FEMA Camp Locations 2014: The Ugly Truth!

Don’t go off to the FEMA Camp without watching this! FEMA Camp Locations 2014  – plus 14 tips that will help you stay out of the FEMA Camps!

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This well done video pretty much sums up where we are and gives a view of exactly where we are going in the U.S.

FEMA Camps 2013

FEMA Camps Ron Paul has his say…

The Terrifying Future of The United States

Get ready folks, the beast is at your door and it’s ripping its way through one claw at a time – the FEMA Camps are in America and have been activated.

Get ready now! Below are 14 tips that will help you stay out of the FEMA Camps

Developing your survival plan…

1) Keep it as simple a possible. If something can be done in two steps instead of three why bother with the third step? If there is an easier and simpler way to the same result, why make things difficult. Remember The KISS principle: “Keep it simple, stupid”.

2) Take your time and create a plan. With a paper and pen write out a detailed survival plan. What, when and how – while considering your personal needs and those of your family. Do this every six months – circumstances change, keep you plans flexible.

3) Have realistic expectations. I’m sure many of you would like to have a retreat on one-hundred acres nestled in the remote Idaho wilderness. A room full of high-tech weapons and gear. A customized humvee in the drive. A bunker stacked from floor to ceiling with MRE’s and the latest freeze-dried foods. But in reality most of us will never have this stuff. Set your preparedness goals at an obtainable level work relentlessly to meet them.

4) Educate your team, work together. Divide your family or survival group by skills. For instance; one member might specialize in medical procedures, another in chemistry and another weapons repair and reloading etc. Figure out what skills and resources you have as a group. Fill the gaps with training, classes and study.

5) Get a solid understanding of the basics. Everyone should at least know the basics, CPR / first aid, how to shoot, weapons maintenance and using available resources. Cover the basics first before moving to more advanced concepts. Refer to #1 above.

6) Know when to change strategies. Don’t become fixated with plans or beliefs. If something works, great; if not you need to find out what the problem is and how to fix it – even if it means a complete overhaul of your original plan.

7) Do a threat analysis. Stop, think, look around – if you were being attacked what would be the most likely approach? What are the weak points in your defenses? Who are probable attackers? When are they likely to attack. When are you most vulnerable? Find weak spots in your defenses and harden those points.

8) Experiment. Never assume something works without first trying it yourself. We have to many armchair survival “experts” giving advice on things they have never done. Never take anything at face value – try everything yourself to see if and how it works, leave nothing to chance.

9) Build a good library. You need books on gardening, homesteading, food storage and cooking, trapping, tracking, repair, raising livestock, alternative energy, medical, herbs and edible plants, outdoor survival etc. Make a list of the books you need. It’s best not to get many titles covering the same subject – they tend to overlap and cover the same techniques and advice. See number 8.

10) Don’t get discouraged. It’s easy to become discouraged or give up altogether. Stay focused, set obtainable goals and remember everyone started from the beginning. Stop worrying about what some survival guru said you need in his latest fiction novel. You know your situation and needs better than anyone – plan accordingly.

11) Analyze your skills. Take a close look at yourself and your skills. Write down the things you are good at – find your strong points. Do the same for your weak points. What do you know little about? Find the area that needs improvement and get to work building your skill level in that area.

12) Take inventory. Take a good look at your food storage and other survival supplies. Write down what you have, look for gaps in your inventory. I did this a couple of weeks ago and found I needed to expand my medical kit.

13) Get a check up. If you still have a job with medical insurance great. Get a complete physical and check-up – same with dental. Correct any problems found.

14) Find your own way. No one knows your situation or location better than you and no one can formulate a survival plan based on your personal needs better than you. You know who you are and what you are capable of – plan accordingly.

>> Click here to learn how to secretly feed your family and stay out of a FEMA camp.

