Friday Miscellany

1. Russia Threatens to Drop The Dollar and Crash The U.S. Economy if Sanctions Are Imposed – Obama Signs Sanctions Anyway : On Tuesday Reuters reported that a Kremlin aid Sergei Glazyev had announced that if the U.S. were to impose sanctions on Russia Moscow may drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off any loans to U.S. banks.

2. How Police Became a Standing Army : Over the last 40 years, police have moved steadily towards increasing levels of force and militarization with little regard for the situation. Journalist Radley Balko has been documenting this phenomenon for nearly a decade, and in Rise of the Warrior Cop he explains how America has been transformed into a country where police conduct something on the order of 50,000 SWAT raids a year.

3. Mass. Man Charged With Wiretapping For Filming Police In Public : “A man in Fall River, Mass. has been charged with unlawful wiretapping for recording a police officer shouting profanities in public.”

4. Surprise: Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses : “Obamacare is just full of surprises, as more Americans are beginning to realize now that the law has been fully implemented.”

5. Simple sticks contain potential answer to cleaner drinking water : “A lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in many parts of the world. A scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology thinks he may have come up with a low-cost solution: sticks.”

6. TN guns-in-parks proposal clears 1st House panel : “A proposal to strip local government control over whether to allow people with handgun carry permits to be armed at parks, playgrounds and sports fields has cleared its first legislative hurdle in the House.”

7. Bill would repeal Hall Tax, make TN income tax free : There’s a new push to repeal a little-known tax in Tennessee. And if it happens, it could make the state completely income tax free. Every year, about 118,000 Tennesseans pay what’s called the Hall Tax on income earned from investments.

8. Police brutality getting out of control 2014

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  1. Texanadian says:

    That wood water filter is really interesting. Slow but if SHTF we probably will have some time on our hands. Could probably make it bigger as well.

    • OR set up multiple sticks that filter at the same time. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    • Slow is right! But it works. My buddy sent me a link to it a few days ago, and as I had the stuff on hand, I gave it a try. Took almost all day to filter through 5 gallons, but it did it. I have no idea how “pure” the water is, but it’s going to be used on the garden

      • I am curious whether this would filter fluoride from the water as well, not sure of the particulate size of the fluoride is small enough to pass through the xylem or not, i work in a stave mill, i am curious if i could increase the throughput if i used purely white oak sap wood.

  2. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. If the US would help Poland quickly being to market their newly discovered energy fields, Russia’s heating energy stranglehold on Europe would crumble. The result would bankrupt Russia both financially and politically. Russia’s transcript army has an 80 percent defection rate. Even though Putin can out-think Obummer any day of the week, Russia still sucks.

    • JP in MT says:

      Nice thought H-D:

      Except you want this administration to take a positive step forward QUICKLY? There are many things that we could do, in a positive manner to assist Eastern Europe, and by extension the US, be more independent. We’d rather “hold hands and sing – Can’t We Just Get Along (and do it myyyyyy way).

      • Lake Lili says:

        Have to agree HD, but there is a whole lot more people invested in not seeing those oil fields developed – an its not just the Russians.

        I would like to point out that I sincerely doubt that the US would tolerate that type of protracted instability happening on it’s borders – north or south.

    • The world needs to tell us that our interference in no longer welcome . If that means our allies dump us in favor of natural gas , kick our bases out of their countries , or dump the dollar , the sooner we mind our own business the better both ourselves and the world will be .
      ” Trade with all , ally with none ”
      Thomas Jefferson

  3. Well,,,,,, ive waited and waited,,,, drank some more coffee,,, waited some more,,, and it looks like ill be the first one to comment on 2,3 and 8.My point the other day,when i wrote my article , was to call attention to the fact that the officer friendly we all knew as kids, was no longer to be found. In its place is a highly militarized police force that is now on the same level of any branch of the military and most often with the equivelant equipment. Yet there are those that wish to throw out the ,”officer freindly pulled me over and gave me a puppy and a dairy queen coupon, and they are okie dokie in my book” statements. Those people are living with their heads in the sand if they havent realized that the warm fuzzy cops are no longer in existance and were replaced by the military zombies just itching for a chance to serve and protect you right into jail,or the hospital.They lie,cheat,erase information youve recorded on your cell phone,they are guilty of rapes,beatings,murders,theft, extortion,and the list goes on.The cops who at one time aspired to be of help to their fellow man, have been drummed out of the “law enforcement industry” and replaced by those who view you,the average wage earning joe citizen,as the enemy. Personally, ive decided to no longer waste my time on those who dont see a need to prepare for the stark changes we will likely see in our lives and i no longer have time to try to convince those that refuse to see officer teddy bear and hugs, for the danger he and his army have become,to your freedom and life.

