Eerie Statistics Predict Coming Shemitah Market Collapse: “Only 8 Trading Days Until Wipe Out Day”

By Mac Slavo – SHTF Plan

The end of the Shemitah cycle is fast approaching, and many are worried about an impending collapse, particularly considering we have already seen unprecedented stock market decline.

And history is not on our side. The past five Shemitah cycles have ended in crashes – and this one could be the worst yet.

Unfortunately the numbers don’t lie, and now a respected statistician has proven the mathematical validity behind the Shemitah theory of collapse. WND reports:

Thomas Pound is an educator and mathematician who applies his statistical wizardry to the markets.

Only eight more trading days remain until the dreaded Elul 29, which is the final day of the Shemitah year, known as “wipe out day” on the Hebrew calendar.


“Statistically, it appears that the calendar years in which the Sabbatical year ends are worse than the other six years, and that difference is significant based on the data I have,” Pound told Breaking Israel News.

“In September, we can expect something really bad.”


Cahn pointed out that the years 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 were all Shemitah years that saw stock markets collapse.

The biggest ever single-day stock market crash occurred on Sept. 29, 2008, when the Dow fell 777.7 points and lost $1.2 trillion in value. This day also happened to be Elul 29, the last day of the Jewish year, one day before Rosh Hashana, signaling the end of the Shemitah cycle.

Statistician Thomas Pound isn’t the only prominent figure predicting collapse.

Economic commentators Gerald Celente and Michael Snyder have also warned of a coming collapse, after noting the dire predictions of numerous financial gurus.

One of those is Jeff Berwick, the libertarian anarcho-capitalist and editor of Dollar Vigilante, who has warned in no uncertain terms that the potential for a terrible collapse is headed our way in September. USA Watchdog reported:

Financial expert Jeff Berwick says you don’t have to wait for the next market crash. Berwick contends that financial facts and the so-called Shemitah are lining up and predicting a coming calamity. Berwick, who recently produced a video titled “Shemitah Exposed,” explains, “I think it’s already started. I put up that video in July, and by the end of August, we were already seeing major crashes happening around the world. The Chinese stock market has been in complete free fall. Of course, what happened in Greece, everyone knows about that, and there are actually 20 other stock exchanges . . . have all been in a crash in the last few weeks. My question is did the Shemitah start early this year or are these going to be pre-shocks to something that is going to be much, much worse?”

“September is going to be incredibly volatile and risky, and it might not just be September.”


Every time the Federal Reserve says it will print a lot of money, the stock market goes up. I think, this time, a lot more people are aware of how this system is hanging by a thread. If the only answer they have to fix it is to keep printing money and for government to keep going into debt . . . I think a lot of people are going to wake up and say we’re headed for Zimbabwe. We are headed for complete hyperinflation if this keeps up.”

Obviously, we have already seen things starting to come unglued on the stock market and in pivotal events around the globe.

Things are poised for a crash, and the Shemitah would fit hand-in-glove with a total collapse, whether it comes in September or not.

Whatever you do, be prepared. It could get ugly.


  1. So I get it, the market is going to crash just like it has in the past. BUT, it obviously keeps recovering otherwise how could it keep “crashing”? The market even recovered after the great depression, why should there be any reason to believe that it wont recover again? People need to look at the long game here, sure near term thing might get dicey, but batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.

  2. As I have done everything I can to mitigate any influence that a “market crash: will have on us here, I guess I’ll just continue on and wait to see what the 15th will bring.

  3. While I know this will still affect us, I’m glad I’m not rich in terms of stocks. It’s popular to bash rich folks, but those guys have their wealth protected. This will hit what’s left of the middle class, most of whose pensions and savings are in stocks these days. I’m 54 and if I was set to retire at 65 I’d be crushed if suddenly I found I would be working to the end of my life as all that I’d amassed over years of drudgery had just vanished like it did in 1929. And the effects on our society when everyone starts losing work hours due to the economy, and are unable to further fund public programs through income tax withheld will be very dramatic. If 46% of people are on food stamps and that program is cut even by half, that means 46% of your neighbors will be looking for food. Can’t spin that to be pretty at all.

    Now’s a really good time to encourage your neighbors to think about stocking up, even if it’s just beans and rice. Maybe let the dandelions in your yard grow a bit – they really won’t kill you and you can get rid of some of the bitterness by cooking, then add to soup. Look around you to see if there’s room for starting sprouts or a few extra bags of flour. Get used to improvising meals that help you blend in with everyone else who doesn’t have much.

    I don’t think we’ll see a complete collapse from this, rather intermittent interruptions due to JIT stocking. If your family can cover a few days or weeks until there’s another shipment, it might make the difference between holding together and having to turn into a looter yourself. Especially if you could hand your neighbor a couple Ramen packets and say “This was in our camping stuff, would it help?” I can’t cover my neighbors for the apocalypse, but I could get them through a bank holiday or two without letting them know I thought about this beforehand. Just sayin’.

  4. Chuck Findlay says:

    (Now’s a really good time to encourage your neighbors to think about stocking up, even if it’s just beans and rice.)

    How’s that going to work out?

    I can make a good guess and both of them is not good for you as talking to them blows OPSEC out of the water.

    First one is time and money.
    As preppers we know it takes years or a heck of a lot of money to prep and our neighbors have neither of these so even if they did listen to you they won’t have the ability to prep and support their family more then a few weeks at most. The time may be short and prepping takes time and money, they won’t have either one.

    The second one is that they won’t prep at all. Your warnings will fall on death ears and they will continue doing what they are doing as far as preps go, and that is nothing. In this case they expect the money to keep flowing, they expect the trucks to keep the grocery stores stocked. Any disruption in the apple cart is going to have them coming unglued.

