Federal Court Dissolves Constitution

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  1. Jefferson was right ……………..its time for another civil war .

  2. Georgeislearning says:


  3. Thats downright scary.

    TR…. I fear you are right and it will be a bloodbath if it ever happens.

    • I agree , its too bad government is so corrupt to do it , and the people so complacent to have allowed it to get this far gone . It will unfortunately take a lot more before people find the reason to act .

  4. Again the current administration has shown it’s total disregard for the Constitution as the law of the land. They enact legislation, get it struck down, then use the “big stick” of the Federal Judiciary when it suits them, ignoring or circumventing in with Executive Orders when they don’t get their way in the 1st case.

    Don’t these judges realize that the next administration might consider them terrorists because they oppose their decisions, and incarcerate them. That’s WHY we have due process in the 1st place!

  5. Chris in Michigan says:

    “When the people fear its government there is tyranny. When the government fears its people there is freedom” <——– Thomas Jefferson

  6. Uncle Charlie says:

    Consider the source. The Patriot Act was enacted after 9/11 during the previous administration. The current administration is continuing to use it. It has gone through Congress a couple of times. I agree that the part concerning US citizens is unconstitutional and for present is limited to the jurisdiction of the one US Court of Appeals. Once another circuit disagrees it will go to the Supremes. This provision was originally considered a conservative position pushed by leading Republicans and is not the brainchild of a liberal Obama administration. In any event it is a blatant violation of the Constitution and I hope the Supreme Court will strike it down once it reaches them. I would hope that this is one thing that the liberal and conservative parts of the Court can agree on…but you never know.

    • Pineslayer says:

      Uncle Charlie, thank you for putting into words my thoughts. Our current leading parties have no respect for our freedoms. My trust in the courts isn’t much better. Can there be a peaceful revolution?

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Both Republicrats and Demicans support this blatantly unconstitutional violation of the rights of AMERICAN citizens.
      That is why I maintain that They (federal pols of both parties) are all scum who dance to the tune of their Masters.
      A vote for any of THEM is a vote for whatever the real Powers want.
      Sure I think Obama and his fellow Demicans are worse than Romney and company but THEY are all intrinsically evil. Slaves to power and money. It’s a lose-lose election.
      As to the Supremes striking it down…..anyone remember Chief Justice Roberts surprising ruling on ObamaCare? Did this great scholarly, constitutional-constructionist suddenly make a lame brained boo-boo? A mental hiccup? No. He did as instructed. There is no other explanation for the mental gymnastics he had to go through to explain his ruling. The Chief Justice cannot be counted on to strike down this farcical ruling. The New World Order is right around the corner.
      Security in exchange for liberty. Sound good? Any takers?

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Sorry for the pessimistic rants. Just disgusted…..

      • Pineslayer says:

        SD, I believe Justice Roberts ruled the way he did so that the Right could have something to run against. If he struck it down then the right would have one less bullet in the clip. Pro wrestling, it’s all a big game to them and we all pay for their fun.

      • Survivor Dan, Please never apologize- thats what this pack is for-to support one another . Arlene

  7. All of this is very depressin- re the President ignoring our rights and our
    Constitution. Ideas folks? I am feeling with all the effort we have out into
    preparing what if we are told its Martial law give it up- other than fightning and dying what options do we have ? Please help. Thanks.Arlene

    PSI have gotten to the point where I HOPE the EOFTWAWKI is so massive that the gov cannot function at all.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      VOTE for those who believe in God and Country. Join mailing lists of organizations such as Liberty Counsel, ACLJ, etc., those who fight for the United States Constitution and upholding those rights. Many of them will send you petitions via e-mail that you can sign to increase the numbers that are needed to truly get things done and you are not obligated nor need to feel bad if you are too poor to donate money. Get a gun or weapons and get ready to make a run for it if M.L. does take effect. No sense in trying to go up against trained individuals because if you do not know what they know, you may well jeopardize your life and risk incarceration. There is a time and a place for war but without organization and preparation, you could die. It might prove better to just get out of dodge and then take some time to think about what to do. Americans should not be like those who take to the streets. Rather, they should plan and prepare as they would for any type of disaster. Knowledge of that which a tyrannical leader’s forces know may be valuable in times to come.

      • Beware of electronic petitions , unless they changed it …..they are not considered valid , and the intended law maker may never read them . Verification issues .

