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New ‘Heartland’ Virus Discovered in Sick Missouri Farmers : “Two men in Missouri who became severely ill after sustaining tick bites were found to be infected with a new type of virus, according to a study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” :sick:

West Nile virus confirmed in Standish Maine mosquitoes : “West Nile can be transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. It can cause flu-like symptoms or even death by many people show no symptoms.” :sick:

Flu That Leapt From Birds to Seals Is Studied for Human Threat : “Four times in the past century, a new strain of flu has emerged that can spread quickly in humans. One of those strains, which emerged in 1918, killed an estimated 50 million people.” :sick:

Fairgoers contract swine flu : “MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State health officials say 14 people exposed to pigs at the state or county fairs have been infected with a new strain of swine flu.” :sick:

Most U.S. Schools Unprepared for Pandemics : “Protective gear, medication stockpiles, staff disaster training all lacking.” :sick:

TB continued: Drug-resistant strain of deadly disease alarms doctors worldwide : “The world is in the middle of a tuberculosis pandemic, scientists say. What was once a disease of undeveloped nations has raced across continents, with thousands of cases in Asia and Europe. The disease may infect up to two million people by 2015.” :sick:

AIDS-like disease found in Asians, trigger unknown : “A mysterious new disease causes AIDS-like symptoms in Asians even though they are not infected with HIV, a research has found. The disease damages patients’ immune systems, but is not contagious.” :sick:

Birds Swine and Now Seals – What Will Be The Next Flu Pandemic? : “What was interesting about this is the seals are acting as an intermediary – they have receptors for both bird flu viruses and well as mammalian flu viruses, so you have a host in which this virus can adapt, evolve and become more mammalian in phenotype and more capable of causing disease in mammals. That’s when we really need to be concerned that it’s going to be spreading into humans.” :sick:

Half of Americans Die With Almost No Money : “Almost half of U.S. retirees die with savings of $10,000 or less, but that grim finding doesn’t fully describe the variability and uncertainty that characterize retirement in America, according to a recent study.”

U.S. Firms Move Abroad : “More big U.S. companies are reincorporating abroad despite a 2004 federal law that sought to curb the practice. One big reason: Taxes. Companies cite various reasons for moving, including expanding their operations and their geographic reach. But tax bills remain a primary concern. A few cite worries that U.S. taxes will rise in the future, especially if Washington revamps the tax code next year to shrink the federal budget deficit.”

Food prices are rising : “To add to the problems of high unemployment and increasing poverty across the country Americans are now being confronted with a crises of rising food prices.”

→ Video – Mom Asks Police For Help, Gets Arrested For Child Endangerment : Thanks to Scott G for the link.

Remote Alaska to stockpile food, just in case : “Alaska is known for pioneering, self-reliant residents who are accustomed to remote locations and harsh weather. Despite that, Gov. Sean Parnell worries a major earthquake or volcanic eruption could leave the state’s 720,000 residents stranded and cut off from food and supply lines. His answer: Build giant warehouses full of emergency food and supplies, just in case.” Thanks to Randal for the link.

Agencies Tamp Down Speculation Over Hollow-Point Ammo Purchases : “Obscure federal agencies triggered a firestorm of conspiracy theories this week after they put out orders for thousands of rounds of deadly hollow-point bullets. But the agencies, most recently the Social Security Administration, are trying to put a damper on the speculation — noting the ammunition is “standard issue” and simply used for mandatory federal training sessions.”

Barack Obama Has Destroyed The Future of America In Order To Improve His Chances Of Winning The Next Election : “Barack Obama has destroyed the future of America in order to improve his chances of winning the next election. Under Obama, 5.3 trillion dollars has been ruthlessly stolen from our children and our grandchildren. That money has been used to pump up the debt-fueled false prosperity that we have been experiencing.”

