Fact Check : National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists

Good morning pack! I hope you all are having a good one… :sun:

Over the past couple of days, I’ve received a number of emails from blog readers regarding this post “National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists” that was published on Prison Planet on October 25.

Most of those emailing were concerned that the National Guard would be coming for them because they had purchased extra canned foods, raised a garden or own a gun. After all the article said, that they have a list compiled of all these doomsday preppers and were going to go after them in the aftermath of a disaster.

Well folks to be honest, I’ve never looked at the “news” spewed forth over at the Prison Planet site as concrete or reliable. So I started doing a little digging to see if I could find any real proof of truth to this. After all, I don’t see a mention of any reliable sources in the article only a mention of a “whistle-blower” referred to as “Soldier X”.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t believe everything that I read and less than that if it originated from Alex Jones or Prison Planet. So I started digging for proof. Well guess what – I found none. :-/

I’ve contacted all of my sources that keep track and fact check stuff like this and they say, that the whole story is just that, a story and that the briefing “Soldier X” mentions never happened. So, next I get in my truck and set out down the road to talk to every member of the TN and KY National Guard that I know. With one guardsman being an E9 they all said; that the whole thing was and is BS and that they had never heard of or attended any such briefing..

Next, I sent emails to every guardsman in the country, that I’m in contact with through this blog asking if they had been to or heard of such a briefing and they all said that they had not.

Folks this one looks like another made-up story meant to start a buzz among preppers and to get links and traffic back to their web-page. This reminds me of the “Mormon Cannery Raid in TN a Fabrication” that we posted about here last year that caused Oathkeepers.org to recant their story.

Folks, this is The Survivalist Blog.net and we are the Wolf Pack – we prep based on fact and real threats, not conspiracy theories or stories based on the “report” of Soldier X or that of some other vague “source”.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Frank Black says:

    Thanks MD, for taking the time to check out that story. As always, your approach is straightforward and grounded. Prep on!

  2. Thank you M.D. for digging and checking. I may have no love for tdl but I do not believe everything that conspiracy folks say. I have a buddy that does and I kinda feel sorry for him.I like Alex Jones though I am not buying everything that he says.I think he and I are in agreement on the tsa though.

    • axelsteve,

      I think a lot (not all) of what he says does have some basis in fact, but then he seems to take a small fact and make it much larger than it actually is by adding to it.

  3. Appreciate you looking into this. I enjoy reading the content on Prison Planet and Infowars.com and believe that only time will tell how this shakes out just as it did with the LDS cannery story.

  4. Ther3e are just way too many folks out there that, for whatever reason, want to stir up fear and anxiety by the use of some off the wall story like this.

    I’m not putting something like this past our PTB, but I don’t think we should allow stories like this to guide our actions!

    By using our common sense and being guided by verifiable information, we should be fine. The main thing is to not let your guard down and continue to act in a manner that is effective and non-threatening!

  5. Good job MD!

  6. Copperhead says:

    M.D., a big THANK YOU for all the hard work and research you put in to everything for us! You are greatly appreciated!

    I think it is getting so that we can believe little of what we read without fact-checking anymore.

    May I add that I am keeping everyone affected by the storm on the east coast in my prayers.

  7. There may be no proof that matter. Glad you checked it out. The Government ordered millions of MRE’s for emergencies so starving NG troops need not rob preppers. There are others things I was concerned about back in 2010 and it was reading the National Guard was preparing and drilling for riots in 2011, ordered by the pentagon, long before Wall Street protesters started. The government knew there would be some problems before this movement formed. How did the gov’t know? Easy-they propigated the protests themselves.

    I read recently lots of live ammo recently was also ordered by the gov’t and it wasn’t a military order, plus mega tons of riot gear. So what is up? Lots of conspiracies can spring up on things like this, because the gov’t isn’t being open. Since I do not trust the gov’t (more now than ever in my life) I am preparing for the worst…but living in hope this gov’t will change and not make it appear they are threatening the citizens like this admin has.

