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  1. We’ve had grid-intertied solar since 2002 (30 panels). Three inverter failures, two under warranty. Very happy overall with the system’s performance. Does this company retrofit EMP hardening?

    • There are companies that will retrofit starting at $50,000. They focus on military. We kept the unit very small / portable to keep the EMP protection costs down.

      FYI, our Sol-Ark electronics comes with a 2 year warranty, after which we repair at cost. Panels 25 year, batteries 1 year.
      – EMP Engineer

  2. believer says:

    Very informative video. I really enjoyed it. Question for you folks. Any information on the survivability of LED bulbs with an EMP type event? I’m wondering about the small flashlight bulbs and the larger 12 volt bulbs.

    • That’s a great question.
      My best guess is flashlight will survive. The 12V bulbs attached to long wires to 12V battery will definitely not.
      I think we will have to EMP test an LED flashlight and post for others.

      • I’d really appreciate it. I have both kinds of bulbs in my ammo can faraday box and wonder if it’s really necessary to store them I the box.

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