Epsom salts, boron and apple cider vinegar

Submitted by Ta Louise in responce to The Tactical Closet

Epsom Salts is it is a cheap source of magnesium sulfate. We are chronically short of magnesium unless you’re a raw food juicer. A half teaspoon at night with a glass of water to chase that sour stuff down is how i often use it. I take it with a regular Cal/mag pill so i can sleep. It’s a mild anti-inflammatory and relaxant. And it is the laxative/bath salt Epsom that is preferrable over the straight Bath Salt Epsom. Tastes better. Of course better quality magnesium powder can be bought in the health stores. But I’m ok with the cheap source and have been using it for years.

The other multiple use mineral is Boron. Boron is the little engine that could. For post-menopausal women this little item will put the lock back on the door to sneaky calcium withdrawals from our bones. Once estrogen levels go down that is what the body likes to do. It needs calcium for activity…. now a little known fact or a mostly unacceptable fact by people who don’t think is that Borax is 99.9% Boron. I’ve used a pinch of this powder approximating a capsule of 6 mg boron as daily as I can remember to do so for years

Now it is known that Boron is also a good anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Borax can be used to anti-septically clean items, including counter tops, etc. How much Borax is needed to be making an antiseptic solution I don’t know but in Flu season I up my intake of this product considerably. I do use Borax internally when I run out of the pills in fact -often in lieu of pills. Some cultures use it as a sweetener (in the mountains s.omewhere in the Far EAst). I forget who exactly…

Another item I keep in my cupboards is apple cider vinegar. If you can’t afford the fermented variety the regular pasterurized apple cider from the stores will do. It is a good source of electrolytes or minerals (which is what electrolytes are). I add some of this to my water daily. Others add one teaspoon to one cup of sweetened tea. Or some will take a shot glass a day and rinse their mouths quickly. Why? Aches and pains diminish and suppleness returns. Helps keep arthritis at bay… but do rinse it off the teeth if taken straight. Yech!

I just thought I’d add this to your mention of Epsom Salts. Now take what I say with a grain of salt…ha,ha.

By the way if you want to stop wounds from bleeding capsicum extract under the tongue or a small teaspoon of it (other name is cayenne) in a cup of water will stop bleeding…. or even directly on the wound it is supposed tol stop the bleeding accorrding to the great herbalist Dr. Christopher. That information can be checked on line. I’ve never tried it but a cup of that tea with a teaspoon of cayenne in it is also supposed to stop a heart attack fast. But perhaps that’s more than you want to mention in your blog. Ta Louise

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  1. My grandmother added apple vinegar to her water because she believed it treated her arthritis. However, she also complained about having arthritis pain. If it helped or not I really can’t say, but I always considered it to be an old wives tale. Consumed in small quantities I guess it couldn’t hurt much.

    Be careful using Epsom salt as a laxative as it works about as gently as a tornado. The sounds of a full symphony will be heard in your digestive system on the first day you take it and you’d be wise to stay very close to a toilet for the next three days. Yes, that comes from personal experience as a child, memories I’d much rather forget.

    Borax has a lot of uses in welding, mining, and cleaning, but as a food additive it is banned in the U.S. It is also forbidden in Indonesia as long-term use has been linked to liver cancer. Although boron in low doses is not toxic to mammals, it does make a good insecticide.

    Cayenne to stop a heart attack? I am reminded of a cartoon where an unconscious character is revived by pouring a bottle of hot sauce into his mouth. He awoke instantly and ran around in a frenzy looking for water. I suppose cayenne could stop a heart attack if it works as shown in the cartoon, but be aware it is incredibly hot!! I once applied a tiny dot of capsicum ointment to my skin and rubbed it around to relieve muscle pain, but the burning sensation on my skin was far more painful. And because it was oily I found it incredibly hard to remove from the pores of my skin. Yes, I suppose one could say it did work because I was so focused on my skin pain that I no longer noticed my muscle pain. 🙂

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Capsicum ointment in a squirt gun applied judiciously to an attackers eyes. Hmmmm…. Love multiple use items.
      Did not know one could/should ingest Epsom Salts. May test on TFMrs. SurvivorDan. Nah. Just kidding…she’s a good gal. Will test on step daughter.

      • I’ve bought many herbal medicine books over the years and I have seen the reference to taking cayenne at the outset of a heart attack. It was to be taken in capsule form. I don’t remember the exact dosing instructions, book’s buried somewhere. I’ve taken cayenne in capsule form for improving heart function. On an empty stomach, it’s not so good. Otherwise be prepared to feel the heat backing up . . . .

  2. tommy2rs says:

    Got rear ended by an idiot on a cell phone several years back and ended up with a couple of vertebrae wired together. While recovering from the surgery I started making a cayenne liniment by mixing ground cayenne and cold cream. Worked like a charm on the pain though it did require the person applying it to wear gloves as it was very hard to get completely off the hands.

    For bleeding, if you don’t have any Quick Clot or alum try cobwebs/spiderweb.

