I need your feedback…

As you have probably, noticed I’ve made a few changes to the blog that I hope will make it more user-friendly for you and more inviting for new readers…

For example; I’ve added boxes around individual conversations and replies in the comments to hopefully, make the conversation easier to follow. I also changed the main font size and text to one that I hope is easier to read. I also changed the main link color, added a post rating system (thumbs up / down) at the end of each post.

Let’s see what else…

Updated the main header image by adding some text for effect, changed the link color in the sidebars added a new subscribe to this blog banner / link in the sidebar and put up a new page to help folks to subscribe to the blog.

And instead of having the full article on the front page we now have “teasers” for each post and a continue reading link to the full article. I hope that this change will make it easier for you to find the post that you’re looking for, without having to scan through several full articles first…

What do you think? Do the changes made make the blog easier for you to read, navigate and communicate with other readers (and me)? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to make your own suggestions…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Sw't Tater says:

    I like the header, had not zoned in on all the changes , but I had noticed the changes in the conversations seemed easier to follow. Thanks, Good Job!

  2. I like the new layout, easier to see more posts on the homepage. The thumbs up/down thing seems less friendly somehow. Anonymous thumbs wouldn’t make me more or less inclined to read a post anyway.

    I did like the “page read total”/”page reads today” counters that was up for a few hours the other day, hope you bring that back.

  3. Looks fine to me. I hope you get enough feedback to do some good!

  4. i like it. it looks more like a drudge type news page. more professional. makes it easier to scroll to articles that pertain to your interests.

  5. I like the new format a lot, especially the “teaser” style postings. I don’t have to page back as much when I’m looking for something.

  6. The boxes around the emails makes you stand out and is very well done.

    The new main page makes things a lot easier to skim through articles to find the one I’m looking for, and to see if there is one I missed.

    Excellent work! Thanks.

  7. M.D. ,

    I really like the links by teasers approach. It works well.

    The header image with text is interesting but I will say that it almost appears like Arabic until I focus in on it. It must be the text style that does that. Visually, it isn’t my favorite, but it’s not a deal breaker since I’d read your blog even if you had Biden’s photo up there, and that is saying something.

    If you changed the text from another style I’m not sure it works well for me. I notice that somehow it is harder to read. Maybe I’m imagining things. Everything I’ve ever read about web design says use Arial or Verdana for online text in terms of readability. Is this helvetica?

    • PreppingMomma5 says:

      I agree with the font, not that it looks foreign but that it’s quite small and strains my eyes. Maybe make it a tad bigger?

  8. I’m really grateful for the “teasers’ of each article vie having to scroll through articles that did not interest me to get to the next one.

  9. M.D.,

    I like the changes. The blog looks more professional. I like the teasers–if I am in a hurry I can scan the day’s posts, get an overview, and come back later when I have time to read them. It’s sort of like scanning the headlines when you don’t have time to read the entire paper.

  10. I really like the teasers for the posts. Means more posts to the page and quicker to find posts of interest. Also like the changes to the comments layout. Much easier to follow flow. The other changes are fine but do not affect me.

  11. MD,
    I really like all the changes you’ve made,makes it easier and quicker to scan,search and read.Now,if we can get some pictures or videos that would be great.Also how about an online store with the advertisers,or possibly a reveiw area of new or featured products.

  12. BlueCaribDreams says:

    There are no changes that I dislike, a few that are neutral, the header I like… and I love the “teaser” style!


  13. I like it MD it is a step forward. It should make it easier for people to remark on the thread they want to be on. Ya did good!

  14. MountainSurvivor says:


  15. Looks good, though there’s a part of my brain that desperately wants to line up all the extras in the header evenly….lol.

    Overall two thumbs up.

  16. Super glad you moved the search bar. I could never find it before!
    The subscribe box is super cool, too. Really like the changes to the header, too. Nice job.

  17. Rob in Ontario says:

    I really like the new layout – much easier to find things and to read

  18. Petticoat Prepper says:

    I wasn’t sure I liked the changes at first. The teasers took a bit of looking at to figure out what information I was after but now it’s easy and I like it. I like the comment section much better, the change makes it easier to follow the thread of conversation.

    I like the new verbage on the header but I too find the font difficult to read. Maybe it’s a bit too ‘fine’/light weight/small for us with older (ahem) seasoned eyes???

    However, on a whole I like the update! Good work MD.

  19. Grandpappy says:

    Like the short form teasers, able to check out more posts.

    I have a customized display and Firefox browser set up for vision impairment, so I don’t see much formatting. I have the windows display in hi-res black background with large font, green color text. I load the blog, then switch to View>page style>no style, and the blog shows in a single-column large font format. Much easier on my eyes, but I miss some of the cool stuff you did with the layout and fonts. Oh well, the content is the important thing, right?