GMO: The Secret the Food Industry Is Spending Millions to Keep : “Big Agriculture and food companies are shelling out gobs of cash ahead of November’s election to convince Californians to vote against a proposed law that would require businesses to label products that contain genetically modified organisms.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Anti-Obama Billboards The Talk Of Hanson : “One shows a little girl raising her middle finger next to the message – Thanks Obama. You’ve spent my lunch money, my allowance, my inheritance, 35 years of future paychecks and my retirement. You Jerk. Vote Mitt Romney For 2012!” Thanks to tommy 2r’s for the link.

The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream : “In the ferment within today’s Republican Party, there’s a growing realization that America’s system of fiat money is part of the economic problem.” Thanks to tommy 2r’s for the link.

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  1. Homeinsteader says:

    China’s fears grow over eurozone crisis
    Posted on August 31, 2012

    • village idiot says:

      Hi, Home, glad to see you survived Isaac. We had the eye(or center of circulation) pass right over us late yesterday evening and it was a surreal experience. Everything went dead calm for about an hour or so, and then the wind came back. 3 in. of rain, some limbs down, and a messy yard is about the total of my damage. North and east of us as close as 20 miles got hammered with heavy rain and flooding. Hope and pray you had no damage.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Hey, vi! Yes, indeed! We dodged the bullet – this time. Just some power “burps” and loss of cable/internet overnight. We’ve also managed to avoid the spin-off tornadoes (so far, anyway). Still under a “tornado watch”, but, hey, what else is new?!

        Thank you for your kind expression of concern. Please allow me to return it: so glad YOU are just fine!

        Blessings to you, and all that is yours,

      • we just got a day of drizzle her in the north west Louisiana area. sure was hoping for a lot more rain.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        That’s ALL? Bummer…

  2. Homeinsteader says:

    Over 3800 products from over 600 mostly small family owned businesses!–FFHJ-h8C2S9

  3. Homeinsteader says:

    7.9 Earthquake Rocks Philippines As Tsunami Warning Issued

  4. Homeinsteader says:

    Palm Fruit Jelly

    If you happen to be a canner AND you live in areas where such palm trees grow, did you know that palm tree fruit makes a great jelly? (Yeah, you probably did…) But for the rest of us, “canning granny” tells us how to do this:

  5. axelsteve says:

    Feds mandate hollow point ammo for shooting paper targets. I believe that like I believe the fainters at the Obama rallys back in 08.As far as outrage in the anti Obama billboards <i noticed most of the outrage came from the media and a man with a forgein accent.When he was running in 08 I noticed how he had allot of reverb in his voice and the use of a teleprompter. His voice is now near normal and he still uses the prompter.I know young children who give parts in there church and they can do it without a teleprompter.Shows what some training can do.

    • why is it that anything said that isnt pro-obama,is inappropriate? yet, the pro-obama team can accuse everybody who doesnt like the way our country has been run under his admin,of racism. now thats what i call grossly inappropriate. being called a racist by white people who have never suffered racism is offensive to me,and i would assume it is even more offensive to those that have actually suffered at the hands of racists. wow! did i just have as mini rant? im so proud of my self. now let me check my spelling before i post this.

      • Lol…According to MSNBC’s Chris Mathews saying “golf” or “Chicago” in connection with President “Deficit” Obama is racist.

        Journalists, you know ’em you love ’em. Even the ones too stupid to know the difference between a clip and magazine. Bless their little hearts.

      • village idiot says:

        OK, Tommy2rs, here’s my take on the subject.

        “I got really ANGRY this morning when I went out to play some GOLF while in CHICAGO for the weekend. I thought this guy named Joe was going TO HOLD THE FORT DOWN for me, but he was not EXPERIENCED enough, nor did he know the CONSTITUTION. When I got back from the club, I thought about how PRIVILEDGED I felt being a PROFESSOR and all, so I looked in the KITCHEN CABINET and got out a coffee cup and sat down and had a cup of joe. I thought to myself, I passed OBAMACARE for YOU PEOPLE and you don’t even appreciate it. And here I am the FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT

      • village idiot says:


        and no one appreciates what I’ve done.”

