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We Are Witnessing The Death Of Small Business In America? : “If the economy was getting healthy, we would expect to see the number of jobs at new businesses rise. Instead, we are witnessing just the opposite. We are told that the economy is supposed to be “recovering”, but the number of “startup jobs” at new businesses has fallen for five years in a row.”

20 Outrageous Examples That Show How Political Correctness Is Taking Over America : “The thought police are watching you. Back in the 1990s, lots of jokes were made about “political correctness”, and almost everybody thought they were really funny. Unfortunately, very few people are laughing now because political correctness has become a way of life in America. If you say the “wrong thing” you could lose your job or you could rapidly end up in court.”

Rewinding 2013 Tax Rates to 1950s Can’t Work : “While some “liberal pundits” have suggested the United States set 2013 tax rates for the rich back to the high rates of the 1950s, renowned economist Peter Schiff says that would simply result in the rich paying less than they do now.”

Do legally-armed citizens prevent crime? : “The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has declared the Illinois ban against legally-armed citizens to be unconstitutional and I say ‘good on that’.”

The West is signing its own death sentence : “Mr Obama is locked in an eye-balling contest with a Republican Congress to see who can end up with more ignominy when the United States goes over the fiscal cliff. It is clear now that the president will be quite happy to bring about this apocalypse – which would pull most of the developed world into interminable recession – if he could be sure that it would result in long-term electoral damage to his opponents.”

Speculation Abounds: Did North Korea Launch a New EMP Capable Star Wars Weapon System? : “Some analysts now believe that North Korea may have not only built such a weapon, but this week they may have very well tested a delivery device that would make it possible for them to launch a pre-emptive strike against the United States. Such an attack could destroy electronic components in everything from cell phones and cars to water utility plants and gas stations from coast-to-coast within seconds, throwing the country’s infrastructure back to the 1800′s.”

An Economic Fairy Tale : “Once upon a time there lived an independent and industrious people in a land called Ameristan…” :yes:

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  1. Regarding the North Korea thing – if anyone plays PC games, check out a game called Homefront. It places America in the near future, and has an actual plausible storyline of a North Korean take over. It seems while America was grinding to an economic halt, North Korea was busying itself acquiring south Korea, Japan, and others and then went after America. You play an American pilot drafted into an American Guerrilla resistance movement against the North Korean take over. Highly recommended!

    • The Last American says:

      The new version of Red Dawn has North Korea allied with Russia and other Asian countries invading the Pacific Northwest. Sounds similar.

      • I read the storyline was supposed to be the Chinese and not North Korea. But apparently Chinese officials got all uptight and caused all sorts of problems so “China” was crossed off the script and “North Korea” written in LOL

        • Annie Nonymous says:

          Sadly, and scarily enough, the “pressure” to not put our chinese “overlords” into that position doesn’t surprise me. I always Hong Kong was the Chinese experiment to find out how to rule our country, letting the people keep its economy alive while being the dominant influence and bringing Marxism to Amerika… that our government, as coolies, kowtow to the great socialist chinese government somehow both doesn’t surprise me AND breaks my heart…

        • not chinese “officials” but the new chinese owners of the hollywood studeo that shot the movie. it was shot with chinese invaders before the sale, shelved after the sale, then edited to korean invaders and a few scenes that they couldn’t do with computers were reshot. i won’t watch it, for that reason and that the profits go to china.

        • chad in kentucky says:

          Also know China owns a lot of movie theaters here, recently seen that in the news. We should not let China buy anymore businesses in the USA.

  2. PreppingMomma5 says:

    I had to share this because I knew this group would understand! Hubby and I will be in NYC later this spring, and he has been reluctant along our (my) prepping journey. When we were finalizing where we were staying last night, out of the blue he asked me “boy, what will we need in our BOB for New York?” My jaw just about hit the floor, I was so excited about his response I could barely contain myself!

    I think I am making progress with him!

