Friday poll: Are you concerned about DRONES here in America?

Are you concerned about DRONES here in America?

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Please share your thoughts on the use of drones over U.S. soil by the police and military in the comments below…

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    I am not putting anything past those in charge anymore.

  2. Absolute power corupts – absolutely.

    • Judy, another one says:

      And Why are they afraid of me? This government has Way bigger problems to address!

  3. riverrider says:

    texas and others are moving to restrict drones, but it appears there is a “hobby” group against it. don’t they call that peeping tom?…

    • Absolutely! I am afraid to sun bathe in the nude any more!!!:>D Seriously. We are spied on way too much. Enough is enough…..

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Just to get even with them, I’ll do it; the ugliness will cause any drone to fearfully hide under hog poop.

      • I’m thinking about getting a drone myself, you have given my perverted self another prep idea 🙂

      • I’m planning to sun bathe in the nude now just to make sure they never fly those things near my house again. Haha that operator will be traumatized and have to undergo treatment. Some things you just can’t un-see. Guess the operator won’t be allowed to own guns after I make them mentally damaged. If they linger I’ll turn over and give them the full montey which should take care of designating my area as a no fly zone.

    • RR, Yes they do call it a peeping tom.
      My sister and I had a peeping tom (who was a guest of the neighbors) when I was a teenager in Texas. My sister hid and cried, but I got Dad’s pistol out of his nightstand, pointed it out the window and offerred to shoot him. He left quickly. When Dad got home and I told him, Dad was proud, then went next door and offerred to shoot the guy himself. We never saw him again. Do you think I can offer to shoot the drone if it peeps?

  4. Riverrider. The Texan hobby group is probably a goverment front group. I do not trust tdl he has never given me a reason to do so.

  5. I didn’t vote. In the big scope of things I’m not very concerned about drones.

    It’s not that I support them, I’m just not concerned.

    My concern is the seemingly default acceptance of warrantless surveillance.

    I’m actually more concerned that the ACLU seems to have very little to say about the NSA or others filtering through every electronic signal, than my local sherif or someone flying a toy over my home.

    I see it kind of like people in the 20s complaining that the police would use automobiles to chase criminals. Its not the technology that is such a threat, it is the lack of ethical standards from those using it.

    • My sentiments are similar. I don’t love it. But its certainly not something I am really concerned about.

      Honestly I’d be more concerned about them spending a lot of money doing it than whether or not they are doing it.

  6. If I thought there was a chance I’d be spied on by drones, I’d walk around all day with my butt hanging out of my pants to let them know exactly what I thought of them.

    • +1. The Mikes are on a roll today

    • I’m sure we’ve all heard of these border crossings where you flash your id to the camera at the border crossing and then a person in another location says ok you can enter or what ever they say.

      Well why not have drones flying around with camera and 2 way voice asking for peoples id and proof of citizenship.

      These dam drones will be everywhere asking to see our papers.

      Just one of my thoughts.

  7. Because the inclusie language of the “white papers” makes a clear path for the government agencies to target whomever and wherever they deem an imminent threat, using THEIR own convoluted definition.
    2 Chron 7:14…..

  8. Yeah, I didn’t vote, I hate their use, but I’m not worried. I think the government is too incompetent for them to be a real threat. They are really just a weapon of terror. In a docile populace with a few dissidents, they could be extremely effective, but with massive rioting after TSHTF, not so much.

    • Plus the fact that this is a big country and they only have so many drones. They will only use them on “threats.” I guess that means me since I’m a veteran and a prepper.

    • The Pakistani’s would choose to disagree. Don’t know anything about this site but the article is relevant IMHO

      • charlie (NC) says:

        Mexneck, that site is the site of the TV network Russia Today.
        If you can get it on your cable or Satelitte or online I invite you to spend some time watching their programing. I can NOT believe
        I’m about to say what I’m going to say but here goes.

        I’ve watched them some over recent weeks on Dish Network. While there are some complete idiots on there and some shows that are not worth watching a couple of their shows like their “headline news” program are supplying news that we don’t get on CNN or the big three broadcast networks or even on Fox News and they seem to be reporting it straight up and in some cases with great respect for our democratic republic and capitalist economic system.

        • charlie,
          Which DISH Network channel?

          • charlie (NC) says:

            sorry for the slow reply. I was at a friends river house for the weekend with no internet access.

            RT is channel 280 on Dish Network. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is very anti-American but I’m amazed at
            how much they get what is going on even when they come down on the wrong side of it.

            • Charlie,
              Thanks for the information. I have friends who occasionally send me a link to an RT article, some of which are very well written, with a perspective we may not get on other outlets. Didn’t know it was on Dish until you mentioned it. I’ll add it to the mix of CNN, Fox, and the very occasional MSNBC. There is also some good reporting on “The Blaze”, Glenn Becks fledgling network that can be found on Dish Network channel 212.

