Ensuring your survival through solid neighborhood outreach

by, Jesse Mathewson

Adding to the tribe, being a benefit and not a drain: North-Eastern Washington and Disabled

“I delighted in being out in the worst of weather—snow-storms in winter, rain and gales all the year round. Cared nothing for, and felt no harm from being soaking wet either with salt or fresh water all day long—for a waterproof coat was never thought of.” John Rae (Highland Scot, Mountain-man)

“Although I had lost my rifle and all my plunder, I felt quite rich when I found my knife, flint and steel in my shot pouch. These little fixins make a man feel right pert when he is three or four hundred miles from anybody or anyplace.” Hugh Glass (Highland Scot, Mountain-man)

After spending several days North-East of Spokane in the mountains, I realized just how necessary a solid tribe really is. Obviously, it is essential to ensure individually we add to the tribes net worth, if we detract from it, we are truly without worth in a grid down situation. Fortunately, I have been able provide additional help, and for now offer benefit to the tribe. Watching moose trotting around, hearing wolves howling, and enjoying a bonfire with my friends made for an amazing time. However, I was reminded again how important the tribe/ group/ clan/ family is and what my role or benefit to them was.

This article is about just that, being a benefit. How can a disabled or physically reduced individual provide benefit to the tribe, clan or group?

For myself personally, it is my knowledge, networking, bartering and field craft abilities (training others) that make me a valuable asset. If you speak with my friends they will sadly tell you, I am a good person. I do not believe it is in their best interests to keep me around if things got very difficult; they disagree, which of course is to their credit as humans. (Thanks my tribe) The ability to work with others, training and teaching them is essential. Especially when things get difficult, in addition people like myself who would be able to provide a much-needed support in the form of arbitration, communication, and even entertainment. I live in Arizona, however, have a tribe that extends across 32 states.

One of the more important things that occurs in a grid down situation is the inevitable stress of the situation getting to all individuals within a group. My role is simply to provide the very things most groups and individuals fail to consider, an individual who can help others get through the first few hours, days and maybe weeks without turning on themselves. To this end I must ensure I work very hard at being both trustworthy and within the group alone, capable of understanding and buffering the others against what would be most dangerous in a tight, difficult situation; cabin fever.

Obviously, cabin fever is not the only item to be concerned with, however, if everything around us crashes we will need people like myself. Anyone who has been around or involved in winter storms, floods, mudslides, loss of electricity, wild fires, hurricanes and more; has seen what happens when people lose their internet, friends and family, when they get cold, tired, hurt, hungry or worse. Humans are fickle by nature, and genetically predisposed to looking for other humans to share connections with. The problem is that when stress occurs, those closest to us will always get the negative feedback as well as the positive. Sometimes the most important piece of the tribe/ family/ clan/ group we can be is the level one.

At this camp that we all had, it got cold, it hailed, rained and the wind blew. People got wet, cold and somewhat miserable. However, by continuing to keep spirits raised through solid physical labor and hot food made things much easier to bear. The goal for the disabled or less physically capable of us should be to provide a needed part of the groups approach to survival. Training as a group is essential, understanding individual roles and group roles as well is essential. What so many fail to recognize is the ability of the weakest to adapt as well.

Survival is not based on strength or ones stamina alone, it is based in far more. Adaptation is the end goal of any true survivalist. Something in our current situation has changed drastically enough to cause our normal approach to not function, adapting to this and moving forward in a positive manner really must be the goal. History is replete with examples of times when just a small bit of training and preparation may have prevented larger incidents.

Stalingrad 1942 – 1943, Arming one in five of the residents prior to arrival of German army, and having just 6 months of rations stocked away would have saved tens of thousands of lives.
Warsaw 1940 – 1943, If just 1/5th of those people taken had resisted, the German army in charge would have been overwhelmed.

March/Trail of Tears (Cherokee, Creek, Seminole nations), Again, resistance with just sticks would have been enough for the stressed out overly stretched out Army in charge.
New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, Quite simply this entire fiasco did not have to occur, however, because of the posturing of ineffective leaders from Parrish too Federal government people died and more importantly, thousands of Americans were disarmed and forcibly removed from their houses, and had their possessions taken by the “law” at the time. If the people of that city had simply said, enough, no more, and done what was done recently in floods, none (or much less) of the bad would have happened.

