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Do You Want To Scare A Baby Boomer? : “If you want to frighten Baby Boomers, just show them the list of statistics in this article.”

Biden to NRA: We ‘don’t have the time’ to prosecute gun buyers who lie on background checks : “During the National Rifle Association’s meeting with Vice President Joe Biden and the White House gun violence task force, the vice president said the Obama administration does not have the time to fully enforce existing gun laws.”

In England, Piers Morgan joked about shooting rivals, said homeowners who kill burglars should not be prosecuted : “CNN host and outspoken gun-control advocate Piers Morgan once joked about shooting professional enemies and separately wrote that he was a “rabid fascist” who wanted burglars tortured after a “decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.”

Gun stores running low on weapons as sales surge : “Interviews with gun store owners in four states after Obama’s speech show that passion among buyers has not decreased over the month since Newtown; if anything, Obama’s speech appeared to set off a new frenzy of buying, with some stores running low on guns.”

Shelter From The Coming Storm: Gold, Silver, and Real Assets : “A hurricane of digital money created by central banks to purchase government debt and other dodgy assets from banks.”

Food-Price Crisis Signals Imminent Hyperinflation : “While fiscally-irresponsible Western governments continue to whine (and do little else) about their exploding debts and deficits, utterly massive (and still-growing) farm subsidies remain untouched.”

So What Is an ‘Assault Rifle’ Really? We Look at the Definitions and How the Term Is ‘Demonized’ : “It seems that there is a lot of confusion as to the difference between military rifles and those designed for civilian ownership, especially because of the language often used to describe the latter.”

As more move to the city, does rural America still matter? : “Rural Americans are becoming less relevant in the country’s increasingly urban landscape and unless they find a way to reverse the trend their voice will continue to fall on deaf ears in Washington and around the world.”

Revolution? : “Throughout the United States, there are tens of millions of fully-armed citizens who are more than capable of defending themselves and their communities against any enemy–whether that enemy is an internal or external one. In fact, many millions of these citizens have been trained in the US armed forces. Firearms–especially semi-automatic rifles–in the hands of millions of American citizens is truly the only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny for the people of the United States.”

By The Numbers: 20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe That Everyone Should Know : “The economic implosion of Europe is accelerating. Even while the mainstream media continues to proclaim that the financial crisis in Europe has been “averted”, the economic statistics that are coming out of Europe just continue to get worse.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    So our food stores are low.
    Rural life has shrunk, in other words fewer farmers means fewer crops so less food.
    So all of the Joseph’s that have been in charge have not put aside for famine.
    That’s what THEY get for not listening to God. And in turn that is our penance for listening to them.

    • Mystery Guest:

      What you say is true but it also reveals part of the problem. We expect there to be a Joseph to put up part of the harvest so we can continue about a sheeple lifestyle and not be worried.

      I have chosen to be the Joseph for my family and take steps to alleviate the problem before it becomes one.

      Of course the current mess with firearms, as predicted although my timing was off by a couple months, he stood to educate those family members that know to better understand that MAYBE I’m not completely off the reservation.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        That wasn’t my train of thought.
        But Joseph didn’t give the food away. It was purchased by the people.

        • Mystery Guest:

          I just finished this story this morning. He sold it, then they ran out of money, he accepted their land, and then their service. After which they paid the government 20% of the harvest for farming the government’s land. When I read it, I get a little upset. Then I look at the latest US government tax issue and they “didn’t raise my taxes” they only take 28%. I think the Egyptian’s got a better deal.

          I understand where YOU are coming from. My comment was really directed at those who thing prepping is foolish. They expect someone else to look ahead and foresee problems, then make it a seamless transition. I see that with the High-cap magazine, people who didn’t figure out that after 2004 this could happen again, are now spending big bucks to get them. Wait until food does this.

  2. 1. Boomers: I was lucky. I retired from the military at 41 and made many of the mistakes that the current batch of boomers are making at 65+, RETIRING WITH TOO LITTLE INCOME. Fortunately, I had enough time left to personally learn from these mistakes, while still young enough to work through them. Putting “Ret.” after your name or title does not put money in the bank!