  3. I like what brother Savage says . Political corectness is political cowardice!!!

  4. We closed construction biz a few years ago before things got worse. NJ union constr brags that it controls the state. It does. Corruption abounds. High taxes plus lots of fees and crazy regs that unions can happily ignore. 2013 s/b horrific. 2014? Fuhgetaboutit.

  5. Well the North Korea’s finally got their rocket to hold together long enough to get something into orbit. Can this be a problem for us; yes. I think EMP would be the most damaging. They can’t launch enough stuff fast enough to servery damage this country before one nuclear submarine starts launching Tomarhawks at it.

    I do think it’s time to tell them no more. Next rocket that goes out on the pad gets a Mk 80. But htat’s not going to happen either.

    So, I guess it’s just up to us to prepare ourselves. Now we can’t even count on the government handling the international situation in our best interests.

  6. I was listening to a speaker from Canada several years ago. He said that they got what they wanted on taxation, they taxed the rich at a base rate of 50%. The problem became apparent when people discovered what “rich” meant to the exempt politicians; $50,000 per year!

    When those in the wagon decide that those pulling the wagon shouldn’t make more than they do….Well I think you see where this is going.

    Be careful what you wish for….The original income tax was only supposed to tax the rich; now look at the tax chart, it starts at $2,000/year!

  7. Dean in Michigan says:

    Yeah…….I’t seems pretty apparent that TDL and the republican house are perfectly willing to let this country go right over the edge of that cliff, all while pointing fingers at each other.

    Meanwhile, many will suffer, and they don’t even care. BIG SUPPRISE.

    • The Last American says:

      Dean, you can’t make a deal with someone who has no intention of dealing with you. Going over the cliff only helps the new “People’s Party” formerly known as the Democrats.

      Remember, “Never let a crisis go to waste”, is Barry’s way of pushing us further towards a full blown Marxist Dictatorship.

      I also have a sick feeling that as a former member of Rev. Wright’s church, Barry enjoys making Americans suffer.

  8. riverrider says:

    here we go again, coward shot up defenseless kids.

    • The Last American says:

      Coward is too nice of a word for the POS that did this.

      After the election and Sen. Feinstein’s comments, I figured that we would have some sort of “Assault Weapons” ban by the end of Barry’s second term. That is when I put together my “Plan B” arsenal of revolvers, a pump action shot guns, and lever action 30-30’s.

      Given the evil events of today, as sad as I am over the shootings, I’m glad that our plan “B” is finished and the ammo has been ordered.

      • riverrider says:

        last, yeah i have a few lined up but thats really giving in to the madness. we must fight for our rights not let them slide off into oblivion little by little. i might bury some, but i sure as hell ain’t giving them up.

        • RR, Amen to that. They can fight my kid for my guns when I am dead. Do you have a plan for fighting for our rights? I would love o join the fight.

    • OK, I know I can act a bit paranoid at times, but does this smell like a set up to anyone else besides me? Obama came on the boob tube and set the stage for massive gun control regulations.

      I’ve seen TV shows where people were actually programmed to kill other people. Is this, along with other cases, a set up to gain control over everything?

      • riverrider says:

        you, i and even my wife had the same thought. like mcveigh, couldn’t these guys be patsied? they’ve already said “collateral damage” was okay to get their agenda across. after OKC, i have no doubts about what the .gov can/will do. we are in for it now, but how many such attacks happen in israel? zero, because even the rabbi has a gun in the pulpit. notice these cowards only strike where they KNOW they won’t confront an armed opponent?

      • mountain lady says:

        That thought crossed my mind after I had been listening to the reports for awhile. Looks like TV tonight is wall to wall coverage, and they are already pressing for new gun laws, as though the guns did the killing. Maybe if we started having less violence in everything kids watch, they would not think the way they do.

        • mountain lady,

          I think it’s a number of things – including violent TV, violent movies, violent video games, violent music, parents that don’t give a crap, a lack of hope, no belief in God or consequence for actions, a media that and a population that condones and encourages sick and indecent behavior, etc.,

          • + 1000

          • So many have no creed by which to live a good life. Not even so much as a “do as you will but do no harm.” Way too much violence, and it seems the bad guys are often the heroes. You’re big-time right when you say no consequences for actions.

