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advertisers21. Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse : “A top financial advisor, worried that Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster, is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive.”

2. Is A Financial Apocalypse Coming? : “The cause is deficit spending, the growing debt, entitlement spending, rising taxes, the elite, the banking cartel, the energy companies, Obamacare, aging baby-boomers, the administration, the NSA, the government, the world government…”

3. How keeping your money “safe” might lose half of it in 16 years (or all of it’s buying power after an economic collapse) : Everybody wants to keep their money “safe.” But what is “safe” these days? Are stocks safe? Are muni-bonds safe? Is gold safe? I’ve seen many families paralyzed by too many choices and as a result make no decision and just keep their money in a bank account in order to keep it safe. But are dollars safe?

4. The worst police misconduct of 2013 : “Some — but not all — of the worse police abuses to have occurred or come to light in 2013. Much of the misconduct involves racial or sexual elements, a fact that is entirely unsurprising but still disturbing.” MD’s Recommended books – You and the Police, Arrest-Proof Yourself, and After You Shoot: Your Gun’s Hot. The Perp’s Not. Now What?.

5. 4th. Amendment is dead: Police can search motorists cellphones if they’ve been stopped for a traffic violation : Drivers pulled over for minor traffic violations can have their cell phone searched, according to a recent federal ruling. A judge decided last week that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma police were in the right when they download information off the mobile phones.

6. New ObamaCare fees coming in 2014 : “The cost of President Obama’s massive health-care law will hit Americans in 2014 as new taxes pile up on their insurance premiums and on their income-tax bills.” Affordable health care, yep and if you like your current plan you can keep it…

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  1. Is a Financial Apocalypse Coming?

    It is a lot like defining a Recession vs. a Depression; by what happens to you. We, federally and personally, are on an unsustainable spending track. It can’t keep up. Yet, we singularly and collectively, refuse to reduce our spending to less than our income and reduce our debt. As long as the majority of people do this, we are all going to suffer.

    We can take some actions collectively, but I still feel that the best solution is to do it ourselves, and be the example to our government that although somewhat unpleasant, it can be done. And that the resulting rewards outweigh the short term “pain”.

  2. 1. In Oct., I went to a nat’l conference sponsored by the com that handles our retirement plan. Several times, one speaker said that his financial advisor recommended buying canned goods in late ’07 and early ’08. However, there were no responses, at least in the group sessions. At the same conference, I did meet another guy who was into guns.

  3. Hunker-Down says:

    #2. My reason for not touching the stock market: The federal reserves fiat money. The stock markets perceived value of a share of stock is based on the markets perceived value of a dollar bill. Either piece of paper can be used to start a charcoal fire if you would like to fix lunch.

    #3. This piece does not address ‘how to keep your money safe’. It is just an advertisement.

    #4, #5. Where are the school boards looking to protect children from the police? Where are the city councils who should be setting standards to keep egomaniacs off their police force? Where are civil service boards monitoring the conduct of the people they hire? Are they ALL run by corrupt unions, lawyers and judges?

    M.D., Thanks for the book references. After reading the Amazon reviews I added the first one to our ‘Amazon wish list’.

    #6. When will ever increasing inflation and taxes tip the scales to revolt? Both can be lumped under the heading of forcing the responsible to support the immoral that are riding on the backs of the legitimately destitute.

    • hunker down #6
      i sat in on several of the lectures in economy that my daughter was taking. the prof told me to participate if i wished. the topic of over taxation was introduced . he asked what would happen. no response.
      i stuck my fist in the air and declared ‘revolution!’.
      he replied that only the middle classes revolt. the lower classes are too busy trying to keep body and soul together.

      that’s the logic behind the purposeful gutting of the middle class and the militarization of the police.
      it all becomes clear now.
      however, we are fighting against principalities and powers in high places ,not against each other.
      as for the human beings [i use the term loosely, as dobie gillis’ teacher said] who are their minions, we may never know who they are or be able to get at them if we find out. we only have access to their puppets.
      it is good to remember who our true enemy is at all times. he has been wrapping humans around his pointy tail for millennia and he is a master at working us.
      only God can help us and it is to Him we must turn. He may clean our society or take us out of it. or we may have to stay and take our lumps as the martyrs have always done. not a pretty prospect.
      i pray for the absolute safety of my daughter come what may.

      as for prepping, there is only so much one can do and then it has to be trust in God to take care of us.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      ” Where are the school boards looking to protect children from the police?”

