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Interesting stuff at The Do-it-Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook, The Do-it-Yourself Submachine Gun: It’s Homemade, 9mm, Lightweight, Durable-And It’ll Never Be On Any Import Ban Lists, Modern Weapons Caching: A Down-To-Earth Approach To Beating The Government Gun Grab. 😀

The Hidden Cost Of Peak Oil : “Most of what you’ve heard about “peak oil” is wrong. In fact, there’s a hidden cost to peak oil that’s very real. And it’s coming to a pump near you any day now.”

Down Goes Britain: The UK Economy Tumbles Deep Into Recession : The economic crisis that is sweeping Europe is starting to hit Britain really hard. Over the last couple of years economists have been warning that we can’t let the “contagion” spread from troubled nations such as Greece and Portugal to the rest of Europe. Well, it is too late for that now.

The Airports Most Likely To Spread Disease Are Los Angeles, New York and… Honolulu? : “The key factors that determined an airport’s potential for spreading diseases were based on their wide range of connections, volume of traffic and their strategic locations. Los Angeles and New York score high on all three accounts, and so does Honolulu, apparently – the tropical paradise is indeed a common stop for flights between Asia and North America.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Midwest drought worsens, food inflation to rise : “The drought is really going to hit food prices next year,” said USDA economist Richard Volpe, adding that pressure on food prices would start building later this year.”

The War on Silver : “There is an organized war against the price of silver that has come to include the US Government.”

Storms knock out power as they rip through Northeast : “Storms ripped through the Northeast, killing at least two people as they unleashed strong winds and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers.”

The coming economic collapse and what can – and cannot – be done : “The U.S. economy is teetering on the brink of another recession. The bad news is that, if it goes down again, policymakers won’t have many options, and like a weary heavyweight, if it hits the mat again, it’s down for good.”

The Attack On Chick-Fil-A Is An Attack On The Freedom Of Speech Of Every American : “If you are an American, your freedom of speech is under attack. Over the past week, remarks made by Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy defending traditional marriage have sparked controversy all over the nation. Many Americans have expressed support for his remarks and many have expressed disdain for his remarks. And all of that is fine, because in the United States people are supposed to be able to express their opinions. But in Chicago, Boston and other U.S. cities, politicians are actually promising to keep any more Chick-fil-A stores from opening because their CEO does not support gay marriage, and that crosses the line.”

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  1. I’m baffled by all this Chick-Fil-A stuff.

    So here’s the thing. I don’t care one way or the other what happens in the privacy of the bedroom of two (or more) consenting adults. I also believe in the right of free speech for everybody.

    So here’s what I’m going to do. Next time I’m in the states, I’m going to find me a Chick-Fil-A, and I’m going to EAT THE HECK OUT OF ALL THEIR FOOD.

    I hear it’s absolutely delicious.

    • I agree with you Mike. I think this is just a bunch of politicking by people wanting to look good. I willing to bet once a new big issue comes along this won’t be remembered.

      The problem I have with Chick-Fil-A is how they handled some of their marketing. Putting out a safety recall on the muppet toys because the Jim Henson Company told them to stop giving them out due to cutting ties with them is wrong. They should have stood by their statement and said the toys were not being given out for business reasons.

      If a company wants to make a public statement on a hot button issue they need to stand by it or don’t make the darn statement.

    • village idiot says:

      Yep, been eating it for years, Mike. I always liked the idea that the guy who owns the place went against the grain, and gave his employees Sunday off to go to church if you were a Christian, or to rest and have fun if you weren’t. That’s my kind of boss.

    • Freedom of speech is only free if you say what’s politically correct. It’s okay for gays to have rallys and sponsors but if a company says they are opposed to gay and are christians, they get blasted and are threatened with bans. Total hypocrisy.

    • riverrider says:

      huckabee says 1 august is chick fil a day. i will be dining in that day, and taking home biscuits for breakfast and anything else i can think of. ONE-WAY-S-O-B’s, free speech as long as you agree with them jackwagons! arrrrrrggghhhh, i need a beer…..

      • village idiot says:

        I’ll be dining in at Chick-fil-a on August 1st myself, river. I’m hoping to meet some great people that day, and possibly a prepper or two. I’ll be wearing a parachord bracelet and a Don’t Tread on Me tee shirt. Of course, I’ll have my Kimber along as I always do. Should be a fun day.

    • On the other hand , a private individual or a private company has every right not to do business with any company who’s views , practices , or policies they do not agree with . This is not unusual or incorrect . No matter what the issue is . I support that CEOs decision not to do business with them , as a CEO he is exercising his prerogative , nothing more , nothing less .

      • Free speech definitely , but one must also recognize that everything one says freely , may have hidden consequences . This is because others have freedom of choice and freedom of thought . Look at politicians ……they cant say what they really think , or they wont have a job . just sayin

    • I feel conflicted, the only thing at that store I like is the fruit salad.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of the restaurant chain thinking they are overpriced and overratted.
      I believe in the people’s right to protest based on their disagreement with the CEOs public statements.
      I believe in his right to say what he wants risking public backlash and potential boycotting.
      They were wrong saying that the toys were recalled instead of the real reason and as a Muppets fan for life I will not eat there with my gf who loves the place. Like AZ said, they do a good fruit bowl.

      On the note, one of their senior public relations or advertising head honchos died of a heart attack.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Ditto Mike. Free speech for the leftist but not for a Conservative?
      That’s the Left’s standard operating procedure.
      No. Never ate at a Chick-Fil-A but I will on Monday (my Saturday).

