Friday Miscellany

1. Interesting – Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising : “Anti-social” artificial intelligence in the future is not only possible, but probable, unless we start designing AI systems very differently today.”

2. Al Gore Calls Global Warming Skeptics “Immoral, Unethical And Despicable” : “Ultimately, we are going to win this thing,” he said!”

3. U.K. Lawmakers Seek Extreme Crackdown on Climate Realists : “Faced with the implosion of discredited United Nations theories on “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming,” climate alarmists in the United Kingdom, including some in Parliament, are now pushing for a major crackdown on skeptics — or “realists,” depending on one’s point of view — in government, media, and more. As more and more scientists defect from the crumbling alarmist bandwagon, however, critics say the hysterical shrieking and dangerous rhetoric from politicians only serve to further illustrate the accelerating collapse of what many climate experts refer to as the “global-warming hoax.”

4. Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”: “Senator Harry Reid has escalated the war of words over the Cliven Bundy dispute, sensationally labeling the Nevada cattle rancher’s supporters “domestic terrorists” during an event in Las Vegas today.”

5. He’s back! Bloomberg to spend $50 million targeting NRA, Dems, GOP on guns : Former New York City Mayor Michael I. Bloomberg is planning to spend $50 million this year to promote gun control and target Democrats and Republicans alike on the issue, saying he hopes to provide a counterweight to the well-funded gun lobby.

6. War on the West: Why More Bundy Standoffs Are Coming : “The federal government’s over-the-top police action against the Bundy family ranch is an ominous portent of more to come, as rogue agencies and their corporate/NGO partners attempt to “cleanse” the West of ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers, and other determined property owners.”

7. Attention Shoppers: Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising : “The cost of fresh produce is poised to jump in the coming months as a three-year drought in California shows few signs of abating, according to an Arizona State University study set to be released Wednesday.”

If you’re not doing so already then you need to start growing your own produce – plant, plant and plant some more. If you have an empty spot on your property (or balcony) then grow something to eat there. If you don’t know how to grow anything or have a black thumb, then find a local gardener and ask questions, get help or buy a good how-to-do-it gardening book – below are a few of my favorite gardening books.

8. Housing, food costs on the rise : “If you feel like things are starting to cost a bit more, you’re right.”

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  1. Haha #4- From the ultimate domestic terrorist himself Harry Reid….Funny. Pot calling the kettle?????

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      I agree.

      • 1 Man + God=A Majority says:

        Yepper! Reid, BLM, & Co. turned tail and ran when 1,000+ True Patriots came along with their 2nd Amendment Partner! The head of BLM is one of Reid’s cronies.

        I can see it now: BLM jackboots-on-the-ground calling up the Senator in his cushy DC office:

        “Golly, gee-willikers, Mr. Reid, them there “serfs” are packing more than pitchforks; you never mentioned anything about that; we ain’t about to get blown away for you…”

        Harry Reid=a true coward and ‘weasel-man’ always getting others to do his bidding and dirty work.

  2. Jersey Drifter says:

    #2 Al is describing Al…” immoral, unethical, and despicable ”

    #4 Harry is the domestic terrorist as well as an economic terrorist, in the sense of not helping farmers with water to grow crops in CA., not allowing ranchers to free range their cattle, using corn for fuel instead of livestock feed or food, all of which jacks up food prices. Plus ObamaCare costing most everyone more, and the Feds printing money to the point of making the dollar worthless. I think he is more a terrorist than those supporting Bundy.

    #5 Bloomberg is a dangerous nut case. Just like Al and Harry. He has more dollars than cents ( sense )

  3. #4 – anyone else think that the “terrorist” term is overused these days….
    #1 – so those scarey science fiction movies may come true? Is there anyway we can train the robots to mislead the NSA? 🙂

    • I think “terrorist” is the new catch phrase for “communist”.

      • tommy2rs says:

        I thought Democrat was the new word for communist

        • Communists didn’t kill thousands and bring cities to their knees on US soil. Terrorists did. The word still sparks an emotional response for all Americans.

          That’s why liberals LOVE using it to describe other Americans who haven’t drank the kool-aid.

          If conservatives would have used the word to describe liberals first… Well, we all know how the double standard goes.

  4. #4 – I read about this from a different source. They reprinted the USC paragraph that describes “domestic terrorist”. The only paragraph I could find that MIGHT apply was (5) “appear to be intended—” (b)(ii) ” to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;…” I guess a bunch of armed citizens with banners surrounding a group of Federals COULD be intimidating.

    If you look under prohibited acts, you will find many of the actions of the BLM people (or their contractors operating up BLM authority/supervision). Perhaps were Harry was simply misquoted and he was refering to BLM?

  5. the gooberment is starting to fear those who want to take care of themselves, labeling militias, preppers, and former military as the enemy, and is not hiding this from anyone. I strongly suggest that you do not stand out as a “prepper” no going around in tricked out “escape “suv’s or trucks, avoid cammo military type clothing, it is not the “horde” you have to worry about, it is your gooberment.

    The global warming alarmists realize that they will lose the war if they speak the truth, so they attack the skeptics as “blasphemers” and ridicule them, and want to silence them by saying the debate is over.
    Right now robots are not an issue for me, I don’t think the current system will last long enough for this to be a problem, I am too concerned on how I am going to get the cash to buy supplies……

  6. #4. And exactly what types of weapons did the BLM and their private contractors have out there on the highway, Harry? Don’t try to turn the negative attention to these PATRIOTS while you’re trying to hide your dealings with China.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. Robot Uprising.
    In the 1960’s I read several science fiction books on this topic. Those concepts have been flopping around in my mind while I spent 40 years in mainframe computer programming and systems design.