  8. The first thing that came to mind was this is BS. A grunt is not going to get an admittedly sensitive briefing on “Preppers”. Now I could see an Instructor using a little license and throwing preppers into the potential threat category because you can safely Bet They are armed. Yea, my infowars/prison planet reading is pretty limited now days due to my perception of the chicken little effect going on over there frequently

  9. Cold Warrior says:

    Thanks M.D. you are turning into a regular “Clark Kent” of The Daily Planet fame. (Is that an “S” we see under your BDU’s?)
    Now, maybe you could look into the Fox News story about how our Embassy in Libya called for military help 3 times, yet some
    one in the White House turned them down (and let them die)

    This could sink Obama, and I believe we know how you feel about our DL.

    God Bless

  10. BlueCaribDreams says:

    Reminds me of Post Katrina… “They took our guns, coming after yours next!”… It drives me crazy knowing that people believe the US Military is their enemy.
    Anyway, I have some big news for tomorrows wdydtptw post… I can’t wait to tell everyone!


    • “Reminds me of Post Katrina… “They took our guns, coming after yours next!”… It drives me crazy knowing that people believe the US Military is their enemy.”

      the fact that you actually DON’T know that NOLA illegally declared martial law, and national guard were ordered to confiscate guns, under GWB, and that NRA even sued Louisiana in those incidents, and that you’d blindly believe that the US military exists to ‘save your ass’ or is on your side IS the very definition of a bootlicker, not to mention naive.

      Sheeple delusionally calling everyone else “sheeple” irks every sane, informed individuals.

      reading the comments, this site’s readership is some of the most uninformed among prepper community.

      but that’s a-okay, can’t help willfully ignorant.

      what a disappointment. There’s a reason why James Wesley Rawls comes on InfoWars, and you don’t.

      • Carol,

        Mr Creekmore would not discredit himself like James Wesley Rawls by going on infowars. Think about it why would someone with the reputation, knowledge and popularity of Mr. Creekmore lower his self-worth by going on a show that is no better than the “national inquirer” with its stories of half bat and human hybrids.

        The other guy is out to make a buck – just look at his last “novel” and his book bomb day where he gets everyone to buy his book on the same day that it is released before everyone finds out they’ve been taken again.

        If Mr Creekmore and the Wolf Pack are so “uninformed” as you state why are you here? Why are you reading? Why are you commenting.

      • Carol,

        The order to confiscate civilian firearms after Katrina was not given by GWB but by New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass and the order was carried out by local police, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals.

        After this incident Louisiana legislator Steve Scalise introduced a Bill which would prohibit confiscation of firearms in a state of emergency, and the bill was signed into law by President Bush on October 9, 2006.

        Hope this helps to get you informed – btw say hello to James Wesley for me…

        • BlueCaribDreams says:

          Thank you once again Mr. Creekmore! As a “bootlicker”, and a boot wearer (2/502 IN REG, 101st Airborne) I almost lost my cool. Good thing I was Super Busy with my “Prep for the Week”.


        • HomeINsteader says:

          That is correct, M.D. I know.

  11. Well, it was fun while it lasted anyway. Interesting reading the opinions on it around the blogosphere though, everything from the guardsmen not obeying to LEO’s (and III percenters?) coming to the rescue.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn Soldier X was just a trial balloon for someone to gauge the response? Nah, nobody would do that.

  12. Thanks MD, Have we told you we appreciate you.

  13. Thanks MD…appreciate the reasonableness. Makes me even more happy to come here and participate. I spend little to no time on stories like this…real life and real prepping use my time. Frankly, if it’s true, there’s not much I could do about it anyway. I think there are some folks who like to keep the “outraged” level up as high as possible…but I find that simply being outraged never accomplishes anything, except a bunch of stress and anxiety. If they come for me because I prep, well, so be it. Worrying about it in advance doesn’t help.

