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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. At Arrest Proof Yourself,  You and The Police and 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

2. Fed Sees $501 Billion in Losses at Nation’s Biggest Banks : “If the economic worst happens—the worst being defined as a deep recession in the United States, steep declines in home prices, and recessions in the euro area as well as Japan—30 major banks in the U.S. would lose a total of $501 billion dollars over nine quarters, according to the latest round of stress testing from the Federal Reserve.”

3. Heavily Armed Police Raid Teens Playing With Airsoft Rifles : “While confronting a group of Kentucky teenagers playing with airsoft rifles, heavily armed police arrested one of the teens after he told his friend to keep filming their encounter with the officers.”

4. Rand Paul “concerned about who is truly in charge of our government” : “Libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul warns in a speech today that he believes US spooks and shadow government agencies are ” drunk with power”, and that elected representatives are privately afraid of those operating behind the curtain.”

5. Obama executive order raises fears administration can seize personal property : “Be careful what you say. Be careful what you write. President Obama has just given himself the authority to seize your assets,” says a post at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.”

6. Illinois Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns the Country’s Strictest Recording Ban : “Today the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously overturned that state’s draconian eavesdropping law, which makes it a felony to record public officials without their permission, even when they are performing their public duties. Two years ago the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled that the law was unconstitutional as applied to police officers recorded in public. Today’s decision extends that analysis to other public officials as well as private citizens when they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

7. Victim of violent home invasion persecuted for fighting back : Ira Beumer was the victim of a violent home invasion by a groups of young black perpetrators. The thugs smashed into his home at 2:30 am wearing ski masks. They robbed Beumer at gun point, stealing money and firearms. When they left, Beumer couldn’t find his daughter who was hiding. Thinking his daughter had been kidnapped, he pursued the thugs in his own car. Their cars eventually collided. One of the thugs died and another was seriously injured.

8. 4 Simple Steps to Grow a Hundred Pounds of Potatoes in a Barrel : “Container gardening isn’t only for savvy urban gardeners and folks with limited space to grow, it can also be for folks who want to maximize their yields in a controlled environment. Not only does growing potatoes in a barrel reduce the amount of weeding and exposure to pests and fungi, you don’t even have to risk shovel-damage to the tender potatoes by digging them out of the ground when they’re done, just tip the container over!”

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  1. Tomthetinker says:

    Okay MD .. I’m gonna try Tatters again this season. The last several all I could get were fungus balls and tiny little finger tip size spuds. Tried the tire tower first. Then made a pine tower box. Then bushel baskets. Last year I tried the mulch pile style. Each season I got virgin mulch and potting soil.

    What am I doing wrong … anybody … Beuller … Beuller! .. anybody ..

    • Burlap bags with a ring of wire fence to support them. They drain (no more rot) and are easy to tip over to harvest. You can slit the sides here and there to allow for plant growth there as well as the top. Good for more than one season and are cheap! Put the tired soil in your compost heap to rebuild and then reuse next season. Also can be moved if you really have to.

    • If spud are small but vines are healthy then your soil is to rich aka to much nitrogen .

    • k. fields says:

      Tom – I’ve never tried all the “tricks” (bins, barrels, tires, etc.), mine are just planted in the field, but it sounds like you may be trying to grow a variety not suited to your area or the soil you’re mixing is simply not correct for growing potatoes.

      Are you using “seed” potatoes? Don’t use leftovers from the supermarket. Are you sprouting them before planting? (the process is know as chitting) The soil pH should be around 6.5 (or a bit lower, which may account for your past problems if your soil was too alkaline) but rich with organic fertilizer. Soil should be fairly warm (I make sure mine is between 45 and 50 degrees before planting).

      Potatoes can get any number of diseases (the list can seem endless) and some specific pests so you have to watch over them pretty closely and immediately remove those plants that show problems.

      • I have one more reason they may not grow. What area of the country do you live in? Potatoes don’t grow in the south. I have tried and tried to overcome the heat and get them to grow.

        There is a reason that the south is famous for sweet potatoes!

        • k. fields says:

          So true. I think he lives in northwest Ohio though.
          Kate, have you ever considered doing an article here on the Mormon migration? I found your writings on the reenactment (sorry, I know that’s the wrong term but I can’t think of the correct one) to be fascinating and I think much would be very applicable for many folks here. I would especially like more details on the construction of one of those handcarts!

        • Thanks Kate, that answers one question. But now I have another. Can you grow sweet potatoes in a barrel too?

    • TTT;
      I put mine in the compost/mulch area, as the leaves came up I put more mulch on them. The potatoes were small as I did not have time to devote to them as I should have. Yet it worked just like my dad did his(but not in the compost pile). He would dig a hole put the cutting in cover them with dirt as they grew up he added more dirt/mulch to the plants almost covering the leaves entirely. We had nice size potatoes, he grew a russet style and white variety. Now you have to remember this was back in the 70’s, so it was at the beginning of hybridizing of the potatoe an other plants species. He used open pollen seeds and plants where ever he could get them, and did not like the hybrid seeds or plants even back then.
      Almost forgot he did not water the top of the plants he had moats around them for deep watering. Plus we had lots of free fertilizer from the cattle.