    The author says, in part, “rational systems exhibit universal drives towards self-protection, resource acquisition, replication and efficiency.”, and “Actions that produce stimuli consistent with fulfilling the program’s primary goal will result in more of that sort of behavior.”
    Assuming that all the above traits are programmed into it, I wonder how an artificial intelligence box (say, a nuclear missile) will process its primary objective (to explode) with another primary objective of self-protection. Can we call that box a hypocrite if it explodes, or if it refuses to?

    #2. Al Gore is imitating Harry Reed, reverting to third grade name calling and bulling anyone who throws truth at them.

    #3. Same cause and reaction as #2. Must be a virus.

    #4. Sam as #3. Is there a pattern here? It seems to be depressing the IQ of humanity.

    #5. As OhioPrepper said; Lets join the NRA.

    #6. How many federal laws did the BLM violate? How many state laws did the BLM violate? (It doesn’t matter, because government employees are protected from prosecution when breaking the law for ‘public safety’ or turtles).
    Who is the individual that gave the order to send armed personnel to the Bundy ranch? Did we vote him/her into office?
    Why isn’t the governor training his citizens on states rights? Has the Harry Reed stink coated the governor? Those that don’t know history will repeat it.
    A loud THANK YOU to everyone who went to the Bundy ranch and supported that family. I hope they show up wherever and whenever they are needed. I wish we had the means and opportunity to join them. [Rant NOT over].

    #7. As M.D. said; Learn to grow your own. Learn to can it if you want to eat this winter. Both skills take many growing seasons to become half proficient. Start now.

    #8. More junk statistics. Gas prices are not causing a pinch? Really? The author bases his assumptions on the idea that if the price hasn’t risen in a few months, we aren’t suffering a loss in purchasing power. Has your income gone up in step with the rise in peanut butter since 2012? Try 2010.

  8. tommy2rs says:

    1. Skynet is coming, but will Ahnold be too old to save the remnants of humanity from the stone cold killer machines?

    2. Face it Al, it’s over you lose again. Pack up your hanging chads and go home.

    4. Harry Reid, poster child for the effects of senility on corrupt career politicians. Free the USA, Term Limits now!

    6. The Bundy Family, and the supporters on the ground at their Ranch, including Oath Keepers, have put out the call for continuing support. Needed are: Pop up tents, Sleeping bags, Food, Water

    Speed shooting in Cowboy Action
    Yeah them old style guns couldn’t possibly be of any use.

  9. This thing about AI… I think technology overall is a double edged sword. Good and bad. The bad: Dumbing down of our schools. Why? Lessee….we have kids that can’t read….much less do math without a calculator. For that matter, they can’t even talk! I really think they converse via some sort of osmosis. “Like” “You know” Hell they can’t ever speak clearly. For some reason they either mumble or try to talk with a smile. Then we come to “making things easier”. Lessee….some guy mentioned he wanted technology to make things so that he wouldn’t have to do them. Well…..maybe he should just off his fat ass and do something physical for a change! I know a guy who is working in a high tech capacity. I asked him once why he chose such a profession as job longevity is not really with that type of work…..six jobs in one year????!!!! Anyways, he said the reason why was because he was lazy. Seems using his back and hands to do real work was beneath him. Well…..guess what? I have absolutely no use for those type of people!

  10. I’m thinking about moving to Nevada, just so I can vote against humanure Harry.

  11. Tom Arnold says:

    #5 The thing that scares me about Bloomberg isn’t that he’ll be successful right away but that long term he will. He’s a billionaire with time and money on his side to pursue his crusade. I fear that eventually the public will tire of the issue and changes will get pushed through.

    #6 Isn’t it interesting that the Hage’s started in 93 as well?

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Clinton came into office in 1993, but I’m sure there is no connection. Clinton also placed the single largest deposit of low sulfur, clean-burning coal in the world into a National Monument in 1996, thus making it unavailable for use. He received a minimum of $1 million from Lippon Group, a company that owns the 2nd largest low sulfur coal deposit in the world. In Indonesia. Coincidence, I’m sure. Here’s the backstory.

  12. ozhillbilly says:

    When is ole Mother Earth going to start spinning backwards? That’s the only thing left to do cause everything else is upside down.

  13. riverrider says:

    me thinks harry doth protest too much. he has finally, i think, succeeded in pissing off EVERYBODY. now the skeletons are coming out of his closets. he’s mobbed-up, used to be head of the neveda gaming commission, took bribes. his sons work for the mob’s law firm. people are coming out with the info now. not to mention campaign finance fraud. the shady land deals are surfacing again, as with his chinese connections. he’s cooking his own goose and good for him, the slimy little bastard. maybe al and bloomy will take him in.

  14. The last 2 years we had a small 3×5 raised bed “practice” garden and a few pots of herbs, etc. This year we are in the process of finishing up 2 4×8 raised beds, putting seeds in every pot, garden box we can, and starting to plant a fruit trees. We have an acre but 1/2 is wooded. We are slowly clearing out a few feet each year (only been here 2 years – clearing the front and just a few feet in the backyard so far. Hoping to get good at this gardening thing to help curb the grocery costs.

  15. Hey Al…its mid-April and its snowing in Philly!

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