I could easily write for days just on the examples of times when a small bit of training, neighborhood cooperation and solid communication with your neighbors and local friends would have made the difference in life versus death. It wasn’t just old and infirm that were displaced and killed or abused, it was everyone. This is essential to understand, we must always understand that government cannot succeed where individuals have already failed. We must be ready and willing to first protect and ensure the safety of ourselves and than be better about working with those who live closest to us.
Many times I have heard the sad statement, “I will just…” preceding an even sadder example of shoddy preparedness from someone. The reality is much different, it is those we work with, live next too and walk alongside daily that will make or break our individual plans. Better to already be prepared and do so with a minimum of fuss and bother. My simple plan follows.

Get to know your neighbors, its essential to know who you may need to guard against and who you can work with. This can be done without revealing anything specific about yourself.
Bring everyone within a two block radius some fresh veggies from your garden. Leave them a card with your name and phone number and a short, “Hey neighbor, just wanted to introduce myself here is a little “howdy” gift.”

If people are home, they will do one of two things in almost every case, or a variation of these things. They will reject it. Or they will accept it, look around and suspiciously ask…”For me?” Its America after all, and in most of this nation we stopped introducing ourselves to neighbors decades ago. Shoot, most people attend church and use that time to backstab and talk trash about someone else in the church, division is honestly running rampant all over this nation, its our job to ensure at least our local neighborhood isn’t divided!

Be the organizer for the neighborhood, if you have physical detriments, offer to put together bbq’s and the like.

Use the time spent to get to know people better, vet them. Even or I should say in some cases, especially ex-felons of a non violent stripe are often the most likely to be positive contributors as they simply want to try and fitting back in. Don’t turn people away for ridiculous and small minded reasons, understand, in a grid down situation, EVERYONE is in the same boat regardless color, creed or religion.

Again, you never have to change who you are. However, it is essential to your survival that you have as many people around you as possible in on contingency plans for wild fires, flooding, electricity loss, etc., don’t share specific individual preps. EVER! You can work out regular patrols, phone chains and alternative communication approaches for events that are outside the normal day to day.

Don’t over plan, people move in and on regularly. Wasting your time on thick reams of paper and mindless drivel only serves to irritate others. Rather, make it as uncomplicated as possible while you vet potential candidates for more in depth planning.

Your next door neighbor is far more likely to see a burglar than the cops. They are also more likely to be able to respond quickly if a dangerous situation occurs. Its important to help others see the benefit to themselves of being apart of a solid network of eyes, ears and helping hands. As an old boss once said, “Burn their house down around them, kill each of their kids off and than their spouse…they will buy insurance and your system before you walk out the door if they believe it is happening.” People like us KNOW that these things happen DAILY around the world, normals, ignore reality. Without being mean, show them the benefits and let them know its simply a matter of making that call, or walking to a neighbors house. You organize it.

So, how have you made yourself invaluable to your clan/tribe/group/neighborhood? How are you ensuring your survival through solid neighborhood outreach?

Note: M.D. Creekmore recommends – The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation.


  1. I like that Scottish mountain man.
    We had a serious threatening forest fire. I coordinated with my nearest neighbors to connect by cell phone with information. I did report a suspicious person lurking at one neighbor’s house and at their request reported to police with the license plate number. Little by little. One neighbor plows winter snow for me, I give them eggs produce, flower seeds in summer. Another neighbor gave me bunching onions and I gave her iris. We watch for any suspicious activity for each other. I got earthworms from a different neighbor, after I caught and returned his loose dog.
    This in a “cold” neighborhood. I have lived in warmer neighborhoods. I believe in team, and am willing to be team first.
    Bad things happen anywhere, but a cohesive neighborhood is a powerful deterrent.

  2. This is a timely article. Matthew is just beginning its 12 hour assault. We are 50 miles inland, so we are an evacuation zone. Everyone’s got family in town. We went around to all our neighbors to check on them. The only ones we are worried about is the WW2 pilot and his daughter. They go out for meals just about every day. We check and they have food and water for three days.

