Food Prepping


  1. Nice concise talk. Thank you. I so totally agree on all you said and especially what you said about storing food being the best investment too. I’ve been storing food and especially those items that seemed like a good deal. Those nuts that cost under $2 a pound and all the other stuff stored is looking pretty great now. Another great food storage thing to do is to dry can items in the oven like nuts, grains, etc. There are instructions in the older canning books.

  2. Almost There says:

    Good video. Thanks for the information. Need to check out what others you have available.

  3. I highly appreciate the absolutes you have in place. Gleaned a lot and was motivated to be a bit more organized to continue to stay ahead of the ever-worsening curve. I think the straight is gone. Will surely follow more of what you have to say.

  4. OhioPrepper says:

    Other than the size of the pile of boxes, your storage looks a lot like several rooms at my place; but, I’m only planning on 4 or perhaps 5 people with a little to pass out for charity. Although we’re not completely set up for charity, the plan is to put some rice, beans, salt, and sugar in a #10 can with a lid along with basic instructions for preparation.
    I always joke; but, I’m serious, that the freeze dried strawberries are not going to be passed out LOL.
    Red Cross and FEMA ( are also good resources for this kind of information and it’s finally good to see that this self reliant community is being thought of at least a little bit less as fringe kooks.
    I wish I lived a little closer to TN and perhaps I’d make a visit just to say hello (pre SHTF of course)

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    Wow James Yeager made a video I liked, What other impossible things can happen, Trump becomes president??? Na that’s just too out there…

  6. Chuck Right?
    Yeager making a video that I liked. I guess a broken watch is right 2 times a day. Well Yeager had it right once so far. He made sens through the whole presentation this time and only used one f bomb doing it.Very well done James.

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