An excerpt from the book “Journeyman” by Thomas T. Tinker t.c/r 2012

The last few months.. years, I have watched ‘us’ become what I had thought we might and decided to use this as the motivation to write about an event, adventure, a slice of many live, a work of fiction. I submit this little bit for your consideration as I am sad to see it unfold as reality. No buzz kill intended my good ‘Packers’ here is the rough draft of it.

We had everything the rest of the world could only hope for. We were one of few that could feed ourselves, build the things we dreamed of in our literature and in the movies we made by the thousands each year. We wrote of going to other planets. We spent billions on the films that depicted these dreams and then we built what it took to actually take us there, first to the Moon, then to the red planet Mars, Our countries dreams, our produce, were sought after all over the world. We could feed the world as well by the middle of the twentieth century. America was young for a nation, not midway into our third century. Heady minded, and so full of ourselves from our early wars, we had everything we needed and could afford everything we wanted.

In achieving our dreams we lost sight of how the world had begun to hate us. To the end, we could not understand the hate of those that could not reach for what we had as a nation. In our own minds we began to hate ourselves. A collective self- hate evolved out of our well intended but confused sense of pity and guilt. We pitied those that could not attain the American dream. We nurtured our pity for those in the world that could not, even those that would not, come to our shores to live our life. This pity evolved as the nightly news fed us our dinner of one and three minute visions of the starving, the war weary, the sick.

No matter our numbers, no matter our technology, no matter the billion, the trillions, spent on good intentions, we could not fix problems we had become too successful to understand. Our money only served to insult those it was intended to help and enrich those that had caused the need. We tilled our land to near death to feed so many millions of others. We used our ability to feed so many to ruin the family farmer. We paid them less than the cost of growing wheat instead of soybeans, corn instead of wheat, hogs and not beef, cheap milk, but not cheese or nothing at all. When taxes could not support all our wants, we let the farmer sink.

We rebuilt the entire planet’s industrial capacity after the world wars only to have our own markets taken from us by those we helped. As our share of a world market diminished, we did what we did best. We developed new technology and products. Americans developed the technology and an industry that gave the world instant communication and access to the collective intelligence and talent of the planet. Our drive, our need for profit above all, doomed even these efforts. By the turn of the century our nations industry had sent both the new technology and the jobs it created to the third world. Done in order to reduce overhead and improve the bottom line. It was an old joke among Americans that at the very least, we could all flip burgers or sell each other insurance but corporate drive for profit automated the grill and outsourced insurance sales and on line support to the third world as well.

Sadly, the hate in the world for an American only grew and with it our convoluted sense of guilt that surely we could do more. Surely we could do what was needed to make this world safe. Surely we could share everything we could to make a better world. We tried. In Haiti, we tried. In Afghanistan and Somalia, Iraq, we tried. We tried. We died. We died in ones and twos as missionaries and corporate consultants. We died in the hundreds as embassy staff, tourists and peacekeepers. We died by the thousands as airline passengers and office dwellers here at home. We died as good troopers and Marines by the thousands. Hate found us. Hate killed us.

We could not tolerate our own confusion and lack of understanding. For decades our television and films had groomed us to believe that any crisis could be resolve with in thirty minutes, an hour to three maximum if it was a prime time drama or an epic film. With our dulled perceptions of time, we demanded action of our elected and appointed leadership. They in turn acted quickly and with as little thought as little time would allow. We began to drown in layer after layer of law and regulation that choked even more of American businesses into bankruptcy or out of the country. Action, any action, on the part of government was accepted with little oversight. Law and regulation banned, surecharged , fined, imprisoned and killed Americans in growing numbers. Law and regulation limited business growth, employee age and sex. Law and regulation controlled ownership of every item in an American home or office. Americans could not drive, hunt, marry, work, smoke, drink, give birth, store food, gas or water, buy food, clothing, or shelter nor own a weapon of any kind to secure them without permit, fee, tax, state certificate or license.

Law and regulation controlled the size of private bank accounts, the amount of deposits and withdrawals and how much could be taken to or from one nation or another. We clamored for law and regulation to control investment, medical care and property values, or save us from those that we hired to manage them for us. Regulation dictated the size of our mailbox, where we could enjoy a beer or cocktail or cigar. Law and regulation determined the price of our funeral and the condition and location of our remains. The burden of our own fears, pity, greed and guilt coupled with the venom of our enemies. These things evolved to blind, shackle and overpower us all.

