many half-baked groups lately that any group shown there has little credibility.
          What you do and what you believe is your right. It is however my right to be leery of such groups I know so little about.

        • Sarah Connor says:

          If I were the government, this would be the perfect time to join an organization like this and infiltrate it.

    • I didn’t see any of what would seem like “classified intel” in the vid. Isn’t it assumed that militias are going to drill & practice? They don’t show much if any secrets -such as their specific location, plans that aren’t obvious, their real opinions of LEOs or other militia groups.
      In a grid down, nuclear or post hurricane emergency, such groups would be useful & needed. Keep in mind, that whenever large groups gather, there are gonna be at least a few bad apples.

  7. Seems like a bunch of well meaning guys with concerns about the future of our country. My question is; “Is it real” or Government propaganda?
    If the PTB can convince the general population that nasty right wing terror organization are forming, than I guess it would be O.K. to crack down on gun owners and Tea Party members! Maybe round up The Pack?

    Repeat 100 times, “M.D. Creedmore?…never heard of him” ….Ghost ?…what kind of crazy name is that? Bam Bam, wasn’t that some cartoon?…….

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Rider of Rohan….that was some crazy character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or some such nonsense. With hobbits and ents. Ents you say? I don’t have that much time.

      • Is not the “Riders of Rohan” sort of a cavalry unit already? If I were to join, could I get one of those cool helmets like the one in your picture? I have ents in my plants!

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          In your plants? Now I know where the entwives have been hiding. After all these years the mystery of the missing entwives has finally been solved. I wonder if Treebeard is still alive, and we can finally have some little entings.

      • The Riders of Rohan were really cool guys – kinda like you!

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Thank you, Michele, they were pretty awesome. Just like you.

          • Seeing that it is St. Paddy’s, I would like to pay you a complement that an old Irishman taught me long ago.
            Rider, “you are a gentleman, a scholar, and a judge of good whiskey and woman”.

            Now where’s my helmet?

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              Ghost, follow the link below. That is where I got mine, free of charge, so there can be no complaints about the price. Leaves one some financial wiggle room for a little sip of Johnny Walker.


  8. Why do the commanders of these people are so out of shape. If they are going to lead people they need to take pride in them selves. Commander Wolf could barely move. When he got down on one knee then could hardly get up. The Florida group seemed to really be trying but why take a person who never even fired his weapon before. Those kind of people need a lot of basic weapons training. I was in the Army twice, second time in a ranger bn as a machine gunner. I have been away from weapons for a while and found when I started back I had to relearn lots of things. I will give them credit for organizing, I’m sure the security on the camp ground would have been further out and did the little attack in confined spaces for the camera. Is this a new series like doomsday prepper?

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Exactly right — use it or lose it. I would HATE to be put in a tactical situation now after 30 years of not doing that stuff. I might know the correct responses intellectually, but I’d have to actually think about it before I acted, whereas back in the day it was almost entirely instinct drummed into me by repeated practice, day after day. It would take me a good solid year of daily training and PT to even get marginally back to my old capabilities, and even then I wouldn’t stack up physically against some 18 year old with the same kind of training because I’m so old now. The only force equalizers people my age have is surprise, prior planning and maybe a few tricks the kids nowadays haven’t had to deal with in the real world (fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq is a little different than fighting in forests and croplands, so we might have some advantages from our Vietnam time and post-Vietnam Cold War training compared to folks who spent most of their time focusing on deserts and dry mountains…).

    • NWGhostRider says:

      I am a member of the Watchmen, I would just like to clarify a few things. First commander Wolf was 78 when this was made, he was out humping a pack and rifle. The commander from Ind is big and out of shape due to a severe medical condition which caused him to get a medical discharge from the Marines. The Fla group, what you saw was a bunch of new people that are being trained, most of the group did not want to be
      filmed. Something you seem to be forgetting, this is a citizens militia not the army. Some of these people work SAR and are part of CERT, most are licensed HAMs they all have a desire to serve their community.

      • BigFestiveSteve says:

        No chance in hell he was a Marine.

        • Are you?

        • Tomthetinker says:

          BFS: Ugly-ist Marine I ever knew was one Cpl John Cox. The man had to fight day in day out to stay in shape. He wanted to finish his second tour and you’d a thought he was in eternal ‘boot camp mode’. A great man that had to work at staying in shape …. that he could drop a 105 in your watch pocket was another talent that came natural. The second most outta shape active duty Marine I knew IS pvt. Mark Harold. He came to our platoon in week 4 via the Camp Pendalton ‘Fat Farm’. He pre-qualed a perfect 250 at Edson range each time we fired the course. He qualed a perfect 250 and left our platoon at Graduation for ‘further development’ at Camp Pendalton.