  2. A court has ruled that your own stem cells are a drug and therefore subject to FDA control. To me this is saying you don’t own your own body, the government does. I equate that to slavery.

    • Well, giant pharmaceutical companies already have a bunch of your genes patented, so I guess government wants to get a piece of the action, too.

    • village idiot says:

      Yep, all those years of liberal education and indoctrination are paying off for the Left. The Public owns everything, and the individual is subject to the power of the State. Welcome to Communism Obammie-style.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        The goal of Communism is the enslavement of the Working Class, the destruction of the Middle Class, and the Dictatorship of the elite members of “The Party”.
        Czar Barry’s goal is to become a Tyrant, like Mao, Castro, or Stalin. If you wan to see your kid’s future, look at China today. Ask yourself this, if David’s info on the FDA was about China, instead of the U.S. would you be surprised?

        The middle class is being destroyed by Obamacare, Fed policy, and higher prices……but that’s another topic.

        • only good thing about Communism is that it is totally unsustainable , it will eventually collapse . Soviet Union is a good example of crude communism ………it collapsed . China is an example of progressive communism ………… the old guard die off , they will start to evolve away from communism into socialism ( which is also not economically solvent )
          it just doesn’t work folks ……ANYWHERE

      • sw't tater says:

        DITTO! They are trying to take the place of GOD…. “ye are not your own,you were bought with a price.”

    • tommy2rs says:

      The government asserted it’s ownership of your body when they made it illegal to sell your own kidneys or any other parts. And before anybody starts, No, I don’t think it’s a good or even a rational idea to sell off pieces of yourself. But it’s a worse idea for the government to be able to tell me I can’t.

  3. We have freedom of speech, we do not have freedom from the consequences of our speech. We also have the freedom to support, or not support businesses. You can’t have it both ways, either we have freedom or we don’t. Again, this applies to gay marriage. Do we have freedom? Then why take it away from any person?

    • Cold Warrior says:

      There is no such thing as “Gay Marriage”. Marriage is between two people not of the same sex.
      If we had the type of freedom you seem to writing about, there would be no law or order. Then I guess the KKK would be “free” to go shoot up a Gay Bar, or burn a few crosses on Black Americans lawns, wouldn’t they?
      After all, from your point of view, Gays and Blacks “do not have freedom from the consequences of their speech, race, psych problems, ect”.

      • Cold Warrior says:

        Valerie, has you heard of The Bill of Rights?
        If a person/company/church is punished for speaking their point of view, then their speech is supressed and NOT FREE.

        It’s not like it’s news that Chick Fillet is a Christian company. I’ve know it for 20+ years. But for these Mayors to block new stores from opening because the owner spoke his Christian opinion, it goes against the whole spirit of the 1st. Amendment.

        • Yep, plus they made the statement in a Baptist publication. The left needs to get over itself, as I tell my DD…. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

      • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

        I hate to break it to you on such a public forum but I am a female and I am legally married to a female. Pretty sure we are in a gay marriage.

        • REPAIR MAma says:

          hi, and welcome to the pack!
          i am a christian, and i am pretty sure the bible tells everyone not to judge others. everyone should have the freeddom to live how ever they want to as long as they are not hurting anyone else. you will not get any crap from me. i promise. i am glad everyone is here to learn and support each other.
          welcome to both of you!

        • Female Urban Prepper,

          Welcome to the Wolf Pack. And good for you for speaking up for your rights as a tax-paying American. We do have something called the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution–all citizens have equal rights under the law. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virgina that the right to marry means little unless it is the right to marry the person of one’s choice.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Welcome FUP. I’m an old, curmudgeonly, ex-warrior, jigoistic, old-fashioned, flag waver. That said as a libertarian at heart…

          Government should have the smallest footprint in the lives of citizens. Of all persuasions and religions.
          People have a right to be left alone and live their own lives as long as they do not do so in a way that infringes on others’ right to do the same.

          ……so, I say power to you. Do your thing and I’ll do mine. We have common interests and on some other matters we may never agree. That’s okay.
          I know somethings we both have in common! We both love someone and we are both preppers. Good enough.

      • tommy2rs says:

        Checked a dictionary lately? Or just got that “I don’t like it so no one can do it” syndrome? Lot of that going round these days, wonder if a N95 will prevent the infection spreading.


        the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. Antonyms: separation.
        a similar institution involving partners of the same gender: gay marriage. Antonyms: separation.
        the state, condition, or relationship of being married; wedlock: a happy marriage. Synonyms: matrimony. Antonyms: single life, bachelorhood, spinsterhood, singleness; separation.
        the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage. Synonyms: nuptials, marriage ceremony, wedding. Antonyms: divorce, annulment.
        a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction: trial marriage.
        any close or intimate association or union: the marriage of words and music in a hit song. Synonyms: blend, merger, unity, oneness; alliance, confederation. Antonyms: separation, division, disunion, schism.

        • Tommy,

          Lexcography is an empirical science. From the fact that the word “marriage” has been used historically to refer to a relationship between one man and one woman does not in itself imply that it ought to be used in that context alone.

          I for one don’t think the government should be in the business of regulating marriage–this is just another example of big government limiting the freedom of consenting adults. If two adult woman or two adult men want to enter into the marriage relation, we should not stop them.

          It’s funny how people eschew big government except when big government supports their personal agenda.