  3. SurvivorDan says:

    That looks terrible. It’s not child abuse. She’s 32. Good test subject.

  4. Organic apple cider vinegar still containing the mother is said to be good for digestion. I have also used vinegar gargles to keep strep throat and other oral ailments at bay.

    Cayenne pepper works quite well on wounds. I haven’t tried it on large wounds, but the minor cuts one is apt to get around a homestead gets a good sprinkle of cayennne. It stings a little, but stops the bleeding almost immedieatly and has an aniseptic effect that speeds healing. I have also heard of it’s success for internal bleeding and heart attack prevention. I keep it handy in my first aid kits and bug out bags.

  5. Papabear says:

    Well said Ta Louise.
    Magnesium deficiency can cause a host of problems. Just check out http://www.mgwater.com/

  6. JP in MT says:

    Glad I don’t need it.

  7. Cayenne stops a heart attack? Odd, because I thought that cayenne raised the heart rate and/or blood pressure. Interesting.
    I know about the benefits of apple cider vinegar but don’t take it often enough. In a cup of hot water, sipped slowly, is how I drink it. Comforting. And not at all as vinegary as you’d think – it’s a little sweet, actually.
    Great info!

  8. CountryGirl says:

    You are going to poison yourselves. This bizarre need to take multiple supplements and strange minerals and organic anything is dangerous. As is the naive willingness to believe whatever you read. These books you are reading are written by quacks.

  9. I don’t see the need to be so judgemental about a little espom salt or apple cider vinegar, geesh! touchy, touchy

    I know for a fact that the bag of epsom salt has several uses including a laxative. My daughter, as advised by a physician, has been soaking her toe daily then applying silvadine (1% silver). The package also says it can be used as a fertilizer for vegtable plants, shrubs, etc.

    I think the use of herbs, minerals and vitamins is a much healthier way to treat health issues than prescription drugs. I understand there is a time and place for RX drugs but they are way overprescribed.

    I’ve also never heard any of my doctors tell me to try melatonin for a sleep aide. However, they will quickly write a RX. My memory was so affected I had to look for alternatives.

    Also, scar tissue from having Hodgkins Lymphoma left me with terrible back pain. I finally found a massage/physical therapist and no more pain pills or muscle relaxers for me. Every doctor I went to for pain told me I was depressed/crazy and wanted to put me on the latest greatest depression mediciation. Thank God I found my therapist.

    I think much like prepping, you are just on your own when it comes to your health. You need to study and research and find what is going to work for you and not rely on the “experts” to always give you the best advise.

    Just my .02, have a great day.

  10. axelsteve says:

    apple cider vinnager is good stuff. I used to drink it in my water to help my liver.I was told that it helps detox it. I have been on anti seizure meds since I was I day old.So my liver had been under attack since then and it appears to be working fine. I may restart using it again. I used to get the Brags brand.

  11. I agree that vitamins/herbs/minerals are great alternatives to some of the meds that doc’s prescribe to us, but some can be down right dangerous, so please do your homework now while you have a chance, before tshtf scenario happens. Do research on what ailments you have, your family has and anyone that will be with you during a time of crisis, ask questions to your doctor, some won’t give any advice on herbs/vitamins/minerals but some will if they know anything about it, they might not recommend them but at least you will find out why. I find that the specialists that I have that are older, know a little more than the younger doc’s about this. That being said, being a two time cancer survivor, I just wanted to remind the ladies on Boron. It can act as an estrogen,

    this is what WebMD has advised on side effects: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-894-BORON.aspx?activeIngredientId=894&activeIngredientName=BORON
    (if you trust that site, fine….if you don’t, thats fine too, I’m just letting you know where I read this at and also was advised the same thing by my oncologist)

    “Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Boron might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by exposure to estrogen, avoid supplemental boron or high amounts of boron from foods.”

    It goes into further stating about boric acid (a common form of boron) shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women. And boron shouldn’t be taken if you have kidney disease.

    My cancer was estrogen & progesterone receptive so they try to deplete those two with meds…..adding estrogen will not only interfere with my meds but could cause those nasty cancer cells to return. I’m not a doctor, this is just a warning to make sure if you have these conditions, its something to look into before taking and to do the same with any other vitamins/minerals/herbs you are thinking of taking. I know for myself, if I’ve done my homework and researched and researched and spoke to my doctor and I feel its safe and won’t interfere with any of my ailments/meds but could only help, then I try it now, that way if there is any kind of reaction, care is available…..I try to find out what works for me and what don’t. For instance, I’ve been working with cinnamon and diabetes, the powder on foods don’t do a thing for me, but if I have a mint tea steeped with a cinnamon stick for at least 10 minutes, twice daily, after 3 days of that regimin my sugars are significantly lower and my insulin must be totally adjusted… but what works for me, may not work for someone else so its really trial and error when it comes to herbs/vitamins/minerals. It’s important to see what your body tolerates and what helps and then during your prepping, stock up on what works for you.

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