          I’ll repeat myself. Who am I to evaluate anyone. And like em or leave em .. you must give them due respect for getting up and ‘doing’ something. I for one simply don’t care to wear camo any more. I’ll stick to my comfort fits (cause I’m not an 18 year old recruit anymore) .. and my untucked Hawaiian shirts……….

          There is a drill at TDI Tac-shot gun training. Back turned. 15 yard sprint. Your weapon is in the dirt. fouled one way or another. In a pile of spent hulls you have three hot rounds. timer goes off. Turn & run, drop to your knees in the gravel and grovel. Recover, clear, load, 3 hits, on three different perps. Timed. The last 4 years I have done this course I have had to use my Mossy as a bloody ‘cane’ to get up. Two years ago I did this with an 82 year old retired Dentist. WE beat out 26 of 30. He beat me by 2 tenths … he cheated .. he had a Bennilli .. I have a Mossy 590A1. I’ll be there this July .. again and my knees are in worse shape. TooT TooT!

          Oh Rah for anyone that still decides to stand up and act … even if they may need help to do it.

  9. tommy2rs says:

    I just had to go check out their website. Can’t say I saw anything of value to me. The best I can say for it is at least it wasn’t a facebook site.

  10. Patro Kacego says:

    The only folks that would appear on these prepper shows are ego driven imbeciles looking for fame and approval. I hate to play the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy but in these cases I believe it is an appropriate description. As mentioned above the whole being out of shape, yet still playing like their soldiers and even being as audacious as giving themselves ranks and titles that are earned in the military. They aren’t preppers, they’re self important windbags that have nothing else to live for and the producers are milking them for every last drop of sensationalist entertainment value.

    They’re no different than the alcoholic at the bar telling obvious lies about how important & incredible they are.

    • Patro Kacego,

      “Militia” and “Prepper” are essentially two different things, even though there is some overlap between the two. For example I’m a prepper / survivalist, but I’m not part of a Militia group, also I don’t have a “compound” but a home or homestead if you will. Sure I have guns but those are for defending myself and my property and not to wage a war against anyone or to engage in military type conflict unless that contact threatens my survival and can’t be avoided.

      Militia : a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights and of the country.

      • Militia: Every citizen who is willing and able to stand up to an out of control government. Thus, the second amendment. Our forefathers were a pretty smart group of guys.

        • Michele,

          I know what a “Militia” is and like I said, I’m not a member of any declared militia group, but that does not mean that I do not support or will not defend my rights given under the U.S. Constitution.

          But I have no desire to join a declared militia group, or to take orders from a self-proclaimed four star general. Like you said every able bodied citizen is part of the “Militia” so we are all part of an undeclared Militia (no name, patches, or cool insignia needed).

          But we can do more to preserve our Constitutional rights by joining and supporting the NRA and The Tea Party and being active there than we can by playing army in the woods.

          All of these militia groups are almost guaranteed to have been infiltrated by federal law enforcement or by their informants, and could be taken down by federal forces in a couple of hours if they were so inclined.

          btw the government is already out of control…

          • Yep, I know the government is out of control – that’s why I’m active in the Convention of States.

            • Michele, what’s the “Convention of States?” Is a group that advocates states’ rights & less fed govt?

            • JeffintheWest says:

              Good for you, Michele! I am too. Just hope we can keep the initiative going!

          • Sarah Connor says:

            “All of these militia groups are almost guaranteed to have been infiltrated by federal law enforcement or by their informants, and could be taken down by federal forces in a couple of hours if they were so inclined.”

            Exactly right, M.D.!

    • NWGhostRider says:

      You saw a very small part of the Watchmen. The discovery channel approached the group, it was with great deliberation that this was done. They knew that the media was going to belittle the group and they did what they could to minimize the damage. It turned out to be a great success the Watchmen grew 10 fold after the original airing. Be critical if you like but these people did this to better our position. Not everyone wishes to be an anonymous prepper some have to stick their necks out to let others know that there are people and groups they can turn to.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        The problem I see with the watchmen or any militia (other than state appointed militia) or self proclaimed posse is their agenda. It’s a gang. Maybe they are a good gang but a gang just the same.
        The intent may be honorable, but they are making their own rules, making their own battle plans, and if the leadership gets a little off track, can turn into pointy hats or neo-na–s, without provocation.
        NRA gun clubs have teams who train and compete in all sorts of LE and military scenarios all over the country. Many have ties to LE and military, many are oath keepers, and many are prepared to defend there homes and communities should a need ever arise. I prefer these citizens who don’t have to hide behind bandanas like the bloods or crypts.
        I do understand the consternation, the frustration, of those living along a border that is so big and sparsely protected and the danger presented by some of the illegals. I’m just not convinced the watchmen are a good thing.

