FBI Targeting Preparedness And Surpluss Stores To Spy On Preppers

Are you preparing for the next big disaster? Buying a Bi-pod for your long-range varmint rifle? Buying a weatherproofed match container or a few MRE’s for your next camping trip? Then the FBI wants to know about you and is asking store owners to report those activities to back them…

And of course it’s all being done in the name of preventing terrorism – isn’t that always the pretense now… Need to pass a new law or somehow limit personal freedom, just attach the word “terrorism” or “terrorist” and you’re good to go.

It is obvious that this “Communities Against Terrorism” flyer isn’t about stopping al Qaeda from carrying out an attack with “night flashlights” (night flashlights?) but about preppers and survivalist. That’s you and I – most likely for eventual confiscation of their supplies.

Why else would they want to know who buys MRE’s, flashlights, weatherproof match containers etc., and doing other perfectly legal activities?

I mean being a prepper or survivalist has nothing to do with any political movement, militia group, racism or anything similar. We are about preparing for disaster and taking care of ourselves and our families now and after such an event.

You would think they (the government) would be happy that we are taking care of our own emergency preparedness needs, thus lowering the burden on emergency response personal after a disaster strikes but no… They do not like any form of independent thinking.

To be labeled a terrorist because of what we do only shows the true thinking of those behind the government desk, and it is sickening… :sick:

FBI stop wasting resources and go after real terrorists… Not American families preparing for the next disaster.

Here is a copy of the flyer as posted on Oathkeepers.org – click to enlarge:

What do you think?

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  1. Yes Sir I downloaded that PDF this morning. As a “terrorist” I prefer “Prepper” I find that my life is a little more secure and stable. Knowing that I can protect and feed my wife and children what ever the reason. Now I need all of you to turn in your food, guns and ammo to me, wait I want those darn “night flashlights” too keep your day ones and we can forget that your a terrorist with just a warning. 8} That’s a big smile and a hardy laugh. Give me back my USA where All I really had to worry about was natural disasters.

  2. I don’t know about this one. The only ones that seems to apply to preppers are the bulk waterproof ammo and mre’s, maybe the waterproof match containers. If I were a dealer, I’d be watching out for the other things. It’s a reality that terrorists are already within our borders and if they planned an attack they’d need to get supplies somewhere. Remember Oklahoma? If someone had been on the ball they would have realized that the amount of ammonium nitrate he bought, all at once, was over the top even for a farmer let alone someone those dealers had never met before. With all do respect sir, as 90% of the time I agree with ya!

    • lilmorse,
      I have to agree with you. Part if this depends on the meaning of the word ‘bulk’, and to be truthful, I’m not sure I know what they mean by waterproof ammunition. Even though I’m a flashlight addict, I’ve never ordered a gross of them at once, and I suspect those who are dealers and do this are using their dealer credentials to buy wholesale. People buy smokeless powder in reasonably large quantities all of the time and we never hear about it; however, once suspicious guy near Fort Hood, TX was recently attempting to buy large quantities of it, showed the clerk little knowledge of what he was buying and why, and made statements that set off the clerks radar. He was arrested, and it appears he was perpetrating another attack against Ft. Hood. This time they even called him a terrorist, unlike the last terrorist who killed all those folks at FT. Hood a while back.
      We need to be eternally vigilant, but also need to make sure we don’t cross that fine line between vigilance and paranoia.

    • Lilmorse, I’ve gotta politely disagree with you on this one: “…The only ones that seems to apply to preppers are…”
      I agree: the terrorists are within our borders- and fed is doing nothing to curtail their movement into the country, let alone around it. They’re allowing them in and hoping they can find enough of them before doing any damage. We are aware how the fed is preventing us from stopping the influx of terrorists, too. (I won’t go into my thoughts on OK City or the more recent deaths of military people in helicopters.)
      In actuality, it isn’t whether this applies to preppers or even to terrorists, it’s that it applies as an afront to our freedoms. Period. Big Brother has no business IN our business, especially in what we purchase- even if it’s 100 pounds of amonium nitrate for our garden- which is something he’s already concluded in the gardening laws being enacted now: gardeners are buying amonium nitrate fertilizer, therefore they’re terrorists.
      When I read this a couple days ago, my first thought was, “Pete won’t do anything like this in his store.” (Pete runs the local surplus store- he doesn’t sell farming supplies or fertilizer, though.)
      Then I thought more about it and realized, I really didn’t know how Pete would react to it. Of course, I’ve done business with him for 20+ years, given him lots of money for lots of varried items, and have chatted with him about some issues as well as helped him at some gun shows.
      But I really don’t know how he’d be when his livlihood was at stake. Would he tell the feds to kiss his backside, or would he surreptitiously slide them the requested info?
      Then there are the big box stores where I do buy my fertilizer and many other items on this list… they certainly don’t care about my rights, just their wallet. If a checkout clerk asks for an ID it’s almost automatic to hand one over. If they ask for ID with a cash purchase, I’d sure go to DefCon 1 and ask why they’d need it. (Same with Pete, for that matter.)
      Point being, regardless the reason for buying whatever X, the fed has no business knowing I bought it. It’s an invasion of my privacy for starters.
      But mostly, they’re doing it for control: if they know who’s buying what, they’ve a list of potential targets of opportunity to raid the fridge, as a f’rinstance. Or our garage. Or our home. Was it Indiana whose SC recently said that po-po can enter our homes without search warrants and we can’t stop them?
      Just one more reason to not trust the Thief in DC.
      I’ve gotta stop here- this debate could go on for decades.

      • Sheri (IN) says:

        Jim – that law is in Indiana. They tried to back peddle and “explain” their reasoning, but it’s still law. I agree with you totally. It is the control factor.

    • Muddy Fork says:

      FYI.. Even small scale farmers and deer hunters purchase ammonium nitrate by the ton which is loaded in a trailer and pulled to the farm or home by a pickup truck. I do it regular and my food plots look great. If someone is acting like a squirrel and has no idea what they are purchasing like the recently captured AWOL Muslim US soldier in Texas; you call the cops on them. But do not put together a list of “suspects” just because they purchased a bipod for their kid’s 10/22 or a waterproof match box for their Cub Scout. If FBI researchers/analysts are reviewing this list, they will never find any real treats because the search parameters are just too broad.

      • Muddy Fork,

        I suspect that the list is just a smoke and mirrors campaign. The FBI is really doing racial profiling. But they cannot put out a flyer that says, “Hey if a Muslim-looking person purchases large amounts of ammonium nitrate, then call us.” By putting out a flyer with non-racial criteria, the shop owners can call the police on a Muslim without getting sued.

        I seriously doubt anyone is interested in preppers or regular folks getting ready for a Scouts camping trip.

        • lone survivor says:

          To people like the FBI, everyone is either a “terrorist” or some type of “criminal”. Remember for years, the FBI said car theives and bank robbers were the #1 threat to America! Now they are after survivalists. Because they know that the survivalists have food, water and weapons and probably because they don’t want any problems when they round up Americans to be placed into U.N. run “new world order” concentration camps. Yes, they are all over the USA. many sites on the internet list them and so did Jesse Ventura on his TV show.
          I say use racial profiling! Why bother white, 95 year old great grand-mothers in wheelchairs or 6 year old white girls.
          Go after anyone who is a middle-eastern islamic muslim. Hell, look at the trouble they cause in Europe now. In France, the police won’t even go into muslim neigherhoods. They (the FBI and police) probably want to confiscate your supplies to split up among themselves! Or take it to the flea market and resell it!
          These mentally unstable government people believe they are the only “good” guys and everyone else in America is a criminal or terrorists!

