1. Axelsteve says:

    As far as buying old bateries goes where I used to work we would cycle out any battery every 90 days. and we would cycle out any battery on our wholesale accounts. So waiting for old batterys would not fly in my area.

  2. Thomas The Tinker says:

    To the point. Cheap. Not theory heavy. Piece O cake. Thanks MD. I’ve seen these built on two wheel dollies… was that here?

  3. Thomas The Tinker says:

    GoodGolly MD….. 88 pages of solar DIYs. I found it!

  4. IdahoBob says:

    Frustrating. I spent most of my time clicking the clear ‘X’ for advertisments and their personal advertisements. I had to fast click through the video it was so slow. It was either 28 or 29 times I had to click off those ad ballons so I could see what was in the video.

  5. Hook up for Venting at battery was not clear. Hose not into battery for fumes?

  6. We have 4 vehicles and 3 tractors with batteries…at the time of crisis…no fuel for any…so batteries from all of them can be banked, no need to buy any. Just the solar panels, charge control and converter to have on hand when needed.

  7. Hate to bust everyone’s bubble on this but…..I live off grid and have done so for 14 years. the system being described will run a TV, Computer, Radio etc. for what ? Grid down…do any of you understand what that means ? NO POWER to the TYV stations and etc. ! IF u have a well, most of these will not even run your pump. on average a water well pump will pull 10-15 amps just to start it. As an example…I bought 2 brand new fully charged 250AH batteries. ran them thru and inverter similar to what is shown. was able to power my LAP TOP (low power drain) and sat dish for 5 hrs.! Charge your phones ? cool ! phones will not be working.
    Best bet is a wind genny of at least 3000amp out put. good batts like 8 or more L-60’s and also…a good 4500-7000 watt diesel generator.
    When it hits the fan, all your preps will be for naught if you leave out the one primary thing regardless of how much stuff you got piled back…Jesus the Christ as your personal savior.

    • True bubble buster.
      Not for any of them but, for a 30 watt refrigerator/freezer for maintenance medicine, etc. Solar is the way to go. I also have a back up charge controller and inverter… case of failure.

      Where will you get the diesel….make it?

      • Anonamo Also says:

        On making diesel…In a regional emergency, better have the oil to make the diesel already stored,..used cooking oil etc.. thinners, ability to cook it and evaporate water from used oils… because everyone will be trying to get the most from what they have.. Those places that go thru large quanities of oil , prob will not be operational.
        Regular car/tractor batteries… my understanding they will have a short shelf life if used in this manner… batteries like Marine, golf cart hold up better. There is a battery recycler in north Ms. and they rebuild batteries suitable, at affordable prices… roughly 75-90$ per / priced on lots of 4.

        • patientmomma says:

          Anonamo Also , battery recycler in North Mississippi…. do you have company name and city, Please.

          • Anonamo Also says:

            Walnut Miss. Hwy 72 west of intersection.w/ hwy 15….about 2/10 mile/south side of 4 lane.. Hoopers Battery sales. I have no benefit from this contact, I am just a happy client. Reputable owner, and good service. Open for a few hours most saturdays as well.I think he closes at noon.

            • Anonamo Also says:

              PM, sorry Hooper’s.. place is EAST of intersection US 72/w State route 15.. is on south side of 72..abt 2/10 mile.

    • Ferris Lummox says:

      You are so right, but most people do not think logically lately.

  8. The ads were a pain to say the least. The unit these guys used is cheap…dollar wise and in use. Two one hundred watt panels from Amazon would cost a few bucks more and you would have 155 more watts to charge up your battery.

  9. Daddio7 says:

    To watch ad free click on the Youtube logo, then when the video runs on Youtube click on the settings gear and turn off annotations. This works for most Youtube videos.

    • IdahoBob says:

      Thanks! It worked to eliminate his bubble messages (or whatever they’re called). It didn’t stop the youtube ads but I guess that’s the price of youtube. All things being equal I would rather have youtube as an asset including their ads than not have youtube because they go bankrupt. But good advice, I’ll use that from now on.

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    Harbor tools panels (are thin-film panels that go bad in like 7-years) are vastly over priced. Monocristiline (sp?) panels are better priced and put out power for at least 25-years. And many of them that are 40-years old are still producing power.

    As far as this project powering your home. I don’t think anyone reading this expects it to. But it’s a start and can be expanded as time and money permits.

    And a small start in the right direction is better then no start.

    • IdahoBob says:

      The Harbor freight panels will produce power even in the shade while the more expensive monocrystalline panels will stop producing power even if 20% of the panel is in the shade.

      I have had a Harbor freight panel set up for around 7 years and really see no decline in power output. I have read that all PV panels will decrease power output over time by about 3% or so a year. I also have one of the more expensive panels on my travel trailer. I like it, the system provides enough power for lights, TV, radio, charging laptops and phones, etc.

  11. Solar power is an extremely important part of being prepared. Make sure that you have your solar panels facing South or West for the best possible exposure to the sun.

  12. Michael says:

    Jim, I need to make observations as to your posting. I am sure that you meant to say 3000 Watts instead of 3000 Amp wind turbine.
    As for the batteries, it should read L-16, such as Trojan L-16 like ones that we have on our farm.
    A 6500 Watt diesel Genny would do the job, allows for rapid charging and concurrent AC power use, of which keeps to Genny running at 80 percent.

    As for the solar modules, try to apply silicone caulking around where the composite/glass meets the frame, this will better insure a longer life of the modules. (Think no rain penitration)

    If you intend to use Harbour Frieght modules consider doubling up the output, this will help with partly cloudy days, nothing but a Genny will cover your needs on a total cloudy day or day with rain.
    To better insure that this system will provide for your needs consider LED lighting, they use a fraction of what the floursecent bulbs use. The same with appliances, think when not in use, shut it down. The rest will come as you live ang grow with you new system. Molon Labe

  13. Well I mean its a good damn idea, think about where you would find a battery after SHTF. I mean you wouldnt find any because they would all be garbage or they would be gone from everyone else. Being prepared is the best thing we can do and that means everything not just food and water. Think about how you want to live once the world goes to shit and the country has no power and no fuel. You will have no lights no stove no microwave no nothing!

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