        All the words in capital letters are code words used by us white racists, at least according to the likes of MSNBC. I think I’ll go talk to an empty chair.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        TOO FUNNY!

      • Homeinsteader says:

        You will now need to send a check to M.D. to cover the rant…

        (just kiddin’, bc….)

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Boy, in that case is better start converting some of ky silver holdings, if he’s now charging for rants… 🙂

      • Homeinsteader says:

        MD is not charging for rants, Tinfoil (though he probably should); a few of decided a few hundred posts back that we should send in a contribution every time we post a rant…sort of like putting coins in the jar every time we use a “cuss” word! ; )

      • Homeinsteader says:

        of us…

      • Homeinsteader

        The rant jar… I would be rich… But then the government would just take all of my money LOL.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Good point, M.D.

        NO CHECKS Y’ALL – cash on the barrel-head, please!

      • Kind of like getting put in jail for singing a protest song!! Let’s see where did that happen ? OH in Russia!!!
        I guess if TDL gets reelected he will start a reward progam for people who turn in those who complain or say negative things about him. Guess that may be what the FEMA camps and all those hollow point rounds will be for. Slip of the Lip just might get you Zipped in the new Obamaland!!!

      • Oh!! In case DHS is looking at this my neighbor broke in my house and used my computer for the previous post!!!!

      • George,
        Your comment on jail for protesting in Russia got my attention.

        Those “protestors” were not jailed for the song. They were jailed for where it was sung, the manner it was sung, and the lewd and lacivious manner in which it was done. Those “protestors” barged into the largest Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow. They disrupted an ongoing service, did a lewd dance at the Altar and resisted attempts by the parishoners to leave. What they did was trespassing, but also sacrilege and blasphemy. If what was done would have been outside of the Church it would have been a big so what.

        Considering the 100,000 plus clergy killed and 90% of all churches
        confiscated or destroyed between 1922 and 1972, the Russian people do not want a repeat of anti religious behavior.

        I bet if a group came into your house of worship, disrupted your service and sang an anti whatever song in a lewd and lacivious manner you would not be happy.

        I have followed this story for months in the English version of Pravda and other papers. Yes, it was an anti Putin protest, The protest was performed in an inappropriate place.

        And no I am not Ruissian or of Russian descent and yes I have attended a Russian Orthodox service or two. Just my two cents and do not want to start an argument, just point out where the protest was held.

      • Eagle , sorry it was not meant to be a statment on what where or what they did but on freedom of speech. I am sure if they had done it in front of the church they would have recieved the same punishment or worse. At least in the chrurch they had lot’s of witnessed , outside they may have just been driven somewhere and just dissapeared. I am just sick and tired of the crap we have to put up with in this country on being sensitive to others feelings .. All this zero tolerance crap is one of the things wrong with this wonderful country. When a child who is hearing impaired is asked to CHANGE HIS NAME because the way he signs it looks like someone shooting a gun, it is just going to far…

      • axelsteve says:

        Amen bc!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        And if one accuses people of color (and I am one of them – sort of golden-yellowish, slanty-eyed and ‘despicable’ independent conservative – which makes me an Uncle Tojo) of being racists their answer is that those not in power (minorities) can’t be racist against those in power (whites).

        I find that rationalization for the boorish behavior of minority racists to be absolutely ASSinine and offensive.
        A bigot is a bigot. A racist is a racist. Period.
        Speaking one’s mind, criticizing whoever (a minority) holds power does not make one automatically, a racist.
        I feel my IQ slipping twenty points just thinking about how stupid the whole notion is.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        ” – sort of golden-yellowish, slanty-eyed and ‘despicable’ independent conservative – ”

        I forgot…..”and good looking!” Sort of a cross between Brad Pit and Bruce Lee. That’s right WolfPack gals! If any of you ladies would like my picture…..I’ll Photo Shop one up for ya. 😉

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Okay..okay… gravatar was drawn accurately from my last formal portrait sitting and i have been drinking…..