          • Anonymous says:

            ahh….take a deep breath, check your meds…..It looks more like a way to alert stores that some of their customers may not been dealin with a full deck..If you are buying for a farm and the clerk asks what are you buying the fertilizer for? – just be cool and tell them the garden needs a little help as there hasn’t been any politicians out talking in awhile……everybody gets a laugh……

            • ROFL- ‘…It looks more like a way to alert stores that some of their customers may not been dealin with a full deck…’
              If there’s a store owner who doesn’t know this already, they have no business being in business.
              Yet it isn’t just fertilizer we’re talking about here- read the flyer, research it, then please remove the sand from your ears… 😉

          • The biggest threat to America has always been residing in DC… and the biggest threat to those criminals has always been America.
            And we’re living with the results now.
            Yup- profile, the only real solution, IMO… which is what they’re doing: profiling those who will survive.

            • Anonymous says:

              Couldn’t agree more. Tyrants always fear their own people. It doesn’t take a very hard look at the Patriot Act and most of the actions of the Department of Homeland Security to quickly realize that the object is surveilance and control of Americans, not their protection.

        • Yes, Gayle they are. They want to have absolute power and absolute knowledge of what everyone everywhere is doing. A finger in every pie is not enough. they want a truckload of every pie. They are terrified that if people begin to think independently (such as Preppers) they can’t create a crisis and then expect everyone to rely on them for help, thus controlling how much help is given, therefore controlling everything everyone does, because in order to get help from them you have to play by there rules.

  3. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. ~Benjamin Franklin
    Franklin’s Contributions to the Conference on February 17 (III) Fri, Feb 17, 1775


  4. WTF. Once again punish the citizen and make them out to be criminals

  5. WTF. Once again treating citizens as the enemy.

  6. Judy(another one) says:

    What I think is not printable!!!!!!

  7. Patriot Farmer says:

    I think we all new this was coming. When a government no longer trusts it’s citizens……it’s citizens better fear the government.

  8. “Being a prepper or survivalist has nothing to do with any political movement, militia group, racism or anything similar. We are about preparing for disaster and taking care of ourselves and our families now and after such an event.”

    We should all send this to that other survivalblog.com for his “Jim’s Quote of the Day:” I’m going to…

    • I’ve seen a couple references lately about “the other survival blog”. What are you people talking about? There’s only one survivalistblog.net, who needs any other? My Pa told me, “get the best and that’s all ‘ya need”.

  9. “Have missing hand/fingers, chemical burns, strange odors bright colored stains on clothing.”
    So a terrorist is in the middle of making a bang device, slaps his forehead and says, “I forgot to get a gross of waterproof match containers even though I don’t know what to use them for! I’ll just run down to the military surplus with these brightly-stained clothes and without taking a shower. And while I’m there I’ll be sure to make extreme religious statements that condone violence.”
    If this is the kind of terrorists the FBI wants to catch, we are in deep kimchee.

    • David,
      I know the whole thing is ridicules thus my response that they must be seeking out leads on preppers / survivalist (same thing) and not real terrorist threats.

  10. They already do fear the government . Its a tyranny as it is . There are many other sources to get these things than surplus places , and we also tend to make our own gear because the commercial offerings are inadequate . Private sales from person to person are hard to keep track of . But dammit! now I cant order that pallet of ammo ive been saving for , just have to keep getting it piecemeal store to store . Not to mention big retailers with many employees and shifts , tend not to notice things . Most of the clerks at the register are 22 or younger , living for break time and the next text on their blackberry . Will they even remember you come next week ? hell no ! They have a party to go to !

    • As far as Meals Refused by Ethiopians go , many other alternatives out there . It cant help but place in your train of thought after reading those guidelines and other things that we are going toward totalitarianism as a plan of government . The steady economic dismantling of the United States is part of that plan .

  11. riverrider says:

    it gets worse. if you buy a “black rifle” now you have to show a THIRD form of id and the gunshop has to copy and file it with yet another form. oh , did you hear about the rabbit lady in Colorado? they raided her place after a “tip” that she was harming animals. yes, she was raising rabbits for food and show, in pampered air conditioned luxury. the sheriff confiscated all 200 rabbits including some that were for the 4h kids to show at the fair. no evidence of improper treatment or anything illegal. the sheriff nor the states attorney will even answer her lawyers’ call or letters. meanwhile most of the rabbits have died in custody. makes me want to shoot something,many times, and reload and shoot some more. i for one am finally fed the heck up. voting ain’t working, its time for tar and feathers.

    • Aye that , unfortunately the “people ” no longer have the spirit or will to correct the problem . Last chance to do that was in 1861 in the 2nd war of independence .

      ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
      Thomas Jefferson

  12. mountain lady says:

    I know I have been wearing a tinfoil hat for too long, but I even stopped buying from Sam’s Club when I was reminded that the have a computer record of everything you buy. I started getting my rice and beans, and everything else from regular stores, and try to always pay in cash. Am I paranoid, or just being careful?

    • mountain lady,

      You could be a terrorist and not know it yet… LOL

      • mountain lady says:

        LOL, not really a terrorist, but can be a terror at times, at least according to some of my friends.

        • lone survivor says:

          Don’t forget that whenever you use a credit card, that your name, time, and everything you purchased is on the computer for the feds to check on. Why, they can even make a pattern on you, to know what stores you shop at, what time you go there and when to arrest you!!
          If you need to purchase something, use cash only!
          Besides that, you are also paying 29% interest to the banksters on your credit card.

          • You pay interest on your credit card?

            I agree that opsec is compromised when using a C/C but there is really no excuse for anyone who has half a handle on their finances to be paying interest to a C/C company.

            Simply pay your bill in full every month.

  13. it’s going to get worse. will the time come when “the powers that be” ask neighbors to turn neighbors in for growing a garden or friends giving up friends for having a extra can of gasoline? i think this is only the beginning of things to come.

    • Already being done, Pam. Re: Napolitano’s ‘If you see something, say something’ campaign.
      As RR mentioned about the rabbit lady, probably reported by some PETA or HSUS supporter who saw something they didn’t like, or a neighbor who she’d told to piss-off one day… saw something they could report and cause her problems.
      Orwell should have been more imaginative. Oh, wait: he did mention that, didn’t her? (rhetorical- don’t answer that 😉 )

  14. Maybe the government is the real terrorist in some cases!

  15. "Big Jim" says:

    Well , after this news , I guess it’s definitely about time for all of us to prepare our hidden cache’s of ter…er prepper supplies…..lol
    This is kinda like icing on the cake to prove the confusion of government priorities! Flashlights , match boxes , ….really !!

  16. They are going to do to the word “terrorist” what they’ve done to the word “racist”. They have over used it and included people who clearly don’t fit the description,to the point that being called either of those words,no longer has the affect it once did. Store firewood and keep waterproof matches? Your a terrorist. Disagree with the present administrations policies? Your a racist. Thank god most thinking people are able to recognize ,that when they are being hammered with certain buzzwords,to be very suspicious.

    • I just realized that they are trying to do the same thing with the term “tea party”. They’ve called tea party members ,angry white men,racists,and a litany of other terms of a derogatory nature,designed to do one thing. Demonize the tea party movement. I wonder how the blacks and Hispanics who make up a considerable portion of the tea party movement,feel about being called angry white men?