  3. “We don’t have time to prosecute…”. That has always been the problem with “gun control” in the past. They either fail to enforce the law, only punishing those who turn themselves in, or selectively prosecute. There is nothing you can do bad with a gun that is already not illegal!

    We have so many laws on the books now that many are contradictory. Yet we’re told “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Yet those that are writing and passing them don’t know what’s there. Oh great, something else we need to fix!

  4. You know how to boil a frog? You don’t throw him into boiling water, you put him in warm, comfortable water and slowly turn up the heat until dinner.

    That’s what’s happening to food. Nov 2011 pasta was $.88 fora 1 pound package at Wal-Mart. It is currently $1.08 for the same package, and has been for quite a while so I expect it to go up soon. At the “regular” grocery store. It was $1.04 and going on sale for $.88. The regular price now is $1.38.

    Package sizing has gone down. Coffee was $3.88 for 48 oz (3 pounds). It is now “on sale” for $5.88 for 38 oz!

    My income has not gone up like that. Nothing has. It’s one of the reasons that shelf space in my little house is at a premium, my “stuff” is becoming more valuable every day!

    Keep prepping – dinner time is coming!

    • No Longer a Sheep says:

      Don’t I know it. I just got back from Sams Club and was shocked at the total bill.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      And yet the current administration continues to repeat the lie that we will see inflation on consumables in the 4% range “this year”. They said that last year, as well; the true inflationary rate at the grocery store during that period of time, based on what I actually paid, was right at 30%. 4%; 30% – what’s the difference, right? More gubment accounting principle at work. And our nation isn’t bankrupt, either.

  5. riverrider says:

    the prob with food is more dire than they know. for instance, lots of farmers large and small raised soybeans last year instead of corn or grains. then they sold most of the crop to china and others eager to get it at any price. (someone on here said china was stocking up?). well that means that next to nothing went into the strategic reserves for us. i’m hoping we have bumpercrops this year. we might need it here at home. meanwhile i developed a monthly plan to stock bulk grains last night. well, that and THERMITE 🙂

    • RR:

      You due need to be able to cook your food.\!

    • Alittle2late says:

      I must have been living under a rock, Thermite is some really cool stuff. Wonder how well it will work to remove tree stumps?

    • breadmomma says:

      the weather in the corn belt has been unusually moderate and not much snow…moisture…don’t count on a bumper crop to save our arsses…walking around Chicago last week in tee shirt…much to worry about…stock up folks while you still can…

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Yesterday on Fox, they showed how Birmingham, AL had more snow this season than Chicago. Don’t plan on recovering this winter. There hasn’t even been much lake effect snow and the great lakes are suffering. Now with freezing weather in SoCal who knows how bad it will get. And Texas rice growers can’t buy the water they usually get from Army Corps of Engineers local waterway diversion because of the draught.
        I pray for us all and am workin my fingers to the bone to grow more vegies here.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      China IS stocking up; has been for quite some time – on soybeans, corn, wheat, and water, all from us. A lot of the corn grown also has gone into biofuels – a significant amount, in all truthfulness. The corn is GMO, so, I didn’t really want to eat it, anyway; but for those who don’t know, don’t care about the GMO issue – it’s the only source of “corn” they know, and will make an impact. Same with wheat. (Trust me, if I were hungry enough, I WOULD eat the GMOs, assuming it was even available!).

      Pleasant Hill Grains sells organic wheat by the 40-lb. bucket, just as they do non-organic, and there isn’t much difference in the price. It arrives already packed for many years of storage; customer service is excellent and shipping is fast. Get it while you can! (This is unground grain; you will need a grain grinder to do anything with it. This grain has been heat-treated, and can not be used for growing crops.) Here’s the web site:

      If you want to buy grain pre-ground, pre-packed for long-term storage, then the LDS Stores are your most cost-effective choice; they have more than one kind of wheat, so, be sure you order the kind you want.

      You can get pasta, beans, and other stuff pretty cheap here, ready to store for the long-term:

      Here’s the link to the online order form, to give you an idea what they have:

      You can search at the Provident Living (LDS) site to find an LDS Cannery near you.

