Friday Miscellany

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. Coming to an American city near you – 15 Apocalyptic Pictures From The Protests In Ukraine.

2. Is this where we are as a nation? Classy people of Wal-Mart 2014 (26 pics). Looks like all Obama’s die-hard supporters all decided to gather in one place and have their picture taken.

3. Study suggests New Madrid fault zone still alive and active : “Scientists said today that the New Madrid fault zone in the nation’s midsection is active and could spawn future large earthquakes. The journal Science published the study online. U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough was part of the study. She says the fault zone is “not dead yet.” btw (before I get 100 emails telling me to move out of TN) the “Redoubt of The East” is not on the fault…

4. Asian Honey: Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves : “Asian Honey, banned in Europe, is flooding U.S. grocery shelves. The FDA has the laws needed to keep adulterated honey off store shelves but does little, honey industry says.”

5. Wheaties cereal found to contain so many metal fragments that they can be levitated with magnets : “Wheaties breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills, has been found to contain so many microscopic fragments of metal that individual flakes can be lifted and carried using common magnets, a Natural News Forensic Food Lab investigation has found and documented. Photos of the microscopy investigation are posted now at”

6. Save time and energy with the fenced chicken coop/garden : To achieve this build a “self-fertilizing” chicken coop/garden. The idea was so simple that he probably wasn’t the first person ever to have done it, but I’ve never seen another one like it.

7. Obama Just Made Free Speech A Felony : In short, anyone protesting in the vicinity of the president or anyone the president deems must be protected by the Secret Service can be arrested on the spot and convicted of a felony.

8. Texas – Judge Orders Homeschooled Children Removed From Christian Parents’ Home : “As parents try to protect their children from the propagandistic government system, however, the government is in turn seeking vengeance against them.”

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  1. Nebraska Woman says:

    #2. Thanks. It will take my eyes a bit to focus correctly, and my breakfast will be put off. Seriously, the old lady in the cart did make me sad (how did she get in there?), but all those obese people! Does the ACA have programs for them to lose weight, or does everybody pay up their backside?
    #3. Google the New Madrid fault line and click on maps. When we have an event, the Gulf waters will be fed by the Great Lakes. Scary stuff.
    #7. On a website two days ago, I read something profound. “A free man need not ask permission.” See how free we are? I need permission from the government to drive, to own my home (taxes), to obtain a firearm, to add onto my home or build anything on my property, to travel, to see a doctor of my choice, etc. Now I cannot express my opinion “in the vicinity of” TDL? What does that mean? 100 yards? A mile? A red state away? TDL just does not want to be heckled. Our man-child cannot handle it.
    Good articles for thought.

    • “all those obese people” uhhhh,,,,, excuse me,,,,,, we prefer to be called “gravitationally challenged” 😉

      • I prefer to refer to my portable, modular, energy reserve system.

        In an extreme low calorie dietary environment, I expect to outlast the scrawny ones by quite a while.

    • Nebraska Woman,
      Your #7 states “to obtain a firearm” and perhaps it’s just where you live, but not here in a relativly free state for private sales.

    • I know I’m too fat, but at least I have the common sense to wear pants that cover my ass & to cut my toenails.

      I like to remember the saying, ” It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission” because this isn’t a free country anymore so you kind of have to take your freedom sometimes.

  2. riverrider says:

    number 8 is why though i like texas, i’m afraid to move there. every once in a while they throw a zinger at you….#3, scientists are baffled(no surprise there) as to why the area of the virginia quake is still rocking aftershocks…they don’t know what they don’t know….keep an eye on the ukraine. it is a harbinger of things to come. watch how the govt reacts. so far they have shown great restraint, but the protesters are on borrowed time. and watch what russia does. when it looks like the govt is losing i predict the russian tanks will move in. and another chechnya will be born. tdl’s response will be limpness, after all, they’re not black.

  3. #2 my eyes are burning! I knew better than to look! Horrific!
    #4 Buy local honey
    #5 I for one, am happy that there is a NaturalNews Lab and that they are testing the foods we eat. We certainly can’t trust the FDA.
    #6 I have started this already – have my first garden pen done 🙂

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Sorry, but I trust “natural news” no further than I can throw a Mac truck. They strike me as… cranky.

  4. Glad I don’t like Wheaties.
    Glad I don’t like Wal Mart
    Living on a fault line isn’t all bad…………..done it for years………I don’t tempt fate, but it does add spice to life 🙂
    Obama=the biggest whiner we have ever had for a president.
    Just sent the chicken coop idea to one of my kids……..she has the perfect yard for it.

    • dont forget what the dark lord said in a recent interview. “if you dont like him,its cause he is black”. shhhhhh,,,,, do i hear dishes rattling? (im sorry Lord, that wasnt funny)

      • worrisome says:

        Yea it was funny….we mostly don’t even get up and find a doorway until we get at least 6.0…I have watched my kitchen cabinets open up and vomit all my dishes and glasses out on the floor and my fridge and stove rumble out of their spots and meet in the middle of my kitchen. Gotten a lot smarter about latches on cabinets and bolt things down tho…..:)

        • S'wt Tater says:

          I’m in with you on that! it helps that we are near the outer edges of the fault…anything over a 4 we usually feel, just never know if the hills will become hollers, or which way the water will flow from the lakes all around…kinda hard to plan for the complete unknown.