    • BC,
      Do you want some cheese with your wine?

    • Dam son, give it a rest already will ya. I have not been shot at by a Cop for at least the last 15-20 minutes.

      So please stop your b*tch’n, you’re just p*ss’n them off!

      • Bctruck says:

        So let me see if I understand you ghost. It’s ok for you to be convicted enough in your belief that you leave a comment saying I should stop commenting on topics that involve police,then come back 28 minutes later and reply to your own comment expounding on your belief that I shouldn’t comment on topics that anyone else is free to comment on. If no one had commented on my comment, the space would be empty here below my original comment. I’m not sure where you think your desire to say what you think is more important than my desire to say what I think? I’m truly puzzled by this.

        • I believe in the 1st amendment ….period , weather its you , ghost , MD , or anybody else , weather or not it pisses anybody off , say what you feel you need to say .

      • MentalMatt says:

        Damn I haven’t shot, killed, raped, pillaged, wrote any trucker’s tickets, covered up any serial killers either in the last 15-20 minutes, Lol…

        • Bctruck says:

          Lol! Roflmao! How many bad cops have you turned in? How many people have you saved from having the hell beat out of them by a cop? I know you would rather leave silly comments and an LOL, but seriously,how have you worked to rid the police department of bad apples ? If you would like to have a civil adult conversation on this subject, I would live for that to happen.

          • MentalMatt says:

            I’m sorry BC, now I have to defend myself, and my profession. Have you worked to rid the trucking profession of bad apples? How many truck drivers did you turn in for transporting illegal drugs? How many drunk drivers did you report on, I’m sure you saw a lot of them on the road! An adult conversation? The minute anyone questions your hatred for LEO’s you go on ranting and raving, and then say I’m done with this conversation! Hell I’ll go so far as to say you didn’t deserve the tickets, or the crap you got from the cops during your career, I wasn’t there but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Your ranting isn’t an adult conversation, I’m not going to defend myself, you don’t know me, if we met and didn’t know who each other was, we probably would get along fine…..

            • The answers are: plenty, never new anyone thT used,hauled or sold drugs I an 18 wheeler,and yes,I reported dozens of drunks including a couple truckers and I didn’t stop with just calling 911 on the drunk truckers,I also called the companies they drove for.

              • MentalMatt says:

                Ok, My answers are, Yes I have assisted not only in attempting to remove bad apples from our society, but also within my department. While I have never worked for Internal Affairs, I have reported and assisted in investigations against rouge officers, and officers that were no better than the thieves we arrested. I leave you with a quote from the late Jack Webb “The problem with police officers, and the police department, is we have to recruit from the human race”.

        • JP in MT says:


          Don’t fret, the weekend’s coming! 😉

    • bc, in though we disagree on law enforcement, I want to say that I appreciate your other contributions to this site & also your youtube videos.

      • RedC,

        What department did you say that you work for… or is it one of your family members LOL?

        I’ve actually, worked with the Sheriff department as a tracker and one of my friends is the local police chief, but with that said; I can attest too the bad “them against us attitude” of the bulk of the department and it’s this way nation wide. I would guess that out of every ten cops maybe two are decent enough.

        • M.D. that is a really nasty comment. Is this an open forum or just open to people who happen to hate authority figure like you and BC?

          I know that you won’t all this post ever to be seen either, so God Bless you, Ghost.

          • Ghost,

            They police are not my “authority figure” they are supposed to work for us after all we pay their salary.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              We are so fortunate to still have the right to freedom of speech, to have our own opinions, and to share our own experiences without legal persecution or prosecution.

              BUT, for all the good you boys are doing with this LE crap, you might as well line up in a row, and see who can p–s the farthest.

              GET OVER IT!

              • poorman says:

                Thank you G

              • Hunker-Down says:

                +10 !

              • Rider of Rohan says:

                I was about to get in that pissing contest, Tac G-Ma, as I won a few of those back in the day, well, waaaayyy back in the day. My pisser don’t work as good as it used to. But I can dribble with the best of them, so line up, boys….er, old men, for the dribbling contest. I just don’t know how to decide a winner. But whoever wins gets to film BC and Matt at their beer summit. That’s one I want to attend, methinks them two would hit it off despite their differences. Probably closer to seeing things the same than what they realize. I’d like to see it.