  9. Backwoods Prepper says:

    M.D. I think todays poll answers do not cover the full scope of what the DRONES will be used for. Spying? That’s just the tip of the iceburg. Just like everything else they want to get their foot in the door. Next thing you know they will be using DRONES to strike American targets in America. DRONES can launch missles, take video, take pictures, use IR and FLIR imaging. Yelp just the tip of the iceburg.

    • worrisome says:

      And when it is ok to murder a US citizen in a foreign country that is but a step to doing inside the US. I think the three they took out in Yemen were the scum of the earth, but I also, as a US citizen believe they had a responsibility to all of us to bring them back and make them stand trial~!

      • Encourager says:

        Yet one was just 16 years old and a US citizen. They sent a separate drone after him. This is just so wrong on any level and I hate the precedent that has been set. It is not as if a group or committee makes the decision on who to kill; only the President does. Too much power, way tooooooo much power in his hands.

  10. Crazy Stevo says:

    I am now! I did live in Florida where they were outlawed. Now in Mississippi where they don’t care about anything.

  11. I just don`t like big sis and everyone having more power than what they have. They have too much as it is.

  12. John Wheeler. How would you like having an armed drone circling over your 8 year old daughters b day party? There may be terrorist there.

  13. The use of drones on citizens without a warrant is a blatant violation of the constitution,wether for survalance or for attacks. As technology advances they get smaller, cheaper, and smarter. Instead of airplane sized they are now as small as being able to fit in your hand. The uses for a homeowner are many,security, watchin the kids, keeping an eye on livestock. They provide live video and audio feed,recording as it goes. Some are even autonomous, tell them what you want and where to go and they’re off.
    The uses for governments is far more scary.Imagine swarms of insect sized hunter/killerss,hundreds of thousands,each loaded with explosives, biological, or chemical weapons unleashed on a country, race, religous group, or to target specific individals! Untracable, untrackable, unstopable.
    And lets not forget every science fiction movie from Battlestar Galactica to Terminator to Matrix, what happens when the enslaved ‘drones’ decide they are the superior species?
    The potential for abuse of powers is enormous, and with the track record of the government abusing everything the get their hands on….

  14. I don’t think MD’s point here was if anyone was worried about it for personal reasons, but the fact that the government IS doing this to the American people without just cause. And don’t think they’re not. There’s a saying from my favorite movie, “calling it your job don’t make it right, boss”!

  15. I don’t trust the gov. When will they stop , when they kill all of us that don’t think like they do? Who knows.

  16. Makes for good target practice at low altitude.

    One flew almost directly over my house at about 400-500 feet just the other day while I was working in my yard.

    Too bad the shotgun was on the porch…..

  17. riverrider says:

    they just spent months of work by “justice dept” lawyers to try to justify killing americans on american soil with these things and you’re not worried. every sheriff/chief in the country has expressed interest in them as have building depts, etc. how would you like to check out youtube and see your naked wife or daughter on there, posted by a bored cop with a drone? or dig a hole to bury your dog and get a visit from the county man? or hide your AR, but the cops go straight to it and slap the cuffs on you? i’m already in a battle with a yoyo in an ultralight that buzzes my hood incessantly. can’t wait to hear drones buzzing away all day.

    • RR:

      Montana just passed an anti-drone law that applies to state and local governments using/buying drones.

  18. In a word, Yes.

    The Administration does not differentiate use of armed drones on American citizens abroad or in the US. This worries me.

  19. Jim in SoCal says:

    It will not be long before it becomes “legal” to target Americans believed to be plotting against the gov’t to be taken out by a drone strike here in this country. Make no mistake, it does not matter which party is in power, we have slipped down the rabbit hole when it is acceptable to kill a citzen without due process.

    • worrisome says:

      And since TDL seems to think it is perfectly ok to cross into other’s sovereign territory to drop bombs on folks, what is to prevent others from doing it to us. The whole thing is beyond nuts! But then, that is pretty much what I think of the less than 1,000 in power back in DC and I keep wondering why we all continue to let them.

  20. I didn’t vote either, I personally don’t think I have anything to worry about in my perspective , BUT and it is a big but (ha no jokes here) I do think it is an intrusion on privacy and just more of the slippery slope in the erosion of our rights. I agree with MikeM that it is more of an issue of ethics and moral of the people using the technology and not the technology itself.

  21. I agree with MikeM. I am against their use because I do not trust that the people operating the drone to have strong ethics or integrity, or the strength to question authority when needed. Also, drones are being used with little or no oversight and the media is indocrinating the masses so they will be complacent about such activity. They do not want us not to ask about the man standing behind the curtain (loving reference to Wizard of Oz).

    Example – The Evian Group Inc, a new corporation with no building, no employees or mail box, whose address is the middle of an intersection in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can check the address on Google Maps but here’s mine via mapquest:

    The corporation was created 5 days prior to winning two government contracts.
    200k more of ammuntion:
    $6000 Digital video cameras:

    What is their agenda for the drones? I don’t really know, but the plot from the book “Brave New World” by Huxley, comes to mind. So am I concerned? Yep.