    Now I DO believe in being informed (hence all the links I’ve sent you about the drone situation), so if this info was real and substantiated, then there would be value to it. But rumors are a waste of time.

    Thanks, as others have said, for taking the time to do all that research. You have some vaualable contacts indeed!

  14. M.D.

    Thanks for doing such an incredibly thorough job of checking the facts! That’s one of the reasons we love you so much.

  15. Thanks M.D. for checking this out, and more than that, providing an example of how we all may “trust but verify”. Don’t you think we will all need to be better at this in the days ahead?

    • YES ! the internet is rife with BS bogus information and outright fabricated lies put forth as fact ………You or I could pull a story out of our ass , completely made up , do the most minor of research , then throw it out there , ……it will be immediately circulated , and if it stays out there long enough , and gets spread far enough around …..people will look at it as fact . Not only that , ANYBODY that has photoshop and knows how to use it can fabricate any “document ” they want to , and make it look real with very little effort . just sayin
      dont believe anything you hear , and only half of what you see .

  16. Mother Earth says:

    I’m grateful to you MD for doing the fact checking. That’s why I appreciate this blog, always honest and sensible. Thanks

  17. Got to figure ……the National guard will #1. only be called out in an extreme emergency . #2. each state has the right to refuse the federal governments request for the guard to be federalized . #3. If they are called out , they will most likely be looking and having to deal with violent types such as looters , rioters , and gangs ……people causing an obvious problem ……..not people blending in and minding their own business .

    • L.A. Mike says:

      Great points, glad someone pointed them out. I can’t believe that our own sons, daughters, brothers, etc. would raise arms against us that obey the law and have prepared for hard times.

      • Well , I know this is going to upset many , but i have to wonder about the IQ of those joining either the regs or guard , know ing full well how they are going to be used and where they are going , knowing that they will be sent to some god forsaken shithole to get shot at , see things that they shouldn’t have to see , do things they shouldn’t have to do ……….all for nothing . At least my father could look back and say he helped got rid of hitler and imperial japan …….permanently !
        cant imagine what it would be like to come home after your tour , and have nothing but a big question mark to show for it ……I would probably feel like a patsy .just sayin .

  18. It wouldn’t be the first time the government used the media to plant a false story. I’m not saying this is the case, but it is something they would pull. Remember in Desert Storm when the military used the lamestream media to plant false stories of entire Iraqi units surrendering? Disinformation. A fancy word for lying.

    • Scott,
      If it was not Iraqi units that surrenderd then who were they? Other then the Italian news guys.

  19. I want to add my thanks, also. There are way too many things that become “truth” simply through repetition.

  20. Thanks MD. I don’t know why anyone believes every story they read on the net, but a lot of folks do. People, research first then believe.

  21. Tactical G-Ma says:

    There are so many crackpot theories and those who think it is fun to spread misinformation. Just about anything is possible and a lot of things are highly unlikely. If some operation like that was planned, no one but the highest officers would be priviledged to that information until the time of execution. If the S does HTF, I will be suspicious of everything and everyone. There will be orders given that may not be popular. Having a garden and some livestock around here is a way of life. In past unrests, we have always had one or two rogue warriors and scavengers. Under pressure some people act really bad. Anything you hear or read now is pure conjecture and speculation. Thanks M.D. for confirming what most of us already think, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

  22. Thanks for doing the research! I read that article and admit I was somewhat effected by its overt fear-mongering. It is a reminder for me to always use my BS meter when reading news. Well done 🙂

  23. I spent 12 years in the military between active and gaurd time, all 12 years as a grunt. When I got into the Gaurd we trained once a year per state SOP In crowd control, disarmming combative protesters etc. We worked with members of the local P.D and Sheriffs department, this is something most if not all gaurd units do. Since the Gaurd falls under the state they can be used to assist in quelling riots etc…. BUT we did not arrest or detain anyone. We would pull instigators out of a crowd to be arressted by the LEO.
    Now there could come a time when they may be asked to take a more active roll but as others have said alot of these guy’s wouldn’t answer the phone.