            I find it appalling that a big left-loon message is that kids (and everybody else for that matter) should do what they want. Following that line of thought, why should the guy who killed the 26 at the CT school plus his mother be villified? After all, he was just doing what he felt like doing.

            Time to get rid of all these crappy ideas and bring in the bull elephants.

          • +1 and the lack of hope is a syptom of a lack of coping skills. they have been handed everything on demand and now they are growing up, no, aging to the point its time to make it on their own and they haven’t been set up to do that by the parents, schools, churches, community. the parents were brainwashed to believe they need to live in mcmansions, drive 2.5 suvs, vacation in the hamptons etc. therefor both parents have to work, longer and longer hours, neglecting the kids propper socialization, just handing them “stuff” to make them happy/co-operative, not RAISING kids but babysitting them. until we get back to raising kids, and god(or other spirit of your choice), this will continue and get worse …..meanwhile i still think the leftards were way to ready with their soundbites for this. why were the k9’s in the woods? john doe number 3 anybody?

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Amen to that MD, ..It started when we were taught in school $*+ yrs ago …all is animal vegetable or mineral, it has progresses to there is no right or wrong, just what may be right for you might be wrong for me…then there is those video games that have “people or animals chase and kill, blow up each other, then they get up and do it again…they do not know the finality of death. They believe it is all a game…and no one has taught them there are consequences for their own actions, but that everything is someone elses’ fault. When they bring back public hangings for the ones who are caught in the act…and get these drug thugs and gang’s out of our will be a good day. as for gun control, When guns are outlawed only OUTLAWS will have them, and the common citizen will be a sitting ducks. Outlaw guns, ??/ what’s next knives,? tire-tools?crow-bars?rocks,? pitchforks? hammers??? all can be used as a weapon.. Where was it that ? china? many school children were killed by a single knife, no one could protect them selves or their babies.. …no weapon to stop the carnage.

        • chad in kentucky says:

          That evil kid had mental problems, very, very doubtful he was programmed by any govt. Many medications can cause rage, mixed with the unstable brain. Too bad he shot himself, would have rather seen him suffer and at least be asked wtf is wrong with him.

      • Alittle2late says:

        as sad a situation that it is that was the first thing that popped into my head. there has been alot of this kind of shit happening in the last few months…

  9. Political correctness taking over ?
    yes it is ………..thats why I hang out with Russians ……its not in their vocabulary and never will be .

    • riverrider says:

      the ruskies have some of the worst gun control but that didn’t stop the chetchens from massacring hundreds of kids in a school. just saying. funny how the chetchens were freedom fighters on 9/10, but terrorists on 9/12. the ruskies have slaUGHTERED THEM FOR YEARS, EVEN USING NERVE GAS ON WHOLE towns. oops, hit caplock, sorry:)

      • I hear ya , but thats in Russia , I’m talking about the Russian immigrant community here in the US , they dont like that either ….thats why they are here lol . There are some cultural things that they keep intact ……things we have forgotten . PC is not in their vocabulary , they call it as they see it , a spade is a spade , and its very ok not to like somebody or group……there are reasons you dont , and they are valid . Just sayin
        The men and women still have clear cut roles generally speaking . Kind of how we were in the 50’s . I have a very high amount of respect for the ones I have met because they dont EXPECT anything from Americans or America , other than an honest chance to make their way and contribute . Then I look at blacks and hispanics that like to play the victim and cry race every time they dont get their way ……………..and we put up with that . its disgraceful and disgusting . Blacks and hispanics have absolutely NO clue about what real oppression and suffering is , they need to sit down and talk to some of these people I have , that lived under the boot of communism and are grateful they can freely practice a religion without going to prison for 15 years or forever . We take too much for granted and are apathetic about loosing it slowly but surely ….we need to wake up , retake control of our country and culture ……..or we will be living in a communist 3rd world country .

  10. IF logic was to be invoked, then more gun control would be seen that it is not the answer. Let’s look at what has happened and where.