Now in a desperate foolish haste, we saw only one direction to turn and we made that turn as only Americans can do. We turned on ourselves. We lost sight of a simple give-and-take relationship that had held the business of America together for two centuries. We lost the meaning and understanding of the hopes and dreams of people that, in the thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands, had died for. We the people had created a game of such confusion and depth that we longed for someone or something to clear the board and start over, no matter the cost. We would set into motion events that we could not see an end to. We ran to the cliff and stepped off. Some had the foresight to plan where they wanted to land. Most simply fell and hoped.

Again…. Just a way to stir the pot of discussion … perhaps a wee bit o treason. As ever, your humble servant will entertain all comments, questions and, of course, the odd death threat.

Thomas T. Tinker

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  1. Anthony B Austin says:

    Brilliant insightful damatisation of contemporary Amerika. I published a cartoon in 2002 where a little girl holds the hand of her father, standing in the rubble of the twin towers, and says > “Why did they hate us so much daddy?” But the
    question was never answered. See, when it arrives, the Anniversary Edition of ‘ Mother Shipton, the Missing Prophecies’ (Austin & Yule, BRP, 2003)

    • Anthony. The reason that they hate is is simple. We are pork eating infidels and we refuse to change. I am christian and I worship the creator not the created. I could care less about a non pork eating prophet and that is what they live for.They hate our freedoms and life choices.We do not cover our women in a glorified sack from head to toe.I once saw a muslim man with his wife at a walmart and the only thing that was not covered on her was a small fraction of an inch around her eyes.If they hate me for not living like that,it is not my problem.

  2. Mystery Guest says:

    There is more going on than what is on the surface and what we can see or discern.
    In all of the our good times there has been an undertow that we did not recognize. It has been in the works for decades. It has now went from being a conspiracy theory to them/or those being more blatant with their crap.
    And just like crap it stinks with putrid decay.
    The world may have been jealous of us for our industrial revolutions, inventiveness and that may be a large part of what is going on. But there have been factions for years tearing our system to shreds.
    And it seems now that they have finally done us in. It’s kinda like if you can’t beat um’, join um’. Only it has been those we oppose that have caused us to join them.

  3. We have spent too much time and resources giving a “hand out” instead of a “hand up”. Because we were doing good, we thought we knew better, and tried to convert others with our “better” way. We supported governments that did not even uphold our “ideas”, in an effort to “buy” influence, and just ended up looking like hypocrites to those we were “helping”. All the while wondering why “they” don’t like us, while we are looking down at them.

  4. Good article. Keep these things in mind when the UN starts pushing hard for an international gun ban and americans fall for it. This could very well be a build up to americans allowing the UN to enforce laws within our country.

  5. I’m Irish which means I have a natural affinity and love for the American people and the principles on which your amazing country was founded. However……. reading this excerpt even annoyed the hell out of me. I wish the American people would realise why America is hated. The absolute BS that this author wrote is one example. How can a nation be so arrogant? I will never stop loving America or the American people but just like a brother, you can annoy the hell out of me sometimes. Those who do hate America do so because of your governments disgusting horrific criminal foreign policy. Not because you are wealthy and prosperous. Trust me. The freaks in the Middle East with an anti American agenda are more interested in you meddling with Israel and Palestine than how many of you drive nice cars or enjoy great food. Stop blindly supporting and financing the Israelis. Peace must reign in Palestine. The Israelis and Palestinians both deserve peace. I love America, I am sympathetic to Palestine and I respect Israel. There is no race, colour or creed that I could say I hate (well maybe Scientologists and those idiots from MTV My Sweet 16). America could turn the tide in their favour so easily. No nation on earth is better poised to be ambassadors of peace. Really don’t mean to insult anyone with this post but that author needs a kick in the nuts. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!!!! Peace.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      According to the Holy Bible, we are to support Israel or we will pay for it when Jesus, who came in the flesh, God’s only Christ (Christ meaning Salvation), is here, which will be sooner than you will ever know. America was blessed with those who wrote the United States Constitution and a soundness that only God and His word could give. We, as Americans, must support Israel for we were grafted into that tree which God created. Israel belongs to God Almighty and the Kingdom of Heaven is Jerusalem. It belongs to Yeshua or G_D. So, when anyone like the Palestinians are making war to take what is not rightfully given to them, Israel has the right to defend itself. And it is in America’s laws that they have a right to defend themselves against their vile enemies. Likewise, don’t mean to be insulting but you need a belt taken to your behind and a good dose of castor oil. With God, we are safe but when we sympathize with enemies who desire for the entire world to bow down and worship their military (Allah) and nazism/Shariah Law, our nation will fall. God allows free will but Jews, like Hitler was, who hate their own kind, never will.

