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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. Mouthwash use ‘linked to oral cancer’: People who use products more than three times a day increase risk : Heavy use of mouthwashes may lead to a higher risk of oral cancer, an expert claims.Research suggests that people rinsing with such products more than three times a day have a greater chance of developing mouth and throat cancer.

2. Shocking Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Everyone Should Know : “How long can America continue to burn up wealth? How long can this nation continue to consume far more wealth than it produces? The trade deficit is one of the biggest reasons for the steady decline of the U.S. economy, but many Americans don’t even understand what it is. Basically, we are buying far more stuff from the rest of the world than they are buying from us.”

3. Sen. Ted Cruz spurs crowd to stand up for religious freedom : “As he began his speech, Sen. Cruz explained that faith and freedom are intertwined. When the pilgrims set out to the New World in search of opportunity, Cruz said, resulting revolution was more than a battle fought with guns and bayonets; it was a revolution of ideas.”

4. Powerful Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackout : “On Saturday, the sun erupted with an X-class solar flare, blasting Earth with powerful electromagnetic radiation. Although we couldn’t directly feel its effects on the ground, the impact of this event was measured as a dramatic radio blackout for several minutes, highlighting the fact that the sun isn’t quite done with solar maximum yet.”

5. Why Is the U.S. Dollar Collapsing in Value All of a Sudden? : “When news first broke from the Federal Reserve that it would slow down the pace of its quantitative easing program, the consensus was that the U.S. dollar would start to rise in value as the Fed would be printing fewer new dollars and actually eliminating all new paper money printing by the end of 2014. But the opposite has happened.”

6. Yellowstone volcano eruption could easily mark world’s end : “Yellowstone volcano lying in between geyser lakes in the US state of Wyoming could wipe out life on Earth, experts say, as the main concern is a range of underground jolts getting more and more common and easily felt in the national park area.”

7. We’re in a private debt crisis that could lead to the next economic collapse : The U.S. is in the midst of a private debt crisis. As of March 2014, American consumers owe $11.52 trillion in debt, an increase of 1.6% from last year. The average household owes $7,115 on their credit cards and the average indebted household owes $15,252. Americans owe $8.05 trillion in mortgages (the average mortgage debt being $152,209) and $1.08 trillion in student loan debt. When combined with corporate debts the U.S. collectively owes about $28 trillion in private debt.

8. Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies : “Looking at the problem pragmatically, the question is not if such escapes will result in a major civilian outbreak, but rather what the pathogen will be and how such an escape may be contained, if indeed it can be contained at all.”

9. Ring of Fire’ fears renewed following earthquakes in California, Chile and Panama : “A rash of earthquakes within the last week along a section of the Earth infamous for seismic activity is causing concern that more tremors will soon occur near the ominously named “Ring of Fire.”

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  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    #8. Does anyone remember the sheep killed because of a pathogen released at the Dugway Proving Grounds in 1968? Now stuff is being moved from Plum Island to Kansas! And when the Plum Island was privatized and workers walked off the job on strike, does anyone remember the accidents that were caused by Scabs hired to do jobs they were unfamiliar with? Granted they only handled diseases to livestock but still…Add in antibiotics overuse, gmo foods, and products that are only rarely tested coming from developing countries, looks like a disaster in the making.
    Then we are supposed to swallow this, literally. We are disposable. The elitists will be in Italy or the Caymans.

    • riverrider says:

      yeah, who knows if gmo food will make us able to catch animal disease or even formerly harmless ones turn fatal.

    • Tactical G-Ma,
      That was no pathogen sprayed in 68 that killed those sheep. It was a nerve agent that was blown off range. I think they hired a new weatherman the next day.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        And if it was a pathogen, would the gov have told us? And what about all the chemicals used in this country? Do you think agent orange was used only in SE Asia? The Dakotas and Minnesota were sprayed with a non-disclosed form of herbicide for decades. People have constantly been used as guinea pigs and field tests were done in areas of low or no population, like the desert, the salt flats, the upper tier. Now people are living where all that classified testing was done. And lets not forget the tons of nitrates dumped into the environment for years. There is absolutely no telling how our health has been compromised.
        Brookhaven labs on Long Island in 1999 found dangerous levels of radiation in the soil where they had been testing stuff that had been there for who knows how long. Is it coincidental that Suffolk County has the highest number of breast cancer clusters in the country?