    • ack – for some reason, Mapquest won’t save this link and it saved a different addess!

      The address 105 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

      This link via Bing Maps works,+NV++89101&FORM=LMIEMN

      • riverrider says:

        holy crap batman! okay tinfoil hat snuggly adjusted…..okay so a) this is a shell corp in order to funnel money directly to tdl cronies or b) this is a shell corp for the cia or c) this is a real corp selling something super secret to .gov and its being called “ammunition”. well c) has been used before, most notably to pay GE for super secret navy stuff. i vote c), for now. putting away tinfoil hat for the moment.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          riverrider, TFH on or not, it seems rather odd that a company that had only been in existence for 5 days could bid on a contract and have it approved. Can’t happen that fast. I vote a and c.

    • For reference purposes… Google maps doesn’t know where I’m at… so I don’t put a whole lot of trust in it when it says that company is in the middle of an intersection. According to Google Im in the middle of the woods on someone elses property.

      • riverrider says:

        sw, me too. don’t complain, it will serve you well later perhaps.

        • Oh trust me… I’m not complaining. As of right now they dont even have my area updated with the new hi-res images. Although it’s not too far away. It’s amazing the details of the area’s that do have the hi-res images.

  22. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    These scare the daylights out of me, not themselves but the optics on these things are incredible. They already use these on the Texas / Mexican border for border security. I don’t like them – they are an invasion of privacy in my opinion. They made it illegal to film LEOs, even in public places at the same time too. The guy who filmed Rodney King beat down would be a criminal now.

    For some reason, the Administration are retiring the aerostats along the border, next month I think. Crazy – no one is watching air traffic coming across any more I guess.

    • Hi JR,
      Have you noticed increased or decreased activity on the border since the calls for immigration reform? I would suspect that Texas drones are based out of Del Rio for the border but it wouldn’t be hard for them to re-purpose them in San Antonio. I’m sure the mayor would approve.

  23. hmmm… maybe that eplains the extensive mapspotting w/GPS on the last census exercise??????

  24. If the government can kill American citizens overseas with a drone then they can justify doing it here also. There is legally real difference. The Constitution reads “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, except by due process of law”. It says nothing about it being here or over there.

  25. JeffintheWest says:

    Drones are merely symptomatic of the continuing erosion of our civil and Constitutional Rights. They, in effect, institutionalize warrantless surveillance and are a complete violation of the various “Intelligence Oversight Acts” put in place in the wake of Watergate to protect the citizenry from this very violation of our privacy. In addition, they are a proven platform from which the government may indiscriminately murder U.S. citizens without any attempt to provide “due process” or otherwise fulfill the requirements in place in the Constitution protecting our Liberty and Lives. So yes, I strongly oppose drones, just as I do warrantless wire-tapping and the NSA monitoring the communications of American citizens — again, in complete violation of the Intelligence Oversight rules.

  26. No drones because of who is in charge. Imagine armed…that would be next, and instead of swat teams breaking in the the Gibson Guitar company threatening to kill every worker over an imported slab of wood and not a finished piece of instrumental part which the company thought was legal, they would be blown up…as the Pres said, he can kill any American citizen he wants that poses a threat with out a trial or due process.

    If it is such a threat to bring in swat teams and their automatic assult rifles, to such a place like the Gibson Guitar company over nothing, I would not doubt for one minute they would load a drone with missles to destroy people with unpaid parking tickets.

    • mindyinds says:

      Remember Waco. Remember Ruby Ridge. Remember who devises “the scenario.”

      See MysteryGuest’s first comment above.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Or God forbid THEY had used a drone against the Weavers at Ruby Ridge. Innocent folks might have got killed. Oh that’s right ….they were killed/murdered.
      My neighbor thinks that if drones make us safer than its ok with him. Another case of trading liberty for perceived increased security. Yeah….he’s a gutless coward and a sheeple.

  27. Libby77625 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with what “Mystery Guest, February 8, 2013 at 10:11 am” said, and with what “michael c, February 8, 2013 at 10:21 am” said.
    I voted: “YES, it infringes on my privacy and personal life.” Reason being: this does infringe upon MY life in every way. I don’t want to be constantly looking over my shoulder at every moment and possibly having to live in fear that I might have spoken to the “wrong” person – w/o knowing it; or violated, or did something “wrong” via “new laws” that I don’t know of, or understand, w/o realizing I did… and the list of “wrongs” could get almighty long if I wanted.
    I am not a criminal, nor have I ever been, nor do I have any kind of a record, not even a misdemeanor in my lifetime, and I damn well don’t want to be treated like a criminal in my own country at the whims of a man who apparently has no respect for most of the citizens of the United States of America and is trying to overthrow our Constitution and our Constitutional Rights.
    Prep more, prep even harder, prep for survival, but, pray… pray LOTS more.
    “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”
    -Morpheus- “The Matrix”

  28. I am very concerned about drones. It’s not the drone that launches ordinance, like the one in your header, that concerns me. A few years back there was an article in the local paper about mini drone technology at the local air base. They were the size of a crow or small hawk. A year later you could by mini drones at a hobby shop or on line. Now there are nano drones the size of a sparrow or smaller that can fly for an hour or so and take pictures or send back live feed.

