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Watch The Financial Markets In Europe : “Is the financial system of Europe on the verge of a meltdown? I have always maintained that the next wave of the economic crisis would begin in Europe, and right now the situation in Europe is unraveling at a frightening pace.”

EU Pays Trolls to Fight Euroskepticism Online : “European Parliament’s plan to spend huge sums of taxpayer money on social network smear campaigns against those who speak out against it.” That is interesting – the government paying trolls to post comments on blogs and websites for the purpose of causing trouble and coving up the truth…

Piers Morgan Fan Goes On Shooting Rampage, Killing Three… : Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting the fact that this shooter an ex cop is an outspoken supporter against the Second Amendment? If he were a Second Amendment supporter that fact would be all over the “news” and used to demonize gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Fake American Eagle silver coins surface : A counterfeit 2011 American Eagle silver bullion coin recently passed as genuine at a coin shop in Toronto contains no silver, but does contain a trace amount of gold in its composition.

The perfect solar storm? Sun eruptions to peak in 2013 : “Sunny, with a mild chance of catastrophe? A massive solar storm, like the one that knocked out radio communications all over the U.S. in 1958, is coming, and this time the devastation could total as much as $2 trillion, experts told Call it the perfect solar storm.”

Doctor warns: Obama taking over psychiatry : “In the administration’s latest push to limit the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, the term “mental health” is being bantered about and used as common ground between anti-gun activists and staunch defenders of gun rights.”

Where we are heading – Greeks Fight For Food “I Never Imagined That I Would End Up Here” : “Just a short time after a financial collapse that rocked global financial markets, Europe’s darling has turned into a frightening example of what happens when governments and their people take on more debt than they can ever hope to repay.”

Global Monetary System Headed for Collapse : “The world currency system is riding down the road to catastrophe, says James Rickards, senior managing director of Tangent Capital Partners.”

Meltdown on main street

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    Well here is the news from California:
    They want to make it to where gun owners have to get “Gun Liability” insurance.
    They want to stop all sales of guns that take a clip of any capacity. They don’t want them coming into the state. And it will cause present gun owners to be illegal.
    Say this does happen, they will have turned this state over to the thugs and even they the dear lawmakers won’t be safe. There’s not enough LEO”s in California to take care of that kind of problem and with disarmed citizens means the LEO’s won’t be getting any help of any kind.

    • I always thought California was just as RETARDED as New York…….. Watch the movie “IDIOCRACY” It’s prophetic for where th US is headed

    • riverrider says:

      thats what they want, the situationto get so bad that the sheep beg the .gov to come in. i thought chicago or detroit would be first but…

    • In Ohio the perps were stealing guns from the cops. I wonder if this is against the law too.

      • Only if you get caught… that’s why all the laws do no good. Even when you get caught… fed time is easy time.

    • I do not think that it will fly. I do not think that you need to insure a right.I think that it will get shot down in the court system.

      • We thought obummercare would get shot down too… but look at where that got us!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Rr,SW,JP, AX,Toto,
        MO is in the news attending a teen girl’s funeral in Chicago. How come the MSM seems to use this shooting to fuel gun control but at no time have I heard it mentioned that guns are banned in Chicago?

    • So does anyone know; can a Californian who owns one of these restricted rifles take it out of state to a state where they are legal and leave it with a relative or friend? That is they still continue to live in California but explain that the gun is not in California and thus out of the California government’s jurisdiction.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        You can do anything you want with sufficient OpSec. Go visit someone you haven’t seen in a while. You need a little “vacation”. Leave gifts for your host/hostess. It’s no one else’s business.

      • A better idea is to sell your assault rifle to someone unknown to you and in exchange you buy their assault rifle. That way when they confiscate guns you can ligitimately say you sold the gun and don’t know the name or info on the buyer. You can also simply fail to mention that you bought a similar gun from a private owner.

      • I wouldn’t recommend that, you’re going to need it.

  2. riverrider says:

    the sunspot folks are confused as to why the sun has been so quiet this year. some think pent up energy is building up to a critical point, others thinkits already peaked and quieting down for the next cycle…..the kali cop was a soldier prior. i’m betting he’s nowhere near where they are searching. he already left decoys at the airport and train stations. he torched the car to make sure it was spotted.

