Fighting Dirty – M.D. Creekmore’s Secret to Winning any Fight

fightAfter my recent cross-dressing post, I thought it would be a good idea to take a more hands on approach today, diverging into a topic I’ve not covered before – empty hand and dirty fighting.

I remember my Shotokan instructor telling me, “no matter how good you are or how many trophies you win, on the street in a “real fight” you never fight fair”, good advice and words that, I took to heart.

A “real fight” without referees and judges, calls for a different mindset than a competition between two athletes squaring off in a ring for points. In a real fight anything goes and your very survival may depend on you not playing by the “rules” if you fight to survive you fight dirty.

Strike First

I remember reading an old proverb that said “he who strikes first wins”, if you feel that you’re backed into a corner and the only way out is to fight, then never be afraid to throw the first punch.

Strike without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense from your adversary. This is called a sucker-punch – if you must fight, it is a powerful weapon, use it without hesitation. An upward palm strike up and under your opponents chin also works nicely and is less likely to damage or brake your hand.

Strike Often

After throwing the first punch don’t just stand there – keep striking until your target is no longer a threat.

Forget all those Chuck Norris movies where he allows his opponents to get back up on their feet after being knocked down. If he goes down (or is still standing), finish the job while he is still in this most vulnerable position after being struck with the sucker-punch.

Be Violent

This one should be obvious. Never fight “nice” be violent, fight like your life depends on it, because it does. You’re not fighting to get the other person to submit or “tapout”. You’re fighting to save you skin.

Bite, gouge the eyes, pull hair, rip at the throat, attack the groin etc. Fight like a crazed madman or woman.

Weapons of Opportunity

Anytime that you’re in a situation where there is a chance of aggression toward you by someone, start looking for anything that could be used as a weapon. These are weapons of opportunity and are usually within arms reach, you just need to think outside the box.

Common items such as a pen, keys, rocks, ash trays or even a rolled up magazine can be used as effective weapons to attack vulnerable parts of the body.

Use A Distraction

Humans naturally protect their eyes; most will flinch, cover or even close them as a protective measure against perceived danger. We can use this to our advantage.

Throwing anything toward the eyes will move your opponent off guard and into a vulnerable position allowing you opportunity for an effective attack.

Have you even been in a fight? What happened? What did you learn?


  1. TN Daddy says:

    Buuurr I do agree with you to some extent about that, but my question to you would be how much do those women actually train these techniques. Its one thing to learn the steps of a submission, but its a whole different thing to build the muscle memory to execute in a real situation. 5 to 10 minutes of training per day is all it really takes to build that memory. Once again these are only used as a last resort.!.asp

    I can assure you this, a woman that does take it seriously and trains is just as effective as a man, and sometimes more since they are usually more flexable. Just depends on the teacher and the desire of the student to learn the techniques. If nothing else learn to escape mount and guard at least.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      I am not disagreeing with you on what you guys teach. I am simply stating that this class, the rape class, was what we offered and this is how we taught it. It worked very well with the ladies and most walked away being very capable of defending themselves. Most were very serious having being abused and raped in the past. In all honesty I think they took the class more serious then any of us guys there. The fact that they overcame the men in the end was proof of that.

  2. hvaczach says:

    In my youth I was in a few scraps usually drunk and thus not all that coordinated. I have since learned after having my ass kicked more than once it is much better to win than lose but best to avoid if possible, I don’t look for trouble but also not afraid. I think the most striking (parden the pun) point in MD’s post is BE VIOLENT. If you are not willing to destroy some ones knee in a fight or to break every finger in there hand than you have no buissness in the fight. If it is life and death, anything goes including pool cues tire irons or what ever else I can grab. As a father my troublesome days are I hope behind me but don’t let the ever smiling, friendly, effort to avoid trouble fool you if I must I do fight dirty.

  3. TN Daddy says:

    I wasn’t saying you were disagreeing. I was just showing you that article and was explaining for anyone else that might be reading 🙂