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  I have 8 grandsons and no granddaughters so we frequently have them around here.
                  Grampa is leading the pack. Even the dog gets in line!

                  Thank goodness we live in the country!

                • JP in MT says:


                  Maybe we could get someone from DC to “show them how”….to have a beer summit.

              • +10

          • Ghost, I don’t think that you have enough brains to have figured it out yet but, MD owns this site, it is his property and you are nothing but a guest here, and have no rights at all besides what MD gives you. It looks to me like MD has let you post 100’s of comments here and has posted comments defending both sides (you and red c against everyone else – with each of you posting a huge amount of trollish comments on the topic). If you don’t like what is said here or the way MD runs his house then leave, it’s actually that simple.

            • Tracker says:


              • Bctruck says:

                This has been truly,an eye opening experience concerning EVERYONES right to freely express their thoughts. I used to believe that it was only liberals and those lacking in intellect would try and stop the discussion of a topic they didn’t like. I’m gathering that several here are of the opinion that only topics they wish to discuss should be allowed on this open based forum, rather than just not partake in the discussion, or not even read the comment. If you will look back at all the comments below my original comment, they are all a result of me expressing my opinion in a blog whose owner has always allowed those with unpopular opinions to share them. It’s frightening, quite frankly, to actually see people put in writing their wish to stop others from using the same rights they have freely using. My faith in some members of this blog has been shattered and it leaves me with the further belief that it doesn’t take much at all for those that would profess to support freedom, to try and deny that freedom to those they don’t agree with.

                • k. fields says:

                  “It’s frightening, quite frankly, to actually see people put in writing their wish to stop others from using the same rights they have freely using.”

                  Wow BC, this is something new for you?

                  Jeeze, I’ve had people call me every name in the book here at one time or another because I would post a comment that some didn’t agree with – shoot, people have even e-mailed MD complaining and he’ll divert all my comments to the spam bin until he has a chance to review what folks were complaining about.
                  After review, I’ve always been allowed to post again (thank you MD), but the idea that only “liberals and those lacking in intellect would try and stop the discussion of a topic they didn’t like” is very, very naive.

                  • Tactical G-Ma says:

                    You may be referring to me. If so, you’re right to think I am tired of both sides goingback and forth when it is a practice in futility!

                    I too believe LE is corrupt probably world wide. I think the absolute best thing ever is that citizens are video taping police actions and the bad ones are getting called out.

                    BUT, that being said, there are those who will never agree with us. We all form our opinions on our experiences.

                    I do hate painting all LE with the same brush but it is safer to assume any LEO one comes across is bad. The same is true for the LEO. This ain’t Mayberry and Otis is the least of their problems.

                  • Bctruck says:

                    What this is like, is a conservative speaker being invited to a college to give a speach on a topic, only to be shouted down by a tiny minority of the audience, preventing anyone from hearing the so each. Or conservative radio stations being threatened with being taken off air if they don’t leave a particular political figure alone. Or being called a racist when you express displeasure with the current administration. Yes.maybe I am naive. I never thought people who I assumed were my contemporaries, like minded individuals, people here for common reasons,would try and deny another a freedom they use and enjoy, expression. Naive and deeply disheartened

                    • Tactical G-Ma says:

                      It was never my intent to prevent you from being heard. I wished only to diffuse the situation when constructive dialogue was no longer possible.
                      My deepest apologies.

                • Actually , the disagreements are what makes the site interesting , otherwise it would be just another prepper site , which are a dime a dozen , 3/4 not worth visiting .

                  • Hunker-Down says:


                    I agree. Spirited discussion, throwing points of view, not insults is exciting to observe and sometimes jump in and thonk someone’s hot buttons.
                    BUT, even a conservative speaker being invited to a college to give a speech has to stop when the clock runs out.

                  • I used to enjoy a good, spirited debate (i.e. p***ing contest), but over the years of overseeing employees & volunteers, I also learned to identify signs of a disagreement becoming unhealthy or destructive. When one starts seeing people question others’ motives, name-calling, or insulting another’s intelligence, the pissing contest changed into p***ing on others.

                    • Interesting thing , the British parliament is famous for personal insults directed at each other . Also , our forefathers argued , almost to the point of violence …then went and had a drink together afterward .

