Understanding the difference in preppers: in place of the Weekly Review

Understanding what prepping is all about is a simple enough statement, right? Sadly, this is not the case, there are two distinct camps among people who prepare. Doomsday prepping and lifetime prepping.

Trigger warning for those who are easily offended, the following is my opinions, they do not represent the owner of this website and are simply my opinions based on observations over decades if interactions with both types of “preppers.”

Among the two camps there are some subgroups, Doomsday preppers are divided among those who believe the world will end by any number of major man-induced or natural events, and when we say the world will end. They firmly believe that it will be done, over with, back to the stone age or in a worst-case scenario to extinction level events. Many doomsday preppers are suburban, high middle to upper class individuals who rarely have the time to research so rely on others to do it for them. They have rarely if ever spent any real time experiencing life without, and tend to be quite vocal without any real substance to support their meanderings. Doomsday preppers rarely allow any alternative thought, in fact are quite a bit more likely to challenge others versus attempt to learn. The opposite to this within the doomsday prepping community is the follower mentality, those individuals who are rarely capable of original thought and are followers of others in every arena.

Lifetime prepping individuals tend to be far more easy-going and almost always a bit easier to reason with and discuss things with. They understand things happen, and because of this they are often willing to try different approaches to better adapt and deal with the realities of life. This is personal experience of course, lifetime preppers understand that food is not pre-packaged it comes from animals and plants, they understand work is necessary to better ones life not just money and more importantly, they almost to a T are willing to change their views when faced with reality. Lifetime preppers often were born and raised on farms, ranches and occasionally inner urban (poverty level low middle class) areas, they have faced major events their entire lives and instead of fearing what may come they prepare for what has occurred as it generally happens again.

The one most important aspect of lifetime preppers is that they are staunchly individual, likely to vigorously debate topics of interest and generally quite interesting as they are also original thinkers. They do not generally require a leader, and in fact tend to reject the premise that one is needed in any type of group setting, preferring instead to rely on a firm well put together group of like minds who all have valuable skill sets.

The following will describe in detail the differences between the two types of prepping persons or individuals.

A very large and interesting market sprung up in 1997-99 when people first started spreading the nonsense regarding Y2K. These individuals form the base of the doomsday prepper market led by interesting characters, most of whom grew up in large West or East Coast cities and eventually moved to the “country” following major life changes or in advance of predicted yet still immaterial catastrophic events. In almost every single case, these individuals are political science majors (studying politics is enough to scare the pants off anyone) and sometimes, but rarely, 3-6 year military officers who all of whom use this to peddle their approach to the world. Instilling fear in others by reminding them of what may happen, and yes, does happen. Life is more than fear, and for this reason alone I generally look at doomsday preppers as a niche no better than race baiting and rape hysteria types that drum up millions of dollars on legitimate, but often misquoted information without a full story being seen.

As with every prophet type since the beginning of recorded history for mankind, they are generally always wrong, but just right enough in some areas that people hang on their every word. Speaking in generalizations and sometimes even specifically, making claims about what if’s and worse, eventually believing their own preaching, they tend to end up isolating themselves as invisible and rarely seen enemies attack them and their websites. They talk about what you should be doing and if you dare disagree, their large following will often ostracize and do its best to run your name through the mud. This is a common approach that is seen in many cult-type approaches. Not just prepping. Using a generally enigmatic personality and shadowy, rarely actually substantial background in any one area, they will rally around them a core group of individuals who firmly believe every single word they speak.

Sadly, many who fall for these individuals teaching and approaches will often find themselves going into debt (even though it is taught that debt is bad, sending them money is essential to keep the word going out) and on the backs of others labor, they will build a personal empire of “knowledge” ensuring that there is some valid information always available. This lends validity to their profile even though in most cases what they personally know is minimal at best. Having met many of these individuals, I have sadly come to the realization that they as individuals are quite often narcissistic and in many cases, have failed as politicians or worse, turning to the fringes to pick low hanging or already fallen and spoiled fruit.

There was once a chance for a certain individual to prove their abilities with me. I committed to a certain number of things which I fulfilled. They on the other hand, did not fulfill their end of the deal, choosing instead to engage in petty lying and typically narcissistic behaviors. Since this time and others, I have become quite wary of others claims, and will verify, validate and even test them regularly. Having been raised in a rural area where it was understood that our word was our bond, the urban approach was something that took me, sadly, quite a while to learn. (By urban I mean that urbanites and suburbanites tend to be less likely to allow little things like honoring one’s word get in the way of their goals. Again, my opinion, however, anyone who has lived in both worlds can easily see how I may come to this conclusion)

In other instances, I have met and shot with individuals who are treated as gods (little g) by their followers in the arena of shooting, and while I was on pain medication and sometimes with a picc* line installed, easily out-shot them all. Obviously, it was good fortune on my part. Where I am going with this should be obvious, I do not appreciate nor do I like “Doomsday” prepper mentalities. I avoid people who preach any number of approaches in this area. As many have seen here, often being challenged in their perceptions with reality leaving them scrabbling about and or leaving for less mentally fertile pastures. I could go on into the subgroups, but all one need do is Google prepping and read. Yes, people are quite serious about their ability to survive what they deem to be the greatest threat at the moment or they have been indoctrinated into believing what is the greatest threat. I cannot discount some of their theories, however, given that my life is over half-way done at this point, I fail to see the purpose of living in fear of what will statistically not happen, (and even if it does, I couldn’t survive anyhow – and neither will they).

As an individual, I am not a cruel person. I find no real pleasure in hurting other humans and have never really been good with hurting other living things. I have however, as most rurally raised children do, come to an understanding that it is necessary at times. We must eat, we must clothe ourselves, and at times we must defend ourselves and what is ours. My verbal and (if you know me in person), physical lack of emotion when certain events occur is a shielding mechanism and necessary. So, to this end I introduce the second major prepping type.

Lifetime Prepping is the term that has been applied to the group of individuals who understand that natural events occur daily around the world, as well as any number of man-caused events that can cause major shifts in our lives. This is what they mean when they talk about SHTF or TEOTWAWKI. You see it doesn’t take much to disrupt one’s life to the point where they end up on the street, homeless and friendless, in today’s society of what quite honestly can be deemed, fools. Many lifetime preppers grew up in rural areas and have already faced numerous floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, droughts, and even insect infestations that killed an entire year’s worth of crops. Some lifetime preppers grew up in urban conditions, but unlike the average “Doomsday” prepper was not middle class and up, they grew up scrabbling for a meal and learned early on the value of warm food and clothing, not to mention the need for shelter and clean water.

Lifetime prepper types are almost always more open-minded to other’s approaches, listening to them and adding what will work individually, while discarding what won’t work for them. Unlike “Doomsday” prepper types, they will rarely be seen throwing fits on-line or in person if their opinions are not given full sway in the arena they have chosen. Everyone is human and you will find that given certain triggers (almost always family and or personal integrity / honor attacks) even lifetime prepper types will get quite heated. Though I long ago came to realize, these are people who do not simply shout, they generally bite quite a bit harder than they bark.

Lifetime preppers are generally decent, individually-minded people, who have a local community/tribe/family/MAG that they belong too and are active within. Unlike other approaches, these groups have no written rules, roles or member lists. Rather they understand that everyone has areas that they are good at and share that knowledge with the others, understanding that this is a benefit to themselves personally, and to the group by default.

Though this next statement may be provocative, I would suggest that fear should never be a driving factor in any individuals desire to be prepared for what may happen. Rather, the guide should be a simple knowledge that things happen and it’s better to be ready than not.

Understanding what prepping is all about. It has extremes like any named function humans operate within, however, it also has vast benefits for those who embrace the idea that they may need more than a fire extinguisher if they live in Florida. If flooding is possible and likely, a shallow drafted boat would be a solid investment. Personally, I prefer having things I may never use, to needing things I do not have.

If you have thoughts to add, please do so. I enjoy learning from others!

*picc line is simply a line attached through the artery in the inside of your upper arm, directing the line into or next to the heart to allow a continuous and steady flow of medications from a battery operated pump. I have had two of these so far, due to major polybacterial (multiple bacteria including MRSA) – both times I had the picc lines for 6-10 weeks, the second time it began with a week in the hospital (one I do not remember) with sepsis shock (infection related toxic shock) and a white blood cell count over 60,000) I credit my wife and amazing doctors for their work and her gentle yet firm guidance around my stubbornness.

Free the mind and the body will follow.

About Jesse Mathewson

Arizona since 86', lifetime prepper, camper - criminal justice advanced degrees, numerous certifications, 1+ million rounds (shooting for decades), prior contractor, instructor, current volunteer, disabled, honest, father of two husband of one - all budget and prepared. Jesse Mathewson reviews because regular people need someone in their corner as well!


  1. I live in a city but I like to think of myself as a ‘lifetime prepper’ rather than a doomsday prepper.

    I see the difference in the doomsday prepper buying only freezedried food, guns and bullets.

    And while I do have (lots) of food put away, and guns and bullets, I also have been doing other things. I have a stockpile of heirloom seeds. I’ve learned to hunt, dress, and skin the animals. I have put rainwater collection on my (admittedly small) property as well I have fruit trees and berry bushes on my property. I have a small network of friends and a few places not near cities I can go to if it really goes to heck.

    Hopefully those things will make a difference if an when it happens.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Mike, I also currently live in a city and agree 🙂

    • Mike,

      Hopefully those things will make a difference if an when it happens.

      No doubt, keeping in mind that “it” could be as simple as a multi-day power outage or a freak rain or snow storm.
      Also the firearms instructor in me has to say it:
      I suspect you have guns and ammunition because if you only have bullets, they are not of much use unless you reload.
      IMHO, nomenclature is important.
      In any case, anything you do above the ordinary puts you in better shape than 90+% of the population.

      • Hi OP, I’ve noticed over at least the last year or two that some people who clearly know better have been referring in print to cartridges as ‘bullets’. I have no idea why: I expect it from reporters and Hollywood, but not from knowledgable long time gun folk. Yet they do. No idea why.

  2. patientmomma says:

    Nice article, thanks. “It is better to have it and not need it; than to need it an not have it.”

