U.S. Economy on Brink of Systemic Failure

Good video if you have time to watch it…

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  1. Brearbear says:

    Can you smell that?…

    “Game over…for the petro dollar”…

    …”get your money out of the banks…get your money out of the brokerage houses…get your money out of paper…and buy gold and silver coin and bars”…

    *quotes from above video.

    Gather many years worth of preps…
    …as much as you can…as fast as you can…
    …and way more than you think you need…then…if you can…buy gold/silver…my opinion.

    …i was going to chill after working my a$$ of this winter…

    All i know is my gut says get back to work!

    I feel something is coming fast…it stinks bad.

  2. Brearbear says:

    got this quote somewhere.
    not sure from whom…this i apologize to the
    author…but this might somehow fit in with things?

    “Little know fact: Russia, China, and a number of other countries are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO. Iran, Turkey, India, and Pakistan have applied for full membership, but now have “Observer” status. The Ukraine was about to get full membership in the SCO to counter the EU’s offer, when this trouble started.

    In 2012 China, India, and Russia held joint war games. In 2013 the SCO declared that it was going to start It’s own “World Bank” and currency. The President of Turkey has said that they would dump NATO membership if allowed to join the SCO.

    Including the 4 Observer countries, the SCO covers over 1/2 of the World’s land mass, has well over 1/2 of the World’s population, and controls much of the World’s resources.

    Combined the SCO’s military is much larger than NATO’s and would include 5 nuclear powers. Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Iran (soon to be.)”

    • Actually Bearbear, I believe that it was a blogger by the name of “Ghost”, a fellow citizen of Minnesota, who wrote those words.
      I just finished reading a book called “The New Cold War, Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West” by the author Edward Lucas, which came out in 2008 which has pretty much the same info in it.
      Lucas writes for “The Economist” a very well respected publication. The book was awarded “Book of the Year Status” by The Wall Street Journal.
      If Lucas is right, we are in a War with the SCO and don’t even know it. So, if you want to know what is really going on in Russia and what they have planned for what is left of the U.S. after they get done with us, read “The New Cold War”.
      Hint: It involves them winning a nuclear war with us.

      • Brearbear says:

        Thank you!
        will check it out!
        and Thanks to Ghost also!


      • Brearbear says:

        Here is another book:

        The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Paperback
        by G. Edward Griffin (Author)

        *has anyone read it?

        Life is complicated…especially when we know not much.

  3. Texanadian says:

    Sell your house and spend the money on silver bars and coins. Not good advice. Pay off your house, store food. Remember in a general collapse property values will fall. While on paper you lose value of your property you still own it and with the devaluation the taxes go down. On your own property you can – thank you professor obvious, grow your own food and care for your family. Silver bars don’t make good insulation from the cold.

  4. Texanadian says:

    I looked at the golden jackass website and it appears the guy is in the business of selling PM’s. While some of what is said rings true me thinks there may be an alterior motive in his strong support for getting out of cash and into silver and gold.

    Does make on think and highlights the need to pay attention to everything going on everywhere.

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    I read someplace that governments never want to loose international trading ability, they over print money from debt that kills their moneys buying power. But somehow they are too dumb to see where that leads to.

    They will steal money in ever-increasing ways from their own people to fill holes in their budget before they default on loans to other countries.

    And if / when that doesn’t work any longer there is always the other way to shift focus, WAR.

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