          • Bam Bam, I like how people talk of freedom and government oppression and rights yet don’t want two people to be happy. I have seen out of over twenty of my friends that were married in the church, only two of them are still married and one of those two cheats on his wife. So much for the sanctity of marriage where I have know gay couple together over 30-50 years.

            Sanctity of marriage isn’t what it once was. I say let gay couples be as miserable as straight couples lol.

            It seems to only be a problem when it’s against their beliefs. It works both ways on the right and the left, not just one sided.

            I saw something that held marrit:
            You boycot a resturant because they are against gay marriage yet you buy gasoline from countries that execute homosexuals.
            And on the other side:
            You say religion should be taught in school and the final word in our society, so did Osama Bin Laden.

            I always used to say (as a registered Republican) if Bush focused on the economy and the war as much as he did Stem Cell Research and Gay Marriage, then Obama wouldnt have had the highest percentage of Republicans voting for him since Roosevelt.

            • Jarhead,

              There is an ideological contradiction in America’s two party system. Democrats want to give people liberty and freedom to do as they please but don’t want to give us the liberty to open carry or to keep our own hard earned money. Republicans want small government but then want to use the coercive power of government to impose their morality on others. From a purely ideological standpoint, the only viable theory is libertarian–small government, small footprint on citizens’ lives. Unfortunately, ideology is not terribly useful in the real world.

              But I do think Rand Paul will be president one day.

            • village idiot says:

              Yeah, them Democrats sure want to give us liberty. That’s the whole point of the article, Democrats were going to prevent Chick-fil-a from being able to open a business. I want to know how that’s freedom. Ugh. I could go on and on about the Fascist Democrats, but what’s the use. I’ll go puke now.

            • Not to mention that all socialists are Democrats , and Democrats are more apt to pass anti gun legislation ………after all , in a society with no self responsibility , the state must protect everybody from themselves . Thats what Democrats and Socialists believe in . They also believe that a serial rapist and serial killer should be treated with dignity and respect as a human being .

      • +10

      • ColdWarrior, there are some states allowing gay marriage so yes it does exist.
        I have to disagree with your statement. Comparing gay marriage to violent acts, vandalism or murder is not the same as free speech. It’s a crime.
        I didn’t see her mention gays or blacks in her statement of speech in freedom or consequences.
        I say let people boycott or support but to step on the others freedoms is wrong just because we disagree.

      • sw't tater says:

        GOD defined Marriage.
        Mankind has NO ability to change GOD’s definition.
        Anyone, including my own KIN, who have a problem with that definition…have a problem with GOD.
        As this issue has arisen, locally, I have chosen proceed ,as if these people were my sons or my daughters, personally treating them with the same care and concern I would were they “strait”.
        I am obligated to give them this information (That GOD defined marriage), so they can make what-ever decision they wish to make, an informed decision.
        Someone said today…If you’re not going to do things God’s way, then you might as well be as bad as you want, because Hell fire is real and those that make the choice to reign with the devil, will not be able to change their minds once eternity begins.We just need to make all our decisions …ones we can live with, for eternity.
        After all, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were warned by “just Lot”. God considered him JUST, so how can I do any less? Now how,
        Please tell me how this applies to prepping?
        I can’t find one thing that it helps me to prepare for….except it reminds me that I am to treat my fellowman/fellow-woman with the same respect I wish to be treated with….and I do that any way!
        It does not matter to me what anyone’s desires are for. It should come as no surprise that people have changed the natural use of man/or women…the book of Romans declares it to be so!
        I am glad that drugs are being developed to prevent the spread of the epidemic of HIV. …Let’s also consider what if that epidemic had never occurred, it had never entered our blood supply, our tissue banks….Wouldn’t we be that much nearer to a cure for diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer? How many precious souls would have more time to make eternally life-changing decisions.The God that created this earth has definitely been long-suffering.

        • Sw’t Tater,

          We have a separation of church and state, and in the U.S. marriage is a secular institution, meaning that a religious ceremony is neither necessary nor sufficient to enter into the relation of marriage.

          • sw't tater says:

            Bam Bam….
            First, sorry for the delay in giving you a response, just been to hot to get on computer in un-cooled room.
            Yes, However, I was not referring to the ceremony, but to God’s will re: the home, as He ordained it in the Garden of Eden.
            I know, that our government has restraints to keep it from dictating that we all be catholic, or presbterian ….(.add the list to all known religions…).and ect. However ,by banning any mention… of a religion in a public place, they insert their Own religion : Humanism.
            THAT is the issue now! …that people who fear and trust in God can’t speak out without being punished in the media….or by AN agenda,somewhere. .No matter how right or wrong you are, No one can please everyone, so someone is going to be hollering,…. poor little me.
            God’s will,… It is His, I can’t change it . Man can write laws all day long that dictate how we can or can’t behave… those still do not modify God’s law/will.
            I know that we live in a society of me, my, and I want.
            It is still hard for me to accept that some people want to oppose God openly. It’s their call. They may do it, legally. I know that….God WINS. I want to be on His side, for eternity.
            … . what I’m trying to say is , religous ceremony is not required for GOD to have an attitude of approval or disapproval in what we say and do in this life.
            WE just must make sure we read the BOOK of Books very carefully to know that we are meeting His .(not mine). righteous Standards.
            My second point was, that in our every-day life, we must treat each individual with care and compassion…that includes every one.
            This, is just not a topic that I routinely bring up. I would/do not desire to hurt anyone’s ego or feelings
            I want each one who reads this to know that I harbor no ill will toward anyone, re: their..personal choices.What your personal choices are is of No concern of mine!..
            . That is not why I come to this site! I come to get tips to prepare for hard times, some of which are happening now.
            I now have directions for doing with little to make and preserve the things I need for my family’s use. I want everyone who has the same need to learn and share with the PACK, to be able to do the same…. so, FUP continue in the Pack and read all the old posts…there is a wealth of knowledge that will help you keep your family fed and safe.
            Live your Life, and allow Me to live mine….and I don’t tolerate/use any racial,or social slurs from anyone.
            I had family that lost members ,due to HIV.
            This post just got me to thinking on the resources spent and where we might be- Had this disease not happened.

