Free Ammo

Brian, from LuckyGunner Ammo sent an email today, to let me know that they’ve only had two entries in their ammo giveaway – however they have three prizes to give away.

You do the math. They need at least one more entry so they can give all three prizes away.

What are you waiting for it’s a chance for free ammo and you have nothing to lose…

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  1. Wow… I’ve been waiting, nearly holding my breathe to see if I won one of these prizes…. and only two folks entered? Whats wrong with people? FREE AMMO!

    • JP – I was the other entry!

      • Hm. That is interesting, since I have a confirmation email from Lucky Gunner as well. Perhaps they would share with us who they think they have signed up?

        • Yes, me too

          • Anyone got an official ” You won ! ” mail yet ?

            • KD,

              I contacted them myself about announcing the winner – two days and no response yet. Waiting….

            • Not a peep. Starting to wonder a little, honestly.

            • Wow , this actually popped into a dream I had last night. ” Due to unforeseen circumstances everyone will receive $100 credit ”
              I would say that was weird but since in my dream I was sent back in time with a couple of people from star trek and one of them was obsessed with the idea of yard sales and across from my front yard was some huge aquarium ,I think one from California . Did I mention my house had turned into a mansion with serious mood lighting ?

  2. Aye, not one that I felt right entering despite the fact that my flat broke self could most definitely do with some more 9mm or 30-06 ammo.

    I do have a blog, but it’s a placeholder in case I ever decide to start one.

    I usually stick to twitter, where I have this odd collection of followers I can’t rightly identify, or to facebook post contests. People actually read those.

    Posting an entry to a readerless blog would seem like cheating to me.

  3. DaveNV/AZ says:

    I also could use the Ammo. Because I live off of a disability pension from our corrupt government. I dont have a blog or witter or facebook. Its just about all I can do to keep on the internet. So I wish they would try opening it up to us that dont have all those resources.

  4. “Posting an entry to a readerless blog would seem like cheating to me.”

    Exactly. I could go make a blog, and write about how I want to get into re-loading, and here’s this cool place recommended as a potential supplier, but who’d read it? Since contests such as this are generally PR promotions, there’s a certain amount of “public” required! [g]

  5. smorelli says:

    The contest says that he will draw the winner….yesterday (March 9th)

  6. TexasScout says:

    Only two? Why? Because MOST of us don’t HAVE a “blog” to link back to. We are to busy reading YOURS.

  7. I entered early, forgot 1 optional thing, zoomed back on and added it and notified them I corrected it. Hope it still counted as an entry

  8. Well, it seems there are more than three entries now….. anxiously awaiting an announcement!

    Also, for you guys who said you don’t have a blog to use to participate in this: I think it was stated on the original post that they are working up a contest for everyone else.

    • Anxious sums it up nicely.

      Heh, a little funny in a way. Everyone thinking they had $300 or $75 worth of ammo in the bag.

  9. Is there going to be an announcement for this or what???

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