      • mountain lady says:

        I have not joined a Tea Party for exactly that reason. I am trying the best I can to stay under cover.

      • riverrider says:

        bc, theres a guy in arizona i think. he’s been in jail for months for no other reason than refusing to give police his identity. he hadn’t commited a crime. a cop just thought he looked funny and asked for id. he refused, still refuses, and was locked up. that smacks of hitler’s germany. i’m googling tar and feathers. need to stock up.

        • riverrider,

          You might be a terrorist if you stock up on tar and feathers. Was that on the list with the weather proof match case and night flashlights. If they want to find potential terrorist to investigate they would have better luck at this site and reading THE DAY MARS INVADED WASHINGTON, CLARENCE AND THE GAY MARTIANS, ALL MUGGERS ARE MARTIANS, RADIO BEAMS FROM MARS, MARTIAN’S AND GOD, ALL MUSLIMS ARE MARTIANS.

      • Anonymous says:


  17. Muddy Fork says:

    The “Justice” department has not been the same for several years now; I really don’t understand them. I have worked with agents in every department with an acronym (alphabet soup guys..ATF, FBI, CIA) and I can honestly say none of them would be interested in these purchases because they make them too. I have a question for the “Justice Dept”…If these activates are so dangerous WHY does FEMA support and encourage being prepared? I guess every practicing Mormon can expect their name to be on the ever expanding US citizen watch list.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Every fricking day there is at least one advertisement on TV about “being prepared.” These ads are made by the federal government, so I guess they want us to be prepared but not to prepare. Good luck figuring out how to do that.

    • Worrisome says:

      The justice department is the department that okayed and supported the sales of guns and ammo to the gangs in Mexico. Issa is investigating them at this time………so, since they are the ones that have been distributing said guns and ammo to criminals??? Who exactly is the terrorists?????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? Getting a little difficult to figure out … right? And gee, I don’t think I have been called paranoid all day…………but maybe I am

    • Yo Muddy Fork…the government agencies all being on the same page? The left hand has no clue of it’s ambidextrious brother.

  18. I am having a senior moment here, I don’t know my day flashlights from my night ones. Plus I have a monopod, and a bipod, do I need a tripod or just duct tape to put them together.
    All I can say is meet you at the ballot box, the one weapon that should scare these idiots the most.

    • I didn’t know you could vote out the FBI

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        The FBI, CIA, FEMA, EPA, NLRB, etc, etc, do as they are told by the administration in office. Therefore, in a way, the FBI can be voted out when the administration is voted out of office. It is the president, afterall, who appoints the Director of these departments and agencies.

    • nobodyssister says:

      Was it Emma Goldman who said, If voting actually accomplished anything it would have been outlawed long ago?

      • Yep … wise woman … she also said this …”No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law. How can it be within the law? The law is stationary. The law is fixed. The law is a chariot wheel which binds us all regardless of conditions or place or time.”

  19. mountain lady says:

    OT here, but I just noticed that we have been sprayed big time with chem-trails this afternoon. I saw one fresh one when I came home a few hours ago that ran horizon to horizon. It is now cloudy with just some big patches of blue sky. I am not wearing my tinfoil hat. All you have to do is look up, it is right there.

    • If you had access to an IR scope or glasses, you’d notice that the entire midwest is one huge clouod og chem trails due to the number of jets flying constantly across the country. Spooky.

  20. Never figured I would be one of the “ones” we needed to watch out for. 🙂

  21. I do appreciate how preppers can agree to disagree and still get along. Terrorists like to use desperate, sometimes mentally disabled, sometimes kids, mostly vulnerable people to do their most dirty work. If such a person walks into your shop looking for copious amounts of explosive material, bulk (and I mean bulk, cause let’s face it, most of us don’t buy and can’t afford to buy huge amounts of ammo at any one place at one time) ammo, etc, that is a red flag. You guys know you’d spot these folks a mile away and if they left your shop with anything I’d be surprised. There are preppers and there are terrorists and we can smell the bad guys a mile away. Prep on friends, at least I know whose on my side!

    • And the terrorist mostly speak with a strange accent, dont shave, and say things like ala ahkbar a lot. And 5 times a day point thier butts towards californicate.

      • Either that or they can be heard saying “lalalalalalalalalala” which roughly translated means “my towel is to tight” or death to capitalist pigs” I’m not sure which.

        • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

          ROFL!! “lalalalalalalalalal My towel is too tight!” Struck me hysterical.

      • Depends which “Stan” they are from.
        For those who don’t know, stan is arabic for s***hole.

      • Not at all Ron, sometimes they look like Timothy McVey. I still think I could spot his crazy a$$ a mile away.

  22. axelsteve says:

    They must be watching me. Today I bought 2 boxes of matches.A pack of earplugs.a pack of aa batteries. I must be a racist beacus I bought black beans to piss off the blacks(goes back to slavery.Matches and batteries are a unregistered alternative power source.And I paid in cash.I must be hiding something.

    • axelsteve,

      Are you sure aren’t a radical Muslim – those earplugs could be a threat to national security. And my goodness you paid with cash you must be… Get ready for the jackboot to kick in your door at 3:30 AM all in the name of protecting freedom.

    • umm… I notice you didn’t have any pork products on your shopping list… don’t black beans need pork? 😉

  23. What are these things, “credit cards”, that you speak of? 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      David – They are mystic things that only work for females and politicians……(before the flamewar starts – I’m making a joke about the females.)

      • …maybe someone should tell my husband that. I’ve lost count of how many credit cards he’s “accidentally” maxed out. 😛

  24. Well prep hard and prep ” sneaky ‘ 😉

  25. Is there a official posting of this new policy or is it just from the grapevine?

    • Nor Cal Ray says:

      Go to the Homeland Security website and check it out. You will find that if you support the right to free speech, the NRA, have a bible on your end table or coffee table, are ex-cop or ex military you are in all likelyhood a domestic terrorist. If you disagree with the current administration among several other things. It doesn’t even mention people of Arab or Middle Eastern descent but it does mention caucasions.

      • Well don’t feel bad Nor Cal Ray, My grandparents (both since deceased) were declared terrorists by that bitch Janet Reno in the the 1990’s.

        There crime???? According to Reno anyone that went to church more than once a week (they were devout Catholic and went on Wednesday and Sunday ) and stored food (in my grandparents case they canned fruit, jams, vegetables for the winter and to save a few bucks with 12 people in the house), were in fact domestic terrorists!!!! >:(

        They NEVER EVER owed a firearm or spoke out about the government, but they were still branded “Domestic Terrorists”.

        The Department of “Homeland Security” (more like the Stasi) and the “Patriot Act” are just the furthering of the eventual advance of communism ala George Orwell’s “1984”.

    • Rifleman336,

      My question exactly. This is hard to believe and if so, it’s outrageous (to say nothing of being ignorant)!!!!!

    • I did a bit of research and the flyer is legitimate. Put do note that this agency also has flyers for spotting terrorists in hotels, rental car agencies and the like.

      If you look at the Muslim who was arrested for planning an attack on Fort Hood, the list of contents he purchased does not at first seem problematic: Christmas tree lights, pressure cooker, shot gun shells. I have all these things (well I don’t have a pressure canner yet; but I want one). What stands out is that these things were in a hotel room he rented. That’s a big red flag and the store owner was justified in calling police. I think each of us would have done the same. That guys just wasn’t right in the head.