  5. In no particular order, I don’t eat Wheaties( no gluten for me).
    I used to close down my store and head home around 11pm, and sometimes I would hit the local Walmart, you would see the strangest people both shopping and working there.
    If my wife and I ever get out into a rural setting, we are going to have chickens and rabbits, so I like the idea of putting some of the critters to work.
    The libtards will drive you crazy, One of the senators from NY yesterday said that he wanted the IRS to basically harass the Tea Party because , well, they are his opposition.
    What is happening in the Ukraine is very upsetting, in the short term, it can effect the Olympics, and in the long term something that can happen in Europe and then here.
    I try to buy local products like honey when I can,and I do not KNOWINGLY buy any food products from China. I try(mostly due to my digestive problems) not to eat processed foods that I have not processed, and that helps.
    Another Libtard issue, persecuting Christians -Libtards are only tolerant of views they agree with, everything else they try to destroy. I would love to see them do this to a Muslim family, but they are afraid, Christians turn the other cheek and Muslims order your death.

  6. Friends, I have a request.

    GS2 is in the hospital with a respiratory infection called RSV. Don’t know exactly what it is but it is serious. He has been hospitalized for a couple of days. Last month he had pneumonia. Please pray for him. For those of you who are not Believers, please think happy, healthy thoughts.

  7. Damn, I like Wheaties.

    And on the CA gun front, another article with more detail:

    • MorePooperThanPrepper says:

      Don’t worry too much JP. Back when I was a kid we used to do experiments where you pulverize breakfast cereal and then hold a magnet above it and iron shavings would zoom up to the magnet.

      It is just the “mineral enrichment” to get iron in the 25-40% of your daily allowances they add iron shavings. I’m pretty sure our systems really can dissolve and utilize it. And that was back in the 80s.

      I’d guess this is nothing new and by no means specific to wheaties.

      I didn’t read the article so I’m not sure, but I am not worried.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    #2. Please, quit publicizing my relatives pictures; especially on the internet. The post office wall is bad enough. Just so you know, granny is catapulted out of the grocery cart into the car by means of a pumpkin chucker.

    #4-5. Poison honey, metalized cereal for the kids, protected GMO food, trashed health insurance industry, yeah, the guberment is on our side.

    #7. HR 347 just proves that TDL is jealous of the clouds assembled to cheer the dear leaders in N. Korea.

    #8. “Nobody in their right mind would want to stay home all day with so many children,” is a high insult to every stay at home parent in the world. HOW DARE the person who said those words force their warped standards on another family. I remember freedom, and we ARE going to get it back.

  9. #6 Thanks, MD for this link. I like this idea.

  10. Babycatcher says:

    Papa Bear, prayers for your grandson. On the Miscellany, I KNEW I shouldn’t have looked at Walmart people, but I did. Now I have to repent and scrub my brain with Clorox! This is the future of our country….

  11. On the good news side of things I saw this:

    MILLER: Smith & Wesson to stop selling guns in California due to microstamping law
    Sturm, Ruger, also said this month that it will stop new sales to California.

  12. Every time I see one of these Wal-Mart customer collections I swear I’m not going to look at another…….

  13. #2 had me laughing till i stopped and suddenly realized, Im a very fat hillbilly looking guy that wears some pretty grubby bib overalls . I may someday be “the people of walmart” . maybe i ought not to laugh so hard.

    #6 I love that idea! Ive been doing it the hard way by shoveling all my chicken gold into a drum and spreading on my garden. This would take care of so many problems. predators, feeding my chickens, composting,keeping the huge antlered rats (deer) out of my dang garden.

  14. Frugalmom3 says:

    4- I love getting local raw honey from an apple orchard here in Ohio! So much better than store bought, IMO.
    6- This is one of our winter projects- to build a coop within our gated garden so the chickens can roam around and eat all those pesky squash bugs and other pests! But right now it is too freaking cold to build it!
    8- Such a shame. As a homeschooling family ourselves I pray that will never happen to us but if it does, they will have to beat my door down and take my kids from my Kung foo grip.

    • we buy honey[golden rod] from local beekeeper’s association president.
      even though she is hypoglycemic daughter takes i and it relieves migraine. since relpax is 37$ per tablet that is excellent.
      give husband pollen for allergies and propolis tincture for cholesterol. statins were trying to kill or disable him.
      good for what ails you. bee-sting therapy also. see paratus familia on bee-sting therapy.

  15. Fat Old White Guys (FOWGs) wear pink thongs?

    Who knew?

    And when did they know it?

    Maybe I can pick up some used ones cheap at the swap meet. Will they work in the Food Saver?