  3. Jesse-
    Interesting and in our case spot on. DH grew up on a farm and I fall into the urban not wealthy class. My food prep is driven from nights as a child with a growling empty stomach. The other preps from a life of experiences, some great but others terrible. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  4. I don’t see the clear brite line between types of preppers. What would be interesting is to define the risks and assign odds that it may happen in our lifetime. Certainly we will have a major economic collapse sometime. Certainly based on history we will have a major war sometime. Certainly with a dozen countries having nukes they will be used in the event of world war. Certainly there are political and climate/weather events that could create a major worldwide famine. All of these and more are quite possible to likely. So which prepping is correct?

    • We are also long overdue for a pandemic flu. LOL Maybe I am a doomsday prepper.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        One guy, BamBam-

        Here are a few scientific factoids –

        1. Pandemics are quit regular however, most are stopped prior too killing everyone- simply by clean living and cleaner eating. From the plague of Athens (600 bce/bc approx) to Black Plague and Spanish Influenza in 1900s there has been a pandemic every 50-100 years or so. Concern, sure, sole reason for prepping? Nope, fear has killed far more than those plagues/pandemics ever have.
        2. Nuclear war- simply untenable, though possible- doubtful- if so- none of us have the financial ability to avoid some sort of fallout. [Fiscal through physical]
        3. EMPs natural or man made – every 50-70 years major Carrington style events have been recorded, eg., equatorial tribes and stories regarding sky turning red – again. Absolutely happens, and again, I do not fear it. Life is far from enjoyable without adding unnecessary fears to it.
        4. World wars/ contrary to modern thought large scale conflicts and mass murder did NOT exist prior to abrahamic/barbarism religions advent and city state governments,since their advent not a single year has passed without conflict resulting in tens of thousands dead minimum each time
        5. Economic collapse…am I the only one who would enjoy said event? Historically there have been many, and every time humanity has benefited in the end. – short generally extremely short periods of chaos (chaos is NOT anarchy) with a generally overall profitable period for all following until some new group of thieves in suits gathers weak minded individuals to enforce their arbitrary laws and things go back to heading down hill.

        I didn’t discount any of the possibilities, I simply do not see any benefit in living in fear or driven by fear.

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          Fear? Do most preppers spend their days in fear? I personally have no data on that one way or the other. Certainly I don’t spend my days in fear of the unknown, but I’m a Christian and know my ultimate future.

          Regarding pandemics. You would be wise not to discount them. The medical and scientific universe points absolutely to problems in the future. Antibiotics are being way over used. To say a large pandemic couldn’t or won’t kill millions is to deny science…in my humble opinion. Preparing in case there is one so that you can have a chance to save yourself and the ones you hold dear seems very logical to me.

          • GeorgiaPeachie,
            On Pandemics you state:

            in my humble opinion. Preparing in case there is one so that you can have a chance to save yourself and the ones you hold dear seems very logical to me.

            I agree; but, I would add that living away from population centers and having enough skills and resources on hand to hunker down until the pandemic burns itself out, and they always do, is perhaps the best way to survive.

            • GeorgiaPeachie says:

              OP, totally agree with you! We moved a few years ago to outside a very small town. If a pandemic comes our way, we will ride it out shut off from everyone.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                Exactly! Really a key difference is mentality, ability and adaptability- eg., you said it well GP:)

                • GeorgiaPeachie says:

                  Thank you Jesse! I know I’m on the right track when a long time survivalist/Prepper agrees with me!

            • Bam Bam says:

              The best way to survive a pandemic flu is to shut the gate–no one in, no one out. Survive off your skills and preps.

          • The black plague pandemics (three or more different events) occurred in the 14th century. Between those three pandemics more people were killed than the entire world’s population at that time. It would be a mistake to under estimate how serious a pandemic “could” be

            • OneGuy,
              I think use of the black plague as an example is a straw man.
              Back during that plague caused by Yersinia Pestis, no one knew what caused it and superstition ran amuck. Cats were killed, especially the black ones destroying the only real way to curb the rats whose fleas carried the bacteria.
              This was long before we understood the germ theory of disease, before we understood proper sterilization and sanitation, and long before the age of antiviral and antibacterial medications.
              Even the 1918 flu pandemic was 10+ years prior to antibiotics, so this is another often used straw man that doesn’t IMHO hold any real water for the argument.

            • Marivene says:

              Black Plague is alive & well in the prairie dog populations in eastern Utah, & probably in their locations as well.

              • Marivene,

                Black Plague is alive & well in the prairie dog populations in eastern Utah, & probably in their locations as well.

                No doubt; the difference is that we now understand how it spreads, have ways to mitigate the carriers, and have treatment and cures for infected persons.
                We also understand that except in the pneumonic forms of the bacterial infection, it is not generally transmitted human to human.

        • Hi Jesse,
          (chaos is NOT anarchy) Thank you. Few people have a true understanding of what Anarchy is or requires, Voluntary association, Mutual cooperation, 110% Personal responsibility. You can find everyday Anarchy in every city, town and crossroads of America. Think voluntary firefighters, voluntary emergency medical personal, individuals that voluntarily come together in time of crisis to solve the problem and then return to their homes to resume their individual responsibilities as a member of the human race.
          There are two kinds of people on this planet, the producers an the parasites. The definition of a producer is an individual who provides a goods or service that someone is “willing to pay for” not forced to pay for.
          Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on your experiences. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
          Respectfully yours,

          • The Gospel According to GROVER

            The only legitimate justification for the use of FORCE is The Preservation and Protection of LIFE, Everyones Life. The Preservation and Protection of LIBERTY, Everyones Liberty. The Preservation and Protection of JUSTLY Acquired PROPERTY. Everyones JUSTLY Acquired Property.

            Now Capitol Offense does not necessarily mean that the Individual has reached their expiration date.

            • Jesse Mathewson says:

              Grover, I like that- I recently (about 3 years ago) simplified it for myself, has made things quite easy to address deal with and adapt too-

              If it be voluntarily agreed upon by all individuals involved, it is always morally right. If even one does not agree, it cannot be morally right.

              Eg., applied in groups, couples regardless situation or scenario.

              • cndnathan says:

                I think you need to add a few qualifications : full knowledge and the four causes: good intent , good means, good object and good agent.

                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  Cndnathan, I used too however. I refuse to guide others that are also their own person…and would only council that all decisions be made utilizing critical thinking, however, again- because each of us is our own person…I cannot tell someone else how to live-

                  Obvious caveats, while some younger humans or mentally challenged humans are incapable of making full rational decisions (eg., cannot without direct guidance voluntarily acquiesce to anything) some can… regardless…if you look at it and take it literally-

                  One cannot take advantage…voluntary acquiescence requires zero cajoling, pressures etc ., right? It also obviously, requires full individual moral agency?

                  Basically, I am a firmly, fully logical individual and do not write anything I mean to be interpreted, merely to taken at face value. To interpret what I write is too re-write it-as use current commonly accepted definitions, I feel it is quite clear.

                  Hope that helps 🙂

                • cndnathan,

                  I think you need to add a few qualifications : full knowledge

                  And I think full knowledge would also include an age qualifier since in general a 12 year old cannot make the same mature decisions as a 22 year old.

                  • Jesse Mathewson says:

                    Again, some, regardless if they cannot voluntarily consent (eg., any external attempts to persuade generally remove voluntary from the equation. 🙂

                    • Jesse,

                      if they cannot voluntarily consent

                      I agree and if all men were angels we would need no laws, law enforcement personnel, military forces or contracts and lawyers. Everyone could follow your intent and handshakes would be all we needed.
                      If all men were angels that is.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      OP, true tis why I tend to live the carry it because I don’t want to use it approach:)

          • I think this is the real distinction–producers versus parasites.

        • Jesse,

          Clean living cannot stop a pandemic flu. If we get a significant viral threat, there is nothing folks can do other than shut the gate and not let anyone leave or enter.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            BB, clean living =’s No contact with unknowns use of bio suits etc., 😉

            I have two cases of tyveks suits/booties/nitrile gloves and a case of n95 masks 🙂

            I know without a negative pressure house and zero wind one is never truly safe in a pandemic situation…so…original point stands. ..

            • cndnathan says:

              Positive pressure !

              I found a system cnb system that meets all needs for about 8k. .. beyond my budget

              • cndnathan says:
              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                Cndnathan definitely- (arrgg positive pressure yes) good catch thanks!

                And please share? Or maybe even write an article about it? Would be amazing addition for people

              • cndnathan,
                A positive pressure quarantine facility can be made with some simple fans, filters, vusqueen and duct tape. A simple Google search will find numerous versions with which to start, such as:
                Air Filters: Working All the Time

                Area Air Purification, Part 1: Making a Clean Room


                • Jesse Mathewson says:

                  Generally still has to have fans and pumps attached for positive pressure/ still costing sadly more than I have-this being said, I do have and will continue to keep on hand 10ml, plastic rolls with plenty of gorilla brand duct tape, – though in all fairness, odds are good you may have been exposed by the time you hear about it. Again leading to my original explanation, not to fear it and to be smart (clean) in daily living-

                  I also keep ten filled sandbags/and several hundred empties, available-with pre cut 3/4 plywood (and view ports) for Windows, overkill- maybe- but smart …better to have and not need than…

                  (Have 2x4s and drop in crossbar etc , for entryway 🙂

                  • I zeroed in on your caveat, “though in all fairness, odds are good you may have been exposed by the time you hear about it.” I learned that the 1918 flu epidemic was called the ‘Spanish flu’, because the other countries, USA included, suppressed the news of the extent of the epidemic, but Spain did not. “To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.[17][18] However, papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII).[19] This reporting dichotomy created a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit,[20] thereby giving rise to the pandemic’s nickname, Spanish Flu.” (Wikipedia). So, you are spot on when you say, “odds are good you may have been exposed by the time you hear about it.”

