The Emergency Homeopathy Kit

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Homeopathy is a system of medical care that is older than Hippocrates. It helps to cure diseases/injuries in accordance with natural substances. The so-called modern-day “Father” of homeopathy was Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann who lived in the early 1800’s.

Our family discovered homeopathy when our oldest son was seven. He was suffering from severe Plantar Warts on the bottom of his foot. We had been to his pediatrician repeatedly, where the warts were shaved and acid put on them. All the treatment did was make them spread. He could barely put pressure on his foot. Concurrently, he was suffering from sinus infections; as soon as my son finished a new antibiotic, the infection came back. He was having behavior problems at school so the pediatrician placed him on Ritalin. This was back in the 1980’s where Ritalin was hailed as the new wonder drug.

When, on the same day, the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist recommended our son be hospitalized and have his sinuses flushed with a strong antibiotic solution and be on IV antibiotic treatment, and the pediatrician recommending surgical treatment for the Plantar warts, the increasing dissatisfaction and mistrust of the medical profession exploded in my head. There had to be a better way!

A friend told me about a nearby M.D. who was also a homeopath,and we made an appointment. At the visit, which was over an hour of just talking and answering strange questions about our son’s sleep patterns, moods,behavior, bowel movements, whether he preferred hot or cold drinks, and with me getting nervous and skeptical, we finally got to the reason we were there. When he asked what medications son was currently on, the doctor became very upset when he heard about the Ritalin.

He emphatically told us that it was an experimental drug, and since our son had never had one test to determine if he SHOULD be on it, to take him off of it right away. He then briefly examined our son and gave him a few pellets of small white pills under his tongue. He also gave us a small envelope and told us to give the pellets twice a day for three days and to observe any changes in his behavior. It was as if the warts and sinus infections were not important.

I left fuming and called the friend who had encouraged me to go to him, complaining about this weird man who asked so many strange questions. Her words of wisdom I will never forget – “why notcontinue to give him the pellets; what do you have to lose?” So we did. A week later hubby checked son’s foot. The bottom of his foot had no clusters of black dots that signified Plantar warts. The huge one that was ½ inch across was gone, replaced with a hollowed out depression with new, pink skin.

His sinus headaches and congestion were gone. However, he had become increasingly agitated at school and home. He had boundless energy, wasn’t sleeping much at night, walked across the tops of the desks at school, he broke out in sweats. On the Ritalin his normal demeanor was subdued, sleepy, almost depressed, no energy, hard to wake in the morning. Just the opposite of what was now happening. I called the new doctor and asked what would happen to someone who took Ritalin who did not need it.

He said they would become hyperactive, sweat, not sleep, agitated – in other words, act as if they were ‘high’. As many of you know, teens now steal/buy Ritalin on the street and use it to get high. I asked how to get our son off the Ritalin. He said quit cold turkey but be prepared for some rough days ahead. We did that and it WAS a rough few days! His behavior improved immensely, he was sleeping through the night, he did much better at school and home. We had our happy, cheerful son back.

I began studying homeopathy and have learned so much;however, I am no expert. Homeopathy is an extensive alternative medicine field. I do not pretend to know enough about it. Taking an in-depth class is at the top of my Bucket List. However, I can tell you about which remedies we use and why. I own a few books I feel are invaluable. “Homeopathic Medicine at Home” by Jane Heimlich and M. B. Panos, M.D. (has great symptoms/remedy charts); “Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines” by Stephen Cummings, M.D. and Dana Ullman, M.P.H.; a good Materia Medica (describes symptoms and remedies – I would try to find a modern book printed in an English-speaking country, mine was printed in India and the translation leaves a lot to be desired); and “Homeopathy for Menopause” by Beth MacEoin.

First, some general instructions.

1. Remedies come in different forms. They can be in a cream, ointment, tincture or pellet form.

2. Remedies can be purchased in a health food store, some pharmacies, from your doctor or online.

3. Remedies in a pellet or tincture form should be taken in a ‘clean’ mouth. That means no food, no drink, no smoking 15 minutes before and after using a remedy. Water is okay to dilute the tincture.

4. Tak eapproximately four pellets of the remedy and place under your tongue to dissolve.The base of the pellet is sugar so it dissolves quickly.

5. There are many common substances that will render a remedy ineffective including coffee and anything with camphor or mint in it. (Think lip balms.)

6. Pellet remedies should be kept in a dark glass bottle, out of sunlight and in a dark,cool place. Same with tinctures.

7. Never expose a remedy to sunlight or strong odors. If you are outdoors and need to take a remedy, turn your back to the sun and cup the bottle in your hand,shading it as much as you can. Or get out of the sun!

8. To take the pellets, tap the unopened bottle against the bottom of your hand. Tap out pellets into the cap, tip your head back and tap the cap to dispense the pellets under your tongue. Do not touch the inside of the cap. To take a tincture, put drops under tongue or in a small amount of water then under tongue or in mouth. Creams/ointments can be applied directly to skin. Do not apply Arnica to opened skin!

Remedies come in various strengths. The higher the number the more diluted it is, but the more powerful it is. The average strength is 30cc,but you can purchase 6cc and 200cc. Anything over 200cc is usually by prescription only or only available from your doctor and is usually considered a “constitutional” remedy (a remedy that affects the entire body).

Here are the remedies in my emergency kit I would never be without. I will use the common names. What I have described using them for are NOT the only symptoms they are effective on.

1. Aconite – fright, shock, sudden onset and intense symptoms. Faintness, dizziness.Croup. (If I fell hard, I would take Aconite, followed 15 minutes later with Arnica if I am bruised).

2. Apis– Bee stings, insect bites with swelling, itching and redness. Hives. (Husband is allergic to ant bites; he takes Apis first and then later on takes Ledum if necessary. He also has an Epi-Pen if necessary.)