  3. chainbreaker says:

    Community is the only way to survive. Taking off to survive alone or with family/friends in the woods will only work for 1/2% of those that try it. Time could be quite short and the quickest way to achieve community that I see is to get with “Oath Keepers” [you do not have to be a member to attend meetings] and see their NPP, Neighborhood Preparedness Plan. The have devised teams to perform necessary functions in your own neighborhood. Or if they are not in your area, go to the website and learn/study their model. It is a good model that you can follow.

    • It function’s, I agree with that, I prefer non government, non group based KISS approaches. After all, what is failing and what has led us too this state?

      • Axelsteve says:

        as far as neighbors go.
        My bil and sil live next door and they are ok but unprepared.
        My other next door neighbor is a bipolar drunk who hates me.
        The family across the street from me is a spanish family. The wife and daughter are members of my church but go to a spanish congragation.The father is not a member though and likes to drink when he is not working. I have no qualms about giving them some beans when things go south.I would have no qualms helping the black family a couple of doors down from me,except for the kid the parents are good people.I practice op sec so they do not know what I am up to or what I have.

  4. Desertwolf says:

    I am thoroughly greatful for this article my brother has limited abilities and I have been trying to find a “spot” for him as he recently moved into my neighborhood and the other members of my tribe are fully functional and multi talented. However it seems with it we have over looked the small things that play a huge role, and are vital.

    • Very big role, remember, the least among us…

      I am not a religious man. I am a man of history, knowledge and information though. And there is always a role. Especially, once we realize it takes a tribe…

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    My concern with forming up with people ahead of time is that so few people prep. They have few to no skills that are of any value in a grid-down situation. They are not open to the idea of buying food or preps over having a boat load of electronics, a BIG TV, a Playstation and a bunch of $40.00 games to go with it. And there are 100 other things they spend money on that could be put to better use.

    In the past I have tried to work with, wake up people and it just doesn’t work. All it gets me is the tired statement of “If anything ever happens, I know where I coming to.”

    They don’t now and likely never will have much value to others. They have as close to zero skills as you can get, they have no food, they have no supplies, they have no tools, they don’t know how to do anything useful. They are NOT INTERESTED in buying food and preps, or learning new skills.

    I have skills, tools, extra parts, prep supplies, lots of food lots of guns and ammo. I can fix and make just about anything I need, I can re-purpose all kinds of things into new things I may need, I do this all the time. A person (s) that has none of these will come and consume it all till it’s gone and never think they should have brought something into the equation. How does it help us preppers to bring in or let these slugs be part of our life? I don’t see that it does at all.

    They are a serious liability to anyone that does have tools, supplies, skills, food and preps. From their viewpoint they barily have enough money to pay all their bills now. They see no way to buy food, supplies, guns and ammo and the 1,000 other things we preppers have. They first need to have a change of mindset to start prepping as prepping is a way of life, not a thing you do on the weekends with a few extra dollars you scrape up. Once you wake up and see this the big TV’s, the electronic toys, the staggering debt to pay for all the junk they have suddenly is not important. But you can’t tell them that as they are unable to see it.

    I would like to be in some kind of group but it’s just too dangerous at this time. You can’t rely on peoples words alone. You need to see their actions moving toward being a prepper and a self sufficient life before you trust them. Most people are not doing anything and therefore I don’t want to be with them in any kind of survival group.

    If it does hit the fan my thinking is to keep my head down till things get settled a bit and we see who the people that are smart enough to survive and likely have prepped for bad times. At this point joining up with like-minded people with skills and the right mindset makes sense. But I feel you have to let Darwin have his way thinning out the stupid people a bit and then think about forming up with others.

    As far as “Ensuring Your Survival Through Solid Neighborhood Outreach” I don’t see it, as if and when SHTF comes, most will not have done anything other then remember where you live and that you have food and supplies and come expecting you to feed and protect them, their kids, their extended family and their close friends. I think it’s foolish to think any other outcome is going to happen. And even if you got a few to prep, most won’t prep and they will outnumber the ones that did prep. You will likely have to chase them away with guns and bullets. Or they will go to the local government and police and tell them you are a hoarder and then the cops (you know the people with guns and a boat load of arrogance to go with those guns) will come and take all you have. Probably killing you in the process.

