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1. Reps challenge DHS ammo buys, say agency using 1,000 more rounds per person than Army : “Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Thursday that the Department of Homeland Security is using roughly 1,000 rounds of ammunition more per person than the U.S. Army, as he and other lawmakers sharply questioned DHS officials on their “massive” bullet buys.”

2. Congress Prepares $100 Million Bipartisan Flu Tax : “Congress is preparing to take action on a bipartisan proposal to raise taxes on flu vaccines. This is not a tax on the wealthy, but rather on a broad swath of Americans, or at least those who choose to be immunized against the flu.”

3. H7N9 Bird Flu Spreads Beyond Mainland China As Taiwan Reports First Case : “Taiwan today reported its first case of deadly H7N9 bird flu, and said three hospital staff that had contact with the patient had developed symptoms.”

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4. Five Key Factors That Will Drive Silver Prices To $250 : “Because the global silver market is relatively small, silver prices tend to be more volatile; the pounding selloff we witnessed in silver this past month is a testament to that fact. But volatility works both ways, so when silver rises, its price can explode higher.”

5. China’s H7N9 bird flu death toll likely to rise : “Chinese health officials are warning that the death toll from the H7N9 bird flu is likely to rise in the weeks and months ahead.”

6. FBI Using Websites to Catch Would-Be Terrorists : “It had the trappings of an actual extremist website: Photos of gun-toting fighters and a flowery exhortation to, “Come and join your lion brothers … fighting under the true banner of Islam.” Except, it wasn’t what it seemed. It was a sham site constructed and controlled by the FBI with the aim of snaring would-be terrorists in the virtual world before they could carry out real-world harm.”

7. W.Va. Teen Arrested After ‘Almost Inciting Riot’ Wearing NRA Shirt to School : “A West Virginia teen arrested and accused of nearly inciting a riot after a confrontation with a teacher over his National Rifle Association t-shirt has inspired dozens of students across his county to wear similar apparel in solidarity.”

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  1. Survivor says:

    The WV teen that wore the NRA tshirt was allowed back to school the next day and wore the same tshirt. I would hope a major lawsuit is pending.

    • @Survivor
      Yep, and I understand a whole bunch more “Stand UP” kids joined him by wearing theirs.

      • At least not all of the youth in this country are “brain dead” and I also congratulate the young mans parents as well as the other youth that showed support.

        Molon Labe

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      We might be a bunch of backwoods hillbillys, and it don’t matter what gun laws are passed we won’t give up our guns.

  2. Another way to think about story #7 and a recent news story of the equally ridiculous actions of one school principal to ban strapless gowns at a senior prom is that these young people, who are soon to be old enough to vote, are getting a first hand taste of the tyranny of petty officials interpreting and enforcing silly rules. Let’s hope these young people remember these experiences when it comes time to vote for school board members and take other civic actions against all the small would-be dictators who want to impose their own particular morals and beliefs upon others in their community. The best government is the least government providing that the majority of people are willing to be civil toward one another and take personal responsibility for their own actions.

  3. Read today in The Washington Free Beacon that China is expanding It’s nuclear weapons program. This is what Regan did to the Russians back in the 1980’s. The Chinese know that our economy is on the ropes so they will bankrupt us further by starting an arms race.

    Bird flu, Islam, Egypt re-starting their nuclear weapons program, worthless paper money, seems like I read about such things some place before…hmmmmm?

    Alan Keyes has a very good piece on Renew America site titled “Are Christians obliged to be fodder for evil?”

    There is a storm coming and unless your house is built on “The Rock” you will not stand!

  4. riverrider says:

    the regime is wagging the dog on syria. hagel said “we have some confidence to varying degrees of certainty…” can you say doubletalk? “some” confidence? “varying degrees of certainty”? and they want to intervene in syria, russia’s ally? this stinks worst than benghazi even. guess they couldn’t talk kim il into a fight so they gotta go pick one with the other big kid on the block? supposedly a “small attack of sarin”. show me the proof, independent proof, because we know the rebels tried to fake an attack last month. i just don’t get it.