                    • tolik, I also recall 2 nat’l forefathers who got into a feud, agreed to shooting duel, & the one shot the other. While I’ve seen some argue & debate & go out for a drink together, I’ve also seen my share of those who chose negative feelings turn into a long standing grudge &/or take steps toward revenge.

                    • That happens as well .

        • MD, I was trying to make a gracious response -something that seems to be needed here.

          • RedC,

            And it’s appreciated…

          • Tactical Gma wrote: “…when constructive dialogue was no longer possible.” I also sensed that the stage of constructive dialogue seemed to end a couple days ago, which was why I stopped sharing my thoughts & experiences & tried to make a couple gracious responses. The level of conflict here moved past just a debate to more destructive conversation, which serves no constructive purpose.

        • Donna in MN says:

          I think that depends where you live. I have met nearly all the law enforcement in my county, none here are what you say is nation wide, but possibly in many select areas. I have worked with them here, volunteered with them, called them for trouble, and found they are a 10 out of 10 good ones here.

          Now I wonder if where you live in Tennesee is that great of a place to live if 8 out of 10 cops are bad. The choices we make where we live or move to would certainly depend on the type of law enforcement that is there. Thanks for the warning.

          I was forced to move from a county south of here where they are ignorant of the laws they are supposed to enforce, and the county did have a “brotherhood” of bad police who allowed me to be terrorized with guns and threats of violence by their friends and relatives. Therefore, I know what it is like to be a victim, but I choose to be a survivor by relocating where there was better law enforcement, and where I grew up all my summers of real “peace” near my family’s lake cabin.

          I believe what determines a good law force is moral behavior, sobriety, honesty, and good consence in the ranks and at the top. If this is what the people demand, they will get it. If they elect and appoint corruption, they will get corruption.

          • What’s interesting to me about this law enforcement debate, is that we’ve all based our beliefs & viewpoints on our personal experiences. Not one person, that I recall, has quoted a study of law enforcement or any other objective evidence. In my humble opinion, personal experiences can be very valuable, but one needs to be careful about making generalizations based only on one’s personal experiences… unless someone here is claiming to have personal experiences with the majority of law enforcement in the USA or any other nation.

  4. JP in MT says:

    #1. Well look at who can hurt whom with economic sanctions. That’s a surprise. As a debtor you are ALWAYS beholden to your debtors!

    #4. I’m not sure from where, but I knew of this. If you want to “fundamentally change” a country, especially a Western nation, you make the ownership of property more difficult. “Death Taxes” or estate taxes, has always been a big one. I just don’t see how the government is entitled to up to 60% of what you managed to save inspite of their best efforts, just because you are no longer around to protect them.

    #2/3/8: Control, control, control.

  5. Donna in MN says:

    1. Russia: We owe them about 149 billion in debt. I haven’t found any loans Russia owes us, so lets call it even if we don’t pay them another dime.

    2. Standing army of Police: Most sheeple don’t know why this is happening. There is a justified fear of economic collapse and crime will run rapid, a plan from the dl to destroy our way of life. After all when the dollar collapses and chaos ensures with shortages, theft and murder for supplies, some of these militarized police will be first criminals in line to rob, steal, and murder for their supplies via martial law confiscation. The question is will they all become part of the chaos or will some with a conscience turn and protect their families from their police buddies?

    4. Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses.

    I have known this 30 years ago when my daughter and I were on Medicaid for two years living in MN and she had an operation. They confiscated all my daughter’s child support to pay them back. The government steals from little innocent children and puts them through struggling hardships taking the money that is used to feed, house and clothe them. They will also take your income tax return, your house, your savings, your paychecks, any asset they want and leave you and your family in the cold.

    • Donna,
      I have to say that my mind has sort of drifted to a similar point about our friend Mad Vlad Putin. Barry does economic sanctions against Russia, Vlad/China dumps the dollar as payback, civil unrest/hyperinflation happens in the EU/US/Canada, and Barry declares Marshall Law.
      It’s a win-win for the world wide Communist movement!