    • Alittle2late says:

      I agree is not anywhere near where they are looking. they are gonna need help with this one.

      • Former military, I do believe. He’s probably holed up somewhere in Mexico laughing at the way law enforcement is scratching it’s head at his decoys. That’s ok. God the Father knows where he is, and the truth will out. It always does.

  3. A Big Thank You To The Wolf Pack!

    I have not posted in a very long time, but read this site daily. I am sure most of you know that the northeast is getting slammed by a huge storm. I live in an area of Massachusetts where they are predicting a possibility of up to 3 feet of snow. Thanks to everything I have learned through the postings of everyone here, I am very well prepared. I did not have to go near a store and deal with the chaos, but instead watched it on the news in the comfort of my living room. I have plenty of food. If we lose electricity, I have several ways to cook that food. I have back up heat for a couple of rooms in the house, a box full of batteries, flashlights, oil lamps, a small generator to keep the freezer running with back up gas. I did not have to wait in the long lines at the gas station because I now keep the gas tank full. I am on town water but have plenty of water anyway. I got up this morning and did everything I needed to do that required electricity, just in case. I learned that from someone’s post that had gone through a big storm. The most important thing is the peace of mind. For everyone in the path of this storm, please stay safe, warm and dry … and thank you all for the information you share and to MD for providing the venue.

    • Carol,

      Prayers go out to you and your family. It’s good to hear when prepping makes a positive difference. You would think folks would wake up by now.

  4. Thomas T. Tinker says:


    AGAIN GOOD LUCK…………………………. Thomas T. Tinker

  5. riverrider says:

    thanks to backwoods prepper i looked it up…..lapd did in fact shoot two newspaper carriers, women, in the back because their truck looked like the loose gunman’s. driver, AND PASSENGER! so, if it hadda been him, SHOOT THE HOSTAGE TOO???? we’re at war folks, but the good news is… the other side are idiots.

    • worrisome says:

      Yes, they most certainly did shoot a couple of newspaper delivery carriers. The pick up was NOT the same brand nor the same color. Wish you could see the picture of the holes in that truck. Damned stupid and I hope they fire the idiots!

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      Have you read this guys manifesto. He had me for about 3/4 of it. All of a sudden he starts praising the AWB and Frankinstien and TDL. And even shows Piers some love.

    • Backwoods Prepper says:
      • Backwoods Prepper says:

        If you had a well regulated AWB, this would not happen. The time is now to reinstitute a ban that will save lives. Why does any sportsman need a 30 round magazine for hunting? Why does anyone need a suppressor? Why does anyone need a AR15 rifle?

        Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB. Never again should any public official state that their prayers and thoughts are with the family.

        In my cache you will find several small arms. In the cache, Bushmaster firearms, Remington precision rifles, and AAC Suppressors (silencers). All of these small arms are manufactured by Cerberus/Freedom Group. The same company responsible for the Portland mall shooting, Webster , NY, and Sandy Hook massacre.

        You disrespect the office of the POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan, mongroid, halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as simply, President

        You call his wife a Wookie. Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama. A woman whose professional and educational accomplishments are second to none when compared to recent First wives

        Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit. You never even showed 30 seconds of empathy for the children, teachers, and families of Sandy Hook.

        give Piers Morgan an indefinite resident alien and Visa card. Mr. Morgan, the problem that many American gun owners have with you and your continuous discussion of gun control is that you are not an American citizen and have an accent that is distinct and clarifies that you are a foreigner. I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on enacting stricter firearm laws

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          This veteran, former police offer, had in the past had to undergo psychological evaluation and he passed. This manifesto shows a fractured mind.
          Someone had to have seen it coming. Does LAPD just fire then turn their backs on troubled people? I say shame on the LAPD for letting it get this far.
          Why would anyone believe soldiers in Afghanistan could lose it but not someone who serves in a municipality filled with desperation and depravity (any big city in the world).
          This man will probably be shot and killed, beyond repair. So sad.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            I know right. Last week he discharged from the Navy after 11 years service and according to him he left the Navy because they lowered his security clearence. Because he exausted all appeals to have his record for the false report expunged. Seems that having the Seconed highest SC someone would have noticed this.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Backwoods Prepper,

          I need a 30 round magazine because, in a calm state, I’m a lousy shot. If threatened I would not be in a calm state; I would be unable to aim properly while I soil my pants.