    These nano drones basically mean you have no expectation of privacy. Something very quiet, the size of a sparrow or hummingbird lets the crminals “case” your place ( see if you are home by looking in windows, think infra red sensors) what doors or windows are opened etc. These nano drones are quiet and small enough that you will not notice them. You neighbors, law enforcement officers or building code inspectors can view you and your property at will.

    So, keep your clothes on and drapes pulled, someone, anyone can buy a mini or nano drone and just peer (spy) away at you and your property. Your expectation of privacy is gone. Someone needs to come up with good ECM (electronic counter measures) and we can have fun playing cat and mouse just as we did with the Soviet Air Force.

    • Grumpy Vermonter says:

      Let us know if you find out about such an anti-drone thing, ok? I would shoot at one, but I live in a development and am a newbie shooter so would be dangerous. But boy, would I love to take one out – fun!

    • what about cochroach size drones. Fly size drones. in 20 years or less flea size drones.
      Remember the first computer was the size of a room.
      Imagine this a mosquito style drone. It can fly in and inject you

  29. I know I’m preaching to the choir here… but how long is it before people wake up and realize it is to late? How long do we have before a totalitarian government is in place? Then factor in the laws recently passed that allow the government to literally take you off the street, no trial, no nothing and keep you for however long they want. In a word…..I no longer trust any government we have, be it City, County. State, or Federal. For that matter, re the news media…HA! They are nothing more than serfs doing what the gov’t tells them. And now they are saying that drones are for our benefit???????? If folks believe that…I have a bridge for sale.

  30. k. fields says:

    Like others, it’s not their existence or use that bothers me, but how they are used.

    There is a part of me that sees drones only as the next technological step over surveillance helicopters, and in that role I can understand their superiority and welcome them. Using them on the Mexican border to aid the Border Patrol doesn’t bother me, nor does using them as an aid to the Coast Guard to fight smuggling operations. Even firing on US citizens in those circumstances, IF (I repeat IF) they were in a situation where agency personnel would have fired if they were there in person I could condone. But beyond that, the slope becomes pretty slippery.

    Here, in northern CA, at certain times of year coordinated with of growth cycle of marijuana, surveillance helicopters overhead can be a daily occurrence – I don’t like them but I do like it if they can help to shut-down the large illegal grows. But they are slow and noisy. and, from what I’ve read, drones could do that job much better. For the most part, they confine their activity to marijuana surveillance and don’t report other things they see.

    But an interesting thing occurred here a couple of years back. There were large wildfires in the area and CDF (CA Fire) employed planes to map to spread of the fires to place personnel to protect structures. The County got hold of those maps, noted there were structures in places where their records stated no structures were present, and sent out inspectors to red-tag the (to them) illegal buildings. To their credit, they didn’t impose fines and gave the owners plenty of time to legalize the construction, but …

    • worrisome says:

      YUP all true. And I believe that in some areas of Mendocino and Fresno County there was drone surveillance as a “test” this past summer.

    • I still do not trust the feds flying drones over my area. Are these drones going to be operated locally or at some cia dungeon?The issue of them being armed or not is there.

      • Axel, counties and states are being licensed by the Federal Government. There are a few counties in Cali that have gone through the process. SF, Sacto, LA, San Diego and others. Mendocino and Fresno had some “testing” last year but in light of the budgets have not gone ahead with them. I understand that Cal Fire is looking at their options.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      JeezoCrappolla K…. How long before the State of California issues personal equipment to just stick somewhere on your back … or else where… to plug ya all into the grid. I left my home town ( Burbank ) in the 80 s. The rest of my extended family made it out before me and the rest by 94. In 2002 I got a letter at my door here in Ohio… from Sacto ‘Reminding’ me that I would not be allowed to return to the State with any of the controled firearms I had registered in my name yadayadayada. Sorry ya gotta hang around out there…. I can show you some outstanding acreage in Southern Ohio……

      • At this moment, with the pending legislation that dems have in store, and despite family, I may be interested in that property in Ohio :_)…. More likely however, if my Lake house doesn’t sell this summer, I may put my main house up next fall and go ahead and move to the BOL and build in Nevada…………..

        • worrisome:

          Buddy, after everything I’ve read in the last 2 months about rules and regulations in Cali, I’d be packing too. I didn’t agree with most of their rules limiting personal freedoms before, but I think they’ve jumped off the deep end now.

