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Coldest States in America : Not surprisingly Idaho, Montana and Wyoming  are in the top ten and unfortunately the longer colder winters also mean shortened growing seasons in those areas :tremble:

Dummies guide to what went wrong in Europe : Hint; a marketing plan that allows folks to buy now, and hopefully pay later. Somehow, this all sounds familiar… :-/ and so does this,
Britain announces emergency measures to insulate financial system from euro crisis.

Protecting child rapists : Grand jury to get case of Texas dad who beat alleged child molester to death. “James Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, an Austin-based nonprofit group, questioned the father’s decision to “summarily execute” the alleged molester without due process.”

There are 64 drone bases on American soil. That includes 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed. Public Intelligence, a non-profit that advocates for free access to information, released a map of military UAV activities in the United States on Tuesday. via Slashdot.

The poorer middle class : “President Obama’s re-election prospects dim by the day. When it comes to all-important pocketbook issues, Americans quite simply are worse off now than they were when this administration moved into the White House. The Federal Reserve released its latest “Survey of Consumer Finance” on Tuesday, which confirmed widely held sentiment with hard data: Americans are poorer today than they were in 2007, when the Great Recession hit.”

Pentagon plans to hold Gay Pride month event : If you’re a homosexual that’s fine, what you do in your home behind closed doors is none of my business, go to it. But I don’t think sexual preference should be made into a holiday type event. How about heterosexual pride month – oh wait that would be labeled a discriminatory event and quickly put down by the masses. But then some bigotry seems to be perfectly acceptable

When farmland is scarce, will we all eat roots and tubers : “The world has a finite amount of arable land, whereas its human population keeps growing. Common sense would seem to dictate that eventually there won’t be enough farmland to feed everyone, and catastrophic famine will ensue.”

Oregon man reportedly contracts the plague after trying to rescue mouse from cat : “An Oregon man appears to be suffering from the plague after he tried to rescue a mouse from the mouth of a feral cat. Oregon holds the record for modern cases of the plague in the U.S. with about one case per year since 1934.

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  1. riverrider says:

    saw a blurb along the bottom of the news screen…”state dept. backs down from russian helicopter accusations” hmmm, could hillary be wagging the dog here? why hasn’t this been front page, as any republican screwup would be? we don’t need any law to allow propaganda, its already going on.

  2. benjammin says:

    Considering only about 12% of the world’s arable land is actually being cultivated, I’d say we have a ways to go before we really run out of resources to feed ourselves.

    • benjammin,

      So your saying we would be fine with another 70-90 billion on top of the 7.02 billion that we already have? I feel much better now…

      • village idiot says:

        MD, I honestly don’t think we are going to have to worry about any major increase in population, and I think we are about to reach the limit. Not the limit in what resources we have, but the limit here in the West due to cultural collapse. The collapse of Western Civilization that is now coming will cause the premature death of millions of people. Lack of funds for medical care and medicines, failure of the grid, emerging diseases, wars, agricultural failures(like using corn to make fuel) and political gridlock will have a major impact on populations in years to come.

        • alikaat says:

          Sadly agreed, VI.

        • mountain lady says:

          vi, I think you need a name change. You are certainly not an idiot.

        • This has to be one of the more anaylitical, logical, rational responsed I have observed in a long time. I just viewed a list that makes one dizzy. I just do not believe anyone has enough life time to prepare for years of survival. Survival is going to become an intellectual game we all must play; learning “How” to use available resources.

      • MD, that fact that most of the 70 billion will have IQ’s in the cooler temperature range should help you sleep also. The food stamps/welfare/disability abusers will be squirting out more, far more hungry mouths than the hard working backbone of society types. We will be eating our hard earned beans. That will be clamoring for the chips & pizza they deserve.

    • Do you have a citation for this? Certainly there’s a fair bit of arable land under cities, but I’m not sure that it’d be 88%. Are we talking africann savanna and rainforest, the amazon, and Canada’s boreal forest? Cuz a lot of that area would be poor cropland even if it wasn’t covered in trees.