  16. k. fields says:

    #1 – Coming to an American city near you? You do realize the protests are because the Ukrainian President wound not sign a major partnership deal with the EU. The equivalent in American would be massive protests against the government for NOT agreeing to major UN sanctions.
    #2 – Obama’s die-hard supporters at Wal-Mart? I’d bet you the majority of the folks pictured are die-hard conservatives on some sort of public assistance.
    #4 – Asian Honey, another good reason to buy American if you possibly can and a very good reason to try to stop the current TPP working its way through Congress.
    #5 – Wheaties, well, if you’re buying packaged convenience foods instead of eating homemade …
    #6 – Chicken run designs to protect and fertilize gardens have indeed been around for a long time. Mother Earth News has published variations on such designs probably every year for the past 30+ years. Great investment is a set of the MEN archives – throughout the history of the magazine they have covered every conceivable aspect of becoming more self-sufficient.
    #7 – The ‘‘Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011’’ was introduced by Representative Rooney – a REPUBLICAN from Florida and was approved by the Republican held House by a vote of 388/3 (only 2 Republicans voted against it) in early 2012 as a knee-jerk reaction to the “occupy” movement. Don’t blame Obama for this piece of crap.

    • you know dang well that there aint no conservatives on the dole or living in guvsub housing. Those folks vote for the “spread the wealth” party everytime.In fact,the takers are the dems voter base.between the takers and the soon to be freshly legalized illegals,we may never see another good president again.

  17. MorePooperThanPrepper says:

    Is it a problem that #1 (the fiery urban apocalypse) is not as troubling to me as #2 (Bubba’s g-string butt-floss)?

    And I’m a regular wal-mart shopper…

    …the horror…

  18. We could hope the Walmartians fall into the New Madrid Fault, along with the Asian honey, and that would take care of that. At least they would have something to eat down there then. Seriously, though, I think many of these folks in the pictures are probably mentally ill or just raised by the urban equivalent of a pack of wolves. I asked a Wal-Mart clerk one time about what it’s like and she said kids with no supervision run through the store and knock things off the shelves and destroy them for fun, they throw them out but the kids just come back in and do it again.

    Someone once pointed out to me a place in the Midwest where the Mississippi and some other river are quite close and where eventually the water may shift to run down the other river. It would be interesting, I thought, to acquire cheap land near where the river might eventually go and hope to get waterfront property out of it.

    For a while I thought the protesters in Kiev were being supplemented by CIA-payrolled agents provocateurs (at around $20 per day per); but it’s gone beyond that, there are now also some far-right-wing types and football hooligans who brought more organized violence to the protests. At night, however, the cops are going out on their own and kidnapping individual activists, and about 13 have disappeared so far. It’s being alleged that the police are getting $1000 bonuses for disappearing people. I don’t like the EU much but neither do I like the strong arm tactics of the Russians or this jerk of a president the Ukrainians have. Until spring though, he pretty much has to kiss up to Russia because otherwise they’ll cut off the gas and everyone there will freeze to death – maybe after things warm back up he can afford to tell the Russians to take a hike.

    The Ukraine should possibly look into fracking in the future so they can make their own fuel, Fuel and lubricants, very important in any conflict, and it’s a weak position indeed to rely on an old enemy for these.

    Whatever your thoughts about who’s right or wrong there, there’s lessons to be learned, the first one of which is not to become dependent for your energy, and perhaps the second one of which is if you are going to fight the man, don’t sleep where he can find you, and get a burner phone.

    Re. big homeschool families, I remember when it was cool back in the 1970’s to have a gigantic family. Remember the Waltons and that book “Cheaper By the Dozen”? As long as the family is well organized, they can turn the big kids having chores and helping the little kids into a teaching tool. It becomes a team effort and the kids learn to be responsible to/for each other and the family that way. I met several homeschool families that were traveling musicians, the parents always said it was the kids’ idea, and the kids seemed to be really into it and also really self-possessed.

    Traveling might be a good way to keep the nanny state nazis off one’s back while home schooling. Find a way to make a living on the road, keep a low profile (unless on stage) and if someone gets too nosy, give them every indication that it’s another place’s jurisdiction not theirs, and if they don’t let up, move on. Spending part of the year abroad might also help – just don’t get hospitalized in the EU for a manic episode when you’re about to give birth.

  19. Asian honey has always been an issue. The answer is to buy from local beekeeprs or raise your own.
    The iron in the Wheaties doesn’t bother me, since it’s just atomic iron added to fortify the cereal. I tend to be slightly anemic so I take an iron supplement (Ferrous Sulphate) and with a powerful enough magnet you can pick a pill up. Iron is iron is iron, and with a powerful enough magnet you can attract it in most forms.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      I figured the truth was something like this. This is why I consider “natural news” to be little more than Weekly World News.

  20. mom of three says:

    We are going to(h) ell in a hand basket. Goodness this world, is getting seriously out of control. We buy only local honey, it’s getting expensive $9.00 a pint $20.00 a quart. I can’t believe how disgusting people, are good gravy who in there right mind dresses and goes out in public, like this. Our Walmart, thank goodness is not this bad at all. I guess it depends on what area in the county your in. I would think the manager’s would ask these people to leave, the women nursing that baby, goodness that is the height of laziness.

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