    • TTT,
      I was beginnig to think it was only me; however, I have neighbors who manage potatoes, so it’s not an Ohio issue, but one where I’m also looking for answers. There was one posted here a while back using a home made square box, and now this barrel approach, so perhaps one of them will work.

  2. 8. Has anybody here had real success with some form of a potato tower? The internet is full of people who tried and documented their process, but I’ve yet to find a story backing up claims of lots of potatoes.

    Sure would like the pack’s input on this.

  3. # 4
    All the people in Washington are no more than figure heads and have been for at least the last 50 years. The Republican and Democratic party’s are 2 different cheeks of the same ass. The real people running this and other country’s put them out there to keep the sheeple fighting among themselves over which party is helping or hurting the American people while both party’s line up to screw us. The sooner people understand that NO ONE in their government cares a witt about them and are just there to fill their own and their friends pockets the better off we will be…….. Damn it now I probably made some list.

  4. Jersey Drifter says:

    #2 It’s worse than that. Do you really believe a govn’t report?
    #3 Good thing one of those kids didn’t point his airsoft gun on one of the police, thinking it was a playmate. He most likely would be dead.
    #4 and #5 It’s getting worse.
    #7 If I was in the same situation, I would have given chase also. And done anything to stop them. Should have STB ( shot the [email protected] )

  5. Urbancitygirl says:

    8. Potatoes, I’m doing something similar but going to try 55lb dog food bags, with drainage holes cut in the bottom. I will roll up the bags as the plant grows (adding compost/dirt). Hoping that I can get this project started in 2 weeks or so. The snow is starting to melt, but we have a lot of ice underneath it.

    • mindful patriot says:

      Urbancitygirl, will you let us know your success with this process? Thanks! and good luck!

      • Urbancitygirl says:

        I sure will. I had good luck last year in my raised bed, but want to see if this will be productive and worth it for a small yard.

  6. Tactical G-Ma says:

    #1 Thanks. Will definitely check into these.

    #2. Expected.

    #3. Fox news this morning had a segment about situations in NY, NJ, and FL where bystanders video taped police and were arrested. They were well out of the conflicts and none were guilty of obstruction. I believe that everyone, including ALL public servants, must be held accountable for their actions. Keep on filming!

    #4 My thoughts exactly!

    #5. OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC. Many groups are going underground for this very reason.

    #6 See #3

    #7. Again we see the victim becomes the bad guy for reacting during an extreme situation.

    #8. Great idea.

  7. #5 Who among us would think our government, current or future, would ever use this against it’s citizens. Sarc off.

    #8 I can confirm container growing of potatoes is a great and easy way to grow potatoes in a limited space. I’ve never used a 50 gal bucket but this article makes me want to start. I’ve always used 5 gal buckets and would usually get about 2 pounds of potatoes from each bucket. Can’t wait to try the 50 gal size.

    • What type of potatoes did you grow? I would like to experiment with potatoes this year. I am in zone 8.

      • Not being a very alert or scientific person, certainly not well organized, I don’t know the name/kind except for the little red potatoes and the normal white ones. I would just get what Home Depot, Wal-Mart or other places had. I may just be lucky but they always grow and produce.

    • I think it was JP that said “greymen rule!”……in every way.

  8. axelsteve says:

    #3 My kids are now grown men who don`t screw around with airsoft.They own powder burning guns now both rim and centerfire.That being said if whatever hapend to these kids hapend to my kids in there younger days With paintall. There would be hell to pay. The worse thing the kids did was maybe trespassing.Overcharging the kid with a pocketknife sounds like typical cop overcharging intimidation.I do not know about the kid not giving his name not being a resident of his state.

  9. Any tips on growing something in high mountain desert is appreciated, I have received some already, last year was such a bust, but the weather was really hot, with no rain, I could not keep things watered, even high moisture would not hold enough water in zero humidity and 95 degree temps.
    Police issues, I have learned(mostly by accident) that you have to be polite and keep your mouth shut when dealing with the Law, some officers/deputy’s are the real thing, honest and helpful, and can be a real asset, other, are power-hungry and can be real ass-hats.
    If you are in a situation that you think needs to be recorded with a government type be discrete. Shoving your Phone in their face and telling them you are recording is not going to get them to be on your side, and that should be your intention, you want them to 1, not know you exist, and 2 If they know you exist, you want them to think you are harmless. That is why if you want to be in a militia group I think you should do it extremely low key and with no camo in public, just say you are a paintball group or airsoft group. Obama and executive orders, nothing good coming from that.
    As to the home invasion and fighting back, this guy is living the “rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”, we say that and we should know that having everything turned against us is a possibility, and it will get worse for all of us, Again think about Executive Orders.

