From Alerts U.S.A. – First reported case of Ebola in Mexico City?

A few minutes ago I  received this message from Alerts U.S.A. 

Mexico Ministry of Health reports first confirmed case of Ebola. Location Mexico City… Patient is 1 of 22 students who traveled to Africa for vacation.

Oh boy, I’m sure glad that we have a secure border… aren’t you? Sarcasm off.

Update 9:14 PM EST: Health Ministry denies spread of Ebola in Mexico – I don’t know it this is true or an attempted cover up… we will see.


  1. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. bbqribman says:

    Any other sources of confirmation?

  3. Thank you for the update. Any word on 7th person in NYC and her test results? Watching all this closely and hoping not to be lied to for the purpose of “preventing public panic.”

  4. JP in MT says:

    I’m so glad I’m not in retail anymore!

  5. It was only a matter of time. Stay safe everyone

  6. tommy2rs says:

    Ok I’ve tried to hold it in but….

    If you’re stupid enough to go to Afrcia (or anywhere else with a raging epidemic) you deserve the disease you get. Don’t compound the stupidity by bringing it home with you like cheap souvenir. If you get sick in Africa stay there. If you just have to share it with your family invite them to join you but for pity’s sake don’t take strange diseases out of the country they were born in.

  7. David R.(Canada) says:

    I’m glad I’m now retired. I can cocoon myself in my home this winter and rarely, if ever, go out except on very cold days.
    I’ll watch this all unfold over the internet.

    • It will knock at your door in the form of Chemtrail Snow (recall last years snowpiles that didn’t melt?)
      Power outages in viciously cold days, and in the water supply. NWO aint letting anyone escape- except themselves.

  8. A lethal infectious disease, an open border, air strikes now authorized in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan and a militarized police force violating our Constitutional rights … uncertain times be here.

    • TB found in the illegal immigrants plus who knows what as symptoms are so similar confounding the whole scenario. Plus Russian plans playing games in the northwest off shore and ships off coast in the Atlantic and in the Gulf. We have at least 3 countries gunning for us. Anybody ready for a roller coaster ride?

  9. Word of caution says:

    How long do you think it will take for the children with tattoos and mustaches to come across our fortified borders and carry it here? Our only saving grace is that our winter is coming and that should kill the bug before it spreads to far. Maybe?

    • It is the conditions of winter that spreads contagious diseases. Confined spaces where crowds of people gather from the cold often is the catalist for airborne viruses. Winter is called the flu season for a reason. If it does spread here, take precautions.

  10. Told my DD it is time to review supplies as I eat from my supplies and am in constant rotation. Need to replenish whatever I am low on. I know I am down on rolled oats. Time to order a couple more 25 pound bags. Time to get the Berkey primed and going as water is at the top of the list. I have a pond, but this weekend, I am hanging a gutter on part of the trailer to catch water. I have a 14 by 19 addition that would give me enough to drink and cook with. Would prefer drinking rain water to pond water any day! Also time to plant the fall garden. Have a spot ready to go. My back (from being rear ended) is getting better; not great, but better so I will be busy over the next few days or week.

    • docj
      Just take it easy so you do not re-injury your back.

      • Becky, I hear you. It has taken since June 11 to get to this point. Told the doctor if I had a broken limb, it would heal faster than a whiplash injury! Definitely do not want a setback.

  11. Mexico City’s greater metropolitan area population is over 21 million people, millions of them without modern sanitation. Also, it’s about a two-hour flight to Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez on the U.S. border.

  12. As I said when this virus escaped containment in Guinea, it’s a matter of when it gets here, not if. If you live in a big city, stock up now while you can, and prepare to shelter in place for a month or more. Or better yet, get out while you can. If you live in the country, stay put and don’t expose yourself. Time to be prepared to hunker down for a while. Don’t forget the water.

  13. Foxtrot , foxtrot !! The storm clouds are getting real dark. Get ready we’re fixing to have loads of fun. = [

  14. When will we ever learn… this thing in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Syria plus Iran. The thing with Russia and its neighbor. Our economy is in pieces….and on and on. Why the hell our “leaders” feel it is the U.S.’s duty to keep on “helping” other countries…we have mote than enough on out own plates. Get the hell out of the mid east, quit meddling in Europe. Mexico and the other countries down there can go to hell…close the borders! Funny, they can track livestock with great accuracy but cannot handle illegals. Maybe put the Dept of Agriculture in charge of immigration and put the heads of ICE herding cattle. Oh,,, and for God’s sake kick all the illegals out of the U.S. One other thing. Get out of the UN and throw the UN out of the US!

  15. As of this morning this has been refuted by the mexican governments dept. of health. Just a matter of time though, even if this is a cover up.

  16. Exile1981 says:

    I have an Ebola question.

    From all the stuff on line it appears that mosquitoes can not be a vector as they can not carry the live virus in their system; but can female mosquitoes carry it in the blood the drink from one victim to the next?

    • I was wondering the same thing. We don’t have many mosquitoes here, too dry, but it wouldn’t take more than one to start the ball rolling……

  17. Ulises Huerta MD says:

    The news was denied because the original source is a false news website,, and here the website says they are not real, PLEASE STOP spreading this around the only place where there are 2 pacients in the american continent is in the US

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