        • T-G-ma, according to how u use the term “gang,” the Girl Scouts, every church, civic groups like Rotary clubs & Kiwanis Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, etc are all seem like GANGS b/c they are not govt-appointed.
          What about the fact that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, & Ben Franklin were not “govt-appointed” by the British?
          Can independent militia type groups have unethical or ulterior agendas? Sure, just as any group in a free society. But that doesn’t lead me to want every group to get govt permission. Did the British use of guns lead our national forefathers to ban private gun ownership? No, they wrote the 2nd amendment but made unethical use of guns (as in robbery or murder) illegal.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I use the term “gang” too loosely. IMO belonging to the First Baptist Church is belonging to a “gang” an alliance to a group other than government sanctioned groups. I do believe there will come a time we will all have to allign ourselves with one group or another.

            • After a bit more thot, I wonder if some oathkeepers are militia members? Or would the oath not to fire on any Americans (that is one of the oaths, right?) keep or prevent them from joining a militia, since there may be times when militias may need to shoot at Americans?

  11. Texmexmix says:

    What are the best ways to form militias? Close community meet ups are good but would not want to publicize the group. I agree with commenters on keeping it on the DL.

  12. The only group of men that I would trust enough to go into harm’s way with would be the men from the church that we attend. I’ve known most of them for a long time, many are Vets or have other skills.
    I would not suggest anyone run off and join up with a bunch of guys that you don’t know, even if they call themselves something really cool like, “Creedmoor’s Commando’s” or “Rawles Rangers”!
    Now “Ghost’s Grenadiers” has a nice ring to it!

    • Or how about Bam’s Bams?

      • And we already have our mounted unit, Rider’s of
        OK< it is almost 4:30pm mountain time and I am getting giddy and cranky at the same time, I think I am ready for afternoon tea……..

    • Or with so many of us over 50, it might be Ghost’s Geriatrics.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Hey, hey, watch it there!

        What we lack in youthful prowess we make up for in experience and necessity.
        For example:
        I can still frame out a house. It may take me longer than it used to and I use a nailer in lieu of a hammer. But I know how to avoid all the mistakes I made the first few times I built a house.
        Older does not mean incapable … just different.

  13. Survivor says:

    These guys are not preppers, they are militia, self formed and without legitimacy, but proving a vital point. The TDL has hamstrung the border patrol. There is no security on the border.
    The militia would depend on the handouts of preppers to carry on with their mission. So, these heavily armed guys stroll up to your place looking for food..wait, ain’t we seen this scenario before?

    • Actually, many of the Watchmen are preppers too.

    • NWGhostRider says:

      Prepper is just a PC way of saying survivalist, and yes they are also militia. Every person in this country is militia we just form up in groups. We are constitutional militia, don’t make false claims about something you don’t know about. I know these people and you are dead wrong. We choose not to hide in a hole and hope it will all go away, we choose to stand up and say enough. Are there bad militia – yes, are the bad preppers – yes. If you wish to characterize us as evil and a bunch of fools, I can do nothing about that. Just go back and hide in your hole.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Your methodology may prove to be important to our future. I can only rely on my own experiences and what history has shown us. I don’t think the whole para-military thing is the best way.
        I do salute your patriotism and desire to make this country a better place to live.

        • I’ve gotten so old and beat up I have to rely on Experience, Technology, and Treachery just to keep up.

      • Tomthetinker says:

        NWGhostRider: Sir. A few years ago I was worked up enough to pack my generator in the pick up and head for the southern boarder. Remember the ‘Rancher’ movement. Never figured to go ground pounding with the lot of em .. more along the line of chuck wagon duty .. hydration breaks ..

        Thing is I could not get past their apparent need to dress up and act out. Mayhaps that was due to the well edited video. Your organization made a good PR move in your estimation and I am glad your numbers have increased. I hope you all have the time to cull out the Federalies and Staties.

        My 2cents … stick to first names and simple respect for appointed … or earned … position. Go Cellular. Stay out of phone trees. Gray Man uniforms. In Ohio its clean. used, short boots, comfort fit blue jeans, light jackets or hoodies in the winter and loose fit un-tucked shirts in the warmer months. Dress like your heading out to dentist … neutral. My DW adds that low heels and an oversized Coach Purse could work and that I should let her choose her top. She is right….. she could pack MD’s nightstand gun and 3 spare magazines in her Coach. The PK380 doesn’t even come close to making a bump in the side pocket.

        Oh My…. I digress.

        • mindful patriot says:

          Excellent thoughts TtT. One advantage I have with OpSec is I appear to be a ditzy housewife with the manicure, sunglasses, and Gucci on my arm. Can’t help but giggle at how well it works. No one would guess I am a prepper.

          In the interest of full disclosure, I AM ditzy at times- like when talking to my hubby on my cell I stop mid-sentence: “hold on, honey, I can’t find my phone”
          …and the Gucci bag is a fake from Mexico from a trip my mom took.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Mindful Patriot
            That’s grey woman. You and I may be cut from the same cloth. I know I am a likely target because of age and gender. I can’t out run them but they can’t outrun my bullets. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • MP,
            I look like a ditzy blonde and I am almost old enough to qualify fog ‘Ghosts Geriatrics’, but I managed to back off an unleashed pit bull that came after my pointer with nothing but attitude. We do what we have to do. Take care.

    • survivor,
      we have seen the scenario. read about King David when he and his ‘gang’ were protecting people and their property and asked for handouts. that was before he became king.

  14. As usual – like Doomsday Preppers – this is a fictionalization with the intent to make them look at crazy as possible. There are many people in the Watchmen who are not part of an organized local group, but care about the Constitution, and dislike the slow but sure annihilation of it.

    • Michele,
      Any organization that you believe in must be doing something right. You are a kind hearted patriot and I personally trust your judgement.
      I am sorry your dh was attacked. Stick around, we need you.

  15. There was a bunch or MY PEOPLE in this video! keepers of peace, freedom, liberty, bacon,jelly donuts. Ive never been so proud.

    • by the way, i just promoted myself to brigadere general.

      • And, General, I got your 6.

        • I’ll bring the table cloth.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            I’ve got the coffee!

            • mindful patriot says:

              coffee’s not coffee without the cream&sugar… I GOTCHU BRO!

              • mindful patriot says:


                • truth be told,if i wasnt an obese old SOB, i would definately throw in with some folks who tried to do more than take care of just themselves. a little orginization and practice couldnt hurt anyone in any way.

                  • mindful patriot says:

                    Awaiting orders, SIR!

                  • JP in MT says:

                    When I was 165 and on active duty I was considered marginal with my weight. I was wide int he shoulders and could handle my share of the heavy lifting.

                    Now, have been “flying a desk” for most of the last 20 years, and being 230+ the idea of me getting all camo’d up and running through the woods strikes me as something from a Monte Python movie.

                    I’ll guard the bacon! The enemy shall not capture our stocks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • with you and b.c. guarding the bacon there won’t be any stocks.

                    • JP Thanks for the smile. I have thought about this issue several times. Don’t think I can outrun anyone at my age even though still active on the homestead. I have also thought about could I shoot during a house invasion. My worst case scenario. I have walked through the activitiy so many times, I know I can do what needs to be done. Just do not ask me to run to the woods and do evasive procedures. At least not with a movie camera in hand.

      • BC,
        How can I join your group of patriotic bacon lovers? I have tactical bacon on the shelf, and I can make gluten free donut holes, if that helps.

        • JP in MT says:


          I hope your gluten free baking forays are better than mine. If I made donut holes, the government would accuse me of manufacturing sling stones!

          • JP,
            I had to figure out the treat thing when my teen son was diagnosed. He was dying for a cookie.
            Try the gluten free bisquik…there is a recipe for donut holes on the Betty Crocker website that uses it. You have to create a username to access it. The gf bisquik also makes great snicker doodles and lemon pound cake. And whole paycheck sells premade gf pie shell that is to die for…
            Betty Crocker also makes a gf cake mix in yellow and chocolate. You can use these as a base for red velvet cake or pineapple upside down cake or carrot cake.
            Good luck!

          • mindful patriot says:

            JP- lol sling stones…

  16. recoveringidiot says:

    All I have to say is a man has to know his limitations and I have many.