      • Keep in mind that a lot of Africa has arable land with a bit of work. Ethiopia used to be a net exporter of grain, but civil war destroyed a lot of the farmland and food was used as a weapon, by starving out the enemy.
        Add to that perfectly cultivatable land in the US in the form of golf courses. A quick Google search shows something between 1.2 and 2.2 million acres of land used for golf courses. Converting that grass to grain could feed a lot of folks.
        In case you hadn’t guessed it, I’m not a big fan of golf.

        • Not to mention the massive amounts of water they use to keep the grass so green. The water waste run off is most likey polluted with toxic fertilizers and herbicides.
          I’m not a big fan of golf either.

        • Add to land “wasted” in golf courses the water they use. The chemical run off. The fuel for grooming. Yup. Waste.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Any country with a war history like Ethiopia would not be able to feed itself, including the USA.

          The earth is big enough to feed a lot more than it does now if we would stop destroying foodstufs with war. The Jews are making the desert bloom in Israel.

          This is a little outdated, but their point is still valid.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          The former Rhodesia was once called the bread basket of
          Africa exporting huge quantities of grain. Now it’s a veritable wasteland and net importer of foodstuffs. Waif of the U.N.

          Hit a ball, chase it around, hit it again, chase it around, hit it again………….what the heck is that? Plow the golf courses! Garden plots for all!

      • Bam Bam says:


        A philosopher by the name of Peter Singer, an Australian, has argued that there is enough farmland in the United States alone to feed the entire world. The problem of world hunger is not a problem of production; it is a problem of distribution. I do not agree with the conclusions Singer reaches–that we should use our agricultural resources more wisely (instead of golf courses we should grow grain, instead of feeding grain to cows, we should feed grain to starving people), but Singer’s empirical claim about the productive capacity of the United States has been confirmed by folks in AG programs across the U.S. and Europe. His book is called One World. Now as I said, I do not agree with his conclusions. But his research is topnotch.

      • Point taken about Zimbawbwe et al. As well as the golf courses. (I read a report once that claimed there was a “need” for more golf courses in my area. Can you think of anything less neccessary?) Still, I suspect there’s more than 12% of arable land being used.

        And yes, we don’t have a food shortage, the people that need the food have a money shortage.

    • michael c says:

      I’d say that with one-sixth of the worlds population being under nourished – we have run out of resources, we cannot feed everyone now.

      I also see an empty back yard at your place Benji…

      • village idiot says:

        That’s not so much resources, michael c, than just plain bad government and mismanagement. I wonder how many people could be fed with all the corn we’re making into ethanol. Or how many people could be fed if the bread basket of Africa, which used to be Zimbabwe, had a functioning government. Or how many people could be fed if lands now used in Brazil for ethanol production were in grains. Again, we have resources, just not wise use of them. That’s not to say I want to see any more people in the World than what we already have. There’s likely a change coming, though.

    • Prudent says:

      I wouldn’t say I know what the figures are on “Arable land”. Living in the ‘Heart of it all’ Ohio, taking in the ‘Farm report’ as part of my morning commute for 37 years. Hashing over yields and subsidies, bean and corn rotation… ack!

      Stop exports for 90 days .. hell one season. The United States is thee .. Only .. nation on this planet that can feed itself .. as in no imports required. We .. are the only nation on this planet that could still ‘feed itself’ with a 100% increase in population.

      Arable land …. is a term relative to ones ability to ‘farm’ it productively I.E. produce a surplus. Accurate Math… a mouth does not fill.

      • There’s a lot of net food exporters. Canada, Australia, new zealand, Brazil, argentina…I’m pretty sure Canada could feed 70 million. The Aussies could probably provide for 50 mil, na d the kiwis could probably handle feeding 7mil. But could the US really hanle 600mil people? Possibly, maybe even probably. But they aren’t the only country that could double its pop.