3. Arnica– Bruises, injuries from blows, falls or blunt objects. Shock from injury, black eye, muscle soreness, sprains, arthritis; promotes healing. DO NOT USE THE CREAM OR OINTMENT ON BROKEN SKIN! Will burn like fire. The cream/ointment is wonderful for bruises, sprains, overworked muscles, sore joints from arthritis. Our favorite brand is The Rub by NatraBio. It has the highest % of Arnica.

4. Ferrum Phos – great with children (or anyone) coming down with fever, cold, earache,if the symptoms match this remedy. (There are many fever/cold/flu remedies available.)

5. Ignatia – emotional or mental stress; grief, worry, shock, insomnia. Our entire family took this remedy when my husband’s brother died in an airplane crash. It helped all of us function during this stressful time.

6. Ledum– Puncture wounds from sharp-pointed objects – nails, splinters; insect stings,especially mosquitoes; animal bites and scratches.

7. Candida– for any yeast infections – skin, vaginal, mouth/throat (thrush), diaper rash, intestinal. No woman should EVER be without this remedy!

8. The ABC’s for babies – Aconite (croup, diarrhea, ear infections), Belladonna (ear infections, teething, sore throat); Chamomilla (colic, ear infections, teething) have saved many a parent’s sanity during a night of teething, croup, ear aches or colic.

There are MANY remedies. I strongly advise reading and learning all you can, taking classes and finding a medical person you trust that will administer the stronger remedies. The symptoms must be matched up to the remedies. Please don’t just go out and buy the list above; get a good book and match up your symptoms. If you take the wrong remedy, don’t worry; it will do you no harm. You may have wasted your time and money, but it will cause no adverse effects. But the correct remedy will help you immensely.

(Disclaimer: If you have an illness, medical condition, or take prescription medication, please seek medical advice from a qualified medical professional.)

M.D. adds: Many people think Homeopathy is a load of BS while others are strong believers. I want to know what you think and why in the comments below.

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  1. My mother suggests to me I should say nothing… I’ll try to put this as nicely as I can. I will offer this bit of my personal advice to anyone who is considering relying on Homeopathic meds for TSHTF. Don’t.

    There is nothing in them. Put your money to better use: beans, bullets, bandages, don’t spend money on medicine with no medicine in it. If you don’t believe me that they have nothing in them, ask a homeopath what would happen if you child got their hands on a bottle of “meds” and swallowed the whole thing. Most honest ones will tell you not to worry nothing will happen, Homeopathic meds are “safe”. They are safe, I’ll give them that. Its because they have no effect on the body.

    Ok, I’m done, I will not be responding to any replies, so for homeopathic believers feel free to respond. Anyways, Ohio Prepper will probably chime in and be much less nice so attack him instead : ).

    • To help Veridical Driver and Myself to get the point across that Homeopathy is not the same as herbalism or natural medicine I decided to include this informative link from an alternative medicine practitioner describing the differences:

      For example you may swear in the effectiveness of St. Johns Wort in treating mood issues. Fine, buy it from an herbalist. But it would not make any sense for you to not spend money on a Homeopathic St. Johns Wort remedy because it WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY St Johns Wort. Get it? herbs and homeopathic remedies are not the same. Learn the difference before confusing the issue any further.

  2. Ozarkanna says:

    We are all free to believe whatever we choose; and, if we choose to share information that we believe will help other members of the Wolf Pack, we do so. Thank you, Encourager for making this so concise.
    I, for one, am thankful for this post; and, intend to read the recommended books and make my own choice based on what I have read. Homeopathic medicine has been around hundreds of years longer than factory manufactured chemical medications.
    Post SHTF, we will be thankful for anything that will help our bodies to heal. If someone chooses not to reach out for new knowledge, they are free to move along. There is, obviously, nothing here for them to see.

    • IF all that Stuff really worked (and not just in the sense that a placebo “works”) there never would have been “factory manufactured chemical medications” in the first place. Just use leaches and some toejam tincture, no need for a difibulator.

      Now I do know from first hand experience that urine cures athletes foot. Salt Pork takes care of Planters Wart and Vic’s on your feet clears bronchial congestion.

  3. Homeopathy: a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners claim to treat patients using highly diluted preparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibit symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient.

    Some of the dilutions may not even contain any molecules of the original substance. Practitioners argue the water ‘remembers’ that it was in contact with those substances. So why not just use tap water then? Wouldn’t it ‘remember’ or have minute concentrations of all those substances anyway?

    I agree with Mike, above – put your money to better use.

  4. JP in MT says:

    Thank you for the information. I certainly appreciate any medical information I can get, as I am no expert except at a consumer.

  5. Russ8541 says:

    This a great article. Thanks for posting it. Homeopathy is an extremely complicated and sophisticated theory and practice of medicine. It is very important to understand that the “art” of diagnosis of a skilled and experienced homeopath is the foundation of the principle. It is not just matching remedy to symptoms. Allopathic medicine is using medicine against or “for” treating different symptoms, conditions or disease states. Homeopathy works with the persons constitutional type to support or stimulate the body to heal itself. If I just pick remedies based on symptoms then I’m just using homeopathic remedies in an allopathic manner. That’s not homeopathy. That’s why the author described the prescriber as being uninterested in the warts or sinus symptoms. They are irrelevent to the homeopath. Therefore, the ability to identify the constitutional type is critical to the success of homeopathic medicine. A lot of criticism and first hand experience with homeopathic failures probably has to do with the use of homeopathy in an allopathic way. So what I’m really trying to say is that homeopathy deserves the respect that other practices of medicine deserve and it is foolish to think that one can just suddenly use homeopathy in a post SHTF situation with anymore success then if you think you are suddenly going to become a surgeon.

  6. CityPrepper says:

    Its so easy to poo-poo what we are ignorant of.