                  • Jesse,

                    though in all fairness, odds are good you may have been exposed by the time you hear about it

                    Possibly true; but, this is at least one reason I volunteer with our county EMA and our county emergency medical response corps.
                    I have not only amateur radio plus numerous public service agency contacts and help with communications for all of them and that can give someone a slight edge since we are often given confidential data in order to be ready for support of upcoming issues. This information is also useful for personal plans.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      Smart thinking…though, our government has many times over proven they prefer to lie or cover than tell the truth- hope you are able to get decent info 🙂

      • Dude. You chase water moccasins in a tank. You are totally doomsday.

        :0 😉

    • “All of these and more are quite possible to likely. So which prepping is correct?”

      With approximately 3-5% of the total population that prepare (maybe), and the fact that the world is gone completely NUTS!!!!

      There is no ‘correct’ or incorrect preparing.


      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        NRP, I would agree some is always better than none,

      • NRP,

        Which one is correct? You need to look at your own circumstances . . . can you provide for your family during a hurricane if you lost power for four or five days? That is the start.

      • NRP,
        Not to toot my own horn; but, I would recommend you look up my article on the Threat Matrix on this site, or look at my response to One Guy that has that article link in the threads of this article.

    • OneGuy,

      So which prepping is correct?

      All of them or perhaps none of them, since it’s a very personal thing.
      If you look in the archives of this forum you’ll find my article on the threat matrix which is a good place for all new preppers to start, and for seasoned prepper to use as an evaluation tool.

    • I unexpectedly lost my job, once–and couldn’t find a job for 6 months. There were SOME jobs available, but the state in which is live is the poorest in the nation, and most jobs pay minimum wage, and larger companies have an HR person who specializes in Food stamp applications to guarantee that their employees can afford to take a minimum wage position. Didn’t want those jobs–OR food stamps. One potential employer had pink cheeks, and clearly wasn’t even shaving every day, who informed me that I “wouldn’t be comfortable” in their sales office, as my coworkers would be in their late 20’s-early 30’s, and theirs was a “competitive” sales office. Of course, my resume pointed out that I’d had only 3 different jobs in over 30 years, all had been commission sales positions, and I’d never before been unemployed in my entire life at that point, and had always earned $55-60k/year, year in and year out, with NATIONAL sales awards. Because I had prepped heavily in anticipation on Y2K, I had lots of canned foods that I could eat, needing only to add fresh meat to my diet. Even found I could trap pigeons,and if cooked long enough, were just like Mourning Doves. Just BIGGER. Those preps are all gone now, but I’ve availed myself of more–unemployment could happen at any time…

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Leonard, exactly-perfect example and understood- “it” happens, thank you for sharing a difficult story 🙂 glad things worked out for you

  5. I have never been to a “prepper conference” so the only knowledge I have about Doomsday Preppers is from the TV show of the same name. I think that show did a total disservice to the prepper community. They picked whackjobs and filed and edited to make them look even weirder. I do wonder if there could be very many Doomsday preppers out there. (I don’t know.)

    I think a little fear is a good thing. I started prepping before I had ever heard the word “prepper”. Living in hurricane country, I got the basic supplies when I moved out on my own. I grew up poor (living out of our garden poor), so I always had extra food stashed away.

    But it was the failure of the Russian wheat crop in 2010 and the ensuing Arab Spring that caught my attention. In 2010 Russia banned exports of wheat so what crops they did produce could feed their own countrymen. That led to food shortages in the Middle East, and it was food shortages that sparked the Arab Spring. I noticed food prices in the U.S. rising as well and that got me concerned. (BTW, I have a couple of degrees in the ballpark of political science.)

    I think sensible people get into prepping because they fear not having the ability to provide for their family if/when things go south. And that strikes me as a healthy fear.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      BB, initially fear yes, now though? Are you afraid or more likely to enjoy time off and your day to day?

      • Bam Bam says:


        I don’t really have fear now; it is more like concern for family who have chosen not to prep. Luckily my siblings all have tangible skills that would prove very useful in rebuilding a community, like construction, electricity and mechanics.

    • Hi Bam Bam,

      “I think that show did a total disservice to the prepper community.”

      I watched it only once or twice, and I agree with you, but I think it also did a serious disservice to the viewers because it made preppers, and more importantly, prepping, look like it is for crazies.

      Ratings were apparently more important than telling people that normal, everyday, rational people ought and can be prepared for pretty significant disruptions, and without all that great an effort or expense compared to upgrading to a bigger TV.

      By now nearly every level of government from federal to municipal officially advocates for all people being prepared for emergencies. Those emergencies vary with location -hurricane, earthquake, blizzard, pandemic, more recently cyber-war- but a lot of reasonable people resist doing so precisely because they associate being prepared with absolute tin-foil hat lunacy. “Doomsday Preppers” contributes to that image, and that is a disservice to the viewers who come away telling themselves “I am waaaay too sane to prepare for three weeks off grid. Those people are NUTS!”

      Their focussing on TEOTWAWKI makes prepping an all or nothing process, and most people simply will respond with nothing.

      I guess I like to categorize preppers as Disaster Preppers and TEOTWAWKI Preppers. You can start as either, and stay that way, or morph into the other.

      I started out in the 1970s as something of a TEOTWAWKI Prepper influenced by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s “Lucifer’s Hammer” and Mel Tappan’s “Survival Guns” and the like, but my DW and I are now clearly Disaster Preppers. Partly because nearly 40 years have gone by without TEOTWAWKI, and partly because we don’t think TEOTWAWKI is really survivable by us in our location on Oahu. If nothing else, there is no natural water supply close enough.

      If most Americans were prepared enough to just get by for three weeks, it would be transformational. Six weeks…well, any disaster which cannot be gotten back to normalish in six weeks AND you cannot evacuate to a better area pretty much is TEOTWAWKI.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Penrod, sadly this phenomenon I think is why people so quickly get upset or ignore advice like, more water/ jumper cables .. .they see an extreme and completely disassociate themselves- well said and thank you.

        My only experience with the show was regarding the nutcase in Wa state, I have good solid friends that live unfortunately close – his arrest saw me watch the episode, additionally 4 years back (I have written poorly for quite awhile lol) the show contacted me, I turned them down, opsec ya know? Hahah- I don’t go single event, but have seen and lived though enough to know, better to have and not need

        • Jesse,
          There were at least two or three others here, myself included that were contacted by the producers of that show, and I think we all simply deleted the email without responding. Even it the show didn’t make us look like freaks, once you appear, all OPSEC is gone.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            OP, exactly! I gave it two seconds (new revenue, source?) However had to decline…as I would have had to counter one principle to ensure another- (in these situations I simply discontinue communications)

            Principle mean everything honestly- I have no billions so, my principles/integrity is my currency:)

      • Penrod,
        My definition of TEOTWAWKI is much broader than yours and would include the most likely events such as an illness or job loss at the top of the list.
        I’ve suffered several of these over my lifetime and they are all survivable with proper preparation, support of your loved ones and friends and the right attitude.
        I saw a former navy seal talking about BUDS training on a show in the last week or so and he indicated that attitude and will power play a large part in that program. He said he saw guys who had done several iron man competitions fail BUDS and some small wiry guys who made it through almost on sheer will.
        I think surviving any TEOTWAWKI event is a lot like that.

        • O.P.,

          I am probably half your age. But I have listened to folks twice my age. I guess I defy statistics because I like driving into the country and listening to the old timers talk about gardens. I get that from the fast that when I was a kid we lived by our garden. (My mom married an enlisted man who had an ex with two kids; they got $600 a month and we got nothing.)

          I think I prep because I realize I don’t have control over the future.

          • Bam Bam,

            I think I prep because I realize I don’t have control over the future.

            I suspect we all do it for that reason.
            TEOTWAWKI may come in many forms at various levels of severity; but, it will come and realizing that and mitigating what you can foresee only makes sense.

      • Penrod I completely agree with you. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched an episode of that show. I know I didn’t watch many because I thought it was a bit insulting both to the people that were on the show (and as OP said, OPSEC is out the window after an appearance) as well as the rest of us who were involved in some capacity well before that show aired and are still involved now.

        One episode I do remember is a couple with children who were preparing for the 12/21/12 EoTW scenario. They seemed proud when talking about how they’d maxed out their credit cards on purchases (don’t remember any of them) and then said something to the effect of “it’s not like we’re ever gonna have to pay those bills!” I don’t know why that’s stuck with me these years later. I guess it made an impression…

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          OP, I honestly believe and have proved to myself that adaptibiliy is key

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          OP, I honestly believe and have proved to myself that adaptibiliy is key

        • My favorite was the FL family who were convinced a 300 foot tidal wave would come. So they were outfitted with inflatable rubber rafts with a few supplies on board. The husband couldn’t figure out how to get the big dog into the boat, kinda shrugged his shoulders, and flipped the dog thru the air into the boat. Unh hunh, gonna paddle around in swamps and intercoastal waterway in rubber rafts with a tsunami coming. That oughta float them up and over to the Mississippi.

      • Penrod,

        I was still wearing diapers in the early 70s. LOL. That’s why I have so much to learn from the old folks here.

      • Bam Bam says:


        What part of the country are you in? Hawaii?

        • Yep. Honolulu, the most geographically isolated major city in the world.

          A week or two ago the FBI gave a classified briefing to various industry execs here on the consequences of various more or less likely disasters, natural and otherwise. “”If we lose power or we lose transportation or a number of other industries like telcom, we’d be cut off from the rest of the world. This is very critical,” said Dean Chappell, National Security Special Agent.”

          Sounds like people might want to augment those hurricane and earthquake supplies. No power: No water for 970,000 people. No transportation: No food for 970,000 people. No telcom: No Facebook for 970,000 people. No driving to an unaffected state.

          Maybe we need a new bumper sticker: “Can You Feed Your Kid Next Month?”

          Anyway, we are doing some research on someplace on the Mainland, though it will likely be 2-5 years before we make a move.