      School boards tend to make the worst police look nice in comparison.

  4. Number 1 DUH! While firearms are not the whole answer it is part and an important part of the equation. Number 2 I think we will suffer like they did in the thirties very soon.

  5. 1,2&3 – The long drawn out malaise is the most probable. It will take more work and a lot more education and knowledge to place yourself where you can budget and invest in ways that will somewhat mitigate your struggle. I agree with JP, spend less, live well within your income, save more…………….and diversify your savings.

  6. Donna in MN says:

    The news today is so positive on the economy, even Fox, so why did they drink the Kool Aid while I was gone on Christmas vacation?

  7. GoneWithTheWind says:

    “The long drawn out malaise is the most probable”. I agree. It could easily last a decade or longer. The biggest factor will be what we do when it all collapses and that will depend on who is in power. Our history of electing politicians who can deal effectively with an economic crisis is pretty bad so I suspect whoever follows Obama, Reid and Pelosi may well be no better regardless of their political party.

    It frustrates me that with so many indicators pointing towards a financial/economic disaster that the media just prints the propaganda that is handed to them. A could of sites have shown the recent stock market rise superimposed on top of the same situation in 1929 and the comparison is scary. But most news ignores the obvious and instead reports that the new record stock market numbers or that the jobless rate is dropping (ignoring the fact that it only drops because people fall off the official stats). For example I heard today that early in January a lot of people will fall off of unemployment and it will drop the unemployment rolls from 7% to 6.2%. But all of this is statistical fiction.

    I will give Obama credit for doing the one thing everyone thought was impossible; he makes Jimmy Carters presidency look good.

    • People will for sure fall if they don’t continue the unemployment. We will have many dropped as they were part time Christmas help. They get all happy about the hiring in Sept, Oct, & Nov and December every silly year, only to have to manipulate it the following quarter. Statistical fiction was a very very nice way to say it GWTW. I would be more blunt and call it all lies!

      • Donna in MN says:

        Obummer keeps saying how great the economy is and unemployment is way down to normal ranges…make him eat his words, cut the unemployment benefit length since everything is sooo good, like you can keep your doctor and keep your healthcare plan.

        • i don’t understand why the very time you need money to keep the heat on is the time to cut benefits. why don’t they do it in july at the end of the fiscal year.
          of course, more political hay can be made of cutting benefits in winter.

          • Rob Crawford says:

            They’re cutting the handouts at the time when the most political pressure will come to bear to turn the money hose back on. Same reason towns cut police and fire before they cut the mayor’s daughter’s interpretive dance troupe.

  8. I find the articles on finances interesting. The economy is getting better despite the sky is falling mentality. But the better question for me is who is the economy getting better for and how and why. Driving down any highway, I see more and more New vehicles, $40,000 trucks pulling boats or campers. Just looking at Christmas amazes me. Three of my kids close friends came over with new IPod touches that cost on average $250. For me making my dollars/finances safe does not mean having it in a savings account it means not paying interest, buying with cash, and paying off my mortgage in the house I live. That increases my spending power. We also have investments and I do worry about the stock market tanking, social security and Medicare disappearing. Those promises/entitlements are part of everyone’s long term financial planning whether they expect them to be there or not. People who were financially responsible and lived below their means get punished while people who were/are irresponsible are rewarded because they are the engine that drives our economy by buying things they can’t afford. I don’t think anyone can truly prepare for a financial apocalypse, but we can prepare to weather fluctuations.

  9. as much as I do not like to say it BUT I do believe very, very hard times are coming. we [ wife and I ] are just trying to prepare in what we can do and control. the way the country is going is very bad for all of us and the powers that be is behind this force.
    just my opinion.

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