    I can’t speak to everything listed on here but I use Arnica all the time, I run marathons several times a year and am always training, it works great on sore muscles, as well as on bruises from blunt force trauma, this is a fact not a placebo effect. This is why when you buy Arnica in its purest form, as tea leaves it says specifically not to drink as it can be poisonous.

    My wife was prescribed Belladonna by a regular MD when she had severe gastrointestinal distress. It also can be poisonous if consumed in large amounts.

    Chamomille, Valarian Root, St Johns Wort, Echinacea plus a whole host of others have also been used for centuries by native people and even some of our grandparents as natural remedies that can be grown in your home garden.

    While we should all be prepared with traditional modern meds it would be wise for the person interested in being truly self-sufficient to be versed in at least the most basic of homeopathy or natural remedies. As it presumes you will be able to take care of yourself. No matter how vast your stockpile of meds is it won’t last forever. However your knowledge of how to treat yourself naturally will. Common sense would dictate a little of both, natural and modern medicines.

    Just my two cents.

    • Veridical Driver says:

      It sounds to me like you are ignorant of homeopathy. Homeopathy is not herbalism!

      Nearly all homeopathic tinctures don’t even contain a single molecule of the remedy substance. Homeopaths believe that mixing a substance with water gives the water a magic substance memory, and that the memory grows more powerful with dilution.

    • Mother Earth says:

      I’m going to go with City Prepper’s opinion here. I am learning about herbs now. And while I probably won’t go harvesting willow bark to make my own aspirin, it doesn’t hurt to know I could if aspirin were no longer available. So as City Prepper says…I can’t poo-poo what I don’t fully understand. However, I probably won’t be taking belladonna in any shape or form…at least willingly!

  7. Yes, homeopathy is a wagon load of BS.

  8. I used to think that homeopathy was a load of BS…but now I’m not so sure. I had always believed that it was the placebo effect in action.

    Then the vet gave one of my dogs a homeopathic remedy for a problem she had for 3.5yrs. Dogs know nothing of the placebo effect – they just think its a treat. And wouldn’t you know the problem was gone in 12hours. Gone! Never returned. Weird…

    Thinking that was a coincidence – the next 3 times my dog had different problems we tried homeopathic remedies. And again, problems gone without antibiotics or drug intervention. That’s when I started to think there might be something to this.

    I haven’t tried homeopathy myself – but I’m thinking it just might be something to investigate.

    • eqfan592 says:

      My guess is that the homeopathic remedy used here was not what almost all homeopathic remedies are. As others have pointed out, modern homeopathic remedies contain none or almost none of the original compound used to make the remedy due to the heavy distillation process, relying instead on “water memory,” which is a repeatedly proven load of BS.

  9. Hi Wolf Pack-
    Some of the homeopathic remedies do contain natural ingredients that have some form of biomedical effect. There is an active research effort underway to identify the exact nature of these effects, with the potential to purify and concentrate these ingredients from the natural source to be used medically. Three of these actively-researched homeopathic remedies are cranberries (for UTI’s), garlic (for general inflammation), and red wines and grapes (for cardiovascular health). There is strong scientific evidence, published in very high-ranking, peer-reviewed scientific journals to support this kind of research. Unfortunately, there is little incentive for these kinds of ingredients to be developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry because you cannot patent garlic! It is only through homeopathic practitioners and pharmacy shelves (I include online sources, as well) that you can get this stuff in any purified form… or your local farmer’s market or grocery store.
    Not all homeopathic remedies can be lumped into this category, however… so I’d do my research before jumping into any health treatment regimen, but I would not hesitate to try homeopathic remedies just because most medical docs discount their potential. I also know plenty of good docs who swear by them.

    • Jay in LA says:

      The use of cranberries for UTIs, garlic for inflammation, and red wine and grapes for cardiovascular health is not homeopathy. It is herbalism and medical science. Homeopathy draws on the former, but abandons the later.

  10. IA Oscar says:

    What were the pellets the Dr. first gave your son?

  11. This is not an attack, endorsement or anything else except an observation from an elderly person. My mother was a strong believer in natural medicants. In my case, just like a lot of other people since no two individuals (except identical twins) are even close to being the same physically, some worked and others did not. No herbal remedy would cure my pigeon toed walk, only arch supports when I entered the military effected a permanent cure. Eyeglasses did not cure but assisted my severe near sighted condition. Many other ailments were alleviated by some of her natural cures. The minister attributed it to faith healing, the new doctor called it miracle cures, etc. My own honest observation over the years. Some conditions can be alleviated by natural remedies and others can be aggravated by same. I have observed that the ones that did work the natural cure was proactive rather than reactive. Before the condition was full blown, the cure would alleviate some of the symptoms but after the condition was set in, nothing short of a complete life style change or prescription medicines would work. I will leave it at that. Harold

  12. Most all the drugs we have available came from homeopathic origins. All of the drug companies started as “home remedy” sellers.

    Even though I have never really experienced homeopathic medicine – I would not want to ignore any benefits it does have. For instance, vitamin B17 (Laetrile) will cure cancer but the AMA denies this saying it has failed testing. The AMA did perform some small tests and found that the drug companies paid better to suppress and change the results. Hey, the AMA also needs to make money.

    Ignorance is bliss – especially for the profitable drug companies, insurance companies, highly paid doctors and the hospitals that spread cancer (with other diseases). In this country the almighty dollar beats your life in importance.

    As a matter of fact – being profitable is the only thing holding back homeopathic business in this country.

    • Veridical Driver says:

      Once again, you have mistaken “homeopathy” with “herbalism”. Herbalism and Homeopathy are two completely different systems.

      Homeopathy believes that herbs become more powerful the more they are diluted, such that the most powerful homeopathic medicines don’t have any herbs whatsoever, but are instead pure H2O.