    • Bam Bam,
      I’ve been doing this for 50+ years at some level, and before there were preppers, there were survivalists and probably a few labels I don’t remember; but, we have always been perceived as outcasts and weirdoes, or as Orson Scott Card called them in his excellent book: “The folk of the fringe”.IMHO we scare people, because we remind them that TWOTWAWKI is a real thing. It can be as simple as a job loss or as unexpected as an earthquake and tsunami like the one that occurred earlier today in Greenland.
      I think deep down most people realize that life has its ups and downs; but, many would like to continue whistling past the graveyard, pretending that everything will be OK. It’s generally called the “normalcy bias” and helps us sleep at night when there can be issues like hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes; but, some just don’t want the worry or to make the effort to mitigate any issues that upsets their tidy little lives. They are the sheeple and making fun of us instead of preparing, helps them cope.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Agreed OP well said as usual 🙂 your ability with words puts me to shame sir!

        • Jesse,
          There’s no shame to be had or given; but, I have some distinct advantages over a lot of folks.
          I grew up living next to my maternal grandfather who taught High School math and English, back when spelling and grammar was still considered important.
          I took public speaking in High School and College and was a member of Toastmasters for about 6 years, and these things not only make you more comfortable with public speaking; but, force you to get your information organized to be presented in a limited time period like 2 or three minutes, so you learn brevity in your communications.
          Perhaps my biggest weapon however, indirectly are my vision issues that forced me to acquire and learn to use a text to speech program so I also listen to each and every word, phrase, verb tense, and intonation. Hearing something can often pick up things that seeing cannot, and also forces you to concentrate.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            “Privilege” 🙂 couldn’t resist/ very nice

            • Jesse,
              I don’t know where that was meant; but, I fail to see (actually hear) that word anywhere above in any spelling, correct or incorrect.

              • Jesse Mathewson says:

                (White privilege) I was making a funny regarding different circumstances 🙂

                • Jesse,
                  OK I missed that one. Another made up syndrome to make those who have low self esteem and work ethic to feel better about themselves. I’m downtrodden not because I’m stupid or lazy; but, because that guy with WP stole all of my opportunities.

      • OP, that was really well put and you’re absolutely right. Aside from the obvious security concerns (and the fact I’m prepping for 3, not 300), one of the primary reasons I don’t discuss what I do in terms of prepping (be it learning, building, planning, storing up, etc) with most friends &/or neighbors is because I know that’s what most people think of us. I think for the first few years that I was doing all of this the concept of that perceived judgment/slight by others really bothered me. Then I got older and realized I don’t care, lol.

        I feel like I’ve read about normalcy bias in a book or two but it was never described as succinctly or articulately as your comment. Thanks for that. 🙂

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Another issue with many humans is cognitive dissonance, eg., physical/mental pain associated with changing ones strongly held beliefs, (especially when incorrect) – they know what’s true, however fail to change because it hurts to do so

        • Jesse,

          they know what’s true, however fail to change because it hurts to do so

          Yep, that’s the eternal mental battle of the thinkers vs. the feelers and believers.
          If you’ve believed something for a long time, like any religion, accepting that you were wrong, however necessary is a hard thing to do.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Agreed sir, my most difficult struggle was realizing I had to accept I knew nothing and be willing to at least look at alternatives-

            • Jesse,

              Agreed sir, my most difficult struggle was realizing I had to accept I knew nothing and be willing to at least look at alternatives-

              The difference is that I know or can know and understand anything and everything; however, all I know could be wrong.

  6. Halfway Homesteader says:

    A good article sir, and I mostly agree. I’m not totally sure which realm I fall into, though I certainly don’t consider myself an extremist by any measure. Could the dollar collapse and our economy be destroyed? It might, I guess. Could the Iranians or North Koreans pull off an EMP that takes out the grid? They might, I guess. Would the Russians go off the deep end and nuke us? They might, I guess. Will it be my responsibility to feed my family tomorrow, even if nothing happens today? Well, there’s no “I Guess” to that. I want to be self-sufficient for self-sufficiencies sake. Relying on others sucks. If what I’m doing now does come in handy in the event something crazy really does go down (and it might, I guess, then it’s just an ancillary benefit….

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      HH, given your amazing, heartfelt and absolutely great article it would seem you are definitely a lifetime prepper- your interests obviously lay in knowing things can happen-yet also knowing one has to enjoy life at times:)

    • Halfway Homesteader,

      Relying on others sucks. If what I’m doing now does come in handy in the event something crazy really does go down (and it might, I guess, then it’s just an ancillary benefit….

      I think you just defined insurance in general.
      I hope my premiums are all wasted and I don’t burn down my house or wreck my car; but, that peace of mind knowing you’re covered makes it all worthwhile, even if you have no other reasons for doing so.

      • Halfway Homesteader says:


        Well put sir. But I’m not certain I’d even call it wasted premiums. I’ve enjoyed gardening, canning, raising pigs and chickens (goats next year!), learning to weld, filter water, hunt, fish, wire a barn and build a straight fence, perform maintenance on the truck. I find that, having held white collar administrative jobs for such a long time, it’s good for the soul to get your hands a little dirty, your knuckles a little busted, and your pride a little dented. So even if none of those things ever mean a dang thing other than just my own satisfaction, i think I’m getting my money’s worth out here 🙂

        • Halfway Homesteader,

          that peace of mind knowing you’re covered makes it all worthwhile, even if you have no other reasons for doing so.

          I absolutely agree with all you said and enjoy most all of the work required on rural acreage.
          My point above is that often that’s the stated reason when getting someone to consider our lifestyle; but, more often than not, those reasons eventually pale in comparison to all of the other reasons like those you mentioned. These generally cannot be taught; but, have to be discovered by the person who finally realizes the satisfaction of self reliance and being able to do things.
          I spent most all of my post college career in engineering which is a white collar job, and sometimes weeding the garden after work was my salvation from the stress that job occasionally involved.

    • Jesse,

      I am wondering if you would be willing to write a follow-up article. Iran fired a missile into Syria to attack ISIS. No problem with that action but Saudi Arabia is now on alert.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Bam bam, on that I steer clear, my views tend to run across the grain as it were/ however, if another topic or (maybe I am not understanding) let me know

    • Bam Bam says:


      Iran just showed that they could deliver ballistic missiles to Saudi Arabia (they fired missiles over Iraq into Syria, attacking ISIS). The arms race in the middle east just got real intense and the U.S. will profit big time.

  7. JP in MT says:

    I guess I’m “a little bit country, and a litlle bit rock-and-roll” on this one. Our prepping is, and has been, a major change in our life style over the last 20 years. My “goal” is to have outside events have the least amount of impact on me and my immediate family, and have it sustainable. I do believe we, this country and the world, are on an unsustainable path and something will snap – just don’t know when, how bad, or for how long.

    So, we change how we live, we change our entertainment, we change our purchase to fit this new “goal”.

    Yep, got some guns, some ammo, some freeze dried foods, and some buckets of bulk long-lasting food items. Replacements for everyday items for a time when they are not available for sale or trade (or I just don’t want to go to the store today). I read as much as I can, fiction and non-fiction, about disasters and what they did right and wrong. To me “zombies” are teens (and up) that are no longer connected to the internet 24/7 and can not (or choose not to) think for themselves. The “Hordes” are those who feel they are entitled to have everything they need provived, and any money they do earn should only have to go for things they want.

    As a person I am generous with my time, knowledge, and finances, but hate to see them wasted. I won’t do for others what they can do for themselves. If I feel my support enables their issues, not helps correct them, I don’t give. There are those that say that makes me hard-hearted, but then I see these people talk about others getting help, but don’t donate their time or money to actually do something.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      JP you are smart

    • JP,
      Oh you hard hearted person you, LOL.
      I remember some liberal on an NPR talk show years ago saying that he didn’t mind paying higher taxes to take care of people, since they had needs and he wasn’t interested in spending time and effort when money would let someone else do it for him.
      He also was anti-gun because he didn’t have any guns and knew for sure that if he had guns he would be in jail for shooting one or more neighbors who bothered him. I think these two issues show a lot about the progressive liberal side of the aisle. They are lazy, intolerant, and project their feelings and lack of self control on others, feeling that we would act in the same short sighted immature way that they would act.
      Beliefs and feelings are what drive these folks; but, rarely thinking.

      • tommy2rs says:

        be in jail for shooting one or more neighbors who bothered him

        Yeah but if we could do that there would be a lot more peace and quiet everywhere. Well except for the occasional gunshot and ambulance sirens… oh wait, never mind. 😉

  8. tommy2rs says:

    My grandparents lived through 5 recessions and 4 panics before WWI, the post war recession, the 1918 flu pandemic,(my parents came be around the time of the flu pandemic) the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, WW2 and everything after up until their deaths. They all taught me that anything can happen at any time, hard times will always come back so always be ready and in good times put stuff back for the hard times. Thanks to them I have the tools, equipment and skills that if I have too I can step back to the 1800’s. Do I want to, not really. I like power tools, AC and driving fast to get somewhere and get back. But I’m as ready as I can be for that or anything in between. And I’ve started training my grandkids, the fifth generation, as I get time with them.

  9. Jesse, I have been a “Prepper” since the early 70’s. My definition of prepping is a large supply of individual foods canned on the shelves with hundreds of new canning lids in storage. Multiple ways of cooking as gas tank will run out. I need controllable heat to can. I also need a second source of water. After all of the short term issues are in place, I started the dehydrated and freeze dried foods with a 5 year supply of heirloom and hybrid seed. I do know the difference and how to incorporate each in the big plan. I tell my immediate neighbors that we live in the right place, the Ozarks. We will be fine. We just need to realize we might be off grid so we need to deal with no runs to town and no stores able to sell to us. They have been informed but I have no idea if or which ones are truly listening but I know my family will survive.

    Thanks for the analysis.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Docj absolutely

      • Jesse, it is fairly simple to survive the first or second week after an event with just a extra shopping trip. The secret is to prepare for after the event. The worst case scenario is anything that stops fuel supplies and utilities. In my opinion, the worst situation is the loss of medical personnel and medication. The rest is a doable.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Well said

        • Docj,
          I agree about fuel and utilities which is why we can make our own elecvtricity and stock enough propane and consumables to do so for a long time. In winter we can also cook and heat with wood should we need to do so.
          I am first aid and CPR trained as are many of our neighbors and MAG members, which include at least one nurse (RN), a fire fighter paramedic and his wife who is a paramedic NP. We also have docs on call that can be reached via radio of iuired.
          In addition we have a rather well stocked FAK; but, one never really knows how well stocked until TSHTF.

