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Dozens of Genetically Modified Babies Already Born – How Will They Alter Human Species? : “They’ve really done it… they’ve created humans that nature could never allow for, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.” Thanks to Al for the link.

Comparing droughts: 1934 and 2012 : “More than 50% of the United States is under drought conditions, putting 2012 in the same category as some of the worst droughts in history. As bad as the current drought is, the Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s remains the worst. At its height in July 1934, almost 80% of the nation was enduring drought conditions, compared with about 55% today.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Mass Shooting at Colo. Movie Theater, 14 People Dead : “A shooting at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado early today has left at least 14 people dead and at least 50 people injured.”

‘Dark Knight’ Shooting To Be Exploited For Political Grist : “Within hours of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a screening of the new Batman movie, the political machine is already gearing up to exploit the incident as a tool to demonize the second amendment and characterize Americans who are against big government as extremists.”

I wonder what wound have happened if this old guy had been at the Movie Theater in Colorado? 71-Year-Old Man Shoots Would-Be Robbers at Ocala Internet Cafe. Thanks to Gayle H for the link.

Eye Protection and Shooting Glasses Review : “You will never think about eye protection the same again.”

How the World Could End : “Predicting the end of the world has practically become a spectator sport. From movies like “Deep Impact” and “2012,” to the Mayan prophecy, there are plenty of suggestions of how life on Earth could disappear.”

Bad Economic Signs 2012.

News Channel Helps Public Identify Gun Owners : “News station WRAL has caused outrage amongst gun rights activists by listing address details of firearms owners in Raleigh, North Carolina – prompting critics to complain they are being treated like sex offenders and left open to criminal predation.”

GRAINS-Corn and soybeans hit record highs, stir food crisis fear : “Corn and soybeans soared to record highs on Thursday as the worsening drought in the U.S. farm belt stirred fears of a food crisis, with prices coming off peaks after investors cashed out of the biggest grains rally since 2008.”

Food prices skyrocket : Beef: +10.2%, Pork: +8.5%, Fish: +7.1%, Eggs: +9.2%, Dairy: +6.8%, Oils and Fats: +9.3%.

Disability Ranks Outpace New Jobs : “More workers joined the federal government’s disability program in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports.”

An awesome book that you should have in your survival library Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition. See my full list of recommended books here. :yes:

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  1. riverrider says:

    what if that 71y/o was at the colorado shooting? i suspect one dead gunman and a whole lot fewer victims. wth, is colarado ate up with leftists too? well how come they keep getting shot up then? never mind, answered my own question. hey, some good news, mitt is tied w/ tdl in va. this after and 8 point tdl lead earlier. maybe folks in va. are waking up. hope it spreads. in ’08 the whole state was red, but tdl won by getting the 3 or 4 metro areas. we need to re-look how cities are tallied versus the rural areas. frankly i’d like to go back to the old law, where only landowners could vote. how much would they raise and waste property taxes then?

    • village idiot says:

      river, in many metropolitan areas in the US there are more registered voters than there are voters. There is no attempt to clean up the voter registration rolls, and fraud is rampant. Same-day and time registration is common, and no ID is required, just a utility bill showing an address. Many voting locations are Union Halls, and voting machines are pre-loaded with hundreds of votes for Democrats. This has happened in Philadelphia, and Chicago has controlled the whole state of Illinois using these and other methods. That’s why Democrats go crazy about voter ID, and recent attempts to clean up voter rolls. And unless and until Republicans and Independants get serious about making it job number one to stop this fraud, they will continue to lose states like Virginia and Pennsylvania. And ultimately everything as nothing destroys a Democracy quicker than fraud in the voting booth.

      • riverrider says:

        vi, agreed. va passed the voter id bill, and its already withstood legal assault in court. sheeple don’t understand this, or why the “amnesty” is a pathway for 13 million liberal votes. wait til the official language becomes spanish. no oblo won’t cut it.