      • Actually , they dump the dollar , we go into what is worse than the great depression ever was …….overnight . That means civil unrest to be an understatement , more like civil war , marshal law , good luck , we dont have the man power in an ARMED nation . Even the Soviet Union with all its paranoid control , had areas in that country that they had no power over when it came down to it , hell , they found a remote village in siberia , that had no idea WW2 happened , the only reason the place was discovered was because of a geographical mapping team wondered over to it . Funny thing is , a lot of liberals will suddenly take a liking to guns , when their money becomes worthless and they cant feed their kids ….they have nothing to loose at that point . As far as world Communism goes , they dont want us , because they know we couldnt follow the tenants of it , ( the armed population again ) . One good thing about human nature is that it will undo all things , thats why world whatever will never work except in Star Trek . Just Sayin

    • Donna, I had no idea that the states could do that to Medicaid receipents! I have been forunate to have insurance almost all my life. There was a brief period after I got married that my husband and I had no insurance. It was during this time he had a overnight hospitalization and was diagnoised as type 1 diabetic. We just paid $25 per month till we paid off the $3000 hospital bill.

      • Thats another reason to only have “surface ” assets in your account , just enough to pay bills , they cant take , what they cant see .

      • donna,
        didn’t know that about medicaid!! my daughter needs it but she literally owns nothing. we take care of her.
        chronic disease. maybe she shouldn’t apply for medicaid at all.
        the rules here have changed so that she might be eligible, but after what you have said it may be a very bad idea.
        thanks for the info.

    • worrisome says:

      Donna, at the moment, asset liens will not be happening with Medicaid……… long as you are not 65 or over. However, along with any other whim Obama has, he can take pen to paper and change the original ObamaCare law at any time. At least that is how it was explained to me via a meeting with Mike Thompson I was at recently. Where by the way, free speech WAS curtailed or refused with the comment. “We will take NO comments on the merits of the law today…………..that ship has sailed”………….

      • hiplains says:

        In my state, Medicaid has had the ability to lien for a long time. Example: elder person goes on Medicaid for long term and ultimately end of life care. Medicaid will lien their primary residence (and force sale) if they still have one and they can also lien the family members’ property that have at some point provided limited care for the person. I learned this when dealing with my Dad’s alzheimer’s before he passed. Best to research your state laws if it is of concern…

        • hiplains says:

          by residence, I meant the one they shared with the now widowed spouse

        • worrisome says:

          Yes Hiplains, they have. At the present time in Cali, they are only doing it on folks 65 or over. Not sure why but they did say that in this meeting I was at.

        • Donna in MN says:

          They took my ex’s MIL’s house when she was put in long term nursing home care on medicaid. They expected us to sell the property and turn it over to the state, but we had to fix it up putting in $10,000 in order to meet code to sell it. They tried to take it all with threats of jail time, but we got a hold of our state rep (R) to put those liberals in line and kept the $10,000. This was in Pa.

  6. I love the water filter idea. I wonder if the branches have to be freshly cut or if fallen branches would also help. It does say its only 99.9% effective, is there anything that is 100%?
    I think my kids have a new science experiment….

  7. riverrider says:

    this just in…my source was correct, the u.s. navy just entered the black sea, considered russia’s home turf. f15’s have gone to poland to beef up their capacity, russian bombers have landed at their nuke storage bunkers. bumper boats anyone?

    • There ain’t no time to wonder WHY?, whoopee we’re all going to die!

      The doors of The Ark are about to close and the crew is yelling, “All ashore who are going ashore”.

      Bye-bye ya’ll!

      • Sadja49 says:

        Country Joe and the Fish “Fixin to die rag”

        • You win the Hotpoint Range, the Amana Freezer, the steak knife set…….AND A BRAND NEW 1968 BUICK 442! Congrats.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            Ghost, I could take that Olds Cutlass 442 in the 1/4 mile, but it always got me top end. Oh, I was sporting a 1969 Camaro w/327 cu. in/ Holley 4 barrel setup.

          • Donna in MN says:

            That Olds 442 peeled my face off in a drag race in 1969. Could you find it for me? Somewhere on the corner of 8th and Willow in Pekin, Ill.

    • I’m still skeptical that the US will send any US soldiers, except maybe as part of a UN peacekeeping force, into Ukraine. We just got out of 2 wars, the defense budget slashed, & simply can’t afford to keep running up more debt. I suspect the US navy & air force put those ships & planes there, to discourage Putin from going any farther w/ his troops, into other provinces of Ukraine. Yes, they are steps toward buildup toward a battle, but they are also part of a chess match diplomatically.

      • Donna in MN says:

        News Information Flash—.

        Our Defense budget was not slashed.

        28 million dollars was added to the defense budget over last years amount. Money they got is being reappropriated to more high tech equipment and sources, leaving less monsy to manpower in the field.

    • k. fields says:

      We already had ships in the Black Sea. The guided-missle frigate Taylor had to be pulled out because it ran a gound on Feb. 12th. The guided-missle destroyer Truxtun is moving in to take its place joining the amphibious command ship Mount Whitney.