        I believe none of what I hear and only half of what I see.

        • And if it was moon dust, would the gov have told us?

          And what about all the chemicals used in this country? Like what? Gasoline? Paraffin? Sodium? Acetic acid?

          …sprayed with a non-disclosed form of herbicide… What? They didn’t tell you?

          …used as guinea pigs and field tests were done in areas of low or no population… Should they have used Chicago rather then the Tularosa Basin for that first nuke?

          …tons of nitrates dumped into the environment for years… Are you saying millions of farmers conspired to kill us all?

          …Suffolk County has the highest number of breast cancer clusters in the country… and there is no other possible source? If not there then somewhere else.

          A problem arises when we attribute some great nameless evil, controlling and planning these activities for decades if not centuries. The truth is simple. During and after WWII the discovery and use of petrochemicals went viral. And No One knew what the long term effect of these “products” was going to be. Remember, Better Living thru Chemistry? Now lets add intentional fear mongering and conspiracy hounds on the internet and late night radio…

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Listen, I know I’m no Jesse Ventura. But, my story is at least as credible as someone who drew on pyramid walls 5000 years ago! Or did you forget how many people believed in 2012?
            I was just saying nature has it’s way and the arrogance and fallibility of man screwing with it is likely to get a bunch of us killed. Maybe is killing us already!
            And by the way, I wasn’t the one who fed the scientists LSD without telling them just to see what it would do!
            Conspiracy theories? This stuff is so insane I don’t have to make it up!

            • OK, I see you are taking this all different from I intended so I will just back off.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Wait a minute didn’t they use Chicago for the first nuke test?

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Oh, no! Chicago was the first chain reaction that got away from them and blew up the reactor. My bad, you were right. The first nuke test was in New Mexico several years later, secretly irradiating residents all around the area.

              • The chain reaction in the reactor under the stadium did not blow up. And no one in NM’s Tularosa Basin was irradiated. The few ranchers who did live there were removed long before any testing was done. I know the area very well and have spent considerable time on that range.
                And Volunteers took the LSD in those test outside of Palo Alto, CA.

                • Tactical G-Ma says:

                  Your brain is sharper than mine. But some of your info differs from mine a little. I still don’t trust government agencies and academia as a whole.
                  All’s good.
                  Maybe our banter has whetted someone else’s interest in these things.

                  • I can’t say I am any sharper then anyone else, but I can say I have been exposed to many things most people have not.

                    You have been exposed to and have knowledge that I do not have as your life has taken you down different roads.

                    All’s good.

  2. riverrider says:

    right now i’m more worried about russia, finland and poland.

    • Per Hiero Desteen says:

      I share your concern. Three men set off WWI, I can easily see how this crisis could set off WWIII. US rapidly degrading and disarming, debt load, and general incompetence in US leadership; CIC, Pentagon, State Dept.

  3. put your boots on says:

    A good variety of articles today M.D. All of them were good reads. Thanks.

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. The author could have recommended non-alcohol mouthwash. He completely ignored it while indirectly focusing on alcohol based rinses.

    #2. Deindustrialization of America: Our parents did this to us by allowing unions to force wages so high that companies had to either go out of business or go overseas. We did it to ourselves by building robots on the assembly line to eliminate our jobs. That’s why the middle class is disappearing. With the 19 percent increase in food prices, the middle class is being forced into the ranks of the poor.

    #3. Senator Ted Cruz: One word—HOPE!
    I prefer our next president to have had the experience of state governorship, but if a senator gets the nod, I hope Cruz gets serious consideration.

    #4. We need to protect the electrical grid from EMP. We need in- country manufacturing of all components needed to provide electrical service. Obviously, congress doesn’t care about keeping fuel pumps filling cars and semis, or grocery stores stocked. My grammar sucks, but you get the point.