  6. Great articles on the Friday Miscellany. The flu issues are a worry, as well as the TB problem. So many issues to try to prep for, and it’s really difficult to not be overwhelmed by worry. My great-uncle died in the flu epidemic of 1918, and yet my grandfather contracted it, and recovered.
    And then there is the economic collapse that everyone is predicting. My DH keeps reminding me that God is in charge, and that I can only live one day at a time. So, we try to be prudent, and prep, and leave the rest to God. Not easy! I keep a sign over my desk that reads “Thank you, God, for everything that I have, and everything that I don’t have.”

  7. How about something improbable to lighten the mood…

    Lots of diseases again…. wish I could get ahold of some pot, might go perfectly with the “this is just mother nature’s immune system trying to control the parasitic infection of humanity” belief that keeps me from freaking out.

    • Me too! All I got is these damn pills the VA gives me. MSgt

    • Gotta love XKCD! As for the other….A little passionflower, some ashwagandha, kava kava and a hint of valerian. Just sayin’…

      • tommy2rs, the Valerian is a sedative… not sure what the rest does. Do you smoke this, make a tea, or dissolve it in butter?

        How is it at controlling…. well, it’s not clinically panic attacks, I guess it resembles PTSD.

        Legal highs are legal because they aren’t any fun. I used to know this guy who would smoke yarrow, wait 24 hours, and the first puff of a clove cigarette would be like the most intense inhalant hit ever.

        Speaking of inhalents, I wish I could find dust-off without bitterants. During my troubles, I was spraying it into my laptop fan and found it was slightly more effective than beating it with the handle of a screwdriver or feeding it mineral oil. (Should have used sewing machine oil.) For a time, I thought I had some horrible disease because my lips and fingertips tasted bad and soap wouldn’t fix it, and I couldn’t afford a doctor. Now I gotta buy an expensive setup and figure out where the airbrush is if I want to clean out my fans without going bonkers. I’ve written many angry emails to 3m, but they haven’t offered to send me a gas mask.

        They should go ahead and legalize pot. Unlike the beatniks and hippies, your average pot-smoker today doesn’t have threatening opinions about the government. A lot of them are probably happy with the bread and would cheer for more circuses.

    • village idiot says:

      I’ll take a good cup of coffee over pot any day, not that I’ve ever had any pot. But you know what I mean. If something does happen, my coffee stash would last a couple of years, maybe a little more if I stretch it, but I will miss it when it’s gone.

  8. Issac has me concerned over West Nile spreading throughout the South. You guys take care. There is going to be a lot of standing water for quite a while. Couple that with August heat….If you find that there are products you can’t get down there, let us know. We can ship Care packages.

    • village idiot says:

      JP, we were already getting hammered by West Nile in SW Arkansas before Isaac hit us. We had two new cases in the little town I live in yesterday, one life threatening. Same thing is going on in No. Louisiana and NE Texas, and has been going on for a while now. The mosquitos are already the worst I’ve ever seen for this time of the year, and we had 3 in. of additional rain yesterday. Thank you for your kind offer.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Got West Nile out here in AZ and the skeeters are thick.
        Lots of standing water on the surrounding horse properties in containers and such. I get eaten up every night I go outside to take care of stuff. The irony is that every blood meal they escape with means more skeeters…

  9. mountain lady says:

    Where I live, her in N. Cal., many have been working very hard to get GMO labelling on the ballot for November. God gave us good food, and that is what we would prefer to eat. I have been working at getting toxins out of my life. No flouride, no aspertame, so why would I want to eat geoengineered food. I guess it is obvious that I am voting for GMO labelling.

    • Mountain lady, how are you eliminating the fluoride?

      • mountain lady says:

        Well water, for now. I am not sure if the Berkey systems eliminate it or not, and I cannot afford one even if I was not in California.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        mountain lady,

        how about this one?

