Falling Down

This guest post by  Mystery Guest and entry in our non-fiction writing contest.

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I didn’t go to college. No inclination to do so. The life I wanted had nothing to do with college. I am so thankful that I never attended these institutions.

I, in attaining the goal for my life I added knowledge with listening and the proverbial school of hard knocks.

When my children were growing up I preached about the subversive and sneaky snake dealings of this world and my world was living in the United States.

My first inkling that things were not as they should be is measured by the arrival of the “Beatles”. It seemed that although they were not the actual cause of our coming problems they were indeed the marker in which I would mark this change.

Later in 1965 after graduating from high school things really began to heat up. Some of the things, yes, you can relegate to it being just ignorant stupid youth.

Such as Woodstock, The Hippie revolution etc.

But there is a problem with giving any of these factions any credit for any sense of normalcy.

They were instilled in them in what had already became social progressive institutions of mind control blather. OH! don’t ever think that they were not told that they should think for themselves, that was added every time someone questioned anything that seemed out of the ordinary and possibly how they were raised, or believed. They were never told they were wrong that they questioned something, they were just patted on the head and said think about it some more and see if you find the right answer.

In these institutions of higher learning they were given their study loads of books to read. The professor would give his lecture and make them think that they were thinking. While the whole time the professor’s were working to achieve an agenda that would finally be brought to fruition.

Did all of this start with the arrival of the Beatles? No they are just my mark. It started many years before that.

Not being well read as many of these so-called educated people’s, I knew nothing of when it started nor how deep it went. But I knew that we were sliding down hill and that it was being done behind our backs and in the dark of the night.

In my home I would talk about the hippies and how they hated the man. Then they had to revert to the free enterprise system to keep body if not soul together. The women especially of the free loving hipsters started making quilts and selling them along the road to people. I just cannot feel for poor Moonbeam she should have known with the free love came babies.

When they finally figured out that they had to get jobs a lot of them reentered the higher learning institutions not only to get better jobs, but to infiltrate and pollute every aspect of our foundations and topple what they felt was an unfair world.

They became lawyers, Judges, activists, politicians, environmentalists, animal rights advocates, and EPA-ers, abortionists, women’s righters, NAACP-ers, tree huggers, gay rights movement and Christian haters, you name it and they became what ever it took to mess with what was right in this world.

All this time these supposedly well-intentioned people were totally blinded as to the depth of the brain washing they had gone through. Oh the brain washing had started decades before but it had been refined and repeated incessantly for years and decades to each generation. And now the end product was that they thought this way, it was the right way.

And to put this in simple words, the downfall of the United States was PLANNED. A definite PLOT.

In these last years, let’s say 30, I have seen an ever-increasing degeneration of what the United States and what the people stand for. All that the United States and our Constitution and all the rights we have, have been used against us. They would go after one seemingly little thing, and it would eventually blossom into the rest of the people being handcuffed to obligatory submission.

One person now can step on the rights of the many.

Their plan has worked.

It is edified in the news daily. It is touted on talk shows. On TV comedies, movies. It is a glaring reality.

In recent years I have seen this faction of our United States spew a disguised and veiled hatred for anyone that is of the opposite side. And most of all those that are Christians. They will do anything possible to negate anything that we believe in.

I had hoped that I was wrong, that I had just been wrong about what was happening. But everyday they seems to be more brazen in being able to be more open in their letting us see the ends of the product that they have planned. They now have us where they want us, captive to their rhetoric knowing that it is so installed in the works that there seems to be no fixing the damage.

If I put a name to this I will be chastised. If I put a name to it some will find it ridiculous. If I put a name to it most will ignore it. If I put a name to it I will be called crazy.

But this has been a plot of the very things we have fought against, it can be found in WWII, the cold war and is still present to this day. Some call it Communism. But that is only a title, which I will have to use because there is no other description to attach to it. But it is far more sinister than what we could ever imagine.

And what makes it work now is that it has oozed into our life and we never took notice that it was happening. That it was like a double-sided coin, they showed us one side then when we balked they showed us the other side and we didn’t notice it was the same. They were patient. They worked slow, they were devious and cunning.

So now that I have recognized it, do you?

Do you see that they could not be blunt and straight forward with it as in the days passed? Do you see that they did not forcibly push it on you? Do you see that they did not use total control? Do you see that they did not abuse in the physical?

But in the end it would be total control and we would be subjugated.

I do not know why the masses do not see this and in the slow methodical downfall many will continue to not see. They will follow with no complaints because they have now found this to be the norm in their lives. They will not be able to discern that they are now subjugated and tied to a philosophy that they have unwittingly let happen.

This will incite some readers to say that I am discussing the efforts of McCarthyism. McCarthy was openly fighting an institution that had a face. When he fought against this he fumbled and they then found that if they continue to hide and leave no trail that they could not be fought openly. He unwittingly helped their cause by not having the hard copy to stop what was then thought of as never to happen here. He has now been relegated to the back of the building as a kook. What was left after he openly fought is hidden now in the fiber of our lives much like the T.B spores in the dust waiting to become full-blown.

I do not know how to fix this. It was set in motion long before I had a complete understanding of what the details could be. There are those that are not anything but objects of use while those that are at the reins are hiding behind a facade. How do we ferret out those that are the masters at the controls? What do we look for? Who do we look for?

It has hidden well it has now become ingrained in the institutions and regulatory part of our country and it is hard to define and make it known. They have lied. And a lie is one of the hardest verbal voices to fight. A lie can tear one apart but it will not put you back together if it is found to be so.

And this is not the end of their endeavors, they are not finished, it continues on.

To what end? Do they honestly believe that this will work? Why cannot they see that this will include them in the final details? What they are doing has never worked but only brought misery to the masses.

There is only HOPE for us. If we never  with HOPE we will be able to endure. With HOPE we will be able to turn around and see those that oppose what is right and good. With HOPE we will be able to see, hear and resist what they are doing. They cannot take HOPE and make it useless.

Joh 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid…

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  1. As a product of ‘higher’ learnin’, I think you are pretty much on the mark. The reasons so few see this are myriad. However, I think the main reason is that as a culture everything has been fragmented in our thinking. We isolate the symptoms and view them as unrelated. I am often reminded of the line in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” “Logic! What do they teach in the schools?” By inducing people to live by emotions in precludes the ability of seeing that a system’s parts are interrelated and to (ab)use Luther’s statement “No doctrine is naked,” (by which he meant you cannot tinker with any doctrine without changing the whole, so it is that by tinkering with the extremity of the system the constant nudges at the fringes would invariably alter the very nature of the Republic.

    I have been thinking about this in the context of the Feinstein Bill and POTUS’ raft of executive orders. Even if her bill fails and something happens to undermine the 23 EO’s the whole system has been nudged further down the road legitimizing in the minds of many further controls. It leads me to contemplate B.B. Warfield’s judgment on the faltering Presbyterian Church of the second decade of the last century “You can’t split rotten wood.”

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Case in point, a San Diego LEO was on a talk show or being interviewed and he said within the next generation that guns would be gone.
      Now ain’t that just peachy?

    • How’s this for a nice summation. I don’t know who said it first, but I heard it from my friend:

      “It only took us until 2012 to get to 1984”.


      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Incidents don’t have to be staged. Just give some people a little nudge by saturating the media with insanity and step back and watch the domino effect. This is PsyOPs at its finest.

      • The Joker would be proud!

      • +100 T G Ma

      • Tactical G-Ma,
        You don’t need the nudge or the PsyOps. Over time, stuff happens all on its own accord, and all you need is a plan on the shelf to exploit the event. You know, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
        Our 24 hour worldwide news coverage also helps/hurts here. Growing up in Western PA in the 50’s and 60’s, I have no doubt that a 12 year old girl might have been kidnapped and killed in someplace like Seattle, WA; however, we never heard about it except for a potential 20 second mention on the TV news or a few lines in the newspaper. Today, unless some celebrity had another DUI, the 24-hour cable news outlets would be covering it around the clock, making the world seemingly a much more dangerous place than it really is, and having the folks demand that the government make it safer.

  2. DeadGuy940 says:

    Can you be more specific? What has changes have you seen, exactly? What is this “it” to which you repeatedly refer? Who is “they”?

    Sorry, but I’m just not following along and hearing the message.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      That is the point. “It” is in disguise. “It” is all the laws that have passed be they small they influenced more to come. “It” is all the things hidden and done underhanded. You cannot discribe “It” because “It” just happened and we lived with “It”.
      Try thinking of all the “rights movements”. Think about how you (collective sense of you) said it didn’t matter that they or those gained their rights. But it did in some manner.
      “They” are those that wish to undo our “Rights” take our “Freedoms”.
      “They” are those that have worked in the dark, underhanded and sneaky to undo all of the Constitution.
      Take now our 2nd Amendment, we see some of the faces in real time, but there are those that we will never know who they are.

    • Seriously? You picked a good handle then.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      DeadGuy940, Google “Agenda 21” a document of global as set forth by the arrogant monsters running the United Nations. If your hair is straight, it’ll be curly once you grasp what the implications are for all of us.

      • Grumpy Vermonter,
        The “good” thing about Agenda 21 is that they are arrogant enough to have their game plan all out in the open; and that means, a little at a time & bit by bit we can stop it. We have had seminars though our local Tea Party & 9/12 groups and have lots of people now aware and fighting it. In the end they may still win, but we intend to make them fight for every inch of property rights they try to steal.