      The additional F-15’s were sent to Lithuania (Siauliai Air Base) bringing the total up to 10. We’ve also moved in 24 F22’s and 800 additional personnel with them. Twelve F16’s arrived in Poland last Monday and France moved 30 jets into Romania

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        I can’t find any information on the movement of F22s into the Baltic region. Do you have a link?

    • No worries , the US is invincible , didn’t you watch Raiders of the Lost Ark ? The government has the Ark of the Covenant in storage .

      • riverrider says:

        lol, yeah couple dozen fighters against a couple thousand migs. THAT’LL turn out well, not! for years the rooskies have avoided tangling with the navy, but they used to play chicken all the time with sometimes tragic results. this time it could have thermo nuclear results. lets hope cooler heads prevail.

        • Not to mention , that new Chinese cruise missile , that skims the surface of the water , it was specifically designed to take out aircraft carriers .

      • Donna in MN says:

        Let tdl open the ark in front of Putin. You know what happened to other bad people who did.

      • Thanks, Tolik, for my first LOL of the day!

  8. SoCalPrepper says:

    #4 is not a “surprise.” This has always been the case when receiving Medicaid over age 55. Obamacare just expanded eligibility for Medicaid. Obamacare didn’t come up with the asset recovery system….and, honestly, if you are getting tons of healthcare for free, your estate probably SHOULD pay back what it can.

  9. “Many consider the law null and void given the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the right to film police in public, who have no expectation of privacy”

    Seems to me the police and the prosecutors knew or should have known about that Supreme Court decision and that therefor the cops lost their immunity to prosecution and lawsuit for assault and battery and false arrest.

    It also relates to the issue a day or two ago about the right of the people to use deadly violence to defend their homes from illegal entry by the police. I have never had a lawyer who could say with certainty if we have a right to resist an illegal arrest, but the issue does seem related.

    I think I have usually phrased the question as “Do we have the right to resist arrest made under an unconstitutional law?” Of course, this anti-recording law does appear to be clearly unconstitutional. Five years in prison for videoing a cop breaking the law? The police union should stand up and publicly explain what they are afraid of. Evidence of criminal armed assault?

    They work for us, and they need to be put under control. If they don’t like it they can get new jobs or go on welfare.

  10. tommy2rs says:

    I thought I’d share something I found amusing so if you have some time to kill and want a couple of giggles…..
    AR-15 v.s. AK-47 v.s. Mosin-Nagant

    • here is one you may find interesting , I will get an AR , when an AR can do this …….but not before .

    • Tim Mullins did a book about 10 years back called “Testing the War Weapons” where he actually took 100+ various rifles from WW1,2, and Cold War and ran them through a battery of field tests. His top pick was the American Enfield (P-14?) rifle in 30-06.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        The 30-06 Springfield(7.62×63) is a superior cartridge to the 7.62×54 that the old Nosin-Nagant uses, and US service rifles that use it have superior ballistics. That’s probably why it was his top pick. The only thing the old Mosin has going for it over most rifles in 30-06 is its price.

        • It took us through two world wars , very effectively .

        • JP in MT says:


          Yeah, the price. You can usually get 880 rounds of ammo and a gun for $200. I think the cheapest 30-05 I’ve seen is $16/20. I personally think that if you are putting up a spare rifle, the Mosin is the way to go.

          Of course, shortening the stock requires a chain saw or saws-all. But accessorizing is getting a sling put on it. Cleaning involves Windex and used motor oil.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            In all honesty, JP, I’ve never been interested in the Mosins, mainly because the rounds I’ve seen are FMJ. When I hunt with a 30-06 I want boat-tail, soft-point bullets. Another reason is that I’ve had a Remington M700 since I was 17 and it fits the bill. I also have another 30-06 in a Ruger M-77 that I got in a divorce sale for $200 a few years ago. I might consider one if I didn’t already have these two. But if one were to get separated from one’s ammo, I also like the idea of having the 30-06 instead of the 7.62×54. At least where I live.

            • No worries , you can get anything you want in 7.62x54r , winchester white box is a hunting round that is made the same way the 30-06 is , plenty of other manufacturers , its easy to get , the main reason you see fmj all the time , is that the surplus folks have flooded the market with crap eastern block stuff .