        We’ve built it; it works very well, but it’s slow drip, so, don’t count on this for “quick” water supply. But it works, and it’s cheap! There are other “cheap” solutions out there, too.

        I do have a ton of information on water treatment, but can’t post it here. If you have any specific questions, however, I’ll try to answer them.

        But you might first want to check the resources posted on this blog site – I know MD has a bunch of info on water posted.

        Hope this helps you.

      • mountain lady says:

        Thanks for the information. I did look into the monolithic once before, but did not even have the money for that. I think I will try again. I really do have enough rice and beans now and should be able to shake enough money loose to buy one.

      • mountain lady
        I purchased the filters first, figured I could find buckets. Then when I got the money got the buckets, maily because they were predrilled.
        And seems with every filter you get a new faucet so that helps if one get broken off.
        I haven’t used mine as I feel I will need the thing worse later on and am still alive drinking this hard water we have so no need to worry now.
        But you will love knowing you have a filtering system on hand.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        That’s an even better idea, Ellen; perhaps a local restaurant will give you a couple of free food-grade buckets. Just make sure they have not held dill pickles (good luck getting that out – experience!).

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Thanks Homeinsteader as I always am looking for additional water filtration systems especially one on-the-cheap. Will get on this one right away. Dan

      • Homeinsteader says:

        You’re very welcome, SD! Enjoy your “Labor” Day today (and try not to do any Labor!) Blessings,

      • mtn lady I am also in n calif.

  10. Homeinsteader says:

    “The Weather Channel” has posted some excellent pics from Isaac:

    May I point a few things out? It is not my desire to set off a firestorm of response; I simply want to share a few thoughts I hope you will find worthy of consideration:

    . Please keep in mind this was “JUST” a “Cat 1”; more significant than its rating, however, was its size and the amount of water it was BOUND to dump in a slow-moving wake. A storm 400 miles wide moving at 6 miles per hour is going to do significant damage. This is not a new revelation. It is not like it has never happened before. Widespread and significant flooding should not have come as a surprise to anyone. And no one should have been sitting there in its path. But they were. Some of what happened COULD NOT have been anticipated (such as a second evacuation by the evacuees because of a possible levee breach in the Mississippi lake system), but most of it WAS anticipated – and still many stayed – in spite of MANDATORY evac orders.
    . We’ve now seen the results of all that levee build-up to protect the City of New Orleans, or “N’awlins”, as locals know it. Yes, it held. It protected the city. What it also did is prevent the heavy rains in surrounding areas from spreading beyond “regional” borders, including flowing back into the city and back out to the mouth of the river. Places that have NEVER flooded to this degree before DID – Laplace, LA – Braithwaite, LA, etc. The water just stood atop them, because it could not flow out. That’s the way I see it, anyway. (I lived there for many years, so I know all of these areas.)
    . pets needing rescue (they’re scared); if you know you have a pet, be prepared to meet its needs, and DO NOT leave it behind. Think about the pets, too, before you choose to “hunker down” in place. What imapct will it have on them? You ARE its pack; animals will be very stressed out and rescuers may have a hard time because it is so frightened. People should not treat furbabies in this manner. They are Holy G-d’s creatures, and it have been entrusted to our care. We need to be good stewards of the responsibility given us.
    . Along that same venue, cows nearly drowned – why wasn’t there a plan in place to save these living beings by the owners? Why did some wait until it got this bad before sending “rescuers” in after them? Can you imagined how frightened the poor animals must have been?
    . people waiting in lines for grocery stores to open – Why didn’t they prep? Why were they completely unprepared and waiting until the last minute to try to “prepare”? Is it because they are sheeple, or because no one has every taught them “how”? Perhaps, just maybe, if we were more VOCAL outside our own “forums”, perhaps if we took a bold step and spoke a little more openly about what needs to be done and how to do it….which is why DH and I have started teaching “Prep 101 from a Biblical Perspective”. It is making a difference. People ARE listening. Go ahead – speak up – don’t be afraid. Just maintain as much “security” for yourself in so doing as possible(it can be done – we’re doing it).
    . “cash only” sign at grocery stores – did they think to get cash BEFORE the power went out? Probably not. Are they keeping their money in the banks? Probably. Is this something else we could be more “vocal” about? Yes, you’ll get called crazy; but if ONE person responds in the affirmative, i.e., turns from sheeple to prepper, wasn’t it well worth the effort? That one person may then teach one, and they may teach one, and so on…
    . “above ground” tombs are common in S.E. Louisiana BECAUSE of the water tables, and the fact that the land is perpetually a “sponge”. Don’t be “shocked” by floating tombs!