      Homeopathy was invented by one guy back in the 1800s, and no modern drug has any basis in homeopathy whatsoever. It is not an ancient or traditional system of medicine like herbalism. It is a scam.

  13. mrsgreg2002 says:

    I would just say be VERY CAREFUL w/ aconite. Excessive use can be dangerous even fatal. Some really good resources on Herbs and Herbal Remedies are: 1. Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs
    2. Modern Encyclopedia of Herbs by Joseph M. Kadans (don’t know if it is still in print) 3. Stalking Healthful Herbs by Euell Gibbons (again, don’t know if it is still in print) I am currently taking Shonda Parker’s course for Family Herbalist Well worth the expense IMHO.

  14. I would consider myself generally agnostic on the topic. My instincts tell me that they might work better as preventatives than curatives, but that is just guess work on my part. I am pretty sure the active ingredients of many medicines were probably isolated in some of the plants so the right quantity taken or distilled might be useful. Even though my cultural background (raised in commercial America) would reject Homeopathy outright, I am not sure that is the correct response. Just because it doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t proclaimed by a large corporation doesn’t automatically make it bad. I’ll continue learning and doing research to make the best decision for myself possible.

  15. I too have been interested in homeopathy, and found this youtube video relevant for those who favor homeopathic treatments.

  16. Wait, Ritalin came out in the 80’s. What was I taking during the 60’s and 70’s?

    • Kelekona says:

      How old are you? Giving Ritalin to children wasn’t really done before the 1980’s as I understand it.

  17. mrsgreg2002 says:

    MD, I didn’t see your request for reasons for or against homeopathy. I go both ways on the issue really mainly because I don’t quite know enough yet to go completely off conventional methods yet, I’m still learning. But I think keeping things as close to nature as possible is better for the body and that God gave us these herbs for a reason. I also believe He gives doctors the skill and knowledge to do the amazing things they’re able to do because A. He is the Great Physician and B. He is a God of means, that is to say in His own wisdom He has made it so that sometimes we must be dependant on others. That is how he has ordered His whole world.

  18. I would like to learn more so I could give you a more educated response.

  19. There is nothing in homeopathic remedies. They are diluted down to a millionth concentration with the idea that like cures like. Scientifically speaking though there is absolutely nothing in these “remedies”. If you want to believe, then believe but as for me I’ll stick with what can be scientifically proven as effective when prepping.

  20. Veridical Driver says:

    Homeopathy is 100% pure placebo. All scientific evidence says it doesn’t work… in fact most homeopathic “remedies” don’t even contain any of the substances they claim, they are just sugar pellets or water (this is because homeopathy believes that substances get more powerful the more they dilute it, that they dilute a substance to the point where there is no longer any molecules left).

    Homeopathy is quack medicine… Sorry if I offend anyone, but there is absolutely no benefits to homeopathy whatsoever. It is a magical belief system. Don’t get scammed, save your money, and get some real preps.

  21. Col. D Nashville says:

    First, I would recommend that anyone considering the use of homeopathy or natural remedies consult practitioners skilled in their application. The German government did a study in 1978 and investigated claims regarding the value of herbs etc. for treatments and or cures of various ailments or conditions. The substances can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed. Books are available in English with the complete German Commission E findings. As a nurse, I don’t totally disagree with using natural substances, however my concern is that many claims are made regarding the efficacy of these treatments. It is important to realize that many natural products are not monitored by the FDA so buyer beware. Quality, purity and toxicity of over the counter herbal products is a concern to be aware of. Herbs such as St. John’s Wort for example are taken by people suffering from mild depression and even migraine headaches. St. John’s Wort however interacts with multiple medications which can result in serious side effects, some of which can be life threatening. The same applies to Valerian, Gingko Biloba, SAM-E and others. People unfamiliar with the dangers should seek out a practitioner who is trained, skilled and licensed to work with these products. I don’t want to give the impression I’m 100% against natural remedies but the safety aspects are a concern. When you seek medical treatment from any provider, it is very important to tell them each medication, vitamin or herbal product you are using. There are many possible interactions which your provider will need to consider prior prescribing anything. People need to be very careful taking over the counter herbs and alternative products. Just because something is listed on the internet does not make it true or even safe. I see people reference Wikipedia often, but Wikipedia is not a recognized reference source for information by medical researchers or many learning institutions. I recommend the Mayo Clinic website when beginning medical research. Many other institutions offer good sound reference material I.E. Vanderbilt University, John’s Hopkins, the NIH and even the CDC are valuable resources.

    Don’t kill the messenger like MikeM mentioned in his comment. My main concern is patient safety. Seek out reliable information from good sources and qualified, trained or certified practitioners.

    I don’t know if MD will leave these link on his website or not but it will take you to an online version of the German Commission E Monograph report.

  22. Free training and e books from a homeopath with17 years experience. best of luck.

  23. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    Well…interesting divide of opinions here. Obviously, some folks have experienced benefits from homeopathy, and others flat-out deny it has any value…and in very intense statements! The one thing I hope is that anyone expressing total disbelief in homeopathy does so from personal experience and not from just some opinion or prejudice.

    For myself, I am one who has benefited from homeopathy. I have used natural healing substances my entire life. My German grandmother used some herbs and ‘natural’ substances with my father and then with me, and it was natural for me as an adult to explore healing in a natural form.

    The result is that I have studied natural forms of healthcare…for myself and my son…and availed myself of them when possible. Currently, I have arthritis which causes me a lot of pain. I use “Triflora”, a homeopathic gel/cream, and it gives me much relief. I even gave some to my mother who is suffering from neuropathy, and it helped her. I have used Arnica when appropriate, and a couple other homeopathic remedies, including Belladonna for intestinal issues. BTW, that is a common MEDICAL prescription for that issue, and the medicine is INTENSE. The homeopathic form is much more subtle and was quite effective for me.