    I find Alex’s web site entertaining but people need to do there own research don’t belive everything people tell you go find it for yourself and form your own opinions.

  24. East Coast Dan says:

    First of all, Thanks for taking the time to debunk this story. It probably got started by some one who really didn’t have anything to say but wanted to feel important.
    One thought I had on this was, even if it were true, if you have exercised any level of Op Sec, it should not be of concern to you.

  25. MountainSurvivor says:
    • Candy In Nebrask says:

      When I had my Bait shop up and running I received this with my tax papers. I even was paid a visit and was asked for my receipts, copies of my credit card slips and so on. I explained I was small enough that I only dealt with cash and no one ever asked for a receipt. Gave them my print out, but did them no good just had amounts nothing else. They decided I could keep my receipts..lol I took checks but I felt it wasn’t their business.

  26. Jones is nothing more then a publicity whore of the worst kind. I am not going to say he is a liar but he does leave out inportant facts and exagerates the rest. 90% of what he says is pure caca. (crap).
    This particulare false claim has been circulating for awhile and when presented with it my ususal response is this.

    This story does not pass the sniff test. Here is why. Ask yourself a few questions.
    Where do you think these National Guardsmen come from?
    Who do you think they are?
    Now if you are buying into this “story” then you are insulting our Sons. Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, our Neighbors and co-workers Are You not Insulting American Citizen Soldiers who serve us. Are you not insulting the rest of us?
    Please, next time you feel a need for a boogieman under your bed, go watch a movie.

  27. worrisome says:

    JP……Truth through repetition…………think I just added that to my buzzwords collection………’tis great!

  28. M.D. thank you for researching and posting. Greatly appreciate this blog and ability to share info.
    For myself, months ago I logged onto FEMA.gov and printed the lists of items FEMA urges everyone to have in their homes in the event of natural disasters. Then I logged onto LDS.org, printed the Morman preparedness 200+ page manuel. Keeping both items in seperate notebook in the event anyone ever knocks on my door asking questions. I’m just doing what the US Govt and the Morman church tell me to do…preparing for natural disasters.
    Gardens, raising food, animals, chicken for eggs, with the chemicals in commercial food, not to mention the hyperinflation coming in 2013, prefer to raise my own.
    Berkey sitting on my cabinet…municipal water is horrible and the First Lady insists we don’t drink soft drinks. Change your mind set…you can handle anything. I agree with M.D., Alex Jones and most of those sensationalist are just that…trying to stir up stress and tension.
    Pray for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy

  29. MD, as always you are leading the pack with accurate information. Having all the facts allows us to prep as each of us see’s fit. Being retired Navy, I find it hard to believe that anything over 1% of NG given that order would obey it anyway. I have way too much respect for those that continue to serve to have put any credience in this rumor anyway. If they would have obeyed the order, our country would be gone anyway.
    Keep the Faith

  30. Adding to the thanks for checking this out.

  31. M.D. thanks for exposing this bravo sierra.
    This has the same ring to it as the LDS cannery scam some time back.

  32. Suburban Housewife says:

    Whew! Thanks M.D. – I’ve never heard of Prison Planet and now I won’t bother to check it out – one less thing I have to do. Thanks.

  33. SurvivorDan says:

    I thank you for checking with guardsmen you know. If the E-9 is reliable and trustworthy and he says it’s so much BS, then that’s what it is. An E-9 would understand and be informed as to the whole picture.
    I learned not to trust the brass but I trust the E-9s. If you can’t trust the command sergeant major then you might as well dig a hole, climb in and cover yourself up.
    I think some folks like to believe that they are that important that the Gov’t will waste resources ferreting them out and exterminating them. We as preppers are low on the list of priorities for the Feds. Not saying that y’all shouldn’t keep a low profile but the Gov’t isn’t going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to target you and send a drone missile up your bum.