  3. FYI; “Trading Holiday” Not a blurb….. http://www.oanda One of a growing list of ‘traders’ announcing a ‘holiday’ this Sunday. also suggesting moving investments out of a short (short… love the play on a word.. short….ahhh ack) list of currencies and ‘funds’ until….. after… the Greek elections this Sunday. Monday morning is a 50/50 shot at fun ride in the market.

    My two local PM dealers are out of stock. Both agreed to accept ‘pre-payment’ at an agreed on spot and would fill, hold and deliever .. when … the supply walked in the door and was sold back to them. ???

  4. ‘reasons for sunday halt in trading.”

  5. Home
    OANDA Insights
    Reasons behind our Sunday trading halt

    OANDA will halt trading this Sunday, June 17, from 6:00 AM EDT until approximately 3:00 PM EDT. I would like to further explain OANDA’s reasoning for this action.

    First off, OANDA is the only forex provider that permits off-market, weekend trading. In truth, volumes during the weekend are much lower than typical trading days, but OANDA has made this available as a service for its clients rather than an opportunity to increase corporate revenues.

    The decision to halt trading is very much tied to the uncertainty in Europe and in particular, the Greek election. Given these events, there is the potential for extreme exchange rate volatility at a time when global currency markets are closed. OANDA’s concern is that exchange rates could undergo significant fluctuations as the exit polls are being made public. If these fluctuations are wide enough, accounts that under normal conditions would be considered well-capitalized, could become subject to a margin call.

    By halting trading and holding the closing prices steady during this period, we aim to shelter traders from the potential for price spikes. Of course, once trading resumes, new market rates will come into effect and while the hope is that prices will have settled by this time, some accounts may still face the risk of a margin call.

    This is why we have issued a warning recommending that traders reduce positions if they determine they are vulnerable from a margin perspective. At the very least, all traders should review their accounts prior to the weekend and ensure they have sufficient capital to prevent a margin call when trading resumes at the new market price.

    On a final note, anyone with open positions during this time, regardless of their choice of forex broker, is at risk when exchange rates reset upon the resumption of trading. Yes, sending out this message is to inform our traders of the trading halt, but it is first and foremost intended to inform the investing community of the potential volatility in the coming days and to provide sufficient time to make any necessary adjustments.

    Posted by Tonysavor / Jun 14

  6. axelsteve says:

    That crossfire ammo looks interesting. I may buy a box for my son in 45 caliber.They seem to rely on bullet design not just velocity. The fps does not seem much faster than standard loads but the bullet design seems to be key.Kinda like the old Kieth type bullet was.

    • Don’t know exactly what Keith type bullet you are referring to since he experimented with a number of them, but nevertheless in the 1970’s I did purchase from Lee Precision Tooling a single cavity mold in .357 diameter that would cast a 140 grain Keith truncated cone bullet (flat nosed taper) that was a superior performer in anything I fired it in when I had cast it in linotype metal. I used it in 9mm (properly resized), 38 Smith& Wesson and several different muzzle loaders and it exhibited superior performance over everything except a 110 grain jacketed soft nose I purchased from Speer. I even have them make me one in .312 for all of my 30/32 caliber guns since I owned at that time a Smith & Wesson 32.20 revolver.

    • It does look good but they are very weak on rifle ammo , only two calibers from what I could see .

  7. JP in MT says:

    I am always looking for good/reasonably priced 45 ACP 185 JHP ammo. May just have to give these guys a try.

  8. riverrider says:

    so maybe i should call my pm dealer and lock in the price before monday?

    • Prudent says:

      Riverrider…. You mock me Sir! (humor) I think you would agree that the worlds ‘Fiscal’ house is so F . . ked up and interrelated that you could play the slots at our towns new casino and have better odds. And I prepayed for 500 oz. in dimes and quarters at Tuesdays closing spot.

      • riverrider says:

        prudent, i’ve been quite confused by the silver market lately. things that should make it go up make it go down. then next week those same things make it go up again.

      • Cosmolined says:

        I would love to know where there are dimes for sale. TIA, Cos

        • JP in MT says:

          Try Currently they only have large denominations, but normally you can buy them at $1.00 face increments.