      Hope you find this info helpful,

  6. Patriot Dave says:

    scare babyboomers: obamacare will solve this ‘problem’ with their death panels following England and Oregon denying treatment to the eldery. see O say it himself.

    Background checks: WTF???? Why not just announce to all criminals how to break the current laws. Liberalprogressives open their mouth and give away their true plan, total gun confiscation in order to bring in total tryanny and a slave nation. 170 million people in the 20th century murdered by their OWN government. So now this will become the “new crisis” that will be used to justify closing all gun shows, internet sales and force long waiting periods, fingerprinting, photos and a stool sample.

    Rural America: The coming economic collapse will solve that problem. Most people in the cities are unprepared and will die. Some will move back to rural settings because you can’t grow food on concrete. See? Problem solved. only takes the murder of 150 million or so.

    Hyperinflation: Not a problem. again most people die. then there is enough food for survivors. If you stored enough food to get through a growing season you are good to go.

    I am feeling extra cynical today.

  7. Look at pecans, a seemingly small thing but a uniquely American product.

    “[Pecan prices are] higher than they’ve ever been”, said Worn. “In [20]09, you were looking at pecans for sale in supermarkets in the U.S. at $7 [per pound], $9 last year. This year, they’re selling at $11 a pound.”

    China has taken so much of the U.S. production of pecans that it has driven up the price here, and that has many, including some pecan producers, worried.

    And this info is from an article written in 2011

    So how were pecan prices this year when you went to make pecan pie for the holidays and how will they be next year?

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Nuts have always been costly and expensive. Look at the one in office and the trillions………………

    • HomeINsteader says:

      If you HURRY, you might still get a good mark-down on this year’s pecan crops at your local grocery (after Christmas sale). I paid $5.67 a lb., half the pre-Christmas price, just recently. Woo-hoo! Long-termed packed them in mylar with OA’s, I did!

  8. The Last American says:

    In response to the article you added by Chuck Baldwin.
    #1. He is stating His opinion, not a Biblical opinion. He uses no verses to explain why he has drawn his line in the sand. ( As there are none to justify revolution)
    #2. As Christians we have a choice. We can either follow our fallen nature and give into our passions, or we can model Christ to the world.
    #3. Proverbs3:31-32 “Do not envy a man of violence, and do not choose any of his ways. For the crooked man is an abomination to the Lord; But He is intimate with the upright.
    #4 As much as I hate to write this, Barry and his Communist agenda has not gained any of his victories thru blood shed against the American people. Lies, tricks, cheating, who knows, but not blood shed (yet).
    The people of Mexico and Benghazi are another story.

    If any of us are looking for grounds to revolt against a Government, the 3,500 babies killed every day would seem to me to be more fitting.

    Also if one is looking for good/sound sermons, those of the late D.James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church are very good. Dr. Kennedy was a godly Patriot!

    God bless you all.

    • wicked props says:

      The Last American, you said I sold my semi autos and I’m never gonna post here or anywhere again.
      So, “the last american” gives up and goes into hiding. or so you said.
      the name last American, sounds good. like YOUR “the last American”, the last of a dying breed, then You give up your guns,and go into hiding…but you didnt get the responce you wanted as a guberment psyops shill so your back. do you bake cakes too?
      this is just my take on “the Last American”
      my 1st amendment talking here.
      even though “the last American” gives up his 2nd

      but lets change the subject.
      “If any of us are looking for grounds to revolt against a Government, the 3,500 babies killed every day would seem to me to be more fitting.”

      cant revolt without keeping our guns/2nd amendment.
      maybe that “assault rock” is still on ebay!
      maybe the last american will buy us acouple of them with the money he got from giving up his 2nd amendment rights.

      • The Last American says:

        You wish to play Rambo, go at it! I’m too busy planning my with all of my CIA buddies how to infiltrate Survivalist Blog.

        • wicked props says:

          well, a little bit of truth from you. how about a couple of those assault rocks? notice how the shills/trolls react? went from religion to ” I’m too busy planning my with all of my CIA buddies how to infiltrate Survivalist Blog.”. the light burns doesnt it?

          “not gonna post any more”….shill

          rambo? thought they were less cheesy than you.

          remember, my illegal taxes pay your wages.
          O and best of luck “the least American”
          PS. anybody got a breath mint for “him”? smells like the bs it spouts.