    Tell me how you realistically working otherwise!

    • I have things, lots of things others don’t. Yet, they see me as a place to “borrow” things they never return. I am elderly, disabled, and my only worth is what I can hand over. I wonder how bad it will be for me when they want all I have.

    • Chuck:

      I wish I could get into opening up to my neighbors. So far I have found 1 family that is truly serious and another that at least has the right attitude and is doing something. Unfortunately, they are really too far away for us to be mutually supportive.

      2 others have shown interest, but have become “distracted” by other things and have stepped away from “prepping”. At least they have something, but I don’t feel thast I could count on any support from either.

      Some others I have talked to have expressed a positive attitude toward my expression of having a “deeper” pantry, thereby saving money and avoiding “just in time delivery” issues (that’s my usual approach”). But so far nothing within walking distance (my idea of SHTF support).

      I am getting a bit discouraged that here in “fly-over” country, so many people take the services provided by government/major businesses for granted and believe that “someone” will be there in their time of need. I’m afraid that they are in for a big disapointment and will become part of the problem.

      • Contrary to many uber popular survivalist wannabes (eg., name unsaid but presence suredly felt) , I have already lived much of what I preach…read slowly, youll see I generally address all concerns and almost always show you examples. 🙂

      • If the world goes upside down, I have been tag teaming with others. I would not stay at home. Drive, bike, walk or crawl, I would not stay here. If I got there with the clothes on my back I would be far better off. Historically it takes about 72 hours before society goes W.R.O.L.
        Yes, those expecting a handout will likely be disappointed. They are the problem. Countries are not attacked if the people are strong. When the corn crop is in and dry, I will make a day trip to Dudek Seeds (east MI.) Non-GMO feed corn is 12 cents a pound.

    • CF, you sound like Burt from tremors. Picked the wrong dang recreation room didn’t they. Lol

    • You are right Chuck.

      I know, in my immediate area, two people who might be of help….at least with guns and fighting. Most everyone keeps to themselves. I doubt anyone has a stockpile of food or water, much less anything else. Needless to say I keep very quiet about what I have.

    • Remember, and I made it quite clear, NEVER SHARE INDIVIDUAL PREPS 🙂

    • 1. I explained exactly what I do, within reason.
      2. Never reveal individual preps,.
      3. Always think and vet.,
      4. See rule #2
      5. Rule #1 is in the article.
      6. Always think and vet.,

      I personally have connections from old days, and go to great lengths to vet individuals, backgrounds and the like, I know exactly who surrounds me, some are only worth their weight in sand, others, gold or powder or wheat. 🙂

      By backgrounds I mean in depth, checks, even at times gathering Intel from past works and the like, all within the letter of the law 🙂

      I excell at information, and information gathering, always have.

      • Encourager says:

        Jesse, how do you do background checks on people? I have seen sites where you can check for criminal background but have to pay to do this. What other methods should I use?

    • Desertwolf says:

      I currently have a member in my tribe that has no food storage, and only a bow for a weapon. however he is skilled beyond measure, he also stockpiles his firewood and I see him as probably one of the most valuable assets of my tribe, his prepping comes at a different approach than mine, he maintains his life to the best of his capabilities, we train together physically everyday, he keeps everything he owns in pristine condition, he can make any engine run like new on salvaged parts. He can construct and design almost anything with meager supplies, these are a few of his less valuable talents. I don’t mind stockpiling a few extra beans to keep his loyalties on hand, simply because his views are different.

    • chainbreaker says:

      CHUCK, you said “My concern with forming up with people ahead of time is that…” I recommend that you get with your local Oath Keeper group. You do not have to be former police or military to participate with their planning for NEIGHBORHOODS. You can read also about it on their website if there is no group in your area. You can go to a website called “MEETUP.COM” and find other prepper groups in your vicinity. I found two OK and two prepper groups that way. These people are relearning the old ways and teaching others. If you have a specific useful skill you can teach that skill also to others. It is a great place to meet and vet others of like mind.

      While at the meetings/get-togethers find who is in your area and develop friendships. You cannot teach STUPID, so move on to those already working to be ready for the future.

  6. PrepperDoc says:

    Jesse, what a fabulous article! This gets my vote for Numero Uno!!