    A man is shot in the head on the sidewalk in New York City! The shooter, if the laws work, must be a member of the government or an LEO. Who else is authorized to have a handgun in New York City?

    What about the theater, mall, and school shootings. They were in “No Gun Zones”. If their laws work, then these shooters must be LEO or government, because these are the only people who can have a gun in these areas.

    You cannot legislate morality. You can only legislate victims.

    • Someone said that if legislation worked, why do we still have a rampant drug trade in this country. If legislation worked, people would no long text messages while driving. If legislation worked, no one would drink and drive. If legislation worked, people would no longer steal from each other. And so on and so on. It is PEOPLE

  11. Even in places where there is strict gun control the crazies find other ways to kill innocent people, just look how many strap bombs on and walk into places and blow themselves and others up. The only way to stop this crap is to get rid of the crazies but how do you do that????

    • Unfortunately, there are always a certain % of crazies. The bigger the population (and under more and more stress) and the same % of crazies = simply more crazies. Can’t legislate stupid and/or crazies. What made it worse was when the liberal left demanded that mentally ill people on the streets didn’t have to be committed. For at least 20 years, it’s been extremely difficult to get even the worst of the worse off the streets until they do something criminal.

      Totally eliminate access to firearms and then we’ll get more in the way of explosives. The horrific act that McVeigh pulled off could make CT look small. We’ve been extremely fortunate that that hasn’t been happening.

    • In China, gun crime is rare, as private citizens are forbidden from owning and selling guns.

      But guess what, blades aren’t controlled. So what happens?

      • tommy2rs,

        Yep, and let’s not forget what happened in Oklahoma City… If some dumbass wants to kill a bunch of people there are more effective ways to do it than to use a gun. And they will find a way to do it…

        No matter if the federal government passed a total ban on all sells of any firearm – there will still be plenty of guns available. The only thing it would really do is make millions of current gun owner’s into criminals.

        Has anyone noticed that the ones doing the shooting are all in their early 20’s?

  12. village idiot says:

    No amount of gun control, people control, or control of any sort will stop the things happening in our country right now. And I’m not trying to offend anyone, so those of you who don’t believe in God don’t even read this. For those of you who do believe read Romans:1, 21-32. Pretty much explains it.

  13. As we look at the Connecticut school shooting we need to look at how our children are told that their parents can’t discipline them. Yet the parents are being held responsible for their actions. We have forced more families to have both parents working, that their kids need to be involved in every after-school activity, then we chastise them for not spending any time with them. If we choose to educate our children ourselves, that we are not qualified to direct our children’s future, yet all of their attitudes are placed on the parents and none of the responsibility is taken by their educators.

    This is not about guns, or gun control. As I’ve said earlier, it’s truly obvious that gun control or gun-free-zones are not the answer. But they will be blamed.

    We ask “How could God allow this to happen in our schools?” Schools we have thrown him out of. We criticize people for their strict moral values, then complain others don’t have any.

    If we are surprised about today’s actions, we have only to look at ourselves, collectively, and find that our apathy and/or lack of conviction are to blame. When we decided that “it’s not worth causing an argument” we became part of the problem. I’m as much to blame as anyone else, but no more; not on my watch! I will take every chance I get to stand up for what it right; to no longer tolerate what calling what is wrong – right.

    Good night, all. I will spend the rest of the night trying to help my grandchildren through an understanding of this. With God’s help we’ll get through this.

    • village idiot says:


      You are so right, JP.

    • “Political correctness” has dictated that everyone clam up. Example: If anyone is overheard talking about this (beyond the bare minimum) at my workplace, they will be yanked into HR and told to shut up. This is called Health & Wellness.

      Beyond discussing with family and friends, forums at least provide like-minded people to get things off their chest. (Thank you, M.D.)

  14. Uncle Charlie says:

    Today’s shooting and last week’s shooting are more about mental illness than anything else. I’m not condemning the mentally ill as 98% of them never commit violent acts. Unfortunately, both of the recent shooters fall into the 2%. In both cases, the shooters did not purchase or own the weapons involved. I try to remind my liberal friends that 32,000 people die every year in automobile incidents but no one talks about car control. Such shootings as today are tragic but fortunately rare.