  20. I usually read off of Google Reader so I didn’t notice the differences.

  21. MD –

    Super upgrade and improvements, feels much more user friendly. I do like the teaser style, it’s a more professional style. I do, however have to agree that the cursive style font used in the header phrases is a bit hard to discern without a real focus or enlargement.

  22. I think it all is very nice. I appreceiate any form you use really. I know it’s a big job.

  23. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I like it too – quicker to scan the topics which interest me. I consider it an improvement.

  24. bulldog94 says:

    I Like the changes! I haven’t posted in a while but I do check in from time to time!

  25. HomeINsteader says:

    I think the “changes” are all GREAT! Looks great, works great! Well done, MD!

  26. Southern Blonde says:

    Love, Love, Love the new look! I especially love the condensed headlines where I can quickly look through and see the various articles and decide which to read first. That sure beats have to scroll all the way through to an article to see what’s next and because the articles are so long, many times I would have to hit the ‘previous’ button to see articles I may have missed during the week. This way more info fits on one page and it is much more user-friendly. Job Well Done, MD!!

  27. riverrider says:

    its all good, especially the teasers. the header, maybe color the little scripts, its hard to see on the background, but its not a big deal. overall loving it!

  28. Well Done!! Bravo Zulu!!

  29. Hunker-Down says:

    I like all the changes.
    I can maneuver through the topics faster.
    I especially like the enhanced ability to scan prior days topics.

    Those that are griping about fonts must have a sick browser 🙂

  30. Texanadian says:

    Good changes, like everyone else I like the abstract that makes it easier to chose what to read. Of course, I would read this blog if I had to look through broken glass. A great site, thanks for hosting it.

  31. Mother Earth says:

    I really like the improvements, you did good!

  32. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    I kinda miss Wolfy at the top MD. I loves the lay out and comment scores on each teaser.

  33. Lake Lili says:

    Like the boxes around the conversations. Don’t care for the new Title section. Content continues to be terrific and really thats why I come. Thanks MD!

  34. I like it all except for the teasers , I liked the whole article myself .

  35. Millie in KY says:

    I like it all but don’t see the thumbs up or thumbs down thingie. maybe I need to close the browser and re open it? And I’m missing the numbered posts, I often write down “146” so I can come back and start reading at that one again. Good job, looking better and better!

  36. harold kirkpatrick says:

    I noticed it right away. I like it very much!
    Keep it up. I am a daily follower and realy enjoy this site. It’s the best one of all the survival sites and the changes are very good.
    Man On Foot.

  37. Outstanding. The new format and teaser headlines make it much
    easier and enjoyable. Thanks.

  38. Honestly, I think the header looks a little ‘busy’ now. I think that’s because of the smaller print items….’living on the edge’, etc. I like all the other changes, but LOVE how the sidebar links change color after you’ve read an article.

  39. wickedprops says:

    I like the new format, my internet sucks.. I even have my browser set to not download pics. this is much better for me.
    thanks MD

  40. Petticoat Prepper says:

    I know you’re tweaking your header and looking for input. I don’t like the gas mask. I think it sends the wrong message for anyone that finds you as I did. (Looking for ways to store and rotate my stock pile.) I much prefer the wolf as I view the message as ‘wolf at the door’.

    IMHO as a woman, I’d have just been a 2 second click as the gas mask would have told me this blog was more military and wouldn’t have the information I was looking for. Which of course wouldn’t be correct but first impressions…..

    • Petticoat Prepper,

      Sadly, most people (about 90%) stay on the site about 1 second and they are gone with the wolf header also. I’m just seeing what works over the next day or so.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Petticoat Prepper,

      Our browsers must be different. I cant find the gas mask. (The DW says I cant find anything).

      I think the changes are terrific.

  41. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Yes, I know…just my $.02 on YOUR blog 🙂

  42. I like the new look MD. It seemed easier to find things & looked a lot cleaner!

  43. Really enjoy the site, miss the blue highlights. Also seems like some content disappears, I told a friend about 20 things to watch out for in 2013 and now i can’t find it.

  44. take it from a grateful Newbie–it’s just fine the way it is now.

    don’t mess with it, if it ain’t broken.

  45. Libby77625 says:

    M.D. — thanks for all the good work you do, and I think the improvements you have made are really great. Personally, I do like it and I really like where the search bar is located. Thanks for that one in particular 🙂

    As far as the wolf header goes, IMHO it’s perfect for your site since we ARE The Wolf Pack and lots of us are proud of it and glad for your site being what it is… sane, sensible, informative, instructional, and just plum’ useful.
    High 5s to ya… and thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!

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