    It’s one thing to talk about all this on this forum where we learn from one another and, every now and then, a “newbie” joins…where most of us already know and are doing these things, and those that don’t know how are DEFINITELY learning from those who do…but what if we took the message outside the forum, the “safe zone”? Would we have a few less “sheeple”, and would we have fewer to rescue when the Isaacs land?

    • Home’r,

      I think you are preaching to the choir here. I still cannot figure out why otherwise intelligent people are so stupid when it comes to protecting their families (including pets).

      • Homeinsteader says:

        I probably am, Bam Bam – but I dare say there are lots of “surfers” on here who could easily step up to the plate and make a difference…

    • One of the things I’ve picked up from watching the Weather Channel is that these Cat 1’s give the South as much of a flooding issue as the bigger storms. Lots of rain and moving slow. Trees falling over because of 60 mph winds for hours not minutes.

    • ive always wondered how anyone could leave pets in a situation they need people the most,to cope certain that the world has never seen such selfishness as it does these days. makes me sad when i realize the depths that peoples concern for others has sunk to.

      • I agree 100% , I am an ASPCA member and I learned that in some states , because its become such an epidemic , that laws have been passed for pet abandonment with jail time . Turning them over to a shelter doesn’t count as abandonment . Be honest with you …….I think some should catch a bullet because of the condition of the animal when its finally found . Torture at least , in the same form as what they did to the animal , but hey …..thats just me …….I have much higher compassion for animals than I do people , because most dont deserve it .

      • Homeinsteader says:

        As an animal rescuer who works with No Kill Shelters, I couldn’t agree more, T.R.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        It’s also now illegal to chain a dog to a tree in Mississippi, but, try and get local law enforcement to enforce that law…”not a good use of their limited resources”, you know. But, wait! What was that we said about people who abuse animals also being far more likely to abuse humans? Hmmm……..

      • Leaving cattle, really? Obviously these are some nuts. Cattle prices are high now and everything points to sky high prices for calves in the spring 2013. BTW, I mean live cattle but I don’t begin to speculate on beef prices in the supermarket.

        When we have snow, which isn’t very often, our cows get fed before we eat breakfast and again before we eat at night. No way I’d leave animals that I’m responsible for much less so valueable.

        Honestly, I’ve started noticing people here and there, how they act and such. In the grocery store, at the movie theatre, etc. When I see someone I think “How long will this person make it WTSFTF?” Then I just feel sorry for them.

      • I dont know if its a state wide law but in Tucson at least its also illegal to chan up a dog .

      • As long as we’re telling on ourselves. I am a proud member of the American Belgian Malinois Club/Rescue. I have two that are part of my defensive measures and whom I like more than most people. They are honest and loyal friends. MSgt

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Well, whaddayaknow, MSgt?! I had to look that up…these dogs sound AMAZING! And they are beautiful.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        I DO hear ya’, bc! I’d like to tell you it’s going to get better, but, I’d have to lie to do that, and I can not and will not do that. Let’s just keep lifting one another up, while we can. Deal?!

      • deal! ill keep looking for good. i know its there.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        100% carnivore. Used to have a license plate saying IH8PETA (there national headquarters was in my city). Animal rights is horsecrap.

