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Well folks, the morning is already starting off with a thud – as in I just slipped and fell off my steps with a thud, scuffing up my elbow and pulling my back. Looks like it’s going to be one of those days. I think after I finish posting on the blog this morning I’m going back to bed… After all it is raining here right now and I alway sleep better when it’s raining. :rain:

The Start Of An Economic Collapse In Europe, But It Will Deeply Affect The Entire Globe : Unfortunately, a financial collapse across southern Europe is also likely to trigger another devastating global recession.

Stay Invisible on the Internet : Download Tor Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location….

Black man shoots Hispanic man in what is appears to be self-defense under the “stand your ground” law : where is all of the media coverage and outrage? Whats the difference between this case and Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case? Let’s see, in this case the shooter was black and the guy being shot was Hispanic. And there we are again with the media double standard because of race…

Three police departments switch to M&P : You can read a great review here – Don’t buy a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 without reading this review!

A visit with Special Agents from the EPA : Larry Keller of Buncombe, GOP member and part of the WNC Objectivist group, had a horrible encounter with Big Brother feds. This is his story

AT AMAZON.COM : 50% off Buck knives .

Tax apocalypse in your retirement account : With the prospect of rising tax rates after the Bush tax cuts expire, some retirees could find themselves paying even more in taxes than they did when they were working.

Interesting but not very useful : White House Visitor Logs Show Barack Obama Has Spent More Time With George Clooney Than DEA Chief Michele Leonhart.

Police: Seattle shootings were like an execution : five people were wounded and two who died at the scene… to bad no one at the Cafe Racer had a gun that day, perhaps they could have stopped the attacker before he could do any harm… :zombiekiller:

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  1. village idiot says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall, MD. Be careful, and hope your back isn’t hurt very badly.

    If I remember corrected, didn’t MentalMatt, a policeman from Detroit who posts here, say a few weeks ago that Detroit had also converted to M&P? He liked his Glock better, but the city got the guns basically free from S&W, so that’s why they changed. I don’t think it’s an issue with Glock.

  2. Michele says:

    M.D. If you have a heating pad, use it on your back. I know doctors say ice the first 24 hours, but while ice reduces swelling, it seems to make my muscles more tense. I also use any or a combination of valerian, passion flower and hops. They are all great muscle relaxers.Take it easy – hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

  3. JP in MT says:

    I understand the rain thing. I grew up in Oregon in a “mobile home” and the sound of rain on a tin roof always lulls me to sleep.

    • imperialgirl63 says:

      Making me homesick for my Hillsboro /Moutaindale Oregon… I miss the steady rain … here in SC it just storms for short bursts and makes a mess… i miss the fur trees and the fresh air.. and the soil…..

  4. CountryGirl says:

    Being older I am very careful about steps, uneven ground, obstacles, etc. But a really useful piece of information for everyone is that most falls are a result of heel slips. That is given the way we walk our heel hits the ground first and if for whatever reason it slips (water, gravel, slope, etc.) it is very difficult to recover from. If you instead place your foot flat or even toe first you can avoid this risk. It is still possible to slip but also possible to recover when your foot is flat or your toes go down first.

  5. tommy2rs says:

    Couple of tidbits I ran across

    China and Japan to start direct yen-yuan trade in June. First step in replacing the dollar as reserve currency?

    Despite ‘Castle Doctrine,’ defendant is convicted in slaying. Happened in Philadelphia.

  6. Encourager says:

    Ouch!! M.D., do you have Arnica Rub or gel? It is great on pulled muscles. Just don’t put it on broken skin, burns like heck.

  7. Upside to a global collaps may be the return of nationalism . Hate to say it but I do feel that we now need violent armed protests and serios threat of revolution , nothing will change short of that . Tor looks interesting , see how it works . Clooney ? can you say commie dooshbag ?…….sure ya can 😉

  8. Encourager says:

    The Job Stats were up today – and the Stock Market is upset. I feel like a yo-yo… I wonder how TDL will gloss this over in the next few days.

    • riverrider says:

      i wish him luck with that one…..well, no i don’t 😉 its pretty awful when you cook the books and they still come out bad.

  9. I just read about unprecedented runs on Spanish banks. Getting interesting over in Europa.

  10. You need to be more careful! smile Hope you are back on your feet soon. Thought that I would let you all know that I posted my recipe for Cherry almond Jam on the Wednesday Miscellany. It is a little late, but some of you were interested. Made my second trip to the LDS store and finally got my ingredients for my very first batch of bread truely from scratch! Wish me luck! Feeling a bit under the weather today, so may decide to start tomorrow. Love you guys!