    I don’t see this attitude often in preppers. Many of my prepper friends are standoffish, smug. Will not serve their fellow man by being involved in things like ARES (they are hams). Not every emergency is “the BIG ONE!” You could HELP others with your skills!

    One of my ham prepper friends was more open, and we found a way to disguise his extraordinarily capable VHF station as an APRS digipeater…..but in truth he actually provides a valuable relay from the local EOC office to my WINLINK outlet. With a perfect “cover story”.

    During a recent weather event I decided to use the HOA e-mailing list to offer my spare generator (I have solar and THREE generators) if the power goes out & food is going to spoil — my wife thought that was weird….but you should have SEEN the outpouring of grateful emails in reply! Some neighbors said they had genny’s and would help, too…..

    Then the power DID go out. We hitched the genny to a vehicle and started down the street appraising where it was most needed….through the email responses and through the results of knocking on doors came 3 great outcomes:

    1. I now know who who has generators
    2. People are even more appreciative of our concern.
    3. The newly moved in lady whose genny was STOLEN and whose hubby was out of town got a greatly appreciated genny chained to a solid post — she will be on MY side whenever trouble comes…..

    You don’t have the spill all kinds of beans just to help out a neighborhood in need. But you do have to care. The skills I taught the local ARES group were put to good use during that weather event and my star will rise a bit further in their eyes. And in the last ham radio class I picked out another couple nascent preppers to get to know better…….

    Some times things go well….

    • PrepperDoc; Your area is a bit more unique than most areas. The majority of areas/communities are not building a network. Nor are they even worried about their neighbors. If you live in a smaller community, the word gets out prtty fast who has what. OPSEC is #1 priority.

      • Individual preps aside, as I was quite clear…its on your head to do what other patriots have failed miserably at, create real community again.

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          Jesse as far as creating a real community I don’t see it happening as to have a community you have to have more then yourself that wants it. I have been of the prepper mindset my whole life and been actively doing so since the early 1990’s. Over the years I have tried over and over to get others to join me. Not a single person outside of my brother has seen fit to prep at all. In fact they ALL think you area kook for prepping.

          I gave up several years ago because it just doesn’t go anyplace but to let others know I have food, guns and prep supplies.

          Your laying guilt on us preppers

          I was quite clear…its on your head to do what other patriots have failed miserably at, create real community again.

          Isn’t going to work as we are not the problem, the sheep that don’t want to prep even when exposed to the bad news and with the offer of help to prep still don’t do it.

          Go talk to them and assign blame where it belongs, on them, not us. We did our part and they refused to take action.

          Your of us shaming just won’t get any traction with me. I’ve tried for years to get others to prep and finally came to the conclusion that I can’t fix the world when it doesn’t want to be fixed. I’ve been made fun of because I prep, have no debt and live below my means.

          So I go my own way and prep and let the sheep live how they want. I have not a single bit of guilt doing so as it’s been made clear they don’t want help.

          • Not shaming, just explaining. It has worked for me in 32 states, I travel regularly specifically to help people put together community approaches, etc., networking on my own dime since 2007. And it works, I dont want more survivalists, I want people who care about their families, and understand why community is essential. 🙂

            Apologies if your interpretation of my clearly written, common definition using approach didnt make sense. But maybe your going about it in a way that people simply cannot understand.

            We are talking about americans, you know, the people who honestly believe whatever their current flavor of the month politician and or media sensation says.

            Try a different approach 🙂 you may be surprised.

          • Additionally, I may have written it badly, causing miscommunication or misconception, in which case, knowing is better than not 🙂 so let me know. If I can write or add, take away parts to make things easier to communicate. Its the internets. And I appreciate yall very much, but understand how easy it is to fail or have communication issues based in something as seemingly innocuous as a comma out of place.

            (Would love an editor, because, I know I make mistakes)

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Again more insults.

            Apologies if your interpretation of my clearly written, common definition using approach didn’t make sense.

            The statement imply’s I’m too stupid to see common words for what they are. Again looking down (as in preaching to the masses less enlightened then you) on your part as your clearly written words imply we don’t have the ability to understand simple words.

