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  1. Lord Snow says:

    129.95 for a 550 round bulk pack of Federal .22?


    This is why so many folks are sniping deliveries at Walmart as soon as they come in. They can turn around and make massive profit.

    I say buy a Mosin, you can still get 440 round tins for about 80-90 bucks!

  2. Those prices make look good.

  3. Thanks for the info. hopefully people will stop hoarding 22lr that they are never going to shoot, I know we prep, and I have a 22lr pistol and rifle, but I can not justify purchasing more 22lr ammo at this point in time, since I can’t reload them, if I have to pay this much I am better off stocking up on reloading supplies, IMO.Only so much (or little) cash to go around.

  4. Exile1981 says:

    I always figured that if you have 4 or 5 boxes of 500 22lr ammo that’s enough. It can’t be reloaded and is really only useful for shooting small game and pests.

  5. tommy2rs says:

    Personally I like AmmoSeek much better than Wikiarms but that’s just me

    • does not contribute to, or support this blog, that’s why if you want to support this blog then it would be appreciated if you would use Wikiarms alongside the other to find the best possible price…

  6. Right now 22 LR remains as poor mans gold. Soon enough production will out pace hoarding. These searches are wonderful to have. I use and have great results. Thanks MD

  7. During the fed govt talk of gun registration last year, I read/heard of some com’s selling ammo BEFORE they had in stock & customers waiting weeks/months b/4 rec’ing it. Can any tell us if u had a pos experience w/ 1-?? com’s, & how soon u rec’d it? Or if there’s an off-brand com that some of us have not heard of (such as Armscor or Eley for me), that u’ve had a good experience with?

    I like to get a personal recommendation b/4 I order something from a site I’ve never heard of.

  8. loclyokel says:

    Just picked up 6 x 500 rnd bricks of 40gr Federal @ Gander Mountain gun expo on 4/12, for $25 per 500, so 5 cents a round? Many were bought, but there were still quite a few boxes left when we exited 3 hours later and no mad rush for the ammo counter. Folks there are retailers out there that are still providing good (affordable) prices. IMHO, most of these online sellers are trying to unload what they overpaid for during the more scarce times. This being said, 5 cents a round for .22 is still way more than I grew up with.

  9. I don’t think most folks that are commenting on this realize that the program lists prices of other calibers and not just .22.

    • loclyokel says:

      M.D., Yeah, and I’m one of them. Didn’t look thru the program on the top line to try the other listings, only the .22 listings. I was just commenting on the fact that many are voicing opinions of overpriced .22 and that I had located it locally for an acceptable lower price without the online. Thanks for your blog page, it makes a refreshing alternative to the Redoubt webpage.

  10. This may be old news to some of you folks but I just discovered out of OK and purchased 200 rounds of Critical Duty 9mm 135 GR +P which I received in 3 days. Their price for 50 round poxes was only a couple dollars more than Academy’s 25 round box price. They don’t have any rim fire ammo in stock currently so I can’t speak to that price, but I was please with most of the other prices they quoted, especially 1000 rounds of 9mm FMJ for less than $300, including shipping.

  11. Chuck Findlay says:

    Let me understand this, you look for, find, order with a credit / debit card that is tied to you, and use your real name and real address in an ever-increasing anti-gun political climate.

    Anyone else see a real problem with this? Really I’m not trying to be confrontational, I just see this as a really, really bad idea.

    No thanks not worth the risk.

    If I did need ammo (I don’t as I’ve been stocked up since the early 1990s with ammo, powder, bullets, primers) I would go to a gun show and buy it or look on Armslist with any computer that was not connected to me (like the one I’m using right now) and go buy it locally with cash.


  12. Chuck Findlay says:

    And to make it even more damming I bet you use Google to search for ammo.

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