      • Very well written BUT two false assumptions on your part 1) There are no Palestinians they are Jordanians who were ask to leave their homes by their county and also Egypt and were told they could return as soon as the Muslim Army killed all the Jews and destroyed Israel 2) Never compare Jews and Hitler when doing so shows your lack of understanding the Jewish people also Jews Don’t hate their own they just want to be left alone

    • Mystery Guest says:

      All the spouting of PEACE will get one no where in this day and age.
      I would say that most governments are criminal, about 99%. Ah, HELL make that a 1000%, might as well include those gone and those to come.
      There are factors that run deeper than what is mentioned in this article for the hatred of the United States. There are those that have wished our demise for more decades than we realize and that is what if fueling most of the hatred.
      And you forget the people are not happy with their government but are 110 % in love with their country.
      And don’t go around wanting to kick our males in the nuts, you may get more than being told to “PISS OFF”.

  6. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Mr. Fox if I had wanted to dabble in my Governments history of corrupt foriegn policy .. the inheirent stupidity of a class of people that insulate themselve inside the D.C. I-495 beltway, who have egnored the concepts of morals, ethics, honor, the notion of the sanctaty of human life… (oh hell.. right and wrong) in order to stroke someones ego and/or level of contribution…. golly I’da gone there.

    The drift of this posting was to share the responsibility of F–king up one of the best ideas a room full of powdered wigs could agree on.,. Don’t pretend to tell me how criminal it is for a ‘public servant’ to use one lie or another to send a few divisions of teenagers to some nation and destroy it, it’s people, it’s future and die while wondering WTF!.. and to do these things to advance some bogas agenda hiding behind the black flags used to cover thier selfserving butts… Been there… done that… got the ‘F–king’ bullet holes and shrapnel in my sorry ass and … a never ending distrust for any government elected by a growing ‘Free Shit Army’ to show for it. My NUTS are already sore.

    I suppose by now everyone has figured out that I am somewhat pissed!

    Mr. Fox the “arrogant” Corksoakingiceholes currently running this place share.. their.. best interests.. with each other.. not the Kosovars, not the Afgans, Angolans or Mongolians .. not us or the Irish. Again… my intent was to express my disscust for just how nicely we have collectively abandoned the opportunity to lead with honor and the side of what is simply right… not expedient. If this iritated you … then how do you think many of us feel watching the self serving greed and sence of intitlement infect our better judgement. If you are reading this somewhere in the bankrupt “Republic of Ireland” I offer my arrogant condolences and hope ya make to this side of the pond one day and help us pay the price.. and national penence for the foolishness and distruction our current ‘Office Holders’ spread all over the world like crap from a bucket. Crapolla… I feel better… and what a collection of run on sentences, and to hell with spell check! And in closing…. DFox, it my be that you and I are looking at the same issue from two different directions.. from the outside in and the inside out.

    • mountain lady says:

      TTT: BRAVO!!!! Wish I could express my feelings on the subject as well as you have. Well, maybe I could, but am afraid to do so. I do live in the once great state of Kalifornia, and there are just too many liberals around here to feel safe, and so I continue to hide behind my rock.

    • I totally agree with the Irish man we (Americans) are so Arrogant it’s no wonder we’re hated so. Do you know the statements 1)Ugly American and walk softly but carry a big stick? In our minds it’s my way or the highway But we have short memories and forget who we diss

  7. MountainSurvivor says:

    What more can I say that you haven’t already.

  8. Mr. Tinker, I acknowledge and respect your response. Thank you.

  9. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Mr. Fox, by all means your most welcome. You and I have most certianly ‘stired the pot’.

  10. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Literally. Thank you.

  11. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    A lot of truths in the above excerpt, thanks for posting it. Yes, the latest political efforts seemed aimed at penalizing the people who are good at what they do – they would not earn their salaries if they did crummy work.

  12. Very well written. I disagree with parts but that is what we are about. The ability to disagree but not disengage or demonize. Dianne’s staff may want to fill her in on that little tidbit of information.

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