FBI Targeting Preparedness And Surpluss Stores To Spy On Preppers

Are you preparing for the next big disaster? Buying a Bi-pod for your long-range varmint rifle? Buying a weatherproofed match container or a few MRE’s for your next camping trip? Then the FBI wants to know about you and is asking store owners to report those activities to back them…

And of course it’s all being done in the name of preventing terrorism – isn’t that always the pretense now… Need to pass a new law or somehow limit personal freedom, just attach the word “terrorism” or “terrorist” and you’re good to go.

It is obvious that this “Communities Against Terrorism” flyer isn’t about stopping al Qaeda from carrying out an attack with “night flashlights” (night flashlights?) but about preppers and survivalist. That’s you and I – most likely for eventual confiscation of their supplies.

Why else would they want to know who buys MRE’s, flashlights, weatherproof match containers etc., and doing other perfectly legal activities?

I mean being a prepper or survivalist has nothing to do with any political movement, militia group, racism or anything similar. We are about preparing for disaster and taking care of ourselves and our families now and after such an event.

You would think they (the government) would be happy that we are taking care of our own emergency preparedness needs, thus lowering the burden on emergency response personal after a disaster strikes but no… They do not like any form of independent thinking.

To be labeled a terrorist because of what we do only shows the true thinking of those behind the government desk, and it is sickening… :sick:

FBI stop wasting resources and go after real terrorists… Not American families preparing for the next disaster.

Here is a copy of the flyer as posted on Oathkeepers.org – click to enlarge:

What do you think?


  1. I think, as a survivalist, I have to deal directly with the fact that there are some people who also call themselves survivalists who are really anarchists. I’m Libertarian, not an anarchist. “Survivalist” means different things to different people. So at the risk of ruffling feathers, it makes some sense to me that the FBI might take a look at survivalists to try to look for anarchists.

    Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m not going to go down the road of some self-fulfilling prophesy by acting like the government is out to get me. I can explain what I’m doing and why with confidence. I’m doing positive things for my family that are legal, enjoyable, and wise. I don’t fear that the police might knock on my door and I’m not going to act guilty when I’ve done nothing wrong.

    Having said that, will one of you bail me out of jail after they round me up?

    • NO!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Jeff. I seriously doubt the current administration (the one that tells the FBI what to do and who to look for) is concerned about anarchists. Instead, they have made it abundantly clear from day 1 that they are out to get rightwingers, veterans, tea party people (which includes many Libertarians), and anybody else who isn’t into global governance. Anybody, in fact, who wants to think for themselves and decide their futures for themselves.

      As for bailing you out, nope. Call Ron Paul for that. 🙂

    • Jeff said “Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m not going to go down the road of some self-fulfilling prophesy by acting like the government is out to get me. I can explain what I’m doing and why with confidence. I’m doing positive things for my family that are legal, enjoyable, and wise. I don’t fear that the police might knock on my door and I’m not going to act guilty when I’ve done nothing wrong.”

      Exactly! Now, you wouldn’t happen to be from Massachusetts would you? 🙂

  2. Seems like the answer here for me is quite simple, buy in smaller quantities, pay cash whenever possible, and unless they have a legit reason never fork over your i.d. Also, try to purchase things from individuals and not dealers whenever possible.

  3. If your really worried about things , and this is strictly up to your personal attitudes , but on line places to get certain gear . Before everybody scolds me , hear me out . As another viewer pointed out , in the age of technology , OSPEC is almost non existent for us , the lowly citizen . However , we all know of places to go for supplies on line . Ive had good luck with ebay , I do the homework before I make the bid . The thing about ebay is this : its almost completely a person to person sale . There are a few on line ” warehouses” that sell on ebay and make a good living doing so . The only thing ebay is concerned with on its end is keeping sales honest , they dont like fraud . Thats all they do and you have to initiate the complaint . They have a rating system in place for a reason , it actually works , if a seller has high ratings , your pretty safe in buying from that person , like I said , I’ve had no problems . Craigslist is your local option . We should all be very concerned with this directive on the issue of our civil liberties , but one thing that also must be kept in mind is this : Who runs these stores ? people do ! who in a bad economy wants to stay in business ? they all do ! Unless your doing something weird like opening up a suitcase full of cash , the merchant will be more than happy to take it from you . the government doesn’t get that people and businesses like cash , they like it a lot ! in these times , its not unusual for people to use cash , a lot of people are getting rid of their cards in order to stay afloat . men in particular like cash , always have always will , vs women like to write checks . just look at the difference in buying a car when your down payment is cash vs. credit . You get a better deal . Long story short , merchants are people and merchants want to make money , period . Even though this is out there , it also is a good chance that it will be ignored by business , after all , its not in their best interest to enforce it ……….its bad for business and its NOT law . You think ANY store would make a background check on firearms if it wasn’t the law ? Hell no ! its just another avenue of thought I wanted to throw out there . I have no faith in mankind , dont get me wrong here , but merchants are americans with the same worries as everybody else , is my business going to survive ? are my decisions the correct ones ? how will I take care of my family if Im wrong ? etc.