        • Soggy Prepper says:

          Well spoken sw’t tater.

  4. worrisome says:

    Gun Control has been added as an amendment to a cybersecurity bill now grinding through the Senate. It has begun again……….watch our Senators and Congressman close folks.

  5. I am surprised that you are just now realizing this. We are all slaves in one way or another. Even if you are not accepting government handouts, let me see you get by without paying any of the exorbitant taxes on anything or exercise your own free will in a manner that is not condoned by the leaders. This crap with Chick Fil A is just a prime example.

    • michael c says:

      Not to mention debters prison for those that don’t pay the absorbant “taxes”.

  6. LOL, Mike, may I suggest that your Chic-Filet-A menu tour include a Chic-Fil-A Sandwich (their signature fried chicken sandwich with pickles), a Chicken Biscuit (breakfast menu) and the carrot and raisin salad?

    If you come in the late fall, they’ll have a themed calendar. This year it’s Trail Grazers, featuring Ferdinand Moogellan, Amelia Airhoof, Cowpernicus and other bovine greats.

    The discerning prep–uh, guest–will also notice that the napkin station has packets of tabasco sauce, salsa and honey, as well as the usual fast food condiment pouches.

    • sw't tater says:

      I love their chicken with honey! but they are too far from me…closest one is prob. 45 miles. Too far for a 10$ meal. Y’all get enough for me, I’ll smell it thru the keyboard.(grin)

  7. axelsteve says:

    What grieves me is the attack on chick filet in not from groups like code pink or other groups such as them but ,by goverment oficals. Imagine a mayor like rahm denegrating a private citizens religious beliefs. And respond by suggestion of punishing there company.What next/Socoalizing that company? I would not put it past tdl and his flying monkeys if he gets 4 more years to blame past adminasrations.

    • Axel, agreed! Let people boycot or eat there as long as the politicians stay out of it.

    • AxelSteve,

      You hit the nail on the head. Private citizens can boycott any business they like. This is to be encouraged. The problem is that our public servants are seeking to use the law to promote their own personal agenda.

  8. axelsteve says:

    As far as the airports ,I am glad that the last time that I have flown was in 1980 or 1981.

  9. JP in MT says:

    More good news on the economic front. I am just going to focus on my economy, and try to have less exposure to theirs.

    I have only eaten Chick-Fil-A once. It was so good, I grabbed a couple more to eat cold on the flight home.

    On those books…the have been around for a number of years, and not that I don’t want to see M.D. prosper, but in these times of heavy purchase tracking, you might want to see if you know anyone who already has one and “borrow” it.

  10. Cold Warrior says:

    Off topic, Better Half and I are going to see Batman at 2 pm today. I’ll be carrying a G19 loaded with 115gr Federal JHP’s in a Nemesis pocket holster and my dear sweet little Bride will have my back with the same set up in her hand bag. She’s the “Wild Card” that no Joker will see coming.

  11. village idiot says:

    I don’t usually like to argue about “peak oil” because there is a time somewhere in the future that oil production will peak. Luckily, it’s not anytime soon, absent government intervention. The linked article is full of inaccuracies and speculation. It states as fact that the Bakken formation contains only 6 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Wrong. It states that all the other shale plays have insignificant amounts of oil. Wrong. And frankly, if oil prices only rise to $125 per barrel by 2035, that will be a real bargain. And way cheaper than solar, wind, and most forms of alternative energy. And liquids and natural gas aren’t even in the conversation in the article.

    I remember when the government said there was only 150 million barrels of recoverable oil in the Bakken. Then it was 4 billion. Now 10 billion. The Bakken is a small shale play compared to some others. Were it not for the government preventing drilling in places like Alaska, the Gulf, California, and public lands in the West the US would be producing over 7 mbpd now and heading towards 9 mbpd within 5 years.

    The article was linked back to an outfit called Money Morning. They are in the business to make money by getting you to invest based on this shoddy reporting. Be careful.

    • riverrider says:

      add the shelf off va.

    • If they would uncap all of the wells they capped here in central Illinois during the fifties when the politicians were bought and paid for by the biggies in the southwest we could also be producing a lot of our own. Our state has over ten billion barrels of recoverable oil and a lot of it has capped bores that could quickly be put back into production. As it is due to political pressure, Illinois oil can only be used for lubricants and not fuel. Same way with our native natural gas.

  12. riverrider says:

    all of this is making me depressed 🙁

    • tommy2rs says:

      Lol…I just think of it as living in “interesting times”. It’ll make the memoirs a good read, if anyone’s left to read them. But what do I know, I’m two years past my medically determined expiration date so it’s all gravy to me.

    • Have a chick-fil-A sandwich, riverrider. They are delicious, and will cheer you up considerably 🙂

    • SurvivorDan says:

      The only happy go lucky types are self-actualized individuals and idiots.
      The rest of us have to weigh all the news, digest it and act on it. We just keep chugging along.
      Sometimes I wished I did smoke pot. Laugh myself silly and pass out. But I can’t afford the ‘munchies’.