  9. brooklyndodger says:

    One thing I would add to any prepper’s list for home use and barter is whisky (I like scotch), rum, vodka or any type of liquor. Not only is it effective for barter, but it has tremendous shelflife and can be used as makeshift anesthetic, disinfectant, and to take the edge off a bad situation, like TEOTWAWKI.

    • Excellent point. I have been sstocking up on whiskey and wine to my wifes dismay and disapproval. She does not see the same thing coming that most preppers do. It’s a good thing she has me. Recently I bought a food vaccume unit and have been transfering foods into vaccume packing and putting them in the freezer (though most do not need it, I figure it is still a good decision). I have been undecisive about beer and have not bought any of it except for personal use. Beer could be a very good choice also.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Just learn to make beer. Get the supplies, make it a couple times, then stock up on supplies.

        I pretty much quit drinking after I started making my own beer. Rofl! A couple batches were great, the last one not so much and I don’t want to buy beer till I drink it. (yes, I do cheat with good German beer on occasion).
        Heck! I think I could just save it and trade it wtshtf and people will think it’s the best ever!

        But I do have supplies to make quite a bit of beer. I should probably check the shelf life of the syrups. hmmmm.

        I stock vodka, and whiskey also. I t ry to stock rum, but mojito’s are so tasty!

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        Just learn to make beer. Get the supplies, make it a couple times, then stock up on supplies.

        I pretty much quit drinking after I started making my own beer. Rofl! A couple batches were great, the last one not so much and I don’t want to buy beer till I drink it. (yes, I do cheat with good German beer on occasion).

        Heck! I think I could just save it and trade it wtshtf and people will think it’s the best ever!

        But I do have supplies to make quite a bit of beer. I should probably check the shelf life of the syrups. hmmmm.

        I stock vodka, and whiskey also. I t ry to stock rum, but mojito’s are so tasty!

  10. Interesting ’bout the drone base locations. I’m sure there are more than are on this map. The drones can be used to execute attacks on foreign soil while the actual pilots are safe at home in the US. This makes me quite uneasy. Seems to treat foreign conflict like a video game.
    Definitely uneasy…but with so many of my family former or active members of the military, I can see the appeal – our soldiers are not at risk of ending up in a flag-covered box, but at the same time, the technology can easily be employed by unfriendly powers or by our own gub’t against citizenry… Gah.
    Cat is out of the bag, here. For better or worse.

    • Watcherd something on the t.v. the other day about satelite tracking. They now have it they can count the pimples on your face in HD, plus the can track from space via infra-red, capturing body heat, so you can’t hide in the woods or a building. Underground will be about the only place you can hide from all this high tec S*%#.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Hi Cat!
      Great to see you post. (Thought we’d lost you.) Blessings, Cos

      • Nah…would miss you guys too much. Been laying low, trying to catch up on some overdue reports. Bossman on my back. If he ain’t happy, I don’t get that piece of paper six months from now. Need that, or my prospects to do any meaningful long-term planning for my family’s future are pretty bleak.
        So I guess in a way, I’ve been prepping, but not by adding to my pantry or learning survival skills.
        Take care,

  11. riverrider says: says 65% chance of strong m-class solar flare and 5% x-class today. more sunscreen 🙂

  12. M.D.m thanks for the Friday Miscellany. I always enjoy those on the days you post them. They are such a wealth of knowledge for people like me who don’t know where to look this stuff up, so I follow your links.
    I think I got my best laugh over the guy who caught the plaque from rescuing the mouse. I know it’s serious, and we don’t need the plaque cropping up. but do you think the guy regrets his actions? will he continue to rescue mice from cats? I haven’t read the article yet, I’m just getting these thoughts from the title. So if there was more to it that made sense and was rational, I stand corrected!

    • Bam Bam says:

      Has anyone thought of what would happen if the mouse-saving man was living in Greece and not the U.S.–with the shortages in antibiotics and all?