        And I am 100% on board with a bullet to the head for animal abusers.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        PETA, the organization that saved, what? EIGHT animals out of hundreds?! I believe that was the number…the rest were euthanized because they couldn’t find homes for them…..

      • Crap , I found my pure bred siamese on craigslist , it was this guys mothers cat and the woman had died of cancer , he couldn’t keep the animal but was screening people to make sure he got a good home . I was looking for one that was older after I had to put my buddy of 15 years down from old age ( 20 yrs ) . Glad I started looking because this is by far the smartest animal I have ever seen . Too many responsible ways to get a pet a new home if you can no longer take care of it ……….but then again , I find the need arguable, because I have seen more than once homeless people with no money ,no home , taking care of a pet on the street . THEY manage to feed , and take care of an animal ………whats the other peoples excuse ??!! ……..there is no excuse !

      • worrisome says:

        + 1

      • worrisome says:

        right on bc, I was on my way home from the office this evening and watched someone throw something kind of grey and brown out the window of his truck. ‘Twas a puppy of probably 2.5 months old. Hope it doesn’t get too big, because it went home with me and I will take it to the vet tomorrow for a good thorough check up. When I find out what kind of dog it will grow up to be, I will ask y’all to help me figure out what to name it…………..cute lil thing at the moment, limping a bit and lost some hair above her ear when she hit the pavement. There I was hobbling around collecting her and actively cursing the guy as he drove away. I wanted to throw my crutch at him! She has fleas in her fuzzy fur so we are off to a bath before they have a chance to multiply in my house and my other pup.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Oh, dear Lord! Turn him in, worrisome. Fill out a police report with a description of the vehicle, route, etc. The sooner the better. They’ll catch him/her for something, sometime, somewhere….please don’t let that evil person get away with this horrendous act.

        And BLESS YOU for rescuing that innocent little furbaby.

        Little girl? How about, “HOPE” for a name?

      • good for you! on behalf of four legged creatures id like to say thank you! i think LUCKY would be a good name. it was lucky you where at the right time and the right place.

    • How do “mandatory evacuation orders” come? I’m insular but I usually find out about hurricanes that are headed my way somehow or another; one of these years I’m afraid I’m going to shut out so bad that I’m going to wonder why the power is still off after five days.

      And now I’ve got to worry about my furbabies. I get the sense that I either need to stay here after being ordered out, or set them free and hope they have more brains than I give them credit for. (I don’t trust kennels, but I guess I could spend money to have them locked in a cage and ignored.) In the case of floodwaters chasing me to the second floor, one cat is somewhat harness-trained but I can’t find a good way to leash the other because she’s so squishy.

    • riverrider says:

      h, those people/sheeple HAVE been told over and over and CHOOSE to ignore the advice and the evac orders. can’t let prepping interfere with their partying. “dude you’re harshing my buzz”…to hell with them. may god have mercy on them, because i’m done. look at it as mother nature cleaning up the gene pool.

      • village idiot says:

        river, I saw photo after photo on some blog(maybe Yahoo) of people trying to get gas, etc. after the storm. Why in the heck didn’t you have your car gased up prior to when the storm hit? Idiot sheeple get on my last nerve.

      • What I dont get is ……..WHY THEY KEEP COMING BACK ! shit , if I lived in a place that got hit regularly by tornados or hurricanes …….I WOULD MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Sorry , but my sympathy level on that issue is very thin . I dont particularly like living in the AZ desert , but we have good gun laws and nothing happens here for natural disasters . You have to take a pot shot at the occasional wetback once in awhile , but other than that ……….

      • Homeinsteader says:

        For a lot of people, it’s jobs. After N’awlins got hit, they had more jobs than people to fill them. So, while people were begging for jobs in some parts of the country, N’awlins was begging for workers.

        Then they began the rebuilding, and N’awlins became the only city in the nation to experience any REAL growth. But most of those people moved into the outlying areas (if you’ve spent any time there, you know why).