        • riverrider says:

          ps: was just clearing more fenceline thru the woods when a nice sized black bear walked up on me! one day in 3 years i walk into the woods w/o protection. he never saw me, wandered off in the other direction. prob no big deal down there but up here its pretty cool. he was pretty skinny for his length/height, no dought due to the dry summer. berry crop was nearly none. hope he sticks around, as long as he plays nice 🙂

          • village idiot says:

            river, black bears were common in north and west Arkansas, and are unusual but not unheard of where I live. Big cats are moving back into this area after years of no sightings. Frankly, I’m more worried about them than bears, but gators are my main concern. They are getting larger and more aggressive, and way more common. I haven’t been fishing a single time this year that we haven’t been shadowed by gators. Back in May we were fishing on the bank of a backwater off the Ouachita River near El Dorado, Ar., and were approached numerous times by gators. Getting hairy. I almost decided to cap one that kept getting within the 10 ft. circle I consider extremely dangerous.

          • riverrider says:

            gator, yum! only good gator is a bbq’d gator. is it legal down there?

          • village idiot says:

            We have a restaurant in town that serves gator in various configurations, never have seen it barbequed, may have to try that sometime. But no, you have to have a permit to kill a gator, and it has to be a specific time of year. If you are having problems with a gator, you’re supposed to call the Game and Fish Commission and report it. And it’s illegal to kill snakes as well. And I always obey common sense laws. Hehehe.

          • I know folks in nwa who’ve seen bear. My son saw a dead cub. 3 of us saw a cougar in ne ok a couple years ago. Standing on the edge of the hiway. Seen game camera pix of cougars & some unidentified feline. Bigger than a bobcat, but not a cougar. Bears scare me more. I figure one would startle a bear easier than a cat. Scare animal = dangerous animal.

    • at a guess I’d say his eyes would be tearing so badly from the tear gas the gunman set off that any shots he fired were unlikely to hit the parts of the gunman not covered by the body armour.

      This wasn’t just some random thug wanting to grab some cash. His intent was to kill.

    • Kelekona says:

      One of the commenters on the shooting story said there were 5 people with concealed carry in the audience. I can’t find the news story they were talking about to see if that means licenses or actual guns, though.

      • riverrider says:

        man, that bites. the perp cooly changed mags and by most accounts took time to aim his shotts. must have taken quite a while, time for any one of the guntoters to act. it as much about mindset as gun. what a shame.

        • village idiot says:

          river, I checked, and the theatre in question is a gun-free zone, and no one is allowed to carry. The mindset was probably there, but none of the concealed-carry folks were allowed to carry their weapons in that theatre. These nutcases know what they are doing, they always attack in gun-free zones.

      • The movie theater was a “gun free zone”. Even with permit holders, there are many places where guns are “banned” and your protection is removed from you.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Despite right to carry in Colorado, I suspect the theaters (as they are posted here in AZ) are posted, forbidding weapons in the theaters. Law abiding permit holders will generally not carry where there is signage. Even if one or two had firearms it is a natural reaction to flee a madman with a rifle. Having a carry permit doesn’t make one a gunfighter.
      Once again a mass shooting in ‘no carry’ areas. Schools, malls, government buildings and theaters. Easy targets. All posted ‘no carry’.
      Even as an experienced and trained LEO I would daresay that trying to return fire while folks are screaming and running all around you without hitting an innocent would be quite a challenge.
      Sometimes when a madman suddenly opens up on a crowd there is little one can do to prevent the loss of life. The Tucson shooting of the Congresswoman and others comes to mind, though folks did tackle the jackass and prevent him from reloading and continuing his murderous rampage. Thank God.

      And yeah, that particular 71 yr old would doubtless have given it a go. HI don’t know his life experience and background but he is a gunfighter. Big heart and the courage to put it on the line like that.

      • riverrider says:

        i agree it would be tough to take a guy like that down, but most military and police are trained to carry on in a cs environment. also laying on the floor getting shot in the ass one by one is not an option for me. i carry in those places anyway, but if not i would try a rush while he reloads. he might get me, but he’ll surely get me laying on the floor like a dishrag. dammit people, FIGHT!

