Friday poll: Are you concerned about DRONES here in America?

Are you concerned about DRONES here in America?

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Please share your thoughts on the use of drones over U.S. soil by the police and military in the comments below…


  1. Ok, I’m guessing the 1% “What’s a drone?” crew are joking — or how did they have the brain cells to find your site? (If not joking, though, I am grateful they’d ask what a drone is without just “sheepling” along.)

    96% should be higher, but these folks give me hope.

    Now, WHO IN THE WOOOOORLD are the 3% who think drones will keep us safe? !?!?! They need to put down the crack pipes long enough to clue-in to what’s happening around us. A quick read of the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be in order, too.

    When I encounter people who are willing to sacrifice, not only their own freedom, but that of future generations and mine, for the ILLUSION of safetly, I am so frustrated and sickened that my coping mechanism is sarcasm to keep my eyes from spurting blood.

  2. Wolf Cherokee says:

    If you put your head in the sand your butt is gonna get fried.

    • Okay, Wolf Cherokee…you need to come over here and help me clean out the coffee from my keys!!!

      That was really funny, and quite unexpected. Thanks!

      • Wolf Cherokee says:

        Sorry about that one…I am spoiled on the coffee thing. Lived in Louisiana for 2 years and learned a lot from the cajun folk. Not the least of which was how to cold brew coffee. Then I put up the concentrate in the fridge, add milk, microwave and ta dum fresh cuppa cajun coffee every morning! It is the best, no acid taste and no after taste. Its not heating the grounds that does the trick.
        Leaving you with this thought: “People who say it cant be done should stay out of the way of the people who are already doing it!”

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Wolf C.,
          Now that you brought up cold brewing coffee: Do you use beans or ground? Do you add chicory? Do you soak at room temp, in the sun, in the fridge? Please give step by step details.

        • Encourager says:

          Hey! Details on the cold brewed coffee, please!!

          • Wolf Cherokee says:

            OMG….my kids have offered to shoot me if I give it up!!!!
            Here is a bit of info: Ground with chicory. Only Luzianne will really do. Community Coffee is another brand out of New Orleans but not as good. And almost double in price.
            Cool water, room temp, overnight. Strain out grounds, put in covered jar, refrigerate, will last for months. You only need about a tablespoon per cup of coffee…to taste of course. Add water or milk to the cup of concentrate. Microwave or drink cold.
            I dont like cold coffee myself.
            Ok, now you guys owe me big time..lollol
            PS: I dont even travel anywhere without my concentrate. After youve had it, everything else tastes like garbage.

            • Wolf Cherokee says:

              PPS: Start with 1/2 gallon of distilled water. No contaminants or chemicals…..add grounds to that.

              • charlie (NC) says:

                Ok that works but how many oz. or cups of grounds in the half gallon of water?

                I don’t much like Chicory but I’m going to try it
                with something.

                • Wolf Cherokee says:

                  The whole package of coffee. Again, preferably Luzianne.
                  The chicory wont overwhelm you. I dont think it adds much flavor at all when its cold brewed.
                  Dont forget you are making enough concentrate for hundreds of cups of coffee, depending on how strong you like it.
                  And you are talking about pennies per cup as far as cost is concerned. AND for survival, you can have a fresh cup of coffee anytime you want without having to brew everyday and consume lots of precious energy.

                  • charlie (NC) says:

                    thanks, I’ll try it. Again, I don’t like Chicory. We sometimes had coffee with chicory when I was a kid in the early 50’s.
                    Back then it’s what you drank if you couldn’t afford good coffee. Chicory was added to off taste coffee as a flavor enhancer. some folks like it. I don’t.
                    But I will try the cold method. Yes we had Luzianne with chicory. When you went to the grocery store that was the cheap coffee. Folks that could afford it drank Maxwell House or 8 O’clock from the A&P store.

                    No insult intended to your preference. I just don’t like the stuff and it brings back memories of hard times.

                    • Wolf Cherokee says:

                      Go with Community coffee then. Several different beans, roasts, etc. Most people use the one in the red package. When I moved back to GA from LA none of the stores carried Louzianne, So I used Community. But I told them with all the Katrina Cajuns moving here there were at least two things they needed to start carrying. The coffee and Sauer’s mayonnaise. It was originally only .98 a quart a few years ago when they started carrying it.
                      Lots of the chefs down in LA use it because it is so mild and doesnt interfere with other spices and flavorings. That mayonnaise around here is like oxygen. lolol cant live without it. I also got them to carry Cajun Andule at Kroger. Canjuns call Kroger “KROGE ERS” ( as in dodge)

  3. I was at a local gun shop this week and they had a semi-auto Barrett in 338 Lapua. It was something like $6800. I was thinking I really don’t have a need for something with that kind of range at that cost. Then I started thinking about drones…..

    • Wolf Cherokee says:

      Ive been interested in a .338 for quite a while. But after watching/reading a lot of the reviews and looking at targets even as close as 100 yds I am yet to be impressed. My Henry .22 mag shoots closer groups at 100 yds than some of the .338 rifles not to mention my 30-06 and .308. I dont get it. Course with my BA .50 now that’s a different story.

  4. Wolf Cherokee says:

    M.D, put this anywhere you like. I dont know where it may fit in best.
    Speaking of drones and all the other stuff we continue to hear about

    we all have the same goal. We want to be able to save our country in the event something goes wrong. And our problem is WE DO NOT HAVE A PLAN.
    Threats could come from any number of sources but lets just take NATO for example. First thing that comes to mind is what is their equipment doing in the USA? That isnt where it was intended to be used and there is plenty of real estate to park it on in Europe.
    Supposed, some idiot got the controls and ordered NATO troops to engage American Citizens? We are well armed, self trained and ready for the challenge but we dont have a plan.
    Lets expand on this situation and what we should do in this blog. It is a vital element for victory, or defeat.