  3. Mystery Guest says:

    I would like to add here that I wrote this over a year and a half ago. Then Rawles on September 28, 2011 under odds and sods had a link to “The ginding down of America”.
    I was really shocked but had affirmation that I was right.
    Now with all that has been done to further cause our Freedom’s to become less and less, I shudder to think I was so right.
    Oh, how sick at heart this makes me

  4. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Mystery Guest,

    I agree with you. “They” have had 100 years 0f planing and working to get to today. I remember when the Beatles stepped of the air plane…gasp…Look at their hair! With eyes looking back I have to say it wasn’t all that long. But between the change in the music (now would be rap) and the seemingly sudden popularity of drugs combined with teenagers gone wild,and free speach over a very unpopular war, our country changed.

    My HOPE is that more folks are waking up to what’s happening. Lord knows I’m talking with people I know and giving either small grains of sand or huge mountains of information, depending on where their brains are. My HOPE is that it’s not too late to re-claim our country. My HOPE is I’ll live long enough to see the tides turn in our favor.

    It took only 22% of the population to produce the Revolutionary War and this amazing country. I believe it will only take that again. Only about 22% are far left liberals/socialist…. Look how far they’ve come. We all need to step up and push back. Not with out of control behavior but unafraid to offend someone when we’ve a TV camera on us or a newspaper reporter to speak with.

    One of my favorite things to say to libs who don’t like my view is, “How intolerant of you!” Offensive to them but also jiggles their brain a bit. We must push back. Write letters to the editor, often. My paper will allow one per month. We must use our sphere of influence and money to advance our cause just as they have.

    It’s not over, it’s really only just begun. We must contact our represenitives in Congress. CALL their office, especially when you’re heated up about the topic. Control the anger but let them hear it being contained. They must remember they work for us. That we are unwilling to go back to the aristocracy of pre-Revolutionary War.

    All of us who feel this way must stand together and make our collective voices heard. Never give up, never surrender.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Petticoat prepper
      I have almost given up on writing to our reps or senators. They seem to play dumb or are never precise as to what they will do.

      • worrisome says:

        Mystery Guest, keep writing, keep talking, they have defeated you if you shut down. You can’t shut down, none of us can. I wrote last to Babs Boxer, Diane Frankenstein, Mike Thompson. Babs was the only one to return a message……….form letter listing her “accomplishments:”, nary a word about her position on gun control. They other two? Haven’t bothered with a response. Keep the pressure on in every way you can possibly do so. Never give up!

      • Mystery Guest says:

        I said almost.
        I never really give up, mostly it is a disgusted thing.


    • Mystery Guest says:

      mr prepper
      I really didn’t want to be right on the money. But seems gut feelings and hearing and seeing are being proved out more and more every day.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Holy G-d is calling out a people who will stand in these last days; He is separating the wheat from the chaff. He is preparing His people for the days to come. “There’s no time to change your mind…the Son has come and you’ve been left behind….I wish we’d all been ready”…. dctalk from “People Get Ready”; been singing that song for what seems to me a long time – time has no meaning for Holy G-d, but, all I can say is, “get right – or get left”.

  6. I’m your age and could not agree more. The older the hippies get the worse we sink as a nation. At least most of them only had one “moonchild”, can’t overpopulate blah, blah, blah, but think about what winners those kids will be.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      We have a hippie free thinking raised DL. What makes it worse is the other influences in his life.

  7. Mystery Guest says:

    Those hippies were a bunch of kooks. But the hippies were only a small segment of the problem. It was the ones that chose to follow such retoric that it has brought us to this sad place is the one’s that are the problem. Plus the powers that are pushing the secretive, underground, unholy agenda that is the evil that is the distructive force.

  8. I agree that this has been going on for a long time. Woodrow Wilson had a lot of the same ideas that our current President has, so our current administration is just the current manifestation. They needed more time to work on the general population, then it was just too radical to last.

    We can not reverse this issue overnight. There is no quick fix. Our options are limited. But there are ways to fight back. That is why the prepper movement is demonized. They see no way to insert their control over our current lifestyle.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      JP in MT
      Yeah, isn’t it amazing how they put the monkey on our backs and they are the ones that are messing with everything.
      They want us catgarized as criminals so as it can be dubbed legal.

    • worrisome says:

      In your statement about preppers being demonize is a seed. One that could grow rather quickly in fact. Take a lesson from the dark side and start the ridicule rolling the other way……with perhaps a Godly bent to it. As in…………….oh look at that poor soul…………they have no God to cling to in tough times, and look how lost he is right now. And, what a foolish remark that guy just made, he seems so uneducated…….how could he not know at his age that gun control doesn’t work………….etc etc etc. Start making fun of them, those in the middle don’t like to side with those that are made to look foolish.

    • JP in MT,
      Amen brother. They need “dependency” and not “self reliance”, and we represent a threat to that. Coincidently, in some ways they are actually helping our movement. When hurricane Sandy hit NY & NJ those folks expected the government, in the form of FEMA, etc. to help them. Many have now finally realized that they were fed a load of horse manure, and I suspect many will be more aligned to be self-reliant when they finally get back on their feet. Many are also finding out what real “community” means, and this will hopefully make them understand that local always beats state or national.

  9. Your wisdom is admirable-no college education needed. You’ve expressed in words all the same feelings I have. God Bless You an God Bless America-we’ve got a long road ahead.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I have for years known that things were “just not right”.
      And it is funny when they, whomever, started the attack on Christians that other moved in and passed their agenda’s.
      But like I say, it was methodical and you just couldn’t get a grip on it.
      Little things like ALL schools started calling “Winter Holiday”, “Spring Break”, etc. Do we actually remember when this came about????? This seems innocent, but it wasn’t.
      Bit by bit they have worked their objective.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        The deceiver, satan, works like that, doesn’t he?! Just enough “truth” to be “acceptable”, and then move in for the kill.

        1 Peter 5 (emphasizing verse 8!)

        New King James Version (NKJV)
        Shepherd the Flock

        5 The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed: 2 Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly; 3 nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock; 4 and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.

        Submit to God, Resist the Devil

        5 Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for

        “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”

        6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, 7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

        8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

        9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. 10 But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. 11 To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Yeah seems that roaring lion has his fair share of devouring.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Ahhh…but there’s always good news! We’ve read the end of the Book, and so has the enemy; he knows his days or numbered, so, he’s steppin’ up his game..and so is Holy G-d! We’re on the winnin’ team! Thank you, Lord, in the Name of Y’eshua/Jesus Christ!

      • Made me smile today HomeINsteader. Keep up the good word and the good work. 🙂

  10. So sad but true. We are on a very slippery slope and picking up speed as we go down.

    I was there then and here now. I pray it can be stopped that the mass will awaken before it is too late.


    • Mystery Guest says:

      Well maybe it’s never to late.
      But until we know exactly how to remedy the mess, the clean up is going to be hard to take.

  11. This assessment is acceptable, but you missed half the point here. While the flower power generation was taking hold and exercising a subterfugue from the outside in, folks like Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Iacocca, Forbes, and so on were rotting us from within.

    True revelation comes from seeing how these two supposed dichotomous efforts somehow merged to create the perfect storm of society and politics we are now bearing upon. How is it such apparently diametrically opposed perspectives could have combined to synergize the corruption of our free state? And while we conformists were busy railing against the free love loafers and mind-benders from Haite-Ashbury, someone(s) else was/were busily at work in the shadows playing Brutus on all our backs! Who else stood to benefit from our distractions while the eco0nomy was being slowly, inexorably manipulated to defraud the gen pop? Why would bankers and chairman wag big long fingers at the non-conformists, while secretely slipping them huge funding entitlements by lobbying politicians to rob us and “redistribute” the wealth to those same counter-culture revolutionaries?

    It goes far deeper and is far more complicated than simple blame.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Yes, it goes far deeper. My point exactly. We know of those you mention, but we do not know those pushing their buttons.
      How did all of this start?

      • Alittle2late says:

        I know you don’t want to hear this and I should probably not say it but… I believe the church started all of this, the Catholic Church to be more accurate. Not the religion, the church. Power is a very evil thing. Before anyone crucifies me, look at some of the things through out history that were done in the name of the church. Ask yourself who is the most influential being on earth. No its not TDL.
        My grandfather is a preacher, my dad is a Sunday school teacher. I grew up with religion, I do not go nearly as much as I should anymore . So please don’t ask me to “quote” anything. The catholic church goes back far enough as an “organization ” to be capable of such a plan. And have the funds to support their plans. I’m not saying this to anger anyone. This is just my opinion.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Yep. Y’eshua/Jesus Christ despised religion; He chastised the “religious legalists” (Pharisees) of the day and told them everything they were doing was for nothing. Basically, Jesus told them they were wrong to cling to the law; it was necessary to look beyond the law to mercy and grace, and that is just what Holy G-d did when He sent us His Son as a sacrificial lamb, to take away our sins – He paid the price so that those who choose Him do not have to pay the price, because we are ALL sinners.

        You point out the importance of not confusing “religion” (the law) – a thing of man – with the gospel message of grace and mercy, which only the Savior, Yahushua/Ye’shua/Jesus Christ can impart.

        “For there is no other name under heaven and earth by which all men must be saved.” Acts 4:12

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Maybe in the total sense as an organization.