  2. My condolences for those affected by the shooting at the Colorado movie theater, but does anyone else find it unusual that a mass shooting approximately 15 miles from the site of the Columbine shooting would occur at the same time as legislation restricting gun sales is being drafted at the UN? What better way to drum up public opinion to support greater restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights?

    • I find that coincidence very disturbing and it came to mind immediately after I read the news.

    • axelsteve says:

      The gun commies are going to make hay on this one.They are probably happy about it.The presitutes even released the name of a local tea party member who had the same name.The tea party member is 28 years older and hispanic though.I would not be supprised that was a on purpose mistake from the media whore.

  3. FYI, there’s a new computer game out called DayZMod which kinda simulates a survival situation in that your only goal is survival. You need food, water, you can bleed out, you need to watch your temperature, people pray on you for your supplies. And there are zombies. Just for giggles. I did a review of it if anyone is into computer games – it’s probably just about the only way of practicing besides wandering off into the wilderness and paying people to act like rioting sheeple looking for food.

    • Kelekona says:

      Video games are useful for learning thing, as long as you realize the difference between real and fake.

      I’m playing an archery rpg, and most of what I learn is based on stupid things that the npcs do. A dedicated archer may be able to kill three people with three arrows before being discovered, but not by shooting them in the butt.

      That survival game is probably in the category of “it gets your mind working on the problem,” but I’ll che…. nevermind, it looks like an MMO. The last thing I want to deal with again are soft people who act like they’re ripped enough to shrugg off a chair to the back of their head.

  4. axelsteve says:

    Maybe a computer hacker can hack the mainframe of the station and insert a worm into the server.That would be payback is a @itch.

  5. Looks like we didnt learn a damn thing about the Nazis and genetic manipulation . As far as N. Carolina goes ………….. those folks sold out long ago , they lost their Confederate spirit and have for the most part turned into leftist liberal collaborators . Sorry to say it , but if there is going to be a major stand anywhere , its going to be a western state that does it . My guess is Texas followed by Arizona .

    • Kelekona says:

      T.R. that genetic manipulation is different from the Aryan agenda.

      It’s pretty much a rich woman combining her DNA with some college student looking for some cash, and then her husband’s seed doing its job on the offspring. However, something went wrong, probably especially in the natural check of having that F/F product prove that it was healthy enough to attract a mate.

      We’re not into GATTACA pre-screenings yet. This is random tinkering and I’m wondering if my desire to make the offspring sterile is too immoral. At the very least, their family lines should not be allowed to become anonymous to science, damn individual liberties.

      • And where do we stop ? there ARE those that are actively attempting nazi like manipulations . We aren’t smart enough to meddle with nature and have a positive outcome , not to mention being part of the problem , instead of part of the solution to human overpopulation .

        • Kelekona says:

          I suppose that infertile couples should just accept that they shouldn’t be included in the gene pool. Then again, I may be biased towards voluntary non-procreation.

          I only exist out of obligation, the non-desire to breed exists as far back as far as my grandmother and my husband had an experience that removed his desire to breed. Then I was told I was told that I might be a type of infertile that they only investigate if you complain about not conceiving; I’m on BC because having my period makes me want to cut my uterus out with a dirty kitchen knife.

          • Cold Warrior says:

            Ouch! Be sure you have a bullet to bite on before you do that!

          • Kelekona says:

            Cold, I try not to bite anything that is harder than my teeth. I might be willing to try whatever is softer than a stale Dorito.

            As much as my period hurts… Well, eating a square of commercial sheet-cake with frosting is higher, and I don’t manage to notice the skin-loss of untangling a chainsaw chain… I’m expecting it to feel pleasant, especially if I do it when the pain is so bad that I no longer feel my legs.