          • The Last American says:

            Oh Gee, you caught me, aren’t you a clever little boy. Have you really read anything that I’ve posted on this site?

            FYI, I’m a retired Pastor, and I like to think a man of God. I’m sorry that my opinion does not jibe with your ‘s, but come to think of it, I’m really not That sorry.

            I’ve been watching the News, really haven’t seen any two gun Preppers storm the White House yet, so I’m wondering when all of your nonsense will be backed up?

            If you can’t deal with this simple fact; That there is no Biblical basis for Revolt or Rebellion, I suggest you go see a Doctor and get yourself a Bible and start reading it.

            As for assault rocks, they worked prety good for David, just say’n. I’ll pray for you.

            • wicked props says:

              ” I suggest you go see a Doctor and get yourself a Bible and start reading it.”
              thats straight from the shills handbook.
              go see a doctor, why so I can get shot up with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG ?
              big pharma is all about money not helping people.
              read the bible, I have, the entire bible not just the warn fuzzy parts. for you to be a good christian you have to kill all sinners and non christians. remember the crusades?
              dont talk down to me because your a retired pastor.
              but I’m sure that part is in the shill handbook.
              somebody shine a light on this troll, O and I have read what you posted thought you were ok untill “I sold my semi auto guns and I’m not going to post here or anywhere again”
              a quote from mystery guest’s post
              “David prayed to God about the enemy and how they vexed him. After some prayers later, God told him he would be with him. David went to war.
              Does God sanction war? Just maybe he could.”
              go play with your obummer doll
              have a happy day!

    • Mystery Guest says:

      The Last American
      As Christians we do have a choice.
      We can continue to lay down in the road and let them run over us or stand our ground.
      I would rather be standing.
      There are indeed other reasons to revolt. As you stated one of them.
      We have turned our cheek(s), given our cloak also, we have been the good samaritan, we have loved our enemy.
      If we continue in this vain there will be untold agony come upon us.
      Chuck Baldwin asked if pastors had preached against the injustice brought against the people and where they stood.
      I listen to Christian radio (it is on 24/7) and I have heard very little preaching on anything that has come about in the last 4 decades. I have heard them preach on tithes, and the end times. But nothing on yesterday which lent the problems of today and will bleed into tomorrow.
      David prayed to God about the enemy and how they vexed him. After some prayers later, God told him he would be with him. David went to war.
      Does God sanction war? Just maybe he could.
      Christ will be coming with his saints and it isn’t going to be pretty.
      Dr. James Kennedy was indeed Godly and he was indeed a patriot.
      I do not have any idea what he would do if it came to a revolution. But I believe he would not have backed down even on this, even if he disliked guns intensely. He would, I hope, been against the idea of taking the 2nd admendment rights away from the people.
      But I believe that he would stand his ground, as I will, and bow to no one, but unto our GOD.
      The enemy, spiritual (evil) or physical will not take into consideration your rights or beliefs on anything but will use them to your determent.

      • The Last American says:

        Thank you for your adult response. There is no doubt that we are heading for a world of hurt, no doubt. It’s what we do about it that will matter.
        Dr. Kennedy happened to be a friend of mine and a very great Christian. I’m certain that he would tell you, as I am, that we need to put our complete faith and trust in God’s plan, not rely on our own dim understanding of the future.
        The night that Christ was taken, Peter pulled a sword and cut off an ear. Did Christ say, “Way to go Big Pete?”. No, he said “Put it away, because he who lives by the sword dies by the sword”.
        In other word’s Peter’s actions were against God’s wishes/plan.

        Trust me, almost every member of the Clergy I know owns firearms. The time to use them may come sometime, but unless they are being used to defend men’s lives, they are not being used as God’s plan wills it.
        As a former Pastor I can tell you that the subject of a sermon has to be considered due to the many troubled and unstable people who might use it to act out in a violent manner.