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. There are no FEMA camps, and no one is spying on you. It’s all a bunch of b.s. put out by freaks like M.D. Creekmore to scare a bunch of gullible people like you all…

    • Steven Holbrook says:

      Snoops1, another in a long line of your BS posts, you are such a troll, if you weren’t so uninformed & ignorant it would be funny. As it stands now, you’re just sad, because you will be the one crying about your rights, as a liberal and you were the one that voted these morons into office. When it all comes down, we’re not saving you, we’ll drive right over you and keep going.

      • Steve,

        And I’ll wave as we pass over the bump in the road…

      • AmericanAirForce says:

        Where did you get any idea that FEMA camps had anything to do with “Liberals”. These camps have been created and perpetuated by the entire governmental structure regardless of political persuasion. They’re no Obama’s camps, or Cheney’s cams. They are the United States government’s camps and so long as folks keep getting lost in the weeds with fears of Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, makers and takers they are going to be ignorant and hoodwinked. It isn’t the poor that are conspiring and controlling the government. Not at all.

        • SupremeLeader says:

          Correct. The opulent are responsible for their delusions of control of any class lower than them.

      • its funny how everytime you see someone discrediting something its always a name like “tubeseeker” or “snoops”…..sound an awful lot like “informant” names….just sayin 😀

    • That’s right. Just like Barack Hussein Obama wants what’s truly best for the United States of America.
      *End sarcasm*

    • Shades of Green says:

      No one spying on us? Where in the world have you come from. The NSA has already admitted to this. Crawl back under the rock you came out from under idiot.

    • Gunny Sgt. Ballbuster USMC retired says:




      DISMISSED! (get a hair cut)

      • I think when it starts , any captured prisoners that wear a uniform should be hanged , we should also put a sign around each of their necks that reads ” I betrayed my oath and my people ” ” I betrayed the Constitution I swore to uphold ” ” I made war on my own people ” ” I helped Communists destroy my country ” ” I betrayed my oath , my family , and my country ” on every one , no long term prisoners . Their buddies need to read when they go to cut them off the scaffold .

        • Why do you think they want to recruit the young and the uninformed the easily persuaded. Talk to any old cop or a 15 year jarhead they understand the bullshit they are being fed. 18 year old kids are 18 year old kids they drink the coolaid see 1919 Russia, 1938 Germany, and1963 Vietnam. Being involved seems important until you realize the realities of your actions. Our country thought we had it made and we allowed this to happen. So while I agree the traitors need to be punished how do we define the traitors? Those that did nothing to stop it from starting are just as guilty as the perpatraitors. It is a slippery slope we all ski at this point.

      • yankeewatchdog says:

        Tell us more on the “Wolverines”

    • No FEMA Camps? You have a right to believe whatever you want. At least for now.

      Reality has a way of crashing through illusions, no matter how grand they are.

      To assist in that endeavor, I offer you this link about the development of the Fema Camps. Take the time to go to the referenced GOVERMENT site and READ their documents. The reading will take a few hours of time, depending on your reading level.


      Happy reading!

      • I’m still not sure that there are FEMA camps in place, although with the proper personnel and equipment, it would not take long to set something up if required. If you remember hurricane Katrina, they were able to place thousands of people into the Super dome in a matter of days, so if the logistics are in place, something like this could be set up and running in rather short order. I do not however think that unless there is a real disaster, you can drag 300,000,000 people, anywhere they do not want to go.
        Also, the article mentioned up to 5000 persons per facility and up to 25 facilities per state, which only has enough capacity for a total of 6 ¼ million people.

        • AmericanAirForce says:

          There are FEMA camps in place. They were utilized in my area in the aftermath of Katrina. People were housed and residents were given preferential hiring in near by communities.
          This scare stuff surrounding them is pure B.S.

        • But they figure roughly 4 million preppers in the U.S. plus a few loud mouth’s (such as me) you imprison 10 % and the other 90 fall in line. Hitler controlled Germany and led a world war with 17% of his population being members of his party. It has happned before!