  10. You can put me in the lifetime prepper category. In fact, we have a preparedness program that teaches people the skills and gear necessary to overcome five levels of disruptive events. These range from short duration local events to multiyear international events. We do not charge for the classes and have been invited top join a non-profit to help cover our costs. Finally, we are non-political and non-commercial.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      P!P perfect I am never against making a living, I am against the flim flam, used car sales/televangelist approach

      • Could agree more; however, the local groups had become nothing more than marketing mechanisms for the flim flams you mention. Our public training for level 1 and 2 is free as a civilian oriented community service. The flim flams charged for this and had very poor material.

        We are a 3rd party who certifies people and organizations as having the skills and gear to meet levels of preparedness. We do this to weed out the people who cannot be trusted as well as strengthen the preps of those who can be trusted. Finally, we make a distinction between doomsday, everyday, and survivalism. We are Everyday preppers. Thanks for the Great Article.

        • P!P,
          Do you have more information on your programs?
          Perhaps a website or you can click on my name and send an email to me from my site.
          I’ve been doing this for nearly 60 years and teaching at some level for more than 40; but, I’m always interested in other curriculum to see if I’m missing anything.
          The last seminar I put on with a friend was a presentation to our local county EMA, many of whom are first responders who often take care of others; but, haven’t always adequately taken care of themselves and their families.

  11. Anonamo Also says:

    Spot On! Good assessment.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      AA, not going to lie, I expected more negative feedback- it is a good thing. 🙂 thank you

      • J.M.,

        Why did you expect negative feedback? We are all learning here. We have such a diverse community . . . it is a shame that there isn’t an expectation of open discussion.

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          BB, I am not a fan of doomsday salesmen, eg., “prepped wannabes” and well, that is not always a positively accepted view.

  12. Billy T says:

    I agree. I believe there the “normalcy” mindset also prevents the doomsday prepper from considering such things as hyperinflation or rampant terrorism, both of which are not out of the realm of possibility. Anyway, prepping came naturally to me, as we lived the prepper lifestyle from a very young age. We had a huge garden, raised and butchered livestock, preserved meat and produce, picked and ate wild foods. I still do.

  13. Jesse,
    I found a lot of the doomsday types in the late 1990’s and I actually think at least some were disappointed when Y2K turned out to be the bust I told them it would be.
    I’ve truly been a lifetime prepper by your definition, raised in an upper middle class family at the edge of an urban environment with mountains full of forests only blocks away. My parents had been raised in lower middle class families and were children of the depression era, so they knew that bushels of tomatoes could cost only pennies for the seeds if you were willing to put in a little work. We had grapes, rhubarb, and cherry trees in our back yard as well as plums and peaches in surrounding yards and neighbors who pretty much shared it all.
    My parent seemingly could do anything from carpentry of all kinds, electrical & plumbing, and I grew up learning that I too could learn to do anything.
    As a scientist from a young age who didn’t like (and who still doesn’t like) most sports, I was one of the geeks who didn’t fit in and by necessity found other things I liked to do. Lots of time alone in my woods, martial arts, and electronics back when we were still using vacuum tubes.
    Picking your already spoiled and fallen fruit is how all of the cults work, offering salvation or enlightenment of some sort.
    On your conclusions for urban / suburban vs. rural I have seen it many times. Out here, our word is our bond, and often a handshake is all that is needed to close a deal. I recently purchased an Angus beef worth $1485.00 (660 pounds hanging weight) on a phone call and arranged processing the same way. Everyone was paid, half that beef is in our freezer, and the other quarters went to friends who also made the simple handshake agreement.
    I also have that ability to distance myself from horrible events, often comeing through when others lose it; but, I’ve been known to shed a tear at a movie or a story of some stranger showing compassion, and have sometimes fallen apart after an event, probably when the adrenaline is starting to wear off.
    When you talk about fear, I learned in Martial Arts that fear can be a good thing, as long as it is kept in perspective and controlled.
    I’ve seen picc lines and so far (knock wood?) have had no need for them.
    One thing I would disagree with at some level is that lifetime preppers are not always raised in poverty. In my case we were truly middle or upper middle class; but, my parents had seen the lessons of the depression and made sure we understood them.
    I also think that perhaps prepping is a personality trait, since my brother and one sister did not follow nearly like me and my youngest sister, who did a solo outward bound trip out west at age 15 and is an airborne trained US Army retiree

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      OP, well said- word is bond…and thank you 🙂

    • I find it totally fascinating that the majority of folks here are INTJ and yet INTJ is the rarest personality profile–only 2 percent of the world population is INTJ.


      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        BB, great minds?

      • Bam Bam,
        I am also INTJ; but, it’s been a while and I generally don’t take a lot of stock in those types of tests; however, after reading the description again, it could have been written about me and my life. As far as the folks here, I think we are all at least attempting to be self reliant, and look to work out of the box when it solves the problem.
        So I guess as I look at this site and many of my prepper oriented friends, not all of whom are engineers, it doesn’t surprise me at all.
        Fascinating yes; but, not really surprising.

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          Years ago when I lived in Cali and worked for the CSU system, I used to give those Myers Briggs tests as well as IQ testing. I’m an ENTJ.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            GP, I used to test as enjt/ I do test as injt now-you may be surprised, we do change a bit with time 😉 I know I have and I am happy with it 🙂

      • test dummy says:

        i cant believe this! maybe we have all been dropped on our heads wirh the landing being identical. crazy! it is true. i did the test as well as my DD ,DH and a friend that doesnt prep . l dont know about great , but like minds are the key. my DD is adopted and my non prepping friend is a country girl. my DH fits that he was city raised in poverty and i was raised in the country expected to grow all of our own food and do eveeyrhing from electric to branding and castrating our critters better know how to kill clean and dress everthing from hog to fish. cook from scratch! then later on found out that we actually had middlw class money. oh lessons learned ! Now half or better done with this life, this conti ues on . My daughter and DGS are coming tomorrow to freezer train ducks. also canning up some duck fat with rosemary to use this christmas.

      • BB. I had not taken that test (or it has been many many years ago), so I thought I would see where I fell in with the group. I normally have a problem with such tests. Like, what is your favorite color? To wear, to look at, to have around me? All different answers. However, I gave it a try and I am happy to say that I too am INTJ, so I fit right in here. BTW, great article and great posts from everyone. I almost always learn from both sides.

  14. My interest in prepping started after going through 7 hurricanes in 3 years from ’03 to ’06 and learning the hard way that when there’s no power, no stores open, and a dusk to dawn curfew it’s damn near impossible to get the necessities after the fact.

    I don’t know what’ll happen in the future, short term or long term. Hell most of the time it hurts my head to even think about it. But I’d rather invest some time, education, and money now on being prepared just so I can actually sleep at night. If I never have to use any of it then at least I had it and I wasn’t losing sleep over it. I will never again allow myself to make the same mistakes that left me high and dry (figuratively, not literally) as I was when I was younger.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Matt, exactly! That view makes for a happier life, less stress and more control- well done

  15. grew up on the farm, raised in the Depression and never forgot it.! Was taught to work hard, save and take care of yourself. No hand outs, and respect the other person.It’s a way of life, the only way of life. Thank God every morning you wake up, aand have a food storage for your self and animals.LIFE IS great.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Bebe, you are correct- every day is a new wonderful day- (from someone in regular 8-9 +pain, I really mean it) I am fortunate and grateful to have a wonderful beautiful successful wife, and two amazing children- 🙂 plus preparations just in case!

  16. midnight1st says:

    I think that you can actually waffle between the two. I suddenly woke up one day to the fact that the majority of the folks are not like me. Because I had grown up in a Christian family and a family that worked hard and had values to match and because I was constantly surrounded by folks of the same persuasion, I assumed incorrectly that other people were the same. I don’t really know what happened, but some years back I suddenly realized that I was wrong, and it scared the fool out of me. Needless to say, I was rocked out of what I envisioned my life going forward would be. At that time I think that I became a Doomsday prepper. I was in a panic and felt the need to do it all right then.

    During that early time, God blessed me with an unexpected windfall. Because of that I was able to go out and purchase much of the needed equipment. I was blessed to be able to buy water filters, wheat grinders, radio equipment, tools for the garden, bicycles, wagons, canning and dehydrating equipment, lighting, some solar, medical supplies, house hardening items and many of the things others deemed necessary. My panic subsided as I figured we at least stood a chance if all went south.

    While I did not grow up on a farm, I spent my summers with my country grandmother who did not have even running water. So, I did have an idea of how to manage without lots of conveniences. Those are some of the best memories of my life. I got to see surviving first hand which many of my peers have not. Because of those experiences, I know what kinds of skills are needed to make it.

    Since that time I have realized that gear is not the be all end all of making it, so I think that I have morphed into a life time prepper. In the last few years I have learned to shoot well, can, dehydrate, pickle, ferment, grow and use many herbs, garden better (that is still a thorn in my side as I still have many failures), forage for local weedy foods, handle first aid situations better, make homemade soap, and have gotten my ham license. I am constantly on the lookout for any classes that would increase my skills or items to make things easier if power is lost. I have become a mainstay in Extension Service classes. I think that I am now in the habit and that habit is addictive. I figure that, if nothing else, I have at least staved off senility for some time with all the new things I am learning and putting into practice. It also has introduced me to lots of new and interesting people and is fun! If nothing terrible happens in the time that I have left, I do have a grandchild who has caught the bug. I will leave all of my gear to him as well as my collection of books and notebooks filled with survival info.

  17. GeorgiaPeachie says:

    Interesting thoughts Jesse. On the surface and to some degree your categories of people who prepare for disasters, whether they be end of the world type or more normal type, holds true. But to think that there are only these 2 types of preppers would be a mistake in my humble opinion. People rarely fit so neatly into categories madeup by others. We are all different due to DNA, the way we are raised, experiences, and our frameworks.