    • RJ, get yourself over to one of them big box hardware stores and get a drip irrigation system and a BUNCH of mulch. The drippers put the water right where it’s needed and if you have a timer on it, the water can be adjusted to drip longer. During the height of last summer here in Texas, I had it going twice a day. And went on vacay to cooler climes in August and everything was still there when i got back. The mulch helps hold the water in. Also keeping a ton of compost in the soil helps keep the moisture in as well. The initial outlay is about 50 bucks, but it’s well worth it. As for police, I picked up a ticket yesterday for having expired inspection. I gritted my teeth, it was only 20 days out, but it’s my fault for not getting it done on time. He was polite, I gave him crap about having a printer in the saddlebag of his Harley, thanked him for his service, because the Marine Corps symbol was on his aviator sunglasses. When I went in to pay the $20 fee to have the ticket dismissed, guess who walks in? He even parked next to me…. I then argued with him that I was not a passenger in the car, my dog was the passenger, I was the driver. He laughed and told me he had argued that very point with his supervisor before. ::shrug:: I’ve found that unless you give a police officer a reason to be an @$$, they won’t. Not saying that there are not bad police out there, that in all instances of life, manners count. A LOT.

      • Its called not failing the attitude test. Most LEO are OK in my opinion ( I know others don’t agree) if you start off giving them sh!t they are going to give it right back and your going to lose, every time. If you give them no attitude you have a much better chance of not getting any back. For those of you who want to argue that they don’t have the right to do some of what they do I am in full agreement but learn to pick your battles and the side of the road with no witnesses is not the time.

  10. seeuncourt says:
  11. My personal feeling is that there should be nothing wrong with filming/recording our public officials when they are in public, on duty, performing their appointed tasks. It keeps them accountable. They also should have no expectation of privacy while performing their duties. If their offices and “chambers” are open to the public, then recording what happens there should be allowed, as long as it does not physically interfere with their ability to accomplish their tasks. What I mean is setting up large recording, audio and video, equipment that restricts physical movement is a bit much. Small, personal recording devices are different.

    I spent 20 years in the “World of Secrets”. Information flow was based upon a “Need To Know” basis. Those were the rules and violating them could cost you big time. However, public business should be open to the public, secrets have no place in it, as a general rule. Some things should be conducted “behind closed doors”, such as reviewing bids for a contract, but the process and the results should not.

    The more we open our government, and its officials to public inspection, the “cleaner” our government operations will be.

  12. The potato thing looks simple enough. As we have only limited space to try to grow things, this looks like something for us to try.

  13. mom of three says:

    I think I planted to many or the wrong type. I got about a dozen or so little rock hard, potatoes. I just found my garbage can, I think I will try it again. As far as the rest of the stories, prayer is my solution.

  14. Survivor says:

    A friend of mine uses old tires to grow his spuds. He adds a tire when needed and fills it with dirt as the plant gets taller. He tells me his production is lower than expected. This year he’s going to use the tires again but he’s going to paint them white. I think the black tire absorbed too much suinlight and got too hot for the taters.

  15. Donna in MN says:

    5. The president can confiscate anything by executive order, even FEMA.

    This is why your storage should be cached.

  16. Had I thought those thugs had kidnapped one of my girls…. yeah probably best to leave that thought unsaid, but I think all other parents can understand my thinking.

  17. Hunker-Down says:

    #2. I don’t believe a word of that article. Most accounting firms cant count (Arthur Anderson, for one). All government statistics are lies (maybe not). When banks and accounting firms issue predictions, I find another topic as a distraction.

    #3. Those police are no different than the dufus militia groups in we saw this week; difference is they can break the law and hide behind their ‘code of silence’ and be protected by mayors and court systems. [How many lists am I on?]

    #5. We are a banana republic, soon to be a police state. He is a thug.

    #6. More states are rejecting the federal government overreach. I hope it snowballs.

    #8. This link led me to one that may ‘fix’ all the wrong things we did last year to our potato barrel. I copied several paragraphs from the one listed below to make (I hope) a good instruction sheet for growing lots of spuds.

  18. “Straw Bale Gardening”, is the answer, no digging, bending, weeding, pests, see book/website by Joel Karsten,

  19. RJARENA-I use combo of square foot and French intensive gardening methods. You may want to try following -growing in beds not rows. Add lots of compost soaker hoses (I rotate transplants in as I harvest so drip lines don’t work for me) and mul h.

    I grow potatoes in 2 × 4 bed 2 feet deep and fill in as they grow. Soil is not really “rich” otherwise all leaves and small tubers. CAREFUL if sun hits tubers they are POISONOUS. you may want to shade with old white sheets- helps with 90 plus days here. Also, contact your county or state cooperative extension-they offer classez and loads of info

    I can recommend Ruth Stout’s no work garden book – used to use her method of growing potatoes when I had more space. She was a kicka$$ gardener well into her nineties.

    Good luck with your garden.

  20. k. fields says:

    All the talk and articles on police abuses remind me so much of the late ’60’s with the antiwar protests and civil rights marches. But, of course, a whole lot of the US population saw no problem with the way the police were acting back then – funny how things change.

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