    • Are there FEMA camps? I don’t know. Between the highly questionable, government ammunition purchases of recent past and the current FEMA purchasing of long term food in bulk, it makes you wonder.

      I guess the argument really boils down to whether or not you trust your government. I do not. My distrust is based on actual experience. What are your views based on?

      I think history can offer us several teachable moments in regards to this. Has our government used internment camps in the past on Americans? Would our government be willing to use internment camps on Americans again?

      1. President Wilson interned German-Americans from 1917 to 1920.
      2. President FDR interned Japanese-Americans (and to a lesser extend German-Americans) starting after the attack on Pearl Harbor to as late as 1948. (Think about it… when did WWII end?)

      The first question is answered with an obvious yes. The second is harder to quantify as it is trying to guess the likelihood of a future action. This means you need to look for things that both incidents have in common with one another. First, Wilson and FDR were both staunch progressives. Second, war was used as a cover for their actions.

      The core belief of the progressive is the superiority of the collective over that of the individual. Their willingness to sacrifice individuals for the benefit of the collective allows for such gross violations of Constitutional rights to occur. In light of this belief and that these camps have never been used under a non-progressive President, it is safe to say that your odds of these camps becoming a reality go up when a progressive is elected.

      Obama is a radical progressive… He has publically stated in an interview he is going to punish those that have opposed him. Departments of the government are actively being used to target Americans with opposing political views. So if history was to repeat itself, I have a good idea who will be targeted for internment.

      War was a key point in the camps becoming a reality. We live in uncertain times right now. There are multiple conflicts raging around the world. Our administration has no problem getting itself entangled in foreign conflicts. Nations around the world are racking up unsustainable debt. Fiscal mismanagement is amplifying the problem. The old hatreds are boiling up to the surface again. The world needs an out and the last time it found one we ended up with WWII. So it is understandable why there are many saying the world is sliding towards WWIII. If it does, then the second condition will have been met.

      Provided one isn’t blinded by the normalcy bias or political ideology, this should be enough to make anyone a tad nervous.

    • Snoops1…..Hey, speaking of gullible idiots, do you have “Google Earth”? If so, use it.

    • then consider this, our currency is no longer backed by silver and gold, instead its backed by oil. the federal reserve has been depleted since 1965. my proof is a documentary on fort knox by the national geographic, and all the oil wars in the middle east, and a friend of mine that works for the nsa. africa and china own the gold and silver now. thats 39.5% of the worlds wealth. and since your such a beliver in your government, i would love it if snoop1 can prove this wrong. and to top the cake wallstreet was sold to the germans. if you ask me it sounds like the third reich all over again and that my misinformed friend is why i sleep with my 45 auto under my pillow. and any other would be wise to do the same.

  2. Old Hillbilly says:

    Tell me Snoops…how long did you work for Obama before he gave you a job with DHS? M.D., I think you need to sweep the trash out…at least in my humble opinion.

    • Snoops is a hit and run troll , he most likely will not respond . No fun if you dont get one that hangs around . Just Sayin .

  3. The problem I have with videos like this are that they are sensationalized in their presentation and a seriers of very tiny clips in a random pattern with dramatic music , like a movie trailer . Shit we have all heard and seen before , they are propaganda flicks , plain and simple in their presentation , fear mongering instead of educating . Ron Pauls video was the only one that had any credibility as far as I’m concerned and the only one that I would pay attention to .

  4. Why do folks get on Blogs to argue? I don’t get it, I read sev a day and all the same. Some, if I ask a question or simply point another idea, not arguing, get called all kinds of names. So I ask them, why come to argue, its strife and serves no purpose so go to one that agrees w you!
    Those people want to live in a bubble, we don’t.

    • Trolls on all blogs , no big deal . I’t only a problem if the readership cant defend themselves from it . Remember , right or wrong , dont give an inch , and NEVER back down .

