Faith Money and the Coming Collapse

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Son of Liberty says:

    Well said. I appreciate his direct manner of speaking and clear, easily understood ideas. I can only imagine what the total collapse of our monetary system might look like. It will be beyond catastrophic for millions of people. The death of 90% of the population (projected by some) is, I think, an exaggeration. However, I can conceivably believe a US death rate in excess of 50% is quite realistic.

    It will be those in rural and smaller communities – who live fairly close enough to depend on each other and form mutual support structures – who will survive. The lone isolationist will have much less of a chance to survive than some appear to push/promote. I’m also greatly concerned that those who live in larger population centers/areas, will die off or be killed off – some quite quickly.

    May we learn to depend upon the Lord and each other, and prepare for years of famine and hard times.


    Son of Liberty

  2. Thomas The Tinker says:

    I watch these videos and read these postings that sound this .. warning .. is that the right word .. warning .. This fellow speaks well and makes his point in calm considered tone. Every week this message is trumpeted at the world but I see nothing in the way of ‘action’.. conversation.. follow up in the major media. I suppose I’d be shocked if I did.

    The vast vast majority will never hear this message and I question myself as to why in the H – – l I have done what I have. Will my family walk into the ‘Pantry’ some day and stand agog at what has been set aside for them … or shake their heads and doubt my sanity.

    I sit out back and think this over now and again .. swill a beer and kick another log into the fire pit. Sometimes I sit at my desk and think this over .. no log kicking in the house ..

    I have a shelf on the wall loaded with Empirical evidence that says I’m not insane .. maybe a little early .. My books show me the history. My two semester education in Macro-Micro econ tell me the math and logistics this fellow presents are correct.

    Son of Liberty: “May we learn to depend upon each other and prepare for years of famine and hard times …” for the Lord has given all of us stewardship over our lives and this earth and will see what we do with it. Judge us … I hope not cause if she is.. shes already shaken her head.

    • Always Forward says:

      Excellent comments! Wisdom is given to some and chosen by others.

    • tt
      maybe the family will stand agog, then fall to their knees to give tearful thanks that you have helped to save them.
      if they end up amazed at your insanity–good! that means nothing terrible has happened—yet!

  3. Shawn McFatter says:

    Son of Liberty and Thomas The Tinker, I apologize for my lack of words, forgive me for riding on your coat tails. I study these trails you and other like minded “preppers” have blazed, to try and prepare myself and spread caution to willing ears. Being an outcast, misfit isn’t easy to endure, but, as i’m sure you do also, care deeply for God, Country, and mankind. Thank you for your insight. Teachers, good teachers, are a blessing when you find them.
    Embarrassment is ignorance leaving the body.

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