          Personally I don’t live there for many of those reasons. Some of the same reasons I don’t move back to Oregon, although as a prepper, I’d love it. The weather and the soil are just to my liking. However, the poliltics have turned the Eugene-North area into Cali-North (except Ashland which was always a little too hippy for me).

          It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t start having another exodus like they did from the tax changes.

          • The Hood River Valley is still a good place to go in Oregon. There are small towns full of good people. Just have to be careful if you’re dark like me. Oregon has a large skin head faction that does not play well with others.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming are beautiful. Can we say VOLCANOES!

            • T GMa:

              But if ours goes, we ain’t half-steppin ‘. We’ll take you all with us!

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              According to my earlier research, I am east and south enough to avoid the initial blast. Surviving the nuclear winter that follows is another thing. I always wondered why survivalists ignore the super caldera. I guess it is because much of continent won’t survive.
              Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 effected our weather for several years. So it may not matter where we are when she blows.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Ms. worrisome, I’m thinking you better get out of California as fast as you can. Things are taking a turn for the worse in a big way. If it were me, I’d go farther than Nevada, but I understand you have family to stay close to. The housing market is improving, good time to sell into the rising prices. Good luck.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            East coast from Maine to the Keys is just about as bad. The elitests retire and leave the cities for the more affordable or simpler communities. Then they take over cause the yokels are so ig-nurnt. Heck Florida has more New Yorkers than New York has.

      • k. fields says:

        TT –
        I actually explored some places in central and southern Ohio back in the early 1970’s when I was looking to get out of east Tennessee, and though I really liked southern Ohio one of my concerns at that time was nuclear fallout (I know, it seems a bit silly now but at the time the situation between Israel and Egypt with the USSR backing Egypt and the US backing Israel really looked like it could open to direct confrontation between the superpowers) and Ohio just didn’t make the grade. The place I finally found here in CA (Mendocino County coast) did. It also had a lot of other positive attributes – great climate, abundant wildlife between 100,000+ acres of State and National forest and the Pacific Ocean, a history of small, independent farms selling in local markets with no “agribiz” in sight which made it perfect for the “back-to-the-land” crowd, plenty of employment opportunities if you didn’t mind manual labor (which was all I was qualified to do), and a strange mix of conservatism and liberal thinking that set well with me (and still does).
        Yes, CA has gone through lots of changes since I moved here, but this area has actually changed very little and many of those local changes have actually been for the better.
        If I were looking for a retreat today (back then we were called “retreaters” a term popularized by Don Stevens – Kurt Saxon (or Don Sisco as he was known when he lived here) hadn’t coined the term “survivalist” yet – I would still look closely at this area. If you are looking for an area where you could “survive” independently, where it would be a lifestyle rather than a commercial venture, I’ve seen few other areas so well suited.

  31. Alittle2late says:

    Ok, there’s an underlying problem to the drone problem. Say joe bob is targeted, drone finds Joe, but he is not alone he’s at his cousin moochies. everyone around him is dead too. its called collateral damage. Not only is it wrong for them to even think about doing this, they can justify killing completely innocent bystanders because “said person is on a list”. Some of you need to wake the hell up!. just because it doesn’t “concern you” doesn’t mean your not involved. Kinda like wrong place wrong time. They just do not care anymore, their not even trying to cover this shit up anymore. And they are computer controlled, so they can be hacked then what….

  32. NotAHusker says:

    Have there been any federal laws or rules made yet on penalties for shooting down a drone, or even using camo to hide from a police drone? Would hiding or running from a police drone be equal to running from a police man? This is beginning to worry me.

  33. ozhillbilly says:

    I voted yes like most everyone else. There’s just so much chance for abuse from the government to the paparazzi and everyone else in between, especially the government!

  34. Really….. there are 7 people that think we need drones! Wow… I find that hard to believe on this site.

    • I am with SW here–if you are one of the seven who think we need drones, churp up.

    • It’s up to 17 now. Wow.

    • I didn’t vote in this poll, since I think in certain cases a limited number of them could be useful, but not for the reason listed. We already have over flights with helicopters and for managing the border drones could be useful; however, when overflying the US they should never be armed, and have strict 4th amendment rules attached to them. Like any technology, they are a two edged knife, potentially cutting in both directions.

  35. MountainSurvivor says:

    I do not agree with what’s beyond “no” because when I am deemed a suspect for a crime of which I did not commit, deemed a criminal for believing or following Christ, deemed a law breaker for spreading the gospel back when or in the future, deemed insane and ‘supposedly’ committed a crime for disagreeing with government, or technology tags me as a guilty party, the drone controllers could park their nasty little killer flying machine(s) in my tree’s lines and wait until I pull up and step out of my vehicle to take me out. They’ve already used a drone or two to go after people who had, as the reports said, committed crimes on our soil so every one of u.s. citizens is in jeopardy of being targeted. The use of drones explains why our officials have decreased the size of our military. They’re probably going to have those things flying all over the place, watching without us being aware of them. My friend’s house about thirty miles away was being watched one night. As someone was getting out of their car, the crone’s drone watched them and a video was shown on the internet of the surveillance that had taken place. My friend was upset and so was I. Satan (Lucifer) is the Prince of the Power of the Air so he will be in control of everything relative to the air in preparation of ruling the world. Air craft, HAARP, satellites, rfid, etc. I wonder if anyone knows what makes the drone’s keyboards tick and if they can be penetrated by ground or satellite computers. Will an EMP, electrical storm, fire, erupting volcano, another nation’s seeker missiles, etc. cause problems for the drones?