    In both of the above situations you painted a big red X on your forehead and people (people that have never known hunger) will come to you demanding food as they MUST have it to keep themselves and their family alive. And you said or implied you have food. It’s not going to go well, people could get shot and die.

    Yea they will go to the government expecting a handout, but when that doesn’t work a bell will go off in their head and you will get people knocking on your door demanding food, you may not be able to turn them away short of shooting them.

    Before you decide to save the world (your neighbors, their extended family, their friends, their friends extended families and so on) you better decide how to turn away people that are going to fight you for every scrap of food you have. They will fight as they must have it and once the government falls short (and it will fall short) there will be a fight for survival and you announcing you have food puts you at ground-zero of the fight.

    Instead of being looked at as a local Kroger store that has to give food away for free as your neighbors will have nothing to give you. As nothing will be more valued then food at that stage and they NEED food and paying for it with a just trade won’t be part of their thinking. Instead you would be better to keep your mouth shut as to prepping and seem to be just as bad off as they are.

    The third outcome of talking to your neighbors about prepping and buying food is not going to happen. That being that they will suddenly see the light and have enough sense and money to buy months of food and preps to last them through any hard times. And for this to work EVERY ONE of your neighbors has to do it for none of them to come to you demanding food.

    I know it sounds all wonderful to say “I will share my food” or that it’s being a good person enlightening your neighbors to the need to prep. But if they have not made the jump by now it’s likely they won’t do it soon enough to build their own supplies.

    We as preppers also need a dose of reality, and that reality is most people won’t prep and buy food in any kind of supply to see them through more then a thunderstorm. Reality is that you need to look at things as they will be post-SHTF, not as they are now. And post-SHTF you will have to be a lot colder person to keep your family alive from desperate people. People that have a starving child and know you have a few cans of food that could feed them. The fact that in a week or so that can of food could keep you alive won’t mean anything to them at the moment. These hungry people haven’t made the jump to understanding that buying food now can keep them and their children alive in the future. With this mindset of limited ability to look ahead you won’t be dealing with a reasoned person. It’s not a part of who they are. We preppers need to understand this and think through what we are going to do when the knock on the door comes at 10:00 PM demanding food. And they will demand your food. The fact that you bought it for your kids won’t mean anything.

    As you can guess, I don’t talk prepping and buying food with my neighbors…

  5. after we stocked our “main-supply ”
    of dry beans and vac-sealed/mylar rice,we started stockpiling canned sardines,herring,etc. (got about 750). they are tasty to me, and go very well with our rice supply. then we went to canned tuna in oil(about 750 also).It may sound stupid to many, but when Chef (.Boy ar Dee is on sale(like it is NOW here in SE Idaho). we can buy a case of 12 for .75/can(9.00). we bought another 12 cases(total now 900). Yeah,I know, its full of sodium, fat calories and, more preservatives than the law should allow…..BUT, with a cup of cooked rice its a gut-buster with protein.Along with the 2 year supply of generic SPAM, and all the cans of “canned cooked chicken breast meat”(about 200 cans)……I think the 4 of us can be OK for maybe 2 years without outside supply if we push it. Got our stash in 4 different locations(caches). Yep, this stuff would be very difficult to move…….but…..I plan on” dying-in-place” rather than becoming a refugee of any type. Too damn old,hurt too much,already cranky….You can prep-on-the-cheap ,just dont demand the “BEST” of everything right away(if ever). good water filtration w/backup is PRIORITY ONE(even before FOOD!!!!).lots of dry beans and rice ..and build from there… good luck to all….if it gets ugly, the trash in the cities will be “self-cleaning”, but I feel terrible for those that are real workers STUCK in a metro area. I retired from the airlines in Houston 10 yrs ago, and NEVER LOOKED BACK…..hope ya find a way out if so inclined….keep eyes open,watch yer six,be grey, and trust damned few!!!

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Idahobob you are right in that prepping (food wise) is not that expensive. Years ago when I first started prepping I got into grains, canned food and built a good supply of them without spending too much money. And while prices for food has gone up, the basics are still not too bad as far as cost.

      Even comfort food for kids like Ravioli only cost .88 cents at Wally World. And every kid likes it. It’s easy to build a good supply even with today’s prices.

      I don’t know when the market will crash or when the dollar will go down to a value of almost nothing. None of us can control it, all we can do is try to survive it. I prep by buying food and other survival supplies, I buy silver, I buy LOTS of tools, construction and repair supplies so I can keep working. I am always learning new repair skills and buying the tools to do the new things. I figure that people will always need things fixed and I’m setting myself up to be able to continue to make money post collapse. Be it a soft collapse (like the 1929 one) or a more devastating one I am trying to ensure my ability to make money.

      I think most preppers fall short on preparing for bad times in that they buy things like food and supplies. But they don’t think about making money post-SHTF. None of us can buy all we will need for the rest of our lives so we will need to trade or buy things till the day we die. If a person only buys supplies and has no plan to have a marketable skill to bring in money post-SHTF times will be very hard on them as we all need an on-going supply of money.

      If I knew it was going to happen in 5-hours I would not be one of the ones running to the store for last min food. I will be at home as I already have food and being part of that mad-rush could get a person into trouble. Better to buy it now.

      In the end it’s interesting to read about when the market or dollar will fall, but it doesn’t mean much if you are prepping in the right way as we already know it’s going to happen. We just don’t know the exact hour of the fall.

      I even have a lot of canned bacon I put up, but I would miss going to the Chinese buffet once a week…

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