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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. How To Stop Cops from Searching Your Car : “While police generally need a warrant to search you or your property — during a traffic stop, police only need probable cause to legally search your vehicle. Probable cause means police must have some facts or evidence to believe you’re involved in criminal activity.”

2. This Plant Kills Pests and Will Give Your Soil a Boost : “Soil is alive—at least it can be. Despite all the beneficial bugs, vitamins, and minerals, a lot can be lost if nothing is growing in the soil you worked hard to maintain before winter came around. Hard-core gardeners spend years, nay, a lifetime perfecting their soil, but if you’re not so extreme, you can still give your dirt a boost before planting for the spring—even if you neglected to plant a cover crop in the fall.”

3. How this family of four lives ‘off the grid’ in the middle of the desert : “Off-the-grid living — that is, using natural resources like sun and wind power to provide amenities like heat and electricity — has become commonplace in places like Terlingua, an isolated community in Southwest Texas. What was once a bustling mining town is now a veritable ghost town, tucked into the foothills of Big Bend National Park in the north Chihuahuan desert.”

4. A home built from two shipping containers (134 Pics).

5. NSA collects millions of text messages daily in ‘untargeted’ global sweep : “The National Security Agency has collected almost 200 million text messages a day from across the globe, using them to extract data including location, contact networks and credit card details, according to top-secret documents.”

6. America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead : “I would love to put a bullet in his head,” one Pentagon official told BuzzFeed. The NSA leaker is enemy number one among those inside the intelligence world.

7. Why Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military? : “Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented. Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the “purge” of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place.”

8. Latinos set to surpass whites in California by March : “The Latino population is projected to surpass that of whites in California in March to become the single largest “race or ethnic group,” according to a report on shifting demographics in Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014-15 budget proposal.”

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  1. Relative to #3- Been looking at some nice texas land, just don’t want to be an hour or more from schools (have two little one just like the story) Anybody have any tips on the West Texas desert area?
    Any tips on getting my wife to agree?? LOL
    Just seems like the right way to live,

    • home school them. i did. it is easy.

    • i wouldnt move anywhere that aquiring water would be a problem if the grid goes down. West texas Has two seasons, ungodly hot and “how can it be this cold in the desert”. To acess water,you have to drill very very deep. If you like texas, (and i do) you should consider east texas. Easy acess to water, lakes,rivers, abundant wildlife. West texas is also highly dependant on the oil and gas industry. Ive seen it booming back in the 70,and into the early 80,s,then become a desolate foreclsode wasteland till just a few years ago. Its a fickle business that has huge extremes. Swiming in money,or jobs nonexistant. I would do everything in my power to persuade you from moving there. Dont be swayed by cheap land. Its cheap for a reason. No gardens out there either because there isnt enough water to spare and the land is far to arrid. I spent 33 years driving in,working in, and living in west texas.odessa,midland,toya,monahans,kermit,pecos,ft. stockton. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! DONT DO IT!!!

  2. PGCPrepper says:

    #4 Wow! end of msg.

  3. Nebraska Woman says:

    2. If you can find a source near you, get zeolite in 20 lb. sacks. This will protect the soil from radiation. Were I living on the West Coast, I would pour it on. As to my garden, I use it to protect my soil from pesticides sprayed on nearby corn/soybean fields.
    5. This is a gargantuan waste of money as my texts are usually along the lines of “Are we on for tonight?” or “How are you?”
    7. I am very dismayed when I read of the forced-to-retire generals who have been speaking out. Between gays or women in combat roles, the main focus of our military now seems to be social issues.
    8. Don’t kid yourselves…the Latinos are going to be a majority all over pretty soon. Congress will do nothing but exacerbate the trend.
    Oh, and the TDL can use his pen and make instant citizens out of illegals. Such a constitutionalist! (not LOL)

  4. riverrider says:

    #1) shoot them in the throat
    #5) nsa collected millions of “missed call” numbers even…spies that want to shoot snowden, typical embarrased behavior.

    • riverrider says:

      the torrence,cali. leo that rammed and shot up an innocent man’s truck during the chris dorner thing has been cleared of any wrong-doing by local prosecutor. they said he ” acted reasonably under the circumstances.” so, if they kill one of my buddies i get to shoot up any cop car i see? sounds reasonable to me…..

  5. With regards to Comrade Chairman Obamao’s cleaning out our military of those terrorist/patriots/Christians, It called a “purge” all Communists do it with the Military first, the Political class next, then the Middle class who owns anything of value. Stalin did one every 3-5 years, so no one could challenge him for power, or do a coup.

    As for the Hispanic thing,(#8), just call me El Ghosto, Olay!

  6. #7. Why? People that are asking that need to take a serious look at the ones who are “leaving” the service. Although I don’t have access to the records, I still know a number of senior NCO’s in the service. Most of those that are/were known personally were known to question, slow or fail to implement policies, or express doubt that the policies and actions of our National Authority we in the best interests of “good order and discipline” of the United States military in being able to do the job they were trained for.

    There is also a culture of “us vs. them” in regard to military personnel very the average civilian. There is a growing culture of distrust coupled with an air of superiority vs. an attitude of service to our fellow countrymen.

    I saw many of these new officers as I was leaving the service in 1995, they would now be upper ranks. Many were more interested in advancing their own careers vs. the welfare of their soldiers, their country, or their duty to the Constitution.

    Of course, I’m just an old soldier, barely smart enough to come in out of the rain; so I might be wrong.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. If I had a brain I would memorize those responses but my memory bucket has a leak.

  8. 2. has anyone here tried using kodiak mustard for this purpose? If so, what was ur experience like?

    On 3, I’m glad to see the mainstream media publish a positive article on a homesteading family.

    7. THere were a couple reports last year, that the obama admin was forcing out military officers who didn’t agree w/ the policy of shooting US civilians in certain kinds of situations.

  9. #2 – Especially good against nematodes. Be sure to buy seed early as it sells out very quickly. Also, turn it over into the ground immediately after cutting it down.
    #3 – Great job! I like to see results like these.
    #4 – I’ve been thinking along these lines, too. Wish I were a heck of a lot younger!!!
    #5 – I’m not too worried about immediate problems. But the info is going to be stored forever! Oh what fodder for future misuse by the fascist elitists who are ever so much smarter than the rest of us. Anyone with half a brain is becoming paranoid. “It starts when you’re always afraid . . . ”
    #7 – This one has been scaring me silly since it started. It will not end well at all. This is an article that I’ll re-read, first to get a handle of who’s been canned and who’s taking their place.

  10. I’ve seen #4 before. What a great BOP/retirement home.

  11. Love the storage container home. We have been thinking of something like this only more of it buried underground and use for food storage and a storm shelter.

  12. In AZ , if you lock your door and put your keys in your pocket , after being asked to step out of your car …………they then need TWO search warrants .

    Snowden should spill every thing he knows and distribute it to go to every government hostile to the united states upon his death ( no matter how it happens )

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