    • sw't tater says:

      RR did you see my post…after your article… re: the battery bank you use. for the solar panels..How many for each panel?..last time I checked I hadn’t gotten a response.

  13. FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

    Re: Chick-Fil-A
    The issue is not that the CEO support traditional marriage. His opinion is his opinion. It is about the fact that the company supports/funds political anti-gay organizations who fight against equal rights for the LGBT community. The fact that this is just now making national news is interesting to me. This story started over a year ago in January 2011 when Chick-Fil-A provided food for the Pennsylvania Family Institute (a group who works to defeat gay marriage initiatives). Just a little research will show that the CEO skirted the question originally but has now provided a strong response and THIS is why people (like myself) choose to not support the company…it is not because I don’t believe in freedom of speech.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      So let me see if I get what you are saying? It’s O.K. for Homo Depot, Starbucks, Chili’s, J.C. Penny’s, Disney World, and General Mills to support the ” Gender confused agenda” but not Chick Fillet to reject it?
      And it’s O.K. for a City Government to punish Chick Fillet for his religious beliefs, no matter what the 1st. Amendment says, thus supressing free speech! (Gee maybe the Mayors should write the sermons preached within their City Limits too)

      Besides, it’s his dam money, he can give it to whom ever he pleases, can’t he? (Maybe not in Obama’s America?)

      • worrisome says:

        Amazon just came out today with a $2.5 million for the support of gay marriage…….just saying. So what makes Chick Fila’s owner any difference if he chooses to not support it? Why has it become ok for the left to say do whatever the hell they want but right not be able to do the same. Maybe we should all just quit supporting Amazon/Depot/Penny’s/Disney/Gen.Mills????????? How stupid does this have to get???

        • REPAIR MAma says:

          What ever happened to letting everyone have an opinion and that being o.k. it is ok for companies to contribute thier money any damn way they want to. hell it is his money!
          i wish the media and everyone would get off of his back about it.
          just because he stated his beliefs, he is being run through the mud. his company is not discriminating. he is entitled to think and feel however he wants

          there is a quote from a movie that i really like.
          “freedom is someone being able to scream at the top of thier lungs something you have spent your whole life opposing at the top of yours”

      • sw't tater says:

        Don’t forget tarjay…they support the same agenda. I choose to buy my things elsewhere, because I have a CHOICE not to support ERROR.

    • village idiot says:

      I don’t think any of us are upset that someone wants to boycott Chick-fil-a. That is your right, and the right of any individual to spend your money as you see fit. But for a government entity to try to close down a business based on something the owner said about gay marriage is fascism, plain and simple. That is what I object to. I don’t support Target and Amazon based on their approval of the gay agenda.

      • worrisome says:

        VI Agreed! If you don’t like their food, don’t eat there! If you don’t like their politics dont support them, but if they can build a muslim temple near the WTC; we ought to be able to put any business anywhere in the country as long as they follow zoning laws. These red liberal idiots keep this up and we will have some sort of revolution in this country.

        • village idiot says:

          worrisome, I’m so disappointed by some of the comments I’ve read here. Instead of addressing the fact that Chick-fil-a was being threatened by government, all we get is some crap about gay rights. It’s always change the subject and never discuss the real problem, which is government tyranny.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Chick-Fil-A has done nothing illegal. Nothing.

      They can support anyone they want with their money.
      I don’t boo hoo over all the hollywood cesspool celebritiys giving money to obummer or every gay cause that exits. They want to waste their money on crap, fine.

      Same with any other organization on person. Wonderful for Chick-Fil-A to provide food for the PFI, their choice. If they would provide food for the lgbt club I’m sure you wouldn’t see Christians having a fit.

      I think it’s great an organization takes a stand for actual morales and their belief in God. We need more Christians to draw the line in the sand and say NO FARTHER! I STAND here!

      • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

        I think we are all in agreement…just as christian groups have the right to boycott companies like P&G and Disney over the years for their support of the LGBT community…the LGBT community has the same right to boycott Chick-Fil-A. Where it gets sticky is when politics are involved. I would still eat at Chick-Fil-A even though the CEO has the opinion he does on marriage IF the company did not financially support a political agenda that keeps me from having the same rights as other people. I love the food but unfortunately this is not just about freedom of speech for me…it is about what my dollar ends up supporting.

        As a side note: It sucks that as a lesbian prepper many of the sites I visit on a regular basis for prepping tips are full of individuals who would consider me an immoral person because I am gay (and vocally so). I tend to say nothing but sometimes it is just too difficult to stay quiet. I go to work every day, I pay taxes, I pay my bills, I lost my job in 2009 just like many many other americans and I pulled myself right back up and kept going. I am in a committed legal marriage to my wonderful wife but if something were to happen to myself or to her…the other would not recieve any federal benefits because federal law does not recognize our marriage. We have dinner parties with friends, we go to the movies, we have student loans and we enjoy spending time with our ultra conservative christian family. I get excited when I can find that I can buy bar soap for $0.60/bar and when I find local survival classes that allow me to add prepping skill to my survival knowledge. I am constantly saddened that people judge me based on my sexual orientation just like people used to (and still do) judge black people based on skin color. 🙁 I really like this site but damn it hurts that I am not awarded the same rights as many of my fellow preppers. What hurts more is that I see people openly opposing my rights as a fellow American based on percieved morality.