    In my opinion, and EXPERIENCE, different things work or not for different people. It’s personal. Mainstream medicines have intense side-effects…most notably heavy liver & other organ damage. Have you see/heard the TV ads for medicines lately? All those disclaimers at the end…that are longer than the ad…stating what side-effects could happen? I heard one that actually stated DEATH as a possible side-effect!!!!

    It is my CHOICE to avail myself of and try ANY remedies that might benefit me. I use natural AND scientific means to care for myself, without prejudice. If it works, I use it. From a purely prepper point of view, availing myself of ALL possible things for my well-being is a necessary frame of mind. Woe be to anyone who sticks to only one thing with anything…Nature abhors specialization. Many forms of life die when their food or environmental source is compromised… when they can only eat one thing or live in one environment, and that changes or disappears. I think one of humans’ greatest attributes is the ability to be diverse.

    That being said, mostly in response to MD’s request, I’d like to also say: thank you Encourager for sharing this information. I have not availed myself of homeopathic remedies as much as I feel could benefit me, so I will be looking deeper into it.

    • Prepping Preacher says:

      thank YOU MtWoman for your perspective… so many closed minds will by obstinense cause their own ruination… they will be the very ones desperate for ANY cure when the time comes – and it will come… i wonder if those that possess the means to help them will be as ungracious in that time of need as the ungracious have been here… some should hope that others won’t hold a grudge…. lol

      • eqfan592 says:

        Understanding the scientific basis (or lack there of) of something does not equate to a “closed mind” on the subject.

    • eqfan592 says:

      If you make use of true, modern homeopathy, then you have experience the placebo affect. I’m glad it has worked for you, as it might work on all of us depending on the situation, and how convinced we are of the effectiveness of any given “cure.”

      And as others have said, homeopathy does NOT equal herbology. Very important distinction there.

  24. Archangel Mike says:

    Here’s an interesting article about Nitroglycerin: a homeopathic remedy. It gives some interesting history on homeopathy on the first few pages.

    • Essentially what this article says is that the first experiments with nitroglycerin were by homeopathic practitioners. I carry Nitrolingual spray as a precaution, and I can assure you that the nitrates have not been diluted into oblivion and the dosage is quite measurable.

  25. Concrete Termite says:

    As with anything else in this world, its your amount of knowledge on an subject that will truely make you successful or not. I personally think if you are going to try any type of medical treatment on yourself or someone you need to go to a training class or schooling. I realize that most will not go to medical school, but there is training people can recieve. I personally wouldn’t want someone who just read a certain book once try to medicate me. It doesn’t matter if its homeopathic medecine or conventional medecine, you can make someones or your own situation worse.
    With that being said, if the SHTF, how long will conventional medecines hold out? Will we all be out looking for natural remedies for ailments?

  26. K Fields says:

    First, I’d like to thank you for your post and for sharing your experiences – I found it all very interesting.
    To me, homeopathy is a lot like religion. I’m sure those who believe in homeopathy can site many instances of it being a help in their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones, just as I know those who practice various religions will enthusiastically speak of how their beliefs have bettered their lives. In neither case though, can the benefits be “proven” in a traditional scientific method.
    My feeling is, there is nothing wrong in keeping an open mind and searching new arenas for help and if you find a practice (or religion) to be beneficial to you then by all means, follow that practice unashamedly.

  27. I have never used homeopathy before. I use herbal medicines regularly. I’d like to thank those who have defined the difference as I assumed homeopathy was a more scientific, pelleted version of herbal remedies. I now realise how wrong that is!
    I can vouch for the herbal remedies. The reason why I never looked into homeopathy is because I thought it was too hard to recreate myself and instead focused on things I could grow and turn into salves, ointments, infusions etc.
    For those that truely belive in homeopathy, why not just soak (infuse) the herb or substance of choice in some cold water for a few hours and then drink a few drops? It seems to me that would have the same principle and effect.

  28. i’ll be unsubscribing now. if this kind of madness gets posted, who knows what other idiocy is making it through that is sufficiently far outside of my area of expertise that i can’t identify it?

    you don’t need personal experience to know that homeopathy is absurd. you need avogadro’s number, math, and an accurate description of what homeopathists do to prepare their “medications”. molecules can’t affect you by their absence, and to suggest otherwise is to discard modern physics and chemistry in their entirety.

    • Jay,

      Don’t get too upset there. Folks who say they support homeopathy are confusing homeopathy with herbalism. There are herbs that function well as preventative medicine. And there are herbs that will cure certain ailments. Double blind studies establish the effectiveness of certain herbs.

      Homeopathy is voodoo medicine. The “methodologies” employed by homeopathic practitioners are advanced as being “beyond science” or “metaphysical”.

      • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

        Gayle: “Folks who say they support homeopathy are confusing homeopathy with herbalism” …I support homeopathy, and I am NOT confusing it with herbalism. I know the difference.

        • eqfan592 says:

          If you really know the difference, and yet still believe homeopathy is anything other than a placebo affect…well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

    • +2

      • K Fields says:

        Sorry, but I couldn’t help but crack-up reading through these replies. Seems like your initial “’nuff said & my only post on this subject” didn’t hold up!

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Wow! Not to be offensive, but if that’s your response to information, then you probably SHOULD unsubscribe. Information is just that. It’s up to each of us to evaluate it and decide to make use of it or not. Just because someone else says a Glock is the best weapon for them, doesn’t mean I will slavishly follow their suggestion without researching it, test firing it, and determining for myself whether it fits me or my situation. How is this different? Would you unsubscribe if she’d written an article on why bear tips are better than target tips on an arrow or crossbow quarrel? Jeez.