    • benjammin,
      If you look at who now runs the large foundations and endowments, they are all leftists, who have wormed their way into positions of authority and power. I suspect that Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and all of those “robber baron” capitalist industrialists are now rolling over in their graves, watching the fortunes they accumulated being used in direct opposition to the capitalist system they used so well to accumulate wealth and build a thriving country.

  12. livinglife says:

    Kennedy wanted people to be self reliant, that was his mark of doom from his party.

  13. Mystery Guest… I saw the title of this piece and my immediate thought, without reading a thing, was “down around our ears”. After reading your article, I have to agree with everything you’ve said… and I see and live it every day as a teacher who is not a sheep…

    It is sad to see the children I am teaching and know that they will never feel the pride I felt at achieving a passing grade in something because I worked hard at it. The district I work for is furthering the “hand out” mentality and culture of these young people and their families by passing a policy saying that no student can make lower than a 50 on their report cards (60 is passing). So basically, if a student shows up to class, they automatically get a 50 even if they do no work. If they do hand with in, they pretty much automatically pass. If I don’t do this, I am violating district policy.

    I am thankful everyday that I didn’t attend public schools and am thus more aware of what is going on than my contemporaries who did. They start early in promoting the agenda… my DD is in 1st grade and it has already started. We counter it at home, but they have access to her for 8 straight hours (teacher even had her convinced we –WE- were saying her name wrong). We will be removing her from that situation and either going to private school or home schooling as soon as we are able.

    Right now, I am between that rock and a hard place… continue at this district for this school year and try to find a place a little better for next year to continue to help support my family, or refuse to do as they say and have no job and potentially cause harm to my family. Tough choices. At this time I’m sticking it out… I am trying to counter everything I can by teaching the kids to think critically, but it is a losing battle. They have been told what to think for so long that they can no longer think for themselves.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I find it amazing we are now raising a bunch of cowards on top of stupid.
      When I went to school if we got an F we didn’t cry and carry on like a bunch of ninnies. The parents are just as shameless they use the school system as a babysitter.
      I bet you are surprised when there are a few students and parents actually care. But with the system the way it is they don’t have much of a chance either.

      • Oh, yeah, I’m very surprised when I have a handful of kids and parents who actually care about their education rather than just expect to be passed along. I have 110 on roll right now and I can count on 1 hand those that actually care about it at all. Very few understand that education is not filling up a bucket, but lighting a fire and my fire starting capabilities are dwindeling down to nothing.

      • Shandi,
        In my opinion and experience, the big key is the parents. My daughter had a Calculus teacher in high school who told me he caught a boy cheating, and when he contacted the boy’s father, he (the parent) was astonished, not that he had been cheating but that his boy could be that clever.

        My daughter now attends college, and in the freshman preview weekend, all of the freshman were told that although they had most likely never gotten anything less than an ‘A’ in high school, that they would definitely see their first ‘B’ or potentially even a failing grade, and assured them that this was normal and alright. Many kids (and their parents) want those ‘A’ grades even when they do less than ‘A’ work, and the emphasis on grades sometimes keeps students from pushing to the edge or even beyond the edge of their comfort zones. Many schools are helping this with weighted grades, so that a ‘B’ in and advanced course doesn’t impact your GPA as much, and I think this is one of the better innovations I’ve seen in a long time.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I never got an F. Mom would have killed me! Mom was forced to drop out of school in the 8th grade, and she demanded that we finish high school. 3 of the 4 of us went on to college. She’s very proud of all of her “children” today.

    • Shandi: is it possible to look for work in a private school? The evil is progressive education. It is a philosophy of pedagogy that ignores teaching kids how to think. As a result kids grow up using reason only to justify acting on their feelings. Feelings are not tools of thought. So instead of going through life by thinking about reality first, acting on those thoughts second and feeling the proper emotions third, they live backwards by getting a feeling first, acting on it second and thinking about the rightness or wrongness of it last. Today’s leftists don’t think. They rationalize.

      There is only one way to get back to a rational pedagogy, get the government completely out of education. Close down the federal Dept. of Education and start auctioning off the schools to private enterprise. Get rid of the regulations over education. Let businesses compete for the parents’ dollars and we’ll see quality rocket up and prices drop.

      • I am planning on looking for employment with private schools for the coming school year… that or the local Native American schools.

      • Michigan Mike,
        “Today’s leftists don’t think. They rationalize”; In my opinion the word “think” is not in their lexicon. They prefer “believe” or “feel”, which means that facts never matter, because a belief system can always exist regardless of the facts. They also seem to believe that self esteem is very important, but don’t understand the true concept. Giving everyone a trophy or not keeping score makes sense in their little minds, but I guarantee you that most kids know if they deserved the trophy, and can tell you the score of whatever game their playing, minute to minute.
        The biggest problem is however, their use of “projection”; a belief that if it’s how I fell or would act, then it’s how you would feel or act. If I believe deep in my heart that I’ve been in circumstances or arguments that I was losing, that I would have shot the person opposing me if I had a gun; then, I must assume that you and everyone else would do the same.
        This I think is why they are so adamant about gun control, and what dirty tricks the opposition would play in an election, etc. It’s their lack of self control and morality that they project onto others, again regardless of the facts.

  14. Very interesting, Brother. and I call you that because we are friends in Christ.

    You and I know exactly what “it” is! Plain as day.

    Your comments are right-on-the-mark. I have 3 college degrees (one a doctorate) and you are more wise than I!

    my boss was a Jewish carpenter

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Kin_of+Sgt. Alvin York
      I thank you (and all others) for the kudo’s.
      But I just sat down and wrote what I knew, saw and heard and that ol’ gut feeling.
      This is such an underground network of those that wish our demise as a nation. I do not know how to further impart these subversive actions to where all will get the message that our undoing was indeed a plot and they worked slow and tediously to make it happen.

      • America is the last thing standing in the way of “their” total domination of the world – therefore it’s demise is necessary.

        And, with one of their own in the presidency – a man who has been fed their kool-aid from his very birth – they see this as the best chance that they’ll ever have.

        If things seem to be accelerating, it’s because they are. “They” are running out of time.

        We are due for another “mass-shooting” very soon. And keep your eye on April 19th. That could be a very bad day for this country.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Amen! Blessings to you, in the Name Above Every Name, He Who Was, and Is, and Shall Be Again,

      Yahushua/Y’eshua/Jesus Christ

  15. I used to be one of those hippies – and a witchy pagan! for 20 years. Then got conservatism through landlording, went back to Christianity because of a crisis of faith during a divorce, then eventually became a libertarian. So I’ve seen it all from both sides now and this is my two cents.

    In their struggle against “the Man”, hippies are looking at corporations that have this world set up as a cash cow so the little guy can’t get ahead, and the hippies equate this also with moral restrictions. This equation may or may not be true, but essentially they want to be free to party and they want more Stuff for the poor. This is the young ones. They don’t study it all too hard. It’s just youthful rebellion and wanting Stuff.

    Wiccans mostly don’t know or care that their religion was made up in 1950 or 52 by Gerald Gardner. The man, if you read his books, was a voyeur. But it’s still good to revere the seasons and all that. Paganism is more than Wicca, there’s all kinds of systems. Is that good or bad, that it doesn’t have a single reference book? Are those people any more or less sincere than Christians about trying to be good? I have met very sincere and serious pagans and some who were just in it for the party.

    Lots of Christians don’t know that many of their books were thrown out of the Bible by men, not least of which is the Book of Judith but there are others. Translations differ. Various religious leaders changed wording slightly here and there for whatever reason. There are books in the Bible that are difficult to come to grips with like that OT story where the guy offers his daughters to some strangers for them to rape.

    There is still good in both religions. In all religions really. It’s good to try to revere and protect the earth, it’s good to worship God, the rest is the human flaws of men who wrote these books.

    I just take the Golden Rule, and the idea that Jesus was sent to die for us and pay for our sins, and the rest to me is details. Someone could judge me for being “lukewarm” for not following their system slavishly enough, but don’t judge lest you be judged. The Bible is also full of stories of scoundrels and misfits being chosen by God to lead their people, and angels show up in disguise sometimes.

    Religious rant off. I’m not really qualified to preach anyway.

    Back to libs. The ones whose liberalism survives their youth think that by tearing down society they can replace it with something more “equitable” and they honestly believe humanity under the corporate structure is cannibalizing the earth like locusts. There is some truth to that, but it gets twisted that it’s all America’s fault. This line, though, is fed to them by the green movement which old Commie leaders ran to join after Communism became unpopular. You look at the movers and shakers in the green movement and the old movers and shakers in the Commies and there are a lot of the same names. Hey, it’s the red-green show! And who can argue with saving the planet? It’s the perfect front.

    The US gets special attention from them because we’re the cops of the “free” world and they know if they kill the head then the body will follow. The US has a giant military because it’s protecting corporate interests everywhere. Well, which is the greater evil? Corporations or tin pot dictators? You decide.

    This desire to tear down the fabric of society, though, while most of these hippies HOPE it will result in some kind of utopia, isn’t all that well thought out. Because if you tear it down too much you don’t end up with hippies just standing there looking at each other under a rainbow. You end up with gangsters filling the power vacuum. There is always someone mean and tough waiting for a chance to take control. And they’re willing to wear whatever disguise and lie through their teeth to steal this control.

    Whoever is behind this long erosion, if it’s not just a bunch of stupid people, basically is a gangster and wants to steal power. They are patient. But the hippies (especially Occupy and other protesters) aren’t going to get their endless party with free weed and sex when they take off the gloves. They will find themselves in front of a firing squad. Marx exterminated the anarchists after they had served their purpose. Hitler exterminated the gays and other free-love types.