        Sorry MD for the slight rant.

        • robert in mid michigan says:

          this is a wierd situation for me to dip my hat into and try and explain my thoughts a little bit. to start with i am a straight male, been with the same women for over twenty years. i love my wife dearly even when she has me so mad all i want to do is walk out, yes i know i get her as mad at me from time to time but over the years we do our own thing and it works for us.

          to me mariage is beteen a man and a women but that is my definition of mariage. it makes no differance to me if a gay couple wants to be married as they are not forcing me to marry another male. we all on this site ask that the government respect our rites and freedoms but at the same time we want to enforce our beliefs on others. talking to a gay guy at work for some reason was afraid to tell me he was gay because of my solidly conservative views, expressions and often loud (doesnt slook rite spelling wise) expression of those values but he was surprised that i did not care what he did with his sex life. anyways talking to him he said the main reason that they wanted to be allowed to marry was that if his partner died he would have no legal rites to his estate, death benafits and even allowed a say in how he would spend eternity, i dont know how much of that is true, just misunderstanding the laws or what not but i do know if my wife dies i can walk into the funeral home and plan her service and resting place no questions asked, i can go to our insurance company and her death benafits will be sent to me again no questions asked. i dont see why a gay couple can not have these same rites.

          the one thing i did say is that i did not want to see him on some park bench making out with his life partner and he started to get offended and i added at the same time i do not want to see any couple making out on a park bench and asked him do you want to see me making out with my wife on a bench, his answer was no, my reply is i dont blame you my point is a parting peck, holding hands and all that does not bother meeffection i have no problem with, i do have a problem with lsut however. we actually hang out at lunch now and i have become the elder brother for life advice and stuff.

          all this rambling to come to a simple point, we all want our religiuse freedom to believe in what we want but we cannot allow that belief to infringe on others rites to believe how they want. our founding fathers believed in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so long as your happiness does not bring harm to another we should be allowed our happiness. from what i have scene through out my life is they want the same rites we have.

          god made each of us differantly and to me skin color, sexual preferance and personality have little to do with what type of person we are \, i prefer to judge a person by thier actions and the way they live up to thier responsibilities not all the other fluff in thier life.

          long story short live the life that makes you happy, keep those close that most closly emulate your choices. just about anyone on this site i would gladly break bread with and share what i had with and who they sleep with at night would have no effect on that.

          sorry really tired and rambling

          judge not lest the be judged
          god bless
          keep prepping
          keep praying we are the crazy ones
          because i really dont want to be the smart one

          • REPAIR MAma says:

            I agree well said.
            as far as i am concerned, your choice of life partner is yours and yours alone. if you take your promises to her seriously and you both are good to each other, tell everyone to bugger off and live your lives. we here are not down on each other much even when we all dont agree. we do however care about each other and are good support to each other.
            i try to be tolerant even if i might not agree or would walk a different path if the choice were mine. hell for that matter, an i wrong because my dh is much older than me?
            it is ok cause it is my choice.
            stick around and you might see that this group is a little different than other sites. we are nutty tnfoil wearing freaks, and i would be proud to have any of them cover my 6 any time.
            good luck and just give it a little thought and time to see that we are good people (even if we are opinionated) lol

          • Robert,

            Well said.

          • Robert well said! I owe you a drink for the most logical explanation I’ve read. I commend you on your logic and sound reason. I’ve said the same thing many times just not so eloquently.

          • village idiot says:

            This is all very good, but what the heck does it have to do with the government threatening to close down a business? The issue is government tyranny, unless you think someone speaking out in support of traditional marriage gives the government the right to shut their busniness down.

          • sw't tater says:

            THE answer to many of these problems is very simple…It’s called a WILL. Write it.Sign it.with witnesses. Make several copies.

            • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

              sw’t tater: This is true…we have wills and powers of attorney. The unequal part is that to protect ourselves and our assets we had to pay between $700-$1300 whereas a straight married couple just have to pay for a marriage license and then these things are a given (especially regarding hospital rights). A man and a woman who just met can get married one day and the next day immediately be added to the other insurance…gay couples in states without gay marriage recognition have to prove they are a couple by having shared assets, shared bank accounts and a sworn affidavit that they are in a committed long term relationship before being allowed to do this. What does this have to do with prepping? $1300 would buy a heck of alot of food preps. :-/

              I have to stop reading this thread…my brain is beginning to remember why I don’t bring this stuff up. The world is depressing enough without the reminder that so many people dislike me because I love someone.

              Live Long and Prep! 🙂

        • FemaleUrbanPrepper,
          You go GIRL! I love your spirit and determination. Many Blessings to you on your Journey. Keep on preppin darlin. And keep posting.
          There are alot of us on this blog that are not offended by the fact that you are married to someone you dearly love and want to spend your life with regardless of gender.
          The others, their problem.
          Alas, this is a blog on survival and I welcome yours and others input on the subjects intended.
          If folks want to rant about religion, gender, or race, we all have to ability to skim over those parts and move on to what interests us.
          I am sure that some folks skim over my rants on GMO foods, and thts OK. LOL. To each his/her own.

        • Michele says:

          Thanks Robert in mid Michigan and Mama J for a bit of sanity.

          Don’t we all have enough problems with being thought of as total nuts, the economy and our liberties being taken away right and left without snipping at each other???