            I’ve tried numerous ways to help people including giving them a backpack with camping items (stove, cook set and the like) and a few buckets of food. It doesn’t take, I’m not stupid and know how to communicate with people. I have been self employed since the mid 1980’s so I have a lot of experience interacting with people in a successful way.

            It’s not just me, almost everyone here voices the same thing as to how hard to borderline impossible it is to get others to prep.

            With prepping it just doesn’t take as the programming runs too deep.

          • Amen!!!

          • I wasnt trying to insult 🙁

            My apologies.

          • Axelsteve says:

            I was in no way insulted. I am thick skinned and slow to anger. Nothing in this article bothered me.

          • Encourager says:

            Good points, Chuck.

    • Thank you 🙂

  7. Chuck Findlay says:

    Tell me how you realistically see it working otherwise!

    Forgot the “see it” above…

    • Chloe Hills says:

      I have to agree with you… I live up here in “small town Maine” and have some great neighbors, and we do the “neighborly thing of “borrow a cup of sugar” or “got two eggs so I can bake a cake”… we gather up now and then, sit on the stoop chatting away but… when the topic of prepping comes up I get the sneers and giggles… and as you said, ” All it gets me is the tired statement of “If anything ever happens, I know where I coming to.” When I hear that, I come back with a chuckle and say” when it all goes down, my place will be boarded up and nobody is getting in.” and I’m serious about that.
      The other line that kills me is “Our government won’t let that happen, they will send aid.” GOOD GRIEF !
      I live alone and my preps are for myself, the food, the water, the guns, the ammo, etc… etc… It’s a slow process as there isn’t much for work up here and wages are low. I’ve developed my skills / learned how to fix and repurpose. I’ve become self-reliant.
      I don’t see anyone around my neck of the woods as being an asset to the cause… and I have put out the feelers…
      And again I agree… when it happens, I’ll keep my head down and wait for the dust to settle and see what/who is still standing.

      • Be a good neighbor, if youre a christian its like the main rule, i thought…golden something 😉

        For we nons of any stripe religiously, it means a simple rule of thumb, treat others how we would want to be treated.

        • Encourager says:

          Wow Jesse. When you get defensive, you sound condescending. I am not trying to insult you, just point out how you come across.

          Yes, as Christians (little Christs) we help the poor and downtrodden, heal the sick, cast out demons, visit those in prison, cloth the naked and help widows and orphans…or we should, if we believe what Jesus taught.

          I would love to have a neighborhood of preppers, but just like other areas of life (work, bowling groups and even church) there are those who have no clue; those who do and keep their business to themselves; the ones who want someone to make all the decisions and act helpless so they can then resent the person trying to help them; ….and the takers. There are always the takers, the ones who figure out who has what and make plans to take…their life, their goods, their land. We need to be on guard.

    • Hey Chuck… re-read the part of the article below and understand that you MAY survive alone… at least for a little while.

      “Many times I have heard the sad statement, “I will just…” preceding an even sadder example of shoddy preparedness from someone. The reality is much different, it is those we work with, live next too and walk alongside daily that will make or break our individual plans. Better to already be prepared and do so with a minimum of fuss and bother. My simple plan follows.

      Get to know your neighbors, its essential to know who you may need to guard against and who you can work with. This can be done without revealing anything specific about yourself.

      Hell even Darwin noted that apes found that they could only survive as a pack. And we’ve come a very long way from the time of apes… or then again maybe not!

      Now I’ll tell you “how I realistically see it working otherwise!”…. I WATCH, LISTEN, AND PAY ATTENTION … And Chuck… dude… Ya gotta get out more… meet & greet your neighbors… ’cause only then will you KNOW WHO TO TRUST… AHEAD OF TIME!!!

      “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”
      Sun Tzu – Art of War

  8. Thank you for this article. I am elderly single woman but have seen what is coming for some time and have made lots of preparation. I live in a small rural town in a residential neighborhood. Already decided I will help next door neighbors and renter across the street. Been praying to know my role and I am capable of all the things you listed. Even today with Russia being so aggressive right now I told 11-year old next door who came to visit to tell mother to buy the cases of chili the groceries are selling this time of year. A Viet Nam veteran was also visiting who gets no news. I am a news hound and told him all the latest with Syria and US/Russian relations. He told us what the air raid siren would sound like if we were under attack and how it would be different from the one the fire dept. uses to call up volunteers. Told her to stock up on water. We discussed generators and how his uses gas and mine propane which I just bought 10 gallons today. So the networking has begun!