  11. HOT TIP for you canners! I purchased Pectin at Save-A-Lot for 1.19 per box. I have been using this brand for several years and have had total success. Jel Ease. Great price compared to Walley World or Meijer. Just thought you might want to know!

    • breadmomma says:

      all you jammy making folks…as a professional chef, there are some great sources of bulk foods available even to non pro’s…I get my pectin and other interesting food ingredients from
      Chef check it out for bulk sources and really cool baking and pastry tools and equipment…

  12. worrisome says:

    MD! Careful on steps! That is how I have ended hobbling around with knee surgery recently!
    Isn’t it weird that all the bad news comes in as late as possible on a Friday afternoon, because they know that we will all watch sports or something all week end and be mellowed out by Monday?
    The big flapper is already out there blaming the jobs report on Congress and Bush……..what’s new….
    Hope everyone has a tank full of gas in their cars, and that they have gone to the bank and have some ready cash in their wallets. Gold jumped big, up over $1600 the last time I checked………Can anyone say that the slippery slope may just have gotten more slippery?

    • LOL Stay drunk all weekend . I was on a job site out of state one time , twisted my ankle on a friday , sucker swelled up so bad I thought I would have to cut my boot off , I only had 4 pain pills , but I DID have a full bottle of brandy and 151 , Iced my ankle and stayed drunk for the pain . Monday morning I was back at work 😉

  13. imperialgirl63 says:

    oh my goodness i just read another cannabilistic story that happened in baltimore… can someone tell me if this is for real??? someone told me that the CDC put out an article on zombie virus advice… is this true??? my daughter has a true paranoia of zombie apocalypse… she even has a zombie plan… i used to poke fun at her but now…. I might have to eat crow…

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Imperial, there has been some weird new reports on the east coast or people eating flesh even after being shot multiple times, one of a man cutting himself open and pulling out his intestines and one accused of eating brain. People on the east coast, what’s going on? Are they combining LSD and bath salts? Get your rifles zombie gear ready people!

  14. Sympathies, MD. Hope you get some rest. Sand paint on the stairs? Works for us.

    RE: The Seattle shootings, there was a man in the cafe who started throwing bar stools and distracted the gunman so at least 2 other people got out. He said he had lost relatives on 9/11 and had resolved he would take action if anything happened. Gives you some hope.

    • riverrider says:

      yes, but i’d have more hope if the hero shot the perp n saved everybody 🙂

  15. Human Face is the new apocalypse hamburger. I think I will have mine with some hot sauce and onion rings!!! How about an earsicle for desert!!!

  16. Hey M.D. don’t feel bad it was one of those days here too! DH ran a reciprocating saw through his hand this morning. Fortunately after Xrays it was just a puncture, no chipped bones or cut tendons. Just scared us both. We need more quick clot!

    Ice, ice, ice – 20 minutes on and at least 20 minutes off.

    Love the new Miscellany posts!

  17. Alpha Chris says:

    The world is rapidly turning into a cesspool. It is a ticking time “thingie”
    and its just a matter of time before it all goes down. Europe will implode over the next 6 months….cannibals on the streets (whod’ve thunk it) and a goobermint that doesn’t care for anything but themselves.

    And I wonder why I do what I do.

    Hope ya feel better MD, I just got off 2 weeks of light duty from a back strain. Doesn’t seem to take much anymore. Get some rest!

  18. I feel like I knew you when, M.D. Getting the biggest kick out of your success. Be careful , for crying out loud.

    Lurker Judith

  19. MD Arnica gel works very well for sore muscles.(and rest of course !)I hope you are feeling better .
    re Transportation when the SHTF . We have a Draft horse and bicycles. We plan to bug in .I advised our adult children to get a bike seat for a baby so they can bicycle with the baby on the bike and to get a haul behind the bike baby carriage type item so they can pack supplies in it -to get to our place.For city dwellers maybe roller blades for part of the journey . Walking is probably the most reliabe method,
    so practice now and build up endurance. Cars that are pre 1965 will work I am told by a reliable mechanic. Arlene

  20. "Big Jim" says:

    MD , I know it might not have made any difference but do you have hand rails built alongside your areas where steps are involved ? Your home and land are really coming along nicely ! Get well soon and ty
    for all you do .

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