  29. banaras says:

    I’ve been using homeopathic remedies for years on myself and my pets, I also feel they are a good option for post SHTF. I had an abscessed tooth a couple of weeks ago that I healed with homeopathic pills. Saved me a lot of money and saved the tooth, too.

    If anyone is interested in this subject, it would be good to start studying it and using the remedies now so you will have some experience with it by post SHTF. Try them on minor ailments like colds and things to get experience. Using homeopathic remedies doesn’t necessarily preclude going to a conventional doctor as well. If you have a major health problem you want to try it on, it would probably be best to go to a homeopathic practitioner.

  30. George is Learning says:

    lol dam its been awhile since I have seen the “wolfpack” explode in a frenzy of anti anything.
    With these responses I woulda thought someone was canning meat by putting meat in a jar and placing it on a shelf hoping to eat it in 10 years and live.
    good lord

    I applaud you for trying to give some “free info” to the masses and allowing them to “choose”.
    Thanx for the article I’ll keep it with the rest of my information. Stored in a small area of my mind that I can never access do to the fact I forgot where I stored it 🙂

  31. Prepping Preacher says:

    when teotwawki comes there will be a desparate need for some kind of replacement medical structure – complete with remedies that are readily available to the everyday joe… the chemical producing, pill-pushing pharma companies care little about anything but the bottomline for the next board meeting while their minions – the dispensers of said productions – very often assume the most arrogant mental state of being next to God and those who do not “believe” are fools, imps and deserving of no treatment from the all benevolent ones… the truths are: (1) no one can stockpile enough of the commercially produced symptom-maskers to last indefinitely(if they could last that long) else why are they dated…???; (2) no one knows what effect(if any) many of these “modern” medicines will have on a body after years of storage – even as we speak, the producers have no real idea of how the chemicals will react in any one person’s system… for proof of this, just listen to any of the infomercials for any drug being pushed on the sheeple and pay close attention to the laundry list of conflicting side-effects;(now who’s rolling the dice..?) (3) having natural alternatives will be a necessity – not a choice…

    this all leads us to the same mental point we’ve each come to in other areas of our prepping: investigate, learn, sample, test, gather… white willow is a natural basis for aspirin and the bark can be chewed…

    • Jay in LA says:

      Wow, speaking of arrogance.

      I don’t deign to defend the pharmaceutical industry, fraught with greed that it is.

      Physicians and scientists do have good ideas of what the negative side effects of a medication will be. The problem lies in gauging the negative side effects against the positive therapeutic effects.

      Using your own example, aspirin, lets address your criticism. Aspirin’s positive therapeutic effects are anti-inflammatory (pain) and anti-pyretic (fever) abilities. The negative side effects are gastrointestinal bleeding, allergic reactions, Reye’s syndrome, vomiting, anemia, kidney toxicity, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and quite a few others.

      I encourage you to listen to the infomercials listing the side effects of medicine. While I disagree with the infomercials for a different reason, would you rather no one tells you of the adverse side effects? Are you familiar with the side affects of your previous example of aspirin? How is an infomercial listing the side effects of a medication a “proof” that scientists have “no real idea of how the chemicals will react in any one person’s system”? These seem to be contradictory statements on your part.

      I know I come across in this post as confrontational, but I felt that there needed to be a response that was not irrational. I definitely agree with the poster’s statement to investigate and learn.

      It is interesting to see how heated this discussion is becoming.

      • Prepping Preacher says:

        nothing heated here… but i would commend you Jay in LA for your loyalty to and defense of your or your loved one’s pharma,inc. or medical profession – quite commendable…

        the contradictory issue is not with me but rather with those whose provide the info for and produce the infomercials and the aforementioned laundry lists of UNPREDICTABLE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS wherein 2 of which seem to be recurring – constipation and diarrhea which is a physical impossibility leading me to the same conclusion: they have absolutely no idea how these FDA pay-off drug authorizations will effect anyone at any time… it seems to be a matter of poke and hope or, as i said previously, roll the dice… one of the more frequently pushed psychotropics can even cause neuro-muscular damage – permanently which has to be often enough to receive such honorable mention … players, bets on the table, please…. and, as Cher once sang, “… and the beat goes on… the beat goes on.. drums keep poundin’ the rythm to my brain…”

        as for the aspirin issue – i was citing a natural source for a commonly used medicine – recommended more recently for it’s benefits in reducing the effects of heart attacks and strokes… still a #1 asset in the arsenal of natural-based remedies, it would seem… but who am i – just an arrogant individual with the nerve to repudiate those pharma,inc/medical fools who place themselves between man and God pushing production pills in the stead of treatments…(note: not all medical personnel are fools as there are still a few who listen to their patients and who will avoid pharma,inc assembly line concoctions as often as humanly possible) ;~)

  32. I found out about homeopathy 15 years ago, just after my first child was born. I had a very rough birth, resulting in “uncounted” stitches resulting from my son being turned in the birth canal with forceps. I was given morphine for pain during my 2 days in the hospital and told to take Tylenol when I went home. After 11 days of taking the Tylenol every 6 hours (I couldn’t handle the pain otherwise), I took the Tylenol the morning of Day 12 — and it came right back up. I called a midwife friend of ours, and she told my husband to get me Arnica Montana. I took it and it worked! I began studying homeopathy to understand the differences between OTC and homeopathic remedies, and how to help my children avoid unnessary medications. I learned that the liver can only tolerate OTC medications a certain number of days — that is why it says on the bottle not to take longer than 10 days! Anywhere we go, the homeopathic kit goes with us – bee stings, minor injuries, rashes, etc. are quickly and safely helped with homeopathic remedies!

  33. tommy2rs says:

    Like religion and prayer, if homeopathy works for you use it. Any tool that works for you is a good tool. Personally, I can’t be bothered with any of the three I mentioned.

  34. Simple things like stocking up on bottled water or keeping a bottle of iodine handy can help you get through the first days of an emergency situation but it is best to have a long-term plan for your emergency water.