    Once these guys are able to take off the gloves, they won’t tolerate anyone who can’t or won’t work or is sick or flawed, and anyone who opposes them in any way. The “isms” don’t matter. The goal is to live high on the hog and enslave everyone else, and enjoy throwing their weight around. To perpetuate this they’ll use any old slogan that will do, left or right, they’ll do whatever gives them more control.

    So who are these old patient gangsters? First look in the green movement. See who is the head of NGO’s that espouse that stuff. Look in the UN. THEN look at the neo-cons, the people assembling the surveillance state, etc. Look at the RAND corporation, whose tactics are used in ICLEI run “town meetings” to manufacture consent. It’s both sides of the aisle, folks. If you take Communism and Fascism, the only difference between the two is that Fascism lets corporations stay, and uses them, where Communism nationalizes all industry. And both use the less extreme-looking versions of themselves as front men.

    These people don’t care if you’re Christian or not. What they care about is, does your creed dictate that you fight them? Does it give you hope and strength while they’re trying to crush you? Does it inspire others to resist them? If so then you’ve gotta go.

    Keep your heads high and your powder dry! And don’t quit fighting for what is right. If you give up, you lose. Bright blessings on all, of whatever creed, we’re actually all in this together.

    • I was raised Catholic and am a practicing “witchy pagan” as you put it. 😉 I am also follow the ways of my grandparents and great grandparents and put a little back for a rainy day – just in case.

      • Even Vooodoo practitioners do that. They take a package, jar or whatever of corn meal and one of beans and stick it in the back of the cupboard when they move into a house. It’s supposed to be a spiritual thing, but I think it’s more like prepping.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Penny Pincher
      Although I can’t agree with practicing witchcraft and if you have seen that is of no use then you are surely better off.
      You are right that they do not care if your Christian. But have you noticed their not tearing into paganism full bore?
      And yes they are afraid of self-reliance.

    • Black rosé says:

      Like button needed.

    • Penney Pincher

      Whether they know it or not, “tearing down society” is Marxism 101. He wrote that, to create Communist “Utopia”, the existing societal structure had to be demolished.

      And Environmentalists = Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

    • Penny Pincher,
      Although I never considered myself a hippie, I like many was much more liberal and searching for my path when I was in high school and college. I looked into many faiths including Wicca (which BTW is not witchcraft as many would understand the term), and found that most of these faiths and religions had the same goal, which is to add a meaning to life and perhaps to death and whatever might come after. On the liberal side of things, I also wanted “fairness” and to help those less fortunate, and grew out of that with catalysts like how much was taken from my first real paycheck, and how many lazy people were “using” the system. The latter came to me while volunteering for charitable organizations who ran food pantries and outreach programs to help the poor, many of who I realized didn’t mind being poor and letting someone else take care of them.
      Even Winston Churchill understood the wish for equity and the naiveté of youth when he purportedly said, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If
      you’re not a conservative when you’re 40, you have no head.”
      As we grow, if we pay attention, we learn.

  16. Just looked at Rawles site. And were no odd and sods archived for
    Sept 28th 2011. Nor is there an article (the grinding down of america)
    (Not saying it never appeared or was linked). But it is not available to
    the public and most of his 2011 stuff still is..
    Mabey it is on his new archived disk..

    Lots of thought in your writing.. to bad you may be wright..
    Where can I read your old thoughts.. That echo what you say here??

    • Mystery Guest says:

      So sorry. Went back and checked the u-tube is no longer up. Said something about copyright infringment. Doubt that.
      Also I seem to have over wrote my original article that had the reference of a book written in the 1950’s that outlined how all of our institutions were being infiltrated.
      The table of Contents for the book was enough to cause your hair to fall out and it amazed me that it was written in the 1950’s.
      But anyway a senator from Idaho was asked by another to attend this meeting that he had wanted to go to but couldn’t. So this senator went and it was all about the taking the United States down.
      Sorry for not checking the link before mentioning it.

  17. Higher education. Yep, a lot of programming. I went to school for two years studying mineralogy/geology. They kept trying to force me to take useless electives such as the humanities and the arts. All a bunch of liberal/red propaganda and mind control. I had to give up any hopes of continuing school when they told me I would take them or else. So I gave them all the Hawaiian peace sign and said “see ya”. I have taught myself everything I need about the subjects and can stand up to the most degree’d of them. Its not that hard. If you want to learn something bad enough, you can teach yourself. Especially nowadays.

    I saw the hand writing on the wall years and years ago. I had just gotten out of the Army (SF 10 years) and Carter was in office. Many of my fellow beanies had enough and were opting out of the service due to the changes being forced on the military. A lot of good people became civilians during some of the toughest economic times before today. We were being told that tere were no such thing as refusing an order, no matter what the grounds. We were being groomed to go full assault on the American people. Some of us had a little newspaper called the “Resistor”. It sparked a huge investigation by DOD. How dare us not conform! We all had the nasty habit of thinking for ourselves and doing what was right. But, here’s the good news. There are a lot of us “quiet professionals” who are ready and waiting. We will not go down peacefully. Expect beau coup casualties if you try to disarm us or trample the Constitution. Wake up all your neighbors and relatives. Take your kids out of the Government controlled slaughter houses called public school. Its been coming for a long time and we are ready. De Opresso Libre!

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I have always wondered about the higher learning institutionals.
      My favorite thing to discuss is, ” Now college is the new high school” and “where are they going to put all of these college educated robots?”
      Glad you are not listening to the bull (then) or now.

  18. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Your article holds much truth. But the problem didn’t start with hippies but is older than man.
    My father’s parents were born in the 1880s and had the same thoughts as you toward evil. For them it was flappers, gangsters, and the Roosevelts.
    When we live in cloistered communities where school consists of the 3 Rs and the Bible any evil removes itself from the community or goes deep undercover.
    Sexual promiscuity, perversion, dishonesty, substance abuse, torture, murder all existed since always.
    What happened in the 50s and 60s was communications. What we saw of war was no longer scripted propaganda to encourage the support of the war effort as in WWII.
    Just because some of us were naive or sheltered doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    Now everything is instant…instant tea, instant communications, instant gratification.
    Our society because of its diversity has allowed for each culture to set its own standards. In Christianity, LDS, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptist, are all as different as they are the same but there are rules to live by. Same with most of the worlds religions. But evil lives outside those cultures, invades those cultures, and the malignancy grows.
    No, nothing new happened in our lifetime except the ugliness, the evil is out of the closet.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Tactical G-Ma
      Even though SIN is a part of all of this, it is only the seed that is planted for our further distruction.
      Yes, we as a person have to fight sin everyday to our being good.
      But this sin is our institutions, courts, the liberal thinking everything that makes the wheel turn. Being evil is the word for the day and probably tomorrow.
      I am so far from perfect, but I know evil when it is out and about.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I think I didn’t express myself properly. I wasn’t referring to sin because sin is subjective. And after rereading your article and reviewing “The Grinding Down of America”, I am absolutely at a loss of what you are talking about.
        I do not believe the Beatles had any greater effect on society than Elvis the Pelvis. Nor do I believe in any one direct conspiracy directed to destroy the United States of America. We (USA) were isolationists until WWI. So we were fairly dismissed as a undeveloped nation til then. Nor do I believe this decay is a result of religion.
        It might be mental disease or defect that has developed as instinct in some genetic blood lines. Prehaps it is that a percentage of human beings have no humanity. Whatever it is, I call it evil.
        Whenever possible it seeks out its own kind. But rest assured it exists everywhere. I do believe in trendy environments like Hollywood and Manhattan, “IT” has more overt influence than in Dolthan, AL.
        Or maybe I just have missed your meaning all together.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Tactical G-Ma
        I am not saying that the Beatles etc were the cause. I am saying they are a MARKER of when I noticed a change in all that was going on.
        I am talking about those that had the downfall of the US planned and their plan is in full swing. This has gone on longer than a few decades. It was done behind closed doors.
        They infiltrated every aspect of our institutions, educational, legal, governmental, positively everything.
        You are right it is evil. And it is all around us waiting to further it’s goals.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I was a fan of the music of the Beatles back then, and, of course, what young lady wasn’t in love with Paul or George?! I mean, really…well, at least until Davy and the Monkees…oh, never mind!

        But I totally agree that the Beatles were a “marker” for this generation. Never before had paganism been widely accepted within the collective conscience of the American people, via the promotion of Eastern Mysticism – by which the Beatles introduced, promoted, promulgated the idea of other religions…paganism. And entire generation shouted, “that is good!”. They were instruments of the enemy, IMHO. Our first turn from Christianity as a nation to the Tower of Babel rebuilt. The beginning of the end.

        A pretty package…a pleasing sound…ideas that seem “reasonable” and “fair” to humans…and you have the basic elements of rebellion. Game over.

        2 Chronicles 7:14
        If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  19. You have done well to figure this out on your own, Mystery Guest. But it goes much, much deeper. The same groups of people planned the RISE of the United States, as a means to crush the aristocracy. Yes, I’m saying the plan has been at work for centuries. There is no way to stop it. They will achieve their dream of one world government.

    But do not despair. Their focus has been on crushing all opposition. Then what? They will have a world to govern. This is their Achilles heel. They have not paid attention to what will be needed to keep everything going. Like a tree growing against a rock on a hillside, once they push the rock out of the way, they will be off balance. They will fall down too.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      John Wheeler
      As I have said before they indeed will have to live under the conditions they are causing. They may not be the cream of the crop and hold titled positions, they may be done away with for various reasons.
      And what makes them think a system they create will actually work as they seem to think it will?