  9. my four sons says:

    Great article. I agree the loner philosophy is not really a very viable option in my opinion. There was a reason 10,000 years ago early man created a tribal system. Survival long term in the worst scenario will “take a village”. This is why I set my roots in a small town that my family has been in for 6 generations, as have the families of many of my friends and other relatives. It may take week or two for some to realize what happened but when they do I think things will fall in line and try to maintain a sense of order and civility and I think defense and a sense of not being in it alone will be why it comes together.

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    Another thing I see preppers say is they will allow the unprepared to come live with them and just make them work to pay for the food they consume.

    In my opinion this is foolish, the unprepared have very little to zero skills that would help and justify the food they would eat. If a person eats 3-meals a day, that’s almost 1100 meals a year. What do you think they could do week after week for the next year that would pay for that food?

    Ans also I pretty much have all the work handled, I don’t need help and would likely have to teach them and hope it took. Most people these days are just too stupid to do much useful things.

    That’s why I said my plan is to keep a low profile and let things shake out and then after a bit of time (don’t know how long?) see how it looks and then look for others to join up with. Others that have proven they can do for themselves and therefore help others.

    • Chuck: Those on the “Short List” that will be “let in” are family or those with specific skills sets and no place to set up a “base of operations” currently. They know who they are.

      Right now I have funds to store supplies, but I can’t learn everything or be everywhere.

      I would prefer to be a little more rural, and have my neighbors being part of “my group”. But it’s not going to happen yet.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        JP I don’t know of anyone that has skill sets and no place to set up a base of operations or the tools to support those skills.

        All it takes in many cases is a bit of tool (a tool box?) to be able to do things.

        I’m in a lot of homes with the type of work I do and I see few skills / hobbies being done.

        I still stand by the statement that most people have few skills that would justify housing, feeding, offering protection to them.

        Can people learn these things if the situation of SHTF is forced on them? I think some can, but a lot of them can’t learn because they are not mentally flexible enough, have no idea how to scavenge tools needed, basically they can’t think and adapt to a changing world.

        This is why I said I would keep my head down and let the situation settle a bit to see who is able to adapt and survive the new reality.

        I’m not trying to be an a-hole to those that can’t adapt, survive and thrive in a SHTF world. But I don’t see much value to a person that can’t even keep a auto in their lane because Facebook is more important then driving a car.

        • And yet, I find myself wondering, did you, either of you, actually read the article? I was quite clear, dont share. NEVER share individual preps 🙂

          This is for basic safety and community building only, not creating new navy sealesque survival types, but creating a community the typical american can survive with.


          Again, I appreciate the feedback, but, have yet to see any from either that relates to the article as it was written. (Honestly a first)

          Yall usually are solid about reading them. Just wondering is all. 🙁

  11. Chloe Hills says:

    I guess I didn’t communicate my thoughts on this very well. I did read the article and thought I did get it. And maybe I’m misinterpreting the response to my response. Hope not. I didn’t mean any insult to anyone.
    I get it… a network is helpful. Having connected with others to join up … place to go to… be a part of the whole to be safer, stronger, better… having something that contributes.
    Locally, I’m screwed. Neighborhood wise, I’ve not found anyone interested. I have tried to just bring the hood closer … with a BBQ and put out the invite… not one person showed up.
    As for reaching out farther to my nearest family member, they are hundreds of miles away and my entire family thinks I’m nuts … they believe when the SHTF that they will be saved because the RAPTURE is happening and they will be whisked away to heaven.
    As for friends, that by definition is all too different today. When I was growing up, a friend was someone that you had met and gotten to know face to face. Nowadays adding a name to a contact list is a friend. Remember the old saying, “A friend will bail you out of jail but a real friend will be sitting next to you saying we sure had fun”.
    I had childhood friends that after 30 years of friendship have disappeared… dropped off the radar. I’m talking friends through high school and their weddings and hanging out every week and vacations together. Times have changed… I have no local friends nor any across borders.
    I’ve made “contact” friends that I got to meet face to face and found what was said in blogs or chatrooms was not as complete as was hoped.
    Please don’t misunderstand me… I’m not saying anyone here is false or fake or anything other than who they are.
    Getting back on track, a local network would be great as would as well as one reaching out to other parts of the country. Unfortunately local isn’t working for me and without “knowing” someone out there, one is putting a lot of stock into what is typed on a screen. When the SHTF, there really isn’t a way to get out of dodge up here. The woods are privately owned and traveling back roads would be like traveling through “the walking dead” as you don’t know what/who will be coming out of the woods. Don’t know if any of you heard about the North Pond Hermit.
    So in my personal situation, my support structure is what I can get/give to myself.