      But here’s the catch. If a shop owner calls the police on what appears to be a nut job and in the end, the guy turns out to be okay, he can sue the shop owner. “Hey, you called police because I am Muslim. You called police because I am black.” If the feds put out non-racial criteria for alerting police, then the shop owner’s butt is covered, so to speak.

  26. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    The administration’s “terrorist” list is growing. They originally said that rightwingers could be terrorists, and added all active and retired military. Then they said that people using precious metals for currency were threats to the nation. Next they went after the little girl selling lemonade out in front of her house. And anybody growing a large vegetable garden must be up to no good. Recently they claimed Tea Party members of congress were terrorists. Now if you buy a “night flashlight” you’re a potential terrorist.

    While our own government is busy vilifying its citizens, the real terrorists are probably living in an apartment building somewhere, making plans for another attack. We need a new administration – this one has become the problem, not the solution.

    I buy lots of FLASHLIGHTS!!!!! I’ve bought as many as 60 at a time, no joke. Does that mean I could be the mastermind of the conspiratorial prepper’s group? Bwhahahahahahahaha!!!!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California)
      Were they night flashlights? These are bad – day flashlights are good…

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        Yeah, they were night flashlights. My day flashlight is called the Sun. 🙂

        • rob in Ontario says:

          I know I’m Canadian- but from I understand its not really JUST those people we vote in that are the real problem– but I think its these people that are at a job for for years ( non voted in ) be it city administrators they run the city from day to day not the mayor- or state govenors- even the president– or FBI, CIA or CIS (canadian security) these people work with the power on their side and do us all more harm then good. I sit up north here and look down I see how things are bad for my US freinds and relatives– but we need to find away to get rid of those in power we can’t vote out

    • Blast it anyway Lint. I give up. You win. You are the flashlight guru.

    • Well this is very Soviet . Stalin and his cronies did the same thing . This is extremely dangerous when you follow the examples of Communism and Fascism . Again , I ask the question : How long do we as a people wait until we pick up arms for liberties ? How far will the military go before they decide enough is enough . They have a plan and the people look but dont see . Very disturbing . Fear the government that fears the Constitution .

  27. templar knight says:

    I did a little bit of poking around, and it seems that the CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center now sits on the the Dept. Of Homeland Securities’ Working Group on Countering Domestic Extremism. This particular group never sees a Muslim terrorist, but anyone to the right of Nancy Polosi is a domestic terrorist in the making. These people at the SPLC are totalitarian in their thought processes, and they send out monthly bulletins seeking to influence local law enforcement. They already have a lot of influence on the government alphabet soup law enforcement agencies. Be wary, folks, and always think OPSEC.

    • riverrider says:

      tk, agreed but there is no opsec in the tech age. my only hope is that the flood of info is overwhelming the abc’s to the point of obscuring our “activities.” i’m sure i’m on at least one watch list. but at some point we need to resist this crap. it all started with 9 guys sitting around having a beer and daring to say”this crap isn’t right”. 9 guys, and 3% of the population. i think we could do better than 3% now…..

  28. I think this is a piss poor attempt to ask for help from people in position to “spot the terrorist”. I would expect such from government people who went to the proper prep schools and Ivy League Universities and never met a regular person that they actually spoke too. Arrogant as well as Ignorant.

    • Worrisome says:

      Big Sis has been pushing the “narc on your neighbor” theme for a year or so…………this must be the third of fourth attempt at it. Someone needs to fire her and her communist tendencies and find us a Homeland Security Director that isn’t ignoring the terrorist threat that is pouring over our southern border, the dippy witch!

    • Just like “where’s Waldo”.

      • lone survivor says:

        I think that these mentally unstable, bipolar politicians lay in bed at night masterbating and think up the most crazy crap they can on who to call a “terrorist”!

  29. Worrisome says:

    This “stuff” is coming at us so fast and furiously so that we can’t keep up with all the crap they are throwing out there. Eventually, we will miss something terribly important on their path to total control and it is gonna nail us! The fact that the damn flyer is badly writ makes one wonder if it is an honestly published document and yet, I know the website it came from and they have always in the past vetted what they publish. The website from whence it came had a member whose children were briefly taken from him because they “thought” the website was a white supremacy site, which it is not. It is actually a law enforcement site.
    It is becoming an ordeal to try to do what is right for your family, which is my m.o. Strictly trying to ensure that when the fed goes out and buys Mountain House meals to feed 14 million 3 a day and a snack, I can also do the same without taking a single meal from the fed’s storehouse of supplies. What the hell is wrong with them anyway! It is crazy out there! Someone, please explain to me what danger there is in waterproof match holders? I flat don’t get it. And the whole flashlight thing? What in the world is wrong with an infra red or regular flashlite anyway??? What the hell does that have to do with a terrorist!???

  30. gary in bama says:

    The goverment just dont get it.Those that work for the state and fed do not understand that some people {ME} think their the terrorists.No prep supply store could stay in bussienes asking questions like those.Iwill consede that if a rag head was to come in jabbering to his buddys wanting bomb components and body armor mabe he should call .Chances are they would be refused service at gun point and told to leave.As a store owner i can tell you any store HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU GET THE HELL OUT. I have toss drunks crackheads and A$$^ holes out and never bated an eye.This flyer was put out by a college grad that sits behind a desk whos mommy has to get them up for work.I wonder what WE pay the moron that come up with this.Bet its a TSA reject that smooth talked in to a DHS CONSULTING JOB.Personnaly this is a prime example of why we should all be in prepping overdrive.

  31. axelsteve says:

    Tomorrow I plan on getting more matches and black beans and earplugs and I still have some cash. Now i might have developed a pattern of terrorist activities.

  32. The wording of this poster could potentially lead to some of us being caught in this poorly constructed anti-terrorist net, but anyone who pursued the investigation further would not be likely to discover any kind of plot or threat to anyone in a position of power. The most they would be likely to find is honest citizens exercising our 2nd amendment rights. Being a ‘prepper’ does not in any way mean we are violent criminals, and any member of an alphabet soup agency would recognize the difference – they see enough of them in the course of dealing with drug lords and gang warfare.
    The alphabet soup crew are mostly guys just like us, trying to take care of their families the best way that they can. Only difference is, they’ve chosen to stay close to the most powerful force they can identify as a form of protection, while we’ve chosen to rely on only ourselves.
    I think it is a toss-up which course is the safest in the long run, but being who I am, I could not choose dependence. But the alphabet soupers… they’re not the bad guys. Just not the most creative or resourceful of thinkers. They do however, know how to follow orders well! We all have our strengths…

    • riverrider says:

      ali, i agree mostly, but at some point a man/woman has to look around at what they are doing and realize the rabbit lady and the amish milk man etc are not the threat and say “enough!” they have become zombies of a different sort.