          If my grandchildren were in the house when someone broke down our door, how could I keep an eye on them and properly aim at an attacker with an axe?

          Thank you for helping me through this thought process, I’m going to tape all my magazines in packs of 3.

          • Backwoods Prepper says:

            That got me to thinking too. I need a silencer too. If someone broke into my house I would not want to have my 4 year old daughter awakened by me emptying one of my 27 30rd mags into him. SEMPER PARATUS!!!

            • BP:

              A suppressor won’t make the weapon sound like a Hollywood Special but you are the user won’t have to wear hearing protection. Supersonic bullets are still going to let off a loud “crack” when they leave the barrel, but they sure are nice for the operator. That’s why they work best on 45 ACP and 9mm w/147 gr bullets (under 1100 fps).

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              BP, JP,
              I recall reading about how to manufacture certain things using everyday hardware. Then there’s the potato or soda bottle. It is illegal to own a silencer and the stuff you go through to get a suppressor isn’t worth it. Of course, there is always Cousin Vinnie in Brooklyn.

            • Backwoods Prepper says:

              Yeah diffinitly not hollywood. I have had the opportunity to use several different types on several different firearms and I even thought the .22 was too loud. Of course the report was’nt loud just the racking of the slide. The one I used on a .223 basicly made it sound like a .22

            • Tactical G-Ma:

              Just to set the record straight.

              1. It’s a suppressor not a silencer (in firearms there is no such thing as a silencer).
              2. They are not illegal, but do require a “permit to own” , issued but BATFE, and costing $200 each. It takes 5-7 months to process the application, before you get to take possession.
              3. Whether it’s worth the effort or no is up to yout.
              4. If you think this is an issue, try 10 years and a $50,000 fine if they find that you built one yourself.

              This process is what everybody will have to go through for each firearm that’s “grandfathered” under Sen Feinstain’s bill. If we have to do that, what will be the status of your weapon while you are waiting?

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I know about supressors and the BATFE permit. I thought back in the day there was a silencer used by sp ops, cia,etc. Guess I have just seen too many movies.

            • Tactical G-Ma:

              No trying to cause a problem. I’ve found that there is a lot of bad information out there. I just like to share the correct information (as I know it).

              Now there are states that don’t allow Class 3 weapons, so those that want them should check with the local sheriff’s department (as they sign the form).

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Thanks for the info and you know terminology tripped me up. I checked out the suppressors about 6 mos. ago. Its legal here but I read up on the products and didn’t think for my purposes and budget it was worth it. I have other short range silent weapons: bow and crossbow and knives. But I recalled reading about the OSS and silencers not realizing they were the same as suppressors. If I had lots of disposable income, I would have all the accessories made. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

            • riverrider says:

              i got mine in about a month.

  6. MD:

    Don’t put my name out there, please.

    A couple of free kindle books today that you can post…

    Prepper’s Essential Guide To Surviving a Natural Disaster, Doomsday Event and Economic Meltdown [Kindle Edition]

    Survival Guide for Beginners [Kindle Edition]

  7. Glad your article included what to look for on the fake US Silver.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      JP in MT: Got an email from ‘Futrue Money Trends, watched a Youtube video of a lil olk Chi-mom lady pounding out steel ‘Morgan Head’ slugs on this small stamping machine. They looked pretty darn good……. The real deal won’t stick to a magnet and weighs in at 26.73 grams.

      This boy Amazoned a 1000gram ‘Digiweigh’ for $19.50 and just now finished checking each and every cartwheel I own…… no bad ones…..
      Did show me I was a total of 1.92 oz. under on my ‘shiner’ pile. Not worth the gas and book keeping to work on.

