Friday miscellany

1. Over a Foot of Hail Swamps New Mexico Town : “A lone thunderstorm dumped over a foot of hail in the town of Santa Rosa, N.M. Wednesday evening, leaving a surreal sight the day before the Fourth of July.”

2. Economist Caution: Prepare For ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’ : “Take immediate steps to protect your wealth . . . NOW! That’s exactly what many well-respected economists, billionaires, and noted authors are telling you to do — experts such as Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Donald Trump, and Robert Wiedemer. According to them, we are on the verge of another recession, and this one will be far worse than what we experienced during the last financial crisis.”

3. China to join Russia for largest naval drills with foreign partner : “China will join Russia later this week for its largest-ever naval drills with a foreign partner, underlining deepening ties between the former cold war rivals along with Beijing’s desire for closer links with regional militaries.”

4. Student ordered to remove cross necklace : “A Sonoma State University student was ordered to remove a cross necklace by a supervisor who thought other students might find it offensive, in a case that prompted even one campus official to speculate that “political correctness got out of hand.”

5. U.S. explodes with 100 anti-NSA protests : “Americans take to streets, Internet to demand feds stop spying on citizens.” Sorry folks, but it’s not going to happen!

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  1. axelsteve says:

    As far as #4 goes. I have lived in sonoma county for over twenty years.My grand parents used to live in Cotati. I remember my grandma telling my aunt Don`t go into Rohnert Park. There is nothing there except for stinking hippies from Sonoma State.SSU is no newcomer to contraversy. The president is also old hand at scandel. Be mishandling funds to pc bs.

  2. JP in MT says:

    #2. All the signs are pointing to this. Our current economy, and our personal economies are built with and on debt. As a nation we can’t distinguish between a want and a need, and we are under the mistaken impression that our “needs” will be taken care of.

    I have even heard Christians saying that they don’t need to change anything, as “God will take care of us.” As a Christ-following Christian I can safely say “Go back and read Scripture again.” He will see that your are equipped and take care of your NEEDS. Part of equipping you is to make sure there are others that will keep you informed, so that YOU can take appropriate action. Quit laying it all with God. 317 million people in this country; why would he single you out for exception blessing when you haven’t show faith in the warnings he’s sent? Check out the famines and such that plagued Israel, I’m sure a few who felt they were “innocent” “suffered” along with the guilty. (getting off soap box now.)

    We don’t have the kind of infrastructure that was there in the 1930’s. We are too interdependent. Call for a 10 day banking holiday, where no credit card / EBT / debit card transactions can take place and watch things come to a halt. Independent trucker’s don’t carry the kind of cash they used to, and company truckers are mostly provided fuel. If they can’t buy any, the flow of goods STOP.

    I try to plan for the wort case situation I can, and if it’s not that bad then it’s a positive. And yes, it can happen to you.

    • riverrider says:

      right on jp.

    • i used to think in terms of “how far from home am i” and how much fuel will it take to get me there. when i bought trucks,i always bought them with the biggest fuel tanks i could get on them, two 150 gallon tanks was my minimum. that was about 1400 miles or more depending on if i was bobtailing (no trailer) or not. i also kept a substantial amount of cash in my pocket so if i couldnt make it home with what i had in my tanks, i could buy some fuel off a company driver who probably didnt realize that his fuel card would never work again. it pains me to know that most folks just dont realize how very little there is in the back of the grocery store and that trucks deliver to them multiple times a day and would run out of the main food items within hours of a financial meltdown.

      • axelsteve says:

        Yup Brad. The new thing called just in time ordering of inventory is how they roll now. We have very little stock at the store I work at. If 5 poeple came in and bought the same spark plug for there small block chevy we may not have enough on hand.We have lots of oil of varying weight and type though. Today 2 differnt shops needed the same buick radiator. Well someone is getting the other one tomorow morning.

  3. riverrider says:

    number three scares the crap outta me. seperately neither has anything for us but together they could give our military hell. we haven’t faced a real enemy in fifty years. we haven’t really seen what our all volunter force will do in the face of overwhelming odds that air support just can’t beat back. on another note…..obama quietly suspended obamacare mandate for big business until after the 2014 elections. there are many nuances to this but a fox interveiw with an obamacare official yesterday was telling. they admitted there wasn’t enough money yet and won’t be if they can’t get the 20-somethings to join. when asked how they will pay for it if the 20’s don’t, she said: “oh, we have other ways of getting the money after the election” . she refused to elaborate. what it comes down to is they did this because dems are getting hit hard back home over it. they hope that suspending it will make it a non-issue and get more dems in the house, where they’ll vote for huge tax increases to pay it, or failing that grab your ira money and leave you an iou. bend over, here it comes again.

    • worrisome says:

      riverrider, that is absolutely true about obamacare.

    • RR,
      I think that the biggest threat against our military is TDL and Russia and China (even combined) are still second rate compared to us, if we can ditch TDL and get back on track.

  4. tommy2rs says:

    Gallup: Republicans more proud to be American than Democrats

    Tocqueville’s Warning to America: The Dangers of Despotism
    The words of Alexis de Tocqueville in Book Four, Chapter VI of Democracy America are particularly poignant:

    I had remarked during my stay in the United States, that a democratic state of society, similar to that of the Americans, might offer singular facilities for the establishment of despotism…

    Talking Points: 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

    Be Anti-Government: Teach the U.S. Constitution!

    The Constitution for Kids

    Contitution Lapbook

    Constitution Day

    U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

    America’s Economy: The Ninth-Freest

  5. Free speech is no longer free. It will now cost you FIVE MILLION to speak your mind.

    • You would think with all the money he has ……..that he could do something about that hair ! ………seriously , it looks like cross between a bad toup and a dead cat .

  6. riverrider says:

    if md allows, go here and check out todays post.

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