    • worrisome says:

      Time to quit wondering and start researching?

    • You don’t have to wonder. Wasn’t it Pakistan that took control over one of our military drones and landed it? If they can hack it to land it… then they can be hacked to respond to others commands…. but fear not…. your govt has your best interests at heart. [/sarcasm]

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        No, it was Iran and they used sophisticated equipment beyond the scope of what most civilians would have access to. It’s my understanding that the Iranians were able to use electronics to jam the GPS and guidance signals that controlled the drone. How they were able to take over control of the drone rather than the drone crash is beyond me, but it looks as if they recovered everything in the drone as well. I saw footage on one of their news sites last week of video from that drone. They also reverse-engineered the drone, and allowed the Chinese to inspect it as well. They now have the stealth technology and materials we spent billions of dollars on for free, along with the Chinese. This particular drone shouldn’t have been in the theatre, and one wonders if it might be a gift to our enemies since there was an opportunity to destroy it prior to its examination.

        • Point is… our drones can be taken over and if they are flying over this country then we are NOT safe. They will either have a remote controlled missile at their disposal or worse… an armed drone.

  36. livinglife says:

    Prohibition took away rights, the war on drugs took away rights. The war on terror has taken more rights. Each new election has brought even more pressure on the rights to go away.
    Just how good are drones? At 15,000 feet you can be picked out of a crowd with the optics in daylight. Nowhere to hide from thermal imaging except below ground. That usual pee spot puts off a unique signature when a spectrum analyzer is done on an area due to the ammonia concentration. Marijuana fields have a unique signature as well. Information on the law abiding is also filed away in the pursuit of criminals.
    I think at some point people will be tired of their government telling them what to do and watching what they do and get off their butts and vote in droves. Those on the dole are a de facto army to prevent any uprising at the voting stations.

    • Personally I think the masses are to stoopid to pull their heads out of the sand to see the truth. They probably don’t even want to know the truth.

  37. Drone equalizer….lol

    Making Electromagnetic Weapons: EMP Generator, Part One

  38. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    Scooter, please leave your anti-semitism at the door. The problem isn’t Israel, it’s those who are telling you it’s Israel’s fault (yet again). The Israeli’s are too busy trying not to get bombed or blown up by their neighbors and our government to be taking over the world. But speaking of our government, now there IS something to rant about! As goes Israel, so goes America. And it is our government who hasn’t been their friend, not the other way around. Sorry, but the Holocaust did happen and it could happen again right here in America to all of us, so please stop being a troll and wake up. Thank you and God bless.

  39. If this doesn’t show why this government needs be gotten rid of ………..I dont know what will .

  40. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I have stated my concern in previous conversations. And like most of you I am worried about misuse by enemies domestic and foreign. A scenario comes to mind of the ease of acquiring drones and how a dirty bomb could be delivered. It has already been pointed out how easily thieves could recon your holdings. And lastly, its being a new application of invasion and no judicial precedence being set that being unchallenged gives gov free reign of use.

  41. It completely depends on the context of their use. For training, test, development, environmental survey etc their use is fine. For spying/attacking US citizens, no.

  42. On a (slightly) more serious note, the way to deal with drones would be to develop a working detection system, most likely centered around their transmissions. Once you can dial in on that, you get a heads-up that there’s a fly on the wall and to take your wholesome activities indoors or undercover. Maybe the radioheads here can give some insight on what to look for and possible (passive) countermeasures.

    Direct engagement is both illegal and pointless, as the technology needed vastly exceeds the grasp of a common prepper. Just plinking away at one would be useless at the altitudes they can operate at, and in any event, as a military implement, they’re designed to take a certain level of battle damage.

    The only feasible means to defeat these platforms would be either ground sabotage, ECM, guided missiles, or use of appropriately modified light aircraft that can match or exceed the speed and altitude of these vehicles. None of these options are remotely possible without a major investment in equipment, training, and infrastructure to construct, modify, and maintain these systems. All pose significant levels of commitment and risks to the persons intending to use these tactics and/or equipment that frankly none of us (myself included) possess.

  43. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Counter measures. Anyone in here know of any sort of ‘thermal/IR suit’ tarp, etc. i.e. covering. Hell… any Sand Stan Vets got any Ideas they’ve seen the hadjis use? I would make a good week end project or an interesting surfing expidition……….