    Let’s take me as an example shall we? I was raised with both sides of my family being 1) not wealthy 2) Christian 3) farmers (who made their living as such). According to anyone’s standard, I am highly educated, yet I spent some early years on the lower middle class end of things. Later in life I worked my way to becoming what some label as a 99%er. I don’t fit either category you have named and described since I prep for small emergencies, local disasters and TEOTWAWKI. Why? Because to be prepared for anything (I’m capable of) is who I am at my core. The Bible tells us clearly that this world will end as we know it…and it won’t be a fun experience. Many “doomsday preppers” take those words as Truth. Count me as one. To say that anyone knows for certain that the United States won’t suffer from nukes, EMP, HEMP or cyber attack that takes down everything for an extended period of time would be silly.

    I do know this for certain. The world and society will suffer enormously at some point, yet again. History has proven it. The nature of mankind is undeniable. Not being a young person, I can attest 100% to the FACT that our country is angrier, more divided and in greater jeopardy of bad things happening than at any time in my life.

    Finally, I hope writing this piece and “telling off” those who you clearly are angry at has helped you in some way.

    Peace be with you Jesse.

  18. Moira M says:

    I liked your article. Thanks for writing it!

  19. C. Mack says:

    I got a real kick out of you defining the Doomsdayers and as you were describing them Al Gore came to mind and his following of sheep. Of course stuff happens all the time.
    I grew up a poor country boy. We raised much of our meat, chickens, rabbits, and had a milk cow. I’ve been through numerous hurricanes, including home just after Karla in 61 to a long time without electricity, watching my father make life livable for us.
    As a retired sea captain and having been schooled in leadership, I believe that we need each other. Not everyone knows everything about everything, so it is important to delegate responsibility and trust other’s to use their know how when it is needed. That is another advantage of the lifers over the doomdayers. A captain should have a strong, basic understanding of his/her ship, but leave the formal operations to those trained and with the experience to perform do what they know how to do. After all from how you discribe them, doomsdayers know a lot about what isn’t so.

  20. MaineBrain says:

    Please stop with the blanket “Liberals are…” “Conservatives Rae…”. I am a social liberal (and a fiscal conservative, which places me in the middle, which in fact is where most people are – it’s a bell curve). But I am not lazy (professional making 100,000K/yr), nor intolerant (most “liberals” aren’t, whereas conservatives… see > Strom Thurmond, Barry Goldwater), nor immature (63 yo), nor short sighted, nor do I lack self-control. My social tolerance may be at odds with come on this board (gay nephew who is an upstanding, productive member of society, earning 3X what I do as a real estate developer; illegal alien stepdaughter who has a masters in nursing and can’t get a job because Trump). I prep for the same reasons you do – snowstorms, lightning storms, hurricanes, economic downturn, not to mention the nuclear/pandemic/riots in the streets SHTF. But we “liberals” are not the demons of society, so please stop demonizing us. In fact, we are the ones who have moved society out of the Middle Ages. Progress doesn’t happen without progressives. “Conservative” means conserve what you have and don’t ever let anything change. Yes, m’lord. I’ll leave my family and go fight your useless Crusade.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      MaineBrain- I don’t believe in organization based on religious, ethnic or sex reasons-additionally I do not believe at any point I said anything about politics- especially considering I am apolitical- and hold no affiliations nor do I like or contribute to that ideology etc., 🙂

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Ostracization not organization though I do distrust anyone who says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

        • Jesse Mathewson says:

          Additionally > my sil Is a wonderful gay woman, hard worker intelligent etc., honestly, I doubt many would have serious issue, after all, mine is not too judge. 🙂

    • Mainebrain,

      I think there should be some mechanism in place that would allow immigrants married to U.S. citizens and college graduates to become U.S. citizens. Actually I am amazed that U.S. military personnel can’t get their spouses declared U.S. citizens immediately.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        BB, what gets me is our military accepts and encourages foreign enlistment but does not offer them citizenship afterwords:(

    • GeorgiaPeachie says:

      Jesse nor anyone else’s post I read said any of those things you accussed him of.

      What’s with the attack on Conservatives and Christians? FYI, Christians/Conservatives founded, fought for and created this country. They have contributed to “bringing it out of the Middle Ages” in ways too numerous to list. To say otherwise is ludicrous. FYI, the Crusades were over 900 years ago!

      I’m a Conservative and Christain and I have no problem with people like your relative being gay. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be. I wish him nothing but happiness and properiety. The only problem I have is with some gays who want to force Christians into participating in gay “weddings”.

      If your DIL wants to have the benefits of being an American, perhaps she needs to get in line, like every other decent and law abiding immigrant, and come here legally. Additionally, President Trump is following the Rule of Law. Ever hear of it? Obumer violated the Constitution when he wrote DACA and DAPA.

      If you are a fiscal Conservative, what government departments would you cut? What social programs would you cut or decrease? Would you for instance, cut all programs to illegals? It’s a large chunk at around $100 BILLION per year.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        GP- I largely honestly don’t care what someone believes as long as it isn’t forced on me, that’s when people find out how tiger I can get 🙂

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          LOL! Jesse, you are the quiet and deadly type if pushed too hard. A real man’s man.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            GP, I do talk, however, listen well also. With people I do not know well I will tend to say a lot about nothing, leading them in to giving information…old habits die hard 🙂 regardless …as the wife says, if I am quite, measured …watch out 🙂 – the DW is far better and more deadly than I in that arena 😉 slow to anger…if it makes sense

        • Jesse,
          Years ago I knew a young woman who professed to be a Wiccan and whose philosophy was simple enough, “Do as you will but harm none”.
          Not a bad philosophy IMHO for anyone of any spiritual or religious persuasion.

      • MaineBrain says:

        Georgia Peachie, my response was to some earlier comments about liberals, not to Jesse’s post, and I have already apologized to him if it appeared I confused the two. I should have posted my reply under the comment I took issue with, but I’m having trouble with this iPad and with the “reload the page before you reply” issue. I simply take issue with being branded a “libtard” or a “snowflake” or a “welfare queen” (not here but on some other sites) because my views lean center-left. One of my four BFFs (women other than my blood sisters, who are my very best friends) is a Christian Conservative. She is a kind, loving, caring, generous woman (as am I, for that matter! 🙂 ) and, though she and I are 180 degrees out on some of our viewpoints, she will be a BFF forever because I love her and I know she’d be there for me through thick and thin, as I would for her. My point is, we have more in common than we have that separates us, and we need to stop the demonizing and name-calling and get along for the common weal. Not all liberals are bad. Not all conservatives are bad. Not all — (fill in the blank) are bad. As for my stepdaughter, she is the daughter of a veteran – 8 years on submarines despite being 6’6″ (large frame in very tight spaces), followed by 14 years in the National Guard, including a year in the sandbox (Baghdad) when he was 51 years old with bad knees, a bad shoulder, and sleep apnea, walking 3 miles to his work station every day in 130 degree heat. Shouldn’t the children of American service members be American citizens? If she “gets in line,” it will be 20+ years before she’s even considered, and even at that point she may be “reshuffled” back to the end of the line. It’s beyond absurd. I’d rather have her stay here illegal than go home to no jobs, abject poverty, and a fascist, repressive, murderous government.

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          We agree on one point. That being we need to try to find more common ground and allow the other to speak freely. Unfortuantely, unless the Democrats stop pushing globalism and socialism, it’s not happening.

          Our campuses, which used to be fertile grounds for learning and expressing different viewpoints have been overtaken by Liberals who are not allowing Conservatives to even voice their opinions. Conservative groups on campus have been totally shut out of public forums. Even the gay Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannopoulos has been kept off of some campuses. He’s too Conservative for these raging Libs. Further, since Obumer threatened to take away funding of schools, some have gone so far as to allow mentally confused men (who think they are women) to invade young girls bathrooms!! Is that what Liberals call progress?? Is the doubling of the national debt progress too?

          The Democrat party has gone almost 100% socialist. It shows no resemblance to the party of President Kennedy.

          When we were only at odds over the amount and depth of “free stuff” in this country, we had open dialogue. But with the push of globalism and special treatment for every group…except for Irish, Italian, English, German, you know, “white people”…the differences have grown to preCivil War proportions! Say something about slowing or stopping illegals? You are branded a RACIST! Speak up against muslims not being vetted properly or that the ones who believe in Sharia Law should not be allowed in? The media and Liberals scream islamaphobia! If a strong Christian dare to tell a gay couple they can make every type of cake or confection for them except a wedding cake, OMG the gays go bat sh!t crazy and try to put them in jail and destroy their business!!! In many cases they already have. Yeah, Liberals are real live and let live type.

          Your DIL’s father has a legitimate case for being permitted to become American, but he already is, isn’t he? President Bush gave every immigrant in the service special rights shortly after 9/11. Why the sob story for your DIL’s father? He was not forced to enlist. He knew his height before enlisting into the Navy, right? No doubt he was paid and given every benefit under the law for which he was entitled for his time in the service. Clearly he re-enlisted and was aware he might have to go into war. I’m confused why you think we should be sympathetic of HIS CHOICES in life?

          Your DIL doesn’t have the right to go ahead of millions, yes millions, who are immigrating legally. It is NOT our problem to solve as we did not make the choice/s that has put her in this position. Either her parents did or she did. At any rate, she is not entitled to thumb her nose at the 10s of millions who have gone through the pain, waiting and money to migrate legally. Why doesn’t she enlist? They could use her abilities and she would get put on a shorter list for Citizenship.

          Feel sorry for her if you think that helps. Personally, I would encourage her to migrat the proper way.

          • GeorgiaPeachie,

            If a strong Christian dare to tell a gay couple they can make every type of cake or confection for them except a wedding cake, OMG the gays go bat sh!t crazy and try to put them in jail and destroy their business!!!

            I think you’re overstating this a bit. As I recall, the couple ran a bakery and were willing to make the cake; but, were unwilling to deliver it to the reception and help to cater the reception, thereby in essence becoming part of the ceremony.
            I have friends from the LGBT community and the sane ones realize that they have made great strides over the decades; but, pushing that last little in your face thing has the potential to undo all of their gains; but, there are unfortunately radical nut jobs in any organization.
            I have seen this numerous times in the pro gun community.