        • Southern Belle says:

          Thank you for sharing. Sometimes, I wonder if people will ever stop playing the judgment game. The truth is that we will all have to stand before God and answer for the choices we make in our own lives. I say worry about yourself and what happens in your home and stop worrying about everybody else. I am a mom of three and have too much on my plate trying to teach them the right thing to be nosing around in other people’s bedrooms. As for Chick-Fil-A, they have a right to support or not support whomever they choose. The company has a right to speak their peace. Politicians need to stay out of it. Freedom of speech works both ways. If the Westboro Church can spew their hatred at the funeral of fallen service members (Sadly, I have been a witness to this when at the funeral for one of my husband’s soldiers who died in Afghanistan) and have their right to free speech supported, then Chick-Fil-A must have the right as well.
          Hope you keep your chin up and know that people who comes to visit this site come from all walks of life. Keep on prepping!

          • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

            Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. It is actually nice to see what a wide range of people follow this site. I am sure many read and never post. We all prep for our future and the future of our families…whatever form they take. If this is where we all find common ground then AMEN…how much more positive can we get. 🙂

            • It is difficult in this day and age to express ones beliefs without being shouted down by opposing beliefs. That said, here is my take on the subject. I am a heterosexual male, married for the last 53 years to my wonderful wife, who like me is a strong Christian believer. We both have been taught the proper christian beliefs and where we differ with a lot of so called Christians is, we believe what we were taught about being tolerant and allowing judgement to be delivered by God and not ourselves. We are all God’s creatures and should act as such, being tolerant and showing love toward one another and especially ones who are viewed as sinners. Having qualified myself in this matter, I firmly believe that religion, politics, sports, sexual orientation and expressions of such are personal and private matters and should be conducted as so in the privacy of your home. Just as I do not stomp in your door and get in your face about the life you live, neither should I have to put up with a bunch of militants trying to tell me I have to approve of their lifestyle decisions or be judged as a bigot or homophobe of which I am not since they generally misuse that term anyway and try to get liberal courts to impose sanctions on me and a title of a hater. I, as a Christian do not hate anyone but I reserve the right to dislike someone for anything they may do that intrudes on my personal rights and beliefs. Other words, I believe in a live and let live attitude with neither approval nor disapproval being necessary in the scheme of things. If you have found a partner whom you can coexist with over a long period of time, it is immaterial to me what you want to call it since obviously it is working where I have seen a number of conventional pairings that did not work. As far as being denied equality, a civil union legally executed carries the same weight legally in matters of inheritance in most states. I don’t think you will ever achieve universally the equality you are looking for in people recognizing the partnership you are in as a “marriage”. This is where the rub comes in since most of the generations educated since the social scientists took over the educational system in 1958 and subjugated the guarantee of pursuit of equal rights to instead mean equal achievement. It just don’t happen in this world, biology notwithstanding. As a conclusion I would offer this to not worry so much about what other people think but keep on prepping for the day to come and every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Sorry some of this is hurtful FUP.
          There are folks on this site and others that have railed about my ideas. On another site I was called racist names because I’m an American of Asian descent. Shoot…..bounced right off. I don’t let such bother me anymore.
          There are too many supportive folks in the WolfPack to let a few that have strong opinions that are anathema to you and yours drive you away.

          You can boycott who you want to and others can boycott who they want to. You said it well.

          Besides, we’re all in this mess……together.

        • Female Urban Prepper, you are welcomed to the Pack in my eyes. Anyone that judges you based on your choices will be judged themselves.

        • michael c says:

          Well, I hope that your lack of a “government benefit” does not detract from your love of each other. Personally, I am planning (prepping) for the failure of government – so no benefits.
          We are preppers here – there are no benefits for any of us.

    • Chik-Fil-A? Another example of liberals employing hateful bully tactics aimed at silencing diverse thought.
      What else is new?
      Government officials vowing to keep Chik-fil-a out? Thats a violation of Protected Speech as well as a hateful bully tactic.
      Hateful Hypocrits!

  14. Just saw that TDL’s wife and daughters are at the Olympics in London!! Wonder how much it will cost to get them there and back and the security detail?? Of course he would NEVER ask the taxpayers to pay for the travel and security costs!!!! I think someone needs to add up the sum total for all of TDL best half’s cost for all her travel around the world that have nothing to do with the office of POTUS!!! If it was a republican first lady you could bet your ass the demo’s and MSM would be all over how much money is being wasted during these hard times., I just hate hypocrites..

    • riverrider says:

      theres a website but i can’t find it right now…also tracking her enturage’ costs. bush had 3 aides, she has 73 at last count.

  15. JP in MT says:

    If you are curious about the state of America’s education you have to check this out:

    WARNING: Please do no view this article while drinking carbonated beverages or hot drinks. It will severely damage your sinuses! 😉

  16. off subject but what the f–k is obummer doing if a wetback went to high school he they can stay???? how long do you think its going to take for them to catch on to that line we might as well send all ice and DHS personel home. They cant deport anybody why keep them on payroll. The world is upside down Lord help us.

  17. Hunker-Down says:

    I would like to meet that little ex-ballet dancer that’s running Chicago and stick some Chick-Fil-A in his tights.
    Isn’t he violating the RICO act?

    We drove from Central Wisconsin to Kirksville Mo. and picked up a Rat Terrier puppy. The AKC will not recognize the breed but they will be needed when cities can no longer afford to pick up our trash. When I was a child, every farm had one, for good reason. Teddy Roosevelt used them to rid the White House of mice and rats.