      You got me thinking that with the high premium on Eagles and such…. I’m gonna stick with Sunshine, JM, Engelhard and DTR.

      • TTT:

        I usually buy from a dealer so there’s little chance of my gettinga bad one.

        I have a friend who has a bunch of those “trade Morgan’s”. I told him I would be interested in a couple for “show” value, not silver value.

      • Any thoughts on the gold and silver dealer that advertises here? I bought a round off e-bay and don’t think I got my money’s worth. Anyone use JM Bullion?

    • Guess it was only a matter of time. Of course… let me thought this out there. What if?

      Seems that fake was comprised of pretty much the same thing the nickle is comprised of. What if the greedy folks in Washington are behind it? With everything I have seen coming out of DC I don’t trust them to do the right thing anymore.

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        Good money has always…. alllllways been beaten out by the bad: ref, Rome, Carthage, The Greek City states, What is it about we humans that we simply cannot.. will not? .. egnore the opportunity to fleece our fellow man. Kindofa variation on the ‘Power corrupting’ thang.

        Money Reset Time?

  8. CA is now also trying (Dems control gov at all levels by BIG majoritys)
    to outlaw ALL semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines. Hand guns will be next. CA is a slave state IMHO

    • worrisome says:

      Yes it is becoming one, I live here……….just wrote to all representatives at the state and fed level and basically told them they are all worthless, stupid and unable to think. Won’t do any good, as they are all bleeding heart liberal democrats that are out to save the world. When the only people with guns in Cali are the gangs, it would be interesting to watch and see what these fools do as they are chased down the street or are the victims of a drive by! They have all lost their ever loving minds!

      • worrisome, I just did a 3 month ‘sentence’ in Palo Alto, near San Fran. Actually I was doing some work out there. I was never so glad to leave a place in all my born days. It ranked right up there with the day I kicked my ex-DW to the curb. Those politicians, at every level, come up with some of the damnedest crap you can imagine. In Stockton if you’re employed by the city for a minimum of 31 days you’re guarenteed lifetime medical coverage, spouse included. I’m repeating what my cousin who lives in Stockton told me, so don’t hold me to that 🙂 But I do believe the state government is going to quickly succeed in squeezing out legal firearm ownership in CA. I also believe the crime rate will skyrocket and an already overburdened, overworked LEO will simply be swamped by the coming tidal wave of crime and violence.

  9. Greeks fight for food ” I never imagined I would end up here ”

    Thats what some Germans said about the Nazi party and Adolph Hitler . Thats what we are going to be saying in the near future as well …….and just like the Greeks and anti nazi’s in Germany ………nothing we can do to stop it .

  10. k. fields says:

    Wanted to pass this on-
    Just saw this e-mail from the folks who make Tattler canning lids stating they have a sale going on through February:

    “TATTLER Reusable Canning Lids is offering a 25% discount for repeat customers through the month of February 2013. All products will be eligible for this disount by entering the coupon code “Repeat” during the checkout
    process at our website:

    I assume you could buy something then go back an hour later and make a large order using the repeat customer code and qualify for the discount.

  11. HomeINsteader says:

    Will you be in the Chattanooga area on March 10?

    Chattanooga Sustainable Preparedness Expo – March 10

    When? – March 10, 10am-6pm
    Where? – Chattanooga Convention Center – Chattanooga, TN
    What? – A family friendly event packed with solid and practical seminars by people who really know what they are talking about.
    Vendor booths by reputable companies carrying quality products. It makes for a full day to learn and get equipped.

    At the Expo, you will find a wide variety of vendors selling essential products, services, and training. Take advantage of this opportunity to see firsthand the products you have read about or may not even be aware of.

    U.S. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett will explain why he practices preparedness and will break down Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and explain how you can prepare for it. Other seminars by experienced presenters:

    -Herbs, when there is no doctor
    -Deep well hand pumps
    -Wood cook stoves
    -Renewable energy systems (solar, etc)
    -Soap making
    -What it takes to grow enough food for a family
    -Winter gardening
    -Dealing with pests in the garden
    -Canning demo

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