            • GeorgiaPeachie says:

              Hey OP,
              I’m unclear exactly what you think I’ve overstated? There are more than a few instances where bakers, florists, and photographers have been willing to do any service/function EXCEPT for participating in a gay “wedding” and they have been threatened, sued, and harassed mercilessly. Most have lost their businesses.

              • GeorgiaPeachie,
                The overstatement was in your original post on this thread when you stated:

                If a strong Christian dare to tell a gay couple they can make every type of cake or confection for them except a wedding cake, OMG the gays go bat sh!t crazy and try to put them in jail and destroy their business!!!

                Had you further stated as you just did, the couple wanted them to participate in the ceremony, then it would have been correct and not overstated; but, your original statement on which I commented did not contain that assertion.

                • GeorgiaPeachie says:

                  I’m confused. My original statement stated that the Christians would make them everything EXCEPT a wedding cake. So they were willing, and in some cases had already made Birthday cakes, Party cakes etc for these gays who then sued them and took their lifelong businesses. Making a wedding cake for a gay couple IS participating in their “wedding”.

                  The same has happened to photographers and florists. One florist had a very long relationship with a gay man and had made many floral arrangements for his partner prior to the wedding request. When she apologized and told him she was sorry she could not make the flowers for their “wedding”, he sued her. She is in her 70s, had her business her entire adult life, but has now lost her business and has no income because of the hateful gay couple.

                • GeorgiaPeachie says:

                  OP, after typing all that the simpler way of posing my question is: don’t you understand that many Christians see the act of baking a wedding cake for a gay couple as a sin? One does not have to deliver it. It’s kind of like being the getaway driver of a robbery. They didn’t participate in taking the loot, but are still very much guilty of the robbery.

                  LOL as myself at my previous attempt to explain my point to you! ; )

                  • GeorgiaPeachie,

                    don’t you understand that many Christians see the act of baking a wedding cake for a gay couple as a sin?

                    I guess that’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of any more than a gun manufacturer being accused of robbery because someone who legally purchased their legal product used it to rob a bank.
                    Or blaming the brewer, distiller, and the auto manufactures for a death from someone committing a DUI.
                    Once upon a time that same bakery might not have wanted to bake a cake for a mixed race couple to be married; but, society progresses and all in all I think the progress is good, because otherwise we could still have Whites Only water fountains. Religious freedom does have to have some limits for a society to function.
                    If that gay couple had simply purchased a cake or a box of cupcakes and told the baker it was for their upcoming wedding as they left, would they try to take those goods back? I think we may all be trying to dance on the head of a pin here.

            • GeorgiaPeachie says:

              If you are saying not all gays are h3ll bent on destroying Christians, I agree and did not mean to infer that all are.

              • GeorgiaPeachie,

                If you are saying not all gays are h3ll bent on destroying Christians, I agree and did not mean to infer that all are.

                Actually what I’m trying to say is that the LGBT community, not unlike other communities from gun owners, to various religious organizations often have factions within that are not content with simple equality and acceptance; but, always have to be pushy and go beyond what most would gladly accept.
                These end up being what we see in the media and often their lackeys in the government join in the attack with fines, restrictions, etc.

                • GeorgiaPeachie says:

                  Yes, anyone with a warm IQ understands there are bad eggs in every group. Respectfully though I would hardly describe what these people have done to good Christians people as merely “pushy”. Do you really think that having the law come after you, spending thousands on an attorney just to stay out of JAIL, having rabid gays threaten to kill you, and then losing a business you have worked your entire life on is a minor thing?

                  I must have missed the stories where gun owners are suing others out of their life’s work and leaving them with nothing.

                  • GeorgiaPeachie,

                    I must have missed the stories where gun owners are suing others out of their life’s work and leaving them with nothing.

                    Indeed you have. You’ll note that I also mention people having their government lackeys do the work for them.
                    In the case of the bakery, it was fines from the local government that shut them down, just as in the case of firearms under the Obama administration, banks were coerced into cancelling accounts and not doing transactions for many small gun stores, using the laws that were meant to stop shady enterprises like unregulated payday loan shops.
                    Groups have numerous times over the years tried to sue firearms manufacturers because a product they legally produced was used by someone for illegal and nefarious purposes. So far a large conglomerate of businesses have step to the plate to stop that one, since it would be too far reaching and devastating to this country.

                    • GeorgiaPeachie says:

                      I didn’t mean I haven’t seen plenty of stories where agencies of the government or Bloomberg et al have tried to take away right to have firearms. I meant I haven’t seen stories where gun owners sued and took away nongun owner’s businesses and homes. Have you? As far as I’ve seen, only gays are doing these horrid assaults on fellow Citizens.

                      Let’s me clear, that IS what gays have done to too many of our fellow Christians. All because they won’t violate their religious conscience and God’s Word.

                      Personal question. You can ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable. Why the out and out defense of gays who are doing these autrocities to Christians? There are far more than the one baker you keep referencing.

                    • GeorgiaPeachie,

                      Personal question. You can ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable. Why the out and out defense of gays who are doing these autrocities to Christians? There are far more than the one baker you keep referencing.

                      Why the out and out defense of any group because a few of their members do something that annoys or offends you is my reason.
                      I try to never indiscriminately paint any group with a broad brush inferring that all are the problem. As a mature, financially secure, gun owning, self reliant Caucasian male individual, living in a rural area, I have been called hick, paranoid, privileged and worse. There are those in the world who would label you, me and others on this forum all kinds of things with most being uncomplimentary.
                      In Germany it was the Jews and in South Africa it was the Blacks, etc. with more than a few names used to call out these groups.
                      Finally, I think your use of the word atrocities is a bit over the edge since it generally involves physical violence like that perpetrated on members of the LGBT and black communities in the past.
                      I’m sorry if this offended you; but, group blame is one of my touchy issues because I’ve seen its results throughout history.

                    • Jesse Mathewson says:

                      OP/ GP, agreed with OP, after all…broad brush, Christians have their fair share of hate inspired murder… 😉 individuals actions- take action against those…:)

            • BlueJeanedLady says:

              Hey Ohio Prepper,
              Not really trying to jump in on this difference of opinion, (yet here I go) between you and GeorgiaPeach, Ohio Prepper concerning the bakery forced to close because of a wedding cake but when you stated,

              I think you’re overstating this a bit. As I recall, the couple ran a bakery and were willing to make the cake; but, were unwilling to deliver it to the reception and help to cater the reception, thereby in essence becoming part of the ceremony.

              as I think, perhaps, you and I (and probably GeorgiaPeach) might all have a little different perspective at least on this particular subject.

              I’m not as convinced the bakers had as much problem with actually baking the cake as much as they probably had a problem with personalizing it as a wedding cake and ultimately delivering said specialty cake.

              Just a thought, but I suspect if the same sex couple would have ordered twelve dozen oatmeal cookies to pick up the day of the wedding the bakery owners would have probably not even balked. In fact I think it was previously published (again fact? or fiction?) that the shop owners had sold them other nondescript items before without issue.

              Personally I think the basic issue is more complicated than that. JMHO and we all know about opinions but here I keep going! 🙂

              Of course it isn’t “a law” but as an often unwritten rule, most professional bakers / caterers (especially small, single proprietor businesses) don’t just sell detailed & personalized wedding cakes off of the shelves for customers to pick-up.

              Most (at least some of the small business shops & owners that I’m familiar with) see part of their job, i.e.; part of their professional service, to actually deliver the often large &/or multi-tiered, specifically designed (probably not inexpensive) wedding cakes safely to the required destination as part of the actual service of providing a wedding cake – – – thus requiring the owners’ participation in the celebrations – which in this well known cake baker case was indeed, at least a partial violation of their choice & practice of their freedoms of religious rights & decisions, had they unwillingly bowed to the customers demands.

              Many that choose to lock-in delivery with the product delivery service choose to do so because they don’t want the bad publicity / risk of someone just picking-up a cake (and either accidentally or intentionally dropping it on the sidewalk outside of the shop door) only to leave the litigious, legal swinging door open to then claim,
              “It was the shop owner’s fault the customer dropped such because the shop owners wouldn’t deliver such.”
              Of course this concern is more prominent with smaller businesses as they have the most to lose, but it’s not an unreasonable prospect for the smaller businesses to be concerned with at all.

              (Honestly, I think reforming tort law is a “misunderestimated” 🙂 giant problem these days that is too often ignored in political discourse that adds fuel to the fire of these types of issues, which is of course another topic for another thread.)

              Similar thing happens in many product / service based small businesses and the reasons are not always related to any bigotries or discrimination but rather and merely a small business policy decision knowing the potential problems not previously addressed by set policy that could occur with putting such a significant piece (product / service) part of a greater use / event at risk that ultimately could bankrupt them.

              Of course this wedding cake case has been so widely and repeated (and often untruthfully) referred to so again I’m not claiming to know this (delivery as part of service) was the particular bakery’s policy but again, I do know of some small business caterers / bakers that would never in a million years agree to have an elaborate wedding cake simply picked-up by a random customer for fear of placing the end result (the delivery) in another ones hands.

              Just thought I’d throw out this alternative thought for everyone’s consideration that the decision for the bakery to participate or not might have been deeper than what has mostly been described (not by you, but by today’s, general mainstream media) as merely “religious bigotry” and “homophobia” as it might just have well been part of a smarter business plan via detailed and presetpolicy, in addition to religious convictions.

              Without the legal authority for a small business owner to legitimately place such basic non-discriminatory, big picture policies in place for their best fiduciary interests . . . small business ownership opportunities will die a slow death for all Americans and IMHO, that’s the big, bigger, biggest issue, here.

              As always, just my two cents worth but there I went. 🙂

          • MaineBrain says:

            You misread it, Georgia. My husband is an American citizen, born in Delaware. It’s his daughter who is here illegally, because she has a masters in nursing and if she were to take a position at a hospital in the Philippines, SHE would have to pay THEM for the privilege of gaining experience. Not to mention that the Philippine police are using the murderous drug war as an excuse to hold citizens for ransom, as reported today by the Washington Post (damn the mainstream media for exposing corruption! What the hell were they thinking??). Point being – the daughter of an American, and a retired member of our military, should be an American citizen, and it’s only through a quirk of American law that she isn’t. (She wasn’t born during a weird 18-month window when she could have qualified, before Congress changed the law.) And I do blame Trump – he just did away with the anchor baby exception, which means she may be deported and her 8 month old son, a US citizen, gets abandoned here. It’s a terribly complex, cruel and unfair system.