    • Ali- to me, it isn’t that they won’t find anything else that constitutes the person being a terrorist so much as what they fabricate- or the MSM fabricates to sell more cars and cheetoes and aspirin- that makes the general populace think the ABC agencies are doing a great and wonderful job keeping terrorists off the streets. Even the person’s neighbors can say things like, “Gosh, I knew him for years and never thought he could be so crazy to do that…”
      Too, I’m pretty certain that quite a few of those Alphabet Soup employees are looking at their positions and beginning to wonder if they remembered to kiss the wife and hug the kids good-bye before they left home that morning- even those who are people just like us, which they truly aren’t.
      As has been noted on sites more inclined to miltaristic threats to our populace (not knocking MD ‘cuz I love his a-political stance), some of these ABC folk have been claiming to not be part of the ‘establishmentarianist’ mindset, so why are they going to be targets? and the solution is, ‘If you don’t want to be a target, don’t be downrange when the shooting starts.’ (IOW, stop being part of the problem and find better employment that doesn’t put a target on your back.) But in remaining, they have sided with those who are the enemy, so that removes them from the group ‘just like us’.
      Just sayin’…

  33. Dan Schneider says:

    Interesting and troubling. How about profiling for the types of people who have been involved in the majority of terrorist attacks and plots?I was in New Orleans with a relief column of Maricopa’s sheriff’s deputies immediately following Katrina’s devastating hit. I was incredulous at the utter lack of preparation by the average citizen. So if they had laid in a stock of MREs, freeze dried foods, waterproof matches and ‘night flashlights’ they would have been reported by store owners per this C.A.T. bulletin? C.A.T. what kind of acronym is that? I don’t have much use for cats. No offense cat lovers, give me a loyal and useful dog any day.
    If we lay in our own supplies then we will not be waiting and begging like those folks in Louisiana and the Feds wouldn’t like that cuz then how could they save the day?! I think Mister Creekmore knows this and wants us to think about the motives of the Feds.
    The hell with the C.A.T. bulletin. I’m going out and buy me a dozen of them night flashlights. I’ve only got the day kind.
    Thanks for the heads up MD. SurvivorDan

  34. Overkill750 says:

    Let me see if I got this right? If you are a tax cheat, you get a job in government. If you intimidate voter’s, you are not prosecuted. If you kill your little girl so you can go party, that’s ok. But if you love freedom and you don’t need the government to take care of you from the cradle to the grave then you are a terrorist? Is it me or does this seem a little off?

    • Hear hear!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Overkill750, you got it! It’s the world turned upside down.

    • templar knight says:

      “Is it me or does this seem a little off?”

      It’s not you, this is way the hell off! And what you get when you put a leftist, community organizer in charge. He puts left-wing, ACLU nuts in control of the Justice Dept. and Homeland Security.

    • Well, you also need to allow your kids free rein in some kind of free enterpirse, such as selling lemonade on the street; or you have to be selling whole milk to people who prefer it and have drunk it all their lives; or you need to be interested in your health enough to buy non-RX OTC herbal medicants; and you also have to have been a member of the military and returned home dissatisfied with how your family is being treated; plus, it’s well known fact- according to SPLC- that if you’re a member of the NRA or other gun organization and think people should have the right to self-government and choice of religion; and if you’re anti-OCrap policies such as mandated medical covereage as well as… then you fully fit the description of a terrorist.
      So, no, it isn’t too far off. It’s federally mandated you’re a terrorist. Just ask Janet.

  35. I’m not terribly concerned about this and see the knee jerk reaction to a knee jerk reaction as a waste of time. It’s already known, according to an article in my local publication for which I blog, that more people are buying in bulk because of rising prices. An idea I’ve been touting on my blog for awhile now. This is why bulk food warehouses exist.

    As for bulk ammunition: isn’t this how we typically buy it anyway? What’s considered bulk anyway? Two or three bricks of .22 caliber rounds? Any gun show will usually have a tent set up with vendors selling this stuff, at least here in MA. There’s always a heavy police presence at these shows.

    Lately the government has been expanding its efforts to get people to be prepared. Red Cross, ready.gove and the CDC have all put out little blurbs with regard to this on their sites and other social networking sites such as Facebook.

    Personally, I don’t think the government does enough and, as usual, presents itself in the wrong way. Much like “If you see something, say something.”

    • templar knight says:

      You’ve been living in Massachusettes too long, Lynda. Us folks out here in the fly-over states don’t appreciate the government nosing in our business. And yes, a retailer near Ft. Hood reported a Muslim who bought ammo for an attempted attack at the base. We don’t really need the government to tell us what to do. We can take care of ourselves.

      And by the way, they have a disclaimer at the bottom of the FBI letter to caution retailers about turning in people who are different. More politically-correct BS that will get people killed. See, that’s because 99% of terrorists are Muslim, but the FBI wants to go after the 1% who aren’t. Like the 5-year old girls they choose to pat down, or the granny in the wheelchair. We have a sick government.

      • TK, if by living in MA implies that I DO like the government nosing into my business then I beg to differ. I don’t much care for BS, political or otherwise, so I do hope you don’t characterize me as being one of those “correct” kind of people. Let’s not let geographical differences dictate what consitutes our character.

        Massachusetts is my home and has been for 57 years. I love it here.

        What I don’t do is have knee jerk reactions over things I’m just not going to worry about.Like being forced into quarantine and getting a flu shot or being forced to have a microchip implanted against my will to gather medical data. If you want to believe such nonsense, then go for it. I don’t and could not care less if the government, FBI, CIA or NSA think I’m a terrorist because I purchase ammunition, ponchos or beans. I tend to think they won’t but maybe I should plan a trip after dripping lunch all over my shirt and see what happens.

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          Lynda, it won’t be a microchip implant, it will be more like a temporary tattoo. Saw it on the news last night.

          I don’t hold much stock in knee-jerk reactions myself, but the gooberment is really stepping on my toes. Afterall, they criticized people who “hold onto their guns and Bibles” and they ridicule Tea Party people as “terrorists” and they now want clerks at surplus stores to rat out anybody who buys popular prepping supplies.

          Maybe these aren’t knee-jerk reactions, Lynda, maybe these are statements made by Americans who are sick and tired of being labeled as bad guys when the real bad guys are in the country on student visas and they sneak in as illegal aliens and they are appointed as members of the current administration. (Bill Ayers, Van Jones, to name but two.)

          How much of this crap will you personally take before you say enough is enough? I’ve reached that point. I’m not going to be pushed any further without some pushing back. That’s why I didn’t fill out the census, that’s why I won’t allow my doctor to take my photo for the national medical records database, and that’s why I won’t stop buying ammo in bulk. Screw them and screw the globalists who think they own the planet.

          • Lint, I can agree that my toes are being stepped on as well, but remember…we do have rights and no government can force me to get this little bar code, tat, or implant. My doctor hasn’t taken my picture and if asked, I’ll refuse.

            We have court systems designed to uphold the law and even the health care reform bill is working its way through it.
            My husband and I have a very good relationship with the police in both towns in which we own property and I have absolutely no qualms about being on some “watch” list. Believe me, there are reasonable people out there.

            I did take exception to the crack about living in Massachusetts though. As if liberalism is tainting the water. This poster should have known better.

            Have a nice evening.

            • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

              Hey, I live on the Left Coast so I take a lot of crap, too. My state is called “Californicate” and “Kalifornia” and “The Left Coast” and the “Land of Fruits & Nuts,” etc. I used to get ticked off by such things, now I try to educate people. There are far more conservatives living in California than in all of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah & Alaska combined. When I provide that fact, usually the ribbing slacks off….for a little while. So, don’t give in to a knee-jerk reaction when you hear people ridicule your state, just educate us. 😉

            • Lint, point taken. You’re correct. People should think before they post. After all, we know what happens what we assume something…..

        • templar knight says:

          Hi Lynda. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, didn’t check back on this post until now. First, it’s a fact that Massachusettes is not one of the states that ranks very high on the freedom list when compared to the other 49 states. It was number 46 on the latest list. My point was that sometimes one can get used to dealing with rules and regulations, and what may seem draconian to one person might not seem so to others. Like saying others are having knee-jerk reactions when they are concerned about alphabet soup federal agencies spying on them. I don’t happen to think my reaction was knee-jerk, but you have the right to your opinion.