    #5. Dollar collapse all of a sudden??? It started in 1913 with the federal reserve. Every country, in the history of the world that used fiat money drove its value to zero. Why are we surprised?

    #6. Stock up enough food, medicine and seed to outlast an 18 month winter.

    #7. Private debt. The Jews have an answer for the problem. It’s called a Jubilee Year.

    #8. Pandemics and laboratory escapes; If Eve hadn’t eaten that apple and gave a bite to ‘dummy’, we wouldn’t have nuts with chemistry sets building superbugs.

    #9. Couple this topic with the “Blood Moon” upcoming occurrences and draw your own conclusions. (Snide remarks encouraged).

    • put your boots on says:

      @ #3- Hope…isn’t that the same word that Obama used?

    • tommy2rs says:

      Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is very definition of insanity. Looking for hope in any politician is the same thing voters have always done. Elimination of the professional politician and judicial class by the establishment of term limits would be cause for hope.

  5. EMP: The LATimes has a bit more: “Heliophysicist Alex Young told the Los Angeles Times this flare was unique in that it was “impulsive” — providing a strong, quick burst of radiation. Earth is often affected by a coronal mass ejection days after it leaves the sun. In this event, called a magnetic crochet, a large amount of energy was dumped into Earth’s upper atmosphere within eight minutes of leaving the sun.]

    The X1-class flare, the strongest class, caused a powerful although brief “radio blackout event” at 10:48 a.m. PDT Saturday”


    Here is a March 19th article about what seems to have been a potentially far more serious CME in July of 2012:

    Described as a Carrington-size event, it was directed at Earth’s orbit. Lucky for us, Earth was on the other side of the Sun from the ejection:

    “Had the eruptions taken place just nine days earlier, the effect on Earth would have been “tremendous”, enveloping the planet in magnetic fireworks that match the largest magnetic storm ever recorded.

    The storm would have matched the Carrington Event, which took place in 1859 and knocked out communication systems and power lines across the US. During the event, the Northern Lights were visible as far south as Hawaii.

    One of the research leaders, Janet G Luhmann, said: “Had it hit Earth, it probably would have been like the big one in 1859, but the effect today, with our modern technologies, would have been tremendous.””

    Oh, Joy.

  6. RJArena says:

    The mouthwash story, well, first coffee was bad, now good, eggs bad now good, bacon bad now, well I don’t care what they say about bacon I’m going to eat it.
    #2, in the late 70’s they were telling us we were going to a service economy, in the end who is going to buy all the stuff that someone else makes? we as a society will not have the money to buy anything as it is going.
    I like Ted Cruz, but I think “they” are going to destroy him.

    The sun is the source of our weather, and it could destroy us also, I think a huge solar flare is in the near future.

    • Per Hiero Desteen says:

      I’m glad you said the sun is the source of our weather. I’m not sure how much, but it’s the major source. It would be comical, were it not so serious, to see folks jumping up and down claiming what we exhale breathing and farting has a major effect on climate. The effects are minor, if at all. Climate pretty much tracks sun spot activity, and we are about to see a big cool down. The last time such a thing happened on such a large scale we had violence such as the French Revolution along with food shortages throughout the N. Hemisphere due to crop failures. I’m sure the folks who believe so much in global warming will be the same ones hollering the loudest about global cooling. You can’t cure stupid.

      • riverrider says:

        + gazillion. science =measurable+predictable+repeatable. NOT a STUDY with weighted data from 100 years out of 4 billion. that’s like asking the fish in a fishbowl how the ocean tastes.

  7. Good articles this week.

    #3 Hoping for a Ted Cruz/Rand Paul ticket.
    #4 EMP’s a fact of life.
    #5 Dollar will collapse from any number of reasons.
    #6 At least 18 months of food, water, and seeds.
    #8 A pandemic is in our future and will be of our own making or spread through international transportation.
    #9 The Ring of Fire is a fact of life. I choose not to live anywhere near it but I have two siblings who do not worry about it. It’s a matter of choices.