            • JP in MT says:


              You husband’s daughter is in a fixable spot. Become a citizen! Go through the process. By your own admission she is here illegally, and the government has the right and obligation to remove illegals from this country.

              It’s a terribly complex, cruel and unfair system.

              My question would be to whom, US Citizens or others in the world?

              I empathize with her situation, but I do not simpathize. This country was created to benefit it’s citizens, and in our generousity we have extended some of those benefits to others; however, it is a gift not a right, they are not entitled to them.

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          Forgot to say, please stop blaming President Trump for your DIL not having a job. He is following the laws of the land. Sneaking into our country illegally is the only crime I know of where the “criminal” gets away with blaming the Law or the person enforcing the law instead of themselves.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            GP, voters will always blame someone, specifically elected, as it is easier than accepting the system is broken beyond repair.

            • GeorgiaPeachie says:

              “The system is broken beyond repair”. Haven’t heard a truer statement in ages. Sadly.

  21. MaineBrain says:

    Sorry, Jesse, it was a reaction to some comments, not to your article, which was very good. And I’d like to have your mead recipe! Brought a nip bottle home from a trip to England 10 years ago, haven’t opened it yet, wondering if it’s still good?

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      MB, definitely it will be fine:)

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        MB, I use a gallon of local strained but not boiled honey two gallons of purified water, and than add (during cooking process and settling) a half lb of whichever herb or fruit I prefer for taste

  22. There is a storm in the gulf. The experts say it is headed to the LA/Texas coast. It always makes me nervous when there is a system in the gulf. We went to Walmart today to bring our water supply up to hurricane levels. The dh changed the oil in the generator. We got 80 lbs. of chicken from Zaycon put up in the freezer today. So we need the generator to protect that investment. I also went to Aldis and bought ribs and beef for the slow cooker.

    Please keep an eye on the tropics and pray for folks in harm’s way. We are 20+ feet above sea level so we will be fine. I am concerned because the ground is already so saturated; if we get any more rain the area will experience significant flooding.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      I’m sure you know, however gasoline will be very very needful in storms like that- man sir you have plenty! Good job with water-

  23. Shannon says:

    The reason that I prep is so that I can be available to help people should something happen. I am a nurse, and know that my skills will be needed in the event of an emergency situation. Knowing that my husband and kids will be ok (without me) in that kind of situation is what I want to be prepared for. I’m useless to everyone else without this.

    • Shannon,
      Your reason is as good as any, and although some are suspicious of government agencies, I can attest that these are the kinds of plans they have also.
      I volunteer with our local county EMA and we have practiced exercises known as PODs (Point of Distribution) where we practice passing out medications to every county resident. In the case of a real emergency like a pandemic or anthrax attack there is at least a plan.
      Things are setup in a hierarchical order so we can get medications first to the first responders like fire, EMS, and law enforcement, since these are needed services and we can’t expect them to come and do their jobs while leaving families home to the unknown. We also make sure that medical facilities have enough medication for their staffs and families for that same reason.
      After that we hit the large targets like nursing homes and then start bringing in residents by zip code or some other category in order to control the chaos a bit.
      So far these have only been tabletop exercises with some folks in the field practicing radio communications; but, should something real ever happen, we at least have a practiced plan.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Shannon, good!

  24. Demian Van Loggerenberg says:

    Thank you Jesse, I really enjoyed that… I’m a white South African, and the present regime loves using fear to achieve the ‘conquer & divide’ goal… So true what you said about how fear is being used… We have a major water crisis, it’s a reality… We’ve just had massive fires in Knysna and recently my town flooded… It’s all realities that we deal with on a regular basis, and as you said “Personally, I prefer having things I may never use, to needing things I do not have.” – Excellent.

  25. Bam Bam says:

    Yep. We filled up two large gas cans and will fill up two more tomorrow. We filled the car and will fill the truck tomorrow. That should give us 80 gallons of fuel.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Awesome 🙂

    • Bam Bam,
      I still think propane would serve you better. No shelf life and more versatile, just sayin’
      I hope to finish my article on propane and submit it sometime next month.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        OP and kerosene – agreed –

        • Jesse,
          Kerosene is pretty good; and better than gasoline, diesel, or fuel oil; but, it still has a more limited shelf life than propane and is less versatile and easy to handle. If however you have a supply and equipment to use it, then it’s as good as anything.

  26. Hi Jesse,
    Good article. Sound description of the ‘posers’ with their untested, theoretical knowledge of what to do if…

    An indicator I’ve found is if they talk in black-white absolutes: and often brand-specific for gear. “If you don’t have the Big Berkey, you’ll be dead in a week!” Sometimes it’s spec-driven. “If you don’t have an AR with a 1 in 7 twist, you’ll be dead in a week.”

    Those are exaggerations, of course, but you probably know what I mean. People with real-world experience know there are lots of ways to do the same thing. In survival, there are shades of success. It’s not black-and-white. A Berkey is good, but it’s not the only way to clean water.

    That realization is probably why the people with real-world experience are calm, as you describe. They know there are options. The black-and-white-ist lives in fear because he thinks there is only ONE right answer. Anything but that one answer will leave him dead in a week.

    Keep the good articles coming,

    — Mic

  27. Prepared Grammy says:

    I loved the Y2K nonsense. We’d been wanting a good generator for quite some time, but couldn’t afford one. We benefitted from all of the returns after January 1, 2000 at a local store, and got a nice generator at a wonderful price.

    • Prepared Grammy,
      That was our plan here also; but, we didn’t find anyone returning them. Since this is a large rural mostly agricultural area I think a lot of folkds who really wanted generators got them under the Y2K premise; but, kept them for other uses.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        OP, I started researching and now build my own solar generators-which in Arizona works amazingly

  28. Leonard says:

    Where I live in the mile high desert of the SW US, bubonic and it’s ugly sister, pneumonic plague are annual occurrences. True, both are caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics–if one has the RIGHT antibiotic, is not sensitive to said antibiotic, and the offending organism–like so many others–hasn’t developed a resistance to it. We don’t think discussion of these illnesses as “Straw Man” arguments. Neither should you.

    • Leonard,
      I think you may occasionally see Hanta Virus out there also and keep in mind that at least for now the Yersinia Pestis bacterium that is responsible for Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic plagues is currently susceptible to all gram negative antibiotics.
      When I mention Straw Man arguments, I’m talking about understanding the vectors of infection significantly better than those superstitious medieval folks did which helps us avoid the infections and then having modern medical knowledge, skills, medications, and equipment to help in treatment and recovery. Hunkering down and avoiding others, at least here in the wet, damp, humid east plus the use of gear such as N95 masks can go a long way to ease any worries of me and mine.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Again, I do not discount these possibilities I simply do not live in fear of them. And as always, prepare for them. I have arguably the best stocked civilian held pharmacy in Arizona 😉 – dozens of full doses of 12 different antibiotics (cillins and non) as well as some antivirals and more much more.

        As half life in dark cool environment for solid non flavoured, or capsule non liquid antibiotics is 20-30 years I can continually gather, maintain and build supplies of.

        Aerosols, liquids and flavored are significantly less, as in 2-3 years max- (half life)

  29. GeorgiaPeachie says:

    Wow Leonard! That sounds simply awful!

    Jesse, I figured you were stocked to the gills with antibiotics. We take those life saving drugs too much for granted.

  30. You call the type lifetime. I call them home folks, I was raised on a farm. Preparing for winter was natural part of life as a child. Canning, bales of hay put up for winter. Corn in the corn bind. Silvage in silo it was part of life. My parents raised turkeys so every year we had to dress and clean turkeys. At Christmas we hitched up the sled to go church. That was life. I’m old now but that is still life.
    As for the PICC that probably was needed due to how septic you were. I use to be certified to insert them at a D.C. Hospital. A white count as high as that would have you in the unit or a step down unit. You were lucky you responded to antibiotics, I’ve seen patients die from complications after having a white count that high.
    Men out there that hate the idea of illiness. If you don’t get help you could die. Tell ya a true story:While driving to work I saw abright red haired man filling his boat with gas. His wife and red haired little girl where by the truck. I thought they looked like a nice family. The next time I saw the man was when I was in the morgue and I pull the tray out and he was on it. Talk about shock! 32 yrs old two hours before pumping gas and holding his red haired little.girl. Heart attack! He’d been having pain in his chest and jaw. So even though it’s scary. Betterto be safe then sorry!

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Jeanne, so true had memory loss, wildly had no temperature bp issues etc., but basically passed out so…haha DW, brought me in and yep, it got fun quick

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        My wife says I was in the ER for a week…again, don’t remember:)

        She says I was cheery and called her wifey, but couldn’t remember anything else…i guess I’m a good mannered dead man walking:) haha

  31. So, you’re saying that gun-owning bankers closed down these accounts; and that gun-owning members of Brokeback Obama’s administration were involved in prosecution of gun owners/gun dealers? I’m confused…

  32. Veronica Montgomery says:

    Thank you for pointing out the difference between prepping. I have followed you and others for awhile. Unlike others that are so harsh in their beliefs, you on the other hand have gained my interest and trust. I am what you consider a lifetime prepper. Throughout spring and summer, I grew up watching my Grandmother and my Mother store food in cans or mason jars for the winter. That has and will continue to carry me through life. Thank you again and keep up the good work.!

  33. GeorgiaPeachie says:

    You didnt offend me at all. I value open and direct communication. You can probably tell that I’m pretty blunt. LOL.

    Unfortunately, I must not be very clear as I never said nor did I infer that everyone who is gay does these hateful things I’ve brought up! But I won’t give the ones that do a pass and say they are just being “pushy”.

    Personally I think it is very much an atrocity when an old person loses everything they’ve ever worked for and gets drug through the courts. For the record, no gays were beaten, but these Christians were abused by many with death threats and obscenity. Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions that I paint all gays (or anyone else) with the same brush.

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