  11. Neutral countries become extremely wealthy countries ……….we need to be neutral . A drug cartels money spends as good as a churches . Like the Swiss bank accounts of old ….dont ask , dont tell .

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      1. Basing one’s policy on the expectation of taking in drug cartel money strikes me as wrong. And destructive to a society in the long term.
      2. There is nothing inherently wrong with making alliances with other countries based on mutual aid and benefits. I can’t imagine a more useful alliance than what the US has historically had with Canada. Of course, there is always room for improvement.
      3. All that being said, for the most part the US should mind its own business, and seek to trade and interact with other countries based on mutual respect. Treaties should be rare.
      4. The military should be subject to the draft, no exceptions should be made for any person, and all war decisions should be made by Congress as the Constitution intended. These requirements would go a long way toward ending this policy of being the world’s policeman. We would only go to war when just about everyone saw the need, which would be rarely.

      Just going back to the intent of the original Founding Document would go a long way toward getting us out of this mess in which we find ourselves. That won’t happen, of course, but it is an option.

      • JP in MT says:


        #4. I believe that there should be a minimum required manditory federal service for all citizens 18 years old and older. You can put off (say for college) but then you have to go. And your deferment can’t be for more than 10 years.

        You get to do “grunt work”, get paid minimum wage, live in a barracks. Being married does not exempt you or get you special accommodations or extra money.

        This would be followed by 4 years of inactive reserve time. Just like the military, only you don’t have to be in the military. You could work for the Forest Service breaking/maintaining trails and fighting fires.

        If there were a requirement for mandatory federal service for citizens, a lot more would be looking hard at illegal immigration issues.

        • They would also be looking hard at replacing the government , believe it or not the conscription time for Russian males is only one year ….yes one , just enough to get them through basic , so when they are called up , they already know how to handle a firearm and it just a question of PT to get them into shape . I have no idea how Israel handles it . your talking 8 years , I cant see any government other than North Korea , that isnt expecting , or half way wanting to go to war to justify that amount of time . I am a proponent of compulsory service , but there are difficulties with it in the US , not to mention constitutional issues with it as well .

        • k. fields says:

          I agree completely with both of you except on the deferment for college – I think most would get a lot more out of college if they have had to “work for a living” for a couple of years before starting.

          I would like to see at least a year of government service – a mandatory period of basic military training to assure a well regulated militia followed by a choice of different government jobs for the remainder of your service time.
          The standing Army would only be large enough to provide training and continuity – drafting of the militia (everyone) would be used to provide the National defense when needed.

          • JP in MT says:

            k. fields:

            The deferment is an option. I agree that most ppeople would get more out of it if they are older.

            With the basic requirement you COULD call up a trained militia. At least some with a rudimentary military education. Standing armies would at least be greatly reduced.

            • k. fields says:

              Yes, I’d imagine some would like to complete their service in the military doing advanced training instead of working for Forestry, etc. These folks could go through SF, NCO or Officer courses.

              Yearly follow-up training would be somewhat different depending on their choices during basic but let’s say sporadic 1 day training around 4 times a year with a 2 week course every other year until age 30? After 30, the training could change to support work if desired.

              Everyone would have assigned firearms they could keep at home or in a local armory.

              Our biggest problem would be the fact that an estimated 75% of young adults in this country today aren’t mentally or physically fit to serve.

        • Donna in MN says:

          Whoa, there friend. a Federal Requirement for all to work for gov’t is a Socialist policy. Is this what you would like, really?

          And who will pay every man and woman forced to work for the government? At $10.10 an hour at minimum wage full time for 46 million people aged 18 to 29? That’s 480 Trillion dollars tax payers have to put out in taxes a year! You think we have problems now?

          • Donna in MN says:

            I got so lost in the “0’s” I made a goof. It’s $960 Trillion on Taxpayers a year. Yeah, lets go for it.

      • You only know its drug cartel money if you ASK if it is , for Decades , the swiss asked their customers no questions ……should a bank of any kind ask its customers how they are making their money ? No , they should just open the account , its not their job to ask much of anything . As far as the draft goes , there is something in the constitution called involuntary servitude , I think it was challenged after the Vietnam war . Conscription was one of the reasons for the revolution , and perhaps why its in there .Just Sayin . But the fact that its now all volunteer , makes it easy for the government to do what it does , because any deaths do not affect the nation as a whole , joining is a planned event , and does not disrupt industry , or randomly affect families . But yes , war should have to be a declared one and go through proper channels ( congress ) .