    • RR:

      With all of the “tough” talk coming out of DC, you would think that they are getting ready to do something. But I think it is just posturing. Our current administration is unwilling to actually do anything and Congress is to divided to get anything done.

    • The Assad family has been running Syria for as long as I remember, so why now?
      Saudi interests, much like what is behind a whole lot of other United States (of Saudi Arabia) policies.

  5. axelsteve says:

    #1 Why doesn`t congress and the senate deny big sis her ammo purchases? Is she beyond reproach? Is big sis above the constitution? Where is the sepparation of powers or is big sis a dictator?

    • riverrider says:

      ax, no one wants to go on record denying anything to dhs. should there be a major attack, the first way to get blame off her would be to say “i tried but so-and-so cut off my funds for that.” no backbones.

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        I agree with ya Rider…. then you got me thinking along that thread of logic. A “major attack” Would I care to have DHS responding in kind or in the same proportions that the local PoPos did in the Boston area?? I saw the modern day SS that week. I also saw the modern day DHS/GESTAPO that week. I can find no need.. moral or practical… for a DHS but the sheep.. well they are a well gathered flock. ” I tried but…” Failures tend to bring out the plans with no hope of success don’t they. “no backbones”…. with out a soul.

      • The government is expecting (creating) complete breakdown of our economy and they want the bullets to kill rioters, looters, and anti policy people protesting what they had done. In 2010 they expected this breakdown and had Nat. guardsmenn trained to combat citizens in “operation 2011”. It didn’t happen then. But they expect it soon.

        This is the big O’s agenda to create a socialist state similar to what happened in pre WW2 Germany. Hitler had a well armed militia of citizens, took away people’s guns, controlled the economy that failed, and declared a militia state. O has stated he wanted a well armed militia better than our army, has tried to take away our guns, our liberties, trying to recreate an economic crash, .and they (progressives, liberals, and the big O and his administration) know what they are doing. . No one dares to impeach. There will not be enough support in the senate to do so, and what do we get if O is taken away? O, O, Uncle Joe! Just as bad, just as determined.

      • RR:

        I think you are right about funding DHS. Politicians are so afraid of looking soft on terrorism, or not allowing enough resources, that they won’t do anything. And look at the Sequester and how that small amount of funding cut is being used for political games. The administration would blame any terrorist act on “Congress cut our funds or we might have been able to prevent this!”

        • According to The Washington Free Beacon there are hearings being held in D.C. as to why DHS is buying so much ammo and a Bill to limit any Government Agency except The DOD from buying this much again.

          So at least somebody is paying attention in Congress.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      …at least they are trying to make a point. Amazing to me how few in this Country gives a crap about what’s going on. You’ve seen the “man on the street” interviews on O’Reilly, Leno, or that guy that got signatures from the idiots on his petition to repeal certain amendments to the Constitution. Ignorant, low info voters. The admin. knows it.

      Senator Jim Inhofe and Congressman Frank Lucas have introduced the “Ammunition Management For More Obtainability (AMMO) Act of 2013. The bill, which may not have much chance of passing but will generate headlines and public awareness, would require the Government Accountability Office to “conduct a report on the purchasing of ammunition by federal agencies, except the Department of Defense, and its effect on the supply of ammunition available to the public.”

      It may be no coincidence that this legislation was announced today. Thursday’s hearing about huge DHS ammunition purchases left some House Oversight subcommittee Republicans rankled and many Northwest shooters pointing fingers, including at some of their own for panic buying as the blame game for retail ammunition shortages continues.

  6. riverrider says:

    and let’s not forget the internet tax. question: where do they think all those shipping people will work after they do this? usps is holding on by a thread, mostly because of partnerships with fedex and ups, and increasing their own shipping line. amazon employs thousands here in my state, not to mention all of the internet retailers and their staff. do they really think gutting the competition will bring back mainstreet? no, they just want more cash to blow on obamaphones for terrorists.