          The second paragraph of my comment was not in any way aimed at you, but was a simple complaint about the political correctness running rampant in our government. I’m sorry if you think it referred to you in any way.

          And I’m originally from Texas, but am now from Arkansas, so I’m used to my state being the butt of jokes and misinformation. I try not to take it personally.

          • TK, yes, much has changed since the days of John Adams hasn’t it? I know that very many in my beloved state are used to being children of the great nanny, but believe me, there are many of us who speak up for our rights every single day.
            I’ve restarted my own blog for a Worcester publication and my sole focus of this is to instill the idea that people need to be more self-sufficient and prepared. If I can convince just one person to do this then I’ll be happy.

            I didn’t take it that personally. 😉 No worries and apologies to you if I offended you in any way.

            I do think that Jeff summed it up quite nicely. See further down.

            • templar knight says:

              Lynda, thank you for your kind and measured response. We’re both on the same team, and both wish the best for our country and our respective states. And I never questioned your sincerity, or your love of your region or state. One would not be worth “spit” if they didn’t defned their own, as they say here in Arkansas. I look forward to hearing more about your prepping, and how it applies in your area. Your insight is unique. Thanks again.

            • T.K., no, thank you!!!! Still plugging away trying to enlighten a few. You can find me on the Worcester Telegram and Gazette in the community blog section(free) and endlessly debating the more liberal MA residents(sometimes free.) 🙂

  36. It’s a good thing that I bought all of this already, well not the match containers. I prefer refillable lighters and big cans of explosive butane.

  37. Wow. I am speechless after reading this. This is indeed depressing and angering at the same time. I hope the store owners have enough sense to see through this.

  38. ‎What makes these examples (war on poverty, on drugs, and on terror) even more worrisome than true wars is that none has a logical endpoint; each may be invoked forever.

    FA Hayek – The Road to Serfdom

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Exactly. What may appear to be a justifiable law under one administration could become tyrannical under another administration.

  39. I just ran out of Ammonium Nitrate . It is the only thing that regrows the leaves on the cottonwoods this time of year when they start yellowing and falling off. I have been nervous about buying it for a while. You definitely get the looks when you do buy it in bulk.
    But matches and flashlights? Give me a break.
    And voting? Who for ? Dumb and dumber or Rich and richer. Bah Humbug. Bring Down the Machine. Only answer.

    • After the Oklahoma City bombing the ammonium nitrate that is available has been coated so that it cannot be used to make explosives. In order to get the uncoated you must be licensed by the feds to make explosives, then every purchase is recorded. Most people don’t know this.

    • +10 ,
      I got my Confederate Grey ready . Think about it , if a bunch of rag heads with no tanks , no air force , no high tech can keep the ” greatest military in the world ” off balance for over 10+ years , with nothing more than determination . We the people have a good chance to retake control of our own self rule and restore the constitution . Not to mention that in a scenario of what i think your getting at , the military itself will be divided at all levels of command ( loyalists and rebels ) , different ball game when its your own people and your own soil 😉

      • Thing is ,
        it will take conditions far , far worse than this to shake the average person into even contemplating real action past petty crime .

  40. It is all about controlling the population, this is just the next higher step. Demonetize your opponents. Basically this list can apply to all who do not have a trusted clearance with the obumbler regime. Simply put, to control a population, especially a high techie one takes a few steps. 1. Control wealth through market manipulation and employment. 2. Control ways and means of energy production,distribution and utilization.
    3. manage and control food production,and price.
    As you can see these steps have already been implemented. if anyone who thinks avoiding these issues now, well it is already too late Software today keeps tabs on everything you do. All tied into a database that compares and correlates the data to parameters they choose.
    Expect a major false flag incident or some form of martial law. This person masquerading as our leader got away with one in the bin laden incident and figures since he had to show no accountability he could proceed with bigger n better ones. If you actually swallowed this bull on that raid without any proof whatsoever than you will most likely be the ones gullible enough to be rounded up peacefully when the time comes for your “protection”
    Look at the FEMA camps built and being built. Look carefully at the security fencing. When you angle razor wire outward it is to protect from outside threat, Angled inward keeps inmates inside. FEMA camp containment wire angles inside.
    As far as terrorists inside our nation consider this. Since the Second World War there have been thousands of foreign agents operating within our borders. Thousands. Muslim extremists are but another faction trying to outflank our defense from within. I would be more concerned with agents loyal to the suitcase bomb developers than to the chance of a insurgent trying to light the fuse on one.
    As one poster remarked earlier, we can go on and on with this. bottom line will be this. The government you grew up with has been replaced with one hell bent of controlling and eliminating any nonconformity. Will not be zombies and hungry folk to deal with but one desiring to starve and eliminate any people who value free will . Google please the decimation of the Ukrainians by Stalin in the 1930s. Stalin killed way more of them than he did Germans in the 1940s.

    • Angled inward keeps inmates inside. FEMA camp containment wire angles inside.
      So the Fed Ex truck yard over here is really a FEMA death camp?
      That angle in either direction keeps nobody out that really wants to come in. However that angle in makes it near impossible to get out with a big box of large screen tv.
      There must be 50 large warehouses within 15 miles of my residence. Stuff comes in from Mexico in trucks. It’s then unloaded and a few days later put on over the road trucks and hauled all over the US and Canada. Every one of those warehouses have fence with the top angled in.

      • Well enlighten me Ron why FEMA wire is angled inside much like all the prisons I have ever work in as a contractor? I never mentioned a Fed Ex compound, but if someone did break into one they would play hell getting out if their point of entry was denied to them. Maybe you need to go to a FEMA camp and look and see. We have one here in Putnam County, Florida. Perhaps there is one near you. Also in the future do not put words in my post. Where in my post do you see death camps mentioned? You sound like a liberal , adding words and content to fit your diatribe. I do know when I was a kid sneaking into a Buffalo Bills game was tough if you tried to jump the fence. Barbed wire was angled out.

      • I hauled alot of gm car parts from those warehouses in Laredo.

        • The post was not about the Fed Ex fencing bctruck. Lol I am not debating what side the wire angles in at Fed Ex in Texas and maybe it is designed to trap wetbacks for all I know. maybe you and ol ron can grab some Shiner beer and head on over there and figure out the fencing.What I commented on was my experience with a look see on a FEMA camp and Florida State prisons. Ron may also enlighten you on death camps of which I did not post about either. I also did not post on how badly the Houston Astros are playing, but I would not be surprised if Astro management would put their razor wire pointing inward to keep what fans they have from leaving.

  41. Looks like we will have to find ways around.

    Since I have done a great deal of astronomy, let me tell you about using red tissue paper over flashlights. It allows you to travel at night but the cover of red paper/tissue over the end keeps your eyes from having to readjust to the darkness after you turn off the light. When you are trying to read something and then refocus in the dark, it usually takes about five minutes for your eyes to adjust. Using red on the flashlight shortens this time.

    obama is learning that he may not win another term and he will be looking at whatever he can to declare martial law. The destruction of our country in my opinion is imminent. We will have to protect ourselves and our families. obama is doing many things by executive order that is bypassng the congress…something to watch.

  42. STL Grandma says:

    You might be interested to know that medieval reenactment is a hobby of three of my four sons. They play with big weapons every Sunday afternoon, rain or shine and one of the things they’ve always been amused by is how their NPO is viewed by the F.B.I. and DHS. The game is rated as the third most homegrown militia, behind the Society for Creative Anacronsms (SCA) who play a similiar reenactment game. Guess who is Number One for homegrown militias? Yep.. You got it! The Boy Scouts of America and it’s affliated Girl Scouts of America. No kidding.