  5. that’s right snoops…All is well..nothing to see here. Besides The bachelorette is on tonight right? and Kane west is taking a poo right now on twitter.. and Where is lindsey Lohan? OMG , let’s get back to watching TV, I think I see a shiny object….. Obamab and the NSA did what?…OOOPS, can’t pay attention now, Grey’s anatomy re-runs are starting…
    You Frigging retard. You’re the kind of IDiot that would deny your house was on fire all the while the firemen were dragging you out and hosing you down.

  6. richard muszynski says:

    greetings. wow. i never thought that my being in a historical re-enacting as a German Nazi SSmann that i was re-enacting the future of military SS right here in America. Where they have told us over and over that America would never sink that low. now they are training our military to fight against the American people and imprison them in FEMA concentration camps. the American Nazi Gestapo in power. i find it amazing that a black, with no documentation, president of the U.S. and turning it into a Version or copy of Nazi Germany. Remember the Nazis lost the war. we should make sure it doesn’t win this time either. or you can just go along with the government like the Jews of Germany did and peacefully report to the FEMA concentration camp and save our leader the effort to order your termination. do it yourself. should be interesting.

    • Freedom is like religion ……..you cant kill an idea , every one that tried to do so has failed in the long run .

  7. The Boss sent me this the other day. Seems appropriate for this post

    The definition of service
    What does “Service” mean? I was totally confused when I hear the word ‘Service’ used with these agencies:

    Internal Revenue ‘Service’
    US Postal ‘Service’
    Telephone ‘Service’
    Cable TV ‘Service’
    Civil ‘Service’
    Federal ‘Service’
    State ‘Service’
    City ‘Service’
    Public ‘Service’
    Customer ‘Service’

    This is NOT what I thought ‘Service’ meant.

    But yesterday I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to ‘Service’ a few cows.

    BAM!!! It all came into focus… Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us…

    You are now as enlightened as I am…


  8. There may be no FEMA camps. But you can sure bet your ass that THEY are planning them , training for them and putting supplies away for them. They may not be called FEMA camps , they may be called something else but I truly believe the Gooberment is putting in place the mechanics,logistics and plans for them just as sure as there is a moon in the sky and my dog licks himself.

    • George,

      “They may not be called FEMA camps”

      Agreed, they maybe know as “Rehabilitation Camps” or some other name but it’s still the same principal, allowing detention of folks that they want to get rid of…

    • George & MD;
      According to an old email between myself and our recently retired congressman. There are NO fema camps, but there are centers for placing the citizens during a disaster for short term usage and on into longer usage should the need arise. They refer to them as “Disaster Centers”. Where the populace can be “taken care” of by the different government agencies.

      Last time I checked this revised legislation to build these camps is in committee, the first time through it was shot down, but who knows what will happen now. Since they(congress) do not read what is coming for the floor for a vote before they say yea or nay any more.

      Now I have penance for when things stink I refer to it as “coughing up a hair ball”. Let me tell you I was coughing up a lot of them over this legislation and having that person tell me it was for the good of the citizens. How it would provide a roof over their heads, food and so on, so on. You get the point! Concentration Camps!!! Just packaged for the less intelligent fool who would be waiting in line for their “freebies”.

  9. if you don’t believe it snoops, don’t tread on those who do

  10. Hi folks,
    My concern is really the people that have no clue as to what is continually unfolding around them whether due to ignorance, head in the sand (or somewhere else!), or fear of being labeled a non-conformant, but will agree and side with people like the snoops and micro chip proponents of the world. At least in the beginning, but once they see the deception it for what it really is even though it will be too late, then they’ll want to borrow that sharp knife from one of us non-conformants to cut that chip out.
    “Semper Fortis”

  11. Carolina Blue says:

    Thanks MD! Powerful, thought-provoking and insightful!