        There are very good paying jobs in the area. Monsatan has a huge facility on the West Bank; there are numerous oil storage facilities and refining facilities; it is a major river port, so that’s big business; and so on.

        It’s also a culture unique to the area; there is no other place in the country like it. Some people see that as a good thing (I am not one of them). It’s one of those places you either love or hate. For those who stay, that is the biggest draw.

        It’s also an excessively liberal place – “anything goes”, literally, especially during “Mardi Gras”. It’s very gay and lesbian friendly, so it has a huge and generally content LGBT population; that draws a lot of people.

        You also have Tulane University, Loyola/NOLA, UNO, Xavier, etc., so, there’s ample educational opportunities. A lot of students go there from other parts of the country for the party life, which is just about anytime.

        And the food is world-class, no question about it.

        So, it has its “good points” and it’s bad; but these are the things that keep drawing people back.

        But you WOULD think they would know by know to prepare and get out at the first sign of trouble, wouldn’t you?!

      • I hear ya about that , but for those unfortunate to loose everything in either , perhaps even a loved one …….was it worth staying ? just sayin

      • Homeinsteader says:

        It’s never worth staying, T.R. – not in my opinion.

      • riverrider says:

        hey live there all you want, but don’t come crying evey time a storm kicks your butt, thats all i’m saying. and quit spending tax money on a tourist attraction.

      • Plant Lady says:

        That is what truly mystifies me…they KNOW the city is under sea level and this sort of thing – to varying degrees – is just going to keep happening over and over. But, nope, they go running right back, collect the insurance and rebuild in the same spot. It wouldn’t make me so irate if EVERYONE’S insurance rates didn’t go up after such an event…over and over and over again. Same thing with the folks that get flooded along the Mississippi (and many other rivers) darn near every year. Sure, they can go back if they want to – but only raise their rates – NOT mine.

  11. Homeinsteader says:

    I know, rr, but, still… OUCH, dude! ; )

  12. Homeinsteader says:

    Most of them wait to make sure they’re really going to have an “emergency” – don’t want to spend the money, usually. Then, when they need it (as any prepper knows) they won’t be able to get it…..which is why we prep.

    • Well hell I can’t spend my beer and cig money on gas unless I will really need it!!!! I will just let someone more responsible risk their life to save me if it gets that bad!!!

      Willie B. Sheeple
      “Only thinkin of myself”

  13. Homeinsteader says:

    Japan’s debt keel: country could run out of money in October

    So the race is on – Japan or the U.S. first?!

    • It doesn’t matter . Any one of the industrialized nations can set off the chain reaction ……………….they wanted globalization……they got it . I dont remember the people ever voting for it . Just sayin

    • i think if we all pull together,we could beat japan to the crash! come on people! quit your jobs! get welfare,food stamps,gov subbed houseing and eat plenty of gov cheese. are they even giving away the cheese anymore?

      • village idiot says:

        Cheese ain’t good enough for them any more, bctruck. They turn their noses up at cheese. They like the SNAP cards.

      • Hey I’m old enough to remember that cheese and the peanut butter, sure wish I could get some that was that good now days!!

    • mountain lady says:

      Putting my tinfoil had on here, but last year my favorite remote viewer said that the collapse will start with Japan. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  14. Homeinsteader says:

    Yuck, george! I don’t know where your gubment commodities came from, but I remember that pnut butter, and it was stick in your mouth dry; we had to add syrup (or, something) to make it “spread”)!

    • You had to keep the oil on top and stir it in!! Have not had any in about 35 years. Practiacally lived on it one summer when I worked at my Boy Scout camp, they always had a can and bread on each table for the ones who did not get enough to eat or would not eat the chow. We only got to go to town once every two weeks and went to the local truck stop for hamburgers.

      • Do you know how much extra you have to pay to get the crumbly kind of peanut butter instead of the whipped stuff? Actually, I should look next time, I only go into the peanut butter aisle once every two months or so, and I assume it never goes on sale.

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