    Makes you pause and wonder, doesn’t it. You and me and all of us are probably already on some watch list or another. I used to work for a company that compiled date from the yellow pages, all of them that are printed across the USA. We had over 100 dedicated little clerks who did nothing but call those people listed in the Yellow Pages and ask nosy questions about their business, which would get inputted into this hugh database.

    My job was to keep the computer working.. yep, I was the tech. One of my duties was occassionally inputting the parameters for a search… and the criteria I could use for the search was HUGE. You would be shocked at the things that can be compiled by a dedicated research team.

    Just sayin’. Maybe we’re all correct in our paranoia.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in the Society (SCA) that does the medieval reenactment and I do renfaires. My lady makes chainmail armor and my daughter grew up with a sword and shield in her hands (I am so proud of her) – we are talking camping with a household of 20+ people every weekend for 12 plus summers – That and hosting feasts for 40 + people (cooking for that many is a chore) – all this has taught my family some very important lessons about being prep’ed and prepared for what comes up. Its fun way to learn alot of skills.

      Just sayin…

      • STL Grandma says:

        Oh and I’m agreeing.. I got my sons involved with reenactments when they were teens.. keep them far too busy making equipment to get into drugs or gangs here in STL. They still all ended up married. *grin*

  43. STL Grandma says:

    I should add that anyone could pay for a search of the database and you’d be surprised at what people would ask for. All of the pet stores in Boulder, Co, that were open between 5am and 5pm and serviced snakes, just a small and insignicant search..

    Think of the possiblities for misuse of this technology that already exists and is already something that you, me or anyone John Q. Citizen can access for the right price.

    • riverrider says:

      stl g, the last job i had for uncle sugar was running a similar system for emergency logistic during emergency response. it is interconnected to every database and every system in the world almost. i could see how many bottles of water walmart had worldwide or in a certain store. i could track anything with an electronic signal. i could search inventory of every manufacturer and distributer in the country. i could see what private smith said about captain jones in iraq. it was amazing. and that was just a little ol’ logistics system. what do you think they have now at the “big house” in maryland?

      • STL Grandma says:

        Oh, the very idea terrifies me. Just think of how many people are trying to decide just how much of a threat you or I or anyone who reads MD’s fine blog is. It’s a scary thought, there is no under the radar anymore.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        What could those tools produce when applied to this blog?

        • riverrider says:

          hd, given enough time, everything imaginable. they wouldn’t let me play on that side of the firewall long, just long enough to see the capabilities relating to emergency logistics. from what i saw, i think i could search wallworlds’ database for purchases of certain items in bulk, cross ref credit card receipts and come knocking. i had a real “enemy of the state” moment.

  44. Thank you FBI, for circulating this and making sure that not only preppers, but actual terrorists know what you’re looking for.

  45. “Have missing hand/fingers”… I’m screwed! My table saw bit me a few years ago, and I lost a finger. So… using a table saw makes me a terrorist???

  46. theGoldfinger says:

    This news doesn’t surprise me. I’ve watched the progression of this new breed of “terrorist” since the Bush admin. I knew this was coming as its part of a larger plan. As some other posters already mentioned, the left hand seemingly doesn’t know what the right hand is doing with regard to this letter put out by the FBI, meanwhile, FEMA tells us to prepare and to “be ready” for when disaster strikes and your life is turned upside down. I always thought that was ironic, coming from FEMA, since they are the ones who are tasked with continuance of govt. and pacifying and locking up those “dissidents” among us.

    But what if they did know? They are both govt. agencies. Mandates can change at a moments notice. What if FEMA who is currently wearing the “good guy” hat, and warns americans to prepare is merely doing so to facilitate the buying and selling of emergency survival supplies? People go out and buy, there are actions, paper trails are made, in store video is rolling, and a host of other movements that can eventually be taken together or in part to create conspiracy charges, which are very, very easy to prove in federal court. THEN, you have DHS villify the same actions that FEMA previously supported. Eventually, FEMA will stop encouraging such behavior and preparedness and everyone will forget they ever did in the first place because they will now be too troubled by dealing with the threats of the FBI and DHS. Sounds like my tinfoil hat is on too tight huh?

    The FBI is surely taking its cues from the Justice Dept. The people there are hand picked and promoted based on how much ass they kiss and who they hold allegiance to. Much like federal judges. So when the feds issue something like this its obvious who they are targeting. Terrorists? Well, the only ones we know of are usually of the muslim variety, but that’s not politically correct. The creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security should have been the signal to all of us that those in office, that allowed its creation, are now the true enemy. They are not looking out for us, or our safety, even though thats the major selling point for all the invasive new laws and restrictions, but don’t forget, the last country to have a DHS was nazi germany. Operation: Paperclip went much further than merely liberating nazi scientists. Our govt. liberated some of the worst of the worst, and studied them, and learned from them. We are now seeing the early stages of that education in practice. We should all be very worried, and taking precautions. Prepping is an excellent way to do this, and is the reason we are all here (this blog), but I think its important to take a “big picture” approach and if you don’t already have a passport, get one or renew it. They may come a time when the best course of action is to leave before TSHTF. Side note: The Feds are attempting to make getting a passport much, much more difficult. Wonder why?


    They see a flight of capital, assets, and taxable money leaving on the horizon as people who see the writing on the wall attempt to flee to less draconian countries and regain a measure of personal freedom.

    DHS issued a paper on domestic terrorism that effectively makes millions of Americans potential terrorists. Here is an article about it, but you can easily find the document itself if you would like to read the specific wording.


    John McCain himself had proposed legislation that could easily make you and I potential terrorists.

    The bottom line is that this administration, along with the globalists, and the banksters they are in service to, want to make a new breed of terrorist, one that is readily available, easy to find, and you and I, are it.

  47. There was a time when this would’ve surprised me. You know it’s gotten bad when you expect it.

  48. SrvivlSally says:

    So much for stocking up on those items. Although it would be easy to assume (at first glance) that another’s suspicion could lead to anyone’s arrest and conviction of crimes for which they are not guilty for, upon closer examination, the flyer looks like it could mean that the fbi is looking for certain groups, with greater needs than most citizens, but in doing so will prevent that general public from being able to comfortably buy as they see fit. It might be a good idea for business owners to watch out for bulk purchases, cash only sales of large quantity items, repeat business such as that which the muzlimb camps here in our country sometimes do, for people that make those types of purchases and try to change how they look so they do not attract a lot of attention which also walk in through the front door to place their order, have left their own facility or encampment after working with certain chemicals without changing their clothes so that they can get their shopping done and they wish to remain anonymous which, under the above circumstances, would be an indication that there really is likely something going on that they do not want anyone to know about. The very bottom of the list in regards to bulk purchases is a tip-off because of the night vision and high-capacity items. Even still, the list could be expanded because of some regular Joe that loses it because he is very plissed off at the government, office workers, postal employees or fellow bank tellers or managers with his intentions being to evacuate afterward and escape to some locale where he has stockpiled to hide out from the authorities. I have seen how lists or rules can get out of hand at various places of business with the whole made to suffer because of the few who made mistakes.