  17. Rider of Rohan says:

    I’m not going to condemn these guys from my climate-controlled room sitting in front of a computer. They’re doing something. It may not be enough, but it’s something. All of us need to do something as well if we want anything to remain. The front lines are in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and California. Those who said they didn’t want to take our guns are now taking our guns. Those who said they would never disarm us are now disarming us. Time is short, friends.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      The front line is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…

    • if you have training it is a pity to let it go to waste. you may be old but you can always hand it on to the young ones. it is good for these militiamen to give it their best.

  18. MentalMatt says:

    Sorry to stick my nose in this but I have met and attended meetings form the Michigan Milita. They have been nothing but law abiding, freedom loving people who do nothing but preach the constitution. Never have they discussed or mentioned anything that could be considered illegal. I’m sorry I didn’t get back you earlier MD, and no I didn’t sent this to your e mail, in my humble opinion this is how you can maybe lose a blog, first it was way too much anti- cop, dude it was non stop, and hell me and BC even made peace, ( he has some good video’s on YouTube, thanx BC), now you have treasured members talking about walking away, Michelle you will be missed. Just my 2 cents. God Bless

    • MentalMatt,

      I never said that they were not law abiding or that I did not support what they are trying to do – what I said was that I am not nor do I want to join a “declared” Militia group and that I think we can do more good and have a better chance at taking back and preserving the rights that we have left by other methods and organizations. If I did not support what they are trying to do I would not have posted the video and thus given them a load of free publicity.

      Below are a few reasons that I personally, would not want to join such a group but if you do that’s great go for it – they say gitmo is nice this time of the year…

      Militia Accused of Plotting War on U.S. Gov’t
      FBI raids centered on stopping militia group’s police-killing plot

      I’m sure that most members are law abiding citizens and don’t want to kill police or go to war with the U.S. government and that these are just a few of the bad apples – but the federal government see’s all such groups as a potential terrorist threat, and each member as an enemy combatant and most likely have them under surveillance.

      As for what you see as “anti-cop” I see as anti police corruption and brutality and by posting about it we are bringing awareness to the problem and offering a ways to protect ourselves and hopefully keeping those officers honest and non abusive. If you think that is wrong then oh well…

      This blog is about prepping and keeping my readers (The Wolf Pack) safe and prepared, and that is my number one priority, no matter what that threat may be even if it is police brutality or getting caught up in an FBI raid at a Militia compound.

      As for “losing a blog”, when the emails in my inbox are over 200 in the past three weeks showing their support and 6 complaining – well you can do the math…

      If you don’t like what is posted here, and don’t want to skip over what you personally don’t like, then by all means go somewhere else that is better suited to you and your own personal goals. I’m not going to change my beliefs or have my right to freedom of speech denied on my own blog just because someone does not like what I have to say.

  19. axelsteve says:

    I am more of a greyman type. I do not plan to ever wear cammies of any type. I would rather wear colors that blend in the back ground .I would rather have a marlin 60 slung over my shoulder in the boonies or maybe a bolt action rifle then be clad in cammies and poodle shooting gear.I would rather be seen as a civilian then a combata
    ent. As far as the watchmen go I hope that they keep with current ideology.

  20. JeffintheWest says:

    In the end, it doesn’t matter what we wear or how we look or anything else — what matters is what we have inside and whether or not we’ll stand up for what we believe in. I think most of us on here will, when the chips are down.

  21. I wasn’t even going to watch this, however, now that I have read every comment, and the ensuing hub bub, I will have to. Apparently, that will need to be done on you tube, I just tried to dvr the show and the show is unavailable. Hmm, now I am curious.

  22. Some of you folks had better grow some thicker skin. Look back over this whole column – in reality, other than us all mouthing off about what we do or do not like; what is right, what isn’t; who’s a troll, who’s a patriot; name one good thing we have learned about prepping for emergencies or disasters. Looks like the government won’t have to worry about us – get us all together and we’ll kill each other because some one’s feelings would get hurt or some one would have a different outlook or opinion. We best all stand together or we will surely all hang alone.

  23. Priscilla says:

    I was glad to hear some of you mention the Convention of States. I fully support this idea and am proud that my state of Oklahoma is addressing the issue in our state legislature. Also our Senator Coburn who is leaving the senate before the end of his term, ( he can’t see things changing in DC by either party) will be going to different states to promote the Convention of States. On a state level we need to all educate ourselves on the process of “nullification” Our states do NOT have to abide by the edicts of the federal government that we deem unconstitutional.

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