  12. Chuck Findlay says:

    This is my last point on this post.

    Jesse you point out in the post above that you are a calming influence that can help people get along. I find that hard to believe when in the comment section you insult and belittle people right and left. You seem a bit abrasive, insulting and belittle people for not taking your words the right way as you see it. If you can’t bestow a calming influence here on this BBS, I honestly don’t see you doing it post-SHTF when people are suffering and angry. Something here doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    You want us to embrace ex-felons, I’m thinking this is a bad idea as they were put in prison for a reason and also prison exposes them to a LOT of other bad people that they can learn bad things from and are in an environment that is hostile to all around them, this is going to rub off. Few of us here would want to be around these guys. I’m sure every woman here would be very concerned if they were interacting with them. My brother is a Sheriff in a jail and he has talked a bit about these people and I have to tell you, none of us want these people around us, our wife’s and kids. They are BAD people that do BAD THINGS and only stopped doing bad things because they are in jail, not because they wanted to suddenly become good people. The law, court system and jail stopped them, not a life change to become good people.

    You say (Don’t turn people away for ridiculous and small minded reasons.) So in your world its ridiculous and small minded to be weary of convicted felons? Me thinks you are mixed up just a bit!

    You said (However, it is essential to your survival that you have as many people around you as possible in on contingency plans for wild fires, flooding, electricity loss, etc.)

    Not if they are bad people, it can leave you dead.

    ( I was quite clear, don’t share. NEVER share individual preps.) That sounds simple, but the fact you talk about preps and food at all tells people you have them. And the fact that most people will never prep at all the fact you talked about it will have them coming to the Jesse food store and demanding food, Demanding, not asking as you in effect told them you DO have a stock of food.

    And you go on numerous times to insult us.

    I find myself wondering, did you, either of you, actually read the article?

    (Apologies if your interpretation of my clearly written, common definition using approach didn’t make sense.) Your clearly written words imply we don’t have the ability to understand simple words

    (I was quite clear…its on your head to do what other patriots have failed miserably at, create real community again.) You are right to a point, you are laying guilt on us preppers, not the fools that don’t prep.

    (Contrary to many uber popular survivalist wannabes (eg., name unsaid but presence suredly felt)
    This almost feels like you are attacking us here because we prep in a serious way?

    Again, I appreciate the feedback, but, have yet to see any from either that relates to the article as it was written. (Honestly a first)

    Many times (almost daily) all of make comments to each other that may or may not relate directly to the original post, and you insult us for doing this in this thread??? I didn’t know you were the thread police and had the right to scold us for talking to each other?

    • I never meant to insult and was clear…nonviolent felons…eg., drug offenses that didnt involve theft or violence…:)

      However, as we all seem to interpret things differently I dont wish to cause or add too any confusion or issues I may have inadvertently caused.


      • Axelsteve says:

        A few of my brothers work in the prison ministry. They are very productive there. Jail actually. We do not have a prison locally. Some of the worst people have been reformed. a friend of mine baptised a former felon after he got out and he is now my brother.

  13. I dont share preps with neighbors:) just fresh produce they can see being grown 🙂

    It seems obvious you have a stance on this, and will continue to misinterpretate what I am saying – as I never shared exact preps with you or anyone, (outside of my chosen family)

    However, this gets us nowhere, ill end with a simple, maybe your views on this have been clouded with what mine were as well for many years…a general disdain for those who disagree with us? If I am wrong, my apologies.

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