      • Mystery Guest,
        You stated, “And what makes them think a system they create will actually work as they seem to think it will?”
        Keep in mind the differences’ between working and thinking it is/will work. You need look no farther than the current administration to see what is actually happening, and what they seem to believe is happening. Even though 125,000-150,000 new jobs per month are required to keep the economy even, and perhaps 250,000-350,000 jobs required to actually continue growing the economy, a month with only 80,000 jobs is still seen by them as growth. Whether they believe it or have started believing their own propaganda doesn’t matter as long as they hold the reins of power and have the republicans, gun owners, tea party members, and others to blame for the failures. As in The Wizard of Oz, we are told to ignore the man behind the curtains; however, there is an ever growing crack in the wall, and all they are doing, regardless of their belief, is making it larger. Hurricane Sandy victims who are wondering where FEMA is and why the FEMA offices closed on a snowy day, people who make less than $250,000 dollars a year who saw a tax increase and smaller paychecks, and the most recent one from the unions who supported the Affordable Care Act and now find out that it is neither affordable, nor can I keep my own doctor. Add to that, more than half of the states who are not going to setup their own healthcare exchanges and the crack keeps growing larger. Court decisions against the imperial presidency and his “recess” appointments chip away a little more at the crack. Like someone who is having a heart attack and tries to explain it away as indigestion, it will IMO soon come crashing down on them like a pile of bricks, and the only unfortunate thing is that we are all likely to be hit with flying chunks of debris.
        Keep prepping and keep the pressure on your congress critters folks, because the opposition is arrogant, and therefore underestimates those of us who are the “clingers”.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        I was thinking in the vain of them thinking that when they get this all done and that they may not be the ones in control. There is even those that are envious and want your spot at the table.
        Most all they have done is in bits and pieces. Needle in the haystack and it keeps you busy trying to figure out what to fight first.
        I hope it is a house of cards that can be tumbled with the slightest breeze.

  20. Well we should get as fed up as Michael Douglas in the movie ” Falling Down ” and take control of the nation accordingly .

  21. Mystery Guest says:

    It keeps getting worse and worse.
    Don’t you just love the thinking behind these jumbo, blithering, over educated, slobbering idiots?????
    (This article mentions in paragraph 2 I believe groups we know about and know nothing about in a lot of ways)

  22. gnasher49 says:

    After the slaughter of the 1st World War, in 1923, the Russian Revolutionaries, [which we now know to have been bought and paid for by,for want of a better name, “The Illuminati”, that is, the bosses of the politicians who I will henceforth refer to as the,”UI”,(Useful Idiots)],could’nt understand why the working man did’nt flock to their communist ideology,so they commissioned a group of German/Jewish social revolutionaries,which called themselves ,”TFS”, or ,”The Frankfurt School”, because that’s where they founded their college, to find the formula to undermine and destabilize western society, the USA is not alone in this, all freedom loving people are subjected to it. ” TFS” produced a program to do precisely what they were paid to do. Amongst their recommendations,and these are just a few, were these proposals, see if you can recognise any of them.
    …An unreliable legal system, with bias against the victim of crimes.
    …Continual change to create confusion.
    …The creation of rascism and gender offences.
    …The teaching and promotion of sex and homosexuality to children.
    …The undermining of schools and teachers authority.
    …Encouraging huge immigration to destroy national identity.
    …the promotion of “them and us and Left and right,(divide and conquer).
    …The promotion of excessive drinking and gambling.
    …Total dependancy on the state or state benefits.
    …Control and dumbing down of the main stream media.
    …Encouraging the breakdown of the family system.
    …Discouraging religious beliefs and emptying the churches.

    Oh and by the way,your POTUS was instructed in the arcane arts of communism at ten years of age by the man some suspect of being his real father,”Frank Marshall Davis”,at one time a well known communist activist. (Joel Gilbert[youtube]),

    And whilst the hullabaloo has been raised about,the 2nd amendment, of the greatest piece of writing ever to be put on paper,(ok hemp), I notice that the creatures that decide all our future have just about stolen the 4th amendment,

    Be lucky, and have good health to all the Wolfpack no matter where you live, we live in interesting times!

    • Mystery Guest says:

      That list looks a lot like the table of contents of the 1950’s book that was shown in that now defunct u-tube.
      Spooky how things start to come together with each piece of information that filters in.
      That is what I was saying in this article, bit by bit, piece by piece and it was for our fall.

  23. Tactical G-Ma, you sparked a thought in me.

    Even someone trying to enforce morals for the public good can become/create a monster. Look at the Spanish Inquisition. Some perverts installed themselves as witch hunters and got a free pass to kidnap and torture women (and men) on just about any made-up excuse. The witch hunts and the 30 Years War were all about a power struggle, property confiscation and licensed torture. Salem was the same on a micro scale: it was about a north-vs.-south divide in the town, a dispute over turf and became a way to get back at the neighbors.

    Evil will work its way into every bit of fertile ground. In my experience most evil comes from greed, resentment, and fear. All of which proliferate in bad times. And that’s not to say a little bit of self interest and self preservation aren’t a good thing, after all we’re survivalists here! – but we should watch out for people trying to lead us by the nose into doing something stupid. Satan being the father of lies and all.

    When someone comes to protect you from what you are afraid of, they want your money and freedom, and they are MAKING the fear as well, question their motives.

    When someone rants and raves and tries to make you mad and scared enough to do something stupid that will likely result in your death or imprisonment, question their motives.

    When someone tells you that other human beings aren’t human, question their motives. (LOL I can see the T shirt now: “Lizards are People Too”)

    • HomeINsteader says:

      PP, I don’t know how historically accurate it is (in other words, I can’t prove it) but I did read a book a number of years ago on the Salem Witch Trials which attributed the whole mess to the greed of one man; I’ll call him, “Greedy”. Greedy owned a large parcel of land in Salem, or several, for all I know, but he wasn’t satisfied (greedy people never are!); there was another man who owned a large parcel of land, I’ll call him, “No!”, that Greed tried to buy, and No! said, “NO!”. So Greed arranged for No!’s family to be judged to be witches, tried, and killed; No! himself is said to be the one who died by having many heavy stones placed upon his chest until it crushed it him to death. Greed then was able to buy the land, but very bad things happened to Greed and all of his heirs through many generations. “The sins of the fathers visit the children unto the 3rd and 4th generations”. – Holy G-d

      The Spanish Inquisition is, IMHO, an excellent example of human greed masking as “religion” (that ugly word, again!), which has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, Christianity (“Little Christs”), Holy G-d, salvation, obeying G-d’s Word…in other words, Holy G-d had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the whole mess. G-d has been used as an excuse for our sins since the beginning of time. It’s not like He doesn’t know this, and it’s not like He simply overlooks it. Every man has his judgment day. Hebrews 9:27

      1 Timothy 6:10
      For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

      Not one of us is clean – no, not one. (Holy G-d said that!). We are all born to sin. We are all in need of Savior.

      • Penny Pincher,
        I think your facts on the Salem Witch trials are generally true. The inquisition has some similar facts associated with it, since the inquisitor “inherited” the property when someone was proven a heretic. The entire thing came to an end when a Bishop looked into things and made a simple change to the rules. Instead of the inquisitor “inheriting” the property, it instead went to the church. All of a sudden the inquisition lost its steam and died out. No sense putting in a lot of work, only to have the church benefit.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Yep, man’s inhumanity to man.
      Evil dressed in disguise.

  24. In uncertain and fearful times like these, I remind myself something my Dad said about Evil: “Evil exists independent of religion and Man, but for you do actually battle with Satan, you must venture as God.” I later found that saying as a partial quote by Pythagoras in his Golden Verses. For me, it means that when confronted with Evil, you need help from the good guys.

    I believe people, no matter their faith or religion, can sense or recognize Evil when it presents itself. For me, I feel it is our responsibility to resist Evil with the Power that resides within us, a Power that is greater than ourselves.

    Goodness will always prevail.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Nancy V.
      Yes, Goodness will prevail.
      I shall wear a white hat and fight the one in black.
      Evil should be pointed out. In so doing we have to be civil but show the strength of our convictions. We should not apologize for calling out sin., nor for our beliefs.
      Remember being scared is not the same as fear. Fear will kill, being scared will make you cautious, alert to your surroundings and what is going on. Fear will cripple.
      So we will prevail if we remain the ones who want what is right and good, and do not fear the evil that could come upon us.

    • Nancy V.,
      “For me, it means that when confronted with Evil, you need help from the good guys.”
      Or as NRA’s Waynve LaPierre recently stated, “The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.

  25. Suburban Housewife says:

    Wowser! This is one heck of an article and collection of comments!

    Actually it’s very encouraging. I had really begun to think that my DH and I might be the only people around thinking this way. Especially after the last election. It is really difficult for me to believe that there are enough people that -for what ever reason, explanation or excuse – they actually wanted our DL and his agenda for our country. Unbelievable to me.

    While I completely agree with your concepts Mystery Guest, I don’t always agree with the words and terminology. It still seems like blaming and focusing on symptoms, not root causes.