        I believe that Chuck Baldwin is a bit of a kook and what he did was very dangerous.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        MG, Last American, 2 Late, and Pack
        You are each a Patriot. What is going on here is what is going on in Congress. Everyone is right.
        I worked in a place in Europe a few years ago who’s motto was “If you can’t lick em, GLiCeM” (Ground Launch Cruise Missiles). At least once a month they had to lock me out of the control room because I was ready to end the BS (especially my time of the month)! So I am not a pacifist.
        That being said, I have watched what has happened in Iran, Egypt, and Syria. And civil war ain’t pretty.
        I played a little scenario in my mind about who will be the Allied occupying Forces if there is civil unrest here. Canada? Mexico? …?
        I will defend my God. My family. The constitution. What I won’t do is take up arms against my brother for what he might do.
        I hear a lot of frustration, fear,and chest thumping. But clear cool minds are necessary in times like these.
        In 1776, Ben Franklin said, “Gentlemen we must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately.”
        A man with the convictions of Last American is not likely to change his ideas for fear of eternal damnation. But he does present valid points and gives us pause so we don’t just react and do something stupid.
        Now those of us who are prone to resist the changes thru violence are, when and if the time comes, our heros.
        But I do believe resisting anyway except through lawful means at this time is wrong. And if I was ever apt to resist, I certainly wouldn’t advertise on the internet.
        Love and pray for you all.

        • No Longer a Sheep says:

          If my brother takes up arms against me… then he is no longer my brother. He will be treated as the enemy. Same goes for any American. If you’re hell bent on taking our guns.. then you are the enemy. While I may have never served in the armed forces I fully believe in the oath that they take to protect the US and the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Alittle2late says:

      The last American
      First off, I can’t quote very many verses in the bible.
      Somewhere in there is says to turn the other cheek, well we were all born with 4 cheeks, I’ve turned them all at least once in my 41 years of life.
      I’m done turning cheeks it’s time to stand my ground and if dying is part of the lords will, SO BE IT. At lease I can sleep at night. I can not and will not be pushed any farther into the corner that the NWO(new world order) is slowly and methodicaly without bloodshed pushing! (yet)
      The decision to give up YOUR guns and roll over is your’s to make. Let me know how that FEMA camp works out for ya. I’m keeping mine.

      • The Last American says:

        Yes, I know, you’ve put with more than anyone else you poor soul. I’m sure that becoming violent and acting out on your emotions will really make you and your world better.

        Funny thing is that all I hear from people is how they laws will effect them. That “they” don’t want “their” guns taken away, because “they” are just toooo special. Is it really about the guns and freedom, or something else?

        • Alittle2late says:

          @The Last American
          No No There are countless people that suffer and put up with more than I. I’ve been very lucky, thank you for your concern though.
          This is still America and your entitled to your choices as am I. I will not be the one to cast the first stone. I’ll be one of the many catching it and throwing it back.
          It has nothing to do with guns, knives, cars, or anything in general . It has all to do with this being a free country. What if the only religion you could practice was what ever the government decided? Would you feel differently then?

      • No Longer a Sheep says:

        Agreed. When pushed in a corner we come out and fight. Well this corner is getting mighty full.

  9. Re: As more move to the city, does rural America still matter?
    Is this why you are seeing secession petitions being signed in “red” states, you know ‘”fly over country”? Well, ok, if they don’t matter, let them go.

    Re: Food-Price Crisis Signals Imminent Hyperinflation
    The “Big Ag” executives don’t live in rural America, make sure they stay where they are when “red” states secede. Maybe those “red” states will go back to the investment laws of 1990 where only producers and end users could “hedge” on commodities.

    Re: Revolution?
    As I recall, the battle cry at Lexington in 1775 was “NO King but Jesus”. Pastor Baldwin makes a compelling argument, backed by Pat Buchanan. Tyranny is discussed MANY times with MANY examples in the Bible. If you are interested in another preacher who will give plenty of scriptural references to support Pastor Baldwin, go to

    Re: By The Numbers: 20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe That Everyone Should Know
    The author clearly states that this is where the US is headed and advises, “Use these last few “bubble months” to prepare for what is ahead. At some point this “hope bubble” will disappear and then the time for preparation will be over.”
    Well, this would be a fine time to give up our guns, wouldn’t it? Thank God gun sales are surging.