    • RR:

      I like their comments on the Internet sales tax about the states “losing” money. Just shows they think our money is there money to begin with.

      • Food for thought on internet purchases sales tax – Most large corporations already collect sales tax for all states where they ship product because they already have locations there. Why is it that one particular large corporation that ships all over the country keeps refusing to collect sales tax in all jurisdictions and even restructured their company to avoid it? I know there is a huge cost to tracking, collecting, reporting and paying sales tax – I do it where I work.

        More food for thought – in MOST states, it is already the responsibility of the end user to pay sales tax. In other words, I as a consumer (even as an individual) am responsible for paying sales tax to my state when I buy something online that isn’t taxed. Legally, the state could come after me when I don’t pay it to the seller or I don’t pay it to the state.

        So, who is it easier for the state to go after? Me or the company where I bought the product? The company will likely have complete records of every sale they made – possibly millions of individual sales. I may have only made one or two untaxed online purchases.

        Finally, I’ve been through two serious sales tax audits where I work and they can be brutal, but ultimately they net a large cash influx for the state because no system is perfect and things get missed.

        • One additional thought (maybe more) – sales tax is just one kind of tax used to run our governmental jurisdictions. I’d love for there to be fewer taxes overall and don’t like paying any taxes, but the fact is the more services a government offers (garbage, schools, water, sewer, police, etc) the more taxes they will have to levy. The one thing that keeps me supporting the Fair Tax (or sales tax in general) is that EVERYONE has to pay it on the purchases they make – you consume, you pay. Simple. It doesn’t make any difference if you are a citizen or here illegally – you’re going to pay into the system.

  7. Heads Up: 1saleaday has emergency kits and first aid kits for less than $20.

    • BamBam;
      Is this like ebay where you bid on items? Have never heard of this site before, or it reputation for supplying items.

      • Becky:

        I probably buy something from every 10-14 days. Some items take longer than others to get, sometimes they end up with more orders than they can fill. But with the prices, it’s hard to beat. Think of it as an on-line “bargain basement”, like many of the large retailers used to have.

        • Yup it’s one of my “check everyday” sites , just like M.D.’s They have some really good deals sometimes, I got 48 packs of AA batteries for $2.99 a few months ago w/free shipping. They also put up Lodge cast iron at good prices w/ free shipping also. They have something that is good for preps at least once a week. Definetly worth checking out I even got quite a few x-mas presents really cheap last year also.

        • JP in MT;
          Thanks for the heads up, had never heard of them before. I only shop at sights that come recommended and only if they fit the self reliant life style we are living.
          So thank you JP and George!!

  8. Mystery Guest says:

    Well this could lead to the Conspiracy Theorists to continue to theorize.
    They can further say the bombings were planned so they could now put this into effect.

  9. Another thought on Internet sales. It used to be that I could save significant money by shopping on the Internet. Recently I have found 9mm ammo for $13.69, 40 S&W for $16.69, AR mags for $19.99, and Mountain House food buckets for $64.00. All of which is significantly cheaper than on line. If I lived in a larger area, without the limited selection, I wouldn’t have to shop on-line.

    • riverrider says:

      jp, you are very lucky to live there. the items you mentioned are not even available here at any price. which is why i buy almost everything but groceries online.

  10. Mystery Guest says:
  11. #7 You can tell his parents are raising a young man to understand what true freedom means. Then you find out there are others in his school who understand what he is standing up for (#1 free speech-2nd amendment).
    If the school can not get rid of the putz teacher, maybe they should give him a job. Then there would be no contact with the student body. That way he can keep his liberal stupidity to himself.

  12. PGCPrepper says:

    Amazing story and condolences.

    I would just like to say RIP George Jones. I grew up listening to my mom’s collection of 45’s with a scratchy needle which included the likes of the Possum, Loretta Lynn, Cash, Wynette, Elvis, Waylon, et al. Of course, us children of the seventies went with Alice Cooper, Kiss, Black Oak Arkansas, Skynerd and what ever came after but I still have an affinity for country since growing up in the “woods” of NC. God bless you George Jones. What a voice.