    For over 50 some years I have been a born-again-spirit-filled-pew- jumping-chandelier-swinging -on- fire-committed- Christian (OK – maybe a little exaggeration there). Then I began really delving into the origins and roots of my faith and unearthing deception and error all over the place in the organized religion called Christianity. I am of the belief now that nearly all organizations whether religious or political are just about power and control.

    But I digress – my real point is this. Re-read your opening scripture. It’s not the Hippies, it’s not the Beatles or rap musicians, it’s not even the politicians. This goes back much further than that.

    The “it” and “they” and “them” are those powers and principalities of the air. Evil. Pure and unadulterated Evil and the enemy of Goodness and Righteousness. This goes back to the garden, or the fall or sometime before that.

    The Hippies, Beatles, political movements, people in power are all just tools in the hand of “someone”, just as we are tools in the hand of Someone. It’s either Good or it’s Evil that is the motivation powers and force behind all of these things. Unfortunately it seems like Evil is wining in our nation.

    But remember, the Book also says not to be distressed as these things have to come to pass. (Matt 24:6 for one)

    The USA has been known for standing on the Judeo-Christian principals of the Bible. We have been perceived as a force and power for good throughout the world. The enemy must destroy the USA – to further diminish the force of Good in the Earth to create the one world religion and one world system. That is the conniving , deceptive , manipulating, cunning, power behind all of this. Everything we can actually see and point to are just symptoms, and tools, and the enemies work. IS it any wonder we have such a hard time defining who and what is behind all of this? We can’t actually “see” it/them/him.- we just know it’s there, and can only see the results.

    And what better way to gain power, to destroy a nation, or church and or anything else- than from within.

    So don’t waste time trying to figure out who or what is behind all of this – you already know.

    Faith, hope and prayer are our most effective weapons. I think we should get focused and get busy.

    (I wrote this when there were just 29 comments then got called away before I finished – I bet there are a ton more by now and I am looking forward to reading them)

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Suburban Housewife
      I know all of what I said.
      The “It”, “Them”, and “They” are just that. They can be the human aspect of the evil and it is the evil that cannot be named. We know about Satan. But also the human part cannot totally be titled such as “Communism”, “Facism”, nor a particular “belief system.”
      I did not mean to intimate that the Beatles, Hippies or other num-nuts in the world were the exact cause or the evil. They were just markers of when things went/or started to decline and the puppets thereof.
      Yes, it does go farther back, probably from the start of time. But this is in context of what is happening to/ and within the United States.
      My train of thought was and is what is the undertow that is dragging us under? You will probably be able to think back at some marker you noticed and like all of us didn’t corrolate it to anything in particular. Then as time went on all of these things began to pile up and we finally took notice. But we still could not discern where on this earth it was coming from as far as our physical world goes.
      We can put names to past evil such as Hitler, Stalin and the likes through the ages. But does anyone know the culprit in actual flesh and bone that is driving the UNITED STATES to our distruction?
      Yes indeed it is the devil, slew foot, satan who wants to drive us into the ground, but because of the impossibilities of naming his puppets and the fact that this was planned long ago and done in secret and behind closed doors we have nothing, so far, physical to fight or call out.
      And I wrote this so all would see that this was PLANNED, so that all would take notice and be prepared.

    • Encourager says:

      Excellent article, Mystery Guest. It really needed to be said.

      Suburban Housewife, I agree with you. Sometimes we get so busy and tunnel-vision-focused on the ‘who’ is behind the ‘what’ that we forget the true enemy.

      Our enemy, satan, is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…yet can be as subtle as that snake in the garden who suggested “Did God REALLY say….”. We seem to forget that satan hates the human race, not just Christians whom he has a special hatred for, but ALL humans, because we are the only creation made in God’s image. Not even satan, nor any angel, was made in God’s image, only humans. satan desired to replace God with himself. He tried it and he failed, he lost, and was cast down to earth where he has never stopped trying to destroy humans. He tried to murder the baby Jesus, God intervened, sent an angel to warn Joseph in a dream and they fled to safety. But many, many baby boys were murdered that evil night.

      Sometimes he is direct, most of the time he slithers his way in and destroys from the inside out (people, cultures, countries). His goal is to destroy as much as he can with the time he has left.

      There are some who do not believe in evil. It is just bad choices. There are some who do not believe satan is real, or demons exist. I can’t count the times that I have been lied to or about, attacked verbally or even physically (many times it had been in a church setting) and had to remind myself “Who or what is really behind this behavior?” I do not give credit to the perpetrator’s abusive childhood, their poor choices, their addictions, etc. It is satan behind every evil deed. Not that this lets the human off the hook, far from it. But it takes the sting out of the ‘insult’. We still must hold the individual accountable.

      In our culture and the world as a whole today, the verse Isaiah 5:20 fits: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness…” The enemy is very good at being subtle. First it will be an idea, then a word that shocks, then a sitcom with a mention of it to titillate, then a character in the sitcom, then a sitcom about how normal it is. I am not picking on TV, only using it as an illustration. Any time that you hear a news anchor, a politician, an actor, a group, mention something that ‘just doesn’t sit right’ with your conscience, pay attention!! It is the next wave of evil headed our way.

      Just as satan said to Eve “Did God REALLY say…” we hear it today. “The end justifies the means.” “You are a bigot and a racist if you don’t agree that two men or two women should be allowed to marry.” “Who are you to judge…blah blah”. I could go on and on but you get the drift.

  26. There is no hope for America. It’s too late now. Maybe 20 years ago we could have stopped it but not now. Worst case: we along with the rest of the worlds democracies will collapse financially and morally and a World War of unimagined calamity begins as nations feel free to strike others they hate. Best case: we break apart along Red State/Blue State lines after the Feds try to disarm us.I grieve for my grandchildren and the hardships they are going to have to endure. I pray everyday for God to change the hearts and minds of those in power, but my hope is waning. I now also pray that God gives me the strength to stand up for my principles and be willing to sacrifice all.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Well one would think it was to late. But it is the confusion of the problem that has us kinda, sorta buffaloed.
      We are talking about it so think we just might be able to undo a lot, and we are now fully aware of the dastardly dealings.

  27. AlaskanLuke says:

    I am relieved to know that there are like-minded individual left out there. I am a relatively young man, with a young family, and I am petrified for the future of my children. I hope God calls us home before it gets too bad.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I think your hoping to be called Home is wrong thinking. God gave us the gift of life, his children. We must live the best lives we can in his image. It might very well be that something you do or say has such profound effect on someone that the future of the world is changed. Imagine if any thing in history was changed what might have been. Same goes for your children and grandchildren. Give them the tools. Teach them the way.

      • HomeINsteader says:


        What’s the one thing you can’t do in heaven?

        Keep someone else from going to hell. Now is the time.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Yes, the call just may come.
      But while we are here we are to sound the voice of rejecting all they are throwing at us.

  28. otter ridge says:

    its took 50 years of brainwashing to get were we are now but that was the plan all along.you have too change people slowly so they don’t see it coming and it has work. just look what our country is doing to its self.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      otter ridge
      Right on!!!!!

    • otter ridge,
      It’s actually 100 years and officially started with the 16th and 17th amendments and the creation of the federal reserve bank. Add in the other things that helped create dependency like FDR’s “New Deal” with its social security LBJ’s Great Society and the war on poverty and little things like the EPA and Obamacare, and the train is just about to pull into the station. I may be deluded, but think that we may still have time to derail the whole thing before it comes to a stop and begins unloading.

  29. MountainSurvivor says:

    It boils down to a generation which lived in defiance of all that is called good and righteous and who learned to accuse others of the very things they were guilty of and for. If they were not defiant then they would not have been conning people into becoming immoral through their (communist-owned) television programs and (communist-owned) companies all throughout the United States. Those companies have all sorts of money pouring out their behinds and their children, their wonderful children of the 50s and 60s, who were brought up by their communist parents who owned those communist companies…the United States is such a wonderful communist-run country (not!). George Soros, Kissinger, Rockefeller Family, Bush Family, Kerry Family, Al Gore, Pelosi, H. Clinton, just for starters. Their world IS controlling the U.S. Then there’s Rosanne Barr which is total hard-core socialist and attempted to get out into the Political limelight recently with the belief that the U.S. should go full socialist. She thinks that the bankers should give up their dough or be beheaded (I nearly hurled when she appeared on the television screen and started speaking). In Hitler’s day, the socialists took over and the communists were OUT! I would figure that she is working hard toward FORWARD and ridding the world of the bankers, anyone who will not bow down to the government and the lot of us out here that know the truth. Like Obama said before his big January day, “…we can still go FORWARD”. Take that as a clue that he was not talking to anybody but the socialists and nazis here and abroad.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Mountain Survivor
      Seems it all has the smell of being “Pinko Commy”.
      Yes, knowing the truth is the best thing yet.

  30. Rob Crawford says:

    Or, it’s just that people tend to be lazy and selfish, and were offered what seemed to be an opportunity to be rich and idle. Check your history — check your Scriptures — people aren’t angels, and it doesn’t take a conspiracy for people to prefer the message of “sit on your butt and we’ll give you what you want for nothing” over “work hard today for minor rewards tomorrow”. Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ants predates Catholicism, Communism, and likely even Greeks knowing there was anything beyond the Mediterranean basin.

    Were there people pushing the “you deserve it all for nothing” message? Sure. But pushers need takers to be successful.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Rob Crawford
      But how very, very sad these people will be when they find out they sold out.
      That is one of the saddest things to even think on.