      • button crazy says:

        There are lots of antibiotics on the national shortage list for the US. I speak from personal experience. My husband needed a antibiotic on the national shortage list. The place giving him the drug had to get it directly from the company that makes it. They have some for life and death cases. His was a life and death case. Just do a little research on the drug shortage in the US.

      • Bam Bam-
        Wondering if I should do some research on purifying antibiotic compounds out of mixtures. Spent a few years in the pharmaceutical industry doing just that… And started long enough ago with antique enough equipment that I could probably accomplish the technology without electronics.
        Might be worth more than gold some time down the road.
        Really didn’t need yet another project…but this one seems like it might rate a place on that very long todo list.
        A list that gets longer every day.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Wonder if the guy will be on the Darwin Awards list. I know my first thought when reading the article was “here’s your sign….”.

  13. MD, Just checked out the Crossfire ammunition website and I am astounded. These people have it down pat and that comes from an old time reloader and experimenter both with homemade and purchased bullets and tailored loads. I always used nickle plated cases as much as possible after having a 38 super in Nam early in 1962 and noticed the lack of tarnish or other green growing gunk that the brass cases acquired after some time exposed to air. (extra ammo was in a ziplock bag). Black oxide finish had long been used in the aerospace industry for a lasting noncorrosion type finish and having never seen a Black Talon, I was unaware of it being used in the ammunition line. Based on what I have researched into the subject,I think they have a winner here. Were I still a big bore shooter,I would want a 44 magnum with frangible copper hollow point, black oxided for my purposes. I know some consider this as overkill with a 44 magnum but my philosphy is any type of kill when a kill is called for is not overkill. My grandfather who was a local sheriff in the late 1880’s always carried a 45 Colt Army (long barrel ans opposed to the peacemaker) and was asked if he thought he needed that type of pistol. He remarked that he would rather carry something that would do the job around in case he needed it since if he did not have it and needed it he probably would no longer need anything.

    • Kind of like how they are not doing executions in some states because they can not get certian drugs. You are killing someone for crimes done to others what the hell difference does it make if you use one drug over another if they will all still get the job done. I for the life of me can not figure out these libtards that don’t want the killer to suffer like their victim did.
      Read somewhere that one state was going to use propofol only to put them to sleep and then increase it to stop the breathing just like micheal jackson did to himself and some libtard is suing the state saying it is inhumane punishment!!!!! I am sure it is WAY more humane than the way any of those on death row killed their victims!!!
      Sorry for the rant but just don’t understand some times.

      • I really can’t think of anything more inhumane than murder. Execution per see is not inhumane in that the recipient knows he is going to lose his life, how and the reasons for such action. Better than his victim who usually had not a clue and in a lot of cases were brutally tortured beforehand.

      • axelsteve says:

        Just give them a stiff shot of herion,dead before needle is withdrawn.

  14. Does anyone know the specs on a drone that is now in use? Range ? ideal flying altitude. flight abilities, glide path, fuel type, In flight re-fueling?

    • riverrider says:

      there are many from hand launched to aircraft launched. none that i know of refuel in air, but they have incredible ranges. most military ones fly high enough to make small arms fire useless. wish i could be more helpful. i’m looking into countermeasures myself.

    • Cosmolined says:

      Anyone who posts classified info would have a drone w/missles over there house ASAP. Just sayin’, Cos

  15. mountain lady says:

    Looks like I am stuck with the Global Hawk, just over the hill. I heard they were moving, but that was before they were using all of this to keep an eye on us.

  16. riverrider says:

    heads up pack, has pmags on sale at 9.99, 6.99 shipping, over 100.00 ships free!!!! other mags on sale too like glock and ruger. not affiliated, just a customer.

  17. Minnesota does suck… big, really big. The only good thing about Minnesota is there are
    lots of lakes. Socialists love it though.

  18. JP in MT says:

    Thanks for the CDNN headsup. My other mag is the C-Products SS Teflon coated that they have for $10.99, but $9.99 MagPuls were just too good to pass up.
    Plus got a Gun Show next weekend so some may end up on the table!

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