    So in summary, hyperinflation in the food industry is about to hit, the US food supply is depleted because of drought, politicians and people in the “blue” states want to take away guns, those same people say rural America doesn’t matter, people in the “red” states want the hell out, gun sales are surging and there are at least a few Christians with a backbone who are willing to stand up for what’s left of the Constitution.
    This is the “hope bubble”?

    Thanks, MD, for a good line up of articles!

    • The Last American says:

      @ Pam,
      Can you please site a passage of scripture that calls for a Christian to take offensive violent action against tyranny? There are none.
      At Lexington, the Minutemen waited to be fired upon, then they were acting in defense, that is my point!

      Protecting people against tyranny is Biblical, picking a fight is not. I believe that God will bless this Nation if we act according to His will, and allow us to be destroyed if we do not.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        The Last American
        Well here again you have misread and misjudged those that want to keep their 2nd Amendment rights.
        You also have misjudged the evil that has already invaded our country.
        2nd Amenders do not want to fire the first shot.
        But I believe we are to resist all forms of evil.
        We have rendered unto Ceasar what is his, but now he wants to invade our person. In so doing we have the right to defend ourselves any way we can.
        We are preppers first. We are survivalist second. We will become defenders of faith and person. We have no desire to be reckless or abandon our humanity.
        Christ was no slouch. And he certainly was not mealy-mouthed. He said what he thought of the Scribes and the Pharasees. In this day and age we are not fighting a religious hierarchy. We are fighting the governments underhanded subversive tactics.
        If this continues you will be the submissive slave to their dealings. You are right, as to it should be to defend, but what are you willing not to defend?
        The Bible says that a man is an infidel if he does not take care of his family. There was not a complete direct mention of what to do, no instruction sheet given with this verse. Yes we have the Bible as a whole to direct us. But we cannot be passive when it comes to protecting our house.
        Is not this house aka country not worth our efforts to defend?
        It used to be the last bastion of Christian belief and we have been passive and let all sorts of evil invade it.
        This evil will slowly and methodically take everything you have and your freedom.
        And I wish for you to take to heart that this evil is an undertone, it has somewhat unveiled itself, but the depths can’t be measured yet.

      • I didn’t say, and I don’t believe Pastor Baldwin (or any other Pastor for that matter) said anything about taking ANY type of OFFENSIVE action. Drawing a line in the sand is a communication method common in one on one, physical, fist fights. I saw it a lot on the playground as a kid. It is a way of telling the offender that, “I will continue to accept YOUR offensive behavior up to this point.” It is a way to communicate where the aggression will be met with a similar, but defensive response.

  10. Alittle2late says:

    They don’t have time? then why are they making more laws to not enforce? Is a lobotomy part of the political entry process?
    Morgan’s an asshat that needs to go home.
    Me thinks there’s going to be a run on guns till there isn’t any more.
    I’m glad I’ve got a green thumb,sharp eye and have to rely on grocery stores very little now a days. Thanks for teaching me, everyone in the PACK.
    We rural folk my be forgotten ATM,wait till the grocery store’s are empty.
    As far as a revolution is concerned Washington better wake up,and back peddle the ice is getting thin.
    As far as Europe goes, its all in the master plan, we will be next if drastic GVT spending is not stopped. So ya we are next.