  31. recoveringidiot says:

    Wealth and power(political) will always end up trying to keep the masses under control. They fear the common man(citizen) becoming aware of how they control and use them for their own ends and therefore they fear the citizen possessing arms giving them the means to take back control of their own destiny. Taking real learning out of education and putting PC garbage in its place is another tool to control the citizen or even help convert him into a subject instead. We are lost when they can take property as they want with unconstitutional law and they are doing that now.
    I do think the problem will be self correcting in time, but it may be violent at first then a long time of hardship afterward. We can not continue down this road for much longer. I pray for us all.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      What is frightening is that some really otherwise normal people have bought into the crap hook, line and sinker. Altruism is rare if not non-existent. The trouble is that so many elitests are true sociopaths.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      It is more the power and control.
      Subjegation is the name of the game. The thought of power and control over someone has always been a driving force in this world.

  32. wicked props says:

    ok, I’m confused. pagan invented in the 50’s?so the witch hunts were in the 50’s? so wouldnt the crusades be in the 40’s? I dont understand the time line of pagan invented in the 50’s. werent the witch hunts for pagan witches? isnt that older than 1950? pagan,wicca? arent they the same sorta? wicca the modern pagan? I’m lost. could you please explain the time line for me?isnt that like saying the bible was written in 1960? I thought pagan was older. like some long forgotten religion.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      wicked props
      I think you are confused and bringing in the wrong channel. You’ve been watching to much CNN.

      • Millie in KY says:

        But that didn’t answer the question. Wicked Props, I was under the impression that paganism was based on very old beliefs, much from worship of things, such as mother earth, trees, rocks, sky, etc. Something like what the native americans are involved in. Wiccans, I believe, are much the same, I am not sure what the difference is. Witches say they respect the powers but I think some of their stuff is also like the two above. Witches in the 1500s and 1600s and 1700s in the US (before it was the US) were pretty much anyone who did not dance to the drum of the local religious leaders. It could be an old woman who was mad at whatever church there was, a youngster who was rebellious, a man who perhaps cursed a neighbor over something and seemed to prosper while the neighbor had hard luck. You might want to look some of these terms up on the internet.
        And I forgot who said JW’s and Baptists were all the same, they are NOT. I was stuck with JW’s in my youth, they have a lot of good to say but twist the bible and in reality are not a good organization. Spoken as one who saw the Truth and got out when I realized I was being trapped.
        Great Discussion, everyone. Thank you for keeping it civil.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Millie in Ky
        We always try to be civil even when we do not agree with a certain conversation’s vain.
        I have no idea what witches do as I am not going to go that way.
        You are right about the JW’s. I had a friend that was one. She gave me a ?Bible? some of the verses had parts moved up above where it should be.
        I was raised Southern Baptist, hunger to hear their alter call. I have since gone to Pentecostal churches. I prefer Assemblies of God. But it doesn’t matter you have to keep yourself in line with God and not totally depend on others or a certain name of a church.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I’m a “Bapticostal”, myself! ; )

      • Encourager says:

        Homie, now I have to go change because of my spilled coffee!!! A “Bapticostal”!!! ROFLOL!!

        But strangely, I completely understand…

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Knew you would, Encourager. Have a blessed day, Sister!

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Works for me.

    • My apologies for not replying immediately, I was busy and just saw the controversy.

      I’m talking about Wicca as Gerald Gardner introduced it after the Witchcraft Act was repealed in England in 1951. He claimed that it was ancient and handed down to him by his grandmother in the kitchen etc. but you can trace much of his liturgy to Aleister Crowley’s writings. That’s not to say that there weren’t pagans around before (mesopagans would be those who have an unbroken tradition) but the neopagans that followed from Gardner are a new thing – a revival if you like.

      My contention is that although there are many folk traditions that survived, Gardner was just making most of the religion part up based on bits and pieces. Also here is the basis for me calling him a voyeur: If you read his 3rd degree initiation ceremony it involves a lot of hoo-ha kissing, and his coven went naked. (sorry for the rated G crowd here but it’s true). Many Wiccans have modified the practices to be more tame/dignified for their own purposes – wearing clothes in circle, for example.

      I am also not trying to denigrate anyone’s solemnity here. If you want to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster it’s no never mind to me, I’m more concerned with people not killing each other over some dumb detail, and trying to keep the Golden Rule in mind.

      Witch hunts were more in the 1600’s I think. The last witch burning was in Ireland in 1895, a woman named Bridget Cleary, but she was murdered by her husband rather than the state. He thought she was a fairy changeling. The Enlightenment helped put an end to the official witch burnings and for the most part they petered out in the early 1700’s.

  33. Mystery Guest says:

    I will try to answer anyone that further leaves a reply in the morning.
    But I will leave you with this:
    Psa. 64:2 Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity.

  34. wicked props says:

    penny pincher, sorry. wicca created in 1950? still the same basic questions.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Wicked props,
      Ease up on Penny Pincher. The modern California Wicca was developed in the 50s. We all know witchcraft is older than Christ. The Wiccan covens that emerged in the 50s and 60s was based on Druid and alchemist and root medicine. Meetings were even held in churches. The practices as I recall were of the belief that magic was good and bad. Like.. if you find money, that’s good. But someone lost that money, that’s bad. Totally different from Santa Ria, voodoo, or classic witchcraft.

  35. Sirvivr2010 says:


    Thank you for saying out loud what we all have known and thought but were too afraid to say cuz we didn’t want to believe it but yet we knew it

  36. gnasher49 says:

    As someone looking in from the outside of the USA,but as equally affected by happenings there, freedom and liberty will not return to the world until the influence of the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the Bank of England, and their followers are removed and completely nullified, otherwise the human race will, (after a massive controlled depopulation event,think 60% perhaps), be reduced to serfdom.

    “Those that turned their weapons into ploughs, will plough for those that did’nt”.
    be lucky and have good health, to all the Wolfpack.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      We have to revamp a lot of things.
      If there is a controlled depopulation and that is their hopes and design they may be mistaken about the ones that are left.
      But we know they are up to no good

  37. HomeINsteader says:

    g49, a good word!

    “Those that turned their weapons into ploughs, will plough for those that did’nt”.

    To whom is that quote attributable?

    • HomeINsteader,
      The origin of the attribution is from Isaiah 2:3-4 – “. . . and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks . . .” and the one about plowing for those who don’t (or didn’t) is most often attributed to Thomas Jefferson; however, there seems to be some dispute over who stated this first.

  38. Goldsaver says:

    Ladies and Gents, we are all looking at the symptoms and ignoring the disease. The hippies, commies and corporatists are all symptoms of the same malady. They are parasites looking to rot the boddy from within in order to feed from it. Wheather its the liberals demanding “free” abortions or banksters demanding bailouts, they all depend on this one mechanism to feed. The STATE. As long as we legitimize the power of 1% of the population to use violence and cohercion in order to rule and steal from the rest of us there will be those who will use the STATE as their tool to achieve their goals.

    Once we identify the actual disease, the cure is simple. Stop feeding the STATE.

    Move away from the cattle ranches called cities. Return to a simpler family and community based living. Earn your daily bread by producing value for yourself, your family and then your local community. Lower your “taxable” income to below the reportable level. Then “legally” stop paying taxes.

    Ignore the mandates, dictates and executive letters issued for the thrones of the men in ivory towers. A law is nothing more than an opinion by a few, written down and enforced with guns. Sotp obeying the STATE.

    Do not recognize the STATE by writting letters begging their favor. Do not recognize the STATE by voting, campaigning or contributing. Do not recognize the STATE by joining a “gang” of like minded individuals to take over the STATE and use it to do your bidding.

    Do not advertize your intention to divorce the STATE. No divorce is needed since it is not a marriage but a parasitic relationship. Keep it to your family first, then your friends and neighboors by example. Witness to them by your actions not your words.

    “and I looked for the state and it was nowhere to be found…” -Thoreau

    • Mystery Guest says:

      My point was just that. That all these “it”, “They”, “Them” were symptoms.
      Now we need to know how to get rid of the disease. But we need to know “whom” is the exact cause of the illness?
      We need to practice OPSEC indeed we do. But we also need to stand our ground. This can be in many ways. I find the idea of not giving out my location very, very appealing. But am no idiot to not know they will ferret me out of the many if they want to.
      One does not need to join a “gang” to revolt. But one does have to have support in like mindedness.
      I have seen no one that has advertised their intention’s good or bad.
      But “those” that we oppose will see their day shortened in some manner as with the quote (I do not know where it came from)”Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to decieve.”
      And we didn’t start this.

    • Do not drive on ‘state’ roads, do not use ‘state’ funded hospitals, do not use ‘state’ regulated airways, mails, electricty, any water affected by ‘state’ built dams, nor any air regulated by ‘state’ agencies and when you land in prison do not admit that you are behind ‘state’ bars. Thoreau lived in a totally different world than we inhabit today.

  39. While it’s impossible to completely divorce yourself from fiat money (which being printed by the central banks means that every time you use dollars you’re giving them their pinch of incense), you can plan your life to have a better standard of living without using as much money.

    One thing you can do is use coins instead of bills. Coins are done by the mint for the Treasury instead of for the Fed – in other words they’re not lent into existence. Another thing you can do is brew your own beer/wine and not pay tax on store bought that way. Every little thing. Buy second hand stuff instead of new.