          • Plenty of kids need adoption

          • Also , hysterectomy eliminates nasty periods …..know a few women in their 40’s that are pleased with the results . just sayin

    • riverrider says:

      tr, i give virginia a fair shot at being the one that gets the ball rolling, especialy if ken cuchinelli gets the governor job. he’s quite combative with the feds, tdl and holder. after all, she has tended to be the mother of the most “terrorists” in the previous wars. sic semper tyrannus and all that jazz.

      • Right on brother , I hope your correct ! I have been to NC a few times and they seem to have been properly PC indoctrinated . SC still has a few loyal Rebs in it .

        ” …….I’m an old rebel , thats just what I am , of this yankee nation , I do not give a damn …….”

        • riverrider says:

          don’t count out all of nc. check out the freenorthcarolina blog. there’s at least a few patriots left there.

  6. Southern Belle says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the Colorado shooting. I kept thinking how easily it could have happened at any movie theater around the country. Sadly, my dh and I were just saying that this man will be used as an example to create more reasons that law abiding citizens should not own weapons. However, as I explained to my children, this man had mental health issues and he planned his attack to the letter. He was crazy and what he did was horrendous but it is not a reason to block people from owning guns. I hope the powers that be will not rush to judgment and jump on the anti-gun bandwagon. I pray that the families of the victims will find peace and that cooler heads prevail in the coming media frenzy.

    • Makes me wonder how fast that guy would have been dropped if they had the mandatory gun carry law that Kennisaw county Georgia has . Just sayin

      • axelsteve says:

        Notice he was in Clolorado and not Goergia.I doubt a sicko like him would try to pull that kind of act in a more gun friendly state. I do not think that he is that sick.

  7. Schatzie Ohio says:

    I see that the anti gun people are at it again. My question is why are they not raising the cry for mental hospitals. These nut jobs should not be on the streets. Guns don’t kill – people kill and they still will even after you take away the guns. They just will use other methods ie: knives. Are knives the next things the anti gun people will want to take away if they get their way with taking away the guns?

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Far more dangerous a weapon of mass murder is a stout 4 WD vehicle.

      I believe England forbids the carrying of knives and no pointy tips on kitchen knives. Only their criminal thugs carry knives. What happened to the British?

    • worrisome says:

      Schatzie, good question! I have to wonder if there are other contributors to someone like this. I think of the millions of hours our children are hooked up to x boxes and such playing worlds of war etc. Of the violence in movies being amped up the way it has the last 20 years or so. And television shows that seem to glorify gun use. Hard to blame the guns when it is the people that are the problem. And Hollyweird promoting gun abuse at every turn and then hollering “OMG we need gun control” every time some freak acts out. I am sure before this is over, we will have a clearer idea of the factors that set this guy off. People I know who are Batman fans say this was life imitating the art of Batman big time! Creepy!

      • thats how socialists and communists think ………… many people have socialist leanings ( they want to work as little as possible and want to be protected by someone else their whole lives ) , and on the governmental side , socialist and communist governments look at ANY form of self protection as a threat to their authority …….and must be stopped . Dont let that happen here .

  8. JP in MT says:

    I am waiting for the Colorado shooter’s donations to be made public. Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, and The DNC. Now that would be a story:-)

  9. New to this says:

    If one person was armed in that theater and waited for the right moment to nail that guy in the back of the head, who knows how may lives would have been spared or injuries prevented. It sickens me that this has happened and at a very convenient time to be used as fodder for an agenda that would enslave us all.

  10. Dean in Michigan says:

    Just heard on the news that he got alot of his .223 ammo from an online supplier. So I guess Luckygunner should expect to start taking flack for this.

  11. I’ve already noticed some media sources “outcrying” about that shooter having ordered 6000 rounds thru the internet and whining about needing ammunition restrictions. It makes me sick how they’re playing on the emotions of the masses to further their gains. I guess the 1st question that comes to MY mind.. All that stockpile of his had to cost a pretty penny–wasn’t he unemployed? I STILL haven’t gotten near that much stockpile!
    Last rant..While my sympathies go out to the victims & families..Am I the only one that thinks that putting the flags to “half-mast” is just a political move? KeepKool Pack!! AAARROOOO!

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