You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Have A One Of a Kind Survival Library

Now Available!

Join us and Kick-Start Your Preps and Broaden Your Survival Skills With Our Complete Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Homesteading Library on One Convenient CD.

If you plan to survive TEOTWAWKI but have put off building a survival library because of the cost or time involved – you’re not alone.

It’s The End of the World as We Know It – And I feel Fine, is a massive library of over 112 reference books, reports and manuals designed to help you prepare for any disaster, become self-reliant or build a homestead. This massive CD library will help you survive.

This CD has all the knowledge you will need to survive any disaster:

1. A massive amount of information with thousands of pages all in one covenant location
2. All manuals are complete and include all illustrations, photos and diagrams and were hand-picked by me for content and usefulness.
3. Includes the revised edition of my book “It’s The End of the World as We Know It – And I feel Fine”
4. Easy to Use — All manuals are in PDF Format and can be viewed with Adobe reader. If you don’t have Adobe you can download it for free here.
5. These manuals have been put on CD to save you time and money.
6. Books and manuals can easily be printed from any printer and bound into book form by putting in a binder or folder.
7. This CD will work even if the internet is unavailable or shutdown

Remember the most important survival tool is your knowledge, no matter how much stuff or gear you have, you will not survive without the knowledge to put it to use or make do if your “stuff” is no longer available. The knowledge is here what you do with it is up to you…

What This CD Covers

I’ve designed this CD to be a one stop source for survival, emergency preparedness and homesteading information – when you open the files, you’ll find detailed information covering a vast array subjects, subjects ranging from canning produce, drying, smoking and preserving food, gardening, composting, building a cheap greenhouse, building a root cellar, first-aid, raising chickens, rabbits, ducks and goats, butchering, heating with wood, field-dressing a deer, outdoor survival, trapping, shooting handguns and rifles, plumbing, camo, combat tactics, building a cheap fallout shelter, hand to hand fighting, apple cider production, building a chicken house, pruning fruit trees, tanning hides, boobytraps and more. Much more…

How to Use this CD in your preps

This CD was designed to help you save time and money – it includes the new updated version of my book “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – And I feel Fine” plus 112 of the best government and university books, reports and manuals, all hand-picked by me for usefulness.

  • A wealth of survival information available even if the internet is no longer available
  • Each book, report and manual is in PDF format with photos and diagrams ready for printing
  • After printing you can bind each in its own folder or binder so it is always available

The great thing about “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – And I feel Fine” is that you can do it at your own pace and in your own way.

Who is this CD for?

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – And I feel Fine is for survivalist at different stages of prepping including:

  • those who have just started prepping but who don’t know what to do next
  • those who have been prepping for a while but have stalled
  • anyone wanting to collect information that will help them survive a disaster
  • people with little available space for books and other related materials
  • those wanting to have information available if the internet goes down (or shutdown)

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – And I feel Fine” just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you plan, prepare and survive. All you have to do is send the CD back and I’ll quickly refund your money.

Get “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – And I feel Fine” by hitting the following button:

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Wow! Just checked my paypal account and it showed 27 orders over the past four hours. They will all be shipped first thing in the morning.

  2. Tomthetinker says:

    Well hell MD make mine #28

  3. Absolutely fantastic idea, a real time saver & well worth the money to have it all in one location!

    Did you include any SHTF/TEOTWAWKI Rap songs?

    Never mind, I may be on to something here ….

  4. One for me and one for my son…thanks for all your efforts!

  5. I can only imagine how much time it took you to assemble all this info – thank you for sharing it. And nice motivator with the price change! [g]

    Choosing where to start reading looks to be the hard part. It also makes the whole ebook/pdf reader *way* more tempting (the lure of best selling novels has been easy to resist).

  6. I told myself I’d already spent too much money recently…..arg. Tis too tempting. This can be my prep for the next several weeks though. That’s how I’m justifying it.

  7. Is this the same cd I bought from you earlier, or a new one?

  8. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    MD, I’d like to send you payment via mail. I still have your mailing address from last December when I sent you a small donation. Does the price of $19.99 include shipping? If so, I’ll send you a payment by snail mail if that’s OK with you. Sounds like a great CD and I’d sure like to get a copy.

  9. What a bargain this is and all of that information in one “compact” place! I will be eagerly checking the mail box for mine. Thank you. I wish you loads and loads of successful sales.