        • If that is still correct , and you feel it will make a difference , then go directly to the politicians web site and voice your concerns there .

      • Mt . Survivor,Thanks.I will check out those sights. In the 60s the John Birch society members predicted much of this and just a handful listened.
        I do pray daily and hold eternal hope in my more upbeat moments.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “PSI have gotten to the point where I HOPE the EOFTWAWKI is so massive that the gov cannot function at all.”

      Sad, but there is some truth there kiddo.

      • Survivor Dan – My sentiment exactly. My guess is that a military coup could result. Since we’ve had so many perfect storms (oh, I hate that phrase) in the last few years, I wouldn’t be shocked to see what happens right after the election plus toss in massive solar situation or deliberate EMP. Bad things just don’t happen by 1’s anymore.

        • Or it could belike the Roman Empire , they had a period of 100 years of instability at the top , the praetorian guard was killing and choosing the emperors , generals marched their legions against Rome to either take the crown for themselves or get rid of a rival . …….Either way , it didnt affect the empire as a whole very much at all ………the reason for this was good management by the provincial ( the states ) governors . Daily life of the average Roman was not disrupted that much during the turmoil at the top . In effect , they went on without them .

  8. Warmongerel says:

    I say that we use the law to arrest all of the people who implemented this “law” and then lock them up in the new prison that the Federal government just bought.


  9. Obumer needs to go. NOW!!! The citizens will help him pack his bags and pay train fare (one way) out of D.C.

    • Back to Kenya where he belongs …….or Cuba , thats closer . He and Castro can have conversations about the best form of communism .

  10. MountainSurvivor says:

    The Federal Courts do not have that kind of power over the United States and there is no legal way that they can do that as it is against our Nation-because of the United States Constitution. Nor can Obama do such a thing as he MUST obey OUR Nation’s Constitution, not override it as the Federal Courts think they can do. Everyone should read the United States Constitution and get some education on it because otherwise the Federal Government and other types of agencies, which do not have a legal right to determine our Nation’s Laws, will get away with that sort of tyranny. It’s time to fight back and we MUST use our Laws and VOTE for those who are willing to uphold the Constitution. Romney and Ryan WILL DO THAT! Our Prime Leader is consorting ONLY with Dictators and Socialists which are actually Nazis. Folks, it’s time to get out the extra large cans of Nazi Whoop@$$!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I fear that Romney is a not a true Conservative and that (though intelligent and persuasive) Ryan is just a career politician. They will slow the spread of socialism/top-down government but the end result of economic ruination and a One World government is inevitable. The Great Powers are lending newly printed paper money back and forth in a losing bid to forestall total economic disaster. THEY can’t do it forever. One could only kite checks for so long until one got caught.
      We the ordinary citizens will pay the piper when it all collapses and the government with THEIR soup kitchens and other handouts will proclaim themselves our saviors. And the sheeple will be so grateful to THEM. Makes me want to weep for my doomed country. It will never be the same. Sic semper tyrannus!

      • Hi Survivor Dan, In my more depressed moments I agree with you but
        I truly believe that there will be a resiliency from folks like all of us
        and many will demand accountability and the Lord will strip the earth of the multitudes and the new population that survives will
        be a new breed-thats at least what I hope and pray for. Arlene

        • Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.” -1st John 2:15-17

    • I’ve watched this lunacy since the late 60’s, starting with some horrendous in-class preaching of communist values by the influx of draft-dodging teachers. We’re pretty much going where I said we would, just faster when I caught on to Obama way before his election. Over the last year, I’ve had chills go up my spine (worse than in Sept 2011 when I heard that Massoud was assassinated) when I’ve heard dialogue from the left that’s straight out of Atlas Shrugged. We could be totally frewed in the very very very near future.

      • You should all watch Walter Veith’s total onslaught series on his website. It all comes together.

  11. LuckyStars says:

    I hope and pray we all band together and vote that insane madman-puppet out of office come November. If he were to be reelected the loss of our Freedoms, our Liberty, 236 years of Democracy (the very things our brave Soldiers have fought and died for, for the past 236 years), plus the possibility of becoming “criminals” and being detained and jailed for no reason seem poised to become a grim reality in the very near future. It is becoming VERY scary, indeed.
    It seems the promised “steak on every plate and a Cadillac in every garage” – so to speak, only – and all that other political garbage (plus what I won’t mention for fear of being labeled a racist) that got him elected was just another heaping pile of BS all the way around along with that “great” word he spouted often enough – “change.” Things have “changed” alright and not a thing has been for the good of the ‘average’ American.
    Good luck, keep your powder dry, and bless us all.