    Be prepared…

  12. Back in the early 70’s when I was starting out in Emergency Management the rule was to plan for the worse and hope for the best. Plan for the biggest or worst case scenario (WWIII) and then scale down to handle the smaller more likely event. (Tornadoes, floods, etc.)

    With the fall of the USSR our national plans for WWIII were in all practical purposes tossed out the window. In fact the state of Texas today does not address WWIII in it’s emergency planning at all. We no longer have Fallout Shelters. We no longer maintain the CDV 777-1 Kits. We no longer train people to operate either. The Emergency Biscuits turned toxic and the hard sugar candy is long gone. The signs have all been removed.

    Under the rules of the old Cold War, large population centers were also considered targets (hostages) so there were also evacuation plans for most of them. Reception areas had to know how may were coming and had to have plans to deal with them. These are all but forgotten now.

    Looking back at Katrina we can remember the criticism of the federal government for delays in providing food, water and shelter to a very large number of refugees. They simply had not planned for all of the logistical needs and the time required to acquire them and to get them in place. One reason New Orleans failed to evacuate residents was that they had no designated place to take them or to provide basic needs after they got there. The Katrina response was almost a 100% “make it up as we go along” operation, not like the ability of the Red Cross and Southern Baptist responding to smaller local disasters. (And they do a great job too).

    So, how do I tie this in to the FEMA Camp debate? Since 9-11 and Katrina the world has changed. We have new enemies as well as old who can reacj out and touch us in either isolated ways or on a grand, national scale. I believe those men and women responsible for planning are doing their jobs and developing detailed contingency plans to include selecting locations near but outside of medium and large population centers, stockpiling food and medications, and addressing the need for people to organize and get these “camps” running in minimal and realistic time frames. (If you were ever trained on Shelter Management you would know that you put the shelterees to work as much as possible. Keep people busy so they don’t dwell on the unknowns back home). You also know that you need to secure your resources.

    I also have faith in most of my fellow Americans, including those career people who work in government. (Not the same as members of this administration). Americans are basically good people and I for one will not assume that people who work for FEMA are evil, wicked, mean, and nasty Nazis. (Not the same for members of this administration).

    I also believe that mankind fears what it does not understand. Mankind will assign all types of evil gods and evil intentions of men to the unknown. Mostly because we just love to be scared!

  13. Donna in MN says:

    Any emergency or detainment camp can be made with tents and barbed wire fencing in a couple days. This is history of refugees, prisoners of war, and temporary gulags.

  14. AmericanAirForce says:

    Someone want to tell me what purpose these FEMA camps and coffins serve? I’ve visited some of them in this area and for the life of me can’t figure out why a government would spend money warehousing people in places that are very resort like with no return. I can’t figure out why they would bury the dead individually. I’ve been to the historic camps in europe, I’ve read the reports from Cambodia and Bosnia. US FEMA camps as a means for population control, conversion, intimidation, labor Just are not logical. That’s me looking at it through the lens of what someone says vs. what is. It’s a moon made of cheese.

    • yankeewatchdog says:

      If you stick 1% of the population,in a FEMA Camp,and make an example of them, the rest are supposed to toe the line. They don’t sound very homelike to me. On the other hand, they’d have to carry me through the gate, feet first. They won’t take me to one, breathing…

  15. AmericanAirForce says:

    Ron Paul is as guilty of rhetoric as the people he throws barbs at. He’s right and he’s wrong but he’s not sincere.

  16. think logically for a moment..these “camps” are smaller than a shopping mall…how do you get 300 million people into them,or are they just going to kill you,keep the hot chicks for breeding? How will they feed you if the farmers are locked up?

    • They only have to lock up a small percentage of us in order to keep the rest of us in line. Kill a few million rioters and looters and lock up a few million patriots / enemies of the state… and viola. A peaceful collective eager to join the NWO.