  8. For anyone interested in volcanoes and the effects of them, read about the 1883 Krackatoa eruption in what is now known as Indonesia. Mt. St. Helen rated a of VEI 5 and Krackatoa rated a VEI of 6. The earth’s average temperature notibly dropped. Note the mention of the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 (VEI 7) which resulted in the “year without a summer” in the United States.

    • put your boots on says:

      nice link. thanks.

    • Hi docj, “the “year without a summer” ”

      IIRC, that was a major impetus for farmers abandoning their farms in New England and heading for Ohio. Imagine growing the next year’s food when there is an inch of ice on the ponds in July.

      • Per Hiero Desteen says:

        Yep, we got Mary Shelly’s book “Frankenstein” as a result of “the year without a summer”.

        These climate clowns we have now are going to get us all killed. The single most dangerous event that could happen to humanity is a return of glaciation and a new Ice Age. This has been one of the weakest Sun Spot cycles in recent memory, and history has shown a cooling period on Earth following weak solar activity. Throw in a major volcanic eruption and boom. I’ve convinced myself to order some more food now, darn it.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Great non-fiction book “Krakatoa: They Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883” by Simon Winchester. As far as the “year with no summer” the aforementioned book talks about how that summer there was snow in New England and people starved.

  9. k. fields says:

    #1 – Mouthwash linked to cancer study.
    Average age of participants – 60
    How participants were chosen – 1, 900 folks with “upper aerodigestive cancers” were selected and matched to 1,900 other folks WHO WERE ATTENDING THE SAME MEDICAL CENTERS as the cancer patients but weren’t diagnosed with these cancers.
    How results were determined – Patients in both groups were interviewed about their CURRENT dental care and lifestyle.
    Results – Folks with the poorest oral health/dental care and worst lifestyle factors were more likely to get these types of cancer than folks with good oral health/dental care.
    The mouthwash question was added (not weighted like the other factors) and the conclusions were reached.

    #2 – Deindustrialization of America.
    This has already slowly begun to change as US industry has become more productive and workers in other countries are demanding higher wages and better working conditions.
    What can we all do to help? It’s simple – STOP BUYING CHINESE AND OTHER CHEAP IMPORTS. And tell manufacturers WHY you aren’t buying their “made offshore” products.
    Yes, US made products will cost you more right now, but that extra cost is worth it.

    #7 – Private Debt Crisis.
    These type of reports are really hard to draw any conclusions from. Yes, personal debt has increased in the last quarter, but that also coincides with holiday spending, the Federal changes in welfare benefits, the loss of extended unemployment coverage and people (believe it or not) feeling better about the economy and thus willing to purchase that new car or home. Strange fact concerning this – 78% of Americans with credit card debt have enough money in savings to pay off that debt according to the financial monitor

  10. I could say so much about many of these comments but a few things to keep it short. Ted Cruz was born in CANADA. He can’t be president. Save your comments about Obama being born in Kenya because like it was said earlier you can’t cure stupid. The planet is warming and the glaciers are melting. Around 600 scientists agree this is so. We inherited our debt during the Bush years for a unnecessary, unpaid for war that went on for 10 years. The rich, elite want to wipe out the middle class and the Republicans are obliging. No party is prefect. WE the people need to take back this country but that won’t happen as long as we keep electing the same old sh_t! Laws are being made that should be put on the ballot for WE the people to decide. But that will NEVER happen with the KOCH brothers having billions of dollars to buy whomever and whatever they want accomplished.

    • Well said! If you want to fix the political system, get the money out. While not perfect, a Canadian election can be knocked out in 3 – 4 months from announcement to winners declared; not an 18 month all-the-billionairs-can-spend free for all. Do corporations and the wealthy still try to exert undue power? Sure, but there is a lot less they can do in that short period of time.

      Thank the supreme court for allowing the situation to get worse.

  11. draq wraith says:

    #9 ought to get real interesting real soon.
    I have been following the ring of fire current stories and I think the next likely place for the earth to shake about an 8 is Canada or near its northern leg of alaska if not in Alaska. Yep pretty big area the plates are too quiet there that’s why I am calling it there.

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