    • Randy Meyer,

      Please try to be on topic. This discussion is on Homeopathic Medicine not bottled water…

      Oh wait, I guess you are right on the mark. Just make sure you are paying over $10 an ounce for that water : )

      Sorry couldn’t hold that one back. Like OhioPrepper says it is hard to bite one’s tongue and respect and honor the personal judgement of others (thats why we all keep failing at it).

    • eqfan592 says:

      LOL! This post honestly made me laugh out loud. Well played, sir!

  35. Jay in LA says:

    The basis of homeopathy is “like cures like.” This is further transmuted into taking a compound that causes symptoms similar to the patient’s, but diluting it to the equivalent of a cup of bleach in the pacific ocean. The tincture, solution, or pellets will contain greater than 99.9999% base substance, water or sugar, and possibly an infinitesimal amount of any other ingredient. You are purchasing water or sugar at greatly inflated prices.

    Homeopathic remedies have failed all scientific studies at proving a beneficial effect.

    Many people confuse herbalism with homeopathy. These are vastly different beasts. Both claim a ‘naturalistic’ approach to healing, but they diverge in that herbalism actually contains natural compounds other than water. Many modern medicines are the children of herbal remedies, such as aspirin. Do not confuse homeopathy with herbalism as the former is in no way based on any laws of nature.

    People also underestimate the human body’s ability to heal itself. They falsely believe that without modern medicine, illness would never be cured. Yes, many illnesses will prove deadly without medicine. However, others are self limiting illnesses that will resolve without medicine. Many medicines reduce the duration and severity of the illness and the potential lethality of the illness.

    Before the discovery of antibiotics, people still got infections. Many also recovered from these without modern medicine, while others died. Those that survived would have regardless if they took a sugar pill daily or drank a cup of water marketed as a tincture of plant extract.

    I’ll stop my post after this, because anything else would not be germane to the original post.

  36. JeffintheWest says:

    Hat’s off to Encourager for putting the article together. I’m kind of disappointed in the negative responses, in that they verge on personal attacks instead of trying to calmly explain why they disagree.

    Personally, I’m none too sure about homeopathy — with me it seems to have little or no effect. Others seem to derive great relief from some of the homeopathic concoctions. Maybe it’s the placebo effect. Or maybe they are just more sensitive to extremely small doses of whatever the active ingredient is than I am. Regardless of which it is, if it works for them, it works for them, and holding your breath and screaming “It’s BAD! Don’t do it!” doesn’t seem like a particularly relevant response based on their life experiences.

    Bottom line: Try it — at the very least it won’t do you any harm. Heck the people shouting the loudest about it being “quackery” should be the first to admit that — after all, they claim there’s nothing there but a sugar pill anyway. Would I use it to treat a sucking chest wound? Nah. Would I use it to treat a recurring headache as opposed to taking some kind of highly refined poison chemical that a Pharmaceutical company decided to market for profit (while trying to suppress any potential side-effects info)? Sure. Why not? If I have to, I can always go over to the poison later. And if I don’t have to, so much the better. I think it’s the Hippocratic Oath that states; “First, do no harm.” Seems to me like Homeopathy at least meets that criteria.

    If you don’t believe or trust in it, that’s fine. But you don’t have to denounce someone who is at least open to trying it as an idiot or fool.

    I’d recommend that folks try to keep an open mind on these things. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the medical profession rediscovered the use of leeches to help in certain medical conditions, somebody’s sarcasm above notwithstanding. A little common sense (which, alas, never seems all that common) goes a long way in defusing these kinds of fights/arguments.

  37. Kelekona says:

    Homeopathy sounds like desperation soup. Put your last ingredients in a pot and as long as you replace what you’ve eaten with water, you’ll never be hungry again.

    Natural remedies are fine, but a good chunk of them have better logic. Even such treatments such as smiling pain away.

  38. cooolwoods says:

    Homeopathy is not herbalism agreed
    Some of the homeopathic remedies do contain natural ingredients that have some form of biomedical effect agreed

    natural products are not monitored by the FDA the fda is a joke on us
    fda supported fluoride for years, recently said, o it is bad for you
    thanks fda thanks big pharma!

    pharmaceutical industry, fraught with greed? very little profit in a cure…a few piddly couple of billion? they make billions every year year after year. by maintaining you in your sickness.

    In the 1970s, aspartame was first approved by the FDA, but that approval was immediately rescinded when research was presented, showing that aspartame ate holes in the brains of the lab animals at Washington University.

    Now, if this study at Washington University had been done on a vitamin supplement, it would have been immediately pulled from the market. Yet, aspartame is still on the market, so this is a perfect example of the politics behind aspartame and the diet chemical sweetener billion-dollar market.

    I personaly will stick with vitamins and herbs and use antibiotics last(steal them from my fish)
    doctors….pushing whatever big pharma is promoting just for a vacation.
    NOTE: if you have a doctor that actually cares.. Keep em.

    a few more reasons not to trust doctors big pharma and the fda

    the above link has reference links to offical studys, bottom of the page

    sorry for off topic so bad, double links and generally being angry about health issues and the fda and big pharma. when someone pees on my leg and tells me its raining, I call them a liar.

    stay safe

  39. Shocked says:

    Thank you JeffintheWest for your thoughtful reasoning. I was appalled at the many negative comments: very similar attitudes to anyone who would dare prep or homeschool.

    Homeopathy is becoming more mainstream than many of your readers realize especially in the care of babies and toddlers. Go to any baby store or even big pharmacy and look at all the gas remedies, cough, ear, teething, etc. Even clinics are advising young mothers that they are fine to use. Personally the homeopathic remedies are gentle and do work. I can vouch that they will stop colic when the drops at Wal-mart fail. If you are exhausted from rocking a colicky baby -what a welcomed relief. Many of the cough medicines now have red dye (red 40) which many children are now increasingly allergic too, try homeopathic Hyland with honey- no red dye and it works better than the other on the market and was pharmacy recommended.