  18. Try this on for size: I’m the mayor of anytown. Well, I just don’t like Jewish people. Or blacks. Or atheists. Therefore, no businesses owned or operated by them. Whooooaaaa! I’m wrong? Can’t do that? Why not? Mayor Jerkwad in the next county can refuse a Christian business!
    seems like you are not allowed to be prejudiced if you are a white Christian heterosexual. Um, ain’t that prejudice? Nope. Forbidden. Those poor oppressed whatever’s might feel slighted. Oh no! Get over it already. I’m just sick of hearing all the “poor us, nobody likes us”. If they’d quit making an issue of it, who would even notice?

    (btw, I’m not the above, ok? Clear? Don’t attack, call of your dog)

    • worrisome says:

      Time to begin to fund an organization that does nothing but defend Christian rights! Just the opposite of CAIR and ACLU etc….

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        The ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) does a pretty good job of defending Christian and Jewish rights. Jay Sekulow is a well spoken and knowledgeable guy that doesn’t back down.

    • michael c says:

      If someone could prove that you invested in the business after you “bad mouthed” them, sold stock at a higher price – after the heat died down.
      Is’nt that insider trading?

  19. I think what bothers me most is that everyone (I mean everyone, but especially liberals) say that you should have the freedom to do whatever it is you care to do with absolutely no judgement or bias, except of course, being a Christian. Any other religion is held in high regards and to scoff at anyone’s spiritual life is totally UN pc. Unless it’s Christianity, then it’s open season on all the closed minded, gun carrying homophobes. What a joke.

  20. Oooh, forgot to mention I ate at Chick-Fil-A today, without knowing any of this. It was packed, really packed at 2pm. Looked like business was good from my p.o.v

  21. I don’t get why both sides are getting so hot about the Chick-Fi-let issue.

    I say let people that disagree stop supporting them and the people that support them or never been there go ahead and eat there.

    I have protested McDonalds, Blockbuster and Budweiser for their Anti-gun policies and I’m sure many of you have done the same. So who cares what the reason for or against, this is America and I have a bullet hole in my knee and several scars supporting peoples rights to freedom of speech and their freedom to boycot the businesses they want. To do otherwise is no better than communism or the leftist we complain about.
    The politicians should stay out of it and let the dollar decide.

    As for Airports, it’s why I go to the less traveled airports and avoid close contact.

    I’ve made my own gun powder and not sure if I’m ready to reload my ammo with it except maybe shotgun shells as I feel safer that pistol and rifle.

    As the drought gets worse in areas I am stocking up more and more water. Filling a minimum of 20 gallons of water at work a week to keep my water bill down and growing more as I prep more water. The Governor of PRK is proposing rerouting water by adding two pipelines so water can flow to south. The problem is it will take some water away from the northern farmers.

    So many problems in the world, time to speed up te preps

  22. Has anyone noticed the wallpaper at Chick-Fil-A? I swear it is men in white bedsheets wearing pointy hats and walking around with torches. I have always suspected there is some KKK connection with Chick-Fil-A. Seriously, check out the wallpaper next time you are in there. Has anyone ever noticed this?

    • village idiot says:

      No, I haven’t, and I’ve been in them numerous times. But I guess one can find anything they want if it fits their agenda.

  23. You would think people trying to survive an economic crash with food shortages entering the mix would have other things to debate. Are we actually arguing whether it is okay for government to scrutinize the beliefs of a company’s owners before that company can do business?

    I think some people confuse civil process with religious belief. No one is trying to change or challenge any religion’s definition of marriage. The government recognizes legal partnerships. The goal is to make equal treatment possible. How your religion or upbringing defines “marriage” is a matter for your own conscience.

    When we got a marriage license the government didn’t tell my husband and I to get out there and start breeding little patriots, or where to pick up the booklet of politically correct behavior for couples. They just hit us up for $55, cash or money order, no checks, and made us stand in a long line for a clerk who used a phone book to “prove” I was spelling my own name wrong. We paid the fee to become a recognized partnership with the same legal rights as any other married adults.

    Our marriage ceremony, on the other hand, involved a preacher, vows to each other and to God. One is a legal matter, one religious. Everyone pays the partnership tax that is a county-issued marriage license . Denying that to gay adults makes as much sense as denying Libertarians drivers licenses.

    Equal treatment is equal treatment. Otherwise we give the government power to establish “approved” conduct and beliefs in return for the full rights of citizenship. I don’t care what lifestyle you have, when has letting any regime legislate religion and morals turned out well?

  24. SurvivorDan says:

    Seriously Bam Bam. I’ll check that out on my lunch on Monday. Now I’m for even freedom to hate (not harm) but that would annoy me. They used to lynch Chinamen and Japs too. {I can say that cuz I’m a little Jap }

    • Bam Bam says:

      S. Dan,

      I would like to hear what you have to say. My dh just said it could be people at a Halloween party. But I am really not buying that.

  25. conmaze says:

    Funny. I hear a lot of “good Christian people” spew some pretty hateful rhetoric and do some ugly name-calling all in the name of being “good Christians.” I’ve never understood that. Oh, well, I guess the Christ they worship must be a different one than mine.

    Welcome to the Pack, FemaleUrbanPrepper, with our warts and all!

    • which proves my point ,
      Live more , Bible thump less . Use your faith as a tool …..not a crutch .

  26. Get that book before its banned like anarchists cook book .

  27. michael c says:

    As far as the gunpowder cookbook is considered – I could have told you to “wet” the mixture down as it is made. Oh well, might have made a nice entry into your contest.

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