    As for deceit: If you consider yourself to be in a state of war then get over it – war is conducted with strategy, which involves deceit – wearing camo so you look like the plants for example. There’s a difference between that and state-sponsored fraud for gain against its own people though.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Penny Pincher,

      I’ve been wondering; if the dollar was devalued 10%, would the purchasing power of coins increase 10%?

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Penny Pincher and Hunker-Down
        The idea of carrying coins makes my back hurt.
        I remember the story of a man that save up all his change and took it into the car lot and bought a new car with it. That was more than several years back.
        Now could you imagine buying one with the price tag they are now?

      • Hunker-Down,
        No, because, with the exception of coins made of precious metals, there is virtually no difference between coins and paper of the same denomination. That BTW is the reason you are unlikely to receive a pre-1964 coin in change.

  40. wicked props says:

    Tactical G-Ma, Penny Pincher,
    I would like to say I’m sorry for my confusion, my first mistake was I mixed up pagan and wicca for the year 1950. that was where most of my confusion came from and my second post was to be right under my first.

    I have to say I respect both of you. and hope not to have caused any ill feelings.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I just wasn’t sure that either of you were aware that witches predate Christianity but there was a “New Age” resurgence of the Wicca back in the 50s and 60s and had only a slight resemblance to earlier cults.

    • wicked props,
      Understandable. Pagans and Wiccans are like holes and wells. All wells are holes in the ground, but not every hole is a well. Likewise, Wicca is a pagan religion but not all pagan religions are Wiccan.

  41. Black rosé says:

    So many thoughts so many views, I was reading this post last night and woke up screaming from a nightmare. I am going to stick my head in the sand for the rest of the day. 🙂

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Black rose
      Oh, don’t do that. When you come up for air things will be the same, so you need to keep prepping so that you have a hedge against all odds.

  42. A friend and I have been debating who “they” are for some time. He believes that it is the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, etc.

    I say that it is, purely and simply the Marxists/Communists.* As proof: it is no coincidence that all of these things that you spoke of that are weakening our country match up exactly with Communist goals. All of them!

    Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist, wrote the blueprint for how to take over the West without firing a shot: infiltrate and take over all of the institutions that are useful to the Left – the media, entertainment, education, government bureaucracies, etc.

    Why are most people not paying attention? Because they have been taught by all of these institutions to not pay attention! And, if someone should accidentally capture their attention for a few seconds, they are also taught to consider that person a nutcase and go back to watching American Idol.

    It is no coincidence that in all of the institutions mentioned above, the vast, vast majority of the people who inhabit them are Left-leaning at best and hardcore Communists at worst. It worked exactly as Gramsci had said it would.

    Here is a link to an article with a lot of good info on Gramsci. It also has info on The Frankfurt School, which was another big player in infiltrating Communism into this country.


    *I concede that it’s possible that the Masons, Illuminati, etc. may have created Communism and, later, Marxism – but that seems rather pointless to me.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Is it possible you are overthinking this a little?
      I agree there are groups working on their own agendas. Is it just possible that these giant trusts and corporations are of a singularity that the only reason we exist is to serve them? Again I bring up the book Rich Dad Poor Dad that was used as operational concept for a major corporation I worked for. The ideology is to pay all employees as little as possible and to make a profit at any cost. Also require the working class to provide for the entire national infrastructure. The wealthy continue to gain wealth while everyone else gets poorer. There is a group I believe is directly responsible for this condition.

      As the majority of our citizenry becomes more emotionally, morally, and financially bankrupt, we are more and more vulnerable to the conquest by group no. 2 who’s purpose is theological.

      That leaves the majority of Americans without money, power, or the right to worship as we choose.

      These groups aren’t anything as exotic as the Bilderbergs or Illuminati but they may be factions of these larger groups.

      • Tactical G-ma,

        I don’t think that I’m overthinking this at all, of course. 😉

        The International Communists have come right out and said that they are working to dominate the world, which is my point. And, again, everything that has weakened this country in the past 100+ years just “happens” to align perfectly with Communism.

        It would seem to me that the people who believe in all of these “shadow” groups are the ones who are overthinking the issue. They’re just making it much more complicated than it is.

        I guess that it’s just more “intriguing” than saying that the Communists are trying to take over the world because the Communists said that they are trying to take over the world.

        It’s not nearly as interesting as trying to endlessly make connections between this group and that group surrepticiously pulling this string and nudging that lever to advance their agenda. Quite frankly, it seems to be an actual hobby more than a seeking of the truth, if you ask me.

        The Communists have said that they intend to take over the world, and they told us how they were going to do it (see the Gramsci link above).

        And it’s all happening just exactly as Gramsci envisioned.

        No Bilderberg’s, Illuminati, Masons, military-industrial complex or shadowy corporate scheming is required.

        They Communists told us what they were going to do – and they’re doing it.

      • And, thanks, Tactical G-ma, for making me write another post for my old blog – which seems to be making somewhat of a comeback lately. 🙂

        Nice to have people to exchange intelligent ideas with, as opposed to what Facebook people had for dinner.

        Love ya.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Now, that’s funny! True. But funny.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        It seems you and I are of a similar mind. It is interesting to read about conspiracies from shadow groups. But there is a truth that water, electrical current, and societal change seek the path of least resistance. There really doesn’t have to be any effort applied to have the American ideal die.

      • Exactly, Tactical G-Ma.

        “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      • Mystery Guest says:

        But look at how they have achieved it, if indeed it is pure communism, they have plied all their wares and have used the workings of others in the deal.
        But as the United States was the last Christian stronghold it has now become imperitive for them to cause our distruction. All of them were pawns, used to bring us down.
        You can see it,smell it and the taste is bitter indeed.

      • Mystery Guest,

        I guess that I don’t see how they have used “others”. If you dig far enough, Communism/Leftism always appears.

        Even the Muslims that we are now fighting against were once allies of Hitler and believed in his Socialist Utopia. Believe it or not, Arabs had no great animosity towards Jews before WWII. That’s a bit of history that you’re not supposed to know.

        No matter how hard the Left tries to pin “Fascism” on the Right, they have no arguement for the fact that NAZI stands for the “National Socialist Party.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        They have indoctranated. It may or may not be true followers but the “others” are being used for ALL to be enslaved.
        If “they” can get 1 to follow then there will be 2, including “them”. You might say they have used the pyramid scheme to get what they wanted done.

  43. Know it when I step in it..or read it says:

    The status quo has always endeavored to controll the masses under their reign. They used the church in the day that the church was bascially the only source of information for most, and have moved on to the various forms for information convayence that have developed since. If you cannot think for yourself it doesn’t matter if you go to college or don’t – you will be part of the population that is ‘duped’. The VAST majority of man has always taken the easy route. I find it hard to beleive that you are actually trying to sell the idea that the hippie movement, Woodstock and the Beatles were part of a grand conspiracy to control the minds of the people. ‘It’ and ‘They’ have really been busy. I don’t think that as many people have been ‘brainwashed’ as you think – it is a case of pure laziness. As long as the average American can have their cell phone, HD TV, fast food and illusion of ‘democracy’, it is much easier to just sit back and not think about it. Or just not think at all. While the dumbing down of our country is undeniable, to blame it all on a vast conspiracy is only proof of the ‘dumbing down’.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Know it when I step in it__or read it
      Most of the population has been taken over by complacency. The brainwashing was not in what we think of in the truist sense.
      This has been a systematic, slow, methodical take over of our lives. If it seems normal no one fights. In many ways it is brainwashing.
      Every institution we have has been polluted with it. We see and hear it every day all day long till it becomes stuck in our minds. Yes, thinking for oneself is the answer, but in the long run things have gotten out of hand and those that can’t discern the workings keep the pot boiling.
      No, you are wrong there is a vast conspiracy the problem is it is not a complete solid to where you can get a hold on it.
      Think on all the things that have passed in congress, laws and state constraints. They were bit by bit, step by step, one small thing at a time. “It”, “They” and “Them” have taken small pieces of our lives away in the guise of it being good for “US” or that of discrimination or a minority. Agencies have been started that control just about everything we do.
      The brain washing and the dumbing down has been for decaces, it too became part of our lives with the continued infiltration of our systems. The brain-washing is the believing what these systems hand out and tell you.
      When I was much younger I was cocky and used to say “Well he doesn’t butter my bread” meaning that I did not depend on them for what I had. But when you get up of a morning you think on the taxes you paid for the gas it took for you to get to work. The taxes they take out of your pay. And then how those taxes make the world turn. You are also dependant on the person you work for. Who delivered the butter and the bread? And now that you are a prepper who has the supplies for that. It is that we all are dependant on these things and all of them are controlled by some regulation. If the regulations, laws tighten it will be hard to “get by”. You are controlled and you are one of the enlightened ones. Think on all the agencies that contol your day.
      Then think on “who”,”what” is the culprit, where is the one holding the reins? It is not just our DL there is something, someone else that is the driving force.

  44. When I fall down, I get up. There are many like me. We may not move fast but when we move it will be a groundswell. Only those who believe they should be enslaved will be. For the rest of us there is a call from our maker, almighty God to fight and survive. Doesn’t make sense to you? See previous post. ’nuff said.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      I have been talking about what “it”, “them” and “they” are doing to bring about the fall of the United States.
      Even though the undoing of all that has been done seems unsurmaountable (sp), I don’t think I inferred that we would all lay down in the middle of the road.
      God has always been in control, so we have that over it all.

      • MG,
        I understood, I was highlighting the fact to “it”, “them” and “they” that we the American people were not so ready to lay down and be fleeced this spring or any other.

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