    However, the President has already thrown down the gauntlet so there will be some half-assed suggestions such as limiting ammunition which will cause prices to go up. Support for gun control has gone down in the last 20 years so I don’t think any thing too serious will happen except for the aforementioned rise in prices. But there will be lots of talks among liberals.

    A liberal “friend” of mine sent the following message: “To all the Second Amendment people. I hope they get to spend Christmas with their children.
    And I hope they get the assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition they asked Santa for. Maybe even an RPG. That way they can kill more six-year-olds.” Needless to say, I told him what I thought of that in the most restrained and reasonable way I could. It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t want to stoop to his level.

    • Difficult to argue with the “stupid.” They rarely hear what you say. Some arguments can be tossed right back. Guns is rarely one of them.

  15. The Last American says:

    This may go down as the all time crackpot comment but here goes. I agree with those of you who smell something fishy concerning all the shootings within the last two weeks. They just fit Barry’s agenda too well.

    When I was a younger person I dated a girl who could be hypnotized. How I know this is that we were in a bar one night and the Entertainment did it to her. Anyway, she was on stage for over an hour and the guy got her to do/say all sorts of funny stuff. None of which she could remember later on.

    Could this not be the case here. I heard on the radio that the Shooter had a low I.Q. or was semi-retarded. Why couldn’t he have been hypnotized to go in and shoot up the place? Like I said, crackpot idea, but don’t it make you go hmmmmmmmm?

    • Last american I have some of these same fears. God help us all.

    • crackpot? hardly. you really think tim mcveigh took that building down all by himself? why does the .gov insist there was no john doe number2 when 2 dozen witnesses plainly saw two people get out of the truck? why does the .gov refute their own star explosives witness report that the alleged bomb could not have done that amount of damage? who were the 4 dark-skinned men witnessed helping load the bomb in the state park? WHY WERE ALL THE AGENTS IN DENVER THAT DAY?????? bells are going off in ft.meade right now, i better go…..

    • Warmongerel says:

      My first reaction upon seeing his picture was that he looked like a typical, young Lefty.

      Perhaps he figured that if he used a gun to murder small children, the act would be seen as so horrific that nobody could argue against gun-control any longer – and he would be hailed as a martyr.

      Paranoid? I wouldn’t put anything past the Left.

      • chad in kentucky says:

        My reaction to his pic was he looked like an alien.
        The shooter probably had no idea what a leftist is, that theory is really pushing it. If he targeted the class his mom had subbed in, maybe he was jealous of the attention the kids received from his mom. This shooter had a lot of loose screws and should have been in an institution. Principal should have been armed….

  16. Guys –
    How about simply showing some respect to those who lost their lives and some sympathy to their families and friends for a bit.

    We can debate conspiracy theories, mental illness, religion and gun control later.

    • k.fields,

      I don’t think anyone was disrespecting the victims or the families involved in this awful incident, just discussing, talking and trying to figure it all out.

      • I guess we simply have different ideas of showing respect – and reading the press reports I’m sorry to say, it seems most of the media agrees with your ideal, not mine.

    • i think i’m showing them respect by keeping honesty in the equation. they deserve it, not to be made posterchildren for disarmament. jus sayin.

  17. Another case of someone on psych drugs shooting up a place from what I understand. It is a sad thing that happend regardless.Tdl is going to make hay with it though,with the harlet media.

  18. Warmongerel says:
    • I was thinking that if you sprayed it with a little bed liner, then you’d be able to just put stuff in them. I’ve got some of the “SAW Cans” the ones that are slightly larger than the 50 cal. That’s what I plan on doing with mine.

    • chad in kentucky says:

      Nice bucket, not too large to keep inside a closet, etc. Thanks for link.

  19. servantheart says:

    Dec. 21 is quickly arriving; what is it’s significance? It falls between 20 and 22, and that IS ALL.

    Question: “What is the year 2012 Mayan prophecy?”

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