    I understand anyone being skeptical but when you unwittingly mouth off so negatively you affect other readers.

    • Veridical Driver says:

      Homeopathic remedies are just water. That’s it. When you purchase a homeopathic remedy, the only active ingredient is H2O.

      Even homeopaths admit that most homeopathic remedies are just water. They claim that water is a living entity that has “water memory”. It is essentially modern day witchcraft.

      There is a difference between being open minded, and being a sucker. People are so hostile to homeopathy here, because it is a scam. It has been proven to be ineffective so definitively, and the claims of practitioners are so outside the realm of actual science, that this article is about as credible as an article about how to avoid alien abductions, or cast hexes on you enemies.

      If you want miraculous supernatural cures, go to you local church. Unlike the con men who charge you $30 for a bottle of water, at the church will pray for you for free.

    • eqfan592 says:

      You want to know why there’s a lot of negativity on this topic? Because homeopathy is probably the biggest medical swindle of our time. People pay absurd amounts of money for water. Just plain water. And are told it’s going to cure them of whatever it is they need curing of. And sure, some people experience a strong placebo affect and they feel better. But there are some things even a placebo affect can’t help, and if somebody decides to put all their trust in homeopathy and abandon all conventional medicine because they’ve been convinced its the right thing to do, they can suffer extremely negative consequences.

      THAT is why you may see a stronger negative reaction to this sort of thing.

  40. Thanks for the helpful hints. As for the modern pharma industry it’s not about making you healthy it’s about making money and lots of it.

    • eqfan592 says:

      And the homeopathy industry ISN’T about making money? At least the pharma industry spends some of their money on beneficial research and ingredients proven to help in some way. Homeopathy peddlers only need to bottle up some water and charge an insane rate for it. I could make a small fortune with some glass bottles and my tap if I didn’t have any morality whatsoever.

  41. For T1 Diabetics – Walmart has very economical vials of insulin (humalin, 70/30, etc) for like sub $30/each. That is a great price to stock up on just before a weather situations, etc. As you know, it can’t be stored long-term. Same with ketone striips

  42. observations says:

    I have very little experience with homeopathy, but what I have experienced for myself has been positive. I’ve used homeopathic arnica for bumps and bruises even when I was skeptical about homeopathy, also, homeopathic eardrops on myself for an ear infection, and both were effective.

    The negative posters have quite derogatory opinions of the “placebo” effect. Honestly, if a placebo can cause a person to experience healing and relief, what is wrong with that? Yes, the homeopathic remedies cost money, but it is very little, maybe as much as $0.10 per dose. I would rather be scammed out of a couple bucks for a “fake” than pay lots of money for a prescription med that causes extreme negative side effects.

    As for the idea, that no one knows “how” homeopathy works, even the medical researchers will admit that they don’t know how drugs work or why they work the way they do. Add, chemical A to the body, and you get the effects K, P, and Q. They see the input chemical and the output effect but don’t really know why that is what happens, or why the results can vary so much from one person to another. One person experiences mild stomach pains along with relief of the original symptoms, while another is hospitalized for irregular heartbeat. The current model of viewing the human body as a big jumble of chemical reactions ignores the fact that we are also electrical beings with electrical signals running throughout our bodies which are just as vital to keeping us alive as the chemical reactions are. Perhaps homeopathy works through the our electrical nature instead of chemical reaction. Not knowing how drug works doesn’t keep people from taking them, so why is that such a hang up with homeopathy?

    In discussing homeopathy with a lady who was using it successfully to treat some serious health issues in herself that had not been helped with conventional medicine, she pointed out two to me things that are essential for success in homeopathic treatment. 1) Finding a classically trained homeopathy practioner who knows what they are doing, and 2) finding the right remedy. If your practitioner doesn’t know what they are doing, they won’t be able to help you find the right remedy and you are not going to be helped by an incorrect one.

    Many people turn to homeopathy, and other “alternative” medicines because conventional medicine has failed to help them, or even caused them worse problems. Why ridicule something that has helped them? With the intense negative comments about homeopathy, I’d be interested to know if the naysayers are as intensely opposed to acupuncture and other alternatives. Perhaps that is for another blog, not this one.

  43. The truth is…after using your saved prescription drugs for a couple of survival years and running out…it will be nice to know you might be able to go out into the wilderness and dig up some wild herbs and mix them with a little water and produce homeopathic medicine from mother nature. By then, the scientific producers might not be around anymore…but you will!

  44. Encourager says:

    Whew…that reading was quite the trip! First off, I didn’t even know this had been posted – it was posted while we were having internet troubles and I had lost many emails…including the one talking about my entry being posted. So that was why I never replied to anyone, if you wondered. Thanks to all who were respectful, whether you agreed with me or not. Frankly, I have never seen such hostility about a subject from the Wolf Pack before.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Have to admit I am amazed at some of the incredibly hostile replies. I was only stating my experience; you cannot argue with that. I am wondering at the folks who were so angry/hostile/rabidly negative about what I posted…have you even tried homeopathy??? Have you even researched it? Talked to a Homeopath?

    Homeopathy is NOT herbal treatments. Yes, some remedies come from herbs that can also be used directly. But do not confuse the two.

    Thanks to those who spoke of Arnica and other remedies and how they worked for them. For those who asked, my son was given Thuja – not that it should matter, as it was prescribed for HIM. Every person is different. What worked for my son, may or may not work for you, even if you have Plantar Warts. As someone mentioned, his entire body/symptoms/demeanor were taken into consideration as to what was prescribed.

    I have also seen it work in animals remarkably well, especially remedies given to relieve pain.

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