  12. k. fields says:

    #1 – Go right ahead Russia! It would definitely crash their economy but it’s unknown what effect it would have on ours. They want to be independent from the US, fine – we’ll stop purchasing their oil and stop sending them food – we import more dollar-wise from them than we export to them so who will that action hurt most? It’s just like the natural gas to Europe, yes they could stop the flow but that would also stop the flow of money going back into Russia that pays for that gas. So lose, lose.
    We would also seize all their financial accounts outside of Russia and then we would find who really has the power in Russia, Putin or the westward-leaning capitalists. I know who my bets are on.

    #4 – States can seize assets under Obamacare? Yet another misleading headline. Since 1993 (thats right, 1993) the “seizure” law has been in affect and WAS NOT CHANGED one bit by Obamacare. When Medicaid began in 1965, states were given the option to recover expenses but in 1993 Congress passed a law that REQUIRED states to recover the expense of long-term care and related costs for deceased Medicaid recipients 55 or older and gave states the option to recover all other Medicaid expenses. Obamacare made NO CHANGES to this law.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      k. fields, my recollection is that Obamacare expanded the “seizure” law to the new policies that were not part of Medicaid, but were taxpayer subsidized. This included a whole new group of people who made more money than Medicaid(and Medicaid expansion in some states) allowed and did not qualify for that program, but still qualified for taxpayer subsidies under Obamacare.

      This group of people were much more likely to own homes and have other assets because they were wealthier than people on Medicaid. These assets were now exposed due to the new law if I recall correctly. We aren’t talking about Medicaid or Medicaid expansion here, but the new taxpayer subsidized policies issued under Obamacare for people who earned $30,000 to $50,000 or so per year, depending on family size.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        No, I was wrong, k. fields. That’s what happens when you do things from memory and don’t check. The article MD used explained it very well, and it had to do with Medicaid expansion.

  13. k. fields says:

    The discussions here today concerning freedom of speech have been a bit misplaced. The 1st Amendment does not guarantee you freedom of speech, it mearly states that the GOVERNMENT cannot make laws prohibiting or abridging your freedom of speech.

    Your employer, blog mediator, local TV station, newspaper, school, etc. can all legally monitor what you say and impose sanctions against you if they feel your words are inappropriate in their view. So if you make a statement that’s, let’s say, anti-gay (since such an example was in the news a few months age), your employer can fire you – the 1st Amendment would not protect you. If you were arrested for the statement though, you would probably have a case.

    The freedoms expressed in the Bill of Rights are to put controls on the government, that is all. So stop saying, “I have the right to say whatever I want because of the 1st Amendment.” You don’t.

    • Donna in MN says:

      Actually you can say what you want in private, but not all in public without paying consequences to what you say.

      My free speech was revoked when I asked the manager of a car dealer I worked for, “Is it possible for a worker to get paid commission during the pay period instead of at the end of the month?”.

      How dare I ask such an offensive question! I was fired for asking it.

      Actually, under the employment-at-will doctrine, an employer can generally fire an employee for any reason or for no reason at all.

  14. Concerning #3. What is said in public is public. The police are wrong on this. Unfortunately police misbehavior is either becoming more prevalent or perhaps more people with phones that have cameras are catching this type of behavior.

    Item #1. I realize I am posting late. Just got back from the volunteer work I do on the local AFB. Was talking with two officers and although I was aware that a lot of personnel and equipment is flown across Russian air space to Afghanistan I was not aware of how a lot of the Army heavy equipment will exit. There is an agreement that the material will be moved to railheads in former “Stans” of the USSR, placed on the Russian railway and shipped to Riga, Latvia for sea transport. If Russia plays the sanctions game with us and says “Nyet” to over flights and use of the rail system how will the exit go? Leaves either Iran which I doubt or Pakistan and the Pakistanis only transit those things that can be put on their trucks with their drivers. This could be real interesting. We are destroying billions of dollars of equipment now and plan on taking billions more out thru Russia.

    As an AF retiree, I find it odd that NATO can do little if anything, and what they do attempt is usually messed up. We sent F-15s to Poland and Lithuania? Give me a break, those nations along with all the former Warsaw Pact countries have no business in NATO.
    We send our planes, our ships ;and our troops and those lazy Europeans sit back and snicker as we spend our wealth as they are too lazy, cheap and cowardly.

    • Thats why we need to dissolve NATO or drop out of it , and act only on a case by case basis . Either way we need to start minding our own business , WE are the new Soviets , not something to be proud of .

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