  10. old hippie says:

    just ordered 2
    remember back up your back up
    sounds like a good deal
    more info in less space

  11. Rhonda Sue says:

    I just ordered it!I am gonna print it all out over time. I just might get my grown kids a copy soon also. I am really lookin’ forward to it,M.D……..I cant imagine time and effort you put into this for us.Thank you.

  12. Luddite Jean says:

    MD, are you shipping to the UK?

  13. Why not offer a digital download option that utilizes the open ePub format for those of us that believe optical devices are a way of the past? It could easily sit on someone’s flash drive and be accessed a hell of a lot easier on more devices than this.

    • For one the download would be huge!

      • Tomthetinker says:

        My mind is awash……. MD! How big of a zip drive will I need to back this up on?

        • ‘Zip drive’ makes me think of the really old hard drive/portable storage things. Lol.

          You could copy it to your hard drive or copy the image, which ever. I find it hard to believe that you don’t have access to a computer with a CD drive – try the library.

  14. Where can I find out a list of contents for this item?

  15. Stardusthill says:

    Have had most of my preps under control for a while. I know what to do with the stuff, but my daughters if something were to happen to me don’t have much of a clue. With this CD they will have the opportunity to take advantage of my preparations. Thanks for all of your hard work. Mike

  16. Just ordered mine too. This counts for “what I did to prep this week”.

    Can’t wait until the movie (DVD) version comes out.

  17. Stardusthill says:

    Got to thinking about how good I was on the computer and ordered a backup CD. I can watch and play with one and probably erase it and send one to my daughters untouched. Read James Kunstlers article for today. Find it on MD’s links. Good article. Everyone keep up the good work.

  18. I’ve got my order in too. I have tons of this stuff bookmarked and or downloaded but even if the content you have completely overlaps mine (and I’m sure it won’t) it’s still worth the money just to have it all on one CD. Thanks MD!

  19. Mr C

    Thanks. Great pricing, for what I’m sure will be useful info. I’ve enjoyed the blog and tidbits for the last year or so, so I trust the info will BE info. Your post on “Top Ten Over-Rated Books” is unfortunately spot on. Read them all. Pedantic or so generalized that it’s a waste of paper.

    Saxons’ siggestion on Thermos Cooking is a good one ….

    the only one

  20. The Other Ellen says:

    Add one more to the list… Thanks, MD. I’m certain this is going to come in handy very soon.

  21. AZ rookie prepper says:

    Just ordered, gonna count this towards my “What did I do to prep this week” as I am not going to get much else done. Tomorrow I get to have two ingrown toenails removed… I wont be moving around much after that.

  22. Annie Nonymous says:

    Add me to your list… We’re just starting out, but I’m looking forward to adding this to my “ipad library” of necessary and important stuff, when it all becomes necessary and important! Thank you for pulling this together… and as my kid says, keeping it real!


  23. NEWBIE ordered hers!!

  24. OH! Do any of you make colloidal silver? If so, do you have a step by step TRIED and TRUE method? I’m interested in learning (been buying from a girl for $20 a quart) and would like to cut that cost…thanks in advance…

  25. farmergirl55 says:

    I want to order one of these but the Add to Cart link isn’t working for me. Any suggestions?

  26. Was ready to purchase at $19.95 but the shopping cart said $29.95.

    • D.W.

      The sale price ended today – the sale price was to give readers a chance to get the CD for a discount.

    • I was going to order it today as well and say that it went up to $29.95. When I read it the first time I thought it said the sale would last thru the 20th.

  27. Maybe DW was thinking the price was good through midnight???

  28. MD – realize that your are up to your proverbial alligators but could you confirm that you received my e-mail request for a CD – usually I get a confirmation of receipt notice from you and did not receive one.


  29. My thinking was that it was midnight that it expired, but due to the price increase I decided not to get one.

    Mr. Creekmore, next time, please put the time and time zone it expires.


  30. I thought it was midnight too!! Now’s the only time I had to order it. 🙁 oh well.

  31. Hey, M.D.
    I was among those who thought your introductory sale ended at midnight. I remember your wording indicating that the price would go back to $30 after Feb. 20, not on.
    Please extend the sale or notify us of an upcoming one.

    Thanks again for all the knowledge you share.

    • go,

      I had to raise the price to slow down orders so I could catch up – why did you wait untill the last hour to order anyway? That is kind of like the people who wait for a disaster to happen then run to the supermarket to stock up…

  32. I have recieved my order, as of this morning.

  33. I was waiting for a deposit to post so I could order it. I don’t spend money I don’t have. Ohh well

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