  49. Gee…….dont guess there could be any LEGITIMATE uses for any of those items? Guess they are going to investigate everyone in hte country who goes camping or what ever. This is likely disinfo to spook people away from prepping. No way they could do that much investigation to seperate who was legit or who was NOT(in thier opinion. I think all uses are legit espacialy ours)

  50. Camping is not an illegal activity, and a lot of families go camping in the summer for inexpensive summer fun. What’s next, they’ll be forbidden from buying tents and sleeping bags?

    • Of course, there are a lot of people camping who had never thought of ever going camping before Obamavilles opened in their neighborhood.
      And a lot more are going to need tents and sleeping bags for their version of OV… as well as other items on the taboo list.

  51. I think, as a survivalist, I have to deal directly with the fact that there are some people who also call themselves survivalists who are really anarchists. I’m Libertarian, not an anarchist. “Survivalist” means different things to different people. So at the risk of ruffling feathers, it makes some sense to me that the FBI might take a look at survivalists to try to look for anarchists.

    Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m not going to go down the road of some self-fulfilling prophesy by acting like the government is out to get me. I can explain what I’m doing and why with confidence. I’m doing positive things for my family that are legal, enjoyable, and wise. I don’t fear that the police might knock on my door and I’m not going to act guilty when I’ve done nothing wrong.

    Having said that, will one of you bail me out of jail after they round me up?

    • NO!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Jeff. I seriously doubt the current administration (the one that tells the FBI what to do and who to look for) is concerned about anarchists. Instead, they have made it abundantly clear from day 1 that they are out to get rightwingers, veterans, tea party people (which includes many Libertarians), and anybody else who isn’t into global governance. Anybody, in fact, who wants to think for themselves and decide their futures for themselves.

      As for bailing you out, nope. Call Ron Paul for that. 🙂

    • Jeff said “Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m not going to go down the road of some self-fulfilling prophesy by acting like the government is out to get me. I can explain what I’m doing and why with confidence. I’m doing positive things for my family that are legal, enjoyable, and wise. I don’t fear that the police might knock on my door and I’m not going to act guilty when I’ve done nothing wrong.”

      Exactly! Now, you wouldn’t happen to be from Massachusetts would you? 🙂

  52. Seems like the answer here for me is quite simple, buy in smaller quantities, pay cash whenever possible, and unless they have a legit reason never fork over your i.d. Also, try to purchase things from individuals and not dealers whenever possible.

  53. If your really worried about things , and this is strictly up to your personal attitudes , but on line places to get certain gear . Before everybody scolds me , hear me out . As another viewer pointed out , in the age of technology , OSPEC is almost non existent for us , the lowly citizen . However , we all know of places to go for supplies on line . Ive had good luck with ebay , I do the homework before I make the bid . The thing about ebay is this : its almost completely a person to person sale . There are a few on line ” warehouses” that sell on ebay and make a good living doing so . The only thing ebay is concerned with on its end is keeping sales honest , they dont like fraud . Thats all they do and you have to initiate the complaint . They have a rating system in place for a reason , it actually works , if a seller has high ratings , your pretty safe in buying from that person , like I said , I’ve had no problems . Craigslist is your local option . We should all be very concerned with this directive on the issue of our civil liberties , but one thing that also must be kept in mind is this : Who runs these stores ? people do ! who in a bad economy wants to stay in business ? they all do ! Unless your doing something weird like opening up a suitcase full of cash , the merchant will be more than happy to take it from you . the government doesn’t get that people and businesses like cash , they like it a lot ! in these times , its not unusual for people to use cash , a lot of people are getting rid of their cards in order to stay afloat . men in particular like cash , always have always will , vs women like to write checks . just look at the difference in buying a car when your down payment is cash vs. credit . You get a better deal . Long story short , merchants are people and merchants want to make money , period . Even though this is out there , it also is a good chance that it will be ignored by business , after all , its not in their best interest to enforce it ……….its bad for business and its NOT law . You think ANY store would make a background check on firearms if it wasn’t the law ? Hell no ! its just another avenue of thought I wanted to throw out there . I have no faith in mankind , dont get me wrong here , but merchants are americans with the same worries as everybody else , is my business going to survive ? are my decisions the correct ones ? how will I take care of my family if Im wrong ? etc.

    • A little factoid , cash is still king . Every-time you use your debit card at a store for a purchase , it actually costs the merchant money in either a service fee or processing fee . Big chains may not care as much , but small business likes the green 😉

  54. When it all comes down to the brass tacks
    it’s in “their” best interest not to come for my rice and beans, cause dang, we are prepared!

  55. There are so many providers of “emergency, disaster” or whatever you want to call it gear. They are in business to make money. lots and lots of it. They are not going to turn in names to the gov. That would be totally stupid on their part. Their business livelihood would die. Not going to happen. Second, it is not just this present administration that is corrupt. It has been corrupt for years. The New World Order has been in the making for decades. Both Repubs and Dems are guilty. We need a whole new government in place with average citizens in office for limited time like it was intended to be. I have seen on TV people rolling in some congressman in a wheel chair who looked liked he could barely breathe let alone have a rational vote on some issue that affects the rest of us. What a _ricking joke! ON US!!!!! We need change alright but not the same old _hit!

    • Term limits for ALL of them , supreme court needs to be elected by the people and for a set term , no more lifetime appointments . That is one flaw that needs correcting .

  56. Prepper Wannabe says:

    What constitutes “extreme religious statements coupled with comments that are violent or appear to condone violence”?

    In this day and age of excessive political correctness that could be anything that the listener does not want to hear or “feels offended by hearing.”

    The Bible contains some pretty violent passages. Does this mean that if I quote certain passages of Scripture then I am suddenly a terrorist suspect?

  57. Prepper Wannabe says:

    This reminds me of a previous pamphlet published about a year ago that described who the government deemed to be potential terrorists…such as those who homeschool their children and believe in Jesus.

    Given the increase in the criminalization of innocent citizens in order to push an agenda, this trend is disturbing. It seems the proper definition of “terrorist” by the government is “anyone who disagrees with the party line.”

    Once this thinking has been accepted as normal by the mainstream sheeple, the next step will be the passing of laws and enforcement of real punishments levied against those citizens. ‘Cause it will make America so much “safer…”

    Suddenly, countries like North Korea and systems such as the former East German Stasi come to mind. The trend is disturbing. All the while people do nothing but focus on “the economy” and “the American dream” without realizing that the rug they are sleeping on is being slowly yanked out from beneath them as they slumber.

    It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

    Thanks for making us aware, M.D.

  58. being alredy on the lower end of the socio-economic lader if my government objects to me spending what little money i have on mre and bi poids for the m-1 then all i can say is pppppptttttt on them i dident watch my parents rot to death and my country change in ways nobody back then would have thouht posable just so this 54 yr old could be amung the many refuges runing half naked-and staved to the helocopters when the grate americn disaster hapens[as for me i plan to be one of the best preped refuges you ever saw asuming i and my gear sevive] and if my government thinks me a threat for doing so then heres my permission to come from behind and put one rouond to the back of my head shouldent take moor than that.i know ware i go when i die.

  59. Chris 'doc' Tillmann says:

    As much as these kinds of things keep happening you’d think it wouldn’t surprise me, or anyone for that matter. I wasn’t alive through the red scare, I was hardly an infant when the cold war ended, but I know American history way better than most people in my generation and I find this to be just another way for the federal government to scapegoat innocent hard working Americans. I have no way to prove and I’m merely speculating, but it seems like somewhere around half of preppers have served in the military, but now get labeled as a threat? What a sad time we live in. Well friends, they’ll have their way no matter what, better to just adapt and read “1984” again.

  60. BRYAN ORR says:


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