    • riverrider says:

      t3, max velocity hints that perhaps those thermal casualty blankets could block your ir, coupled with a camo cover for visible light. i’m working on proving it.

    • riverrider says:

      i’m looking in to blinding them with a laser as well. i’ve heard it was successfully done, successfully enough get a law passed against it.

  44. Just an extension of the static mount cameras in urban areas. LE can’t plug the border or make cities safe but they get good pictures.

  45. riverrider says:

    from the “WHY I NEED AN ASSAULT WEAPON FILE”, over at freenorthcarolina a bona fide report that congress, in an attempt of checking tdl’s power, have suggested a “drone court” to approve/block intended assasinations. WTH! um, 4th, 5th amendments people! heck all the amendments! gee whiz congress bit on that one quick didn’t they? well played tdl, well played.

  46. OK….it seems that I am in a very small minority…now don’t get me wrong the government will abuse the use of drones (by the way are these assault drones?) but on the other hand if they are used for the right reasons by the right people the can be of great benefit. If they used drones to patrol our southern border or if they were used to assess a situation that could save the lives of law enforcement (I know one or two and they are not all bad) I have no problem with it. Mainly because if you are coming into my country illegally you do not have rights, you or basically invading my country. If you are committing a heinous crime you pretty much threw your rights away. Now I’m not saying the law enforcement or the government can say I think we need to watch person x we don’t trust them. But the truth is we will all be just fine…by the time the government even thinks of passing a law on this they will drop the ball on the budget and guess what “ITEOTWAWKIT” ….and some time after that it’s not US drones we will be worried about.

    • Actually, I pretty much agree with you, USMC13. If the drones are used for border patrol, to stop the illegal invaders from coming into our country, then I am all for it. I can see them being used for search and rescue also. Imagine an autistic child wandering away from a campground in the rugged Rocky mountain area…if a drone can find said child, I am all for it. I can also see drones used for monitoring wildlife (animals, not humans…) a job that right now takes a lot of man-hours. It certainly would be useful in the U.P. of MI to monitor the explosion of the wolf population that is going on.

      Just like every other invention, it can be used for good or for evil. I am not so paranoid that I think our government can right now afford to peak in the windows of every house to see what is going on. Do I want drones used for spying on anyone? Of course not.

      • Encourager:

        I’m also for the use of drones in the manner you mentioned, however, my fear is that they are too easy to abuse. I just look at the additional LEO shootings that went on in So Cal, and I am losing my trust of those that are supposed to be looking out for us.

        • JP, the sad thing is, people have lost respect for the law, and that included those in law enforcement from the officer to the judge. They get it into their heads they are above the law or that the end justifies the means. Not that those in law enforcement are alone – there are those who roll through stop signs, pass school buses when the red lights are flashing, shoplift in the stores, steal whatever they want, etc. And don’t let me get started on politicians, from local to the white house to the Supreme Court.

          It comes down to a matter of morality, doesn’t it?

  47. It’s just like the govt, they just “drone” on and on and on…..

    Sorry, just popped into my head. The drone apocalypse is coming to the entire US. To me it’s like the internet, it can serve a very useful purpose and be a good thing in our lives. But, it can also be the most vile, disgusting and rat infested place. The same with drones and you can bet law enforcement, whether it’s local or federal, will use it to our detriment.

  48. charlie (NC) says:

    Given the number of unemployed, patriotic, ex-military, aeronautical and electronics engineers in this country, I predict a booming market in the design and manufacture of homebuilt anti-drone, drones.

    Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

  49. I do have aproblem with the Drones, !st its a waste of my money. But I do have an idea to stop it. Leak thats its a way for big brother to track and locate illegals`.Ha. once that hits the obama media all hell should break out.
    best of luck to all.

  50. Wolf Cherokee says:

    The more sinister the feds armament the greater threat to those who wish to use it against us. I dont think they see these weapons turned loose on an oppressive government rather than the general population although that has been the case in many ‘uprisings’ around the world.
    Im not even sure at this point we have enough concentration camps to hold all the crooked politicians. “Witness and see the evil doers receive the boomerang effect of their own evil deeds.” Or to put it simply, ya’ll are fecked!

  51. Ok, I’m guessing the 1% “What’s a drone?” crew are joking — or how did they have the brain cells to find your site? (If not joking, though, I am grateful they’d ask what a drone is without just “sheepling” along.)

    96% should be higher, but these folks give me hope.

    Now, WHO IN THE WOOOOORLD are the 3% who think drones will keep us safe? !?!?! They need to put down the crack pipes long enough to clue-in to what’s happening around us. A quick read of the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be in order, too.

    When I encounter people who are willing to sacrifice, not only their own freedom, but that of future generations and mine, for the ILLUSION of safetly, I am so frustrated and sickened that my coping mechanism is sarcasm to keep my eyes from spurting blood.

  52. Wolf Cherokee says:

    If you put your head in the sand your butt is gonna get fried.