    • A little factoid , cash is still king . Every-time you use your debit card at a store for a purchase , it actually costs the merchant money in either a service fee or processing fee . Big chains may not care as much , but small business likes the green 😉

  4. When it all comes down to the brass tacks
    it’s in “their” best interest not to come for my rice and beans, cause dang, we are prepared!

  5. There are so many providers of “emergency, disaster” or whatever you want to call it gear. They are in business to make money. lots and lots of it. They are not going to turn in names to the gov. That would be totally stupid on their part. Their business livelihood would die. Not going to happen. Second, it is not just this present administration that is corrupt. It has been corrupt for years. The New World Order has been in the making for decades. Both Repubs and Dems are guilty. We need a whole new government in place with average citizens in office for limited time like it was intended to be. I have seen on TV people rolling in some congressman in a wheel chair who looked liked he could barely breathe let alone have a rational vote on some issue that affects the rest of us. What a _ricking joke! ON US!!!!! We need change alright but not the same old _hit!

    • Term limits for ALL of them , supreme court needs to be elected by the people and for a set term , no more lifetime appointments . That is one flaw that needs correcting .

  6. Prepper Wannabe says:

    What constitutes “extreme religious statements coupled with comments that are violent or appear to condone violence”?

    In this day and age of excessive political correctness that could be anything that the listener does not want to hear or “feels offended by hearing.”

    The Bible contains some pretty violent passages. Does this mean that if I quote certain passages of Scripture then I am suddenly a terrorist suspect?

  7. Prepper Wannabe says:

    This reminds me of a previous pamphlet published about a year ago that described who the government deemed to be potential terrorists…such as those who homeschool their children and believe in Jesus.

    Given the increase in the criminalization of innocent citizens in order to push an agenda, this trend is disturbing. It seems the proper definition of “terrorist” by the government is “anyone who disagrees with the party line.”

    Once this thinking has been accepted as normal by the mainstream sheeple, the next step will be the passing of laws and enforcement of real punishments levied against those citizens. ‘Cause it will make America so much “safer…”

    Suddenly, countries like North Korea and systems such as the former East German Stasi come to mind. The trend is disturbing. All the while people do nothing but focus on “the economy” and “the American dream” without realizing that the rug they are sleeping on is being slowly yanked out from beneath them as they slumber.

    It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

    Thanks for making us aware, M.D.

  8. being alredy on the lower end of the socio-economic lader if my government objects to me spending what little money i have on mre and bi poids for the m-1 then all i can say is pppppptttttt on them i dident watch my parents rot to death and my country change in ways nobody back then would have thouht posable just so this 54 yr old could be amung the many refuges runing half naked-and staved to the helocopters when the grate americn disaster hapens[as for me i plan to be one of the best preped refuges you ever saw asuming i and my gear sevive] and if my government thinks me a threat for doing so then heres my permission to come from behind and put one rouond to the back of my head shouldent take moor than that.i know ware i go when i die.

  9. Chris 'doc' Tillmann says:

    As much as these kinds of things keep happening you’d think it wouldn’t surprise me, or anyone for that matter. I wasn’t alive through the red scare, I was hardly an infant when the cold war ended, but I know American history way better than most people in my generation and I find this to be just another way for the federal government to scapegoat innocent hard working Americans. I have no way to prove and I’m merely speculating, but it seems like somewhere around half of preppers have served in the military, but now get labeled as a threat? What a sad time we live in. Well friends, they’ll have their way no matter what, better to just adapt and read “1984” again.

  10. BRYAN ORR says: