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Living it up: The Obama Family Trip to Africa to Cost $60 to $100 Million : “President Obama and his family will be going to Africa later this month. But the trip won’t be cheap; it’s expected to cost American taxpayers $60 to $100 million, according to the Washington Post.”

Meanwhile, children in America go hungry : Over one in five American children lack steady access to sufficient food, and over 50 million total Americans are food insecure.

White Share of U.S. Population Drops to Historic Low : The U.S. continued its transformation into a majority-minority nation last year, with Census Bureau data showing non-Hispanic whites making up the lowest percentage of the population in American history. The estimates released today capture several milestones in the country’s demographic makeup. For the first time in more than a century, deaths outpaced births among white Americans. Almost half, 49.9 percent, of the nation’s children younger than 5 were minorities as of July 1. And the nation’s total minority population grew 21 times faster than whites.

Rand Paul – There is a war on Christianity : “Senator Rand Paul, who is seriously considering running for President of the United States, told a conservative Christian audience today that, “There is a war on Christianity” being waged by “liberal elites’ and “worldwide as well.”

The government is watching you : “Someone is watching you. What you spend. Where you eat. Who you call. Where you travel. What you Google. What you give to charity. They watch from the air, from cameras, from computers. And you help them, volunteering vast amounts of information about yourself in the magnetic stripe on the back of your credit card, the SIM card in your phone, the sites you visit on the Internet.”

Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA : “Slowly, and largely under the radar, a growing number of local law enforcement agencies across the country have moved into what had previously been the domain of the F.B.I. and state crime labs — amassing their own DNA databases of potential suspects, some collected with the donors’ knowledge, and some without it.”

In Africa, Asia, Europe, and Americas, Our Diplomats Are Assisting Local LGBT Organizations : “I wanted to take a moment to join people around the world in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride month,” Kerry said.”

Good to know – The 5 Best Countries With No Extradition, also interesting How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace.

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  1. This country is broke and up to it’s eyes in debt and this idiot is spending $60 to $100 million of taxpayers money to go on a vacation. I couldn’t tell you when the last time I went on a vacation… and I can guarantee you it wasn’t to another country. Must be nice to have someone else foot the bill for your vacations.

    • Same here, SW.
      In another note, lots of nature born situations going on out there, how are y’all doing out there pack? My sister just flew in from Colorado, and she took pics from the plane that showed entire neighborhoods gone, just smoke and blackened ground. And the east coast storms, as well. Keeping everyone in my heart….

    • We have a political party in Canada called the NDP. One of the things they want to do is use taxpayer money to send welfare recipients on vacation to places like Florida because ‘they need vacations too!’.

      I’m paying the taxes for these people and I can’t go to Florida!

      What I’m saying is you guys aren’t alone in idiocy.

      • Linda in NE says:

        Welfare recipients in both the U.S. and Canada need to get off their a$$es and go to work, not on vacations to Florida. Handing people money DOES NOT solve their problems. Hand them a job and if they refuse it, let them starve. No loss. Truly sick and handicapped exempted.

        • I like the idea of having work shifts, where before anyone that is physically able has to work at least 3 four-hour shifts per week on a state / county vehicle and go out picking up liter along the roads, and their ‘time card’ must be signed off by the supervisor before they can receive any check.
          This way they will be required to do some work for the community and also allows them time to look for work before receiving any subsidy.

          • Mike, community service of some sort to recieve benefits is a great idea.

            I just read something yesterday about a young ‘lady’ (and I use that word very loosely) wanting donations for a breast implant. Not because she has cancer but because the ticket to acting jobs is big boobs.


            Doncha just feel like so sorry for her, and like want to run right and and like donate to her cause?

            • Zoolander says:

              The problem with charity is that some people need it and don’t get it, some people get it who should be kicked to the curb to suffer.

              Everyone should be granted higher education with dorms and cafeteria acess. High-school survivors should not have to compete with colledge graduates for burger-flipping jobs.

              And people with personality shouldn’t get perferental treatment. Well perhaps I would be sunnier if I didn’t have to compete with those damn grad students just to work in a factory, but the speech impediment is such a turnoff, I stopped caring either way. Are factories in America anymore?

              • Zoolander,
                The problem with charity is that it’s been redefined by the big government types. If I give my time or money to a needy person or cause, on my own, that is charity. If you take money from me at gunpoint and give it to someone you think is needy, that is not charity. We seem to have confused the actual definition.

          • One of the more right leaning premiers of Ontario once introduced a program called ‘workfare’. The idea being that if someone was on welfare longer than a stated period of time was assigned menial tasks such as cleaning garbage out of the gutter, plus mandatory sessions with an employment councillor looking for full time work, etc., or something to the similar effect. I don’t remember fully because I was very young at the time.

            The liberals premier who got in next deemed that too “embarrassing” for the person and destroyed the initiative.

            • “Too embarrassing”… please!
              Just think how embarrassed the older woman that cleans toilets and takes out the trash of office buildings to make ends meet must feel; as compared to someone that has to be a temporary street sweeper, AND attend sessions to teach them to help themselves find better work.

          • Back in the late 80s or maybe early 90s there was a time when welfare recipients had to do work for the county and they also had to show that they were actively looking for work by going someplace to ask if they were hiring and then ask them to sign a paper stating that that person was there asking for work and none was available. I have a friend that did volunteer work at the local DFCS office.

        • Survivor says:

          Let’s back up on that handicapped thing, Linda.

          My Dad contracted polio at 5. He spent the 1st and second grade in a hospital half a state away from his family. His little sister was there with him as she had contracted it at 3, as well. There was an older brother that had it, too.

          The two brothers could ‘walk’, the sister was paralyzed from the waist down. Not one of those siblings ever went on disability and worked all the way to retirement age. Dad and the older brother can barely get around any more after working/playing more than 70 years with one leg significantly shorter than the other. The sister is confined to a wheelchair these days.

          Dad worked as a welder, mechanic and electrician. His brother started his own successful cleaning business in Oregon. His sister was a successful insurance agent. She doesn’t remember being able to walk.

          Dad’s family never treated the stricken children any different than the healthy ones. They all had chores and they had consequences for not doing them. They weren’t treated as handicapped so they never thought of themselves as handicapped.

          The only people who should be on disability are the ones who have disablilities greater than Steven Hawken. He’s completely paralyzed, can’t even talk on his own or make love to his wife. He is totally dependent on the kindness of others and he has a good paying job with good benefits.

          I’ve seen many ‘disabled’ people that were healthy enough to be retrained. My own brother is on disability due to one leg injury. His hands work great, although his brain could use a bit more tweaking. He’s drawing disability and trying to get in on the fracking oil well boom money without losing his disability. He could be retrained to work an assembly line where walking is frowned upon. He could take up writing kids books, screenplays and novels. He could build dollhouses to sell… he’s not handicapped, we’re brainwashed to think he’s handicapped.

      • OMG, that sounds like something New York would do. Here they get free cell phones so their kids school has an emergency contact number; gas cards to put gas in their cars so they can look for work; a couple years ago, each welfare family got $200 for each school age child for school supplies. The families didn’t have to prove they bought school supplies, and the state decided “school age” was between the ages of 2 and 19. Some families bragged about buying big screen tvs with the money.
        Where do they come up with these ideas?

      • Mike,
        You might have smarter politicians than we do. If they send these folks to Florida, but only buy them a one way ticket, . . . , well.

    • Be very mindful of what may happen while POTUS is out of the country, sounds like an opportune time for a black flag event… lots of distractions going on, this entire NSA “leak” is nothing more than a distraction from the core scandals that weren’t supposed to come to light.

      I didn’t need someone to “confirm” that the USGOV was spying on us, it’s been going on forever and while I’m ranting I’m sick and tired of “our elected officials” saying that “the people” want this or think that. I’m one of those people and I HAVE NEVER been polled or asked what my opinion is, what a load of crap coming out of all of their mouths!!!

      Molon Labe

    • All modern U.S. presidents have gone on diplomatic road trips to foreign countries. Moving a U.S. president around is very expensive — there’s the crew and the fuel for Air Force One plus the accompanying AWACs plane/airborne command post. There’s the cost of moving the armored presidential motorcade overseas or renting a foreign equivalent. There’s the cost of the advance security team plus the cost of the actual security team that accompanies the President. There’s the cost of renting out whole hotel floors or gated villas. All this is part of the presidential budget. The way I look at it, when the President out of the country, he will be occupied with doing something other than under-mining the Second Amendment.

  2. Insadjuster says:

    Regarding the white share of the US population: could it be the result of most of the white people not popping out welfare babies and practicing responsibility by not having children that we can not financially care for?

    • riverrider says:

      yes, so right-to-lifers need to think about that. 333,000 freeshit army soldiers aborted last year alone.

    • axelsteve says:

      Also unenforced borders with non white people sneaking in and reproducing like crazy.

    • Sounds correct. Likely holds true for worker-bee minorities, too.

    • tommy2rs says:

      There have been several studies showing that the more educated a woman is the fewer children she has. Look up Amartya Sen’s research for one. He got a Nobel in economics for it. Well educated women tend to have better jobs, less time for rearing children and more money for things like birth control pills.

      Recessions tend to slow birth rates also because babies are an expensive proposition. Diapers the first year alone cost around $1500 or better.

    • Considering that the Amerindian tribes who originally occupied this continent are now in the minority, maybe it’s time that the descendants of European invaders/settlers are gradually being replaced by a new wave of brown people. After all the Hispanics from across the border that so many in the U.S. resent are mainly the descendants of the native peoples who were here long before the first Spanish and Portuguese explorers arrived and imposed their language, religion and culture at the point of a sword. And ancestors of the African Americans didn’t have a choice about whether they came here. So maybe instead of getting concerned about numbers and the color of people’s skin, we could just focus on character and honesty. I really don’t care what color my neighbor’s skin is or what language he speaks in his home, but I do care if he is law-abiding and is willing to work hard to earn his living.

      • I think we’ve disagreed on a subject or two,but you just spoke my heart on this subject. I don’t care if the predominant hue of America changes,only it’s values ,character and integrity.

      • Linda, I agree. I have a multi cultural family. Its fun going to the grocery store because half of my kids look like they are mexicans, the other half, well lets just say people are shocked that blue eyed blond headed babies can be mexican. Many times I am told theres no way, I had to have adopted.

        People are too worried about ethnicity when we should be worried about bigger things.

        On that note a wonderful rendition of our national anthem

        • axelsteve says:

          A friend of mine is blonde hair and blue eyes who is 6 ft5. He is also spanish from Spain not Mexico.

          • For the Latinos that are dark it is because of the Indian in them. Spain did not mind interrace breeding unlike what happened here.

      • I do care , look at any country in Africa or South /central America ………….they are crap countries ! The have all had the same amount of time to build their civilizations , at times longer than we did ………and they have not progressed ………what does that tell you . It is indeed the people . Just sayin .
        All I can say is , learn a foreign language , because when they are a majority , this country will no longer be worth living in .
        Dasvidanya .

        • I think our only problem is allowing uncontrolled easy access to our social programs to people who are not legal citizens. If we could control illegal entrance to our country, the only people that would come here would be those willing to work and be a part of america instead of ripping america off. my family came from forign lands but came here legally and assimilated to american culture and work ethic.the same rules that allowed my family and yours to succeed, should allow others to succeed no matter what the color of thier skin. Im trying not to believe what i think your saying because it makes me a little sick deep down in my stomach.

          • Cant and WONT are two different things , If the russians could have secure borders with 1/5 of the worlds land mass , we can certainly get total controle of just ONE of ours . Just sayin . Be sick all ya want , You and I both know that most foreign born hispanics REFUSE to assimilate , but rather EXPECT us , to convert to their ways . If this were not true , there would be NO NEED to print anything in more than one language . Most all other immigrants ( mostly europeans ) learn english quickly , and by the third generation , speak nothing else . Look at the neighborhoods where they are the vast majority , they are very nasty areas . Why is that ? I dont know why either , it just is ………..and it never changes .

        • T.R.,
          If you look at history, it has more to do with the country / culture that did the original colonization, and the legacy they left behind, than the people who live in those countries today. Spain and Portugal went in as conquerors, pretty much enslaving the native population and raping their cultures for gold, silver, and other precious commodities, and we see their legacy all over south and Central America. The UK OTOH brought in their own governors and high level personnel; but, trained the native population to serve the empire in their government ad bureaucrats, and lower level ministers. When they pulled out of places like India and Canada, the governments were still pretty much intact, and the native population had been involved in the governing process, and were able to step up to the plate and continue. Neither case may have been moral or ethical by today’s standards, but the legacy left in many countries 200+years ago accounts for their sad shape today, and not just the people.

      • sweetpea says:

        There haven’t been any “European invaders” in a couple hundred years so who are you talking about. All of the “native Americans immigrated here just like your forefathers did. The anthropoligists think there were 3-7 major waves of Asian immigrants in the pre-history of the Americas and each of these waves displaced (killed and enslaved) those who came before them (so much for the noble warrior myth). There were numerous smaller waves of immigration and some of them came from Europe. The Antrhopoligists really don’t know which groups came first (so Europeans may have been the first “native Americans”) they only know which survived. But in the end we are all descendents of immigrants and in fact so aren’t all Europeans, Asians, Australians, etc., everyone but Africans came from somewhere else (and ironically so did many Africans).

        I don’t think Americans resent hispanics. I myself love them and wish them well. I want borders to be respected and I’m sure they wouldn’t let me sneak across their borders and take money from their taxes. There is a reason why illegal immigrants are called illegal immigrants.

        There were indeed many Africans who were brought here as slaves againast their will. They are all dead now, you may have missed that in school. All of the people who brought them here are dead as well, another fact you missed. Pretty much everyone here now is here out of their personal choice and if they don’t like it our freedoms include the right to move out too.

        • axelsteve says:

          I do not resent legal hispanics. Actually I call hispanics himspanics cause female hispanics are refered to as latinias.

        • No they dont , the government now says , that an American citizen CANT denounce their citizenship …………….good luck with that one , but thats what they are now saying .

  3. Donna in MN says:

    I found this important information a warning

    You don’t have to think this is an opinion anymore. Facts are coming out in plain view, and more is coming.

  4. HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Hartford officials say they ordered an 82-year-old good Samaritan out of a city park because residents were concerned about the safety and sanitation of his free haircuts to homeless people.

    But city health officials said Thursday they’re trying to work with Anthony Cymerys (sih-MEHR’-is) so he can continue providing the valuable service in a more controlled environment. They also say Cymerys isn’t a licensed barber.

    For the rest of the story…

    Ya have to wonder… controlled by who? The story also says… Cymerys’ friends questioned officials’ actions, saying it was only a year ago that the city honored Cymerys for his charitable deeds.

    • Dammit! I did it again! If you enlarge the screen to read it and reply,you get the whole screen taken over by the ads,if you don’t,you accidentally hit the”report comment” button,,,,,now I whined myself into forgetting what the heck I was gonna say. Oh well, back to my coloring books.

      • Bctruck,

        No ad should expand – is it on the right or left side?.

        • MD, on the left side. The one right above proverbs. When on a mobile device, if you enlarge the page the add starts to cover the text.

        • Lantana says:

          MD, these are ads on both the right and left side bars that appear to overlay the site.

          When we scroll up and down, your site (both side bars and the center column) move, but the overlaid ads do not. Enlarging the site enlarges the overlaid ads, and they start to cover the center column.

          Right now, there’s an overlaid ad (covering my right sidebar) for Good Times burgers and frozen custard, whoever they are.

          • Lantana says:

            Now that TG mentions it, now it’s on the left side, but the last time I saw it on the right side, the Proverbs quote was on the right side. . . .

            • Lantana says:

              Okay, now that The scripture is back on the right, both sides are doing it–on the left, it’s the Ad Choices ad just above the Archives menu; on the right, it’s A RanLife home loans ad just above the verse.

              • Lantana,

                Look at it now – it’s mobile friendly… Or it should be.

                • But to me it doesn’t look “normal” without the header and sidebars when viewed on mobile device. But you all asked for it – so I deliver… Personally, I much prefer a full-sized computer.

                  • uts both sides. im only able to read and comment from my iphone because im either at work,at hospitals or parked somewhere waiting to unload. my iphone is all i have when im in any of those circumstances. i actually have very little time to get on my big computer but it doesnt do it there.

                  • Granny Em says:

                    I’m on my home computer and I’ve got large ads on both sides for Serengeti Women’s Apparel. Are they one of your sponsors ?

  5. Mystery Guest says:

    1. Well seems like he spends money that is not his own and the country doesn’t have, what’s new about that?
    2. If the numbers are correct what the heck is going on?
    3. I have always said that whites were cautious, the rest were trying to take over. Seems I was right.
    4. I could have told you this and probably a lot of the wolf pack knows. Christianity has been slowly (like all of our freedoms) and purposely attacked for decades.
    5.So what is a person to do? Curl up in a ball and die? You can still have OPSEC with a lot of your life.
    6. Well I guess we will have to indeed live in a bubble.
    7. Can’t spread the word of Christ but you can corrupt the world with that.
    8. I don’t think I would enjoy the move. Besides I am not a quitter, I’ll stay and take my chances what ever comes my way.

  6. Eight months after attorneys for Abigail Fisher argued in front of the Supreme Court that the University of Texas’ affirmative action admissions policy discriminates against white students, the justices still have not handed down their decision in the potentially paradigm-shifting case.

    Interesting read….

  7. WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s called the Affordable Care Act, but President Barack Obama’s health care law may turn out to be unaffordable for many low-wage workers, including employees at big chain restaurants, retail stores and hotels.

    That might seem strange since the law requires medium-sized and large employers to offer “affordable” coverage or face fines.

    But what’s reasonable? Because of a wrinkle in the law, companies can meet their legal obligations by offering policies that would be too expensive for many low-wage workers. For the employee, it’s like a mirage — attractive but out of reach.

    The company can get off the hook, say corporate consultants and policy experts, but the employee could still face a federal requirement to get health insurance.

    Feel like you just got bent over by the govt?

    • Of course it will cost more to insure all Americans. When you even out the cost over such a large population many of us who were among those lucky enough to be able to afford to buy private health insurance will pay more so that those who could never afford private health insurance will get covered too. What I think is a much more interesting question is whether national health insurance will actually cover much of the cost of needed health care.

      Private health insurance companies are all about taking in insurance payments and investing the money in various ways to increase their profits. They are not really about good coverage of clients’ actual health care costs. Private health insurance companies devote a lot of energy to finding ways of denying coverage or reducing coverage or in some cases finding legal ways of cancelling policies of people who have developed a medical problem that is “too expensive” and is cutting into corporate profits.

      Let’s hope that the people who review expenditures under a national health insurance program care more about providing cost effective care at the level needed by the sick or injured person and care less about minimizing program cost by denying needed benefits.

  8. Interesting read on the current lawsuit against the govt for spying on the US Citizens.

  9. LMAO…. I went to try and read an article on “NSA Leaker Not Welcome In The United Kingdom” from AOL and I get this popped up on my screen.

    Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.
    Category: News/Media;Suspicious

    Does this mean that the news media is suspicious.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Lol…Oh yeah, the news media is suspicious, that’s why the NSA has them bugged.

  10. Obummer chose a good time to go to Africa

    South Africans Throw Poop at Politicians

  11. Fearless Leader and family are going back to Africa to reminisce old days with brother and other family members. The great world leader, just like his first candidacy run campaigning in Germany… that never sat well with me. Who the heck is this pompous ass taking his US Presidency campaign to address other countries in the world?
    This regime is wasting more money for personal gain, lying about not knowing about the different scandals, ignoring The Constitution and not upholding the oath taken to protect The Constitution; which means the entire document, not just the parts you feel comfortable with. This @$$hole needs to get impeached, if for any reason to slow down their agenda hopefully to give more time to get someone better into office.

    The government waste is atrocious and yes, American children, and adults are going hungry, are homeless while thousands of homes remain vacant. This country has bailed out private (publicly traded) corporations, funded other countries among other expenditures while American people are suffering hunger, homelessness, and unemployment.

    I believe Rand Paul is correct.

    Yes, Big Brother is watching all of us.

    Some states have passed laws that collecting DNA from every person that is arrested, regardless of the severity of the crime to build a database for use in possible future crimes.

  12. worrisome says:

    1. Perhaps the Obamas will find they like it in Africa, buy a house and move there after retiring from ripping us off.
    2. Whites went into minority status in Cali this year. Everyone is going to have to face this at some time and figure out whether there is a need to move.
    3. Hungry children…hate it and contribute to our local area church neighborhood almost monthly. There is one mother and two sons living in a tent and moving about in a campground near by. I stopped in the other day, handed her $100 and offered to take her grocery shopping. She had one cast iron skillet, she now has a few more, along with a supply of firewood, some basic first aid supplies, extra soap, shampoo & conditioner, two pairs of jeans for her and the boys,a couple of sweatshirts each, a lantern, two flashlites, some gas for her car, and one of those throw away cell phones that I set up for her. AND because I could, she has a line on a job! She absolutely refused welfare and food stamps, I get it but damn they are poor! She says she hopes she gets a job before it gets cold next winter but in the meantime she and the boys are getting a lot out of living this way. I will be checking back in on them.

    • worrisome says:

      That reminds me, I am going to run over a ice chest and some ice with a few things in it…….her ice chest is pretty beat up.

    • Worrisome, you really inspire me. Sometimes it is the smallest hand up that can get a person back on their feet.

      • worrisome says:

        TG Where i live, it is pretty easy to look around and find people to help. There are a lot of unemployed and still proud folks that don’t want to resort to welfare or pot growing………..this lady has a very small income from her deceased husband but it is not enough to scrounge together a house and such without putting a job of her own with it. I found out that our local road building/repairing company here needs a traffic director. And she can walk from the campground to where they are working……she will get ahead doing that over the summer and in the meantime maybe find something permanent.

        • mountain lady says:

          Worrisome, you are my hero. Thank you for what you did for that little family.

    • worrisome;
      I do not how you found out about this lady and her two sons, but your are one “terrific lady” in my book.
      It reminded me when we lived in a tent while dad helped build a home for a young couple so they had money to live on. It was hard on my parents, but dad said he would poach animals to feed us before he would accept welfare. I was so young I thought we had gone camping for the whole summer……as a child I love it. Guess my self preparedness started at that time.

  13. Linda in NE says:

    #1 is utterly ridiculous. Hasn’t the fool ever heard of the “stay-cation” that’s recommended for the rest of us since the 2008 crash? I’m 61 years old and the only sort-of vacation in my entire life was a 3-day weekend road trip to the more southern part of my state so my husband could look at a couple museums of old stuff and antique cars. The salary for the vacation time never equaled what a real vacation would cost. If the Obamas insist on an African vacation let them pay for it with their own funds, fly commercial, use local transportation once they get there (how many limos was that?!?) and take their chances with security. Isn’t that what the rest of us taxpayers would have to do? They have a very luxurious White House to live in, let them spend their vacation at home reading books and watching movies. Or, what’s wrong with Camp David?? Isn’t that where presidents & their families have vacationed for years? Why the hell does Congress allow this???? Oh, that’s right, they’re spineless fools too.

    • Winomega says:

      Linda in NE

      I have a feeling that a staggering amount of politicians are from the monied class where certain things just don’t occur to them.

      I have never unwillingly spent more than ten hours being hungry in my life, could visit family 14 hours away whenever it suits me, I understand doing things by half-measures.

  14. Police DNA databases: A detective from the Honolulu Police Department called me several months after we were burgled, and offered to return some of our property if I would submit a DNA sample “to exclude me”.

    Since the insurance company had already paid off, and knowing that the police are allowed to lie to us, there was no reason to ask if the data would be discarded or remain in the database: We can trust nothing our servants say to us. It is a felony for us to lie to them, but they have Supreme Court permission to lie to us.

    So I never submitted, and never got the insurance company’s property back.

    I think we have lost not just the battle, but the whole war for constitutional government. We exist to serve the state.

    May the innocent people who think that is a good thing serve in happiness. Their comments to the NYT article suggest they do, and shall continue to.

    • There is already a huge DNA data base that has captured DNA samples of anyone who has served on active duty in the U.S. military during the last 15 years or so. So when you add this to the DNA data base of anyone who has spent time in U.S. prisons and jails plus take into account all the blood/tissue samples on file in medical tissue banks (such as umbilical cord blood), it’s likely that a significant portion of the U.S. population’s DNA data is already on file somewhere in the U.S. and of course this is accessible to law enforcement either with a court order or without a court order under one of those secret anti-terrorist programs. What can you do about this? Not a darned thing. On the upside, it’s now a lot easier to match a name to the bio data left behind by killers, child molesters, rapists, burglars etc.

    • Dang skippy. I just got off the phone with the county judge because the idiots at the road department just wiped out my blackberry patch again.

      His reply… if your fence is 25 feet or less from the center of the road than we can clean it up for ya. Tell ya what… If you want to put up signs saying not to cut that area… we’ll rent it out to you.


      I’m 40 years old and this is only the second time they have ever cut the side of our gravel road. First time was last year and I caught the tractor in the process of cutting them. And that fence was up there before I was born. These idiots keep changing the amount of feet they can have. If they keep it up they’ll be on my front porch. I thought we had it worked out last year. Guess not.

      Maybe I’ll do some remodeling on the front of our fence with the front end loader. Id hate for that steepish hill to wash down on the gravel road.

      • sweetpea says:

        Put a number of T-type fence posts in. They are cheap. Paint the top bright orange. Put a few in a line where you need them to protect from the cutting and stick a few closer to the road randomly.

  15. Ozarkana says:

    Why does TDL need to waste taxpayer money going to Africa? They can see the same things in Chicago–poverty, starvation, crime, disease, etc. Same things, just looking out a different window.

  16. JP in MT says:

    Watching the Obama’s taking vacations on the US Taxpayer’s dollar is like watching college kids with Dad’s American Express card. Except I get to pay part of the bill for the Obama’s.

  17. tommy2rs says:

    State Department has hired agents with criminal records, memo reveals

    Justice Dept. Loses a Round in Battle to Keep Surveillance Wrongdoing Secret

    Fox News Chairman Ailes awarded Bradley Prize
    I liked his speech, especially this part…

    Democrats and Republicans can’t get along. And it is hard to figure out if it is ever going to get back together. But I heard a story about a guy who was in a hot air balloon. He was lost and he lowered his altitude. He spotted a man down below and descended a bit more and then called out to him. He said, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I’d meet him an hour ago, and I don’t know where I am.” The man on the ground consulted his GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon approximately 30 feet above ground elevation at 2,346 feet above sea level. You are 31 degrees, 14 minutes north latitude; 100 degrees, 49 minutes west longitude,” and the guy in the balloon said, “You must be a conservative,” and he said, “I am. How did you know that?” He said, well, “Everything you told me is technically correct but I have no idea what to make of your information. The fact is I’m still lost — and frankly, you haven’t been very much help so far.” The guy on the ground yelled up: “You must be a liberal.” He said, “I am. How did you know that?” He said, “Well, you don’t know where you’re going or where you’ve been, you’ve risen to where you are on hot air. You made a promise which you have no idea how to keep. You expect me to solve your problem. The fact is you’re in the same place you were before we met and now it’s my fault!”

    Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers

  18. Winomega says:

    Xanatos does not lose, he just jumps to the next best positive outcome

  19. Mom Faces More Jail Time Than the Drunk Driver Who Killed Her Son — WHY?

    • sweetpea says:

      The mom literally killed her own son. I would have more sympathy for her if she left him in the car in the hot sun. She took a stupid risk and her son paid the price.

  20. He will only be working for 8 years , why the hell can’t he wait till when he is no longer Potus and spend his own money!!!!!! Oh wait I guess socialist don’t think that way or maybe he thinks he will never leave office. HMMMMMM

    • Come on, george: When was the last time you had an $80,000,000.00 vacation? Get with the program: We exist to serve the government 😉

  21. Mobile version is working for me.

  22. MD, eeek! I took a nap, woke up and came over here and was directly sent to the mobile version! How to I go back to the ‘real’ site? Comments are all out of context and it looks like I can’t reply to individual comments. I would rather deal with the obnoxious add.

    Sorry, I am complaing.

    • Ok I found the desktop version, click on a link and it then takes me back to mobile verson. I may get desperate and pull out the laptop…….

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