    • Okay, Wolf Cherokee…you need to come over here and help me clean out the coffee from my keys!!!

      That was really funny, and quite unexpected. Thanks!

      • Wolf Cherokee says:

        Sorry about that one…I am spoiled on the coffee thing. Lived in Louisiana for 2 years and learned a lot from the cajun folk. Not the least of which was how to cold brew coffee. Then I put up the concentrate in the fridge, add milk, microwave and ta dum fresh cuppa cajun coffee every morning! It is the best, no acid taste and no after taste. Its not heating the grounds that does the trick.
        Leaving you with this thought: “People who say it cant be done should stay out of the way of the people who are already doing it!”

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Wolf C.,
          Now that you brought up cold brewing coffee: Do you use beans or ground? Do you add chicory? Do you soak at room temp, in the sun, in the fridge? Please give step by step details.

        • Encourager says:

          Hey! Details on the cold brewed coffee, please!!

          • Wolf Cherokee says:

            OMG….my kids have offered to shoot me if I give it up!!!!
            Here is a bit of info: Ground with chicory. Only Luzianne will really do. Community Coffee is another brand out of New Orleans but not as good. And almost double in price.
            Cool water, room temp, overnight. Strain out grounds, put in covered jar, refrigerate, will last for months. You only need about a tablespoon per cup of coffee…to taste of course. Add water or milk to the cup of concentrate. Microwave or drink cold.
            I dont like cold coffee myself.
            Ok, now you guys owe me big time..lollol
            PS: I dont even travel anywhere without my concentrate. After youve had it, everything else tastes like garbage.

            • Wolf Cherokee says:

              PPS: Start with 1/2 gallon of distilled water. No contaminants or chemicals…..add grounds to that.

              • charlie (NC) says:

                Ok that works but how many oz. or cups of grounds in the half gallon of water?

                I don’t much like Chicory but I’m going to try it
                with something.

                • Wolf Cherokee says:

                  The whole package of coffee. Again, preferably Luzianne.
                  The chicory wont overwhelm you. I dont think it adds much flavor at all when its cold brewed.
                  Dont forget you are making enough concentrate for hundreds of cups of coffee, depending on how strong you like it.
                  And you are talking about pennies per cup as far as cost is concerned. AND for survival, you can have a fresh cup of coffee anytime you want without having to brew everyday and consume lots of precious energy.

                  • charlie (NC) says:

                    thanks, I’ll try it. Again, I don’t like Chicory. We sometimes had coffee with chicory when I was a kid in the early 50’s.
                    Back then it’s what you drank if you couldn’t afford good coffee. Chicory was added to off taste coffee as a flavor enhancer. some folks like it. I don’t.
                    But I will try the cold method. Yes we had Luzianne with chicory. When you went to the grocery store that was the cheap coffee. Folks that could afford it drank Maxwell House or 8 O’clock from the A&P store.

                    No insult intended to your preference. I just don’t like the stuff and it brings back memories of hard times.

                    • Wolf Cherokee says:

                      Go with Community coffee then. Several different beans, roasts, etc. Most people use the one in the red package. When I moved back to GA from LA none of the stores carried Louzianne, So I used Community. But I told them with all the Katrina Cajuns moving here there were at least two things they needed to start carrying. The coffee and Sauer’s mayonnaise. It was originally only .98 a quart a few years ago when they started carrying it.
                      Lots of the chefs down in LA use it because it is so mild and doesnt interfere with other spices and flavorings. That mayonnaise around here is like oxygen. lolol cant live without it. I also got them to carry Cajun Andule at Kroger. Canjuns call Kroger “KROGE ERS” ( as in dodge)

  53. I was at a local gun shop this week and they had a semi-auto Barrett in 338 Lapua. It was something like $6800. I was thinking I really don’t have a need for something with that kind of range at that cost. Then I started thinking about drones…..

    • Wolf Cherokee says:

      Ive been interested in a .338 for quite a while. But after watching/reading a lot of the reviews and looking at targets even as close as 100 yds I am yet to be impressed. My Henry .22 mag shoots closer groups at 100 yds than some of the .338 rifles not to mention my 30-06 and .308. I dont get it. Course with my BA .50 now that’s a different story.

  54. Wolf Cherokee says:

    M.D, put this anywhere you like. I dont know where it may fit in best.
    Speaking of drones and all the other stuff we continue to hear about

    we all have the same goal. We want to be able to save our country in the event something goes wrong. And our problem is WE DO NOT HAVE A PLAN.
    Threats could come from any number of sources but lets just take NATO for example. First thing that comes to mind is what is their equipment doing in the USA? That isnt where it was intended to be used and there is plenty of real estate to park it on in Europe.
    Supposed, some idiot got the controls and ordered NATO troops to engage American Citizens? We are well armed, self trained and ready for the challenge but we dont have a plan.
    Lets expand on this situation and what we should do in this blog. It is a vital element for victory, or defeat.

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