    Now a story. When I started High School, my best friend as a fresh. was a guy named Ricky Traywick. We became besties and I used to spend the night over at his house because we were poor and Ricky had those little Honda 50’s and several horses and this huge music room. He taught me how to ride a horse. You will not believe the next part I’m going to tell you.

    Ricky had a brother and a sister. Ricky’s brother was named Randy. Randy always hung around us and we let him. One day we skipped high school at Forest Hills High in Marshville, NC and drove around and smoked some weed (hey, it was the 70’s) and just carried on. Ricky and Randy had a rock band and played at talent shows. Anyway, when we were high, Rick asked me if I ever heard Randy sing Hank Williams. I said no. So Randy began to sing Your Cheatin’ Heart. I almost could not believe it. When he was done, I told him he needs to switch to country because that is his voice.

    Well, one day when I was in Drill Sergeant school in 1987 I saw a picture of my best friend’s little brother in USA today. He changed his name to Randy Travis. True story. LOL.

    • TrailGuide says:

      Awesome story… thanks for sharing. You just never know. My mom and dad use to go to a local club on Friday nights to watch a talented guy named Elvis. This young man was very polite and frequently sat to chat with the locals if they were buying the beers. Sold my dad a Les Paul special because he needed the $ and signed the case just for kicks. That guitar got lost in a home fire many years later and the only time I saw my dad cry. It was many years later I learned what he so heart-broken over.

  13. PGCPrepper says:

    MD, hope you don’t mind a little break from all the doom, gloom and conspiracies every once in awhile. If so, just tell me and I apologize. I do suspect that some here know who George Jones is though. Just my gut 🙂

    • TrailGuide says:

      Thanks PGC… yep, I would bet there are some here that remember George Jones. I’m not a particular fan of country music, but some oldies bring back memories that make my heart smile. A George vinyl album on the tank of a stereo in the living room, Dad crooning right along, Mom giggling like a girl as he danced her around the room and 10 y/o me believing that life was as good as it could get on a Saturday night… and I was right!

      • PGCPrepper says:

        It is what it was, my friend. It was a simpler time before we felt a need to turn to Dylan, Hendrix and Melanie congruent with a dumb ass war.

    • I think of the Possum every time I ride my mower and drink a beer!!!

  14. tommy2rs says:

    This one brought back some memories. Cooking eggs in a paper bag over a fire. The comments on the page also had some memories, like eggs cooked in an orange peel, the boiled omelet and what the poster called hobo eggs but I always knew as egg-in-the-hole.

    • Tommy2rs;
      That was so cool watching the bacon cooking, but I do like my eggs over easy. Guess better not to complain at least no dishes to wash except the

    • That was pretty cool .

  15. Now here is a common sense article that comes out of Common Dreams titled “Within The National (In)Security State: Fear as a Constant Companion” that explains how fear of terrorism constantly instilled by the powers that drive Mainstream Media are done so in order to justify the existence of “these bloated, overfunded police agencies.” Further clarifying “And one means of doing so… is to maintain a ramped-up level of fear, by creating a culture-wide, self-resonating feedback loop of hysteria.”

    Many of us live in a business world where one must justify their existence by any means possible to remain employed, including exaggerating statistics… it seems corporate America is following the footsteps of our current government leadership. If we cannot justify our existence with fact, lets inflate, and otherwise manipulate fictitious numbers.

    So, all these continued stories in all of the Lamestream Media network news channels is being done on purpose, to scare everyone by utilizing their methods: “The flacks, operatives and enforcers of corporate state/militarist imperium retail in fear, specifically, in false, displaced and exaggerated fears.”

    • MD… This is probably a better Link

      • Donna in MN says:

        This explains the lack of God in this country, our government leaders, and our media.

        With God, people would not have fears so intense to strip away our constitutional rights and freedoms. They confront fear and conquer it.

        This was demonstrated at the Boston Marathon bombing when instead of running away from the bomb blasts, God’s people ran towards them to save lives.

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