    “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”
    ~James Bovard, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (1994)

  12. Doesn’t matter who’s in the oval office- this subversion of America has been going on since Lincoln- even G. Washington saw it in his farewell address.
    Mongrel wants to use the law to arrest the traitors, and I ask, ‘Which law?’ There aren’t enough honest Constitutional LEOs with the guts to go to DC, or any where, and arrest the traitors, even those in their home state. So it’s up to We, the People- and there aren’t enough willing to group together and enforce the Constitution.
    So what do we do?
    We continue to sit on our hands as the noose tightens, prepping all the way.
    ‘Unless My People, who are called by My Name, repent and turn from their evil ways…’
    Thus endeth the sermon.

  13. There are a few states that have already passed anti – NDAA legislation , even before this ruling . AZ is one there are several others that have passed non compliance legislation as well . Ok , the feds will override the states , but what this tells me is that the nation in several different areas is indeed priming itself for civil war . When states , and there are several , that actually felt it important to draft and pass anti federal legislation before the legislation was even passed by the feds is a strong statement . This is important to look at , that tells you that the states and the federal government are in direct opposition of each other and if it continues , will trigger a major event .

  14. Uncle Charlie says:

    First let me state that I did not vote for Obama and I have always been a conservative. The current rendition of the Patriot Act passed through the Republican controlled House of Representatives in 2011. Trying to blame all this against liberal Obama is not only a bit off, it is way off. It was originally passed in 200l during the Bush administration and each and every time it was extended it was pushed through by CONSERVATIVE Republicans and Democrats (yes, there are still some conservative Democrats). This is not Obama’s baby. I don’t like it any more than anybody else but he is not responsible for it. Like every President who is elected, he tries to incorporate more power into the Executive Office. It is the nature of the beast. Jefferson was one of worse offenders despite all his rhetoric aimed in the opposite direction. Write your Congress person. Congress is responsible for the Act. The ACLU opposed it and was shouted down. Ben Franklin said it best: Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. AND unless we can convince Congress to change it or the Supreme Court to over rule it, things could get very messy indeed. It smells a little bit like the Inquisition in some ways. We keep failing to learn from history only to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It may smell like communism to some of you, but the power behind it comes from the right not the left. I’ve always thought it funny that the extreme left and extreme right always end up in the same place in the end…destroying freedom.

    • I could be all wet , but I believe that the ONLY reason Obama is in office now is because of John Mcwarmornger McCain . Everybody knew he was nothing more than George Bush’s third term and took a chance on the unknown guy ……kinda makes you wonder if the republicans even wanted to win ?

      • TR I respectfully disagree with you .John McCain has mr highest
        respect in many areas – a few I disagree with.(like S Palin) He of all people
        knows the score and has paid dearly for it. If he was the President
        the terrorists and the drug lords would be being dealt with justly
        and effectively. Arlene
        PS At this time I am most concerned with our Constitutional rights , GMO food ,climate change and TEOTWAWKI.

  15. Uncle Charlie says:

    Survivor Dan: In its Obamacare ruling, the Supreme Court held that the law could not be upheld under the Commerce Clause, which was the government’s primary argument in its support. “The Federal Government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance,” Roberts wrote for the majority. This was a major conservative victory although almost no one got it because they look at the final result rather than the rationale. The commerce clause has been used many times in the past to allow creeping federalism (or creepy if you prefer) and Chief Justice Roberts finally drew a line for the Court which previous justices did not. However, he is NOT an activist judge and will not rule something un-contistutional because it is unpopular or distasteful. In accepting the tax argument, the court relied on the “well-established” principle that “if a statute has two possible meanings, one of which violates the Constitution, courts should adopt the meaning that does not do so.” Just because we don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s un-constitutional. The government does have the power to tax even if the politicians don’t like to call it that, although those opposed to it did call it just that…and Congress passed it.

    Now getting back to the question at hand, that is, weather or not the Supreme Court will over rule the Circuit Court decision. The only question is whether the left wing or the right wing of the Court will do so. In a perfect world, they both would. Perhaps Chief Justice Roberts will save the day. He really had no chance to do so in the Obamacare case.

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