    • I think they really want us to have guns so we can kill each other and make it easier on them. Every now and again they give us one of these scares, gun sales soar, things die down, stocks get replenished and it happens again.
      Don’t worry, the REAL players in DC are wide awake, they know things are spinning out of control just like the banksters do. They know the ice is thin and the whole globe is warming up. They can’t back peddle, their backs are against the wall. They (the REAL players) have their secret castles buried underground in foreign countries and they are buying up land, stock piling metals and laying claims to natural resources so they have even greater control when enough people have died and the anarchy is manageable. Sure there’s quite a few politicians that are caught in the lure of easy money, the glitz and appearance of power but even if they all started thinking clearly right now, it’s to late. You know, chairs on the Titanic and bandaids on terminal cancer. Within this current system, there is no fix. This is a ponzi scheme – totally unsustainable and without an equitable solution. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN. Drastic cuts in government spending will only make it sooner. Where can they cut enough to make a substantial difference? The military? They are building weapons we don’t need and we are certainly in a lot of places we shouldn’t be but where will all those returning vets find work? Cut social programs? Take away the monthly payments and you’ll see LA riots in every city in this country. Even if you totally eliminate Big Ag and education, it’s not enough. The biggest expense in the US budget is servicing the debt. Hmmm, what if we just default on our debt? What if we pick up a whip and proceed to tip the tables over on the international money changers? We simply go bankrupt, refuse to pay, forgive all foreign debt due us, dissolve all of our citizens debts (no more credit card bills, mortgage payments, investment income and savings would have to go, too) and whatever you have in your possession is what you own. Hit the reset button! And best yet, it’s Biblical, Leviticus 25.
      But even in throwing off the yoke of slavery, severe hardship and horrific violence will occur because, as a society, we are arrogant, spoiled, greedy, lazy and perverted. We are not resilient like we were in the 1930’s because we are lacking honor, integrity and accountability to our Creator. Our hope, our ONLY hope is in Divine Intervention. But that requires abandonment of narcissism and material sense in order to give way to spiritual truth. 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.”

      Soooo, I’m thinking civil war will come before a revolution.

  11. No Longer a Sheep says:
  12. No Longer a Sheep says:

    NBC Admitted: No ‘Assault Rifle’ Used in Newtown Shooting

    Read the text and watch the vids on this page.

  13. PGCPrepper says:
  14. MountainSurvivor says:

    With all that news…gotta’ keep prepping.

  15. MountainSurvivor says:

    January’s Words of Wisdom: Never vent yourself inside a car or your windows will steam up and keep you from seeing what is ahead of you and down the road.

  16. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Just wanted to put in a tiny bit of good news. Today, Hubbs and I went down to Montpelier and stood in place with 200 (per the Burlington Free Press) other Vermonters who were taking part in a country-wide gun-ban protest suggested by Guns Across America. A peaceful gathering, and while we were standing there, I spotted a guy who had a placard on his chest hanging from his neck which read: Harvard educated. Vegetarian. Business Owner. Gun Owner. (I’m trying to remember it all, but you get the gist?) I went over to him and told him I liked his card. Turns out he is the past president of a Vermont gun group, and all the while looking like my idea of the “typical” liberal guy. It taught me (yet again, gad I’m slow!) not to judge by looks and also just how diverse gun owners are. And that there might be some hope for our state! Please pray for our state also on February 7th around 6:30 as our state legislators consider whether or not to pass a gun ban in Vermont. Thanks and God bless.

  17. HomeINsteader says:

    If you know someone still on facebook (who doesn’t?), AND they think they have “privacy” because they have set “privacy settings”, you might want to show them this: storify, the app that lets ANYONE access your “private” information, REGARDLESS of the settings….PS: If you REALLY care about your “privacy”, then, why are you on facebook, pinterest, etc.? Duh.

    If You Thought Your Status Updates On Facebook Could Be Kept Private, Think Again
    Alyson Shontell | Jan. 20, 2013

    Read more:

  18. I’m a baby boomer and I’m not at all scared. I’m also a long time prepper and perhaps that is the reason why.

    Assuming my health keeps up and the work is available, I plan to keep working well into my 60’s; there’s simply no reason not to.

    We also have no debt except a small loan for our latest vehicle and carry no credit card debt.

    Money is a bit tight now, but in 18 months when the DD graduates from college with her bachelors, there should be a lot better cash flow. We made her a deal that if she got good grades, got into a good school, and got good scholarships, we would try to make her undergraduate degree be free to her, and we’re planning to keep our end of the bargain. Graduate school is however, on her.

    I don’t have as much retirement funding as I’d like, but significantly more than the article states about most folks.

    As for number 19 “Millions of elderly Americans these days are finding it very difficult to survive on jus a Social Security check.” The fact is that they never were supposed to. SS was supposed to be 1 leg of a three legged stool, with the other s being personal savings and company retirement.

    As for AARP who were mentioned several times in the article, they are a left wing progressive organization that neither the DW nor I will ever join. They supported Obamacare and stand to make $100M per year selling their insurance.

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