      I think if it were just a few camps… it would make sense that they were for refugees but, when you add to the picture… militarized police forces, urban armed training exercises, regular suspensions of the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments, 1.7 billion JHP rounds, 2700 armored vehicles, the NDAA, the 17 trillion dollar debt, the looming petro dollar crisis, Obama’s associations and the growing number of scandals in DC… You have to believe that there is more to it, don’t you?

  17. MD:
    Found the legislation on this subject I had kept in my favorites just in case this subject should arise again. Sent it to your email account late last night for you to read over.

  18. Internmint camps.. we used on Americans in ww2 the Japanese Americans were moved all over and Interned until the end of WW2 and what did they do?? Nothing lost their homes belongings jobs and for what?
    I found this video and thought that it may have some semblance here.


    Like was said before all they have to do is control the people being the loudest once they do that everyone else will fall in line like… Sheeple

  19. Tilliewillie says:

    For those who think Fema Camps, a new world order is on the horizon will find out how wrong they are and very soon. The people of the USA have been lulled in to a false sense of security. Our founding fathers wrote a constitution to protect Americans from this very thing. Well America went to sleep in their comfort zone and forgot to keep a check on government. Does everyone know world or American History? How many know what the Constitution even says or the Bill of Rights? Very few, very few. The media distracts people from the important happenings in the world. All I can say is I pray that God will bless America again….at least those who love him.

  20. Even the Alternative media mouths seem to be playing a distraction game with the public, saying ‘they will be blamed’, psychologically provides for the public the very real human tendency of ‘better you than me’ coming to their mind. And this through all the truth they are telling them that can lead to more individuals losing civil rights. The screaming reporting, portrays a person very upset and bothered and this too gives the listener the push towards the, ‘I don’t really care about your problems,’ mentality. Even when the truth is reported (if it is about the loss of rights or loss of the republic) it shouldn’t be presented as a goal for a business model that will entertain and blur the real impact this can and will have on Americans lives. In a standing republic such as has been reported on in the last 15 years or so, (the shutting down of a free society) should always be reported to the public, as a,,, put your jobs and lives on hold people, the standing republic needs you,, It is a good thing we are past that point of no return to the republic because too many of you all were caught in the wal-mart parking lot traffic.

  21. asleep yeh right. Go to wal-mart and sporting good stores look for bullets, there flying off the shelf. the government isnt the only one buying 1.6 billion of them . It is called being prepaired and we to are prepairing. and they (the fed government) are scared as they should be. most citizens are not asleep but waiting for the “enforcement” phase. thats when they will find a gun behind every tree. want proof, gun and ammo sales are at and have been at all time highs for over a year because citizens do not trust them. As for FEMA camps i dont care because i wont be going ( i can take care of myself and my neighbors ) the way i see it is they will be for those that want a free ride and for government official protection. because thats what they will end up being used for. just because we are not starting trouble doesn’t mean we are not ready for it.

  22. Listen up:for all you non believers i have done extensive research on the fema camps and our government.AND YES VIRGINIA THEY DO EXIST oBUMMER IS JUST A SMALL WHEEL IN THIS.its called the new world order,or to us who know it odor. Think on this populations have grown big food and water is becoming scarcer.these rich assholes want it all for themselves.They have known for years if you own the economy you own the world.And they own the economy.PEOPLE GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND FACE THE TRUTH.THEY WILL KICK DOWN YOUR DOOR.RAPE YOUR WIFE IN FRONT OF YOU AND KILL ALL OF YOU.AND NOT A DAM THING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT.GET PAST THE B.S.THE GOVT IS FEEDING YOU AND WAKE UP NOW.BEFORE AT 3 AM IT IS YOUR DOOR THEY KICK IN.BECAUSE THIS WILL HAPPEN.

  23. (Quote TR ” I betrayed my oath and my people ” ” I betrayed the Constitution I swore to uphold ” ”)
    What oath did these people take?
    As I recall America is about having freewill, sure if you commit a crime you loose those rights but they chose that.
    If you go around hanging people then you become the criminal.

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