    MD may be more at risk as a perceived potential rallying point for the Pack. But he takes his chances willingly. At the risk of embarrassing him – God bless Mr. Creekmore and keep him safe.

  34. Uncle Charlie says:

    Finally the voice of reason. In the states I live in, most of the national guardsman probably, own firearms, have a garden and may even have a little long term food storage as do many, many people in KY and GA (and in between). There are 300 million plus Americans and even if all the alleged govt. boogymen and spooks could keep an eye on all of us, they certainly won’t be able to swoop down and grab us all up. I worked for the US govt. for 30 years and I know that they are not that efficient and most the ones I knew, including the IRS and FBI (two of the more efficient agencies) are pretty conservative and usually vote that way.

  35. Tom Wygle says:

    Thank you for your research, and passing it on to us.

  36. I think that we still have to worry about op sec.

  37. Encourager says:

    Been gone two weeks (even down in your neck of the woods, M.D.) and have not heard much news…what a blessing! LOL

    Thank you, M.D., for your steady, reliable, informed leadership of this blog. Thank you for checking out these stories that affect us and keeping us updated. Please don’t go POOF! We need ya!!!

  38. I too try to fact check, some times it takes a lot of time, thanks for the effort. Another thing I do is PAY CASH, for as many of my prepper/survival purchases as I can.

  39. PJ Prepper says:

    Completely and utterly false, Alex Jones is simply making this stuff up. Thanks for the research MD, many people have friends in the service they can reach out to but few would have access to the higher levels (State HQs, Guard Bureau) where decisions like this would actually be made.

    One other comment had it right, the Guard does support civilian law enforcement as a State asset controlled by the Governor. They can be mobilized under Federal authority (control), we see this when they have to cross state lines for disaster support (ie Katrina). Learn more about the DSCA role of the National Guard here:


    Here’s the bottom line, if the Guard wanted to round up all the doomsday preppers and had them labeled, why does the Fed Gov’t have a website called Ready.Gov which they push down to their Servicemembers? This site encouraged preparedness for natural disasters, pandemics, terrorist hazards et al.


    If preppers are so bad, why does the Army Times publish an article supporting preppers within the military?

    “Williams is part of the growing nationwide “prepper” movement, which draws deeply from the military and veteran community. Prepper websites are full of current and former troops looking to connect with like-minded folks who share concerns that range from end-of-times Armageddon to more regional clock-stoppers such as a repeat of Hurricane Katrina”


    I wouldn’t put stock in anything Alex Jones says in the first place, but this notion that the National Guard is somehow secretively planning to root out and destroy the prepper movement is hilarious at best. Keep up the good work MD and thanks for the article.



  40. I don’t trust PP or AJ, but I always remember there is a grain of truth in every story. I just read last week about a guy who was put on the no-fly list for having associations with prepper websites. Another who was shown on a prepper television show has since had his firearm rights taken away. Maybe the government will not really see preppers as genuine terrorists, but it’s a red flag for sure.

    Funny how the government (FEMA) encourages people to prepare too.

  41. SurvivorDan says:

    FEMA just does that to give themselves some cover if they are perceived as being too slow in exigent circumstances.
    “We told you to have three days worth of food and water.”

    • That and the fact that we were much better prepared in the late 1940’s and all of the 1950’s with civil defense areas in almost every town of decent size and many small towns than we are today . Back then , WW2 was in full swing and after that the Cold War was just starting up ……..more was done by everyday people because it was considered patriotic . No such notion today , sooooooooo we have FEMA . Just sayin .

  42. SurvivorDan says:

    Side note: My youngest girl works in the financial district of NYC and lives in Brooklyn. No one has been able to contact her today.
    She is much…MUCH….nicer than me.
    Could use some prayers.

  43. Remember Benghazi . Oh wait, we still don’t know what to remember.

  44. I think Alex Jones has a lot of good articles and information. He makes you think and question what is going on out there. In the end though, you have to decide for yourself or do your own research on what to believe. Thanks for your detective work and research.

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